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So, are abs actually worth the hype? Only you can answer that question for yourself. If the satisfaction of doing the work to get a six-pack makes you happy, go for it. But know it’s entirely possible to be healthy and have a positive self image without visible abs.

PEOPLE’s Products Worth the Hype Style with Wahlberg’s ripped abs on full display. Get push notifications with news, features and more. Hip Hop Abs Not Well worth the Hype, Says Professional Trainer In case you have insanity workout schedule pdf printable file, you then certainly do not need to alter the plan in it.The workout calendar is an ideal overview of the workouts, which a consumer has to carry out through the workout program. Hip Hop Abs Not Well worth the Hype, Says Professional Trainer You probably have insanity workout schedule pdf printable file, you then surely would not have to vary the plan in it.The workout calendar is a perfect overview of the exercises, which a person has to perform in the course of the workout program.

Chloe Ting, a health and fitness YouTuber currently grossing over eight million subscribers, has risen to fitness fame with her various workout challenges. From cardio to upper body toning, Chloe Ting has a workout plan for nearly every aspect of your fitness routine. We decided to investigate whether this fitness guru is really worth all the hype. Eyeing all the aspects of cannabidiol, we would say that CBD is a great discovery of the world. As per the ground zero results as well as the studies, it has several health benefits.

Although it has certain side effects all those do not seem like a major issue. So, it is worth the ongoing hype. Thank you so much for watching! Please don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to see more videos.

Hope to see you in my next video. PEOPLE’s Products Worth the Hype. People. 24 July 2020. The upside of five months stuck at home?

Plenty of time for our editors to test the beauty products, kitchen gadgets, housewares and more that are truly game changers. Peter Andre in no rush to get his abs back: ‘I’ll sacrifice my six-pack for choccies any day’ Bang Showbiz NZ. Bodies. Matcha has a bigger caffeine kick than black tea (but still less than coffee), and a study in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism found that the combination of ECGC and caffeine in matcha may amp fat burning during exercise. Plus, matcha’s smooth, grassy taste is strangely habit-forming.

But what really sets it apart is convenience. Using a monitor attached to the bike, you can join a spin class from anywhere and, according to the company, get a studio-grade workout. Now, that sounds pretty nice, but is it really worth the hype?

To find out, I took a Peloton bike for a spin.

List of related literature:

Not at all: ABS has simply become a must for all.

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abs is tough, resilient, and easily molded.

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ABS is a relatively tougher thermoplastic compared to HIPS.

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Abs should always be toned and ready for action.

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ABs can receive

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ABS has been widely used in many industries because of its ability to take on many forms and maintain high quality in those forms.

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I’ve never had abs.

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When I have abs someday, even though I’ll barely notice my own abs, I certainly won’t irritate people by performatively not noticing my own abs.

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abs are scooped.

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I almost snorted when I saw the word abs listed among them.

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  • “Bitches can´t even see cuts, to them as long as you don´t have a gut, you got abs. The only people who care about being 6% body fat are dudes, and the only thing that really matters to dudes, is who´s bigger. So instead of cutting the fat, cut the bullshit, and cut to the chase”
    -Dom Mazetti

  • Been training and cutting for two years, I never go lower 165 pounds, my body gets hungry as hell once I get there, I’m 5’10, should I do a lean mass phase? According to the body fat calculator I’m 14 per cent body fat.

  • What are the “right” “better” reasons to train? This caters to the forever bulkers like hell. I guess fat’s ok as long as you’re stronger than the next man in the gym? 

  • I can relate.
    The thing is there’s a huge gap between being overweight and having a six pack right..?
    What proportion of the adult population who are not overweight has a six pack?
    You can still be very fit and toned and not have a six pack right..?
    I was there and I was OK then I got drawn into all the fitness / social media clickbait and made it a priority of mine.
    Do fitness pros and influencers understand that most of the people who follow them cannot be like them..?
    A six pack means 10% body fat and the lowest I’ve gotten to was 11%.
    I never got there and I was miserable.
    Thanks for the honesty and in particular for stating the obvious that there are other aspects of life (work, study) we have to balance out that fitness should enhance and not diminish.

  • Thank you matty, I’m so glad that you have made this video and i wish i would have seen this sooner. I was also a former fat kid as well and started working out thinking more people would like me if I was fit and ripped. I worked so hard and ate so little that when others said that I needed to stop I also thought of their jelousy. I put in so much effort and at the age of 13 I was emaciated, but I had a six pack.I soon learned that feeling weak and tired wasnt worth the fictional idea that i would be a better person than I already was. Thank you for spreading the message of the body battle in the mirror that some of use dont like to think about or admit.

  • Wow Matt thank you so much, this is such a big revelation for me. What you said are really what i was before. I really want to clarify my own identity and what fitness and abs mean to me.!!!

  • being lean isn’t a great indicator of health, all you need to do is control caloric intake. I agree that getting six pack abs may not be worth the hassle it requires depending on your goals and how sensible you go about achieving them.

  • Get my best selling program all about fixing muscular imbalances, improving posture, and preventing injury here

  • really both exercising for abs and strength is overrated. Probably the two most important aspects of exercise is technique and diet.

  • Im pretty sure i’ve got some deadly abs going, i’m just focused on gaining size right now so i got a bit of fat on my stomach. Once i start cutting i won’t have to do as much abs just try to bring my bfp down

  • I’m trying to do that I’m going to the gym in the morning I know it will be hard to do but all that hard work will pay off in the end

  • I think some people may take it to the extreme, but it should really be just about being fit and healthy, so long as you are not obsessed that its the only thing you care about. For me im more focused on eating clean and natural while also doing some resistance exercises but because im a recovering addict……will be 1 year sober on august off black tar and tweak, used to roll off e pills alot too but alcohol was the one thing that took everything away. All in all im just saying that if youre doing it for health reasons and arent overly obsessed about it then youre good. Much respect for you though for helping people out, and for getting the true message out there!

  • Sorry, but I don´t quite get the video… the guy described his subjective feeling (inability to breath deep), and THINKS that the cause might be his habit of sucking is belly in. How do we know that this is REALLY the cause? I think that might have been the purpose of his question, maybe he wasn´t asking if looking good is more important than health lol, but if A is the cause of B.

  • I just cant achieve abs because I eat too much pizza and such and drink too much soda. I train pretty much though so Im at 17% body fat or so. Used to be overweight:(.

  • I had hard, well-defined abs since I was 12 without exercise. It’s all about genetics and metabolism. I know people who can crunch much harder and longer than me and still look like they gave birth

  • Omar can you read body by science and tell me what you think, its a great book but it goes against the grain of common body building practises

  • Omar… I can’t change what these bitches think man. Trust me, I wish it didn’t matter to them. Been ignoring my leanness for a long time, can’t get away with it anymore. Wish it weren’t so.

  • Why do I always get a feeling that boys are meant to have abs? I don’t know if it’s because I see most guys with abs and I’m like,”it really looks good on them”. But when I see a guy that’s shirtless without abs, I’m like, “boy you need to get some abs”. I’m not judging guys it’s just that I need to stop having that mindset that guys are meant to have abs.

  • Totally… when I had my six pack abs I loved it, but at the same time sacrificed a ton of potential muscle gain due to the amount of cardio I was doing on top of lifting weights (to burn the fat and get the abs… I was also burning muscle I could’ve built.) Some guys are just naturally able to have a six pack and be muscular without as much effort as is required for other men. I think for most guys we have to deal with a little bit of fat on the stomach if we want to have bigger muscles but having a bigger chest and arms and legs looks great without a perfect six pack.

  • you must be a real ass. listen dear bother go study something and then get back to youtube. there are a lot of losers on the net especial on youtube that have no educational background. some of them have never been to school or are primary school losers. they come here to get a number of views to make money. you may wonder dear reader where he got those 3 million views from S???? He took advantage of the importance of this subject to all people that are interested in getting a healthy life and well being. so each one comes and tries this video then automatically it is going to be counted. if it were up to the viewer he would never accept that this stupid video even remains on youtube. do encourage such people. even if he sings well he cannot teach you how to sing. even if he rides the bike well he cannot teach you the same thing. there are many people who are very good each one in a fiel but that doesn’t mean he could be a very good teacher as good as he looks or as good as he sings or as good as he bikes ;THANKS FOR READING ; don’t let yourself get cheated by these losers because you are away smarter than that. helps us fight those guys on youtube.

  • I also lost strength while trying to get abs and eventually I did get them. At the moment its looking a little bit like 8 pack. Anyway with time I’ve got my strength back and I got the abs. Its was a rough time trying to get abs but I did. If you really want them go for it

  • How can a goal be overrated? What an arrogant statement. People should pursue whatever goal they want no matter how vain and unimportant it is to you. I personally find strength beyond a certain point overrated; it doesn’t mean that I don’t like improving my 500 deadlift, but it just matters less to me than maintaining a healthy and lean physique. I wouldn’t go around calling strength training overrated though because obviously it’s a matter of personal goals.

  • ¥ou make no point whatsoever. I get it when you get skinny and people knew your before they hate on you. Ya we get it but what is the point now????????? This video has no point.

  • I do gymnastics. Believe you me, it is not worth it to focus on lowering bodyfat for the sake of revealing a six pack. Your performance will suffer quite a bit.

  • Not overweight but insecure about being scrawny in 9th grade and started eating more and lifting weights the summer going into sophomore year and in the beginning wasn’t making the progress I wanted because I didn’t eat right or train properly due to ignorance

  • Abdominal muscles are actually the first and most important thing a beginner should work on. I am not speaking to diet or fat accumulation but muscle growth itself; working those muscles. Not only will stong/toned abdominals prevent injury but will actually act as your cornerstone of mass development. The abdominal muscles are a very important part of (if not ‘the key’ of) many kinetic chains. Strengthening the core of these chains will actually allow you to thrive in compound movements notorious for building mass. Long story shortyou must have a strong chain to put adequate weight (necessary to gain strength and muscle) on the distal end of that chain.

  • Abs are probably my second favorite muscle group after legs so keeping them makes me motivated to go workout daily. For that reason alone I think it’s worth all the effort and training to maintain them

  • If he has a six pack, why are you making a video about how six packs can ruin or lives when he has one. I get the message. Just saying.

  • As someone who plays sports, I don’t see ab exercises as making me better at anything except doing those exercises. I prefer more compound exercises where the abs support, like pullups and running sprints. They may not target abs primarily but you’ll never see a fat person do 20 pullups or run 400 meters in under a minute.

  • To build up 6 pack abs, you no longer need any kind of hard diet program or doing the tough workouts, you are able to do it easier than you think. The key is eating the right food & taking the correct workouts

  • You know this guy has a Point!
    Health Is More Important that Appearances!

    I used to rock literal abs in middle school and i felt shortness of breath constantly and my doctor told me i should not exercise way too much!
    Then Over time i went from 6 pack to a normal guy just some body fat and i can live a good and healthy life without over exercising and risking my health!

  • I became shredded, and girls started to treat me differently, very friendly and flirty.
    So, yes, people will treat you BETTER the more good looking you are,
    so lose the fat!

  • a big belly is ugly… i had 12% body fat, and still my belly stood out… the cause was, that I was bloated because I didnt eat enough raw vegetables and my digestion was poorly functioning… the food I ate rotted in my big intestine, causing farts, and stuff… and an ugly stomach. I could squat 2x bodyweight, 12% body fat, and no abbs. Now I eat 1-2 vegetable smoothie every day, and no wheats, and my abs are flat:D

  • sorry but having the six pack makes them bitches turn haha no way im dropping mine plus I put in way too much work into it. I do see your point tho

  • To build six pack abs, you no longer need any kind of hard diet plan or working on the tough exercises, you are able to achieve it less difficult than you think. The key is consuming the correct food & taking the correct workouts

  • you aren’t completely wrong when you talk about others judging you for having abs…fit shaming is fairly common and in some people it does come from a place of jealousy.

    however yeah it sounds like you took things to the extreme. It’s more than possible to maintain a decent set of abs, without depriving yourself to that extent or looking ‘unhealthy’

  • I already told you. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly.

    Listen to this the surprising part is my friend who is not doing much excercises, maintaining his six pack with this secret food items.

    have a look here

  • hi i love your videos, do you think we would train abs directly or just stay low on bodyfat and focus more an broadening our shoulders so our waist looks smaller

  • I’m doing 4 days a week strength training and then a long ass run, marathon running is my dream but I don’t want to remain stick thin and weak. Mondays it’s pull ups/tricep dips on a weight assisted machine atm (25kg) and then tricep dumbbell curls in my room. Tuesdays it’s 3 sets of 30 abb crunches and leg raises, then regular bicep/hammer curls, Wednesday it’s leg curls (starting to add dumbell squats), Thursdays is chest press/ rowing session, then Friday a 7.5mile run, pace is increasing

  • Its always easy for a skinny crackhead to have abs than someone who actually has meat on them! This guy is obviously a skeleton who eats nothing. Thats why these girls diss him lol. No girl wants a toothpick who ONLY has abs ��

  • If you want abs, you have to do ab workouts obviously but the key factor is your belly fat. If you’re fat, it doesn’t matter how many abs exercises you do if you have a big ass belly. Lose body fat and do ab exercises.

  • If your real life personality is like that then you have no chance of getting in a real relationship.your on camera personality only shows you are full of insecurities.

  • Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of Truth About Abs on my blog at verticalreviews. com/truth-about-abs-review/ Thanks. Jjc Yanaton.

  • Abs will increase your confidence though, if you think you will feel more confident and comfortable in your skin then you will and if abs trigger that then they will

  • I’m training my abs very much everyday
    The main purpose is not only to show off six abs but it is to maintain a core strength which really makes a difference on the other exercises that require enough core strength to perform a pefect form and get stronger in lifting weights such as overhead press

  • people shouldnt trip over losing muscle when they cut, muscle memory guys you can get that shit back in no time once bulking, I was out the gym for 7 months from tearing my shoulder within 2 months of being back bulking up I was right back where i was, and as long as you cut right you really aint gonna lose fuckall anyway

  • I can relate to that. When I was 17-18 years old, I would eat light and run miles trying to get lean. Then people would ask what’s wrong with that guy? He looks sick. But I had abs at the time.

  • Having a visible 6 pack means nothing.
    Having a strong core means everything.
    Having a strong core with some visible 6 pack…u’re the man.

    But fitness = visible 6 pack = selfies to the mirror in the middle of the gym playing with filters. = DOUCHE ALL LIFE LONG.

  • Your information is garbage. You can’t just claim to know genetics and the way individual bodies work when you haven’t studied it.

  • I’m 17 I eat 1500 calories a day.. I workout 6 hours a day for 6 days. Yes I go hard and heavy. Am I good or it that still starving myself?

  • so basically you’re saying dont over eat nor starve yourself and build size and strength to gradually gain muscle while not accumulating fat right?

  • Genetics play such a big part. Been trying to get a six pack for  a year now. Can barely see my 4 pack and I have to grind harder on abs every time I hit the gym just to see a little result

  • A buddy of mine who used to be obese for 18 years can now get a six pack within 2 months. What’s he on? Clenbuterol? Trenbolone? He’s super vascular and has a super lean look. I’ve been lifting consistently 3-4 days a week for a year and a half and he looks better than me.

  • Yep. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming.

    Listen I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard.

    you can watch out here

  • Great message, Matty. A good physique is just like someone who comes into a lot of money… It doesn’t change you, it just makes you more of who you really are.

    So if you’re a bad person with a bad physique, you’ll more than likely be a worse person with a good physique.

    I hate the whole premise of the show, “Revenge Body.” You begin with the wrong mentality. You have to do it for yourself. Be intrinsically motivated, not motivated by impressing people. There will be perks, but the best perk is being healthy. Physically AND mentally. ����

  • Honestly I just came across this channel last week or so and I can say I like it as much as the Strengthcamp/Elliotthulse channel and I’ve been watching him for a LONG time

  • If your natural, than its actually better to stay right around 10-14% bodyfat all year around. Having a six pack is not hard. I don’t belive anyone should ever be above 14% bodyfat. Even for powerlifting, unless you compete in the over 120kg its best to be lean in your weight class, u have more muscle

  • I love and enjoy tons of these vids but I must say this whole genetics stuff is mostly BS, sure it plays a tiny part but its mostly excuses. It seriously annoys me when people look at someone like yourself Omarlsuf and say, he just has good genetics! Like you haven’t spent your life training for it? It really comes down to (smart) hard work and dedication. Too many people think they can just achieve the perfect body in a couple months. As im sure you know, if you increased your knowledge base on the ph of the body, training regimes (volume/intensity), how pre/probiotics work, and the fact abs are 90% diet, set more of a long term HEALTH goal, you will easily achieve abs. Too many people are eating all this stuff their body cant utilize properly and doesn’t know how to break down in order to obtain stupid calorie counts and macro counts. Aim for health and you will lose fat and gain muscle naturally and keep it easily. Good luck to everyone on their fitness journey!

    My instagram if you want to check it or not up to you:)    reco_fitness  

    Happy to share knowledge I have or learn from others, and hear your opinion but I wont reply to people trying to argue like 2yr olds haha

  • TBH abs aren’t really “worth it” for looks. Having them signifies life style and way of living. There is no reason for wanting them if u want to live like a lazy slob

  • i absolutely love the feeling of having a strong core and legs, having scoliosis a strong core really helps me avoid pain and makes any movement requiring strenght incredibly easier, what i don’t understand is the six pac, esentially a sign that you are starving your body, is attractive

  • I used to think the same thing about abs. I would only eat “healthy foods” and overall just wanted those abs to pop and muscles to show. Now I’m eating food on the regular and still training abs, only this time I’m not worrying about my abs popping and rather trying to put on overall size.

  • Any girl who is saying “abs don’t matter” is lying because they are afraid society might judge them for their superficialness.
    Women are wired to be attracted towards abs since the stone age. Abs are a sign of hard work, and women are attracted towards hard work.

  • Genetics do not determine if you can get visible abs or not…. only the shape they are. People are ill disciplined, that is the only reason they ‘can’t’ get abs.

  • I gained 13 kg in 1 year and now I lost 7 kg in a month.. hurts so much too see all the mass go, but I wanna get shredded and build up again.

  • Yo Elliot, you’re the fuckin shit man! It’d be dope asf to have you as a work out partner or even just as a friend. Kudos to you bro. Namaste

  • have you ever seen a power lifter with abs, its either strength or scrawny bitch with abs.

  • I get abs with a ketogenic diet with refeeding and doing vacuums. I don’t like crunches as my upper abs get round and thick quickly and it doesn’t look right.

  • I’m 17 years old 6′ 150lbs just starting out lifting how many calories do you think I should get for lean mass? I was thinking of around 2400 or so

  • I know I have abs but I got a bit of fat on top of them that I have to get rid of eventually. For the time being ill keep building them until I afford a squeaky clean diet.

  • Dualistic meaning

    Painfully true, we as a society are too superficial

    And hilarious. Who would prioritize your external appearance over your health? It’s ludicrous.

    Right on, Mr. Hulse. I bet you’re instilling really good values in your four kids.

  • Alright… so what you are saying is do overall body weight lifting and your body will gain good traits for being healthy, and abs will follow?

  • Dude seriously, you are a freaking genius, your stuff is always so on point. Thanks a lot for the down-to-earth, no BS and accurate information.

  • agreed omar same thing happened to us and didnt realise whilst i was trying to get those abbs ho much muscke id lost, just not worth it, my abs have started to come on now anyways and i havent done a single crunch!

  • ive been dietin for like a year now and still have a long fukin way to go in order to get to 10% (my goal).but fuck my genetics ill fukin get it

  • Seems like genetics = diet… shit diet= shit genetics = bad/misbehaving gains. It depends on your bowels and if you actually absorb all the calories you eat, say you eat a shit ton of mayo buy you cant absorb fat as well, now you would be eating 4000 calories but absorbing/utilizing only 3000, good genetics? no, bad genetics.

  • its simple, you have to get fit to burn a greater percentage of fat. It tips the balance maybe from 80:20 carbs to fats as fuel source to approx 70:30 through a decent increase of VO2Max

  • Just might be your most informative video yet. It actually caused me to re-subscribe to you. Seemed like this is the guy that caused me to subscribe in the 1st place. Well done!

  • if you dudes are looking for to get ripped prompt without spending a single extra minute in the gym, then you should keep an eye on this video tutorial SIXPP.COM

    If I hung out with Van Gogh, I don’t know what we’d do. We’d just play it by ear, I guess.

  • I’m super lean, I was super skinny but now i have muscles and I’m fast because of my track training. I’m okay with all that. I don’t care for getting fat and gaining strength.

  • Very good video and excellent advice.. young guys just want those fucking abs but don’t realize it’s very hard to get them especially if your genetics are down in the pool..

  • I had hard, well-defined abs since I was 12 without exercise. It’s all
    about genetics and metabolism. I know people who can crunch much harder
    and longer than me and still look like they gave birth

  • Of course women like abs but the “like” is often subconscious. With men we look at ass or tits and instantly make that determination with women they see abs but it’s not so “front and center” in their brain like it is for men. And honestly, men with abs are relatively rare so it definitely gives a man an advantage.

  • guys I’m 1.70 meters tall and weight is 64kgs I have nice muscles build and vains butt my belly is just sticking kinda out instead of ripped with abs I also seem to have a lot of water weight what do I do to get my belly flat abs showing and all? pls help thx

  • Turns out I have os goods schatter after speaking to many doctors and cardio hurts as hell even walking does surgery is hell risky and i train at home my leg training is mostly dumbbell stiff legged deadlifts and front squats after a lot of warming up the knees, my question how can i even slightly improve my cardiovascular endurance from home

  • I would suggest him keeping straight back and breathe with his chest not belly tho i breathe with belly myself because its more healthy..

  • maybe you don’t need to hold your breath if you just keep your hip straight, so no hip tilt with a hollow underback. Just keep it un tilted and your belly, beneath your bellybutton might look less fatt.

  • What proportion of people who exercise 3 times a week and eat sensibly have six packs? Let’s get real. There’s a difference between having toned abs and having a six pack. Not everyone at 12% body fat looks the same. I think it’s a lifestyle issue. Yes trainers work hard, but other people who have different types of jobs and different time and life constraints shouldn’t compare themselves to trainers. Social media has skewed body image on a huge scale. Most active, fit, strong, healthy, functional people don’t have the specific six pack aesthetic and that should be perfectly fine.

  • & drinking a lot of water it’s hard to do i drinked Mountain Dew even if I said I wasn’t but I’m pushing myself not to do it thanks for the motivation

  • he is actually very lean, and the best part is that he can sprint, jump, deadlift and squat heavy, and is healthy. The athletic aesthetic is better than just looking good and posing.

  • No one likes a perfect person but we all like to feel we are perfect. That’s why this approach doesn’t work. Make people feel comfortable and in control and the world is yours. Avoid bragging; always accentuate your weaknesses and uplay their strengths.

  • that didn’t explain how 6 pack abs can ruin a life that just was a story, & a statement with a little no evidence & barley any reason.

  • how about ceeping your core engaged is it wrong?? it helps your posture should i keep my belly relaxed all the time but i keep it engaged example when o deadlift. so why shouldt you engage from time to time when doing normal stuff u know whay i mean. look at sly stallone. he keeps it engaged all the time

  • Great video. Fellow former fatty. Ive been down to that dark place of extremity and out the other end. The irony is the best shape I got in was when I was less obsessive and more focussed on my career. Thank you buddy I can really relate.

  • As someone who has “normal” genetics, it did take A LOT of work to first get abs. Cardio every day, extremely clean eating, constant core training and weight lifting. Now that I have my abs, my calorie distribution is much more inclined to keeping my abs.

  • athletes have abs year round take a look at soccer players example Ronaldo ripped to the bone you clearly just have no idea what your doing

  • Matty I’m not going to lie i haven’t been watching your content recently. I’ve become disinterested with not only yours but other fitness YouTubers content as of late. However I am lucky and grateful I clicked on this video today. It is exactly what I needed to hear and will benefit myself and others tremendously. Thank you, and I wish you the best.

  • We are bound to reach out beyond this flesh, become Pneuma! We are will and wonder bound to recall, remember! We are born of one breath, one word, we are all one spark, sun becoming!
    Pneuma, Tool –

  • I’m basically the type of person he explains in this video, I’m 6’0, 150, 14-16 percent bf. But I want to cut first and get some definition. I’m a noob and I’m getting stronger while being in a deficit of 500. Is this okay? I want to add size later but for now I want to get as lean as possible like no leaner than 8, is this possible and should I do it?

  • To be honest, aren’t visible abs just unhealthy? They serve no purpose to speak of and you need disturbingly low body fat levels for them.

  • The scientific explanation was off, but the information was correct, the explanation was just off. Still a good video for beginners and loads of useful tips!

  • To achieve real greatness sacrifices need to be made, in fact they are almost a neccesity. Wirh greatness i mean being among the best in the world at whatever you do

  • There’s no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ genetics, that’s just bullshit, it implies those people are born universally better.
    Storing fat is simply undesired for modern asthetics standards, but it’s great genetics for an eskimo trying to survive the winter.

  • Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of truth about abs on my blog at carlreviews. com/truth-about-abs-review/ Thanks, Maury.

  • Both me and my younger brother work out. I’m the one with bigger muscles, but it’s very difficult for my abs to pop out. On the other hand, my brother is way thiner but has an incredible 8-pack. Is it possible that, by being related the way we do, we can tap out on each other’s genetics with the correct programs (he wants to get bigger and I want more abs)? Or should we just drop it and do our thing?

  • Thanks man, I’m only 14 and I max 255 bench, 340 squats, etc. I way about 185 mostly muscle, I’m starting to see my abs but not quite, I thought about quitting with trying to build muscle mass and just work on getting abs until I saw this video, so thanks man

  • I’d say if he’s trying to make a good first impression on a girl he likes, sure do that once. But you telling me you’re gonna do this everytime you take your shirt off is just ridiculous.

  • EVERYONEs been there! only thing that will make you look bad though is doing stupid stuff, no one frowns amount of weight, just make sure you got a good program and right form, youl be pushing 50s and 60s soon as!

  • Certain people have muscular cores that run throughout their body, they’re your Olympic weightlifters. People without that snap in half doing the clean and jerk or the snatch. Olympic events require all round strength required for overhead lifting.

  • You make very good points. I have been at both ends of the spectrum. At low body fat my confidence is through the roof, high energy, feel great about myself but miss eating the “fun” foods. At higher body fat I enjoy eating more, look better in clothes, but don’t feel as confident. It’s a personal thingdo what makes YOU happy and above all else be healthy!

  • I like the video and would like to add to say two things. More muscle mass is evident at the same BMI and weight loss is faster with more muscle mass. But you know this. Cheers.

  • yo Elliott, im a big guy at 42 stronger now than in highschool how did you get huge traps,did your family members have naturaly big traps, thanks Michael Perella

  • lol this is the shittiest advice. “abs are really hard to get, plus you can lift heavier weights when you’re fat, therefore abs are not worth it”

  • I used this abs guide “suza great plan” (Google it) and achieved a 6-pack abs. Men envy my toned abs as I exercise at the gym. My coach said this guide works well for male and female. Try it out to have the result that I`ve attained.

  • I have abs year round. been that way since I was 15 and put muscle mass on them. was lean all my life tho. been building muscle now and keeping the sick pack. ecto

  • As-salaamu `alaykum Omar….

    The prophet Muhammad عليه الصلاة و السلام said “Cursed is the man who imitates women and cursed is the woman who imitates men” and he forbade us muslim men from wearing effeminate colours such as pink.
    Also, i advise you as a brother not to use foul language (even though i am saying this, of course i sin too and i sometimes use bad language too but i do try not to give a bad image of islaam to the ignorant out there by not swearing on videos i publish on Youtube).. i also advise you not to promote zina because if you promote zina then you will share in the sins of everybody who commits zina as a result of your advice on your videos wherein you promoted zina being commited. Of course, the qur’aan says none shall carry the burden of the sins of others. However, you must understand that has a context and it also has conditions. If you involve yourself in the sins of others then of course you will share in their sins because their sins then become your sins too and so there is no contradiction here.
    Just a friendly advice from a brother who hopes for the best for people..!
    I would hope you would also bring me up on things if and when you can should you ever catch me potentially earning myself a portion of fire..!

  • if you have trouble breathing in that just means you need to go to the doctor. you could hold your stomach in but still that shouldn’t mess with your breathing

  • you must be a real ass. listen dear bother go study something and then get back to youtube. there are a lot of losers on the net especial on youtube that have no educational background. some of them have never been to school or are primary school losers. they come here to get a number of views to make money. you may wonder dear reader where he got those 3 million views from S???? He took advantage of the importance of this subject to all people that are interested in getting a healthy life and well being. so each one comes and tries this video then automatically it is going to be counted. if it were up to the viewer he would never accept that this stupid video even remains on youtube. do encourage such people. even if he sings well he cannot teach you how to sing. even if he rides the bike well he cannot teach you the same thing. there are many people who are very good each one in a fiel but that doesn’t mean he could be a very good teacher as good as he looks or as good as he sings or as good as he bikes ;THANKS FOR READING ; don’t let yourself get cheated by these losers because you are away smarter than that. helps us fight those guys on youtube.

  • I’ve been lifting for maybe 3 years or so and have squatted 500lbs and benched 315lbs at a bodyweight of about 180lbs.  However, I carry [what I consider] a lot of fat in my low back and belly I estimate around 18-20% body fat.  I’m thinking, why not ditch most of the fat and work on regaining whatever strength I lose to hit those same numbers at a bodyweight in the high 150s and cut down to 148 for competition.  500lb squat and 315lb bench at a bodyweight of 180lb are ok at best, but those same numbers at 148lb are much more respectable.  Furthermore, in the pursuit of strength, slowly going up weight classes will yield more impressive results.  Why did I feel compelled to share this?  It’s the internet and it makes us do stupid things.

  • Anyone notice that other guy? “yes so I went I tried to open the door as I have booked appointment to use a gym, but the door was locked then I looked through the window and I seen one person in the gym then I realized it is a private gym so anyway I went back home thinking I am sure I went to the right location.”

  • i was stupid enough to stop doing muscle exercises and i just did cardio last summer and i lost all mu strength. ive been working out for about 10 months now

  • Complete respect for you, esp after sharing this! This is as real as you can get, and it takes a special person to be this honest ��

  • I used to be a swimmer for about 8 years so my abs never really go away even when I’m on a bulk! It’s not all good though I have shit chest genetics��

  • While all the other channels are talking bull, videoing their ride to the gym and back and barely anything educational, Omar is there doing the real shit, Thumbs up Homie, Shout-from UK

  • Too much “media hype” behind abs and getting a six pack. Couldn’t have always been that way, right? I feel like that has been emphasized more in the industry in the past 20 years or so than before. At the end of the day, it’s all about the total package.

  • Brown rice is High in B-vitamins and (also minerals for the Krebs cycle) from the capsule that covers each kernel, easy to digest, and the fiber is food for the bacteria in the gut (immune system)…

  • what for those who have natural abs
    i had 6 packs frm the age of arnd 14
    i din even knw what that ws
    its when i turned 16 i came to knw its cool to have abs

  • Ok so I am 13 years old and I eat junk food but I also eat a wide variety of healthy foods all the time and even have healthy choice meals but I also like junk food, I workout every other day for like 2 hours and for some reason even tho I eat junk food I am getting leaner, why is this will Someone help me out?

  • Most def. needed this Omar!  Ive been so focused on getting my abs to shine through that I forgot about all the other parts of my body.  Love your videos keep it up!