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The results were clear: Active commuting was linked with an 11% risk reduction for cardiovascular disease and 30% risk reduction for all-cause mortality (the likelihood of dying from any cause) during the study period. A study published in BMJ showed similar results. Researchers followed 263,450 participants for five years and found commuters who biked to work — even part of the. Study author Jason Gill, from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, says that the cyclists likely experienced the most benefits from their active commute because they biked for longer distances.

Study author Jason Gill, from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, says that the cyclists likely experienced the most benefits from their active commute because they biked for longer distances. An Active Commute Could Extend Your Life. 5 Tips for Beginning Day Hikers. Secrets of Success: How to Turn a Non-Runner Into a Runner.

Track every mile you run, connect your devices, and get closer to your next PR. You’re taking control of your fitness and wellness journey, so take control of your data, too. A 2018 study published in the journal Heart found that commuters who walked, biked or took public transit to work were healthier and lived longer than car commuters.

Put exercise at the top of your to. Get the Biggest Benefit with an Active Commute You could get even more of a mood boost if you’re switching from driving or taking transit to walking or biking. A study in England found that commuters who started incorporating as little as ten minutes of walking time experienced a boost in well-being.

But getting started can be challenging. Skipping Car On Commute Could Extend Your Life A study suggests cycling, walking and taking the bus or train to work offers greater health benefits than commuting in the car. Thursday 17 March 2016 05:28, UK Cyclists weigh less, have a lower BMI and reduced body fat, the study found. Studies show that an active commute may be as important to well-being as marriage or a pay raise. Boiling it all down, the very best commute you can have is a 15-minute walk each way.

Even if that isn’t possible for everyone, we would all be wise to live closer to work and build in. Shortening your commute by 20 minutes might lower your risk of neck and back pain by 14%, obesity by 20%, and heart attack by 300% (see how different commuting times affect your health in this. Cycling on Your Commute Could Extend Your Life March 24, 2016 July 15, 2020 by Pro Rider Leisure A recent study that looked at 150,000 British adults between the ages of 40 and 69, and compared the health between cyclists with motorists, suggests that swapping your car for a cycle during your daily commute to work can bring considerable health benefits.

List of related literature:

This suggests that active commuting could increase quality of life perceptions and this may be related both to increasing activity and diminishing dependence on other forms of transport and even decreasing the stress of other forms of transport.

“Psychology of Physical Activity: Determinants, Well-being, and Interventions” by Stuart Biddle, Nanette Mutrie
from Psychology of Physical Activity: Determinants, Well-being, and Interventions
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There is no question that commuting has an effect on many areas of a person’s life.

“Well-being for Public Policy” by Ed Diener, Associate Professor of Psychology Richard Lucas, Richard Lucas, John F. Helliwell, Ulrich Schimmack, John Helliwell
from Well-being for Public Policy
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Driving can enhance work–life balance in cases where it offers a shorter commute time than alternative modes, but time spent commuting can also have a positive value for the traveller.

“Handbook of Global Urban Health” by Igor Vojnovic, Amber L. Pearson, Gershim Asiki, Geoff DeVerteuil, Adriana Allen
from Handbook of Global Urban Health
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Finally, active commuting is a relatively recent focus of research with potential links to well-being.

“Positive Psychological Science: Improving Everyday Life, Well-Being, Work, Education, and Societies Across the Globe” by Stewart I. Donaldson, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Jeanne Nakamura
from Positive Psychological Science: Improving Everyday Life, Well-Being, Work, Education, and Societies Across the Globe
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For many, travel will be an integral part of working life, whether that be commuting or moving between locations.

“Driving Performance through Learning: Develop Employees through Effective Workplace Learning” by Andy Lancaster
from Driving Performance through Learning: Develop Employees through Effective Workplace Learning
by Andy Lancaster
Kogan Page, 2019

As a matter of fact, it is the variability of the commute that may play a critical role in some of the negative consequences associated with commuting.

“Commuting Stress: Causes, Effects, and Methods of Coping” by Meni Koslowsky, Avraham N. Kluger, Mordechai Reich
from Commuting Stress: Causes, Effects, and Methods of Coping
by Meni Koslowsky, Avraham N. Kluger, Mordechai Reich
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The absence of a commute can be particularly beneficial when commuting long distances, or when dealing with heavy traffic congestion or bad weather.

“21st Century Management: A Reference Handbook” by Charles Wankel
from 21st Century Management: A Reference Handbook
by Charles Wankel
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For most people, the stresses of commuting are mild but persistent.

“Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment and Growth” by Spencer A. Rathus, Jeffrey S. Nevid
from Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment and Growth
by Spencer A. Rathus, Jeffrey S. Nevid
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Third, automobile commuting is not the only form of commuting that can be stressful.

“Urban Sprawl and Public Health: Designing, Planning, and Building for Healthy Communities” by Howard Frumkin, Lawrence Frank, Richard J. Jackson
from Urban Sprawl and Public Health: Designing, Planning, and Building for Healthy Communities
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Over 8% of American commuters spend 60 minutes or more traveling (including all modes of travel) to work, and nearly 3% commute 90 minutes or more (one way) to work (Jarosz and Cortes 2014).

“Introducing Sociology Using the Stuff of Everyday Life” by Josee Johnston, Kate Cairns, Shyon Baumann
from Introducing Sociology Using the Stuff of Everyday Life
by Josee Johnston, Kate Cairns, Shyon Baumann
Taylor & Francis, 2017

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  • Also take short naps in the middle of the day. It splits it up in two and your mind sees the days’ events as 2 separate days almost

  • I thought i could buy cream to give me time. I don’t know what that means but i will buy youth cream. Does anyone know where i can buy some. Can i get a discount.c

  • Classic literature likes a
    an old friend( has a lot of experience about life)always listen when we need but very difficult to make friend ( difficult to read, not all people can read)

  • What’s the meaning of a video that I need to read? The whole advantage of watching is to have the audio too. I’m basically waiting to read the next page which won’t come up in another 10 seconds.

  • It’s a crazy life which requires young people with stamina lol! You are doing all young pilots a great service in making them decide if airline flying is for them.

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  • guy 1: I always use my bike to go to work
    guy 2: me too.

    guy 3: I haven’t ride it in a while, my bike needs repair.

    me: what?? you’ve got bikes??

  • I am a looooooooong way before becoming a pilot but I figure it can’t hurt to start planning now. I searched up air new Zealand careers (my dream job as I live in nz and wanna become a pilot) and it said their commuter policy is no more than 90mins by road. Well that sorts that out

  • Hi Swayne,
    Would i be right in saying you don’t have to pay for your commute flights?
    Im from Australia so i was unsure if it would be different. I aspire to be a pilot in a few years as i am also still in High School, i just subscribed. Love the videos.!

  • I would add in leave stuff you wear regularly like belts and shoes at work and your shave kit. Get a camp towel if you are hauling it daily as they pack small.

    Even a little thing like shaving right before bed the night before can reduce the amount of stuff you need

  • I can vouch for the art thing. I came into art later in life, it didn’t take long for me to realize I’ve never really seen something until I’ve attempted to sketch or paint it from life.

  • For slightly longer commutes, or for people who aren’t really that into cycling, what do you reckon about getting an electric assist bike? I understand your average person saying that they don’t feel they’re strong enough to cycle into work each day but if they had an electric bike…? Personally I really hope this trend can kick off!

  • 5:40 Isa shame to live in a ‘cycling paradise’ and komoot cant help you because 1. the only roads are main roads the 2 the open gravel roads are restricted due a numerous facts and nonsensical reasons that would be a full 10.000 words or more to write them here. thats why komoot is not a great tool here in Colombia as it was forme in UK but thank you Olie.

  • Fun fact

    Children’s brains load all data coming in through the senses.. as we get older our brains filter out 90% of the data

    when you take magic mushrooms, those filters are removed once again and you experience the world through a child’s eyes again.. everything is new and amazing again.. you notice the smallest details in your environment

  • Thank you for the video! Just subscribed. It’s awesome to see how pilots live their life. Especially for people like me who wish to be a pilot but took another career path. Thank you again.

  • I am a Amature road cyclist I recently got into road cycling because of my Brand new Hips I was given last year. Doctor said I can’t do any high impact sports anymore so mountain biking is off my list, so far I love your channel, I’ve learnt a lot and will continue to learn more. Road Cycling is actually really fun the tips your channel has given me been extremely helpful.

  • Greatest reason: No jobs in your own country. 10 year experience and purely due to luck my countries flag carrier started hiring again after 20 years of hiring “free market” pilots. I lived in Spain, Sweden, Germany, UAE and the UK… Now finally home. Keep in mind that the US and the rest of the world has completely different views when it comes to airline life…

  • I’m lucky to have a locker room and shower at the office. Ride the Trek Emonda SL6 in a couple times per week. Super nice commute. I do clean and maintain it like an F1 car though. Pricey, but fun. Got a back up commuter when for times when parts are on back order.

  • I’m very committed to not living a life of car ownership, so I figured that bikes are the next best way to get around. I didn’t know how much it would change my life as well thank you for sharing, Carlo!

  • I ride with 5 different lights so that if I run out of battery, it is not a problem! I’m also super visible and can lend a light to a friend if they need one on a ride.

  • Hey. love the videos. I didn’t realize your only 2hrs south of me! I have been to Grand Forks and Fargo more times than I can count. Have you made it up to Winnipeg?

  • I have four road bikes that are all faster over my commute than my flat bar commuter. The commuter is much heavier, and higher drag. Why do I turn a 37 minute ride into a 45 minute ride then? Several reasons: a rack and panniers mean I can carry stuff to and from work easily, and also pack all the rain gear on those days when it might be raining on the way home. Panniers mean I can go grocery shopping on the way home. When I do go shopping on the way home I can park my cheap-looking commuter outside the store without caring that much about whether someone might cut the lock and steal it. My commuter has Schwalbe marathon tires, at about two pounds each so not what you want on the group ride: never had a flat on those tires in four years of commuting. I can throw my cheap alloy commuter down dark, rainy, potholed city streets knowing it is almost indestructible. If I do come off on ice I am not going to be crying about a few scratches on the bike. The flat bar geometry puts me more heads up in traffic. And of course it has those things that are as rare as hens teeth on GCN: fenders (or mudguards depending on which language you speak).

  • Well, it’s all great advice about how to live but, sorry, it’s not going to change how fast time races by after your first 40 years or so…..

  • I used to do 30km/1hour before going to work, 42km from home. Then, I realised that if I commute with my bike, I would do longuer rides, save fuel and spent almost the same amount of time.
    So I do go to work in a simple giant tcr 1 2 or 3 times per week, 170 to 250 km…
    Wen I dont take my bycicle, I change the clothes, so I always pack light. And I can shower at work to!
    The problem for me is the traffic and I dont ride my road bycicle with rain!

  • Non-rev life: Have a plan A B C D E F G Flight ( 1 way conx or nonstop) lol
    Some HUBS can be your friend depending on the HUB city and destination.

    Great video!

  • My bicycle commute is 30 minutes. Before the pandemic, I was fortunate in that I had access to a fitness center with showers at work. With it closed and working mostly from home due to the pandemic, I’m not commuting by bike at the moment. However, I set up a file drawer as a locker with my toiletries, a fast drying camp towel, a reversible belt, and both kinds of shoes (i.e., black and brown). I don’t like the idea of taking all my clothes for the week to work on Mondays. I usually take my laptop home on the weekends. What I do is take a change of clothes each day, fold them neatly, and pack them in a two gallon ZipLoc bag before putting them in my backpack. They’ll stay dry that way if I’m caught in an unexpected storm and remain relatively wrinkle free. I’m looking forward to riding my bike to work when the pandemic has subsided and I have access to the fitness center again.

  • I’ve been biking to work nearly every day for the past four years. Short ride, only around ten minutes. The thought of packing my clothes in at the start of the week has never occurred to me and I feel quite dull for not thinking of that. Great tip!

  • I just can’t fathom how incredibly selfish this is. Sure, we need pilots, and I get that there should be a level of flexibility, but… you are driving an hour each way, and then using a flight which you aren’t piloting each way, just as part of your commute? At some point you have to be realistic like everyone else in the world and make sacrifices in order to pursue the career you’ve chosen. Your personal carbon footprint is disgusting, beyond your line of work. Move to Chicago and stop being so selfish.

  • I go through stages where I can devour four books a week, in a month, and then I can go an entire week without wanting to read at all from burnout. These will be super helpful! xx

  • Swayne Martin, If you already live in a crew base for example DFW, can you enter Envoy Air as a DFW based employee? Or do they base you somewhere else and you still have to bid for it?

  • Have been using Moutain bike 2 days for work. The route is 10km way or 20km for work and back to home and the road is 35% holes. That way I’m choose Mountain bike instead Road bike..

  • I love these tips, Lucy!! They are very practical and inspirational. We all have 24hrs in a day, and success in any endeavor is about setting goals and prioritizing your time. These tips are so well spoken that I think I will share this video with the English literature faculty where I teach.

  • Be in the now as eckharte Tolle says as time is an illusion and only the present moment exists so perhaps that would slow the sensation down

  • Most people are not willing to exercise, eat right, not smoke, not drink alcohol, not eat greasy fried food. I do not so any of this. But it is not to lengthen my life. It is to avoid painful diseases, becoming crippled, and sluggishness. I do not care if I die early. I just do not want to rot away like most people allow. There is something strange about me. As I look at almost everything, it is almost as if I am seeing it for the first or second time. I do not get accustomed to things like most people do. Stars, dusk, dawn, seasons, snow, all seem new to me as if I looking at them for the first time. It seems I have lived eons.

  • For me I’m trying to work on keeping the amount of books I’m reading at no more than 2 to 4 at a time because the more I read the longer it takes and as a mood reader that causes me to put things down too much due to lack of progress. I hope by staying focused I can actually read more.

  • I place a backpack in a wire basket that is zip tied to a rack. It is secured in place by a bungee net. That way I don’t have to wear it during the commute, but can use it briefly as a backpack at my destination or shops.

  • baby wipes are a godsend when you dont have access to a shower, you can easly freshen up the particular areas. Panniers and a lightwigeight luggage rack(clamps only on the seatpost) its a godsend as well if you cycle more than 5 miles one way.

  • Extra pair of shoes and belt kept at the office, along with a passel of neckties. No need to ferry that stuff to and fro on the bike. Deuter bike-specific backpack is hardly noticeable.

  • Life is pretty empty if you ask me i am designed to walk the earth without any sense of anything as long your happy just be happy.:/

  • I ride my mom’s bicycle when she won it in a raffle prize 20 years ago. Made in Cast Iron or and have taken a lot of what i and life will throw at it. Never let me down.

  • Sadly this is not true….
    It’s actually about Brain function. As a child your brain is like a high speed camera as you age it forms less vivid memories.

  • with this pandemic on the way, some people is looking for input on commuting + social distancing + exercising/stay healthy + environmental conscience + affordable bicycle and equipment.
    you guys MUST make these kind of content more often.

  • Hi Lucy!
    These were few very vital tips to remember. Reading, as you told is for pleasure and enjoyment. Reading reinvigorate us from monotony. Making pressure while reading is like making it a burden.
    This year I will stay obstinate with this quote” Quality is more important than Quantity”.
    Have a sublime reading year ahead to everyone!!!

  • The ultimate goal is I hope to be in the San Francisco area which has a hub for United Airlines and is just a general big base as well. Being in the general part of the Bay I’ll be satisfied if it all works out. I know it’ll be rough at first with payments but over time with how well the industry pays, fingers crossed

  • How do the commuter plane trips work? Does the company pay for your flight to and from home? Even if it’s a different company or do you have to pay for it? That can get costly

  • Between longevity and quality of life is a close relation ship!…well..most people will think quality of life is if you have money and do stuff…BUT! money are just a human invention to make you a slave…and loose your life by doing stupid things everyday which you dont like…even hate it!..lmao….PPLE are STUPID…JUST LIKE YOU!

  • This kid is an airline pilot? He looks like he just graduated from “Potty Training” vs. flight training. Knowing kids like this fly for the regional airlines, the next time I take an airline trip, I’ll make sure I’m not flying on a “Regional Airline”. I want the pilot at the controls of the airliner I’m on has some “grey hairs” and has SEVERAL THOUSANDS OF HOURS OF EXPERIENCE and has YEARS OF AIRLINE FLYING EXPERIENCE!!!!

  • If you transfer bases but stay at the same airline do you lose your seniority? Also do you lose your seniority moving from for example Envoy/American Eagle to American Airlines?

  • There are no showers where I work and the commute is about 20k each way. I wipe myself down with paper towel, put on some fresh non-scented deodorant and change of clothes. If anyone has a problem with that screw ’em.

  • I live in Northern Taiwan. Riding to work is only viable from November to April. Maybe as early as October or as late as May, beyond that though, too hot and humid. You get sweaty just going outside. I have been trying to convince my boss to install a shower, so I could ride. I have even offered to pay for it and pay the gas bill. But he still won’t bite.

  • With our heat reaching 109 degrees (42.77 Celsius) I fill my Camelbak with ice to keep me cooler on my commutes home in the afternoon. It also keeps my cellphone from shutting down from overheating.