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Stretches for hip impingement (FAI)why they don’t work and how you can fix it

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the Importance of Stretching

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How to stretch basics how to breathe

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Iliotibial Band Syndrome Of The Knee Everything You Need To Know Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

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How to stretch right. Understand the correct way to stretch to improve flexibility

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Piriformis Test & Simple Treatment That Works; Everything You Need to Know!

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How to stretch basics: how often should you stretch?

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Stretching affects both the lengthening of the actual muscle and your mental perception of the discomfort. It’s that perception that changes the most in the short term, allowing you to stretch farther. In the long term though, much of our flexibility is genetic and doesn’t change without months of consistent work. Here are the three easiest shoulder stretching exercises that should be a part of your day to day life.

Stand up and roll the shoulders inwards then outwards at least 10times. Keep sitting and join your hands in the air in an upwards position like your palm facing the ceiling. Stretch your hands and hold on for at least 9-10 seconds.

The sensitivity of the stretch and how tight you feel is based on the condition of the muscle. Weak Muscles = “Tight” Muscles. They are tired, cranky, and the brain wants to protect them Strong Muscles= “Flexible” Muscles. They don’t need as much protection if you want to be more flexible.

MOVE MORE AND GET STRONGER!!The two main types of stretching you’ve probably heard of are static stretching (where you hold a stretch in place) and dynamic stretching (where you’re moving through a. Everything You Wanted To Know About The Art of Stretching No matter who you are – an athlete, an amateur bodybuilder or perhaps just someone trying to go for your daily jog, stretching is one of the first things you learn to do before moving onto the real thing. Want to watch this again later? but this covers the majority of the key things for safe stretching.

Happy stretching, everyone! Everything you NEED to know Duration: 12:44. ● Physiology of Stretching: (beginning of chapter) Together, muscles and bones comprise what is called the musculoskeletal system of the body. The bones provide posture and structural support for the body and the muscles provide the body with the ability to move (by contracting, and thus generating tension).

If you have specific questions or comments about the specific content of one or more parts of the stretching FAQ, please email them to me. But Please do not email me asking for any stretching advice, nor for information about stretching research! I simply am.

As with strength training, you may want to work with a personal trainer, or watch videos online, to learn the proper technique for dynamic stretches. Examples of dynamic stretches includ. Stretch marks, or “striae,” are formed from tearing of the dermis of the skin (the layer below the epidermis, or outer-most layer of the skin).


List of related literature:

You can find valuable information on the basics of stretching here, as well.

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The Complete Guide to Stretching.

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To date, most stretching studies have looked at traditional stretching.

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Stretching has come to mean different things to different people, and when doing a simple Internet search, one can discover many stretching techniques.

“Stretching Anatomy” by Arnold G. Nelson, Jouko Kokkonen
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Identify and describe various stretching techniques.

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What you want to know about stretching will often be taught to you by others, as you connect what’s known to them to what’s inside you.

“The Genius of Flexibility: The Smart Way to Stretch and Strengthen Your Body” by Robert Donald Cooley
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On the following pages, I’ll give you my take on what constitutes the best approach to stretching, including when, why, and how to do it.

“Better Stretching: 9 Minutes a Day to Greater Flexibility, Less Pain, and Enhanced Performance, the JoeTherapy Way” by Joe Yoon
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What is the best method of stretching?

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As a result, many people are confused about stretching.

“A Tooth from the Tiger's Mouth: How to Treat Your Injuries with Powerful Healing Secrets of the Great Chinese Warrior” by Tom Bisio
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Ye said there are many “secrets” involved in power stretching, but basically it involves making your body straight by stretching it.

“Marvin Smalheiser Legacy with Tai Chi” by Anahid Kademian
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  • Thanks Mitch! You’re an excellent teacher for this topic because of your initial difficulty with flexibility. Great work. I have issues with flexibility too, and I am not likely to listen to advice from a human noodle because I would feel that they would not understand my struggles. Best wishes Judith

  • I have pain on the front side of leg where femur meets/connects to hip… sharp/severe pain like walking on knives. Any insight on that would be greatly appreciated. Thought my hip was the issue but X-ray showed no hip issue

  • Hello Bob and Brad. Geeat video!! Thanks so much. I have a question.

    My mother had a pain right on the left or her tailbone. And it hurts inside but she doesn’t feel it going down the leg. Do you think it’s sciatica or maybe a different reason?

  • The piriformis muscle presented in my feet.I kept going to the doctor a complaining of foot pain and he said it was a bunion or arthritis or something else. They even said it might be gout I was tested for everything with no results. Finally my whole foot blew out and I ended up in the ER demanding to see a podiatrist. The podiatrist sent me to physical therapy. The physical therapist saved my life

  • Funny… I always end up back on your site. I dislocated 2 ribs last Christmas and have been trying to get myself aligned every since. I believe this to be my issue now. One question… I do the reset your hips with blocks in between the knees etc… but then I can can’t get the rest of my back to pop into place..

  • Well I did the tests & I think it’s my Piriformis. That’s the problem.
    2-3 weeks ago I started having pain in my right hip/buttock.:(

  • What causes a “dancers dent” in nondancers? I have a noticable dent in one upper outer thigh but not in the other and what causes it and how to get rid of it…

  • Hello Bob and Brad. Thank you for this great and informative video. I am suffering from pain in my left buttock and it’s going right down my leg. I have pain in my lower back also. At the moment I’m just using muscle relaxant medicine and hot fomenting. Its helping reduce the pain.but coming back again later. I tried to do the tests mentioned by you and pain is increasing when I try to bring my left knee towards my right shoulder. Please suggest what I should do..

  • greetings.i am ageneral surgeon from Egypt.i genuinely appreciate your effort and talent. i ve a query! to the best of my knowledge the piriformis works as internal rotator when the hip is flexed more than 60 degree. if this is true, so how internal rotation in the FAIR stretches the muscle though we are approximating the muscle attachments?
    or is it the adduction that does the trick? more and again if the adduction stretches the muscle thus the piriformis is to be regarded as an abductor
    i hope that my question is written in clear English
    thanx. looking to read an explanation

  • Love you guys! I also suggest, if the chair feels too high at first, start with something lower, but start-yeah, I’m talking to myself!!

  • In a above knee amputation basically were you just do a knee disarticulation what is done with the IT band? Is it just reattached at the side of the femur bone? I’m having a lot of problem right now with my stone and I’m having problems finding the right guy to take care of the problem and diagnosis. Please sir if you have any suggestions or any advice it would be greatly appreciated thank you

  • i have a really annoying pain down the back of my left thigh, so bottom of butt to behind the knee. none of the motions in the video triggered it, but when i walk or bend over it hurts. or if i do a leg raise but move my leg to the right. straight up and down doesnt trigger anything. definitely different than a normal “stretching” pain. no back pain except normal soreness if i stand a lot. im 25 and dont wanna spend money at a chiropractor if i dont have to

  • What these guys say is exactly right! I had sciatica pain for almost a year with doctors giving me diclofenac and telling me they had to do surgery on a bulged/herniated disk I (and most people now a days because of sitting for many hours) have. But I fixed it myself within two weeks (as the gentleman in blue shirt mentioned) with self massage (both hands and the tennis ball), while breading slowly / relaxed and that was it. It has been 7 years now since that moment and I’m back to normal like nothing happened, but at that time I remember a feeling of hopelessness after so many months suffering that horrible pain while standing or sitting, so if your sciatica is because of the piriformis muscle, you can solve it as I did. ��

  • I had a terrible problem with this and did the stretches for months. I discovered for me, it’s postural. I love to sit and sleep in a position I don’t know how to explain, like the slim Buddha. Especially on the left, with my heel at my crotch. I quit and the pain is gone. I didn’t know about the massager, I might have to get one if I can sit like that again.

  • Very informative Bob and Brad. What is your opinion on electric stimulators? I have one called proactive and seems to relieve the pain in my hip.

  • Thank you so much for this great video. From running i have piriformis syndrome and after just 5min.of holding the knee-to-shoulder position my pain in the b””tt is allready GONE ❤️

  • I can’t sit criss cross anymore. I feel pain in front of the hip. I have been doing several stretches watching your vdos but nothing seems to be working. Could you Please help…

  • I don’t feel it in the back of my butt but when I lay down and Bend my leg, it hurts where the bend is like front of my hip. When I internally rotate I feel it run down to my knee. Is this still the priformis?

  • Me too, no squat! Broke leg off hip, so have 3 lag bolts. Physical therapist got me started then I found this will gong 5 element video. I can get down now with this process! 2 years on a walker, and I just pitched it!

  • What is pain, coming around the curve of my hip bone to the groin? It runs across the top of the bone of the rim of acetabulum, in the lateral to front of the body?

  • Bob & Brad, now I understand why my muscle is so tight as it reaches my thigh! My previous physical therapist said she never felt a muscle that tight unless someone had been in an accident. Good to know she was on the right track! (Insurance ran out) Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your knowledge with someone that can’t get more therapy unless it’s the do it yourself kind! ������

  • I have a problem with my hip, when I raise my straight left leg to the left (outer) side around or more than 90° in position to the other leg, it starts to hurt around one place under the left hip (I would say about 10-12cm under the hip). I think it’s the muscle Tensor Fascia Latae. Also sometimes, when I go slightly over the limit, when it starts to hurt, the Hip cracks a little bit and suddenly the pain is gone and I can move the leg pretty freely for few minutes, until it gets tight again.
    It all started when I split my legs in the air in a sport 2 years ago. Felt a silent spiky pain, that was gone after few minutes. But at the end of the training, I was also practising the gymnastic Leg Split.
    Nothing except this doesn’t really cause the pain in my hip.
    Also, my Illpsoas on the Left leg is tighter than on the other leg.

  • I’m still trying to figure out my issue.. I have pain in my lower back where the hip and spinal cord meets… Left groin/adductor pain… But have this sciatic nerve pain in my Right leg.. What could that be?? And what exercises should I do?

  • The piriformis syndrome I experienced also irritated branches off the sciatic nerve to cause psoas, pelvic floor and hip flexor muscle pain.

  • If the SCIATIC nerve goes through the piriformis a (and how would one figure that out?), will these suggestions help or Are there alternative suggestions for treatments? Thanks. Love you guys.

  • I’m currently waiting on seeing a neurologist. I’ve had a full back MRI and it comes back clean, spines straight and looks healthy, but I deal with sacrum and coccyx pain quite a bit, sciatica in my right side and if real bad then in my left as well. I have weak muscles and sometimes spasms, from my upper middle down to the tailbone it’s burning and discomfort, lack of motion and sometimes sharp pains right in the top right buttox, currently laying in bed on my side with pillows keeping me straight and etc. I’m only 20 and I can’t figure out what is wrong or what I should do. I can’t even touch my knees at times. Idk what to do or to think

  • What an excellent video! I finally understood the muscle groups, saw where they are located, and can devise a plan to fix my very stiff IT band muscle. The predisposing factors are interesting. Any leg shortens if the Psoas and Piriformis are not stretched regularly and you sit too much, or exercise too hard. I have found that some light weights + swimming + stretching + supplements (MSM, Glucosamine, Zinc 50 mg, Vit C powder, CoEnzyme Q10, Fish Oil) daily will alleviate any issues and keep body working with suppleness. You have to stretch 4-6 times a day as often as possible. Just like cats and dogs do.
    Thank you doc!! Very much appreciated!!

  • First time I had this,I also had a problem with my RIGHT KNEE.(piriformis right side).NOW,this time,3 years later,I have an issue with my LEFT KNEE and guess what…piriformis on my left side.I am not a doctor,just a carpenter but each time it was one thing that led to another.I hope this helps someone out there,but I followed these two lads videos and it helped the first time,so I am back for a refresher.It sure sucks getting old!

  • You two are fab! I just did your sacro-iliac stretches and now these lovely figure of 4 piriformis stretches. I feel amazing! What’s the name of that massager and can I get it in England?

  • Also check for and eliminate any adhesions between the IT and vastus lateralis. I have found many times that the IT is only adhered and some myofascial work relieves this condition.

  • I get a pain in my right bjuttoch only after walking a block or two uphill. I have had that right hip replaced about two years ago. Should I stretch or contract the buttock muscle?

  • Why cant both sides hurt the same? Cant you have the same problem on both sides? What if you cant bend your knee because of Bakers cyst?

  • it hurt so bad when i stand up and or sit down, i can barely stand on my right leg after standing up and the pain in my right thigh is really bad and all the way down to my ankle and foot, after standing for a few min the pain subsides. I wake up when i sleep but i have recently discovered that if i sleep with my knees up it’s ok but if i move at night i wake up in pain. I’m pretty sure it’s not sciatica so i’m going to try this and see how it works for me. Thanks guy’s

  • what exercises/stretches can you do for hip bursitis? I cannot lie on my left side due to this pain. If I try to lie on my right side, I have pain in my abdomen, which I believe is caused from the psoas muscle? thank you.

  • You have exact same videos from 2015 and 2017!? Why are you doing it again!? Or you decided to repeat same thing every two years or earlier depending on subject!?

  • Hello from Alabama; Roll Tide!!! Seriously, I just started a walking program yesterday and doing so in my very large back yard. This morning I have the worst pain going down the back of my left thigh and have been lying on a heating pad for the biggest part of the day. After viewing your video, I feel that it is a very weak P muscle and not sciatica. By laying on a heating pad, am I just making things worse? Should I be icing instead of heat? Thank you for all your helpful video! I just ordered the Infrared Heating Pad (Platinum) you refereed to in another video and used your Promo Code and saved $30.50!!! Woooo Hooo!

  • ORIF here. Piriformis is so tight that I almost can’t get the left ankle up to the right knee. Working on it though! Heading out to therapy as we speak.

  • If you actually fully understood the McKenzie Method you have referred to in the past I doubt you would come up with this diagnosis.

  • i maybe have that… mabye loads of other things lol. but no offence undue… but I feel the tests is flawed.. based on the divergence of body types,, as sual maybe I fel that maybe assertions on phys videos maybe carry too much assurance? God bles anyway

  • I’ve got tenderness/pain in my left glute from about midpoint to the hip on the side… some pain in the knee occasionally… could that be the piriformis muscle?

  • Hey guys I’ve had just glute pain. In the same spot for 7 months.?no leg issue. Doctor suggested to go to pysio. Should I try these first?

  • you guys are excellent! I’ve had this recurring symptom (which several professionals failed to diagnose) and has gotten progressively worse. My burning pain went from my sacro… joint through my butt and right hip and down around my outer thigh. I had physical therapy which helped a bit but plateaued and never went away entirely. I did prescribed exercises religiously every morning and walked several mile per day. I experimented by eliminating certain exercise and adding others. was doing much better except when standing in place for more than a few minutes then my hip and sacro -joint would begin to hurt. I had a recent 3 week bout after a 2 hour kayaking outing. when getting into the boat, I kind of whipped my lower back when I went to sit against the seat rest but it had slipped away. it didn’t hurt right away, but by the next morning I could hardly roll out of bed! Any way, I slowly have recouperated to the point where I could do my exercises again. I started reading articles on the net and found your video about the piriformis which totally made sense for me. Thank You!

  • I have pain in both legs.Spine surgeon told me that its a muscle pain base on my MRI. Feels better after piriformis stretch?What do you think?Is it piriformis syndrome?

  • this is such a good recommendation. I stressed my hip when I did the butterfly pose a little too long and feel that numbness down the leg. your video shows me exactly what’s going on inside.

  • Thank you Dr, I’ve been dealing with this for couple of month and the physio and doctor I saw couldn’t figure it out. Thanks again

  • I think I have this. I don’t run but workout a lot and I think it came from doing leg squats..sometimes now when I work legs in the gym, it feels like it’s strained and almost like my knee makes a snapping sound and wants to buckle

  • Bob and Brad,
    I have one leg longer than the other. How do I get my hip socket to level out with the other without having hip surgery?

  • I have it myself. This was an excellent video of all the information one needs. Finally I have a timeframe for how long it takes to get well. After that physiotherapy heavy duty job I will switch to doing the exercises 3 times a week instead of every day and preferably twice a day.

  • Could this cause shin pain too?i have pain in the hip joint area and sometimes outer font of the knee usually relieved after a loud pop and the worst part is shin pain just in the middle area of the shin muscle but it’s not the muscle. Something behind the muscle maybe.

  • Thank you so much iv been suffering for so long and now i know what is wrong with me. I had almost given up hope iv been suffering for a year now and it has gotten so debilitating i can barely walk!

  • First time wash. I really like the skeleton where you show the muscle an pelvic.radiated that is my problem. Bursaries and affect the nerve yes thank you for the exercises you show.iam going to practice.thank you also begins.therapy.I will kip up with. Your demonstrations

  • I think this is my issue. I’ve been getting it recently. Only go 2-3 miles then the side of my knee is sore 2-3 days. But I wonder if barefoot running could eventually help? Maybe I have weaker muscles in other places

  • I am a bilateral amputee. Ak on left and hip disarticulation on right. My stump on left is killing me right at the outside end of my femur bone. It’s sharp burning almost tearing feeling. I have contractures also. Can this band be constracting on me? You can hardly touch the outside end of my stump. And I feel so tight halfwAy up my femur bone. When I lay flat my stump stays like I’m sitting. I was hit by train at 9 months old. I’mvery45 now. Car train wreck. So my leg was completely degloved both sides right was worst. Left was saved above knee but is covered by only a layer or 2 of grafting. I don’t know if I need surgery or therapy. But it’s so painful sir. Any advice would be appreciated….I live in Illinois around Peoria or I would see you. You seem very good at what you do….

  • I was able to recover in 3 months. During my injury I can’t even run 1 kilometer and now with stretching and strengthening training, I can now run 5kilometers pain free.

  • I’m suffering from this right now and the pain is horrible, I’m putting ice and massaging it and it’s getting better. I got back to running from a thigh injury and I know my running form was bad but I continue and then this happened:/

  • Omg YES YES YES! Why can’t a DOCTOR figure this out in a visit? But I research and find this video in 2 mins I KNOW that’s what’s wrong!! Thank you sooooo MUCH!!!

  • Wow this is so simple but sooo damn KEY. i just started doing this and its helping me quite a lot. A lot of times i forget that my breathing stops during a stretch, but gaining this control through breathing really helps.

  • Guys I have butt pain, but no sciatica pain. My butt pain tends to eventually radiate to the crease of my leg near my sitz bones and perineum. Also piriformis stretches do not really provide any feeling of stretch on the side that is symptomatic. If anything my other leg/butt which is unsymptomatic has a much tighter piriformis. Any ideas?