Alexa #SNAPNATION Success Story


Jared Kushner Declares Trump’s Coronavirus Decision-Making “A Great Success Story”

Video taken from the channel: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert



Video taken from the channel: OMAR ELATTAR & THE PASSIONATE FEW


The MOST INSANE Basketball Player Story: Alex Owumi

Video taken from the channel: Andy Hoops


Rocket Science The success story of Ariane 5 (Pt 1) | Full Documentary

Video taken from the channel: WELT Documentary


Rocket Science The success story of Ariane 5 (Pt 2) | Full Documentary

Video taken from the channel: WELT Documentary


Alex Perry, Right Way Signs – Kabbage Success Story

Video taken from the channel: Kabbage


Alex Cosmetic Success Story

Video taken from the channel: SegNetMM

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List of related literature:


“Media Imperialism: Continuity and Change” by Oliver Boyd-Barrett, Tanner Mirrlees
from Media Imperialism: Continuity and Change
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I like seeing Alexa achieve her dreams.

“When Heaven Calls: Life Lessons from America's Top Psychic Medium” by Matt Fraser
from When Heaven Calls: Life Lessons from America’s Top Psychic Medium
by Matt Fraser
Gallery Books, 2020

Alexa stopped.

“Die Softly” by Christopher Pike
from Die Softly
by Christopher Pike
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The problem with Alexa is that she’s as dumb as a post.

“Explain the Cloud Like I’m 10: Learn the inner-secrets behind Kindle, Netflix, AWS, Apple, Facebook, and Google.” by Todd Hoff
from Explain the Cloud Like I’m 10: Learn the inner-secrets behind Kindle, Netflix, AWS, Apple, Facebook, and Google.
by Todd Hoff
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Alexa sighs.

“Trust in Me” by Sophie McKenzie
from Trust in Me
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Alexa thinks she’s talking to the other Rory.

“Finally: A Wish Novel” by Wendy Mass
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Alexa hugged her.

“The Marriage Bargain” by Jennifer Probst
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Alexa proposes her

“Silence, Feminism, Power: Reflections at the Edges of Sound” by S. Malhotra, A. Carillo Rowe, Aimee Carillo Rowe
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Performance reviews of Alexa’s work have repeatedly described her as being very creative and insightful.

“Leadership: Theory and Practice” by Peter G. Northouse
from Leadership: Theory and Practice
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She and Alexa often do not see eye to eye.

“Lessons From Lucy: The Simple Joys of an Old, Happy Dog” by Dave Barry
from Lessons From Lucy: The Simple Joys of an Old, Happy Dog
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  • That is crazy! I live in Kansas City Missouri now (HOME OF THE SUPER BOWL CHAMPS BTW) but I moved here from the Quad Cities which is right next to Moline Illinois…I know exactly where Moline is….awesome!

  • traveling is not so bad if your single or when you can take your family with you. in this case it’s the war that made it difficult.

  • Great, great channel, two comments: 1. There’s not more subscribers because this is for the future elite that is learning now from these geniuses, so no Millions of subscribers means we are in good track!!!! 2. I would recommend to set a weekly email with a PDF compilation of the best ideas, notes, phrases of every interviewed imagine the kinda book you will make in the end!!!! Awesome job!!!!

  • Goldman sachs sued him and 4 of his co-workers for switching to another company & stealing 140 clients from gs. Savage as fuck lol & he came up 10 million just to switch over. Then he took it to 3.4 b in sales

  • Falcon 9 and ULA is protected by the Buy American act and is subsidised by the Us Government to the tunes of billions through self insurance and pre launch institutional contacts, Hopefully we can switch from the tiny amount of Manufacturing subsidies to the Spacex/Ula kind of subsidy,

    This will allow us to lower Launch Prices like SpaceX for commercial as they do, But also copy Spacex by getting these Self Insurance Launches that we don’t do, it’s an excellent subsidy idea and was actually created so they could compete with Ariane in the first place, Particularly with Ariane 4 with its 50% of the launch market

    It’s a lot more efficient but we’d need a Buy European Act, Hopefully with EUSPA this will happen

    Also Airbus should buy out the rest of ArianeGroup and ArianeSpace, We also shouldn’t be geospreading construction, Please CNES Allow them to decide on manufacturing the Next,

    Also we should get them to design a commercial capsule

    Get Airbus into the manned space flight arena ��

  • Wow what talent this guy has. We did 170 k last year my goal is to get it to 1m in 3 years. Now Iv written my goal I need to do it!!! Brilliant Thanks for letting me listen. ����

  • Hello: The antichrist (mentally ill) of the 20th century was the Jewish military political dictator of Germany Adolf Hitler who wanted to subdue humanity in complicity or with the help of demons: “Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolinidictator of Italy and the Japanese Empire”. And after the 2nd. World War Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born in the 20th century he was a child or poor infant and as an adult he is a social resentful since until the year 2036 he is the dictator of Russia and antichrist (Criminal-Mentally Ill) of the 21st century and is the most billionaire man of this world, with the power of destruction of the nuclear button and creating anarchy, chaos, pandemics, violence or currently protests of racism among others. I am not a religious fanatic; But to prevent him from submitting to humanity, we must apply the corrective of ending once and for all with the secrecy of all anonymous bank accounts or without personal data of their owners that they do have active in the banks of SWITZERLAND, Island Cayman, VATICAN bank that can be immediately verified by any world security or police agency, call INTERPOL, DEA, SCOTLAND YARD, HaMishtara HaTzvaitISRAEL among others, since they are breeding grounds for demon allies or helpers of the antichrist of the century 21 and these helper demons are: “terrorist FARC, ELN, ISIS, jihadists, murderous dictator of Nicaragua, communist-Argentine POPE of the Catholic Church Francisco, WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Chinese empire, Turkish empire, Iran empire, Cuba, dictator of North Korea, of the narco-terrorist dictator of VENEZUELA failed ”. 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What DOES really happen is that the aliens were modifying the DNA millions of years ago to each animal of each species of dinosaurs so that they could evolve with the human being in the current ecosystem. And scientifically or technically oil exists before the dinosaurs or since the planet earth was formed since at the level of the earth’s surface it is called Oil in Rock or Crack and buried at high depths the oil is liquid or molten since the rock Oil crack due to the high temperature and pressure under the earth or at the bottom of the sea this becomes liquid or molten also as is the case of iron at the level of the earth’s surface or in mountains and far from the core of the earth is in solid form iron, on the other hand, in the center of the iron-nickel earth is super liquid or molten and not solid due to the high temperatures and pressure that exist there creating the famous magnetic field that protects us from the gamma radiation and neutrons that come of space especially the sun. If we continue to believe that oil is the product of the extinction of the dinosaurs, then I ask, is it that all dinosaurs lived in Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and some OPEC countries, and the most exquisite or purebred dinosaurs lived perhaps only in the North Sea since the oil there is purer than the rest of the members of OPEC and VENEZUELA? In our universe there are asteroids that contain iron, gold, diamonds, coltan, thorium, uranium, lead, bacteria; also petroleum in the form of rock or crack bound with other minerals such as calcium, lead, etc. Currently the largest oil reserves in rock or crack are held by the USA, whose technology to melt or exploit it was transferred or rented to the Republic of China since they have huge amounts of crack or oil in rock and this oil reserves in rock or crack of the USA surpass the liquid oil reserves that VENEZUELA and OPEC countries have. 3) That there is fresh water on the earth’s surface and in no other part of this world and universe. 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  • Wait so you only have $100, a check, your passport, and two bags. You use the $100 to purchase a ticket which turns out to be to the wrong location, you get robbed of the same $100 dollars you purchased the ticket with and then convince the perpatrator to give you back $50..oh no $45 of the same $100 (which might be true, IF YOU HADN’T ALREADY USED IT TO PURCHASE A TICKET). I can’t even take this interview serious anymore, just spoiled what could have been motivating, now you come off as a complete liar!

  • How does the Ariane 5 control it’s roll during flight with just the one engine on each stage? I know there’s a few different ways of tackling this problem including tiny secondary engines like the mercury-atlas vehicles used, or directing the exhaust from the turbo pumps in open cycle rocket engines, or perhaps just using the upper stage’s OMS.

  • Sharran & Omar great interview. Life changing ideas from Sharran. Africa is a great place with resources i wouldn’t mind mentorship from this guy. In ten years its my interview you will be watching.

  • Ariane 5 served well. Too bad Ariane 6 wont be reusable. I think ESA missed that development and Ariane 6 will be already obsolete before the first launch.

  • Gosh….same ol same ol tech,still stuck to Von Braun style of 1945. New ideas by spacex has shown the need for new and aggressive thinking for man to really explore space.

  • Sharran & Omar great interview. Life changing ideas from Sharran. Africa is a great place with resources i wouldn’t mind mentorship from this guy. In ten years its my interview you will be watching.

  • If the whole world is to rely on the low productivity of the European Space Agency for everything, we would still be living in the stone age.

  • I’m a sucker for a good story and I really wish I could believe your tales, but you have some very blatant tells. Congrats on your success.

  • All Hi-tech to be disposed after each launch. What a waste! Nothing to feel great about. Yesterday´s technology! Ariane 6 won´t be any better, I fear!

  • There may be hidden infections but there cannot be hidden deaths. If there are a lot of undiagnosed infections than the disease must have a lower fatality rate than assumed.

  • For the first time in my life i wrote a plan for the next day and diligently followed it and created my tommorow today….thanks for the simple yet profound idea!… now i have a better outlook towards my tommorow!

  • Good documentary, but this is dated technology. Elon has every body beat, even NASA, the whole country of United States, and the rest of the world.

  • I am so glade to see how much you show every one you love for your wife and daughter.
    You are so funny in the white house video it crackes me up I am a fan for life
    Thanks For The Laugth.

  • Eh… I wish the Japanese would make a move by now…
    Just some large reusable SRB’s, a modernized and modified NK-33 for a first stage, then a second stage with a super compact refurbished RL-10, and a ion third stage…
    Maybe take out the second stage and go straight a large ion stage…

  • What’s with the Indian flag on the video?

    Everything this guy has is from entering into white countries and utilizing the technology of white people.

  • Trump always has to brag about how much bigger things are in the US and how much bigger things are in the US so he even brags about how much worse thing are in the US Aas if that’s a good thing

  • He has a book about his life and what happened over there too called Qaddafi’s Point Guard. That’s how I first heard of him and his story. This video was a nice summary. If you liked the video, the book is great too and goes into even more detail.

  • Wow, I was so impressed by your content, surely one of the best amazing basketball YouTubers out there, subscribed! Keep up the good work Andy.

  • The launch pad is located near the equator because the earth is rotating fastest there. I never thought of that! Thanks for the informative upload.

  • Jared Kushner is a fraud he tweets for Potus and the world don’t know that its him he is racist..and has the world in shame Jared keep your racist comments to yourself the whole white house is a fraud maybe they believe each other’s lies