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Ladder Strength Workout for Women Over 40

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30 Agility Ladder Drills Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Variations

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15 Fast Footwork Exercises | Increase Your Foot Speed With These Speed Ladder Drills

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Rest for 15 seconds between exercises. CORE LADDER. You can even do ladders with your abs.

Do an ab wheel rollout from 10 reps all the way down to 1 and torch your midsection. ARM LADDER. For this ladder, alternate between these two exercises — bicep curls and tricep pulldowns — and do 8 reps, then 7, then 6 all the way to 1 rep without rest. Even though you’ll be performing a whopping 30 total sets (10 per exercise), you can fly through this workout in under 20 minutes. Ladder Workouts For Strength.

Ladders work especially well for getting strong on the classic barbell exercises, and highly technical lifts such as the kettlebell windmill and one-arm snatch. But in this case, you’ll want to use much lower reps and do fewer total sets than. Ladder Workouts For Strength Ladders work especially well for getting strong on the classic barbell exercises, and highly technical lifts such as the kettlebell windmill and one-arm snatch. But in this case, you’ll want to use much lower reps and. The easiest way to add volume is to add one ladder per week.

This additional ladder will increase total reps 6 per week with squat and deadlifts and 9 per week with bench and pull-ups. I add this ladder to A day Week 2, B day Week 3, and C day Week 4. 4-Weeks In. 3 Kettlebell Ladder Workouts for Strength, Fat Loss and Muscle Mass Kettlebell Ladders Explained. Kettlebell ladder workouts enable you to get more work done in less time by mixing short Ascending, Descending and Mixing Workout Ladders.

Kettlebell workout ladders can be performed in a number of. The Ladder Workout Way To More Strength Muscle And Athleticism Badminton Fitness 9 11 Agility Ladder Exercises To Improve Indoor Cycling Workouts Trainer How To Pick Up The Pace With Ladder Drills Active Kettlebell Bodyweight Ladder Workout Urban Jane 3 Kettlebell Ladder Workouts For Strength Fat Losuscle Mass. The Ladder Workout Way To More Strength Muscle And Athleticism Badminton Fitness 9 11 Agility Ladder Exercises To Improve Indoor Cycling Workouts Trainer How To Pick Up The Pace With Ladder Drills Active Add Ladders To Workouts For More Strength Fitness Myfitnesspal. The ladder system is simple: start with one rep of an exercise and keep adding a rep with each set until you reach 5 reps.

At that point, revert back to one rep and keep it going until you reach a target number of reps, say, 50. This is a sure-fire way to cram as much volume as possible into a short amount of time. These high-intensity workouts are designed to tax your cardiovascular and muscular strength (and, frankly, your mental strength as well).

Try this workout next time you train, starting with going through the Rep Ladder sequence twice and working up to five times. You’ll find your strength and endurance will increase without making you sore and tired in the process. And this will lead to the ultimate improvement – having more.

List of related literature:

Lifting and Moving Ladders Teamwork is essential when working with ladders.

“Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills” by International Association of Fire Chiefs, National Fire Protection Association
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Ladders: Perform one rep of any exercise, rest, perform two reps, rest, perform three reps…

“You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women” by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
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Roofers, carpenters, and construction workers will also find many uses for the strength Nothing is more functional than resistance training using your own body weight.

“Alpha Male Challenge: The 10-Week Plan to Burn Fat, Gain Muscle & Build True Alpha Attitude” by James Villepigue, Rick Collins
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The ladder is one of the most effective exercise tools for improving footwork in competitive athletes.

“Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults” by Joseph F. Signorile
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Stamina training increases your muscles’ capacity to produce and use the energy they need to contract, since you are adding more powerful cyclers, but muscle strength requires strength training that builds up the ladder poles—making for a bigger, stronger, and sturdier muscle fiber structure.

“You: On A Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management” by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet C. Oz
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Fixed ladders have unique and specific requirements regarding strength.

“Handbook of OSHA Construction Safety and Health” by Charles D. Reese, James Vernon Eidson
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One option is to separate your ladders with some other exercise or exercises.

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Ladder sets can be very effective for metabolic conditioning.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
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• The athlete should also participate in lower extremity agility exercises such as ladder and cone drills,

“Orthopaedic Rehabilitation of the Athlete: Getting Back in the Game” by Bruce Reider, George Davies, Matthew T Provencher
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Ladder Travel Several youths spread out along both sides of a sturdy ladder, bench, or plank and lift it up horizontally below their waists.

“The Prepare Curriculum: Teaching Prosocial Competencies” by Arnold P. Goldstein
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  • Hi guys! Hope you enjoyed the video, but also took away how important it is to have good foot coordination. Being able to configure your feet and time your arm & foot movements will improve balance, speed and agility, and overall performance on the pitch. Here are all 15 exercises included in this session, do each exercise 3 times up and down and take 10-15 seconds rest between each one:
    1:01 Two Foot Forwards
    1:31 Two Foot Sideways
    2:00 Icky Shuffle
    2:35 Backwards Icky Shuffle
    3:14 In & Out
    3:52 Single Leg In & Out
    4:28 Lateral In & Out
    5:11 Crossover
    5:34 Foot Exchange
    6:10 Reverse Crossover
    6:54 Hip Twist
    7:30 Carioca
    8:01 Two Footed Hop
    8:49 One Footed Hop
    9:33 Two Forward One Back

  • I have been using this vertical jump program for five days and I already have gained about 4-5 inches. This program was really wonderful. This is the finest vertical jump program I`ve ever done and I have attempted them all. I discovered this jump program by Google. The jump program is Julian Jumρosen
    best luck

  • Ex #12 at 7:30 the Carioca. A “Carioca” in Brazil actually refers to someone who’s from Rio! It has a nice samba movement to it too. I love it.

  • I love watching your training videos. Would love for you to take a look at some of my videos. I’m ex Forces and now play amputee football for Peterborough United and Arsenal

  • That’s a good video amazing foot work I’m doing at my home during quarantine with the help of the socks I had enough of space to do in the home, I have a question to you why it’s important to watch live football matches and what can we learn from that ❓❓❓

  • Hi, great tutorial video. I’m looking to improve overall fitness and movement for a few sports and these drills look ideal. Can you please tell me how long the ladder in the video is? Cheers

  • U helped me learn the box jumps Jesus Christ I’m here watching knees n shit all I had to do was follow the stick I mean I still got BS’d by 2k I mean bru I’m on my 11th jump n time ranout during my 12th jump right before my feet touch the box smfh but aye dem box jumps was a pain tho

  • “Almost there,” [timer beeps] “Yay!” LOL!

    Awesome workout, thanks! I think I will start with 15 seconds work and 45 seconds rest and work my way up,:)

  • THANK YOU for talking about the trail-making and adaptive terrain where players travel! You’re the only one I’ve seen talk about it and It’s an incredible feature!

  • Funk thanks a million for this and all your other vids. Doing them at home and they are great. QuestionI love running. I don’t have the ultra-thin build of a good distance runner, but I can knock out 7 10 miles and love it. I’m 48 nowseems like you recommend against that level of running? Would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks! Joe B.

  • I’m so glad I found your video. I’m trying to get my 7 year old into a routine & your exercises at the beginning were very teachable to him. Thank you!

  • My favorites!

    1:16 Skiers
    1:55 Two Foot Lateral Hops In and Out
    2:09 High Knee Run
    2:18 Straddle Squat Hops
    3:37 Jumping Jack Variations

    Thanks for the video ❤️

  • As always, the best variety, to the point, and such a likeable vibe. You’re doing such a great service through this channel. Thank you so much for these videos! I don’t quite know how to spell out your name. Kourt? Korri? Apologies.

  • I gotta 70 gcove score higher than both of yours and I can’t get my bonus is it because I unlocked it on another player? (Prices aren’t same)

  • I like the intensity of this workout and the agility movements involved. I added it to my watch later to try tonight. I noticed on your webpage that you do not have any full length workouts. That’s too bad. Have you considered making 20-30 workouts? Also, have you considered doing some low impact HITT workouts for those of us who are seasoned exercisers but need less jarring on the joints? Thanks for your hard work!

  • Man great video because before the life of me I didn’t know how to get my gatorade discount ��. Someome try to tell me that it was a discount for gatorade in real life ��

  • So the endorsement doesn’t work if You get a 25% discount on Gatorade for the endorsement along with a 20% discount for doing the exercise it should be a 45% discount or 50% discount but you’re only getting 20% discount so either the work out all the endorsement is not being applied it’s broken so what’s the point of doing one or the other either you negotiate a contract with no discount and more incentives or you just don’t bother doing the work out if one of them will not apply

  • Love all your videos and tips. Always feel pumped up for my next workout after watching your clear and succinct videos. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thanks so much! Great video. Building a gym in one of my garages. Like your set up. Can we correspond? Would like a little advice on ” necessary, nice to have and unnecessary equipment”. Peace be with you.

  • It fits that Kojima, being a Marxist (or similar), created a game where people naturally create a kind of socialist mutual aid without prompting it.

  • Roger that infrequent videoman, will report back when I have played Death Stranding. Tagging video as “watch later in 3… 2… 1… Mark!
    Video tagged successfully, good luck out there.

  • Hallo, thanks for this video. It was one of the first ones in the search results for how to use an agility ladder. It is clear and concise. If I wanted to create a beginner warm-up workout routine using the drills you presented, would you suggest putting a timer on each individual one or just going at my own pace? I am hoping to start using my freshly minted ladder this week. The other thing is that there are some like the “Ladder Taps” and “Lateral Single Leg Hops” that would need to be done for both legs, correct?

  • Bro I get it perfect on box jump and it wont let me get to 14 at ALL good to know I thought I was the only one literally wont let you even see 14

  • Question tho: Were you eaten by a ghost?

    Also, I’d love a small scale actual coop mode where you take on particularly difficult deliveries with a buddy and have to divvy up the cargo to balance each other out or take a truck through heavy enemy territory

  • “It’s a game about efficiency…”

    Well, technically so is StarCraft II, but at least that game has difficulty settings for each mission so you can give yourself more room for error. It doesn’t seem like Death Stranding is nearly as friendly, or as lenient. I wouldn’t like to play a game that slaps my on the back of my head for that “it gets good after…” period of time. So no thanks.

  • Barry, I’ve been unsure on whether or not to play this game. Just didn’t seem like delivery boy was what I’d be doing in the year 3000. But your explanation of the intricate physics and subtle mechanics of the game reminded me of how I felt about Demon’s Souls years ago. And I’m one of those misfortunate orphans who gladly suckle onto the FromSoft teat.
    The way you describe this game is what drew me into and what I loved about DeS all those years ago. So I’ll be heading out to pick up my copy here in a bit.
    Thank you Stinky.

  • My main thing is that walking is the only challenge, and once you get vehicles and roads you realize that you are just going point A to B with no challenge.
    Also the story and writing are so bad that i never got context to the gameplay.
    So a game with so much work in voice acting and dialogue never made it clear what i was doing (not in a fun where is the mystery sense) and it was super cringy and dumb, AND you spent the whole game actively avoiding its main gameplay element.
    Glad you liked it, fun to think about, but i doubt I’ll ever go back to it, and if i do ill beat it once and never touch again

  • I like the look of this game, but seeing how the endgame is going to be like, I’m a little bit concerned that if I get this game, everything is going to be built up to sheer perfection already when I get to that point of the game without me being able to contribute to it. Do you guys think this is going to be the case? Let me know, it might be the deciding factor on whether or not I get this game!

  • 9:08 OR they leave a truck sideways in a path that can’t be moved even if you ran into it with a truck of your own. Yeah, that’s a thing that actually happened:’D

  • Wonderful video, and THANK YOU for not making have to go through 60 hours of THE WALKING MAN: KOJIMA EDITION just to watch this video lol, I appreciate it. xD

  • Am I the only one who didn’t get instantly turned off by the walking?
    I found it really refreshing, most games don’t really consider walking as a legitimate mechanic, something you can… Fail at (ie fall on your goddamn face), and that alone makes traversing stuff in this game infinitely more engaging for me than it would ever be in a different game.
    In DS when you approach a mountain, you’re actually thinking about how you’re going to scale that thing and not just horse-glitch the slope skyrim-style or whatever, the only other game that used terrain in similar fashion I can think of was Breath of the Wild, and even in that game it was fairly simplified.
    The game WOULD BE extremely boring and uninteresting IF the walking was made like in any other triple AAA game, instead, here it’s a balancing act of actually navigating the uneven terrain and keeping your stuff unharmed.
    I personally was having a lot of fun, even in the early hours, precisely because of that mechanical depth.

  • Yeah uh.

    Punished, bored, annoyed, beaten down, all into just.. Daddy kojimbo submission?

    Stockholm syndrome.

    Look. I don’t doubt.. We could call this an uh, experience. And that whoever lived through it don’t regret it. But I feel like, this is all too cynical of a life.

    I’d rather prefer a game that didn’t think of it’s players as someone who either is so busy working 24/7 all life that the only thing they want coming home is “meditation.” Or as someone with so little productivity or meaning in life that they have nothing better to do than to go knee deep into this sunken cost fallacy.

    I’d rather prefer a game that set out to be so positively engaging that it could rival a good day’s work. And y’know, realistically that’s rather damaging to a career, but this um, experience, is a bit too far in the opposite direction. If all you had after long days of hard labour, this game is what you get back to?

    It’s like you have a birthday and you get to spend it eating plain pasta and drink water bottles on a claustrophobic cloudy night on a small apartment balcony with a narrow view into an ugly concrete courtyard and also you have dishes waiting for you.

  • Hey, I’ve been following your training videos and trying a few routines, and it’s a kickass workout! Now a question: I have a bad knee and for this reason jumping, squatting and jogging are difficult for me. Do you have a program that would not involve so much the knee joints?

  • I’m streaming right now if you wanna come share your thoughts on the video with me! Agree, disagree, I wanna hear it. ��

  • This was great! It’s similar to what I say to anyone asking whether they should play Death Stranding.
    “I thought it was amazing! The first area/six-odd hours absolutely suck though. If you can slog through that, you’ll hopefully enjoy everything after it.”

  • imo, death stranding is a logistics simulator (a la euro truck simulator, or moreso snowrunner) for the most part. it has its own unique additional wrinkles plus various action elements, but that is the genre id put it in. i like that kind of gameplay and death stranding hooked me immediately, it wasnt a “gets good after X hours” game to me (which is a very japanese thing, imo. it happens so often with so many JRPGs and animes). it was legit one of the best gaming experiences ive had in this decade at least, top to bottom, end to end, and even saying that i wouldnt recommend it for everyone. one of the major sticking points ive seen with people who didnt like the game, aside from stuff you covered in the video, is that they tended to be the type of people who just want to skip cutscenes and get the most GPM (gaming per minute) out of any game, whether because they had little time to spend on gaming (imo DS demands a lot of your time, all in big stretches, to be “properly” enjoyed. though thats not to say you cant enjoy it otherwise) or because theyre simply impatient. i also think death stranding is as much about the repetitive liminal rituals between the gameplay as it is the gameplay itself, maybe more. dropping off the packages, seeing the “customer” accept them, waiting for the results to progress past, and heading out to your next destination is one such ritual. descending down into the safe house and doing all the various self care things down there is another. if you find yourself mashing buttons and raging because you cant skip these quickly enough you will probably hate this game. not just because these things are plentiful, but because they are important. theres a specific name for these types of rituals in media but i cant remember what theyre called. some examples from other things are the boss doors in megaman x, and the transformation sequences in sailor moon/super sentai shows. theyre kind of a reset button to the action, but they also build anticipation, give you a second to “rest”, and let you know whats coming, among other things. death strandings rituals also mimic daily rituals like getting ready for work in the morning (pretty literally with the safe house stuff), which appeals to some (especially people like me who work from home and dont necessarily have those rituals in their daily life) and not to others.

    i also played the game for 170+ hours and have watched 2 complete blind lets plays, and never once, until barry pointed it out here, noticed that that circle is your center of gravity. i think i kind of intuited it, but honestly i never really noticed the circle was even there. i also tripped and fell very rarely, like single digits in all 170+ hours rarely. but from watching lets plays, id say for most people the tripping comes down to patience and paying attention. but i have seen some people struggle with it so much that i legit, not exaggerating for effect or trying to insult them, got worried that maybe there was something wrong with them mentally, but in the end i assume theyre just too well trained (and ingrained) in the standard type of character controller that is just a box or capsule that either effortlessly slides over obstacles or immediately gets stuck on them that they just cant wrap their heads around one thats physically modelled out as well as death strandings is. and just as a personal gripe, i find it funny that most of the people ive seen that try to call this game a “walking simulator” meaning it as a derogatory term are the ones most likely to have this kind of trouble of not even being able to control the characters walking.

  • I had an amazing first playthrough so excited to see all the new things! But I never felt like I found anything new and never felt pressured to use any items.. I still love the game SO much tho
    I love movement options in games the most, and I thought extremely in depth walking was the coolest thing EVER! but my second playthrough was just LT RT

  • I �� love �� these �� videos ��!!! I was always a fan of your humor and way of saying things but maaaan I can’t get enough of these well rounded and well explained ideas and thought!!! And the edit coupled with your art *chef kiss*, you inspire me to create more every time! KEEP ON KEEPING ON ��

  • I completely agree that the gameplay is fantastic, but you simply can’t judge the game without considering the story as well. I fell in love with the gameplay loop and 5 starred every prepper, but the plot ended up being so bad that it retroactively ruined the entire experience for me.

    There are some parts of the game that have genuine inspiration that I wish everyone had the jaw dropping experience of, like the first time you get caught by a gazer, but I still can’t recommend it because the last few hours are so bad they poisoned my entire perception of the game.

  • good afternoon. Are you doing another 30 day challenge? I just found your youtube video. I would love to participate in the challenge

  • Amazing workout. I have tried agility ladder HIT training and can everyone recommend. I like the idea that agility ladder can be placed at any surface and I can perform this HIT training almost everywhere.

  • I appreciate your relatively objective review of Death Stranding. Both points of approvals and flaws you brought up are pretty legitimate, and without even making Kojima’s love of over 9000 hours of narrative a major point of your review. It is indeed not for everyone, but in a way, no one should be able to deny that this is currently the BEST, if not just the most in-depth, Walking Simulator of our time. Have fun, Mr. Kramer.

  • Congratulations on being what is possibly the first person to succinctly describe Death Stranding’s entire gameplay loop and progression. It’s so difficult to talk about this game because there isn’t a single word or short phrase that accurately describes the game like other genre labels and that’s without getting into the story which is its own beast. People say “walking simulator” which is not exactly wrong but it completely fails to describe the other parts of the game.

  • It has been a long road to recover from a shoulder tear, even thou I still have an inflamed bursa an a bit more time to get better; this was as strength workout I could do with just a couple of modifications,…. I am starting all over again with 3 pounds…but your energy keeps me going, thanks PJ.

  • Barry: giving a very well thought out speech about his experience playing Dead Stranding

    Me: hmmmm Norman Reedus cute heh ��✨��✨✨����✨

    Jokes aside, i do want to play this game and hope to do so in the near future, thanks for another amazing video!
    I was (not) getting tired of watching the kingdom hearts explained, spoiler alert, I still don’t understand it

  • loved this workout! I have done ladder training with reps before but I really like doing it with intervals! I don’t feel like I’m out of step with the instruction that way. Thanks!

  • The complete inverse of the elegance of the online component also tends to happen, many players making the same bad decisions compounds together and makes a mess of your world. Just look at Conan O’Brian’s hole in the ground, it became a hopeless vehicle graveyard.

  • you fool! you should throw the ladders at those mean luggage-hounds!

    Also, very nice and thoughtful video. I gave it a thumbs-up.

  • Love your videos barry, also love death stranding, and i love most of all how the reasons you liked it are completely different from mine (for the most part.) I feel like that really plays into this gamed nature as an “art” since so many people can look at it and take away something different.

  • I am waiting to play this on my own before watching, but know that I am very excited about the valiant return of How ‘Bout This Game?!

  • Great video! I really appreciate the time you took the break down the techniques of each drill, it definitely helps me learn a lot better. Unlike some videos where they don’t put as much effort in. Keep it up!

  • paused part way through to say i loved the game, platinumed it, and had no idea about that center of gravity circle until just now.

  • You nailed this on the head for me. I literally picked this up a week and a half ago (for the second time) and I’m now just two achievements away from completing it.

    The first time I played when it released I didn’t “enjoy it” just like you say in the video, but I was super interested. Something did not click.

    I restarted my save this second
    time and almost sped run through the opening because I had done it once before and it immediately felt better. And then I got to roads and BAM I fell in love. Like you say the tedium allows for mechanical nuance early and then it just becomes this meditative flow through both gameplay growth and story. I actually get a similar feeling from early mid to late mid game (and then post game) death stranding that I get when playing minecraft. And I love it. In fact in this regard, my biggest complaint is that I cant put the fire soundtrack on loop while grinding deliveries in the overworld.

    You don’t mention it here and I think, just like gameplay, the story is really good but not for everyone. Im not big into convoluted stories to the extreme and this is one… but the individual moments are just so gripping (CHAPTER 5 JESUS H CHRIST) that I just got more addicted to see more.

    Anyway, this video came at the perfect time and I agree wholly with everything you say!

  • This 10 min intense agility ladder HIIT training is a great cardio and strength workout for both indoor and outdoor. Many full body plyo exercises are used such as squat jump variations, plank variations, etc. For this reason you are going to burn 10 to 15 calories per min if you push yourself. It is a great fun huge fat burn workout especially if you repeat this 3 times. Hopefully you find this workout helpful and as always don’t forget to like, share, comment, and subscribe if you haven’t already!

  • For my point guard it’s literally impossible I’m on my 5th try can’t do it my sg sf and c get it no problem but pg is impossible I don’t get it lol

  • Anyone knows why I can’t get the discount? I ve on my first player, I can’t get it on 2ns one! I ve endorsement and i ve don’t done the exercise with 3 stats
    Anyone knows why?

  • Why is the treadmill so hard to do? I press LT and RT and start spamming but the game just decides to make my player stop running every time I start spamming. 2k needs to fix their game lol

  • Bro there’s a part where the beat drops while your working out I’m dying to find that recorded or something! The only part I like though

  • Yeah some people are just like babies. If they are stopped by obstacle they just give up and blame the game. This whole game is about finding ways to overcome obstacles!

  • I love it how you get right into it, no unnecessary talk or opinions. Everything we need to know is in the description, puted simply and wise. Thanks a lot, you got my subscribe!:)

  • The only thing I DON’T like about this game are the mushrooms you can give likes to. What are we, DOGS??!
    Also, to me the most satisfying deliveries where the playstation console and the pizzas (You know what I’m talking about) 😉

  • Bro, on the box jump you watch his arms, as soon as his arms moves up before he squats down. Then flick the stick up, he speeds up tempo around 7reps in but can still time it.. I perfect it everytime so dont worry about watching anything else.
    Chur chur

  • Dang, thanks I really thought this was just a waist of time. In 2k19, I think this drill was applied to your ability to steal #quickhands.

  • Thanku very much for this great video! But please let me know the gap between sets?? How much rest is necessary and how many sets else should do?? Plz rply������

  • My biggest issue with the game is the story. The monotony of the gameplay would have been more rewarding if each segment was split up by compelling story, but by the end I felt more obligated to finish because of how much time and money I’d already invested, rather than a genuine desire to keep playing.

  • today I added some tennis ball bouncing on both hands to improve hand eye coordination while doing some of these drills:D Very helpful video thanks!

  • All this took me one hour because my brain was like ‘wtf is this’ at first

    Update: After four times doing all of these ( 8 repetitions every exercise ) I’m at 25 minutes
    Update: 6th time doing it 22min 30sec
    Update: 7th time: 19min 30sec
    Yesterday i thought i could never go under 22min lol
    Ps: I’ve honestly never sweat that hard in my entire life
    Update: 8th time 19min 10sec
    10th time 18min 40sec damn

    Update: 11th time 18min 10sec
    since the 7th time when i managed to make it in 19min 30sec i everytime tell myself before startinng my next session that it’s okay if i don’t break my record because i know that i just can’t become faster every time forever and it’s already quiet good. There will be times when i don’t make it and i don’t want to disappoint myself and put me under too much pressure. But then when i’m at it there is just a part of me that would rather die than “losing” against my past me. It’s like a demon haha that’s so sick like i would’ve got some super powers.

    Update: 11th time 16min 30sec
    12th time 16min 15sec

    Final Update: I’m pretty proud of my development over only these few weeks. I will keep it up with these ladder drills but since I’ve got at the point where there really is not that much of improvement left i will slow down a bit. Not 4 times a week but 1 or two times. Also I’m pretty proud of my best result and won’t go for other high scores because it would get too hard for me and would end up being unmotivated doing it again because of disappointment in mabye the last few workouts because it obviously gets really hard with time.

    Mabye i even look for other drills i can do or figure out my own ones with a bit of creativity.

    Thanks for your attention.
    See me in UCL Final in 10 years xD

    I know i actually was finished pushing myself but this one’s too good not to tell.

    In this one morning I was so motivated to push my limit that I made 15:55 ( last week ). Two days ago I didn’t even try to break that one but still made the same time which already confused me as hell.

    Just now I had a session again. I planned to go quiet slow and didn’t expect anything.
    In the end I had stunning
    14min and 20sec.
    This is INSANE. I also checked if i missed something but i didn’t. I just don’t get it haha

  • Hmm..I finished the 21 day and have been doing your workouts for over a month now, and I’m noticing that I’m not as low on my back knee for the lunges. Is it a matter of just time and strengthening muscles? Or is there something else I can do to help with getting lower? Thanks!


    If you grind mycareer and pay the tenure playoffs and win the championship averaging a fuckton of points or assists or just great stats, you will get the gym rat badge by end of the season after you win and you won’t have to do the gatorade game ever again if you don’t want to.

  • I’m so glad that I ran into yur channel an learning tips im most definitely gonna have to try this out the next time I play against my brother

  • A lakerFan.. my question is do I have to do the reaction time work every time in order to get my discount or is it a one time thing?

  • Box jump is easy. I watch the hands. As soon your hands go back behind you, flick up. Then hold toggle down even before he hops down so there’s no wasted time

  • Man your the only you tuber that I know so far that truly cares about his viewers and break everything down for us to get out builds better!!! Thanks fam

  • I got 25% off and I have a 0% discount on my endorsement bc i thought it was glitches til this vid… but even with the 0% on the endorsement, i did the first half and got 2 stars and the second half and got 47 on that and they rewarded me with 25% off gatorade… so as long as you perform somewhat well… you can still get the 25% off regardless of endorsement

  • Good morning Funk…hope all is well…..I’m on FYAHHHHH �������������� just completed this and I’m burning….. lovely start to my day�������� Thanks much and have a super awesome day….much love to ya ����

  • Yesterday I did the dumbbells the SAME WAY every time and he glitch failed at 10 every time. I’m definitely going to try holding them.

  • Win a championship it will take you a couple days if you got a real life but once you win those 16 games you automatically get Gym Rat

  • This is for tomorrow morning as already done my work out, how often should I do HIIT per week please? Those exercises are really fat burner and looking forward to do them thank you ��

  • I’m under 40, but I like this format and the exercises. HIIT training is my favorite way to get cardio and conditioning work. Not much of a distance runner. I added some light dumbbells to the lunges and squat intervals. I enjoy how the work to rest ratio increases and then comes back down. Nice change up to what I am used to.

  • Agility ladder is the easiest if you can’t push the right button quick enough idk what I can say to help you. My controller fucked so I have a hard time with the ropes and never get more than 1 stamina.

  • I been looking everywhere for this video your channel is the GOAT man I subbed. Appreciate the way you look out for those who still trying to get some fundamentals down not many channels who look out like that

  • You are a fantastic athlete and trainer, Sir! Just the best!!! Glad my wonderful daughter put me on to your channel! Blessings to you and your family!

  • Great workout ������������

    Add this to it������������




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  • Getting fit is a journey and this was such a change in my lifestyle. Constant motivational messages kept me on track with my goal which I acheived. They say, it take 2 weeks for your workout to help lose weight, 4 to start showing and 12 for a transformation.
    Linking so you can take help too @t

  • I do the Leg press machine instead of the box jump it’s easier to get the plus 4 in my opinion….just hold right and left analog up at the same time until the rep is finish….Actually you can hold both analogs up through the whole leg press workout and your player will just keep knocking out reps…Just make sure on the first rep you push up on both analogs sticks at the same time

  • Ok so even though I havebrang the bell and all that I was NOT notified about this video… But I was notified about the spider one, interesting

  • You guys need to slow that shit waaaaay down. Still can’t see what the hell is going on even with your slow motion. Dude is too fast! Damn!

  • Okay, I am done for the night! WHEW! I really enjoyed the class aspect and even better through the decades and the one in the 70s….whoa those arms! I want to be like her when I grow up!:D

  • insert picture of Spongebob pointing at himself on TV
    THERE I AM! NICE! Honored you enjoyed my insult, Mr. Barry “Removable Facial Hair” Kramer!

  • Of course I get to box jump and get 12in warm-up and only ten for my boost. And for agility hurdle I got 12 seconds in warm-up and 15 for my actual.

  • The move lying on my stomach and lifting the dumbbell in front, I was not able to lift the dumbbell (8 lbs). So I’m thinking I need to strengthen my core ������