A few minutes to some More powerful Core with Planks


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3 Minute PLANK Workout // Isometric CORE Exercises for ROCK Solid Abs

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Supine Bridge Isometric Hold: 10–30 seconds. Front Plank: 10–30 seconds. Side Plank: 10–30 seconds per side.

Repeat for as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes. Try to increase duration of each exercise during every workout until you can do all three movements for 30 seconds throughout the entire 5 minutes. Not only will you be stronger, you will also feel sexier and more confident.

Five minutes is a small investment in your future self. Begin by placing your hands under your glutes with your palms facing down. Keep your legs as straight as possible. Flatten your stomach with this 5-minute plank workout.

Just about every personal trainer suggests doing planks to strengthen the core. And that’s for a good reason. The plank is a classic core-stabilizing exercise that can help your score a flat tummy. Plank exercise is. So, working out those muscles groups regularly leads to a strong core.

And a strong core translates to a toned belly. #2. Planks reduce back pain. The modern day working environment is a key cause of back pain. Most office workers sit all day long and with a bad posture. And this, of course, is a recipe for lower-back pain.

Apart from your. *This BEST 5-Minute Abs & Core Plank Exercise Workout COULD be the most effective 5-Minute Abs & Core Workout Weight SIX PACK Workout you’ll ever do. And the best part about it is that it only. Take my BodyFit by Amy 5 minute Plank Challenge. Only 5 minutes and all planks!

Do as part of your larger workout or use it to get a little extra edge on you. Plank Your Way to a Stronger Core. Sep 14, 2013 It kills me to be on the floor with a client and have to sit by and watch a person lay and do flat crunches for 10 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, crunches have their place, but to exercise only one set of the abdominal muscles is a travesty! and provide general insight on other ways to train.

The plank is one of the best exercises to strengthen your core muscles and stabilizing your spine—but you should hold it for less time than you. Stuart McGill, a professor from the university of Waterloo who has spent 30+ years researching the spine and back pain, touts groundbreaking research about core ‘stiffness,’” Verstegen notes. “Holding planks for 10 seconds at high tension followed by a brief rest period before the next rep creates a much stronger core with fewer injuries. Keep pressing the floor away with your forearm and feet to float the hips high creating a banana shape through your body but keeping the core engaged. Reach up with your left hand, activating your fingers, and slowly bring your gaze to your left hand.

Hold for 5 breaths. Carefully make your way back to forearm plank and swap sides. 4. Boat Pose.

List of related literature:

Usually numerous planks are laid until the curve across-plank becomes too much.

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All planks are static exercises that engage the core while using the arms and legs as support.

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planks don’t really have any advantage here because

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Planks will ensure that you build the core and shoulder stability needed to execute full-range-of-motion Pushups.

“Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight” by BJ Gaddour
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MAIN MOVE IF YOU CAN‘T HOLD Slde Plank THE SIDE PLANK FOR IE 30 SECONDS, hold for 5 to 10 seconds, rest for ‘ Lie on your left side with your knees 5 seconds’ and repeat as Stralght’ many times as needed ‘ Prop your upper body up on your left to total 30 seconds.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
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Oblique Planks: Hold for 30 seconds on each side.

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The plank is even more difficult as increased core stability is required to maintain good alignment.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
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• Planks should have corners cut and be banded across each end to prevent splitting and to prolong life of planks.

“Handbook of OSHA Construction Safety and Health” by Charles D. Reese, James Vernon Eidson
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Repeat the above steps for each strake of planks.

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In some cases, the gains weaken the planks.

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  • Love your channel. I’m doing your 3 minute arms on Mon & Thurs; your 10 minute standing abs on Tues & Fri; your 3 minute legs on Wed & Sat.; going to add these 3 minute planks for Sundays. All these are AFTER I do my DAILY 8 pieces of brocade qi gong routine. Thank you! Your channel really helped me create a routine I can keep up with in the midst of running a busy ministry helping the homeless. Thank you again.

  • I was trying to do planking for 1 minute I swear I pressed the pause button then like 3 or 4 minutes later I stopped because I realized I never pressed play my back, arms and stomach killing me ������❄️

  • Good routine… but be careful Whit the woman position, Little little up more than the recommended
    But 90% ����������������
    Great Job

  • Hi coach, i want to do plank for long while but all I can reach is 1 minute and half I want to Develop that and my friends want to do a challenge to reach 3 minutes can you help me pleas ������

  • Dear Criticalbench, I am a huge quitter. I hate exercising but i know that to lose 25 kg, i cant just depend on dieting only. I want to stick to just one exercise that uses every part of muscle in my body and make it longer over time until i am comfortable with working out and then try other exercises. Is plank the most effective exercise for that or you have any suggestion? Really hope i can get a reply from you.

  • I usualy do plnks 4 only 25sec a day and it fits my 10 hr gaming training no abdomen pain or fat layer at the abdomen tnks a lot man realy sub ����������������������

  • Why do you keep saying not to have ur but in the air while the whole time that’s what the girl is doing. She never had her back straight.

  • lol i tried this yesterday. I didn’t even finish it. I mean I only reached 2 mins of the workout. hahaha let’s try it again today.:D

  • Well, if you’re asking? I would like resistance band workout for total body toning or beginner kettle bells? I have both & just haven’t found an easy to follow workout like this plank workout you made, which I use several times a week 2-3 times as a set. Thank you!

  • 30 s front plank
    30 s side plank with 5-15 reps * 2
    30 s front plank with 5-15 reps of superman * 2
    30 s front plank with 5-15 reps of knee drive * 2
    30 s front plank

    5 min rest, repeat

  • I incorporate these when I don’t have lots of time. I can’t hold for the last 45 seconds (on elbows) but my abs are getting stronger the more I do them (up to 30 seconds!)! Thanks!

  • Let’s do this 5-Minute PLANK challenge at the end of your workout!! Trust me, I feel you. It looks easy but I felt like collapsing at the end, haha!! Keep it strong and let me know how long you manage to hold the challenge alright? =)

  • I do 2 types of plank, 30 seconds…3 rounds each everyday, already 2 months! My ab is still not as flat or tight as you guys! Since I had shoulder injury long back, my shoulders do pain a lot towards the end of plank excersices. Putting a timer on smarphone is a good idea.

  • Hmm, just tried this for kicks n’ giggles. Thought it was fairly easy compared to doing a “front elbow plank” for 5 minutes straight. I think the [short] “resting” periods between switching positions allows for this to be completed with ease. I’ll try doing these holds for 30 seconds in a few minutes, see how that goes.

    This just made plank holds fun. Lol

  • You’re amazing!!You’ll be my coach & my partner from now on. I could follow this exercise for 3 min. only and will keep trying to do it all.. Thanks a lot!

  • This is not really core strength! Too much evasive movements (twist in the trunk, very much hyperlordosis and your arms are to much stretched…) You train everything but NOT your core stability! Go watch yourself and look at your Body-alignment

  • Hi i just tried everything i did except the plank jumping jack..������ Actually i am doing my every day exercise like plank, for 1 minute and 30 seconds, superwoman 2 minutes, and others.. Thnks.. ����

  • You are amazing Ms. Joanna. I can only hold the plank for 2-3 minutes. But this work out is really effective. I am happy that I found this coz’ even I can do this for 2-3 mins only I can do it every day.

  • I did it yesterday and made the 5 minute and today my arms and core are very sore. So its working. I will try to do it again tomorrow morning.

  • Hi Fraser! I completed the 5-Minute-Plank-Challenge; took me about ten weeks. I am still working on the grace-&-style of the movements though. Now: Can you give me a 6 or 7 minute plank challenge?
    Thanks for all your Workouts!

  • First time, i was able to do 4 mins w/o a break and continued after 20 seconds. The next time I did 3.5 minutes w/o a break and after that the whole 5 mins:). I also jog 6-7 km before i do this:)

  • This is really stupid and not helpful to suggest beginners do this routine without first teaching them how to activate the transverse abdomens. People are just going to hurt their back and strengthen a muscle that is probably over active anyways given their lack of core strength.

  • How many days a week do you do this? I have been trying to hold my planks longer and longer and I am up to 2m 15 seconds with a forearm/ side plank

  • Oh My God!!! I did it but man was it hard! I’m way to skinny and hopefull this workout will help me gain muscle weight so I can finally be happy with the way I look ��

  • bada$$, i do this exact workout at least twice a week along with other core work, i ve never been closer to a six pack since i started plankin! thanx!!!

  • Yo she the real MVP of this video. She got more defined abs then him and she didnt move around showing us what not to do, she kept her proper posture ��������

  • I have absolutely no problem watching this video for 5 minutes straight away. I didn’t feel any pain. I think I will watch it few times a day ����

  • I guess it would depend how much weight you have to lose and how fast you want results. Personally, I want abs for Anime North, so I’d have to do it every single day. There’s also this machine that’s called Bun & Thigh rocker that seriously works your glues and thighs. They’ll burn so much it tickles from the inside XD hehe. If you feel like you’re in too much pain to do it everyday, that’s what Advil is for.:)

  • Loved all the variations of the plank you demonstrated. Planks are one of the best exercises to use at the beginning or end of your workout.

  • I’m a beginner so I did this same workout but had to shorten it the length between each move it takes me 17 seconds to do it I look like a fish flopping around out of water but that’s all the strength I have right now…

  • I love your 5 minute plank challenge but I only survived for almost 2 minutes, but I still continued it ‘till the end. Eventhough there were times that I paused for awhile.

  • you might have cheated. it’s easy to cheat on planks, keep your body straight, abs tight, and your elbows below your shoulders, not under your chest (that’s where a lot of people cheat on accident).

  • When you lift an arm and opposite leg, don’t twist your body unless you are trying to compensate. The core gets worked much, much more when you hold your body in the prone iso ab position for all extra movements. And don’t lift up your hips so much. Keep your body flat from your shoulders to your ankles to engage your entire core.

  • his hips twist when his arms are elevated in the first minute
    and when the opposite arm and legs are elevated…
    and the buttocks and lower back droop a lot at 3.50 plus
    but the idea is great! I would like to respond with trying to do it myself…

  • very poor execution… his hips twist when his arms are elevated in the first minute
    and when the opposite arm and legs are elevated…
    but the idea is great! I will steal this idea!:)

  • I’m doing a 90 sec elbow plank, pretty much daily. I’m a 67 yr old male. It’s difficult but I manage. I don’t collapse. I have an incisional abdominal hernia that doesn’t bother me. (I thought it was a diastasis recti?) but my M.D. said no it wasn’t but didn’t advise me against doing the planks. I also do 45min jog routines at least 3 times a week, often 5x week. Can you comment on that? Thanks for showing this.

  • Anyone else find that the shoulders are a limiting factor? I manage 15seconds per hold but my arms feel the most worked afterwards

  • I made it 1 minute, 40 seconds haha. I will try this once or twice a week (on top of my other exercise) until I can do the whole thing without stopping!

  • awesome planks:) i have a question tho…Shouldn’t the arms and legs always be in a straight line with the body? and on some of the side planks I just noticed the spine curving: S

  • Just did this for the second time. I do it every other day. Thanks for this! It’s really hard when you are balancing on left/right hand and left/right foot!

  • This is just what I have been looking for; I just need to practice the alternating/opposite leg and arm planks and I might be able to do the whole 5 minutes:)

  • Thank you for this video sir.. been doing this workout plank routin of yours from a couple of years every time i feel im gaining too much weight.. goodluck to your future videos.. thank you so much..

  • I only had to workout for 3 minutes and I got the muscle I wanted…same belly…

    Just joking man… excellent video, starting today and lets see how fast I loose my weight

  • I did this after the 100 pushups workout man is this a killer combo:)) I struggled a lot through both, but I wanna go from spagheti arms to being strong so I will do this combo 2-3 times/week

  • Planks are so awesome! Great for building abs and balance. Can’t wait to give this workout a try. I just uploaded a plank workout myself!