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9 Moves for a Stronger Chest. by Tony Bonvechio. March 3, 2016. 2 Comments. Share it: When it comes to building a stronger chest, the bench press gets all the credit. Sure, you can move plenty of weight with a barbell, but it takes.

9 Moves for a Stronger Chest. by Stephanie on March 4, 2016 in Lifestyle, Health and News Articles. SHARE / No Comments. When it comes to building a stronger chest, the bench press gets all the credit. Sure, you can move plenty of weight with a barbell, but it takes more than heavy weight to build the muscle you want.

Break out of your gym rut with these go-to exercises by Jillian Michaels, GH’s trainer on call. All you need is a mat and some light hand weights. Grab a towel and get ready to feel strong. 9 Minutes for Strength Training The following nine moves are strength training exercises that you may have seen before. Must Do Moves For A Stronger Chest.

1.Wide Grip Flat Bench Press. When it comes to constructing a herculean chest, the standard flat bench press is a no-brainer. Here’s how to properly perform the king of all chest exercises. Lie back on a flat bench with feet firm on the floor. A solid chest is good for two things: pushing heavy weight — like a car stalled in traffic — and making you look damn good in a suit.

The good news is that chest exercises aren’t. Building a bigger chest doesn’t have to feel like brain surgery. Get back to the basics with hard work and these 5 proven exercises! James Grage’s Full Che.

There are dozens of exercises you can do on chest day. In fact, the Bodybuilding.com Exercise Database lists at least 84, but you probably don’t want to spend a Monday afternoon—or several Mondays—trying them all. You just want to know the best exercises for building a muscular chest, no questions asked.We’ve done the work for you, and found the top 10. The best chest fly exercises include the cable fly, pec fly, bodyweight fly, and the dumbbell fly. These moves are usually used as finishing or pumping exercises.

Their aim is not building strength but rather pump more nutrient-rich blood in the pectoral muscles. With a single piece of equipment, you can re-create the benefits of an entire gym in a very small area and still get a full-body workout.All you need is a sandbag. The goal of these sandbag exercises is to work more muscles at once and teach your body to move more efficiently, since using a sandbag challenges your core strength and the endurance of your entire body.

List of related literature:

Muscles relax Chest wall moves inward 4.

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Flail chest The flail segment moves in the opposite direction as the rest of the chest (this is also known as paradoxical movement).

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Five back blows and five chest thrusts.

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It’s easy and natural to go back and forth between these two moves; in fact, you could even create a combination 4-count upper-body move by putting these two moves together.

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whole chest move with it?

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Chest Wall Sweep.

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  • My brother was having a chest pain on the right side and also back pain on the right side along with all areas including side stomach……..on the right side….and at the same time loss of breath…. please someone tell me the reason and possibility of what disease it is?? please….what is it?

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  • I used to drink 3-5 RedBull’s a day for 10 years. And I used to vape for maybe 1.5 years on and off. I get what believed to be anxiety attacks. Everything will be fine and all of a sudden the left side of my chest will feel uncomfortable.

  • Every like month or some what I get a weird pain in my chest and when it happens every time I try to breathe in it hurts should I be scared

  • could be a heart problem but then again maybe it is not at all and it’s just an issue with needing a spinal adjustment!!! Chiropractic Care is no hoax. Too many doctors out there never even mention Chiropractic Care only Conventional medicine practices!

  • one thing you did not mention which is not surprising to me and that is the spine may be out of line and you need a thoracic adjustment. I have had a need for this and it helped tremendously!

  • I don’t have insurance.. I’m only 24 and get random chest pains especially going from laying down to the up right position.. not sure what to do and I know writing this isn’t going to solve anything.. kinda just hoping someone will see it and possibly have the same issue?

  • Does anyone else feel like they are being pinched, its like slight sharp stab on the left side of the chest where the sternum is and also underneath the left breast sometimes.

  • I can feel a different in my body, after trying all ur exercise.. N I feel great, well, first time was so much pain in my body.., but Thangkyou so much Rebecca Louise:)

  • I been having pain of my left side of my chest and it really hurts when I breath Iam going this Friday for ekg and chest X-ray I been feeling a bit tired lately and my voice sounds deep and tired. Doctor doesn’t think it’s my heart but could it be my lungs? Do lungs hurt?

  • I am doing this from 2 days continuously but not feeling burn in my stomach. But have much pain in back, legs and arms. Am i doing it wrong or I’ll feel the burn after a week?

  • It would also be amazing if you pointed out the lesions, even if they seem obvious, on the last few X ray series. The ones related to cavitations. So just to make sure that the viewer is right on what he is seeing.

  • I don’t worry about chest pain unless it also comes with severe shortness of breath. As long as I can breathe I assume it’s fine. I’m one of those people that will seemingly drop dead out of nowhere simply because I don’t discuss anything with anybody. We all die eventually so I choose to not borrow trouble.

  • Went to the local VA emergency room with chest pain and both arms numb. They said it was Gastro and sent me home. Had a heart attack 3 days later.

  • Costocondritis….caused my chest pain years ago. It is inflammation in the lining of the lungs or the rib cage and it felt like I was having a heart attack.

  • I just had one of the craziest longest chest pain are usually have them once in a blue moon this one last so long I can breathe but it was very hard for me to push air out it hurt on the lower left part of my chest underneath my rib cage in that area

  • Another factor is that longing for someone you lost through death. That anxiety to feel him and longing for him. Brings a terrible pain in my chest.

  • I had chest pain about 5 years ago so bad that I went to the E R. Nothing was found with all kinds of test, so I started taking a Nexium every day. I have had little pain since then and when it does come it’s much closer to the edge of the chest. It could have been gastric pains, but a few years before that I was diagnosed with anxiety.

  • Once you have seen all those Dr’s we will then send you to a Big Pharma drug lord to give you the best up to date pain meds that really create more pain than you had before. No wonder Gates is in charge of Covid-19. I was taking 1900 mg of Gabipatin and still had pain. Looked up the company who made it and they were making just over 2 billion a year off just that one drug.

  • This workout really works..i have been doing this since 4 weeks and have reduced inches..my waist is getting slim.i am feeling awesome��������

  • Amazing, I’m seeing the results, training for different yoga asanas. I love the way you give the classes and to switch between one and the other + appreciate your growth! Go girl!

  • I just came back from the ER with a $2000.00 bill.
    EKG, xrays, and other tests showed nothing wrong.
    Now my chest pain is worse…because of the shock from the bill ��

  • i’ve got chest pains (on my left side) a week ago i still have it it would hurt so much and it gets hard to breathe my doc checked my heart beat and said i was fine and my brother says “it’s probably because of the air conditioner “ i don’t know what to do it really hurts to the point i get light headed and feel faint i’m going to another doctor today hopefully they find whats the issue and hopefully it’s not to serious

  • Okay. Going to do a warmup and give it a shot. If I can’t get those dips, I will user progression with feet on the floor or try doing an isometric by jumping up and slowly lowering myself down on the negative until I can do it properly. Thank you for the instructions.

  • that’s an awful lot of appts, new pt referrals to see different drs only to be ruled out. why wouldn’t the pcp simply recommend pain mgmt before the referrals? because the pt would not be out of pocket so much…

  • Im here because I felt my chest or in the left side hurt while lying down and laughing then suddenly I felt I can’t breathe and it hurts so im slowly to sit down and it happen just now.

  • I have very frequent left side chest pain due to Ankylosing Spondylitis. I manage it by putting the nine balls of the CERAGEM on my chest at 48 degrees for 38 minutes. Usually I will be pain free for about a week.

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  • Chest hurts when i tilt my head down and its ussualy ocurs at 19:00 pm its like weird idk pressing kinda pain thing but idk i can do sports and it doesnt hurt and only when i tilt my head down and btw i had neck trauma last week so idk

  • This is gonna be a long message but..
    iv had heart problems and when i went to ER they told me it might be Pericarditis issue,
    thing is my issue does affect me but its at random the episodes depend on how much stress i place on my heart?
    like example i was stressed at work emotionally once which triggered lots of chest pain (more than normal) and the pain i feel, is equivalent like someone has stabbed me in the chest or like immense pressure (a rock buried inside me) i was planning to see a heart specialist but they suggested i do a Stress Test which i declined because i didnt want to feel sick..
    i understand its to get results / narrow out possibilities but if im receiving these issues based on Stress or caffeine intake or dietry / emotional issues i dont think it would benefit me if i took the test and if so i wanted an alternative. Also when i saw the specialist i was already feeling better at the time because i take Ibuprofen/anti inflammatory pills that really soothes my symptoms.
    the pain lasts for few days weeks. Im unsure what my issue actually is but the symptoms i generally get are similar to a Cold/Flu
    basically hot flushes/chest pains/nausea/stomach cramps/head aches or migraines/ dizziness or disorientation sometimes confusion, muscular pains around the chest area back and neck, fevers and sweats and lastly shortness of breath, Every time i inhale a breath deeply it really hurts my chest area like stabbing pains which is why my breaths are short.
    The worst symptoms was when it felt like my face my numb and paralysed meaning it would be indication of a stroke happening?
    Mind you im only age 26, this started happening when i was in my 20’s.. my diet isnt the best i do tend to eat take out / fast food but i’m not really active person, i rarely do exercise.
    I dont smoke or drink or take drugs. when these episodes do happen my heart rate goes crazy high like usually your normal rate is around 60 75 ish calm / idle when im having my episode it goes straight to 80 over 100+ meaning its beating fast af and it fluctuates it will go up down up down i think due to stress on the heart.
    I did get an ECG done when i was admitted at the ER hospital and it showed weird arrhythmia they did a blood test aswell which came up negative for anything serious
    basically all the doctor told me was i might be suffering pericarditis and that i had to take Gout medicine to prevent
    i was also going through bad gastro issue (IBS) meaning i reacted badly to the tablets and i had to stop taking them plus one common side affect of gout medicine is diarrhoea.. already having that problem prior to taking the meds, it made things more painful for me. Regardless iv tried adjusting my diet it seemed to work great i was on FODMAP at the time and it helped reduce the episodes but i still drink caffeine and stress does still trigger episodes from time to time but they have been minor ones so far.
    I hope i can get advice from someone here on my issue if they have had similar situation, im worried that it might be something serious? some feedback would be nice
    Thanks and sorry for the wall of text here..

  • Will salt cause chest pain I’m 14 and I ate sour salt also know as bear salt I just found that oit recently and I ate an entire thing by itself in 2 days and my chest is hurting very very bad pls help

  • Awesome workout! Just decided to go rings workout for upper body. Going to have to work up to the pelican pushups (damn near face planted on first try). Do you have a similar workout for the back?

  • As always, efficient and full of energy! I also noticed that your exercises have elements of yoga, only more interesting and dynamic! By the way I do arm exercises nearlly every day and they are really more tonified and sculptured (if I can say so) than before! Thank you so much!!!

  • I have deep depression.lost my son who was 24 2018.my daughter has not wanted us in her life since 2018. I have a few other worries..I cry alot.my chest feels so tight

  • i’ve been feeling this chest pain for about 1 week… i’m a little bit scared, because it doesn’t go away… but, my heart rate is ok, so i think it may be my bad posture, or something.. i’m 24, i’m too young to have a heart attack yet, i don’t know what it is, it’s so annoying

  • Did anybody get put on prozac like me? And did it help if so? Ive had 6 ecg and blood work and 2 ct scans in the last 3 months and i had an upper and lower endoscoppy done. Now im on methocarbamol naproxen and prednisone becouse drs think it may be a pinched nerve in my back and i see the cardiologist in 12 days. I know that this pain gives me anxiety, why woukdnt it it’s cheat pain. Took my first prozac today been too scared to take it the last couple of weeks but ya gotta try something when u have no other options. Much love peeps and fuck the corona virus.

  • You’re the best, honestly. I’ve never liked any workout, I’m blessed to work along with you while being at home <3 You're the best

  • It’s still amaze me just how some people have no clue about Clegenatur Methods (google search it) although a lot of people increase their breast size naturally using it. Thanks to my pal who told me about this. I have bigger and firmer breast naturally.

  • I’m 72 yrs old and I enjoy body weight exercises. I appreciate the calisthenic knowledge you share and your passion for functional full body exercises. Please keep up the good work.

  • Guys! I was doing a lot of cardio workout, it helped I cant say, BUT THIS IS BETTER WITH A LITTLE CARDIO WORKOUT! MY STOMACH WENT SO MUCH FLATTER IN JUST 1 OR 2 WEEKS! I still have a lot of work. One more month and I hope Ill get my insane goal.:)) Thanks Rebecca! Even the cardio was from you!

    I also eat healthy. I rarely eat something unhealthy. One time maybe in 2 weeks.

  • I’m 15 and my heart feels stiff and weird and it’s been ongoing the pain doesn’t stop, I’m having muscle pains in my legs and I can’t sleep, I’ve got a ekg and the ekg said I was fine, I’m so weak and tired please help

  • So umm can smoking a concentrated substance cause chest pain or is it just me? I am not 100 percent sure if it is that but I have a feeling that it might be that.

  • can somebody please help me?? i’m in the bathroom right now and i cannot go to sleep at all. i have a horrible tightness on my chest and it stays for a few weeks and then goes away. everytime i think about it i start shaking and sweating. i don’t know what to do

  • If I do the original 9 moves to a flatter stomach for a month. And just that workout, nothing else. Then will I be able to get a flat stomach in a month?

  • K so now I’m going to do this for a week so don’t let me forget.
    Day 2: I can already see some toning. Its very small but it’s definitely there.
    Day 5: Okay I skipped two days cause I was very busy. But I did it two times today and can feel the burn.

  • A whole lot of money being spent as you work your way down the list of possibilities.
    I think of how many people go on suffering because they don’t have the money or the insurance.

  • I’m SO surprised that I managed to do this workout!!!? Abs are my weakness but I think I did this workout pretty decent I must say!! So proud of myself☺️☺️❤️��

  • Hi! I’ll try to update everyday and if I don’t I am sorry just reply to my comment so I am reminded to update again
    Day 1: I did the whole thing such a great workout!
    Day 2: I did it!!

  • i love this newer exercises for the abs, its less strenuous to the back! people with lower back problem can also do this exercise! yoohoo!!!

  • I am getting a flat stomach day by day with this routine..i have been doing this since 4 weeks daily without missing a single day��

  • I’ve been doing this workout since june 28 and my first day of school is august 17 and i do this video once everyday how many lbs will i lose i’m 5’8 and about 200lbs i wana be around 175 and 185 by then so any recommendation or help pls reply asap

  • What I do is that I see whatever she is doing, set a 1 minute timer and do it for 1minute, each week i move it up a minute, ill do it for 5 weeks (a month, and a week) and see the results =)

  • I had a bruise above my chest and lump, limpnode and got antibiotics and then lump went smaller and bruise left, but now my chest in middle of the breast s is hurting and if I stress hurts more. But covid19 it’s not help as app with doctor on pH and send pictures

  • I have ra lupus lung it started about a year ago and they say i have 2 to 5years to live if you feel pain go to your dr i have had this ra bs for 12 years and it has taken my life over nothing but pain can’t breathe and now mandatory masks. Some times it isn’t worth going anywhere god bless anyone suffering from anything that hurts your amazing

  • The feeling in my chest became so heavy suddenly, I feel so weak and down, I feel out of place.. I haven’t felt this way before. And I’m getting the feeling that I wanna be gone, I don’t understand, what’s the reason behind this.

  • Ayye Rebecca this helped me a lot! Thanks so much for this, I watch this vid everyday after school! Also your really pretty, and your voice is amazing!

  • Rebecca luoise you won’t believe how much you helped me gain my and i do not know what I would do without you every one should know about you because when you say we will get abs if you do your vidios and you don’t lie. I dont even have words to explain how amazing you are. thank you

  • Hey Rebecca Louise! Thank you so much for your work! I started using your exercices in my kickbox-training with youngsters and they’re quite astonished that not only kicking and boxing like a fool against a punching ball can let their muscles burn, but also exercices that seem easy at a first sight. Mission accomplished!:-) Thanks four your help with that.
    And moreover I think that your way to show and explain these exercises is so motivating. And you look so regular (hope this is no offense English is not my native language… I wanted to say: you don’t look like an artificial barbie-model). This makes you a real role-model for young people. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Keep up the good work. And give my regards to Alphie as well!

  • Who else came here with a chest pain thinking of covid19 or anxiety, etc. and ended up reading the comments tryin not to think too much

  • Okay! I think I’m doing something wrong because I did the best moves for thigh workout but when I was doing it I got very very ill and dizzy… Why I that? Also in this workout it happend. So I stopped and rested but did still feel il and dizzy and I have never had that before… Rebecca please help

  • i started this workout and a few other of yours only yesterday and i literally see a difference already. spring break is in 3 days and i just want to tone up more. thank you so much for all of your videos:)

  • Rebecca I wanted to thank you!!!! I have been seeing amazing results and definition in my stomach and I’ve been doing a different 10 minute abs workout almost every day of the week! That’s it just 10 minutes and I’ve seen such a difference thank you!!! I love your videos!

  • I’ve never managed to go through entire ab workout before but yours really kept me going and I’m sweating like a pig on a hot summer day and I love it! Thank you, Rebecca!:)

  • Where are the regressions or modifications? Specially on the second exercises, pike to dive… So bad for shoulders (impingement) ����

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  • I’m so glad to find your channel #Icanfeeltheburn. I’m from Brazil ha ha but I have not a big butt ha ha. Well thanks to your amazing workout I’m seeing results. Sorry if have some grammatical error, my first language is Portuguese…

  • Rings allow for greater chest engagement at the top of each movement. You gotta squeeze. Same as a bar but most people neglect that part either way.
    Fun workout. Thanx CH

  • the argument about fixing muscle imbalances is stupid I can do a push on the rings and make my right arm pull with more force than the left arm. it doesnt matter if they are on different rings. I can put my arms on different bars and do the same thing.

  • Cheers, a very useful video, but please tell whoever is responsible for it to stop with the blurred / shaky camerawork it’s not artistic, it’s just plain annoying and distracting.

  • I have to ask I tried this workout and it was awesome. But how do I do these moves without shredding all the skin from my forearms? (It rubs on the ring straps at the bottom of the movement)

  • Me encanta Ai Lee eres fuerte y hermosa y muestras que un cuerpo sano y fuerte a base de ejercicio no está dentro de los moldes que nos han impuesto con las super flacas.

  • Wanting my reality to be different, not accepting my mistakes, not liking my body, wanting a different life, missing my past and wanting to return, anxiety, fear, depression, social anxiety, shy around other people, Insomnia, excessive hungry and sugar addiction. Unhealthy habit of crying with Music. Overthinking, all of those things produce pain in my chest

  • it’s on my ride side and i think it’s a stitch i’ve only felt like this when i run. but now doing nothing it randomly comes. started 2 days ago. i’ve just started eating less maybe it’s rush

  • hi.. as u r subr in the morning and evenings i am taking 100 pushup. but my chest is not growing equally. how can i know the solution

  • As a massage therapist, I have seen many with chest pain and they have been checked and found nothing wrong. Usually is the tight pectoralis muscles and working those with massage cures the problem. Simple!

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  • The pain/tightness is right by my left breast.. like right beside it. It comes and goes almost everyday. I’ve had pancreatitis, gallstones, and pneumonia all at the same time. back in December 2019. And had surgery because of my gallstones. Idk if that has anything to do with it. I’m only 14.. is it normal..? I was supposed to get a ct scan back in April. but because of corona I can’t.

  • Those shoes are dope!

    What are they called?

    Your training really worked out for me.
    Im 15years old and I saw changes in only 1 month

  • As per my research, to gain muscles(adding volume) 2 mins(on average) rest is necessary so you can recover and ready to push the weights again. How am I supposed to lift heavy with 20 secs rest I am gonna die.

  • Bro u will get injured again for some years if you do flyes like that and then say life isnt fair when u lose another 20 pound of muscles

  • What if I dont feel chest doing these cous when I do pushups on ground or dips on bar I feel chest its like burning but on rings I dont feel anything

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  • I like a single side at a time complete upright crossover fly on the fly machine. They really helped fill my inner and upper chest out. They feel really good too.

  • Arnt the flys really bad for your shoulders, especially how far you is saying to go? And you dont get really as much of a stretch as you would if you didnt go as far down.

  • “I cant bend my wrists due to injuries”
    Then How do you bench heavy?
    I have that damn ganglion cyst on right wrist FROM lifting..and the bastard hurts. Its KILLING MY GAINS.

    Edit: ive already had it popped and drained and smashed and STILL..it hurts when my wrist bends. It keeps me from pushing heavy weight.

  • just tried it. I did like 9-12 push ups at a time. 32kg on the press. 18kg on flys.
    my shoulder died tho. not sure if it was the flys or my hand position on the push up.
    No flat bar press for me since injuries.

  • I am no expert, but in my youtube research experience I have been convinced that 20-30 second rest time is way too low. You should watch Jeff Nippards video on this subject.

  • DONT GO AS LOW AS THIS GUY ON THE FLAT DUMBELL FLY`S it`s dangerous for youre nerves around your deltoid muscles (Shoulder mouscles) This is also scientifically proven. You should go as low that your forearm and upper arm makes 90 degrees!

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  • 7?? Muy poco yo le doy todos los días dos veces al dia cada una 30 minutos sin descanso y creo q es poco porque kedo con mucha energia aún kisas sea mi personalidad signo escorpión dicen q tienen mucha energía y veo q si es así

  • Used rings for the first time today at the gym. HUMILIATED but excited anyway and looking forward to get stronger and eventually be able to train with them.

  • Ja!! 7 minutos intensos….me encanta…lohago a full y me deja de cama,,jajajaj….traduction…Ja!! 7 minutes hard,,,I like very much…I do to full and leave me dead on my bed,,,ja!!!

  • Queria te agradecer neste momento dificil da Italia, estamos fazendo ginastuca em casa ( eu ja fazia antes),mas adiro tidas as qye você faz; é dificil, mas eu tenti do mesmo jeito.Beijosssssss!!!!

  • Hey rebecca! You may not see this but I d like to ask u smthng.How many times a week do we have to make this exercise if we wanna see results?

    sorry for bad english Im greek!☺

  • i have this pain around where the heart is, it bloody hurts. i think i have intercostal muscles problem on the back because when i apply lots of pressure on my back the pain goes away. It feels like it’s contacting constantly and it fucking hurts

  • his third set of flat bench showed him with 225 for a set of ten but when he racked the weight the video went back to 135. fire the editor

  • Great Video series. Not sure if this channel is still active. However, I believe the first time that you describe the Spine Sign you have the incorrect radiographs associated with the slide.