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3. TRAVEL LIGHT. There is nothing worse than packing too much. When you’re traveling to a national park, less is more.. Photographer Drew Rush, an expert on our National Geographic Ultimate National Parks Expedition, has been making it his goal to travel lighter.It makes for fewer headaches and makes your travel more flexible.

If camping isn’t your style, a stay at a major national park lodge can run $200 per night. You can also stock up on snacks and meals from nearby grocery stores to avoid paying for more costly restaurant meals. Read more: The 11 Best National Park Lodges in North America. A national parks trip can be a surprisingly cost-effective vacation. Before and at the park Plan ahead (at least a little) I don’t mean create a minute by minute itinerary for your trip, I mean look at a park map to see where everything is and check out the park website or hit up Pinterest for some ideas on hike and activities you’d like to do.

I think all parks have ranger programs, but some have night sky programs, which are awesome. 1. National Park Lodges. Plan your trip well in advance, as some National Park lodgings fill quickly, even up to a year (or more) in advance! This is especially true of the historic lodges inside the parks. You don’t want to miss out or be disappointed with your lodging choice by waiting until the last minute.

Planning an Epic National Park Road Trip. Within the continental United States (aka Lower 48) there are a total of 50 National Parks — there are 2 in Hawaii, 8 in Alaska, and 2 in the territories, making a total of 62. But of those 50 National Parks in the Continental USA, there are another four parks that are not accessible by vehicle due to the fact that they are maritime-based National.

Travelers have the choice of a guided hike or can explore the park on their own with the popular Yosemite National Park Day Trip from San Francisco. Zion National Park, Utah. Spanning over 229 square miles, Zion National Park is home to 289 species of birds, 75 mammals and 32 reptiles across its four unique life zones. A trip to any one of them is likely to be an unforgettable experience, provided the proper planning is executed beforehand.

Let us go over simple steps to make the most of one’s trip to a National Park. Decide When To Go: Deciding when to go depends a lot upon what exactly one is hoping to see. Many parks offer a different experience. 9 National Parks Tips for Beginners 1. Understand the National Park System Basics. Beginners to the national parks often don’t quite understand the various terms thrown about, so let’s start there.

The National Park Service (NPS), a division of the US Department of the Interior, manages 59 full-fledged national parks. We checked in with Bruce Brossman of Grand Canyon National Park Lodges for tips (in no particular order!) to make the most of your visit. The South Rim of the park is open 24 hours a day, 365 days. Each park has its own regulations regarding pets within park boundaries.

Restrictions on pets in parks are as much to protect your pet as to protect park resources. If you do plan to bring your pet with you on your trip, please abide by all the rules and keep your pet(s) safe!

List of related literature:

Vacation Planner The best advice a person can get when visiting Denali National Park is to spend more than one day in the park.

“Your Guide to the National Parks: The Complete Guide to All 59 National Parks” by Michael Joseph Oswald, Derek Pankratz
from Your Guide to the National Parks: The Complete Guide to All 59 National Parks
by Michael Joseph Oswald, Derek Pankratz
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In the following pages, I offer a collection of common-sense tips to help you make the most of your visit to this park—and to keep you safe while you do so.

“Death in Zion National Park: Stories of Accidents and Foolhardiness in Utah's Grand Circle” by Randi Minetor
from Death in Zion National Park: Stories of Accidents and Foolhardiness in Utah’s Grand Circle
by Randi Minetor
Lyons Press, 2017

The guides make sure people comply with the park rules, stay on the marked trails, don’t touch or take anything, don’t take food onto the islands, don’t litter, and don’t disturb the animals.

“Ecotourism and Sustainable Development, Second Edition: Who Owns Paradise?” by Martha Honey
from Ecotourism and Sustainable Development, Second Edition: Who Owns Paradise?
by Martha Honey
Island Press, 2008

These tips as well as many other uses of travel guides can save the tourist money and time and help avoid inconvenient situations while on vacation.

“The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Travel and Tourism” by Linda L. Lowry
from The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Travel and Tourism
by Linda L. Lowry
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The brochures and guides provided at the parks also include plenty of tips for making the most of a visit.

“Be Our Guest: Revised and Updated Edition: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service” by The Disney Institute, Theodore Kinni
from Be Our Guest: Revised and Updated Edition: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service
by The Disney Institute, Theodore Kinni
Disney Book Group, 2011

Trips range from halfand full-day family rides to threeto six-day pack trips in every area of the park.

“Fodor's The Complete Guide to the National Parks of the West” by Fodor's Travel Guides
from Fodor’s The Complete Guide to the National Parks of the West
by Fodor’s Travel Guides
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I was very fortunate to be on a trip with two of the best guides in the Park.

“Along the Trail in Algonquin Park” by Ralph Bice
from Along the Trail in Algonquin Park
by Ralph Bice
Dundurn, 2001

For the first time the survival of the national parks as natural areas lay in excluding that “considerable number” of motorists who desired nothing more on arrival than “what they can do at home or at the country club.”

“National Parks: The American Experience” by Alfred Runte
from National Parks: The American Experience
by Alfred Runte
University of Nebraska Press, 1997

Directions: This information was gathered from campground agencies and from personal experience.

“Colorado Campgrounds: The 100 Best and All the Rest” by Gil Folsom, Bill Bonebrake, Steve Grinstead, Jenna Samelson
from Colorado Campgrounds: The 100 Best and All the Rest
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Top Ten Tips for Travelers 1.

“Americans Traveling Abroad: What You Should Know Before You Go” by Gladson I. Nwanna
from Americans Traveling Abroad: What You Should Know Before You Go
by Gladson I. Nwanna
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  • Hey there! Great video! It is extremely informative and helpful. Which part of the park were you sitting on boulders at 5:50?? Thanks.

  • I’ve always found the Joshua Tree National Park to be an enchanted kinda place; especially at dusk; or in the moonless nights, under a magical blanket of stars.

  • I am so worried, most ppl visiting L.V. are not practicing any social distancing or wearing masks. We gotta remind them, or else Vegas will close again and other ppl (like me) wont be able to go there anymore.

  • No way! Were you there on Friday, June 12th? We visited from San Diego, had a blast! Super windy, but it kept the desert temp down! Wish I could have seen you, would have loved to show some respect in person (socially distanced of course)!

  • great video. making sure to add it to our to do list next time we come to the USA. I’m sure my nephews will love the different trails for hiking

  • Hi Chris! I was at Joshua Tree yesterday. Great tip about downloading the map into your cellphone. Extremely helpful! There is some or no service inside the park.
    We had great weather yesterday. ��

  • This is on our list of National Parks we want to visit. It is about to time to start traveling again. Thanks for telling us all about this beautiful park!

  • Joshua wud say welcome home…with arms wide spread…wow! The baby Joshua is about oldest sister’s age! ��…I love the yellow production video…especially when I need to go somewhere ������������������������

  • Hello Chris I was subscribed for 6 months and you helped me with picking restaurants for trips I am leaving the yellow crew but thank you for everything you do.

  • Woohoo! It’s exciting to have videos coming out like this again! I can’t wait to travel as things become safer. Thanks Chris for the great guide!

  • Arches and Bryce Canyon National Parks up in Utah are definitely worth a video, Chris. Especially now that overseas travel is still restricted. You could combine it with a trip to Vegas.

  • New Subscriber here I like your videos here & Joshua Tree National Park looks Beautiful thanks for showing me around here. Will you do anymore new London videos & are there any plans moving to London?

  • I love Joshua Tree NP. It’s one of my favorite. This is an awesome video as usual. Keep going on what you do best, Chris.
    Waiting a new video about Los Angeles and Vegas ����

  • Oh man, memories of camping in Joshua Tree in the early 70s! It wasn’t even a national park yet, just a national monument if I recall. There were no fees to enter and the park rangers were almost non existent. If you went there in the fall or winter you’d see a handful of people but if you went in the summer like we did as 19-20 year olds (yes we camped there, in tents, in July and August in 120 degrees) it was deserted. Nobody anywhere. And yes there were large quantities of hallucinogenics taken.

  • Great and informative video!
    My brother and I stayed a Majestic view Lodge, it was beautiful, 360 views!!
    Emerald Pool Trail was very beautiful and my favorite out of the two we hiked! Can’t wait to return in the fall!��

  • Hi Chris
    Great video! We have been to Palm Springs 3 times & always thought we would like to do Joshua Tree National Park, now we will add it to our list. Great info. Thanks

  • I think viewers should know the plank shelf bridge you were on in the Canyon Overlook trail looks super rickety and if you have a fear of heights, be warned!!

  • This is my favorite national park. A lot of the arches don’t require a long hike to view. I also liked that the town of Moab being within a few miles of the park. Lots of great places to eat. We also visited Canyonlands and Dead Horse State Park.

  • Great videos! Happy that you enjoyed our parks here in Utah. Next time take a jaunt to some of the State Parks in the area. Some of them are just as awesome.

  • We were there in 2017. What a beautiful and awe inspiring place! No picture or video can ever do these natural wonders justice. You must see them for yourself. Great Video! Thanks for sharing!

  • Really enjoy these videos. I enjoy hiking and seeing these videos makes me want to visit. Was going to ask if you have a section on your website but think I found it under /series/national-parks/.

    I’ve been to a few National Parks, did the hikes, etc but the ones in the mid-west look great to hike to see and experience the excellent / unique terrain. Out there, been to a few but in the air while in the military. Got some great views, pictures but looks as though the experience on the ground is much better.

    Question: did you use AutoSlash to book your rental? If so… did you stick with what you are comfortable with or “take a chance”? This question off a video a couple / few months ago.

    Welcome back and congratulations.

  • Great video! Since you did the Narrows in August, if the weather says its a 100 degrees at Zion, is it a lot cooler on the river walk sidewalk or does it just get cooler after you get in the water?

  • 80 bucks for a year is a really good deal considering its 30 bucks for one car!
    yay for the bonus tip i sometimes overplan and try to fit too much in and end up just completely exhausted lol
    so now i try to leave some space to be spontaneous (or just maybe sleep in haha)

  • Zion and Yosemite are my two favorite parks of the ones I’ve had a chance to visit. My favorite hike at Zion was Emerald Pools. I loved being cooled off by the waterfalls, as it was such a warm day. (September 2017) Can’t wait to return to Zion and try some other trails! Thanks for a great video!

  • Went to zion in december 2017 and did angels landing as well as the emerald pools, but that was it. Going back in a few days to hit up overlook trail, upper emerald pools, and the narrows, as well as whatever looks interesting while we are there:) as well as observation point from East Mesa since the main trail is closed

  • Awesome video. Looks amazing! We are going next week. Would you recommend spending longer here than Bryce? So far we are spending 3 nights in each location. Zion looks more my style. Love to be near water. Thanks in advance!

  • That was such as nice 5th wheel behind you guys in your video. We hope one day to have a 5th wheel as well. Similar to the one behind you. We are definitely spontaneous people as well.. and the thought of planning a trip a year in advance sounds miserable to us LOL!!! How do we know where we want to be a year from now… and how we are even going to feel physically at that time. Colds come up… girl time of the month (x 2 girls) LOLOL!! That would be the worst on vacation!! <3

  • Excellent video!!! I have hiked several of the trails and they are all beautiful. You are so right about Angel Landing being dangerous. Many years ago a co worker fell to her death on that hike while her husband was taking a photo of her against the backdrop. Be very careful and take your time on that particular trail. Happy hiking…

  • I usually like planning things ahead but sometimes being spontaneous and going without plans is fun too:)
    Love your travel tip videos! keep up the good work, guys!:) Happy Tuesday!

  • I’ve heard a lot of great things about Joshua Tree National Park! I’ve had friends go there and love how photogenic it is. Thank you for the explanation about what a Joshua Tree is. I will add this to my growing list of national parks to visit! Thanks for the tour!

  • I was raised in you and visited the parks back in the 50’s and 60’s, that was when the population was rather low and an outdoor adventure not a popular so you could go their with no reservations, no crowds. Most parks were out of the way and hiking was really at your own risk. No signs, no warnings no holding your hand. Moab as a sleepy town that a drive in restaurant was about as good as it got. Sad to see it go but now I’m 70 and don’t plan on those kind of adventures.

  • Thank you very much for all the information. I’m visiting Zion park in March and the main issue that I have is time. I don’t have much so I have to choose just one hike because i got to be in Vegas by 17:30m 18:00. I’m thinking about doing angels landing early in the morning.. What would you recommend me? I’m staying in Springdale.

  • There is so much information about deaths on Angel’s Landing. A few years ago, a young teen boy slipped, fell, and died. We were next to a group of rangers who “deconstructed” the accident ( we overheard them) and what actually happened was this kid was jumping from rock to rock on the most technical part, turned his ankle and fell. Jumping!! Not exactly what was reported. That isn’t to make light of his death, but he didn’t just “fall” off. The idea is to be slow and smart. If heights bother you, don’t go. If you’re very out of shape, don’t go. If you’re exhausted when you get to the steep part, go the other way (there is a fork in the trail there).

  • We travel to Zion most years. We plan w.a.y ahead and make reserves at the Zion Lodge in Zion. Just pick a date and remember you can always cancel. (Most National Parks now are up to a year out for reserves.). That has some GREAT advantages: 1). You can drive right to the lodge and park there. You are given a hang permit for your car, which you show when entering the canyon. 2). At about 5 pm most of the tourists leave to go to Springdale for dinner and sleep and you basically have the whole canyon to yourself! It’s amazing to walk around then, bike, short hikes (depending on the amount of light left…not much in the fall but you have the whole day there for longer hikes.). 3) Watching the sun go down inside those big mountains is just magic. 4) Dinner at the lodge is great!! Best times to go: March/April, September/October

  • My wife and I are going there in Feb 2020, I’m curious how much snow/ice you saw when you were there in 2017? Thanks for the informative video!

  • Great tips guys. I really agree with the not tiring yourself out which applies to travel in general. People get so excited and get lack of sleep and want to see everything and everywhere as quick as possible and you just up exhausted and not really enjoying yourself. Much better to take your time and see a few things well then see a lot of things badly I always say!

  • What time of the year did you guys go (specifically the narrows)? I see you were wearing shorts. Wondering just how cold the water will be when I go at the end of this month (Oct).

  • How was the narrows with your camera we are going to Zion at the end of the week and i have a dslr and 4 lenses I usually carry with me any suggestions?

  • I noticed you had your camera strapped to the front of your chest. Where can I get one of those? I own a Canon 70D & that would come in handy

  • I’m through with Zion. Went there for 30 years. Last april was the first time I didn’t get in thepark. Endless lines for the shuttle and a ranger who told me: You think to get IN the park is your problem? No it’s not. Your problem will be getting out of the park. The waiting line to get a shuttle out of the park is over 2 hours now.

    That was when I left without getting further than the visitor center (After paying 15 $ for the parking in Springdale and wasting my time to get to the visitor center). It’s so disapointing. If you want a place that’s not so crowded.. go to Disney Land. It’s sad the National Park Service lost it’s fight. Not only in Zion.

  • looking forward to your Subway video. i’m super interested in the hike but hear it’s intense and easy to get lost. i plan to visit in March next year and hitting the major trails; Angel’s Landing, Observation, Narrows, Hidden Canyon and Overlook Point. maybe the Emerald Pools too, but want to hit Bryce while i’m in the area.

  • Zion was pretty but I am 22 weeks pregnant so my husband and I only got a sneak peak, couldn’t do much but to take photos:) It was a good experience definitely coming back:)

  • How many days to experience the whole park? I’m mainly planning to experience the narrows and either angels landing or observation point. I’m going for 2 maybe 2 and 1/2 days

  • Great video very helpful. I plan on going in mid August with kids youngest is 6yrs obviously not doing the hard hikes but want to due the Narrow what do you think for a 6yr old boy?

  • Visiting there this coming Monday. Can’t wait to see this stuff! Although I’m wondering what the temperature is going to be over there.

  • Good tips! Anual pass all the way!!
    We are not very good at planning (lazy). So we are with Lieles on this one, and we like spontaneous decisions.

  • Best video I’ve seen so far about Zion. I will be going there for my birthday in June this year but I’m already planning. This video was very informative thank you so much for making it. Great Video!

  • The first tip is a real money saver especially if you’re a massive fan of National Parks. Its nice that there is a blanket rule for all vehicles. The type of ppl who are planning a year in advance is us and making detailed priority lists. Maria started looking a lil frustrated with Lieles today hahahahaha you guys are the best <3:D

  • You deserve way more views and traffic to your channel! I’m planning a trip now and your video is basic clean straight forward with nice transitions & information etc. THANKS! Keep The Videos Coming!

  • Wow. Being absolute novice but enthused wannabe hikers, we’ve watched A LOT of videos from….well, the usual suspects. Your video was so informative yet succinct, most impressive; thank you for providing it. I’ll subscribe to your channel!!

  • I’m glad I found these videos. My wife and I are getting ready to visit all National parks starting in January 2021. We’ll be starting with Zion, Bryce and Yellowstone.

  • Another fine video with lots of good tips. We too love the variety of things to do (so many great hikes to such a variety of places) and see-more wildlife here than anywhere else we have been. One of our favorite experiences has been entering the park from 4 different entrances on our trips as each is unique and has its own character. In our opinion this is one of the parks everyone should visit at least once if they truly want a national park experience. This is another one we hope/plan to return to.

    Thanks again for sharing and inspiring.

  • Love your videos, good sir. We are going to Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Badlands, and Arches in August. Your tips and insight has been much appreciated!

  • Great Video! My buddy & I are coming to see Yellowstone Sept 24th through Sept 29th of this year! We are from Texas, flying into Salt Lake & are renting a car & driving from there. We found some real neat cabins just barely outside of Gardiner on Air BnB for a good price. Did you guys visit the Tetons? Currently looking for places to stay for 2nd half of trip that would allow us to drive back & forth NOT in the Jackson Hole area (too expensive).

  • I want to go to Yellowstone on mid-october this year, but i heard you said that in october the park is closed, or the services are closed, that means i shouldn’t go!? Please tell me because i really want to go but i just have october to go there

  • good tips and all, but no one is talking about the editing!
    it’s good how you make it dynamic: the zooming transitions, the slow zooms while talking, the titles, the sound fx…
    others would just sit down in front of the camera, record, talk and upload. you guys put an extra effort and that adds a lot of value to your videos! great job! we know it’s a lot of work (tell me about it! ��) but keep it great like this!

  • I like your style guys. I had nothing to learn from this video because I will probably not be visiting a National Park, but it was funny to hear you guys talking. Picking up on each other and things like that. Keep up the good work. I will sub to you channel. Check out ours also. Cheers. TOMA!

  • Guys! Your video editing and production is something we are totally going to aspire to!
    Question.. do National parks usually allow Dogs?
    Yes planning is super important!
    Yup.. too much crammed into one visit can just become overwhelming!

  • Hey Mamuchos! These are some great tips! We totally agree on the yearly pass, ours has paid for itself several times over with all the parks we have visited.
    You are so correct about the parks being booked in advance, especially in peak season!
    Gotta have chocolate!
    Thanks for the hard work you guys put into the videos, I know how much work and effort goes into editing videos and most of the time it goes un-noticed, so I wanted to let you know it is appreciated!
    Great video guys, hope you have a great week!

  • Great tips! National Parks do take a lot of planning. That is why we almost never stay in them! I can’t plan that far in advance.
    Great info though for people that like planning:)

  • We love National Parks because you love it and we’re convinced because of this video ����
    Will keep these tips in mind for future reference, thanks for sharing guys ����

  • Great video guys essential tips for sure! We’d so love to visit national parks in the US someday, you’re so right the planning before you go is so important in massive places like this!
    And we notice you’re awesome editing every time too! Great work guys!

  • $30 one off vs $80 unlimited visit for a year…hmmm…bit tricky for someone who’s rarely to go…^^ but yeah $80 is a great price for frequents…^^

  • We traveled to Utah National Arches with our six year old and did several moderate hikes which yield some awesome views. There was snow and lots of people which took away some enjoyment. We will try and visit on a less crowded time of year if there is such a thing!
    Overall we loved Utah National Arches very much. Josh, Annemarie and Logan.

  • The first tip regarding the national park pass is especially helpful. Does it give you access to all national parks? We’ll be visiting Zion, Grand Canyon and Yosemite next month ��

  • Great video! Very well made. We did the Angel’s Landing hike, as most other trails were closed due to extreme snowmelt this year and due to rockfall.

  • Great tips from you guys! Especially the annual pass that’s saves up a lot of money! Exactly! Be organise in everything! Thanks for sharing guys! ��������

  • Gonna have to agree with Maria 3. Planning plays a huge role with all of this at a national parks..def dont want to going rush hour

  • Love the bonus tip for the day… you guys are always entertaining and full of energy!! Great video and lots of love to you both! Have a great week! <3

  • It’s definitely important to plan food.. snacks.. water.. gas/propane and chocolate!!! Bears is a huge chocolate fiend as well.. so she understands Lieles’ chocolate situation!!! LOLOL When we travel we always bring our own food.. even when we have a condo.. because it’s so much more cost effective and healthier!! We are not fans of eating out very often… our food is 1000 times better than the out to eat places that we have gone to!! <3

  • Hello I enjoyed video i picked up a interesting gadget from your video shoulder camera mount at 1:00, 8:20, 10:36 can you point me to that mount? and your backpack model number/ amazon link. Thank you!!

  • Hey Mamuchos!!!! Great to hear these tips for National Parks!! When we went to Yosemite.. the Entrance fee was $47 for 7 days in/out if we wanted. So it makes way more sense if you are an RVer and have the National Parks Annual Pass for $80!!! That’s a way better deal!! <3

  • haha we also make fun of each other’s pronunciation. since we are not native english speakers, we both do some weird pronunciations of some words…
    I (Jordi) tend to tease more Hyekyong about it…��but just for fun. and love.

  • Wow, so much planning and preparing. I thought RV was more “free”, like: “ok, let’s ride, where to we go? let’s go north, ah ok, let’s go then, bum bum, oh, i’m tired, let’s stop here? yeah, maybe. ok, here. good. let’s stay there. bam.” sort of thing… pim pam, you know?

  • I’m going for the first time in September! Thanks for that helpfull video:) I was wondering… How many liters would you recommand having? And for water hikes… would water shoes be ok? Thanks:)

  • We will arrive there Wed night (Aug 5). We’ll have 2 days to explore. Unfortunately, due to a couple of recent surgeries, I’m very deconditioned and will be limited to hikes that are less than 3 miles.
    I’m really curious about going to Canyon Overlook before sunrise. Did you catch any spots to watch the sunrise? Also, any suggestions for places to watch sunsets (and still catch the shuttle!). Thanks for your informative video. I hope to be back in condition to get into the Narrows and Angels Landing next year.

  • With all the excitement you could totally burn yourself out at a National Park. Especially the HUGE ones! Pace yo self before you wreck yo self! ����

  • Spontaneous lol! Wow some people plan it a year ahead of time?! I Never been to one, but all these are great tips to know. Awesome n informative video!����

  • Just to add something about angels landing: if you are doing the hike during cooler months, I highly recommend bringing gloves for the sections with chains! The metal gets very cold and can be uncomfortable to hold on to without them

  • My wife loves to plan ahead and I’m the opposite ��
    But that’s true better to check the weather and bring some food and drinks esp in places that don’t have restaurant or supermarket
    Love the bonus tips too
    Thanks for sharing this guys
    Food for thought for everyone
    Have a lovely day you two

  • I didn’t know that about the annual pass-thanks guys! Plus planning ahead for lodging…we’ll be using these tips sometime in the not-too-distant future!! ✌️�� XO & Cheers! ����

  • Going to Zion? You might enjoy my video review of the Springhill Suites Zion Hotel: https://youtu.be/ZevvkLXGZJg
    Las Vegas is the closest big city Check out my videos on Las Vegas: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOVadUHX1B-JzE5fiVleugu6HTYLsr2sk

  • City boy.:) The locals call it Zi-uhn or sometimes Zions. Also the locals recognize the existence of the many many surrounding cities besides Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. St. George for example. Also bring at least 2 liters of water if you plan on doing Angels Landing or equivalent hike. I’ve seen so many people who bring their tiny little water bottle and then get cramps in their legs. I recommend Weeping Rock if you’re looking for an easier hike.

  • … for those willing to work for their experience a lil there are all sorts of anastazi pictographs and some small scale ruins NOT listed on park maps…

    The ruins are mainly small food stash ruins… maybe there is more dunno

  • Great tips! We were just there and stayed in an A Frame near the park (video of it on my channel). An incredible experience. If you’re able to, definitely hike the river there.

  • This video helped so much! Thank you! What are the spots that must not be missed while visiting Zion national park? We are planning a trip there but we have time constraints. We probably will have only 3-4 hours for this place. And we will have elderly people with us. So hiking is not an option! What will you recommend given our circumstances?

  • 11th thing you need to know: In this region, Zion rhymes with “lion” not “try on.” We’ll still know what you’re talking about, of course, but we might make fun of you later.

  • My home State is a beautiful State and Zion is amazing.
    Do not visit in August and try to avoid the summer. Hike the eastern side of the park(Checkerboard Mesa)or go north on 15 and hike the northern section.
    Use your $$$ wisely. The State of Utah has supported the reduction in size of GSNM and BENM. They are seeking legal action against Federal ownership of lands and any new wilderness areas.
    You may want to spend your dollars in a State that supports public lands.

  • Hi Chris, is there anything in Zion to see which is related to previous civilizations like ancient megalithic structures? Thank you.

  • Cool thanks for the useful information! Just 1 question how racist are the people in Utah? I’m a colored person and I’ve heard a lot of stories about Utah lol I ask because I’m going this Saturday lol

  • Big bend is also a great park, also a place that you can take a boat across the rio grande to mexico and have real mexican food in Mexico and come back to the us in just a few hours, so many places to see but very far apart. Zion looks, similar in some ways.

  • @Yellow Productions Chris, do shuttles run to Angel’s Landing in December? I asked another YouTuber who made a video about Angel’s Landing, that question. He mentioned that during winter months, the shuttle does not run. He also mentioned that when it’s not running, hikers are allowed to driver their vehicles to the Angel’s Landing trailhead. Can you confirm this or tell me if it’s wrong information? Are there parking spots for privately owned vehicles at the trailhead? I’m asking because my preference is to get a very early morning start on this hike in early December, when chances are that few people will be on the trail, in order to avoid congestion on the trail. Thanks for making this video.

  • I think one misleading thing is when websites and vloggers/youtubers talk about how you need to book so many months in advance.

    I plan to go this November and am able to find 10-15 hotels inside the actual Zion park for 60-220 a night. You can get a hotel that’s normally 220 for 90 in November.

    To be clear, November is 1-2 months away..:)

  • #11 Thing to know. Don’t annoy the locals by pronouncing it Zi on’. it’s Zi’ un, like lion. If you ride the shuttle you’ll hear it pronounced correctly. Please pay attention.

  • Also, if you do The Narrows Top Down in one day, expect to be out of commission for a day or two (as well possibly losing toenails due to getting your feet smashed repeatedly among the slippery rocks). Great video ��

  • On the way to the Grand Canyon Skywalk coming from Vegas you will come to an area where there are Joshua trees for as far as the eyes can see..mile after mile of them. I’d even say that there’s probably more Joshua trees there than in this park. Are there any restrooms in this park?

  • This is NOT helpful at all. But thanks for letting me know how I can book a room thirteen mo that in advance and what state the park is actually in. I always wanted to know that and could never figure it out!

  • We stayed at the Arrowhead Cabins at Mt Carmel, UT. Lovely cabins and a great breakfast and nice and close to Zion and Bryce Canyon. A great location right in the middle of the Utah parks area.

  • These premier American national parks in this age of mass tourism have become insanely overcrowded. If you are looking for peace, quiet and solitude to commune with nature, don’t come here. Las Vegas, the next day, seemed less congested and hectic than Zion.

  • Great video! Really enjoyed watching your videos as I prepare to edit my adventure in the park! Nice narrative and cool shots, keep up the nice work����

  • Omgsh, u have become my FAVORITE travel vlogger on Youtube! We are heading out West in the summer and it’ll be 1/2 my family’s first time past the Ohio Valley. So, to say we’re stoked is an understatement! But none of us have been to Zion ever so this was SUPER helpful. Thank u SO MUCH! Also, your series on Vegas was AMAZING! and now I feel totally prepared for our trip. Thanks again for doing the prepping and planning for all of us. You’re the best!

  • The first rule for visiting Zion NP is pronouncing the name correctly. Its Zi-un like the “sun'” (in nearly one syllable), NOT zi-aun (in 2 distinct syllables ).

  • Nice… the touch of snow looks good too. I got lucky and tent camped there not knowing the issues of parking/camping/lodging….. Someone was a NO SHOW, so I got in and stayed 2 nights!!! Hey, you forgot the two parts worthy of a drive and some hiking…. which are not inside the ticket gates. I forgot the names right now, but one enters from the south on a road west of the Zion valley and the other is off Route 15?…. which is a road entering on the west side going to the east… a real nice DRIVE with photo opportunities. I had no time for hiking there though, but imagine one can hike East to the Zion Canyon West rim.

  • Number one thing you need to know is there are going to 10,000 people making their own top 10 “look at me” videos everyplace you look.

  • I can’t even get six minutes into the video… it’s just driving me absolutely crazy that you’re somehow mispronouncing Zion! It’s not Zigh-on. It’s Zigh-ihn.

  • An easy way to get there is to take a vacation to Las Vegas and then go to Zion by riding a shuttle that goes from one of the Vegas tour companies to Zion. The one I went on also took me to Bryce Canyon National Park. You just have to be prepared to spend the whole day in Utah.