9 Good reasons to Love Bodyweight Training


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Why I Believe Bodyweight Training is BEST

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Bodyweight Training Why do you train?

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You can become a stronger runner through body-weight training’s focus on core and balance work because you don’t rely on weights or equipment to hold you in place, says Katie Chung Hua, a fitness competitor. Body-weight training strengthens cognitive skills, including reasoning and judgment. 9 Reasons to Love Bodyweight Training.

Life & Style. 9 Reasons to Love Bodyweight Training. Doral Editor 3 years ago No Comments. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article. One of the biggest trends in fitness does not require fancy equipment or a healthy bank account. Rather, it costs nothing — and you can do it anywhere.

9. Bodyweight training improves your mental well-being. Bodyweight training gives you a natural high which is the result of reduced cortisol and increased endorphin levels. Consequently, it decreases stress, fights anxiety and increases your well-being.

You feel more energetic and you have a more positive outlook on life. Bodyweight training is great for building strength, but you can also use it to gain better flexibility. As long as you complete bodyweight exercises using a full range of motion, you can increase the flexibility of your joints.

Improved Balance. Resistance training is great for increasing strength, but it’s also effective for improving balance. Here are five reasons to add more bodyweight exercises into your program, along with ways to identify and eradicate any weakness that may be holding you back from excelling at them. 1 – Your Body is an Awesome Barbell.

Many of the all-time great bodybuilders used bodyweight exercises in their training regimens. But many of today’s lifters are. 10 Awesome Reasons Why Bodyweight Exercises Are the Best.

Everything doesn’t have to become complicated just because you are trying to get fit. Some simple bodyweight exercises can be a great place to start from.. Over the years, they have posed to be a great choice when it comes to achieving benefits from flexibility, strength and overall health.. The best of all is the fact that.

· Bodyweight training is superior for building muscle because it uses a higher percentage of muscle tissue · Bodyweight training is great for fat loss as well due to the evolutionary makeup of humans, and given the fact that muscular people get eaten less by tigers. Bodyweight exercises that include a full range of motion ensure your joints are moving freely, this also helps improve body posture and reduce any chance of injury. Depending on your goal and the exercises you do, body weight training is very effective when you want to increase flexibility. The Limitations of Bodyweight Training. Keep in mind also that it is difficult to reproduce some movements using only the body.

Think of a pulling motion — without the use of any equipment, it is essentially impossible to duplicate. If you have the use of a bar, you can incorporate pull-ups and supine rows into your routine, but this isn’t true “bodyweight” training. Right now, bodyweight workouts are king.

In fact, bodyweight training was named the number two fitness trend of 2016 by the American College of Sports Medicine (beat out only by wearable tech). “Body weight training uses minimal equipment making it more affordable.

List of related literature:

These include endurance training, which are exercises to increase breathing and heart rate; strength training, which builds muscles and increases muscle strength; balance exercises, which improve standing and gait; and flexibility exercises, which keep the body limber.

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I wanted to get stronger, in order to be able to compete on a more equitable basis with players like Curren and Becker, so for the first time in my life, I began lifting weights.

“You Cannot Be Serious” by John McEnroe, James Kaplan
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The goal of your circuit training is not to lift maximally heavy weights or to build big muscles—don’t get drawn down that path!—but instead to simply acquire enough muscular strength to climb regularly, learn skills, and reduce injury risk.

“The Rock Climber's Exercise Guide: Training for Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, and Stability” by Eric Horst
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The four reasons I’ve just discussed are not the only benefits of weight training for endurance athletes.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
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Once you’re rocking your best body ever, if you want to take your strength and fitness to the next level, there’s a lot more you can learn about effective training, but we can save that for another time and another book.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
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Part 3 provides the fundamentals for optimal strength and physique training, from training frequency (how often you work out) and set and repetition or rep schemes (how many times your perform the exercise) to creating realistic goals and expectations, as well as dietary guidelines.

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But who’s to say you can’t train and eat for a triple-bodyweight deadlift (strength), a rapid marathon time (endurance) with rock-solid abs (body composition) and a side helping of protein pancakes?

“The World's Fittest Book: The Sunday Times Bestseller from the Strongman Swimmer” by Ross Edgley
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In light of all these benefits, I had to include strength training in my book, and I turned to my friend and fitness expert Denise Henry for help.

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I probably travel for recreation more than most people, and I can tell you that I have had to modify the Power Training workouts more than a few times.

“Men's Health Power Training: Build Bigger, Stronger Muscles Through Performance-Based Conditioning” by Robert Dos Remedios, Michael Boyle, Editors of Men's Health Magazi
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  • I was feeling this and thinking yah this guy is dope, it makes sense, think of George st. Pierre. But. Then he went on about pistol squats (one leg) and pull ups and im gonna call him on his bs. There was a guy in basic who I can out rep in pull ups but he was way bigger, more cut, and stronger than me. Im not a slouch and im only 5’4″ but my bench was over 270 before I came in and his was over 360. He was a little taller than me but not much. My point is, I out rep a lot of people. I wanted to do spec ops and didn’t get it so I trained for that specifically, but, i still feel outclassed in terms of raw strength by these much more muscular bigger people and i dont feel like strong muscle stabilizers and high muscular endurance is a good indicator of raw power and strength.

  • Thank you so much for your book and philosophy, my brother and i have been using Yayog for 2 years now and it has changed our lives!

  • what you said about variety and fun is so true. that’s why I do both ;). I warm up with weighted pull-ups and weighted pushup for 2-3 sets. that leaves me sweating, heart rate up and and warmed up core to begin my upper body routine!

  • i dont do bodyweight training because im a fat fuck and perform like a grandma on these moves:D
    ill stick to powerlifting and keep some weightlifting moves to stay mobile
    as soon as im leaner and more advanced i’ll give bw training a shot, well for upper body, no one gets me rid of my back squats ��

  • Great Video! I started with your rehab program in March 2020 because I had some extra time because of the self isolation due to the coronavirus. After the Rehab I did the Bodyweight 2.0 program and I’m looking forward to start with the 90 days challenge.

  • The best home bodyweight excersize according to ones capacity…
    Yeoh Jordan ���� you are the best inspirational n motivational fitness leader.. I love u.. keep going n inspire us….

  • Hie there!
    I would love if you make a workout video on indian women, because indian women are way more different than others, their lifestyle, eating patterns contrast heavily.
    Thank you.

  • I love your workouts and your philosopy, I am a big fan of your book. Thanks to your advice and tips I have become a stronger version of myself in all aspects.

  • Been doing this every day for 2 weeks. Nothing else but water and healthy food…
    First week was quite difficult to keep up.
    Second week I was resting only 30secs between sets.
    This is awesome

  • As a parkour guy bodyweight T gives me a lot of muscle connection & coordination I feel more fluid and flexible less stiff yet strong enough to do each move explosively ��

  • I know this is an old video but I love it because I have to move my body in space in all exercises. It is very easy to cheat even unconciously so not cheating means I have great coordination (for example perfect pull ups, dips, push ups, etc).

  • I have done body weight training for years before I ever started getting serious about weightlifting, mainly because I did not have money for equipment but I still grew to be stronger and in better shape than most other and once I started weightlifting it came naturally to me.

  • Jordan Yeoh, this is a great workout….
    how many calories would a 73kg (161 lbs) 179cm guy burn if the workout is followed almost exactly?

  • Been doing this at least once a week for the past 6-7 weeks. Glad to say I finally completed all the exercises with proper form from start to finish without dying mid-way!

  • I’m mostly a body weight trainer. However, I do see the value is free weight training. I just ran a Spartan race. I felt good on the body weight obstacles, but I felt weaker on the obstacles that required me to control weight outside my body. I will be incorporating more squats and dead lifts into my workouts.

  • I do BW for the exact same reasons but I first started because it was free (when I was young) and, as you said, I could do it everywhere everyday. Agility, infinite progression, rewarding, always challenging, useful for dance and everything and of course efficient to get a great physique. Plus it’s more natural meaning you always work on balance and mobility, not seated on a machine.
    Thank you mate

  • I considered myself a pretty athletic person having played multiple team sports growing up. One day, I saw a picture of a planche and thought, “I can do that” or at least “I bet I’m close” I was astonished at how far away I was from being able to do even low level planche progressions. From there I started researching bodyweight and gymnastics style training and simply fell in love with how fun it is. As a secondary accomplishment I’m now in as good/better shape than I ever was a a college baseball player. I really enjoy the perspective that you, gmb, and calisthenics movement give to working out. It is thorough, scientific/well researched, and fun.

  • I love bodyweight training because it is a true testament of strength. I love the outdoors, the fresh air is amazing and the sun provides me with all the energy I need. Also, training by myself has been a blessing in disguise. I am a more conscious and gentle soul. All the motivation I need is inside of me. No external force is needed. No crowds, no cameras, no bullshit. Just the pull-up bar and myself. You don’t need a gym membership to get fit. If you want it, you’ll go out and get it. No excuses.

  • Something I AGREE WITH YOU. It’s not always about muscles being bigger. There are lot of hidden stabilizer muscles which contribute to RAW strength. As an INDIAN, I am proud there used to be a famous Wrestler from India during early 20th century called THE GREAT GAMA. Despite being only 5’7″ He was one hell of Buff man and never lose one single fight in his whole career internationally. FUN PART is OUR TRADITIONAL ANCIENT WRESTLING EXERCISES are comprised majority of bodyweight training with Maces and Clubs used for shoulders. NO BARBELLS, NO DUMBELLS, NO FANCY MODERN GYM STUFFS.

  • Jordan, how many calories does this one burn? It would be great to share your daily work pout routine. I just keep grabbing whichever comes first by try to be on the level 3 and above.

  • i love bodyweight training because its very difficult and so fun that after years going a few months to the gym and then quit fot another 5 or 6 months… and then back.. and so on, finally found something really challenging and the progression keeps me having fun all the time i go to th gym and train front lever progression for example…everyday a small step to front lever planche and handstand, those are my goals for this year

  • After almost a year of weight lifting I didn’t look or feel like I was gaining true strength until I started going crazy on the chin-ups.

  • y I do body weight every little break through or ah ha moment when attempting to do somthing out side of my current ability is one of the greatest feelings the clutch flag took me a few months and meny mini achievements feels great when your surprised how much better you’ve gotten from the last attempt

  • If you prefer weight lifting & try to only do bodyweight exercise you will lose out because you dont have the passion for it. Pushups & pullups is probably all you will do before losing gains & giving up. Same for anybody who loves bodyweight & abandons it for weight lifting. Me personally i feel better weight lifting & the main reason i work out is to feel good about myself

  • I used to put rocks in a backpack and do pushups/chinups when I was a teen, now I just work with dumbbells lol. I workout 5 days a week. For instance, Monday I’ll do dumbbell flat bench press/bicep curls/carries/rows, Tuesday I’ll do my ab work which consists of crunches/bicycles and I also throw a 10 lb medicine ball around for explosive power (upgrading to 20lbs) and Wednesday I’ll do leg work, which is dumbbell squats and weighted calf raises. 2 days off then start all over lol. I also do exercises to increase my reaction time everyday.

  • hey daniel i am doing it because i dont need muscle mass all i need is strength iam 178 ang iam 73 kg but i want to be in 60 kg and my strength should be of person who is 100 kg can i achieve it through body weight training

  • Really appreciate the preview section before the next exercise comes up! Saves wasting the first 10 seconds of the set working out how to do it

  • Started Bodyweight training to acheive human flag et front lever, but first i realize i had to put muscle up as my first goal althought i don’t forget my initial goals.

  • It’s safer. Heavy lifting destroys the body. A fact that’s not backed by Science. But just by every man I’ve come across that’s lifted heavy for a number of years. High volume daily body weight exercises fixed many of my injuries. Though I don’t have any intention of attempting the cool stuff you do. I’m happy be healthy and pain free.

  • People who do bodyweight calisthenics always look ripped as hell with decent muscle mass, while all these gym freaks, as known as “heavy weight lifters”, always look unnaturally big with little or no definition. I won’t even talk about how flexible you get when you do calisthenics and how much condition you gain. All these gym heavy lifters can’t even run more than 20 metres or do one simple stretching exercise. Pathetic.

  • I do more than 20 different push ups a day with max repetitions and I have got the best core strength with superb physic. Always remember. Soldiers, martial artists are stronger and agile than body builders

  • Thank you I was talking to my sister who got into weights with her boyfriend daniel lemus who is like a beast. But she doesn’t think you can gain lot muscle and strength both from body weight and they love you I cant wait show them this but i like to mix like a 5×5 or low rep strentgh weights with hard core calisthenics on days or alternate

  • Nice info, man! but what do you think of combining free weights with calisthenics? Is it impossible to progress on both of them because I love both but I don’t know how to combine them.:/

  • yup. Slow & controlled calisthenics reps to failure, using rings and what not; will get you swole. Alot of my friends go to prison and come out looking buff; eating a high carb diet and training with bodyweight only. The trick with calisthenics, is you have to slow down the reps and train to absolute failure on every set or you won’t grow or get lean.

  • Another benefit: It is more difficult to develop debilitating muscular imbalances. With bodybuilding, you could do impractical, isolation movements all day. But with calisthenics, especially with advanced movements, it is very difficult to progress with such imbalances.

  • The only time I was ripped in my life I was doing all body weight. About ten years ago, I just got back to it and I can feel the improvement already again.
    Body weight works.

  • Well first of all Daniel. if Calisthenics/body weight can give me a body like yours, then I’m ready to skip for body weight. At the gym i have to wait for some other people to finish with chest press or abs bench or other equipment. But I’m ‘Zero” at body weight.

  • Ways to make calisthenics harder 1. Make the exercise explosive 2. Increase leverage 3. Make exercise unilateral 4. Use greater range of motion 5. Increase reps 6. Add weight

  • Training goals change with age. When I was young, it was all about deadlifting 600+, squatting 500+, and benching 405+. But now at 37, I feel and look WAY better from calisthenics.

    But the reason why some people don’t benefit from calisthenics, is because they mindlessly bang out fast reps with crap form. Slow tempo, paused reps, and harder levers matter. Also using progressive overload with added weight is important too.

  • Can someone explain to me if this is a workout program where I have to follow the levels(?) Cuz I notice the title says level 2.5 and then I go to his channel and it shows a bunch of different videos with levels and I’m not sure what process to follow. Are there any prior videos before this one or do I repeatedly use this workout video?

  • Seeing this in 2020, I have never felt joint pain with bodyweight training. It is just easier to get the form down when you are the load.

  • I do this because I injured my lower back pretty bad.Body weight helped me enjoyed my self have something fun to live for and I really enjoy it, it get rid of my ego unlike weight lifting always compare that I am not good enough it really benefit me from the inside out

  • A pistol squat with no assistance in balance is definitely a feat that draws a line between strong, and those who think they are strong, lol.

  • i do bodybuilding and i use some bodyweight exercises, it helps me to be flexible and strenghten myself, also you cant develop a good back without some wide grip pullups

  • I do BW training because I am over 50 and find free weights and machines to be harder on my recovery time and I am not progressing. BW training opens me up to areas of physical growth and development that I thought I no longer had. Thanks for your videos and motivation in teaching an old dog new tricks!

  • i feel calisthenics is the better way to get stronger and to be in big control over your body. Simply put, just like you, i think it is the most complete and fun way of working out and once u get ur first strength gains or any gains it will keep u interested.

  • Great video once again. Do you do any yoga or pilates? Plyometrics? I love all three because its lots of core training on top of everything else and it helps to not plateau.

  • Hey Daniel love the videos really inspirational and motivational! I just wanted to request if you can do more lower body/full leg workout videos thanks

  • Hey Daniel. Your efficient home workout (10 Down) has gave me 5lbs in 3 months. And now I’m finally able to do a muscle up with your help. I have a question: I do the 10 Down workout twice a week on upper body days and some advanced Pushups and pullups or Rows along with it. Might be only body Rows and one arm Pushup progressions. What do you think about adding weighted Pushups and which do you think is more effective: Dips or pushups for building size

  • Hey Daniel, I recently started doing Calisthenics and I just wanted to ask if my workout routine should consist of the 4 main exercises (Pullups/Dips/Squats/Pressups) or should I focus on 2 muscle groups like Chest &Tricep for example on Monday and on Tuesday I work on different muscles like Abs & Glutes?
    Thanks so much
    Your a huge inspiration
    Keep up the good work mate ��

  • Do you have any exercises to help stabilize the scapula? I have some bad scapula winging and I’m wondering if it has something to do with my upper back pain

  • Myself and others consider me to be very unorthodox. The way you workout is also very unorthodox so, naturally, this is the way I have chosen to stay fitt. Not to mention the joy that comes with perfecting my form with all the different poses, it makes me feel like a badass. It gives me a reason to do all the push ups and pull ups. After perfecting a form I can kind of look back and say yeah I learned how to do that. Anyway, thanks for the videos and workouts, keep it up love your stuff.����

  • This video has great information, but I’m not sure about the best diet plan which i need to work with, only because I have never taken any. Anybody tried using the Custokebon Secrets? I have noticed several people mention unbelivable things about Custokebon Secrets.

  • I wish all middle and high schools can see this video, teach the youngsters and athletes that you don’t need a gym.. In fact the whole world, because you’re saving money and time.. Plus it’s fun and to me I love working out outside on the bars and its just not the same inside a gym just too many ppl looking in the mirror taking pictures or on the phone, convos or waiting to get on a machine, ppl distracting you, all the cons about going to a gym.. But body weight you don’t need equipment, or even a spotter because no one can do the hard work for you.. All you need is an open floor or the local park, there’s so much to it and I just feel like they’re aren’t good informative teachers out there who can tell our future generations these things, Daniel if you were a gym teacher I’d be your teachers pet because what you say is gold!!!

  • “Unlike other fitness authors, I haven’t trained celebrities, whose lives’ depend on being fit. I train those whose LIVES do.” Absolutely genius, Mark. I don’t think I will forget that too soon.

  • I am just an average guy not a bodybuilder or anything. I have been battling colon and liver cancer over the past year and I have had my surgeries in December and July. To rebuild my strength and to get into shape as well as the covid lockdown shutting down the gyms I switched to calisthenics at home and have found it so much more beneficial than lifting weights at the gym. My workouts are shorter but I get better results, I feel I have more energy, the workouts have way more variety and work more muscles at once than using weights, motivation is up because the workouts are shorter and if you are not feeling so great you can always modify your exercises to something more manageable like various pushups from your knees to still get a workout in for the average person out there just trying to get some form of fitness into their day.

  • NICE VID Connor. You are the result of hard and resilient training. Even if Tom Hardy is good, you’re way better and stronger Warrior.

  • Hi….my weight is 71 kg and my hight is 150 cm an i have a belly.and i want to start body weight training.how i should start and what i do.with my respect

  • Start today ��
    I do this exercise for 1 month��
    Current weight 67 ��
    Goal 50☺
    Plz Like and hit to motivate me ��
    Day 1 ☑️
    Day 2 ☑️
    Day 3 ☑️

  • i am copetive poverlifer and martiol artist mostly i doing exersicer cardio,poverlifting and yoga sines i add som body wghait exersice i sow how ussfull just as u seying i agreed ur werd, i making us strong from all side

  • Dear Sir Coach Elliott Hulse,
    I watched your video and I like it. My utmost respect & interest. Good job! I hope I can inspire you to watch my short “Explosive MMA bodyweight exercises” workout video.
    I hope it may provide you with new insights and inspiration. Check out lots more of my “MMA bodyweight” variations & exercises on my YT channel (if you like).
    Thnx for your time. Best wishes & till soon, Jacky from Holland

  • I fell in love with calisthenics at first, I trained whenever I got time to train. But recently I realised that the great calisthenics athletes who can do a bunch of badass moves can actually dip more weight than they can squat, or in other words their upper body is stronger than their legs. Which I think is very disproportionate. I think that is the disadvantage of calisthenics training.

  • Hey man, absolutely love your content! Im another aussie and love bodyweight training and was interested in getting a coach and wondering if you could coach me as I want to get serious with this difficult style of training?

  • can you make some video about strength and pain in lower back? your opinions, and advice about that area of the body and some stretch for lower back.

  • I would never limit myself to just Bodyweight just as i wouldn’t limit myself to just weight training, both styles have there merits & failings. I personally use a hybrid of both styles of training.

  • Dude hey man, I started doing calisthenics only as of 1 month now due to a vehicle accident I had last year and I found out from an xray that I had 3 cervical or neck herniations and a broken vertebrae. I also found that my 3 discs are 50 to 100 percent herniated along with a chunk of disc sheared off and floating in my neck harassing my nerves and I have 7 discs with severe degeneration. In the last 1.5 years I’ve cut 20 lbs of weight and changed my diet and I have a cervical decompression apparatus and an inversion table to help me.. I’ve got some flak from quitting lifting but man I feel strong and alot of my dizziness has gone down.. I collapsed 8 months ago getting into a work truck and have had severe anxiety from my nerves being pinched. I’m 42 and was doing strongman training for 3 years when all this kicked my ass. Thanks for promoting this

  • I lift hard/heavy on my lower body. But for upper body I’ll take weighted calisthenics all day long.

    You’re not only building primary strength, but also stabilizer strength as well. It takes a TON of relative overall strength to ctrl your body through space.

    I think why guys don’t see results with calisthenics is because they don’t train with ctrl and mindful intensity. They use shit form and mindlessly bang out reps. But when you look at gymnasts that use slow tempo, pauses, isometric holds, etc they’re ripped/jacked!

  • I’m an endomorph and have been doing body weight for a few months.
    100push ups are getting easier. Dips are a walk in the park. And now I’ve recently done my first few 1 handed push ups.
    I’m 120kg. ��

  • In this video I review Tom Hardy’s bodyweight training that he used to help him get in shape for Bronson & Warrior. I give my thoughts on how you can take some key points from his training and add them into your own routine to push towards your goals. Alongside giving you a list of bodyweight exercises to help overload your body to gain some serious mass at the end of the video.
    If you enjoyed this type of video, be sure to let me know & I will produce a lot more celebrity workout videos.����

  • Been following this workout routine twice daily for the past two weeks. The routine is fantastic. Great sense of achievement everytime i completed the workout! Thank You JY!!

  • Hey Daniel, throughout your older videos you’ve gotten progressively leaner whilst at the same time packing on more muscle mass, Is that just through excluding unhealthy foods like fast-food, soft drinks and maintaining a consistent, progressive overload centred training schedule, OR did you go through periods of calorie deficit to ‘shred’ the fat and then periods of caloric surplus to gain muscle?
    Big fan btw, keep up the solid work!

  • Luv this channel! For me I just like the feeling of being able to launch your body in the air or off the ground, with just your body. Plus I feel people just hav more respect for bodyweight. Nobody has ever come up to me in the gym and admired my deadlifting or curls cuz that strength is kinda relative. Its different with bodyweight. I remember bangin out some muscleups at the end of a workout and two girls comin up where I was and going “thats awesome.” I feel you need both but if I had to choose one bodyweight all the way man!

  • Great mix of exercises, not boring and quite fun to do with a partner! Thanks J.Y for putting these up for putting these vids up man.

  • Today was my first of doing this exercise will update everyday the status by commenting

    Day 1-continued till 18 mins after that almost fainted ������

  • Yeah I noticed Its nice not being in the gym. Working out at home doing calistetics. Slowly but surely I’m not caring about how much weight I move, there’s no one there to see me moveing the weight so the ego is gone. Which is nice because I can just focus on gaining muscle. Not how much weight or how many reps I’m doing. It’s also easier on my body. Lately I just been focusing on keeping thourasic extention through out every moment and just focusing on form, building muscle and posture.

  • I do mainly calisthenics (bodyweight training). most people do not realize how many variations there are to make the resistance much more difficult. And just as you have said, I use weights to ascend further while still focusing on bodyweight training. I feel like bodyweight training is beneficial when it comes to practical strength, not for strictly gaining mass and bulking up.

    I’m glad I saw this video. Currently I’m at a level where I am trying to find some more advanced movements or develope my own to make the exercises a little more intense.

  • I’m gonna switch to upper body calisthenics mostly. Only ones imma keep are Barbell Overhead Press and Barbell Row. For legs I’m gonna do more box jumps and work on my Pistol Squat, but I’m mostly gonna stick to Squats, Deadlifts, and Walking Lunges.

  • My senior year i got a harsh virus form of mono it attacked my liver and it made me loss tromendios amount of weight about 60-70 pounds i am about 164lbs now im 6 foot or over and i need to gain at least 20lbs to be considered healthy for my skeletal structure so ive been starting bodyweight training to help gain:) thank you for posting these videos:)

  • If you wanna read a noone’s opinion here I go: I think lifting weights makes you better at static lifting, while bodyweight makes you better at dynamic lifting, thus, making you better at movement in most of sports.

  • Whenever I do the trizeps dips I get an sore back, mostly on the right side and my right ear starts to hum. Anyone can give me advice what the hecks wrong with me?

  • Can someone link me to a video that can guide me about scapula activation, retraction and training? I have trouble doing this, partly due to inexprience and partly because my right shoulder feels slightly different than my left shoulder. Even my left deltoid is bigger than my right one (probably due to slightly uneven pushups among other reasons).

  • Whenever i do mostly body weight stuff i feel much better. Pushing heavy weights takes a toll on the body

    But with body weight stuff you everything gets stronger with your muscles

  • As I approach 50…weight lifting feels more and more like an injury waiting to happen. Pull ups and push ups and bike riding may be my future…it feels more natural.

  • kyokushin karate black belts, push up variations, crunch and abs work and body squats…. 4 times per week. No more injury from heavy squats and deadlift.

  • I recently just switched completely to body weight training almost every day after doing weights for about 4 years, i had great results from weights but everything got boring to me and i decided to just do what i WANT. Switching to body weight training allows me to be way more creative in my progressions and i have noticed pretty big gains in terms of muscle mass even after weight training for so long, it’s so much more enjoyable to me. Plus you have to love the back progress you get from so many pull ups!

  • Safe for kids to do because of no bar loading. As they continue to grow these exercises help develop their nervous system to handle stresses. Build their bodies up from a neurological foundation.

  • Awsome video. thanks for the honesty. too many people get stuck on one thing and shun all else. I do both and i like them both for diferent reasons.

  • bodyweight training is FUNCTIONAL training. It is more versatile, practical, efficient and foundational.You don’t need a gym. It can be done ANYWHERE even in a small room or on a yoga mat.

  • I started body weight training in Judo when I was 10 and using it also when I wrestled I felt more loose, when I started weight training in the gym I hurt my right shoulder and going back to yoga helped me loosen up more ��

  • Great video, I love the idea of using it especially to,begin, or starting strength… my problem with starting strength isn’t their method per se, it definitely works, but they tell you to use and belts and shoes and straps or whatever, your body is a system, and any engineer will tell you, you’re system is only as efficient and strong as its weakest point. If I make widgets and I can’t make x part as quickly as y but i keep investing in part y.s efficiency it’s not really going to matter with respect to the finished product, in this case transferring strength to athletic and combat sports or just daily strength needs. If my grip is weak, it doesn’t matter how strong my dls are, I’d never be able to reproduce that strength in real life, but what’s more, I believe it’s your body telling you that you’re getting out of wack. Work on your grip, then come back to dls. That would make sense from a systems pov… same with those dumb wedged shoes, you’re problem. Is ankle mobility.

  • Calisthenics is an honest, humble practice that has been taught and used for over 10,000 years. From shaolin monks to Spartans to new age hero’s like Jack Lalanne, Calisthenics is undeniably the best, most functional form of fitness with unlimited opportunities. I love Calisthenics fitness, which is why I certified myself as a Elite Calisthenics Specialist and now a certified Personal Trainer with NASM. Now I’m ready to pass the knowledge on to even more individuals and eventually have a Calisthenics education course in high schools.

  • Great video! For me the first argument counts the most. I don’t want to spend over 2 hours just to sport. it’s too long. Also I feel more comfortable in my own house xD

    Bodyweight training (and yoga/ pilates) also activate the smaller deeper muscles in your body. Although those muscles don’t make you look ripped, they are essential when it comes to balance and a healthy posture. It prevents many problems people have like for instance neck and back pain.

  • I love Callisthenics personally I do both weight lifting and body weight training and I’ve felt so much stronger by doing callisthenics personally

  • Do you have a video where you compare gym to bodyweight which is better kinda..? Sry if it is a stupid question maybe I didnt see the video

  • Its all about BALANCE. If you’re a high metabolism, skinny person then bodyweight exercises won’t have you looking as good if you don’t incorporate mass building exercises. As for guys that are naturally bigger, their hardest challenge would be bodyweight exercises because it would be harder for them to lift their weight.
    Bodyweight exercise will always be more effective in the end because its more natural, causes less injuries and targets more muscles. When you stop working out with weights, you have a tendency to deflate. With bodyweight you just lose some definition.

  • Been following your workout since MCO. I’m surprised I’m able to complete this workout on my first try. Though it’s exhausting as F!

  • Dear Lunden,
    A month ago, I started working out at home (bodyweight workouts), around 15-30 minutes every day. I also started walking for an hour and a half daily, which is around 8000 steps. I started doing this because I realized that I wasn’t losing weight and there was nothing to change in my diet because it was already very healthy and balanced.
    However, I have a concern. I’ve gained 2 kg, and I’m now 60.7 kg. Is that normal? This is the heaviest I have ever been. I haven’t gained much muscle or definition, but I do feel like my legs are harder now. I’m worried that I’ll continue gaining weight, and that I won’t fit into my prom dress in 2 months. Do you have any advice you can give me? And also, how much weight is it normal for me to gain?

  • Bodyweight training feels aligned with yoga and vice versa. I feel a physical and mental release after each a sense of accomplishment at acquiring a new skill or level of progression. Healthy. Looks good too helps keep 6-pack abs too.

  • Bodyweight training is important to me because it has done more good for me than probably anything else I’ve done in my life. I spent about 5 years doing weight training on and off to very little success, in part because i wasn’t as consistent as i am now, but it simply wasn’t fun to me. Once i started calisthenics I INSTANTLY fell in love and while it took some time to get comfortable on a bar, i actually genuinely enjoy working out now. I have made muscle gains that i started thinking I’d never have, I’ve become insanely stronger from how i was before, and it’s become a passion of mine. I feel more confident about myself than I ever have because of calisthenics.
    I absolutely love calisthenics and I hope to inspire more people to try it out. Thank you for the videos too Daniel, this channel has helped me in my journey TREMENDOUSLY. You’re a huge inspiration of mine

  • Today, 1st time at [Level 2.5] after 2 weeks of [Level 2], and I made it to the end!
    (Started at [Level 0.5] at the beginning of quarentine, and worked my way up to here!)
    Thank you, Jordan!

  • Do you have any exercises to help stabilize the scapula? I have some bad scapula winging and I’m wondering if it has something to do with my upper back pain

  • The thing is for bulking and getting bigger you should train with weights,for muscle sharpness and shapeing the muscle you should train with bodyweight… so train 3x a week with weights and train with bodyweight everyday (cause when training with bodyweight your muscles Don’t need to recover before you can train again,when training with weights your muscles have to recover properly or you’ll kill your gains)

  • Calistehnics is like working out with only 20kg plates available lol. But the reward and carryover you ultimately achieve is incredible

  • Bodyweight exercises NEVER FAILS. Its YOUR BODY WEIGHT����‍♂️ You really don’t lose your gains doing bodyweight exercise, plus it’s better for your body. You get more blood flow to your muscles. THIS IS WHY prisoners are super swole! They incorporate more bodyweight exercises than weights. Because they have more time to do thousands of repetitions. Lifting weights your do less reps. Plus if your ego gets involved with bodyweight exercises, all you can do is more reps. Unlike wanting to bench 600lbs to show off and possibly kill yourself. Nobody has ever died doing push ups ����‍♂️

  • Completely agree Elliott. When done right bodyweight training like martial arts training creates a foundation of self mastery. And when you can do some of the harder bodyweight exercises that require massive stability and range of motion then your external resistance training is not only going to be better but stay injury-free. I lost my way for a while as well… but now back on point. Preach on brother!

  • Okay: ))..i m doing outdoor workouts and calisthenics (bars) for 3 years now…Why m i doing them?To remain being strong and cause it brings me more energy (its not only cause of the physic), and + i like the mobility and agility of the movements(Leg raises, Flag, inverse dips ect ect there are so much variety of workouts that anyone can make a program on its own or a combination on its own to hit a muscle group: Upper body, Lower body,Arms,Legs,Abs, Back ) that s why..DANKE!!xD

  • I do body weight training because, when you’re in the field or down range, you don’t have a gym. The ability to maneuver and manipulate your own body weight in a rapid, high intensity, movement successfully can and will save your life. The more you “feel” and “see” what your body is capable of helps you know your limits and prevent senseless injury. My goal is to be mobile, agile and lethal. Weights are good, but the ability to throw it around and move throughout the battlefield is better.

  • What a great physique. I like the body weight exercises as recovery can be quicker than with weight training and allows for more frequent training.

  • Hi I am new to your channel and I am inspired by looking your perfect body. I am interested too but confused with level and where to start from?