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“The Mind Will Make Everything Much Worse Than The Actual Experience Itself.” 1. Go to the gym during non peak hours If gym anxiety sufferers avoid going to the gym for fear of being intimidated by 2. Begin a group class One of the best ways to overcome gym anxiety. Gym anxiety is a lot like social anxiety and can manifest itself in different ways: Excessive fear of being judged, worrying that you’ll embarrass or humiliate yourself, or being so self-conscious that it’s hard to concentrate. You’re not alone.

In fact, really ripped guys with lots of Instagram followers have felt the same thing. One of the best (and most effective) ways to overcome gym anxiety is to have a workout buddy when you’re first starting out. This person could be a friend, family member, or even a personal trainer that you hire. The idea here is to simply have a companion for your first few workouts so.

4. Meditate. Glick suggests a breathing exercise like The 4-7-8 Breath, developed by Andrew Weil, M.D., but doing any simple breathing exercise in. Rigorously study your chosen routine before setting foot in the gym. Better yet, get a good trainer to help you out and Focus on what you are doing instead of other people. Do this by paying attention to specific cues during each exercise.

Reassure yourself, with pen and paper, that you aren’t. “But fear not, there are many ways to confront and overcome your gym related fears, and as my research shows, it is worth it.” Tips to Overcoming Gym Fear. From Dr Margee Kerr.

Remind yourself that you are in control. “Studies show a sense of agency, or control, makes scary events easier to tolerate and overcome. Follow these 5 tips to handle anxiety that arises when you try a new type of exercise at the gym, from experts like trainers and exercise physiologists. 73%.

When gym anxiety gets the best of you, invite someone you know and trust to work out with you. When you’re with a friend, you feel more relaxed and are able to have fun. Even if a spell of gym anxiety arises, don’t be afraid to face your insecurity – share a laugh about it.

There are many ways to battle that initial anxiety you may have, so to help you start out strong, follow these tips. Get A Gym Buddy. Going to the gym with someone you’re comfortable with can help ease the anxiety of being somewhere new.

If you’ve got a friend who is already fitness. Gym anxiety is common when you first start working out somewhere new. If you’re a student, you might also be afraid of gym class at school.

On the other hand, for those with social anxiety disorder (SAD), fear about going to the gym or attending gym class can be so severe that it interferes with just getting through the day.

List of related literature:

The trainer might also take this opportunity to remind participants of other ways of cultivating mindfulness, such as becoming more aware of one’s daily activities and getting into the habit of using the three-step exercise described above to activate present-moment awareness several times during the day.

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Also, the idea of going to a gym where other people were made me dizzy with anxiety.

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Furthermore, a large, busy gym may trigger agoraphobic avoidance.

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Any time you’re feeling nervous about being in the gym, remember that you’re in there to do a job and you owe it to yourself to conquer your fears by facing them head on!

“The Body Sculpting Bible for Women, Fourth Edition” by James Villepigue, Hugo Rivera
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They tell me the gym will help stabilize my moods—the adrenaline and the dopamine rush that exercise triggers will level out the rises and falls, interrupt the cycles that can lead me into and out of episodes and extreme moods.

“Madness: A Bipolar Life” by Marya Hornbacher
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Highlighting this may be the only input a trainer needs to do, pointing out possible comfort zones (places where one feels relaxed) and comfort rituals (relaxing activities like walking the dog).

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Gyms can be centers of social contact and relaxation, and exciting places if you are motivated.

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Make the most of people in the gym, asking for their advice on training systems and correct form (vital’).

“1001 Climbing Tips: The essential climbers' guide: from rock, ice and big-wall climbing to diet, training and mountain survival” by Andy Kirkpatrick
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Replace “I can’t go to the gym until I lose weight” with “I can go to the gym if I remind myself that facing my anxiety is an act of admirable courage.”

“The Body Image Workbook: An Eight-step Program for Learning to Like Your Looks” by Thomas F. Cash
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Otherwise, fillthis gym with whatever you mightneed topracticein your mind andwhatever brings youa sense of peace.

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  • It’s simple really everybody in the gym you’re in started somewhere and they are there for a reason and that’s to lose weight, gain muscle or just simply relax with yoga and so on

    Basically there’s no reason to feel nervous, we are all working out for the same reason. Once you get over that nervousness you will realise there’s literally nothing to worry about and the more you visit the gym your motivation and confidence will increase and I guarantee that.

  • Just sit your ass down on the bench and play some music, stop giving a fuck lmao. Everybody is busy kicking the shit out of themselves and questioning their own existence, they couldn’t give a damn about you lmao

  • I’ve never suffered from “gym-intimidation.” Although, I dont like going to a packed gym… mainly because I dont want to wait around for machines and just finish as fast as possible and continue the muscle burn without losing it to rest or fatigue.

  • I’m happy I found your channel, u feel so genuine. It’s really inspiring and helpful to watch your videos and listen to u, I’m trying to make it easier for myself to go to the gym. I just started and I’ve wanted it for so long, but always been hold back by myself. So thank you for this. ❤️

  • I felt the complete same, especially when it came to my first time bench pressing. I couldn’t even do 5kg on each side of the bar, I just knew I was being secretly judged and I felt horrible and weak. Now I’ve built up to do nearly 20kg on each side for reps easily, and feel as if i “fit in” more.

  • This has actually happened to me countless times. I remember being in a situation at the Y, I was trying to find a machine to use and everything was taken but everyone was also staring at me. Hated the feeling that I had at the gym and it happened a bunch of times, so I left and went to Golds. Very welcoming environment there and good people everywhere. No judgement, just people minding their own while occasionally chatting with others. Ever since my move into a new gym I feel better about working out and have been able to refocus myself.

    All of the points you made here are great new ways for me to try things though and I will definitely be putting them to the rest for myself! Thank you Krysten:)

  • This vid deserve to be converted as an audio podcast it is that good and very impressive edits. �� keep up the badass work ma friend you are so intelligent/great motivator.

  • the ULTIMATE secret i had was walking in with my earphones on listening to a song that makes me feel like a boss. That really allowed me to almost feed off being completely stared at by the creepy men (I know, it sounds weird lol) instead of being anxiety ridden knowing that every move i make, one of the people watching me IS going to notice like i was before. The key is having confidence that you ARE a boss and steal the show when you walk up in their girls!!! <3

  • I found your channel through The Gem Goddess �� love and light to you and your channel, I relate to this so much. I can’t wait to see your followers grow! Just subscribed ��

  • I’m full of anxiety when going to the gym lately. I am at my heaviest because of my meds and I hate it. I’m glad I found this video, you made me more powerful ❤️

  • As someone on the smaller side (tho I’m a 5’3″ 17yo, and I’m 130lbs so maybe I’m not that small ahaha), it’s so impressive and encouraging to see larger people working out bc (and I hope this doesn’t sound condescending) 1. that means there are no excuses for me feeling self conscious or for going easy on myself and 2. it’s impressive that they’re determined, working hard, and being active. It always makes me more determined to take care of myself because it’s easier for me than it is for them and yet they’re working way harder than I am. So just bc there are lots of fit people around doesn’t mean anyone is judging! And who knows, maybe the slimmer person used to be way less healthy/in shape ��

  • thanks Joey this video is gonna help me because i’m signing up for a gym membership tomorrow, it will be the first day of my weight loss transformation journey, i’m prepared for the long road ahead…..i’ll be back in one year to let you guys know how i went. i hope this comment inspires someone else to get started as-well.

  • I can relate….. I truly love the gym but in the beginning it is awkward but then again so is everything we do for the first time..great attitude, just go for it

  • When i was super out of shape around 301, i was afraid to go to the gym and workout because of the way i look. But i have learn to love and be content of the body that i had put myself too. So now i raise my head up high and walk my ass to the gym to workout without caring how i look:) Lose 30 pounds up to date now, going on 3 months strong! Keep up the great videos!!

  • Omg Travie doesn’t care about me??? Lololllll ilyyy. There are so many people who need to see this. Wish I had this before I started going to the gym.

  • really love the video honestly i enjoyed watching your every single video abi and lots of love always my dear..pls do sexy leggings and shorts tryon hauls waiting for those..and waiting for the lingerie tryons too