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8 Things Trainers Wish Everyone Knew About Weight Loss Weight loss is one of the most common fitness goals trainers deal with. The reality, however, is that not every person who seeks to lose weight ends up reaching their goal. The best gyms and studios mix it up to keep things fresh. So if you try one HIIT class and don’t like it, well, there’s always another one waiting for you. 2. IT’S NOT JUST CIRCUIT TRAINING.

You’ve probably done some type of circuit training, even if it’s just bouncing from one machine to the next. 8 things i wish i knew before i started my weight loss journey ️ custom training plans weight loss meal prep for women. 8 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Weight Loss Journey Watch this video on YouTube If I ever had a time machine, these are the 8 things I would tell my younger self before I started my weight loss journey. it gets REAL, Queen Bees!MY WEIGHT LOSS TRANSFORMATION – Using Bbg And Weights Lose 10kg In 10 Days Egg Diet Plan For Fast Weight Loss || 900 Calorie Egg Diet Plan -Natasha Mohan My Weight Loss Journey | Essa Al Ansari | [email protected] TRYING ON MY OLD JEANS AFTER 40 LB WEIGHT LOSS! Weight Training Workout For Weight Loss – Fat Burning.

8 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Weight Loss Journey Amanda Rinaldi. Things No One Tells You About Losing Weight I Wish I Knew!! | Lola’s Weight Loss Journey Personal Trainer Pro #1: They teach you new things If you’re new to the gym experience, getting a personal trainer is a smart idea.

Many gyms offer a free session at sign-up to help you get familiar with the machines, and more in-depth sessions can help perfect your form. The lights dimmed. The music blasted.

I felt a weird sensation that I’d never before experienced during exercise: laugh-out-loud joy. Halfway through the class, I was hooked. As with most things in life, a personal trainer will cost you.

Prices may vary based on geographic location, gym affiliation (some trainers are affiliated with a. MyFitnessPal provides powerful tools that make it easier for anyone to live a healthier life by tracking their meals and physical activity.MyFitnessPal is part of the world’s largest digital health and fitness community, Under Armour Connected Fitness™. Improve your overall health and fitness with our family of apps.

List of related literature:

Clients not only relied on their trainers to get fit, lose weight, and train regularly, but they also wanted to broaden the conversation to include advice on business, relationships, nutrition, and lifestyle.

“Lifestyle Wellness Coaching” by James Gavin, Madeleine Mcbrearty
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Everyone knows they can lose weight by exercising more; what they want to know is how much to exercise.

“Walk Away the Pounds: The Breakthrough 6-Week Program That Helps You Burn Fat, Tone Muscle, and Feel Great Without Dieting” by Leslie Sansone
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Even though the contestants in question have become personal trainers and thus likely exercise regularly as a part of their jobs, he or she assumed that they must be doing something wrong if they’re gaining weight.

“Discriminating Taste: How Class Anxiety Created the American Food Revolution” by S. Margot Finn
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These comments came from family (42%), friends (33%), and coaches/trainers (25%), and were focused primarily on the athletes’ appearance and need to lose weight.

“Body Image, Second Edition: A Handbook of Science, Practice, and Prevention” by Thomas F. Cash, Linda Smolak
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This antiquated idea claims that if we eat fewer calories than we burn during training, we lose weight.

“The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing” by Philip Maffetone, Mark Allen
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Trainers do their best to help people lose weight, but if they follow the same low-fat diet as the rest of society, the increased physical exercise is not necessarily going to work for weight loss.

“Dr. Colbert's Keto Zone Diet: Burn Fat, Balance Appetite Hormones, and Lose Weight” by Don Colbert
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During my Corporate Athlete® training, my coaches spent a good deal of time focused on helping us understand weight loss.

“The Healthy Workplace: How to Improve the Well-Being of Your Employees-and Boost Your Company's Bottom Line” by Leigh Stringer
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The use of personal trainers and financial incentives have been tested as strategies to improve exercise adherence and long-term weight loss (Jeffery, Wing, Thorson, & Burton, 1998).

“Handbook of Psychology, Health Psychology” by Donald K. Freedheim, Irving B. Weiner, John A. Schinka, Arthur M. Nezu, Wayne F. Velicer, Christine M. Nezu, Alice F. Healy, Pamela A. Geller, Robert W. Proctor
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All the research shows, though, that working on the ‘energy out’ side of the equation, by becoming more active, can really help your weight loss and especially maintenance of your weight loss.

“Slimming World: World of Flavours” by Slimming World
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My training thus far about losing weight was limited to the calorie-restriction model served up from years of attending Weight Watchers meetings1 and listening to the rants from my ever-weightconscious grandmother.

“DIRTY, LAZY, KETO (Revised and Expanded): Get Started Losing Weight While Breaking the Rules” by Stephanie Laska
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  • not eating carbs is BS, someone says that to me I walk the other way, I never weigh myself anymore, I go by how my clothes fit, and I eat and then check to see how I feel after I eat something, if I eat something and feel like crap after I write it down so I remember I don’t really want that because in the long run it will make me feel bad

  • Thank you so much for genuinely researching! With so much emphasis on “prosthetic,” these companies are focusing more on selling than providing evidence.

  • I am 15 and was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few months ago. After starting my medication, and started gaining weight. Listening to your story with your journey through getting healthy has helped me so much. My excuse for my weight gain was my slow metabolism, but I am sick of living like this. I cannot wait for my healthy lifestyle!!!

  • I have your app Katie but it doesn’t work for me and wish it was free because I absolutely love it!!!!!!! In the meantime since it’s not responding, I hope there’s another app similar to yours like I found FitOn. If FitOn is like lsf I definitely would use it until lsf app has more to work with. Thanks again ������

  • Thanks again Katie! Awesome video!���� It’s funny because those 5 things i haven’t been doing already! Just gotta keep it up with positive thinking!!!!!! ��������������

  • Stop consuming calories after 8pm. You’ll sleep better and your stomach will feel better as well. It also help restrict late night snacking.

  • She looks intimidating at first but when she starts speaking, she’s very likeable and I love her and her story so much. I just started on my weight loss journey and I really look up to her.

  • I haven’t watched a video that has covered hair loss/ excessive shedding. I’m ready to give up if it doesn’t soon. I’m not bald by any means but I can tell the difference.

  • I want to share my weight loss journey I’m 13 yr old and last time I checked I was 60kg that was last summer so I’m gonna check tomorrow how much I am I have gained about 10kg I’m 71.8kg and my result is 52 or 53kg

  • Doesn’t have to do with the video but I need to say this… Wow brown hair looked so good on you!! �� You would look younger with that hair color and having darker hair for some reason is trending right now. I know this comment may be superficial but when I saw your old pictures I realised your beautiful eyes are way more noticeable with darker hair

  • So I am doing wider hips workout and I’m skinny ( not really skinny) and I need to eat healthy to gain muscle so I have bellyfat too and workout for it too and wanna eat healthy do you think I can lose bellyfat and gain muscle on my thigs? Pls reply <3

  • Love you so much for this! Thank you, thank you, thank you ������ You can tell you are so truly and authentically committed to actually helping women and I can’t thank you enough for the amazing content that you provide ��������

  • 1Just because its healthy does not mean you can just keep eating it and eating it
    2overeating and poor portion control
    3do not deprive yourself of the food you love
    4not that you have to track your macros or calories, but its important to know what each food is made of
    5going to the gym with no plan/ not knowing what you are doing
    6-overeating and binge eating because she wasn’t eating foods that were fulfilling. eat foods that have substance and fiber etc
    7not drinking enough water will lead to binge eating and dehydration will make you feel like youre hungry. drink more water and drink before every meal
    8protein powder will not make you bulky
    9not pushing herself at the gym
    10DO NOT drink your calories!! lots of calories/ sugar in coffee drinks etc.

    you’re welcome!!

  • I’m 63kg, I’m overweight and I used to be 53kg, I want to get to 45-50kg, which means I have a lonnnggg way to go:( btw I’m 5’3, if anyone has any tips please tell me, it came as a shock when I weighed myself today. I always knew once I got to that weight I’ll be overweight and to never get to that weight, today I did and it’s actually really sad for me… idk what to do, I’ve been eating a lot recently especially cuz of the lockdown, I feel awful… physically and mentally.

  • Teens-remember alot of it is due to hormones some people can get rid of it but some people can’t till there hormones settle (this can happen around 20 years old )

  • Been trying to lose weight and dont know how, I’m so lost. I look in the mirror every day and it makes me sad… just dont know what to do

  • I’ve been on LCHF and sometimes Keto for 2 years… but I overdid it, I barely ate and my body shut down. And it all triggered psoriatic arthritis… so now I’m on methrotrexate (stresses the liver) and am afraid to go back to LCHF because my liver could just simply not handle it. Am searching for some alternative, because yoyo effect is a real thing.

  • I’m on my 3rd day of no soda..drinking nothing but water, my Atkins shakes in the mornings with breakfast just for the protein…and crystal light. I know crystal light isn’t the best for you but 3 days ago I was drinking 6-7 32.oz cups of coke or mtn dew.. I also cut out unhealthy foods. It’s been ONLY 3 days and I am seeing some BIG changes,I don’t feel bloated all the time,my tummy looks smaller. Came across your video,and all the things you said are absolutely right,I can’t tell you how many times in the past 5 years I’ve tried to “diet” it’s never worked. This time I’ve been consistent for 3 days in a row..I’ve never gone more than a day before. Anyways you are such an inspiration,thanks for the tips ❤️

  • Agreed! Changing simple things you do can help. I lost 60lbs and didn’t weigh myself for 9 months. Wasn’t until people pointing out how much weight I had lost that I finally caved. I had lost 46 lbs by then. I swear sometimes it’s a mind game, because I didn’t see it but everyone else did!

  • Interesting… I haven’t experienced any digestive issues whatsoever. Infact, my depression of 30yrs is gone, tendonitis gone, swollen Lymph nodes gone. I think with any lifestyle change, there are many ways to screw it up. Do your research first before completely changing your diet. I prepped the week leading up to a 2 day fast before entering into ketosis and the side effects have minimal.

  • I need some tipps to stop loosing weight!
    I know it sounds crazy but I don’t want to get skinnier than I already am! I mean I am eating enough but I am still loosing weight…
    Do you think I should start eating more unhealthy stuff.
    Please help me!!!!!!

  • When I do these weight loss things, I don’t exercise a lot everyday but when I don’t do a lot I feel like I haven’t done enough and that feeling gets overwhelming and I stop doing everything completely:(

  • Your Gymshark clothes is everything I’m glad you like that brand too not much people wear it just because they want to I wear gymshark leggings on a daily basis cause there so comfortable i don’t just use them to go to the gym ��

  • I have been getting good with working out everyday and drinking water consistently, it’s just that I get bored/sad and start eating the whole pantry.

  • I’m insulinresistance and eating carbs makes me so ill and i can’t perform at all. Stopped eating carbs 2016 and lost 30 kilogram got my life and my energy back so speaking for myself here MY body don’t need over 10 grams of carb /day ever again.

  • Hi Jeff.. fan here.. just a question I’ve basically pinched your meal plan because I need to get shredded.. you say 30 mins of bike exercises in the morning in an empty stomach.. well I’m a postman and walk between 10 and 14 miles a day burning at least 1200 cals does that mean I wouldn’t have to do the bike exercises ��

  • I just want to let you know your videos help me a lot!! They don’t just help me physically but mentally because I feel like that is the most important! Thank you so much for making videos!!!

  • One, you are beautiful and two you look amazing. Congrats on your hard work and dedication to a healthier life style. My question is, what do you think of the KETO diet?

  • On the treadmill is the only way I watch tv or youtube the majority of the time because I wouldn’t otherwise make the time. I used to listen to music. But I was so behind like 400+ videos on my watchlist I decide I had to do something. So the 4 evenings I do cardio that’s when I catch up.

  • Hi just found this channel and I’m loving you!! I’m wondering if you count macros. Cause they confuse the daylights out of me! Lol

  • Hey man. Really refreshing video idea because it also helps highlight the notion that one can self-assess and reassess with no shame or egoAll growth, good job man.

  • You talk really fast, im From Belgium ���� & my english isn’t that good so it kinda looked like you we’re talking Chinese sometimes:)

  • Jeff could you make a video where you sit down and show us how you would go about making a meal plan for yourself or someone you’re coaching. So for example, where would you start and what would you take into consideration etc.

  • Over exercising and weighing in daily.. Being positive and listening to my body just eating all good for my body. #HealthierOptions ��

  • I agree with all of the advice given except for the don’t weight yourself every day. I’ve once stopped weighting myself on a daily basis and gained 5 pounds. I may miss a day here and there. I’m not obsessing over the scale but for me its just a great indicate to see if I’m on track.

  • I’ve never watched a video of yours before and honestly I only came across this one because it popped up on my recommend. I am sure glad I watched it though! You were really insightful to me because I am currently on my 1184728 weight loss journey because I totally was that person who got burnt out and gave up after awhile. I’m going to try out your tips and hopefully this time around I can change things.

  • Hei plz help me I’m just 16+ and I’ve got ems muscle stimulatior is that good for my body and does it gsve side effets or something???

  • Hi! I’m super curious on how you do your research and was wondering if you would do a video on this or if you already have? Thank you and I love your videos!!

  • Eating more meat than necessary. When it’s taking up most of the plate, it makes me sluggish and tired. So making the effort to make my plate more veggie based, and a touch of meat (or even a plant protein) is going to help me feel much better.

  • I had keto flu out of all of those symptoms, luckily Dr. Berg suggested pink salt and extra greens which made it practically never happen again.:)

  • Omg losing weight for me is been so hard ����‍♀️ I have three kids and I need to lose 40 lbs and it’s been a struggle since I’m a full time student, a mom, and a wife!!! �� it’s so hard cuz sometimes I can’t cook cuz no time and when I go to store I’m in a rush dealing w cranky kids. It’s sooooooo hard ��

  • I don’t know why, I have been doing 30 mins abs workout and 20 minutes cardio everyday, but I gained weight, I have been eating a lot healthier too, I cut out junk food and only drink water, also eat until I am full. I thought I just gained muscle weight but I gained 1.5 kgs in almost two weeks! Is that normal?

  • wow. you are such a sweet person. The way you deal with such sensitive issues is very delicate. I am almost 16 years old and I am not satisfied or happy with my lifestyle.. You are a real inspiration.

  • I just recently started weight lifting and working out harder and it’s all because I got a work out partner who knows what he’s doing!

  • Wassup Kev. Great vid wish i saw this before my second keto cut. 1st 45days was a success dropped 20lbs. I took 2 months off and jumped back on but was not ready. 2000% caught the keto flu and had to call from work i beyond dehydrated.. mental focus and equilibrium was all off. I could barely walk. I managed to get to a store and get a Gatorade. Regardless if it knock me out of ketosis just to get those electrolytes back at me.

  • Supplement Question: 400 mg Ibuprofen??? For what? And 10g Creatin Per Day is very Tough! Very Dangerous for the Kidney but u already Know that! So why did u take that in so Hight Gramms? And my last question is about Tribulus….. As i know by now….there is no longtime Study about tribulus..That proofs that its Working right?? Or am i wrong?
    Greatings and THX for this amazing content!!

  • Hey There! Thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (just google search it), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you considered Custokebon Secrets? I have heard some amazing things about it and my cooworker lost tons of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • I have no supplemental proof or research, but I think the “keto sweat” are caused by the toxins released as those fat cells that they were contained in are melted/flushed away. I added activated charcoal to my morning smoothie and took a few enteric coated capsules of activated charcoal every 2-3 days. Those toxins were flushed away and also reduced keto flu symptoms. Acne cleared up and lymph nodes stopped hurting. My rebounder is my best friend. I use it while jumping rope, simultaneously. Hypothyroidism… Electrolytes… 3 days keto flu-gone… 3 wks… Waistline shrinking… Down 14 lbs… And counting…

  • People get the wrong idea when we say things like “your body needs carbs,” though. Veggies and fruits are carbohydrates. You don’t need bread; I don’t care if you’re eating whole wheat. New research is actually showing the insulin response to that is quite bad as well. Once a week won’t hurt anyone, though 😉 Important to live in balance. Just don’t fool yourself into thinking you need it.

  • I eat healthy count my calories and exercise every day what am I doing wrong? I’m not gaining any weight but I’m not losing anything

  • I did a diet for 2 weeks to loose weight and i lost 6kg and now it’s 6 days after and all the weight is back �� now I want to do something sustainable to really change and become better

  • Does Custokebon Secrets really help to lost a lot of fat? We have learn a lot of good stuff about this popular weight loss method.

  • Eat healthy and don’t eat to little or ego much and drink tons of water, TONS OF WATER, workout like ab and butt workouts etc and ofcourse do cardio

  • What helped me the most to lose 30 kgs last year was mainly trying to exercise at least 5 times a week, I go walking/running in a local park rain or shine:) and trying to eat less sugar in my diet and include more home cooked meals that I know what has gone into them:)

  • 8:53 for teenagers the calorie deficit is different bc you need more calories since you’re still growing so if you’re a teenager don’t eat below 1800 calories for a calorie deficit. Just eat a little more for losing weight healthily and have a healthy growth bc less than 1800 calories is unhealthy if you’re working out daily. I don’t really know how much calories you should take for a calorie deficit as a teenager but yeah don’t do the same thing as adults bc our metabolism is faster as teenagers

  • Anybody tested out the Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google)? We have noticed several amazing things about this popular weight loss method.

  • These breadcrumbs are turning into a whole loaf of bread �� ���� When I was on a keto cycle, the keto flu was the worst for me. The fatigue struggle was real, what helped me was drinking lots of water + sodium + magnesium especially during the early stages of eating keto.

  • Katie I love your videos! As a trainer you really make even some of the harder workouts seem doable. Saying things like “you got this!” instead of things like “do iiiit! One more!” Helps so much and puts more perseverance I guess in me. ❤️
    I need to stop unhealthy thoughts about people. Not so much in social media but in life. Today in a cardio circuit class over my lunch break one girl in the class had an obviously higher level of fitness than the rest and I just kept thinking “ughhh what a showoff.” But she’s just working out and trying her best like the rest of us. That’s the unhealthy habit I pledge to lose.

  • All of these issues should be well understood by new keto dieters performing even a modest amount of research before starting the diet:


  • Hahahaha Keto Farting welcome to world I have UC I fart all the time hahaha ����������‍♀️ I found that added MCT Oil to your coffee helps with Headaches, and regular pooping rant ended lol �� great video

  • aint chickens but loaded with female hormone and other shit to make em pumped and age faster?? I mean if you have a house and grow chickens its cool but aint the store chickens bad esp for males? xd

  • What exactly is Custokebon Secrets? How does this thing really work? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about this popular fat burn secrets.

  • My advice after lots of research and trial and error would be, to not expect weight loss from exercise or even calorie counting. Most important is to cut out added sugars/processed foods. No matter how much exercise you do, if you don’t change your diet, you just won’t be losing as much as you could and won’t be healthy. As for calorie counting, I think this is completely unnecessary, it’s better to watch those unhealthy carbs. And good fats are your friends not your enemies.

  • I stumbled on one of your running tips videos a few days ago (I just started running again after a few months and I want to learn how to run right) anyway I LOVED the one video I saw, and have been watching you non stop for the past few days now. LOVE your videos!! Keep it up, and stay positive in such a weird time in history!! ����

  • Ive been doing ground workouts and cardio for a month now but haven’t seen any results. Does that mean I’m not working hard enough or not doing as much as I should?

  • DO NOT eat flaxseeds, they’re TESTOSTERONE SUPPRESSORS and will fuck with your hormones. There’s already a thousand comments so this will get buried but whatever

  • I love how when Natacha is researching the Sixpad website, there are sponsors like Cristiano, but when it gets to the scientist, he’s the sexy one. Hahaha! Smart brains are usually sexier to me too, but his research seems to be way off so -100 points to him and +100 sexy points to Natacha ��! I appreciate all your hard work and scientific research that goes into these. It’s almost like you’re writing a whole thesis on so many topics, I am amazed at you.

  • I’m trying a juice fast plus adding in walking an hour at the park every day, plus using my body for at home work outs. I’m going to do a 30 day juice cleanse… after the juice cleanse how can I eat again without gaining a ton of weight back?

  • This happened to me with peanut butter and nuts. I was like oh these are healthy so I was just eating them but NOPE! That was definitely a mistake so I’ve learned from that. I also don’t cut out anything entirely but I try to be moderate with it. I also thought that once I was working out I was fine but also a NO NO because many times I was eating WAY more than I was burning so that was a major fail lol but I’ve learned. Thanks for the tips!

  • hi, I really liked your video and think you are very inspirational:) but I would be careful recommending stevia. yes, it is plant based and not chemical in any kinda way, but it can fool your organs like your thyroid, which produces insulin to lower your blood sugar even though you didn’t eat any sugar, this can have a very negative impact on your body, so please be careful to recommend it and please stay healthy and leave stevia out of your diet. lot of love:)

  • Why isn’t anyone talking about the risk of diabetes and/or high cholesterol on the keto diet. Literally no one EVER talks about that.

  • I am just getting over the bloat. That shit SUCKEDDDD. Just a tablespoon of psyllium husk powder and a ton of water helped big time. I wasn’t getting enough fiber. Also, a light bulb flashed in my head when you talked about the Keto Sweat. I couldn’t figure out what that smell was and I thought it was something in my room. Then I was at the store and smelled it again haha. Nice video man

  • Fun fact: all of Starbucks nondairy milk is sweetened with sugar. So if you truly want to cut out drinking your calories go to a coffee shop that offers unsweetened almond milk!

  • New subscriber here! First of all great job!! I actually have a YouTube channel also showing my weight loss journey (60lbs down), my workouts and healthy recipes. You get a chance check it ou

  • I am so happy that I have found your channel. (like WHERE HAVE U BEEN?!) I have been struggling not only with losing weight, but also with improving my day, staying positive and so on. Not only this, but also your other videos inspired me as well. You are truly the person I want to become, I wish I had your life somehow. Truly a role model. Keep up the good work.

  • 5 thing I personally did
    1. Counted my carbs not my calories
    2. Increased my water intake from 60oz to 80oz
    3. Walked 12-15k steps a day
    4. Worked out 4 times a week.
    5. Stopped eating gluten

  • Thanks for this helpful information! I wish I had access to this video when I first started Keto. I was super addicted to carbs. I was eating multiple sandwiches a day, I had toast with breakfast every morning if I wasn’t already eating a bagel, loading up on rice, eating lots of packaged pastries, and quick-grab granola bars, etc. I was a carb junky. So if you are like me, and thinking about doing keto, don’t do it cold turkey like I did. My transition was horrible and painful. I was miserable, my mood was abysmal, I had migraines, I felt nauseous when I thought about food, my cravings for sugar were unbearably distracting. So if you are someone that eats a high-carb diet, slowly ease yourself into it and your keto flu symptoms will still be present but much less severe. Don’t treat it like a fad diet, use it as a tool to eat healthier. Starting keto made me realize how much junk I was eating and it helped me build discipline. I am looking forward to ending my keto journey and to start introducing healthy carbs back into my life.

    On a side note though, I’ve had lots of success losing weight on Keto, its done wonders for learning and forcing myself to eat healthier while still enjoying food without relying on sugary sauces, bread, and other sweets. I’ve lost 20 lbs over the last year while being on-and-off again keto (yes, I take breaks because there is no way I’m missing out on yams and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving!!).

    My father, who is diabetic, also went on Keto and has lost 40lbs, and for the first time in 20 years has seen his blood sugar under 150. If you are diabetic and thinking of doing keto, be sure to check in with your doctor and have blood work done regularly to make sure you aren’t having any harmful side effects because Ketoacidosis is different from Ketogenic, but harmful and life threatening.

  • My principles of nutrition professor, a very intelligent woman, is opposed to the keto diet. It is meant to be administered by a medical professional because it puts the body in a state of stress that is dangerous. Your red blood cells need glucose which mainly comes from carbohydrates. If you aren’t eating enough carbs, your body breaks down the fat and protein in your body in order to form glucose. It’s also possible that your body will break down your muscle tissue because of the glucose that is stored in them. Rather than not eating carbs, eat complex carbs like whole grains and avoid added and refined sugar.

  • I just saw this video and it was very very helpful, I lost so much weight last year and I feel like this year I gained weight again. This helped girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️������������

  • Keto flu can be helped by supplementing magnesium. In fact when you’re feeling like that in general your body is lacking magnesium. Next time you have a headache take magnesium before taking Tylenol, or whatever you prefer

  • Diet Plan known as Custokebon Secrets kept showing up here on a lot of videos and I thought they were scam. However after my buddy follow it, and finally lost a lot of weight with it without starving herself. I’m persuaded. Do not take my own word for it, search for Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine.

  • I never had the keto flu myself. I drank lots, added lots of salt to my food and wasn’t in a calorie deficit. In other words, I followed the advice recommended by Dr. Boz and other medical professionals when entering into a keto diet.

  • There have been more than 26 Random Controlled Trials of various lengths on low carbohydrate/keto diets. The longest ran for 2 years under the auspices of Virta Health. The research is in. We can’t do much more research because 1. too costly and 2. unethical to experiment on humans. Ketogenic diets are in fact as old as humankind since we’ve been eating almost 99% meat since we came down from the trees. No fields of wheat during the Ice Ages. Keto Flu is nothing more than loss of electrolytes. Drink two 8 fl oz cups of salty bouillon while symptoms last. If you feel hungry eat real cheese (saturated fat). If you feel weak, tired or aching, eat two slices of cooked bacon (meat and salt in one). You can buy pre-cooked bacon, btw. Vegetables aren’t really needed. All you need is meat, fat and salt. Minimum = 5 oz fat, 4 oz meat & 5.5 g salt for a 2000 calorie diet. If you have gas eat yoghurt with active cultures in it. Full transition to ketogenic diet generally takes 6 months.
    Beginner macros is 60% fat, 20% protein (both best from animals) 10% dairy for those tolerant, 5% leafy greens, 5% other. By other, I mean 1 oz dark bittersweet chocolate, 1 4 fl oz glass of dry red wine, or dry champagne because a little of what you fancy does you good and no one likes a saint anyway. 😉

  • I just bought this one yesterday and I am trying now, it’s tickle on my body when it starts to work but I can feel my body so light, I need to see for a week how’s the result bring me

  • As expert, I do believe Custokebon Secrets can be good way to lost a lot of weight. Why don’t you give it a shot? maybe it’ll work for you too.

  • Netflix is the killer for me! When I’m at home it’s literally all I do. And if I’m watching tv I want a snack, and a glass of wine. And I can never just have one glass of wine, or one snack. I’ll try the treadmill idea!

  • So how come you did something that rigorous without researching?? The whole idea is to burn fat instead of sugar/carbs and that gives the smell..

  • I’ve read an article that says the amount of calories in a specific ingredient changes according to the cooking method you use.

    How do I know how many calories are in a food after cooking it?

    Just an example: let’s say I make a burger and melt some cheese on the top of it, I know how many calories are in the cheese raw, but how do i know the amount that it has after melted?

  • I actually feel like my depression went away as I started keto, though I have experienced some days feeling “soulless”(like nothing matters, though not feeling down) as well as lonely, I think the “soulless” part might be because of an extra intake of carbs the day before both times I have experienced it.
    The other thing is muscle cramps both night and day, exercise and electrolytes recommended.

  • I would be interested in hearing your opinion regarding 6 meals a day. As I recently learned, (and it seems to work for me again probably subjective per individual), but the more you eat throughout the day, the more you spike your insulin. Granted it is needed for digestion, delivers energy to our cells but it is also the fat storing hormone. The body can only lose fat when glucagon is present. As I understand it, glucagon can only be present with a lack of Insulin resulting keeping fat lower in the body. As insulin lowers, the pancreas activates glucagon, the fat burning hormone. The leaner the muscle tissue, the higher your metabolism. For me, 6 meals a day spikes my insulin and leaves glucagon low or non existent. Again, going back to 3 satiating meals a day has been more beneficial for me personally. I noticed better metabolism and better gains (leaner). I used to have what I called fat muscle, but now my veins and muscle definition are showing through.

  • I work out 2 HRs daily and I don’t fail, why I found what I love doing, I do only only only workouts that I love and I need 2 device one to look at the workout on, the other device my music pumps in my ears

  • Here to motivate you:
    -Don’t give up after one week. or the 2nd week. Or the 3rd week. Or ever!!! PERSEVERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Results don’t come quick
    -cardio everyday isn’t the answer!
    -incorporate some small weights and body weight exercises!

  • Great job explaining. Other side effects no one talks about is how your periods reset, inflammation goes away I stopped hurting all over my body those are the main motivators for me to keep going.

  • Intermittent fasting would also help so that the body burns body fat instead of protein! Keto breath can be treated with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar

  • I had crazy bad headaches but I also was giving up soda. I do better on a low carb and not full kept. I can’t live without my fruits.

  • Lost 50lbs on keto and have maintained it for 9 months. If you’re getting 2 to 3 times the amount of electrolytes than normally needed you can skip keto flu completely. It’s also one main reason for digestion issues. An easy fix though.

  • I think this video was really beneficial for me because I love getting iced coffee and I don’t have a plan before I go to the gym!

  • These tips are amazing, and best of all they’re free! I will say this: I agree that scrolling/comparing isn’t good. Yet for me, it’s literally what I have to do to stay on track. I became complacent with myself 4 years ago and packed on 20 lb. So, oddly enough, I find triggering myself with images of those more beautiful than me keeps me away from food.

  • Kevin you should do a shot of salt before the gym to give you a pump and have lots of asparagus and cabbage and bok choi those are the best veggies to eat while on keto

  • I did the Keto Diet since Dec 2018 and stop doing it about a month ago.Felt so tired all the time! I did lose 10lbs and my body it’s less inflamed due to the low carbs in my body and water weight lost. Now I’m just cutting down my portions and drinking more water. Will definitely work out before TV and in hopes it makes a difference!

  • hi, umm im 14 this year and my weight is 93kg.. ik it sounds crazy but it is true:(( hope somebody can tell me how to lose weight fast a a teen:)

  • Could you be eating not enough and still stay at your weight when you want to lose? I workout 4 times a week for two hours and I don’t eat that much, I sleep a lot and I’m not that hungry of a person. What am I doing wrong?

  • I definitely suffered from keto bloat and that keto rot mouth lol I went ahead and bought a tongue scraper (I’m in love with it now). Also you mentioned mental distress, that’s something I’m experiencing now actually. I didn’t think it had anything to do with keto. I love your videos. I first heard of keto from you and I barely started 2 months ago but I’ve lost 21 pounds and I’m struggling to lose the last 10 pounds I need to reach my goal weight. Thank you so much for this video

  • I love your metabolism lesson! I teach biochem, it makes me happy to hear accurate science on YT LOL! I watched a vid yesterday that was full of foolishness and I almost fainted.

  • Thank you so much for this information also it’s nice to know that the keto diet is good for people with epilepsy. I’ve been having seizures for 37 years after living through brain tumor my memory and hydrocephalus water in the brain. I’ve always wanted to try the right healthy diet for me and I’m so excited to try this Keto again I thank you for all of the information

  • But hun, what fat Can you loose??, we need a 2 month review with someone way bigger than you. Thumps up for an informative product video.

  • ok so it’s currently july 6, 2020 and I’m starting a weight loss journey.
    school starts in exactly a month so wish me luck✨��
    starting weight: 147 lbs

  • Tilapia is a trash fish and is fed chicken crap and other trash. Horrible fish and should be illegal for human consumption. Wild caught salmon or tuna is where its at.

  • You hit the nail on the head at the end…discipline…I personally did not experience negative side effects. I appreciated your unbiased approach to this video. For me (Keto for 2 years), it was not about weight loss, but to steer clear of diabetes. It has plagued my family for several generations and I was not about to get put on meds. So far so good. My historically high BP is normal as well. Perservearance and discipline to fight through the side effects that one may encounter when starting Keto will be rewarded once the benefits start showing up. 4 months was my mark for experiencing enough benefits to continue Keto as my lifestyle. I never try to push people to start it, I tell them to do a lot of research…do it the right way and see for themselves.

  • do one for whey protein and how to hit your target calorie intake if you usually have no appetite!! tyy love your videos you are an absolute beast <3

  • Even if it does build muscle, what’s the point of having it if you don’t have the endurance or discipline that exercise also offers? This device was obviously built to lure in unmotivated people.

  • they can’t claim it does all that because they couldn’t afford to get it approved by a US or European medically governing body. So they have to watch theyir language and claims if not the government will shut them down. I have used mine to keep me “toned” and I must say I am staying toned for someone sitting on his ass trading on a computer all day.

  • Thanks for making a realistic video showcasing these machines. subscribed your channel yet, Looking forward to seeing more. #mychway

  • Damn bro did the change in diet also changed your face from a geek to a total prom king!?? I’m following the revised diet for sureeeee������

  • i feel so lost because too much carbs isn’t good..no carbs isn’t good and that’s the same for everything so idk how to be in the middle and what’s good..

  • I’m 17 almost 18 and I am really trying to implement healthy life habits now, so that they stick with me throughout my life. I am not overweight, nor underweight and am fairly comfortable with my body but am trying to grow my booty and tighten my core, what kind of work out plan would you reccomend?

  • I haven’t had any of these side effects. The new diet is the SAD diet (Standard American Diet). People that get keto flue are just not informed when they start. You’re shifting from being a carb burner to fat burner. This is not the first time in history people are doing keto. Babies are born in ketosis. Do your homework. Your digestion will need to adjust yes. But 6 months pregnant!?!? What were you eating? You obviously did less homework than me when I started and I didn’t know much. On keto, if you’re doing it right, you hardly ever fart. My wife and I make jokes about every time we cheat on keto. We know we’re going to fart. Sweating and smell on keto??? It’s very, very, very hard to over eat meat or fat. It’s too satiating. KETO breath or smell from sweat??? No… non of my friends or myself had that. Like I said, please do more research before posting another video. Brush your teeth and tongue only applies to KETO diet??? Seriusly??? WOW? KETO is the mood stabilizing diet. Depression or anxiety will only be improved. You’re energetic on a KETO diet so… HELLO?! DO YOUR HOMEWORK! HIGH CARB DIET IS THE NEW DIET. “THE FAD DIET”… KETO is the way we have naturally ate since the beginning of time. You can ignore this comment. It’s all good.

  • we have quite a lot of ems gyms here where you have to strip down completely and wear a soaked wet suit connected to the ems system then go through a 20 min workout with a trainer. they claim 20mins ems workout = 3hrs normal workout.

  • so what about your own research in the sense that you used the product for 30 days and either had results or didn’t ��‍♀️ I literally had to watch every last second of this video just to find out that you DIDN’T try the product yourself. I guess it was my mistake in thinking that this was a full review of you using the product over a period of time after/while doing scientific research about the product.

  • All I ate yeserday was

    a apple (95cal)
    Protein shake (90cal)
    2 gummy vitamins (15cal)
    1 egg (70cal)
    1 table spoon of ketchup (20cal)

    Total: 290cal

    I didn’t lose anything, in fact I gained that day. How?!

  • Jeff, great videos! Please let me know if you think it’s beneficial to drink around 20 to 30 g of whey isolate or whey concentrate during the work out blended in with coffee?

  • Although I’m watching this a year later, I’m laughing my head off. My physical therapist used EMS during my ACL recovery to actually get my quads to contract. Unfortunately, I didn’t get “toned” and had to go to the gym and work out to get my muscle back.

  • I lost 50 lbs in 8 months by eating between 1200-1400 calories and working out 3-5 days a week (30 min cardio, 20 min weights). I would eat mostly lean meats and vegetables and try to avoid carb heavy foods. I also stopped drinking pop completely and haven’t touched it since in over a year. Also tip: if you’re craving something sweet try to find diabetic candies (I ate “sugar free” jelly beans) and those chocorite bars (100 cal no carbs no sugar). I developed a whole new relationship with food that I can’t imagine ever eating what I did before. It’s amazing

  • My mom has been using similar products geared at helping the muscles tense and release to. Help with stress and tension in the muscles…. more like a massaging supplementary tool?? This is kind of the most hilarious use of a product I’ve ever seen.

  • lol I’m crying. everything in this video it’s so accurate for me. this was a really inspiration and definitely a way to keep focused

  • This still surprises me, how lot of people are not aware about Custokebon Secrets, although lots of people get good result because of it. Thanks to my mate who told me about Custokebon Secrets, I have lost crazy amounts of weight by using it without starving myself.

  • I love the way you approach these fitness fads! I really hate seeing people get suckered into paying money for an empty promise because they trust the company on face value ��

  • I don’t believe in this tech one bit. Funny story: a mate of mine put one of these devices on one night when he was pissed. He passed out with it still turned on �� He awoke the next day in agony…

  • Wow you brought up this “counter-factual” concept, hypothetical parallel universe that cant exist in reality and moved on to randomized experiment controlling other variables except the explanatory variable…not trying to flex here although i realized it highly sounds so as i write this comment lol but coming from impact evaluation background, i was just genuinely impressed by-both quality and quantity wise-how much efforts you put into studying the subject before sharing it with your subscribers via your youtube channel. Thumbs up! Such a systematic, thorough, evidence-based approach! Seriously, Health&Fitness industry needs more experts like you!!

  • Its still surprise me just how a lot of people have no idea about Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine) although lots of people lost crazy amounts of weight using it. Thanks to my friend who told me about it. I have lost a lot of fat.

  • I am against this
    artificial practice, except for high level athletes when they have a very long travel
    in plan  to maintain their muscles

  • Hurray for this video!!!! I ordered this thing last year mine didn’t work and I sent it back. I have an actual compex machine which I use for post training recovery not to tone, lose fat, build muscle. It just goes to show there is no magic pill, machine, gizmo that will build muscle, promote fat loss or otherwise aid in athletic prowess. Love your videos they are very informative and hilarious. I have readdressed my training strategy and have noticed huge strength gains x

  • I’ve heard some hospitals in the UK use EMS style tech on coma and bedridden patients, to help build strength in their leg and calf muscles while they are not getting normal exercise. So it must work in some way, it probably just takes a very long time.

  • Conclusion was poor on this video, I’m afraid. These sort of commercial products are outright scam… Just because it has ronaldos name attached to it, makes it even more cringey. Only thing that is worse than this, is that shake a weight, shaped like a dildo..

  • I did this a long time back but here goes:
    (1)stopped sugary food
    (2)walked more often during the day
    (3)ate slower (made the stomach feel fuller with slightly less food)

  • I wish the algorithm would give producers more money for shorter videos. I don’t have time for all this talking, get to the point.

  • I tried one of the knock off ones a couple years back all I got was sore sweaty abs. Didn’t keep up with it long enough to see if there were results because it seemed ridiculous.

  • I haven’t watched the whole video so idk if you mention this but this “belt” thing DOESNT burn fat… it may build muscle but it doesn’t burn fat. that’s the whole point.

  • Hi I’m Britt almost 14 years old and I weigh 49 kgs I am a vegetarian.. I wanna know that I am the only one with this problem.. I really don’t like eating and I just don’t enjoy food.. the best feeling in the world is having an empty stomach for me���� is that weird?

  • Un entrenador personal a los 16 años… como si esas cosas pasaran. En argentina los únicos entrenadores personales que hay son los perros que te sacan corriendo en las calles.

  • I’m reading the comments and looking at peoples start weight and being shocked because
    I’m 5’3, 18 and I weight 93.6kg but I’m trying lose it but I always lose motivation when I don’t see a huge drop after a month or two.

  • I feel like for me i can’t ever restrict myself and say “you can’t have that” because if i do i obsess over it. If i give myself the option i won’t choose it, but knowing i “can’t have” something doesn’t work with me ��

  • Thank you so much for your advice. ❤
    MY RESULTS IS SHOCKING IN JUST 7 DAYS!! go check my channel… posting Chloe Ting workout soon. MY RESULTS IS SHOCKING already in just 7 days!! stay tuned xx ❤

  • If you want to slim down, it is best to check out Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine. They’ll help you get the shape you need.

  • You have a video about adaptation where you mention a study where participants diet to 5% body fat and only then did they see adaptations. Now you’re saying don’t go too low incase you adapt? Which is it?

  • Is it just me or is Natacha much more attractive because she can analyze and critically think through a product without getting influenced by fancy marketing? Idk, brains on a woman are just hot. Good job on the video. I was curious about these types of products.

  • It’s still surprise me just how many people have no idea about Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google) even though lots of people lost lots of weight using it. Thanks to my personal mate who told me about this. I’ve lost a lot of weight.

  • Each person is different. I never had keto flu never had bloat. I just lost weight and increased energy. But I guess i was lucky..

  • I see lots of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets. But Im uncertain if it’s good. Have you ever tried using this popular weight loss method?

  • I just started watching your videos, you’re awesome! I need your help! Eating healthier through the day, exercise i should start as a beginner. What exercise to do for my abs, buttocks and arms? I have an apple shape.��

  • Does Custokebon Secrets (do a google search) help me lost tons of weight? I see a lot of people keep on speaking about this popular weight loss secrets.

  • I’m gonna stop eating chocolate and crisps for two months and I will update every week��
    I really love chocolate and sweet stuff, so I think it’s gonna be really hard to me. That’s the reason why I’m sharing it here. I think it could help me stay motivated and continued.
    I also hope I can help other to make changes if they’re not comfortable in their life. Even if it a little change cause all starts withe small things.

    First month: ✅
    Week five: complete✅
    Week six: compelete✅
    Week seven: complete ✅

  • Im so confused… I want to know everything about food and heat so healthy but i still don’t get it. Im just starting living a healthy life because im overweight. it’s kind of though in the beginnning. And i just don’t know how to start getting the knowledge of healthy eating and so on…

  • Im 11, and im 43kg and im overweight i tried exercise in 10 days and I saw the difference but…. i ate two LECHE FLAN and im guilty now… but im exercising again but im lazy dont know why. Im trying to lose body fat cause I want to be a Cheerleader in the future. Thanks for the advice ������❤❤❤

  • I feel like I can’t loose weight, my family tells me is belly fat but I know it’s not they all tell me in very skinny but I don’t feel like it, Everytime I try to change and reach my goal I fail and have a mental break down, I eat because I feel like I’m hungry even if I’m not and when I do eat after I finish I feel disgusting and don’t wanna eat I’m currently 14 and I love baking and when I finish baking I eat the foods I’ve mad and I just don’t know what to do I wanna tell my sister how I feel but I know she’s going to tell me calm down your so skinny any advice

  • Hi, Annie. Thank you for your tips. I start with strictly limiting simple carb especially white flour and change it to oats and other grains. I start to see the change.

  • GH is highest while fasting and right before you go to sleep, I think high insulin inhibits GH secretion, so of you eat carbs before sleep wouldn’t that decrease GH? �� it’s just my theory.. anyone know for sure??

  • MAn you were full on steroids back then damn just look at that texture of the skin totally unnatural. Good that you arent on gear anymore.

  • This video has good information, but I am not sure about the best diet plan that I need to work with, only because I have never taken any. Anybody tried using the Custokebon Secrets? I have heard several people refer to great things about Custokebon Secrets.

  • I need to start a diet!! Anyone who can help me with more tips that have gone through weight loss…. help me!
    I have heard diet pop can make you gain weight just as much as regular pop. Is this true? Would I lose weight by stopping drinking diet pop and just drink water?
    What is a tip to keep from breaking your diet?
    What’s a healthy diet that you have found helpful and successful? ��

  • the reason for not training while wearing EMS commercial products is probably due to sweating and thus getting the pads wet as opposed to the EMS suits which you train in.

  • i’m 166cm and now 59kg n im not rlly ‘fat’ but i don’t feel comfortable in my own skin so i’m on a weightloss journey trying to be 55kg:/ i’ve been on my weightloss journey for 3 months now (i was 65kg 4 months ago) i rllyy hope i can achieve it:(

  • Thank you for not slaughtering those that follow Keto! I really appreciate you for being respectful about it, even if you don’t do it yourself.

  • guys please help me. for every like i get, that’s how many days im gonna stop drinking soda. ive been trying to do this for weeks now but i always fail. i cant really help myself

  • I gave up sweet tea, white potatoes, and junk food. My husband and I started walking and eating more vegetables and lean protein. I have lost 54 pounds so far.

  • Im 5’1 almost 100 pounds and im not confident in my body but every one says i look good the way i was but i feel fat to myself but my friend are yelling at me and stuff idk what to do anymore cuz summers coming up and i have stretch marks and i dont like it so imma try to get to 80 pounds

  • the friend bet story is literally ME. my friends and i eat the same junk food but they don’t gain ANY weight. and then me after one bite of something i bloat JDNCJSNS

  • The funny part is you ate at 7am and stopped at 10pm but you could’ve stopped eating between 7-8 and had you bed time snack cuz those snack could’ve been eaten an hour before meals aha I prefer to sleep rather then eat at 10pm

  • Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets? I’ve heard several incredible things about it and my mate lost tons of weight with Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google).

  • I lost 15kg over the course of 3 months on keto but I could not stick with the diet because I missed sugar so much.
    And yes, those 3 months I was very strict.
    I just missed eating a burger with fries every once in a while, or some sweets.

    It’s not for me that you can basically NEVER eat that again.

    Can you recommend me a diet that is not quite as “all or nothing” as keto?

  • Im 14 yo and im 84 kilos too,im so so mad about that because im not that kinda of person who eats a lot but everything i eat even if i eat just a little it s putting on me and with all of the corona break im trying to lose like 15 kilos in 4 months i really hope when im going back to school im gonna look better❤️

  • I’m turning 14 in a few days and I am 127 lb and 4″5. I know that that’s not as much weight as some of you but I really don’t feel good in my skin. I try and cover it with whatever makeup I have and the best outfits but no matter what I do my belly never seems to go away.�� I’m in a wheelchair and I’m paralyzed from the waist down so it’s really hard for me to exercise the proper way. But no matter what I will always stand tall! Stay strong and safe! You will make it!

  • I’m turning 14 in June 30th and I’m 158 cm tall and weight 57 kg, I have ugly thighs, large calves and the bottom of my stomach is sticking out. I had gained motivation from Betty Cornell’s book �� that taught me not only how I’m supposed to loose weight but to also look my best as a teen. Hopefully, one day, I could just have a great figure that’s all I’m wishing for looks.

  • since everyone is sharing their weight loss journey, might as well i do too. I’m 14, turning 15 in a month. i remember when i was 12 i weighed myself at 78kgs. it didn’t seem like a big number to me back then but my parents were very worried. then, when i went to high school at 13, i felt really insecure about myself, looking at all those slim and pretty girls in my form. then, at the end of the year i started to workout, go to the gym, but only a bit. last year, i got quite intense, swam 20 laps for three days a week, stopped eating junk food. when i weighed myself after two years, i lost 15 kgs (33 pounds). but i still felt uncomfortable. so, cut to present day, i’ve been working out everyday, an hour at least, and i’m 69 kgs (i lost more fat and built muscle), i have upper abs and a flat stomach as well as a jawline. my neck had lines, and i didnt even have a neck, now i do. i’m quite tall (5″8) so i look quite thin and fit, i still have 10 kgs to lose (toning, nothing else). i do have a cheat day once a month, but i bounce back the next day. my legs and calves are thinner. the numbers on the scales don’t matter. it doesn’t accurately represent the fitness of a person. the higher the number doesn’t mean you’re fat. exercise to feel good, it helps a lot.:)

  • i don’t eat junk food, i don’t eat meat, i don’t drink milk, but whenever i eat, i feel uncomfortable and unhealthy. i don’t know what’s wrong with me or what i need to do

  • Guys I’m running a giveaway contest! Go to jeffnippard.com/photocontest and send me a funny meme or photoshop out of the image for this video’s thumbnail. I’ll announce the winner on Monday! I’ll also be reposting some of my favorites on instagram as well: https://www.instagram.com/jeffnippard/ Hope you enjoy the video and good luck!!

  • I weigh 55 kg at the moment I did weigh 58 kg but I’ve lost a little bit of weight. But I still don’t feel good about myself. My goal weight is 43 kg(it’s just what I want) I’ve never had a moment in my life where I felt confident and I want to. I really want to feel happy about myself for once.

  • I lost 20lbs in like 3 months from speedwalking and i dont see a flipping difference. My frnds and family say i got smaller but like bruh

  • If u want to know how much calories u should eat according to ur BMI. U should definetly try HealthifyMe app.
    I use it too. Trust me ❤✌

  • When I stopped breaking down my nutrition to such an exact science I began to lose fat. When I stopped analyzing my workouts to death I experienced greater gains. The information/science on nutrition, repetitions, volume, intensity and rest periods is always changing and there are too many different theories out there. Once I developed a good understanding of nutrition and fitness I just started working out and eating healthy without dissecting everything. If you aren’t managing your stress levels then diet won’t make the significant difference that it should. Cortisol is very real and trumps everything. Focus on getting stronger and being healthy, not on what you look like in the mirror. A true six pack of abs is very difficult to maintain if you are not somebody who makes their living off nutrition and exercise. Focus on lowering your blood pressure, resting heart rate, cholesterol and blood sugar. Strive to burn fat as opposed to losing weight. Good videos, I just personally take them with a grain of salt since I can get caught up in overthinking things. But that’s just me and my neurosis. LOL

  • You forgot to add all the good effects of keto. You focused so much on the negative, some which aren’t really a thing. Also, keto is a lifestyle more so than a diet.

  • Bro Jeff really admire you and your body composition is what I target, my biggest worry is my Chest I want it to get it big as yours and been lifting heavy weights and worked my chest twice a week do you have other secrets I can use?

  • i always wanted to get to a beautiful slim figure but i never did anything about it. I’m 14 and I weigh 80kilos so here i go: i will try and lose 15-20 kilos by this time next year. i feel like saying it somewhere public might help, idk

  • Metabolizing glucose produces 0.55g of water for every gram of glucose, but metabolizing fat produces 1.1g of water for every gram of fat. Therefor, you actually don’t need to drink as much water when on a ketogenic diet.

  • From my understanding this thing is good for activating the abs. A lot of people have problems with the mind muscle connection when it come to abs.

  • whats for lunch? Chicken breast and broccoli.
    whats for dinner? Chicen, broccoli and breast
    I am gay! and people are fucking crazy.

  • I have never seen Jeff before omg �� he looks like a really buff cute baby before. Wtf �� Adorable, cute and baby like face for the head and hella buff for the body.

  • When considering eating healthy, you have to try not to fall victim to modern fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your everyday nutritional intake. While they may induce quick weight loss, these diet plans will never be a long-term solution for your weight problem. It is best to search Custokebon Secrets on google as it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • I am still debating with myself whether to excersice or not.
    I blame me for not being normal.
    Like i wonder bout losin weight and doin excersice but never put thoughts into action.
    I goin mad lmao

  • the daily weigh-ins and fad diets are definitely my weakest spots! thank you so much for this vid, I swear it’s so motivating, I’ve just made a deal with myself to not go from crazy low cal diet of 800-1000kcal to *ultimate cheat day where I binge eat to the point that i’m almost sick just because I CAN today and won’t be able to tomorrow*! this was so helpful <3

  • I love weighing myself everyday because it gives you a great idea of an average of where you are at. I think it’s mindset why you’re weighing yourself though. If you’re only trying to fit into a number then yes it’s going to really mess with your head but if you want to learn your body I think weighing yourself isn’t terrible. I have an analyzer one too and love it!!

  • i’m 16 and i started my weight loss journey a few days ago. i’m aiming to lose 20 kilos too and your video motivated me and made me learn that patience and consistency are very important. thank you, and i’m so happy for you <333

  • I am in a calorie deficit and my diet is very balanced and am working out 5-6 times per week cardio mostly and am not losing weight at all what the actual hell?�� what should i do?

  • Pre work meal chicken takes time to digest and after 1.5 hours exercise it’s good where 3 to 4 hours is the best… please answer

  • Thank you so much Katie for your motivation to lose weight and exercise!
    I am a chubby person,and I have around 20 pounds to loose.After watching your routines and workout ��️‍♀️,I believe that I can loose weight and be thin and beautiful just like you☺️

  • Girl I honestly thought when i first saw your channel (the vids of you doing military requirement exercises) you were just like those “better life” work out chics. But OMG! I absolutely adore you. You are a breath of fresh air in the community. You seem honest and trustworthy and also like you have a real and beautiful personality. Thank you for the amazing content!

  • You should know at this point, knowing that you have a channel and you tries to help people, that tilapia is one of the worst fish for human consumption due to its amounts of mercurium, similar to the swordfish.
    Also, to eat starch foods like sweet potatoes etc after 6pm is very bad for our stomach as it makes the digestion thicker,
    Of course you don’t know macrobiotic principles,otherwise you would achieve your goal 3/4 weeks earlier ��.

  • Katie I love your videos! As a trainer you really make even some of the harder workouts seem doable. Saying things like “you got this!” instead of things like “do iiiit! One more!” Helps so much and puts more perseverance I guess in me. ❤️
    I need to stop unhealthy thoughts about people. Not so much in social media but in life. Today in a cardio circuit class over my lunch break one girl in the class had an obviously higher level of fitness than the rest and I just kept thinking “ughhh what a showoff.” But she’s just working out and trying her best like the rest of us. That’s the unhealthy habit I pledge to lose.

  • Flax seeds: the omega-3 in flax is ALA. There’s no DHA or EPA in flax (at least, nothing significant), and conversion of ALA into these fatty acids is very low yield (IIRC, about 1%). Yes, it’s still a good food, and ALA is at least something for n3 intake, but it’s not a good source of important n3s. Fatty fish is still king here; certain algae products also, if you don’t eat fish for some reason.

  • The 2010 results are so much better than what you have now…..I don’t understand why you thought the diet was bad. You’re lean AF and without lighting. 2020 pic has lighting and still nowhere near as lean.

  • As an exercise physiologist specializing in sports nutrition I would recommend dropping the Tilapia it’s a very dirty fish! Wild caught salmon would be a better choice. Also, macadamia nut oil is very good. Two to three tablespoons per day will do the body good. Olive oil can be added in as well for added health benefits. Great video!

  • I did one of your arm workouts yesterday and This just popped up on my feed while on the elliptical…thank you I am 47 and have already done some of these things. You have a new subscriber! �� I have learned every body is different especially if you have a chronic disease and pain. Do what you need for your body and age!

  • “Nobody cares how much you know…till they know how much you care” ��❤�� Profound Drew….love both of your Works..Naomi and Drew

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