8 Moves to create Your Runs Better


How to Change Your Run Cadence for the Better

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8 Mile Ending Battles (4K/UHD)

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8:30/mile running technique in slow-motion (WORK IN PROGRESS)

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OneRepublic Love Runs Out (Official Music Video)

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How To Sing RIFFS & RUNS! (Zane Rima Method)

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3 Running Exercises to Get Faster!

Video taken from the channel: The Run Experience

Do: this 8-move circuit 3 times, twice a week, on your days off from running. Reverse Lunge Lift. Stand with feet together, hands on hips. Step right foot back into a lunge, keeping shoulders over hips (as shown).

Push off right foot to stand on left leg with right knee bent 90 degrees at hip level. “First, make sure you’re running on soft surfaces for the majority of your mileage,” he says. “Second would be to put an even bigger premium on postrun recovery; foam rolling, flexibility. The four exercises in the video above will prep your muscles so you have a better (and safer!) run. Watch the clip above to see Reavy demo the key. Mental Tricks to Make Your Runs Faster, Easier, and More Fun Forget the fancy GPS watch—the most powerful training tool is between your ears.

By Cindy Kuzm a. Yes, running is hard enough without tacking on extra exercises. But if you want to be a better runner (i.e., make every stride feel less laborious), these moves can help by improving your.

10 Ways to Improve Your Running for Absolute Beginners to Advanced Runners. Over the past six years I have connected with thousands of runners in person, and through Social Media via my YouTube videos, Strava, Extramilest Facebook Group, Instagram, etc. It is awesome to see how many people around me are getting into running, both on roads and trails.

If you look ahead and keep your focus on the distance ahead, you will feel better. Focus is key in having a great run, and looking ahead rather than at the ground can have you feeling in the moment. So pick a pole in the distance to sprint to and then aim on your next focus to help you achieve running success.

Older Fire tablets let you move some apps to the microSD card, but if you have one of the newer models with Android 7.0 Nougat (like the 2019 Fire 7 or 2018 Fire HD 8. So, if you’re dissatisfied with the way things are developing in your life right now, making a concerted effort to move out of the comfort zone—in order to make better decisions—will be the key to being the person you want to be and creating the life you want to have in the future. YouTubeTutorial To Make PC Speed Faster. In conclusion, we feel you will probably find these few tips help to make your PC or laptop run faster for better performance.

Just try all and also share your ideas if you have any better way in the comments below.

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An intentional walk can also let you pick the hitter you pitch to—either to avoid pitching to a very good hitter, or to skip the #8 hitter in a NL lineup to get to the pitcher.

“The Book” by Tom M. tango autofilled
from The Book
by Tom M. tango autofilled
Potomac Books, 2007

Hart dives for it on the infield grass, getting to the ball quickly and getting it out of his glove fast enough to throw out the runner and hold Lofton at third.

“3 Nights in August: Strategy, Heartbreak, and Joy Inside the Mind of a Manager” by Buzz Bissinger
from 3 Nights in August: Strategy, Heartbreak, and Joy Inside the Mind of a Manager
by Buzz Bissinger
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2006

Reverse to the side of your lead foot, keeping your eyes on the imaginary dribbler, and run at least three steps before establishing a defensive position with your original lead foot up.

“Basketball: Steps to Success” by Hal Wissel
from Basketball: Steps to Success
by Hal Wissel
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

For cut‐back running, the back fakes a step away from the defender (trying not to shift too much weight) and then turns quickly to the inside of the defender (of course, the defender must move for the cut‐back to be successful).

“Football For Dummies” by Howie Long, John Czarnecki
from Football For Dummies
by Howie Long, John Czarnecki
Wiley, 2015

The stride and foot placement should be consistent for each pitcher; before pitching, the pitcher can mark off the proper placement by walking heel to toe from the front of the mound toward the catcher six to six and a half steps.

“Softball Skills & Drills” by Judi Garman, Michelle Gromacki
from Softball Skills & Drills
by Judi Garman, Michelle Gromacki
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

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  • I feel like I am completely talentless when it comes to running. I have started running regularly 4-5 times per week over 3 months ago. My fastest 5k time is only 27min and my 1 mile time is 7:04. I run around 20+km per week now and my run ranges from 5km -8km each time. Once per week I will do 1km x 3 repeats that is 30s faster than 5km pace. I am quite a heavy guy at 84kg/1.78m (185lb, 5’11) as I gym and lift weights regularly. I feel that i have good genetics for gaining muscles and strength but when it comes to running I am super slow to improve. Does anyone experience the same issue as me?

  • Excellent thank you, hips fwd to get the elastic return from the hip flexors is something i have recently discovered from watching some of your other videos, good work.

  • Coach Nate, thank you so much for your videos! You guys are amazing! I just ran my 4th Tely 10, 10 mile road race last Sunday, it was my best one ever! Thanks to your videos it has made me a smarter and stronger runner! I will be training for my half marathon in October, the Cape to Cabot! ALL Hills! 550 elevation gain, 450 elevation drop and only 3 km Flat!!! Do you have any suggestions on how to best train for such elevation? Thank you!

  • People with “thick vocals”, yes we would need to do more agility exercise but don’t be discouraged Christina Aguilera & Whitney Houston are bomb with their runs

  • Any idea what I could be doing wrong to give me issues with my hip? (right hip) I was running a route 5/6 times a month where my right leg was probably a few cm lower than the left due to the slope. Wondering if this could be causing it

  • Watching this with a sprained arch in my left foot. I’m out of running action for a couple of weeks and this is keeping me grounded. So many things to try out to start building up some good strength for my marathon next year!!

  • Thank you so much �� I have tryouts for track and the coach is very strict and thank you so much again for motivating me and making me run faster and I only have three days to practice and get my crap together I will be doing this for at least 3 hours

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE ONE REPUBLIC!!! They are the best!!! This song is just one of their many masterpieces!! Rock on OneRepublic…you’re AWESOME!!!

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  • Is there a normal average cadence for someone doing a marathon (or ultra on level ground)? (For a regular dude…..I’m not Kenyan or Scott Jurek)

  • Watching this makes me realise that maybe I’m not doing such bad a job after all. Thank you James:-) What I find interesting is that my form always looks better at around 8 minute/mile pace, and it’s probably no coincidence that this is the pace where I ‘feel’ most efficient in terms of covering the most ground for the least effort.

  • @James Dunne, it would be greatly apreciated if you could put metric system paralel to imperial, you have followers from all over the globe! 😉

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  • I found that focusing on my stride length (specifically landing my foot more underneath my hips) has had a major positive impact in my injury prevention. Jump rope work has also been really beneficial for stability and power. The metronome drove me crazy, and it felt weird to shift to a higher cadence, but it’s pretty much baked into my muscle memory now. In short I’ve learnt there are some serious gains to be had by looking at running mechanics. Thanks!

  • Wow. In just a few strides you can see so much details! I am constantly fighting to be mindful on the “ideal” form when I run. Then on video I see my elbow straighten, over stride and land on heels, glute activation, poor cadence, etc. I pronates a lot because I have bow legs. I am constantly fighting knee pain from TFL taking over. Just a bunch of bad habits. What should I do, short of giving up running.

  • This is an excellent video James! Very helpful for us average runners. Your instructional videos are some of the best if not the best I’ve seen on YouTube. I am a new subscriber and am in the process of running through (pun intended) all of your videos and find them exceptionally informative and easy to understand. No doubt I will continue referring back to them. Keep up the great work James and thank you.

  • I hate cross. #tracklife Okay but in all seriousness, people don’t realize how much upper body endurance you need to run. Abs, back, and arms are fairly important in running. My abs and my arms have gotten tired during races and it wasn’t fun because it slowed me down.

  • Ill update frequently

    60m run: 12.6 seconds

    Goal 10.0 seconds

    Guys been trying for 2 weeks not that reguraly and i got a……………..

  • Over bearing… a world with no parents… but the beat wheres Clarence but did I mean Terrence… sitting on the terrace… where heck is Clarence? Oh there goes Terrence and he’s with his parents…

  • My old Garmin from 2014 can show cadence real time, usually show it as average per lap (per km). So i assume most modern watches can as well.

  • Love the channel and the info, my natural cadence is 160 or thereabouts, I’ve been told to increase this to 170. I tried counting paces and ended buying a metronome. I’ve been working t tho a couple of weeks and for me the higher turnover turns into faster pace and I end up wiped out after 4 to 5 miles. Any suggestions? Thanks

  • Thanks ZACK!!! I’m aiming to hold 4:40 pace for the 5k.
    Sadly both the community college and university I went to for undergrad didn’t have a xc or track team. I did 1 year of xc/track my senior year in High school. I’ve ran on my own the past few years, bests so far is 24:58 for 8k and 15:18 for 5k, 1:08 for half marathon & 2:28 for marathon. The 5k, 13.1 & 26.2 were all done solo because of COVID, sadly. Since Chicago canceled i hope to train for my first 5k and then train for a sub 1:07 half debut at Houston!!!

  • This was super helpful. Thank you so much. I now know what to look for in my running form. I was particularly interested in your comment about your right shoulder dropping instead of staying square and that this is a sign of needing to compensate for a weaker right leg/hip. I have exactly the same problem and considering that my right leg is about 70% the strength of my left, it explains why my right shoulder is dropping down and also that the right arm is pushed back much further. I will take a more comprehensive video of myself to take a much closer look at my running form, being armed with all the information I have gathered here. Muchos gracias!

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  • This was a very useful video. I have a fairly recent video of my running so was able better understand my running form by watching your video. Fantastic. One point that I don’t think you commented on was how close to the ideal the bend in your knee was on the leading leg. I often wonder whether I either land with a too straight or too flexed knee and how this effects my vertical oscillation and also how it might effect over striding. Is this something you could comment on?

  • I have a hard time with this. I’ve used a metronome and tried 170-180 for hours on different runs. All different numbers in between. But I’m slow at around 10:30 per mile. So it’s like I’m shuffling my feet and my form isn’t as good. If I run comfortably I’m at 160-164 and that’s what has worked best for me. Form looks good too. Just ran my first half marathon this way. I’ve had more strains and pains at higher cadence so I wish there were more studies on slower runners. Trust me I understand it. I’ve researched and tried it exhaustingly. I just gotta do what’s best as an individual.

  • I ran a 19:37 5k my freshman year and hoping to break 19 or further this year. Hopefully have a good season with this COVID stuff goin around ����

  • 8:12 thank you. 20 mile long run is good for marathon training but sheez that seems crazy for a 5k…..but it works for him (at least at this age)
    There are many programs for couch to 5k, 5k advanced, 10k, HM and FM. Many theories too. I ran 15:55 5k so a sub 15 is indeed very impressive to me. Sadly I know guys who ran 13:45 were state champ 1 mile and 2 mile, won marathons…..and now just run for fun with a total career purse of less than $19k. Run at any level and any time because you want to be your personal best and because you love (and hate) it.
    Go Hokies!

  • Mine is around 170. Danny from chi running says if your tall your cadence should be around 170. What you say. Thanks for the video.

  • The making a goal tip is very true… sat down with my coach and he asked me for a 5k goal, and I said 2 minute improvement off of my old pr ( 19:36). I kept that in my mind and at our first 5k ran 2 minutes and 3 seconds faster ( 17:33) so it definitely gave me something to train for and work for

  • This song and “Clover Cage Mirror Mirror” are two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better….

  • I can do riffs and runs really fast but there’s a tori Kelly riff I just cannot do (and it’s not the PYT riff if one that’s EVEN HARDER)

  • Great explanations, but if i want to mix the standard running session with those exercises, should i run before or after? is it better to flank a long run or interval?

  • This lesson has helped me a lot! Can you critique the music on my channel and let me know what you think!?

    Either way, thanks for the lesson!

  • our school was in 7th place out of 13th place, i was doing 4 x 200 meter dash relay race and i really needed to learn to run faster next time! thanks for making this video!

  • The worst part about this is singing outloud because you know you can’t do it. Even though you’re alone, there is a slight chance of FBI agents.

  • Interesting how youtube recommends me this after I listened to Eminem’s “Insane”. I don’t mind, but seriously… weird algorithm ��

  • Hi all! I have found a problem while I am running! Once I have increased my stride length (say from 1.08m to 1.23m) for a faster pace (say from 5:15/km to 4:45/km), my cadence drops significantly! Say from 180 to 164. However my heart rate sore quickly as well. It goes up from 175 to 190! Is there are any way that can train myself to increase my stride, but at the same time I could keep my heart rate low and cadence high?

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  • This is super helpful! And I am not ashamed to say I was inspired to hear you had to retrain yourself to correct something in your own running form due to your ankle stiffness and limited ankle mobility (dorsal flexion). That made me feel ‘normal’ and assists in my continued motivation to keep at this running thing. �� I enjoy running… now I want to be good at it. You sir are getting me there!! And for that I thank you immensely!

  • This was great, thanks, I have been researching “improve running speed quickly” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Ralebney Running Recoilless (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cousin got amazing results with it.

  • I never used to have riffs in my voice but then it suddenly came through. I don’t know how but I watched a few videos. Now when I sing I can’t not do riffs

  • Imma leave this here to see if there are any others like me

    A couple of years ago I was in drill team and this is one of the songs we danced to, wondering if anyone else did something similar?

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  • I watch this thing coz i wanna forget what my mom said to me the other day. She told me i can’t sing and that really tears me apart��

    Then suddenly, an advertisement pops up and said. “You have to born with a good voice to sing”


  • I need to know how to go to a low and a high voice and by the way I watch your videos day and night I love your voice��������������������

  • WATCH NEXT How (and WHY) do fast runners lift their feet so high? RUNNING TECHNIQUE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIxAoC8P8zg

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  • This video is getting me sooo excited cause tomorrow is my cross country meet and I’m trying to get first

    Does anyone else do this or just me ��

  • I ran a 20 minute 5k for the first race of the xc season and ended the season with 17:10, do you think I will continue improving after Freshmen Year?

  • This video was useless ngl I want to hit a 19flat Iv only been hitting 21:30s and i only been running the summer and i have district next week and iv never ran in my life and I starded in the summer:(

  • can oou be more speciifc when you saw more at low intensity works for you, from some experience i feel that the ssame may be true for me but how slow is too slow? e.g my current standard is 1930 5k, 130 half, is running 910-930 miles for the extra/easy miles too slow? (with 2-3 tecnical runs still a week)? thanks

  • I find yours easy to follow than other vocal coaches I ran into youtube. Thanks for your tips and techniques, it really helps. I now have my whistle-though I still need to control it a little bit more and try to go on a higher note. I also want to practice this riffs and runs ’cause it’s kinda hard for me.

  • This may be weird but when I run trials anytime i see a shadow cast from trees I’ll accelerate..or I’ll pick street lights and accelerate to the next one

  • Thanks, this has been really helpful for me as a high school cross country and track runner because I had surgery for chronic exertional compartment syndrome a few months ago and I started running again recently but since I haven’t run in 4 months I’m pretty out of shape so I’m running at like 8:00 pace instead of 6:30 7:00 pace for most of my runs lol. I’m working on improving my form so hopefully that’ll help me get sub 16:30 in the 5K this cross country season and sub 4:30 for track. Thanks again!

  • Which is the video where Coach Holly shows how to use the metronome? Good episode, but can’t find it. Just downloaded the metronome app. If you can, please share the link. Thanks!

  • my believe is that the person must have lung power to be able to sing good.. u can hear it when they talk if they hv good lung power. i love ur videos really helps alot..

  • Hi TRE… love your videos… could you address the following question in a video: what cadence do I use for the different types of runs? long run vs tempo vs easy etc…

  • Hey Zach,im a fatish baldish scottish ex marine and feel your advice is very mature feel good top grade stuff,,good luck with your running!what a great outlook,your parents should be proud…. ps.my goal is sub20 5k✌

  • Great video, as ever. The point about letting the heel down is something I encountered whilst shifting to forefoot, and will consider the idea of changing the heel drop for longer distance (on altra now up to half-marathon). Question: what is your cadence on that one? Close to the “magical” 180? That’s the one thing I still struggle a bit with (though I am not sure how much I can trust my watch on that)

  • This was awesome really great to see a “ average “ runner s running form cheers James great advice and content ��now I wish you could analyse my running form lol

  • My voice is so bad and I really wanna sing good like so badly I love singing but I can’t sing well I wish I sounded good�� riffs and runs along with vocal control is what I want the most but even so my natural voice itself is horrible and there’s nothing we can do to change that����

  • Hi James! Your videos are so informative! Thanks so much! I too feel like I have better form at higher paces, but my heart rate would be too high to train for longer distances. Is there anyway to rectify this problem? Good slow jogging form? I’ve taken some videos of me running slowly and my form is much worse than my quicker speeds

  • I work 9 hour shifts at work on my feet all day and I find running on tired legs has a positive effect on my cadence, if my legs are too fresh they want to take long loping strides which end up tiring me out

  • I really have done it way before all these loosers in Perth I have years experience of writing till my heart is bleeding n my mind is hurting please

  • My heart rate has gone way up! My max is 170. Any speed over 10:30 causes heart rate to be in the low 150s. Is this normal? Will my heart rate come down with time allowing me to get speed back?

  • I’m a freshman and in the beginning of the season I ran a 19:32 and the race after the first race I ran a 17:55 my new PR is 17:29 so trying to get to the sixteens with 2 races left!

  • A month ago I was a 41 year old obese pig. I’ve been running for 36 days straight and got my 5k down to 28 minutes. Anything is possible!

  • I keep hearing this increasing your cadence by one or two a week, but I’ve tried this, trying to keep good running form, and reduce my stride length a little, and I never hear that this will mean putting more effort in. I keep hearing that you can do it without, but I’ve never been able to do this, and I’ve never seen this explained. I feel that increasing your cadence is linked with increasing your fitness. My cadence at the moment is 160spm, and I would like to increase it, but would anyone say that initially, even when increasing your cadence by 1 or 2 spm you should reduce the length of your runs? I think this would be sensible as increasing your cadence will mean an adjustment to your aerobic engine, it will need to grow as you are pushing off more often, which will mean expending more energy so it will feel harder. Thoughts anyone?

  • Hey Zach, I shattered my kneecap at the end of my 8th grade track season and wasn’t cleared by my doctor to run until the second half of my sophomore year in high school for track. So as you can assume I’m quite behind. I run freshman times as a high school Junior in cross country and I really want to get better. I go to morning practice, summer practice, I have been trying my heart out this entire year and haven’t managed to even break 19:00 in a 5K. My PR is still at a 19:32. My team has a freshman that can run a 10:13 2 mile and our fastest upperclassmen can run around a 16:30 5k. I have a bold goal. I want to get on my teams varsity and hopefully place or medal at state my senior year. Got any tips for me? Like seriously is there anything specifically I can do to improve at a good enough pace to maybe be breaking 17:30 18:00 in my senior year? I would really appreciate a response to this!

  • Better use metronome function on the watch, set to 180. Use cadence monitor like garmin pod and practice good cadence directly? No 2 bit per week or so it take forever.. just slow running maintaining good cadence from the start.

  • Hey Zach, is there anyway I can contact you privately to ask for help. I run Cross Country down in Florida for my high school and I’m trying to drop to unimaginable times from a current PR of 17:24

  • Hi James. I hope you’re well? Great video, fascinating analysis and lots of take away messages.
    I’m interested in the big guy reference. Would you say your limited ankle flexion or your lack of hip mobility will cause you injury problems?
    I keep overloading and over stressing left shin. 4 years of problems. My ankle and hips (lower back) are sore and lack mobility as well.

  • Is it impossible if I drop from a 19 sub to 16 sub or 15 flat in a 5k? Because usually in track we do a 2 mile warm up then a 5 mile run to cover more distance and endurance then speed work on Thursday then on Monday distance on tuesday is tempo workout then Wednesday distance then Saturday is speed work. But coach says it’ll drop our 5k time alot

  • Thanks for the video! Improving my cadence helped me a lot to run longer at a much higher speed and I have less little pains after a run. I was just wondering if a higher cadence (for example 180) is also preferable at slower speeds? Because with a higher cadence at slower speeds comes a higher vertical oscillation (= upward movement), which in turn is less favorable for my running efficiency since I spend more time moving upwards instead of moving forward. So in my case, improving the cadence at slower speeds is a good thing on the one hand, but on the other hand it provides for more vertical oscillation. Has anyone experienced the same problem? Any advice? Thanks

  • I find it hard to run at 180. It’s like I have to shorten my steps to become baby strides. If I use natural stride lengths + 180 cadence, then I’ll be running way too fast. My HR will jump to 175-180. I guess the holy grail would be to have a strong enough base that I can run with the most natural stride AND have a 180 cadence. Then I’ll be running at 7 min mile pace. But for now, I don’t know whether to focus on keeping my heart rate below 160 for training but having say a 170 cadence, or keeping the 180 cadence and basically only be able to run intervals.

  • Thank you for actually having exercises in your video. All the other video that claim to help you improve your run time just tell you stories (i.e just run more, i did track in high school, do HIIT) nothing REALLY helpful when you’re just looking for workouts to do so, thanks

  • I’m trying to run a 5:10 in the mile this year and I’m in 7th grade right now so my legs aren’t very long and i was wondering about what cadence I need to reach this goal

  • I think the key to holding that 180 cadence is #1 be really good at counting in time. I count 1-2-3, 2-2-3, 3-2-3, 4-2-3, ect… To 60. #2 Be disciplined and just slow down! If I’m pacing someone that starts walking, I keep a 180 cadence beside them. I can “comfortably” run 12 miles at this cadence. I also don’t need a watch.

  • Last summer, I ran almost 50 miles a week. While I do believe I became a better runner, I became severely anemic and never even broke 21 minutes in the 5k. However, after taking a break from running, and slowly easing back into it, I am now running 30 miles a week and I have already shaved almost 2 minutes of my extremely slow time. My goal is a sub 19 by cross country, so we’ll see.

  • Thanks James really useful video as always. I’ve been getting a spot of lower back pain recently so I guess I need to do more glute and hip work.

  • Thank you James for a great vid! Just a thought though, your small knee valgus could also be a compensation for your stiff ankle dorsiflexion ����‍♂️

  • I’m not sure if I’m overlooking it in all the videos, but I’d love to see one on foot placement (foot strike) on hills. One buddy tells me to pick up my knees but another one says to keep my knees low. Help!

  • I don’t have thick vocals or thin so I don’t sound good trying to make my voice powerful and I don’t sound good TRYING to do runs (which I can’t do by the way)
    Anyone with me here? I just don’t sound good at all

  • I’m working on improving my speed and have been focusing on speed work, but this video got me thinking about my cadence. Most of my runs are between 7:30 9:00 min/mile pace and my cadence is rock solid consistent about 195 (both legs, of course). I’ve always thought that my cadence was sufficient. Is there such thing as having a cadence to is too fast? Is this something I should work on? My current speed goal is a sub-1.5 hour half marathon ( 6:52 pace or better).

  • Ok this might sound stupid but I need an opinion on what serious runners think about this. So I’m not a serious runner and I only run 2 times a week for general fitness. I’ve been doing it for the past 2 years and have now got from 26 minute 5K to a 24 minute 5K. This got me thinking how much faster I can run a 5K and would a 20 minute 5K ever be on the cards from the amount I’m running. I’m guessing it would take a few years but I don’t mind since it’s just for fitness but just got me thinking.

    I was wondering if just keep running this schedule would it just continually get faster or would I have to change what I’m doing at some point bearing in mind that I do other sports throughout the week. So I can only do it twice a week.

  • When I go running shop I over pronate much like you do here and they always try and shove me in a stability shoe. Every time I’ve ended up taking them back because they kill my legs and back. I bought a neutral shoe with arch support and again my calves went hard as rock and my lower back was wrecked. Now I just run in a neutral shoe and let nature take its course. Less injury but I’m trying to think about my technique but it’s hard to change something your body has done for years naturally.

  • I ran the first 5k of my life a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I “injured” myself the day before and basically limped through the whole race:(

  • This is a stupid question but my5k time rn is 28 mins and I wanna get it down to like 14 mins… do you think I could cut it down to that if I trained over the winter spring and summer?

  • Can I just express, that as soon as I started doing that finger thing you talked about within the first ten seconds of the video, I tried it immediately thinking “This is NOT going to help me”, and after I tried it…. Well… I can literally do runs now, and I’ve never been able to even pull them off in the slightest, they just came out as weird shaky, flat notes. Thank you so much, bless your wavy fingers.

  • I run with music. And my cadence goes with the beat. Never the less most “run music” you’ll find is about 140bpm.
    But this helps me keeping the same cadance when I’m getting tired at the end of the run.
    Nice video! Keep up the good work you all.