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8 Moves for Stronger, Healthier Feet 1. TAKE A QUICK WALK. Step around your house barefoot for five minutes, to warm up and bring circulation into your feet. 2. DO YOUR ABCs. Complete the alphabet one or two times with each foot. This move activates nearly every muscle in your 3. SCRUNCH A TOWEL.

Move your feet to position them with your toes on top of a bench or swiss ball. ACE-certified personal trainer, and health enthusiast who works to help women live stronger, healthier, happier. Step your feet out wide into a straddle stance with your heels on the same plane and your feet parallel to each other.

Take your hands to your hips, and on an inhale, look up toward the ceiling. These moves are a must for exercisers who train barefoot or wear minimalist shoes-and people who want the benefits of barefoot training but aren’t ready to kick their shoes off. main content. Live Healthy & Happy. Start; Food Tracker. 5 Exercises for Stronger, More Flexible Feet.

Spending so much time in shoes restricts the foot’s ability to move to the point that we lose balance and range of motion, as well as strength. But the good news is you can build healthy and strong feet just like you build strong legs, strong arms, or a strong core — with consistent training. Build Healthy Feet with a Barefoot Workout. Get strong as hell with these 8 foundational exercises: squats, rows, pull-ups, shoulder presses, bench presses, step-ups, deadlifts, and bridges. 8 burpees 10 V-ups 12 squat jumps 14 high knees (7 per leg) 16 shoulder taps 18 mountain climbers (9 per leg) Keep reading to get started!

Pivot on same-side foot and allow your hips to rotate, creating more momentum into the front part of your elbow when you strike. To perform from the. Why are stronger and stiffer feet healthier? “The concern is that a weaker foot is a foot prone to problems like flat feet,” Lieberman says.

If you want to be fit, human movement can be reduced to three basic categories: pushing, pulling, and hip extension (squatting, jumping, running, and even riding a bike).Functional fitness begins.

List of related literature:

Footwork exercises enhance foot–mind coordination and balance and make us more accustomed to moving our feet in all directions at a high rate of speed.

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Through its identity with Gu, this foot is thought to provide individuals with the necessary strength and determination for advance and success in life.8 Decision making also is associated with this forward positioning of the foot.

“African Vodun: Art, Psychology, and Power” by Suzanne Preston Blier
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Mambo: The mambo involves stepping forward the step and then backward in the floor (or in the bench), repeatedly with the same foot while shifting the weight between the supporting, static foot and the moving foot (Fig. 9.32).

“Exercise and Sporting Activity During Pregnancy: Evidence-Based Guidelines” by Rita Santos-Rocha
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Figure 2.5 Kung fu heel: Rapidly moving the heel medially and toward the toes rising up on to the ball of your feet creates a strong relevé.

“Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance, Second Edition” by Eric N. Franklin
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Most of these moves can be performed with low to moderate impact (one foot stays on the floor during the move) or high impact (both feet leave the floor during the move).

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
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Increased awareness of alignment and balanced strength and flexibility will go a long way in preventing foot problems and increasing the foot’s expressive potential.

“Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery” by Eric N. Franklin
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Others have emphasized the importance of strengthening the intrinsic muscles of the foot,36 which may include foot sweeps, toes curls, marble pick-ups, and short-foot exercises.

“Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete E-Book” by James R. Andrews, Gary L. Harrelson, Kevin E. Wilk
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Move forward like this, letting the left foot reach positions 3 and 5, while the right foot reaches positions 4 and 6.

“Daoist Internal Mastery” by Liping Wang, Mark Bartosh
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Fast walkers with sufficient plantar flexor strength to support body weight maintain a heel-off, forefoot support posture (Fig. 5-29, B).

“AAOS Atlas of Orthoses and Assistive Devices E-Book” by John D. Hsu, John Michael, John Fisk
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Each involves different combinations of calf, ankle, and toe strength for pushing, pulling, and gripping with the feet, as well as the coordination to control these positions.

“Performance Rock Climbing” by Dale Goddard, Udo Neumann
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  • i tried the foot exercise where you curl your toes up then down and it hurts curling up. i can do it but after 5 or 6 of them it hurts

  • Very useful video! great series of exercises. I was wondering if bunion pads like the ones on fixapain.com work to assist on bunion’s correction. I have researched on surgeries and it seems too invasive for me.

  • Hi..my tibia anterior muscles are stiff even at normal conditions..really hurts if i run or brisk walk 100 meters and become more stiff and tearpainful. Any way to get out of the pain

  • Been suffering for neck tightnes and tender muscles. And my face feels like its tight too. I want to heal this neck muscle problem ����

  • Great instructions. Fairly good progression after 1 day. Feels really good, almost like the feet are waking up. A bit surprised by how immobile my feet were.

  • Thank you. These are really helpful. I’m just starting to do them and I get a lot of cramping in my foot. Will that just go away as it strengthens? My foot is fairly flexible but needs to be strengthened. That is, my feet, both of them

  • I have suffered with really uncomfortable extensor tendonitis for 6 months now. I genuinely thought I was going to have to give up running completely, however, I have been doing these exercises for 1 week and this morning I ran 2 miles on grass, with no pain whatsoever! I wish I had found this video 5 months ago.
    I just want to say thank you

  • man i noticed that you no longer insert the muscle piscs that you worked on certain area, a lil bit sad because i love that one. regardless your video still amazing! keep em coming

  • Excellent video. Deserves definitely more views. Feet are a major part in almost any sport or athletic competition. I myself do most of these excercises and I see major improvements in balance and stability.

  • Hey Adam! I have a couple questions….
    When you’re doing the feet, what are you focusing on when you count? When I do my own, I have this almost like popcorn feeling, kinda like a bunch of little beads. When doing/any kind of massage, do you have to do it a certain way (like up towards the head, or down towards the feet)?
    Great video, as always! ��

  • You are tough until you get physio done or a chiropractic adjustment. They really get in there and you feel it while they are fixing you.

  • Wow, thank you for your videos! While recovering from a serious foot injury this has given me hope to keep moving forward to gain back health and mobility.

  • Thanks for your videos. Have a query regarding my foot problem. I am 40years old and 4hours of cricket with breaks accounting 2hours. But after that I have too much pain in feet. It restores after 2days of non-playing. I have tried different exercises including suggested by you, but didn’t helped. Appreciate your inputs.

  • There is no explanation of what the therapist is doing to the patient and why so it does not seem that helpful to me.i wish there was some explanations so I could learn something.

  • Hi Mike. Thankyou for these exercise. I found it hard to spread my toes out. Is there any thing I can do about this.. Stay safe

  • This is so me with the feet and hips. I had sore feet since my early 20s. Oh man I am coming to Dublin one day! I think Dublins where you are at! I want this so bad. My body needs you! Haha!

  • These are great. I do ballet at RAD level and am preparing for pointe so am looking for some exercises I can do at home to strengthen my feet.

  • Love it! I have a massage routine (using a golf ball) to decrease a bone spur in the heel and massage the fascia / tendons. Where would I incorporate massage into this coordination work? Before, after? Different days? Thanks!

  • I can’t even spread my toes without all my toes going up instead of out. My big toe won’t even seperate from the other toes, I didn’t realise how bad my flexibility was. I can’t walk barefoot very much because my feet are so sensitive. It is probably all connected.

  • Great exercises however, the best way to exercise your feet is to get out of regular shoes and wear barefoot only shoes all the time. You need to realize that the shoe industry is destroying our feet and we need to go after that industry that make bad shoes.

  • good morning my muscles all over body very very weak life is very difficult for me I don’t know which is good for me I did this exercise it is very difficult with my toes and my finger I would like to find out:-)

  • Hello Sir. My 10 year daughter has The Phenotype of Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Type 4C Due to SH3TC2 Mutations, due to which she has week foot…though she is able to walk with AFO support. Please help. I am reachable at [email protected] gmail.com

  • Great exercise Mike. I have diabetic neuropathy, can hardly spread my toes and did not touch a towel with the exercise. I guess I have to practice more. It is not easy after TKR and being 70.

  • Hi Mike, Ive never done much exercise previously, but I’ve been doing various exercises from your site for the last 2 months & feeling much stronger. There are lots of exercises on line but yours are the best, Appropriate for seniors who may not be able to get down on the the floor or twist like a pretzel. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

  • I’m a massage therapist in New York…great bodywork and vids, Adam ��!!
    One thing I’m wondering is why you’re not encouraging your clients to breathe through some of the painful aspects of your treatment lol? Wouldn’t that be beneficial to BOTH you and your client?

  • Question:
    The two toes next to my big toe in my left foot only are bent at the’knuckle’.
    This is the lef that has the most arthritic knee!
    Are the exercises you have given good for this or do I need to do something else.
    I have been pulling and stretching them with my fingers, pushing the ‘ knuckles down!

  • Hey man, what kind of therapy is that? Im in another country and I want to get something similar but there’s too much “wooo” around here, what should I look for?

  • Fantastic one I cameacross just this one
    .. its Great for me
    I broke my right ankle yrs ago got metal in both sides..I do tennis ball under them regularly..thank you Mike ����

  • Seems to me we’re more addressing the sciatic nerve which starts at the base of the spine and runs down one or both legs and is extremely painful. Sciatica is very common in males in the UK. Find professional medical information and advice on google or your doctor to find ways to help alleviate it. Painkillers can help, but it would be utterly unwise to take them in the long term.

  • Excellent video, thank you! My feet have a strange problem when they touch the ground, my big toes are not flat. They barely make contact with the ground except over a small surface area of the toe. As a consequence I often struggle with balance. In yoga classes, the instructor often tells me to press my big toe into the ground and while that might seem fairly simple and obvious to most people, I have a hard time doing so. I hope I am making sense, this is tricky to explain. Could you suggest any exercise that might help with this?

  • Youre awesome mate just love your videos hopefully one day i can visit you to fix my broken body lol hopefully I can tolerate the pain well lol

  • Have you considered offering your clients a piece of leather or wood to bite down on to help them get through the pain of the treatment? It was something that was offered to those who were about to be flogged in the Royal Navy of old.

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  • Hi. only started doing this yesterday and already seeing an improvement, will continue to incorporate it in my daily routine with my ankle strengthening exercises, my feet and ankle feel so much better already, we take our feet and ankles for granted, but they need looking after, Thank you, feeling positive. J

  • This guy, in my opinion was one of the best patients you have had. He took the pain very well which made your job easier!!! Kudos to him!!!!

  • Thanks Mike do your exercises every morning l suffer from polymiaga rheumatica l get very stiff on a morning, l find other exercises make it worse but yours l love keep up the good work x

  • love the contents lol.
    except my brother just walked in and said
    “wtff what are you watching and why does it sounds like some gay porn”

  • I like these exercises but do I don’t think I can do them… I have what is known a “Dropfoot” and I can not move my foot independently but I was wondering if you might have an answer or remedy for that, I fell on my glute and it affected the foot on the side that I fell on… TIA, Chiquito…

  • I get tingles from watching your vids, especially the foot therapy ones, and they’re not even asmr videos. Excellent content, as always! ��

  • Adam, who are you trying to fool with your nice candle in the corner? LOL! We all know this isn’t a relaxation massage!! HAHAHA! Great job as always. So refreshing to have a therapist who addresses the whole body, not just the location of pain.

  • You are so good. It amazes me that you know that pain in the feet can be caused by an issue with the hip. It was obvious your client was in pain but he took it very well compared to others I’ve seen. You state that this was his 3rd session. I can’t imagine what the first two must have been like for him. You’re a marvel. I hope he doesn’t have to go thru too many more.

  • When he dig his hand into the client’s hip
    Me: immediately pause and run to get some snacks and a drink. My movie time.. no one must disturb

  • Thank you for the foot exercises. I had trouble with the toe movements. Any suggestions that would work when you have short hammer toes?

  • Wow. Amazing work…..so uncomfortable for him. I could see the difference in his foot arches after you had done the release work in his hips and feet. His foot arches looked flat and locked in the beginning. Now they have a more relaxed, arched look to them. Much improved for comfortable body weight support. So glad that injury therapy has made such strides in it’s approach to getting at the root of soft tissue misalignment and rigidity. Fantastic.

  • Jaysus, when I saw de flayums coming out I though where is dis going! Strangely mesmerising video. Great you were able to help him!

  • I can lift all this weight but I can barely move my toe with zero resistance lol. This is exactly what I was looking for, nicely done and illustrated so thank you.

  • It’s just amazing how everything in our bodies are connected. A problem in his hip caused feet pain… it’s incredible and that’s great that he find a great professional like you! I really like your job and your channel. Greetings from brazil ������

  • So those good foam pads about 2 inches thick that people balance on, if your having a hard time moving your big toe independently, hang just your toes off the edge and try the first exercise. Really activated “stuff in my toes and up my foot to the flexors on the top of my foot” I went from 1/40 in my left foot big toe to 30/30, 2 attempts squeezing hard on foam with arch and toes down.with change of floor height from fore foot to toes. ( had biceps femoris distal avulsion reattached 1 month ago ) perenoeal nerve was effected during the incident. This is excellent just tinkering for better work. Can’t walk on toes or especially heels, I promised to listen.

  • While this looks painful..I’d be there in a second to get rid of foot pain (naturally)! Looking for rolfing near me!! Great job Adam!

  • The Dreaded Thumbs getting the poor Fella squirming as his Hip flexors and instep get a good going over! Great Content as ever Adam….keep up the sterling work my man!

  • Great!
    Feet are so important.
    I have always had to wear good shoes!
    Now that I am a senior, I have special insoles prepared by an Orthopedic Dr.
    They really make an amazing difference!������‍♀️

  • As I’m in another country, if I wanted to find a practitioner that offered this kind of deep tissue full on treatment in my area, what would I look up?

  • I remember her, my teenage years talk about a major masturb****n time umm hummm in my days I didn’t have no phone or no magazines but I did had the exercise channel good times LOL �� but she still look amazing I hit it ����

  • Denise I had neuroma surgery on my right foot 3/2016. I am swollen on that foot but trying to build up strength as well. Shoe select I not great right now. Living in Oasis Gel-OS-Racer 11. For women with M high arch, but narrow feet. Can you recommend another brand to wear. But insole has to be able to be removed. Thank you [email protected] gmail.com Manteca, Ca