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8 Tricks to Finding the Best Workout Gear for You. by Erica Bellman. April 13, 2016. 10 Comments. Share it: Feeling your best during a workout has a lot to do with your gear. Sure, you may be tempted to reach for that ratty old T-shirt from college, but is that really the best piece of clothing to get you through an awesome sweat session.

From running to cycling to yoga, every workout is different. That’s why you need to gear up with the right workout clothes for each session. Academy Sports + Outdoors is here to recommend the best fit, fabric, and features that match your needs to get the most out of every movement. Now that you’re clear on how to choose the best workout gear, you might be wondering how you can find cheap activewear that will last. Before you head to the stores or, indeed, your laptop, there are some insider tips that you need to know.

Here are just eight things that you should try when you’re looking for affordable activewear. 5. Take this jump-rope challenge. “The best cardio workout is the jump-rope double-turn maneuver,” says Michael Olajide Jr., former number one world middleweight contender and cofounder/trainer at AEROSPACE High Performance Center in New York City. “It’s intense: You’ll burn about 26 calories per minute!If you like the gym, consider Zumba, the newest group exercise craze. That will get you moving and burning calories to Latin dance rhythms.

Other. During your workout you don’t want to be a going-through-the-motions kind of guy in the gym. If you’ve gone through the trouble of suiting up for a workout, you’d best be getting after it hard. These tips are all designed to help you maximize intensity and strength today to help you look better tomorrow. Nike has the best balance of price, performance, and variety in its workout gear.

A pair of leggings can go for upwards of $70, but you can find plenty of $40-$60 options, and the site semi. “Most of my workout clothes are red. The color’s known to increase excitement, energy levels, and circulation, and it really works to get me going. Elliot AJ, et al. (2011). Whether you want a full-blown smart device for an immersive wearable experience or just a fitness-oriented timepiece to record your laps and splits, we’ve rounded up some of the best.

To make the most of the time you put into the gym, you should aim for compound moves to take up 70 to 80 percent of your workout (and target specific muscles you.

List of related literature:

Three of my favorite websites for fun fitness equipment like this are Onnit, Perform Better, and Rogue Fitness.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Strengthen the core, train functionally, “fast twitch” muscle training, and more cryptic descriptions of variations on silly themes are the recycled, “new” ideas in fitness.

“15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben's SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health” by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
from 15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben’s SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health
by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
SelectBooks, Incorporated, 2017

I have saved all these for last, because I think aerobic routines should be done first.

“Natural Health, Natural Medicine: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Self-Care for Optimum Health” by Andrew Weil
from Natural Health, Natural Medicine: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Self-Care for Optimum Health
by Andrew Weil
Houghton Mifflin, 2004

This includes not only instructions on how to perform an exercise, but also proper breathing guidelines and weight belt recommendations.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

The Personal Trainer app already has a predefined workout and a list of 12 exercises.

“Angular 2 By Example” by Chandermani Arora, Kevin Hennessy
from Angular 2 By Example
by Chandermani Arora, Kevin Hennessy
Packt Publishing, 2016

The methods that I have selected best suit strength and conditioning training through bodyweight exercises.

“You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women” by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
from You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women
by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
ReadHowYouWant.com, Limited, 2010

One of the first things to win me over was the preternatural ability of the CrossFit Elysium coaches to memorize not only names, mine included, but also specific workout achievements linked with those names.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
from Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body
by T. J. Murphy
VeloPress, 2012

As for the gear, aside from the standard weights, elastic bands, bars, ropes, and pads, apparently the newest thing in exercise technology is something called the Kettlebell.

“The Madwoman in the Volvo: My Year of Raging Hormones” by Sandra Tsing Loh
from The Madwoman in the Volvo: My Year of Raging Hormones
by Sandra Tsing Loh
W. W. Norton, 2014

As an athlete and coach, I know most people’s instinct with this program will be to hammer through each exercise, the entire list, with each workout.

“The Cool Impossible: The coach from Born to Run shows how to get the most from your miles and from yourself” by Eric Orton, Rich O'Brien
from The Cool Impossible: The coach from Born to Run shows how to get the most from your miles and from yourself
by Eric Orton, Rich O’Brien
Simon & Schuster UK, 2013

I typically don’t recommend specific home exercise equipment.

“I've Made Up My Mind...Don't Confuse Me with the Facts!” by Chris Axon
from I’ve Made Up My Mind…Don’t Confuse Me with the Facts!
by Chris Axon
Xulon Press, Incorporated, 2007

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  • I see you as my coach. but I did workout for 2 years.
    I Rly love that you say Add a min every day.
    but coach then I have to workout 711mins. I mean 11 hours.
    Aint that bit too long:)…!!!!

  • Thanks buddy. Some great tips there. I love dumbell exercises. I don’t have the room for a big gym setup, so I have a large collection of free weights and dumbells instead. Good stuff.

  • I am 50 and have so little core strength that I can’t hold my posture correct just sitting. Do you have beginner core exercises? I have the add difficulty of I carry all my extra weight in my belly.

  • has irritable vowel syndrome AND lactose intolerance Ok, Imma yet half the foods I eat and become a monk������

    But srsly, I already did many of these things already so I’m a bit like…�� and I oop-

  • Person: Congratulations on your pregnancy! When are you due?
    Me: It’s a bloat baby and I’ve been pregnant for a few years so not sure

  • Great video I benefited a lot ���� thank you! for the meditation part>> I read Bible daily especially when I am stressed the book of Psalms helps ��

  • Clearly one of the most charismatic and grounded folks on all of the YouTubes. (Can’t bring myself to use the term “influencers”.)

  • I’m confused. There are only six barbell exercises. Squat. Deadlift. Press. Bench press. Clean. Snatch. I don’t know what all this other stuff is.

  • I have a problem with my stomach.
    When I sleep upwards, I feel like its hanging.
    Every time I feel rest it start making noise and bloats.
    Too much pain in the due process.
    Before I eat I feel an comfortable but after eating I feel OK but with bloating symptoms coming??????
    . Thank.

  • Been doing lots of research on this & never came across a video that actually made me want to start until now. Thanks for all the helpful tips. �� can’t wait to start!

  • Fulvic Acid comes from the earth’s soil containing 70+ minerals and vitamins. It also contains electrolytes, prebiotics, enzymes, antioxidants, and amino acids. It is SO powerful. �� It has helped me tremendously with alkalizing my body, helping my hypothyroid, inflammation, weight loss, balancing my hormones, greater energy, and DETOXING on such a deep level.
    I can’t say enough good about the product! It also eliminates all of the toxicity and acidity in the body and rebuilds at a cellular level! I think it can be beneficial to every single person no matter the age. Feel free to look around on my website!

  • Do you have a before and after photo somewhere? I really want to start waist training but I’m just concerned it won’t work for me!

  • Hi! Thank you for this informative video. I just want to ask which is better 9-boned or 25-boned waist trainer? My work is sedentary, I just sit all day. But I do workout in the afternoon. Which one would be the best choice?

  • I noticed your grip on the deadlift… asymmetric grip:) Care to talk more about that?:) (unless you already have and I missed that video)

  • fun fact: Despite its name, the strawberry isn’t a true berry. Neither is the raspberry or the blackberry. But the banana is a berry, scientifically speaking, as are eggplants, grapes and oranges.

  • I just realised while watching a bunch of these videos about bloating i feel a little better about my bloated stomach as im sucking up the information

  • the waisttrainer i have is from a beauty supply so i rlly dont have the right one the one i have not rlly a waist trainer it jus make your stomach look smaller u wear it everyday and you eat less your stomach still the same and your waist

  • I do ve bloating thing……but tats not the problem I’ve found solution(tisvid)
    ……. when I stand my stomach looks OK! “( )”…..but when I sit my…..i(. ) tis muchh

  • Never really thought about the gym clothes thing much. outside the gym im very conscious of what I wear and like everything to look right with a specific look in mind but for whatever reason ive never been that way inside the gym. i throw on some old converse, sweat pants and tanktop/vest (is tanktop US for vest?) and then wonder why everybody else is there in their colour coordinated gym gear and expensive new trainers lol, makes sense though when you put it like that

  • Wow this video came right on time�� I was literally watching waist training videos all day but there are a lot of girls wearing them for 8 hours (+)��, I know you were always recommending not more than 5h which definitely sounds more right to me. And thanks you literally said so many things I was thinking about! Like just because two people for example got a 28 inch waist doesn’t mean that they’re the same size. One of them got more belly fat and already more of a “hour glass” figure whilst the other one has a flatter tummy but is more square shaped. I think the one with more fat could use a smaller size then the one with the flatter tummy because fat is easier to compress. That’d be my case (the one with more fat) I can get myself in the black amazon waist trainer in size XS. From their size chart I would be a size L (I’m about a 29/30 inch waist)! Either way the XS is too uncomfortable for me since I wanna start slowly. So I got it in S and M too, to see what’s most comfortable for me but is also compressing my waist. Thanks girl you got me on it again! I think the biggest reason people stop waist training is because they’re expecting super fast results AND they get the wrong size.

  • I don’t know if this matters with waist training, but would it ruin the quality if you’re reaching and bending down constantly for work per say, like will that make it wear out quicker?

  • get that squat rack dibs shit outta here. There are already enough squat rack curling idiots as it is taking up precious squat space just to make 0 gains

  • Not sure you’re actually clear on who your audience is. I mean, I find your videos both instructive AND entertaining, and YES I’ve been working out at home and about to start at a gym. But no way are you talking to me when you casually suggest press ups (my biggest fear because I’m no way able to do them at least right now); but in particular, with a 50lb plate on my baaack??!!

    When you take into account that I’ll be 69 in a couple of months I think you’ll understand I’m not into buying into “show muscle”, but health and fitness. The supplement businesses have homogeinised us into believing the new male ‘muscle-beauty’ standard is pretty evident. (Check out Travolta in Saturday Night Fever; or Hollywood’s male heart-throbs like Burt Lancaster, Robert Mitchum etc etc and you’ll see no gym figurines!)

    Just saying don’t leave people like me out, even if it’s not intentional (which I don’t believe it is).

    PS: Like your stuff loads.

  • i got a $3 breathable waist trainer and it works great. i’ve lost 4 inches with it. you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get good results.

  • I used to do traditional martial arts throughout my childhood and young adulthood and we always wore our uniforms. As I got older and started hitting the gym it always felt wrong working out and not wearing a karate gi, but I also didn’t want to look like a nerd lol. Now that I’ve got my own little gym at home, I bought a gi and my motivation and mental state while work out has gone way up. I feel like me again.

  • can anyone recommend me any cheaper waist trainers? Im trying to save some money:( but I still want one that will get the job done

  • Back Guy was so happy to see the first part of this video..I could feel it already that it made his heart happy and I don’t even know if he’s seen this

  • but I have a question it is normal that your belly even tho you’re doing your exercise routine and then you got bloated after all?

  • Eating slowly helps your metabolism boost that can make you lose weight. Now, eating slowly makes u feel bloated? Yoe all I want is a small tummy

  • Thanks for posting this. I just started waist training 5 days ago and have been struggling to wear it for a long time. I’ve been wearing it for 2-3.5hours a day. Thats kind of my limit. So thanks for the info because I’ve been told to wear it up to 8 hours and that seems impossible at the moment.

  • Drink more water. Yes at most building sites nowadays the toilet block has a colour chart for your pee. (Honestly I’m not joking) Long story short if your pee doesn’t look like clean tap water you need a drink of water.

  • I really don’t care for dairy products such as milk, cheese etc so after I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and my meals don’t be a lot or crazy but still feel bloated after and I drink water no soda at all all I want is for my stomach to be toned / flat

  • I have a quick fix that I use to combat bloating. It works in 15 minutes and my bloat is almost COMPLETELY gone. Take a 1/2 tsp of carraway seeds. You can get them cheap in the seasoning section of any grocery store. They taste like mint and is the consistency of undercooked rice. Eating it feels weird but it’s a miracle treatment to me as with IBS, I get bloated ALOT. I highly recommend it

  • Wow thank U so much I’m having such trouble. And…hey, The three guys who left town it’s okay you can come back it was the bloating. ��������

  • During quarantine I don’t really have situations where I’m on my feet for 5 hours so I have to wear it while I’m just lazing around. Is that okay?

  • I just wanted to know, when you wear you waist trainer throughout the day should you wear it all at once or can you split the hours up.����

  • I eat very slowly and also very less but the middle of my stomach only the middle (from below my breath to the belly button ) bloates and also same thing happens when I drink water so much so that it becomes difficult to take big breaths

  • I always get bloated after meals and sometimes it gets more extreme that I feel like vomiting and ended up “vomiting air”, which is nothing. After “vomiting air”, it always feels better. But it’s pretty painful before I “vomited”. wow that’s a lot of “vomit”.

  • Will you ever do a workout video like celtic warrior and do it with the people from what culture? Your videos are very good simple to understand and affective good work

  • Great video. It’s less “gym-hack” and I would say closer to a “fitness-hack” what I like to do is at my sink I have a special (and completely devoted) toilet scrubber that I use just for cleaning out my protein shakers. It works amazing for it and they are cheap enough to just buy a new one every so often. I know some troll is going to get on and tell me just how disgusting a human being I am, but that person can go get bent and struggle however they clean those bottles. Just a little tip that I wish someone would have shared with me eons ago

  • Whenever I go to the gym I usually start with a treadmill run for 10 mins for a quick warm up, and then just do whatever my brain thinks is the best thing to do today, and after doing 3 different things I then go for a quick power up on a treadmill and re do this over and over again everyday

  • you reckon you could do a muscle gain video for people in their mid to late teens? so many things you say I can’t control because I have no money and am still my bodies developing.
    thanks for all you do man, major influence on my life!

  • This is a great video and I’m going to try these out.

    I’m about 5’11” and a reasonably heavy set build. Currently in overweight at around 17st 6lbs but I’m going to try using resistance training until I’m light enough to run and cycle again.

    I might do a little variation on loading up the end of the bar, a scaffold tee connector bolted to a large flat piece of wood with an exhaust U clamp… mainly so I don’t mess up the garage floor in the corner:P

  • Good physic! All i need to do is Photoshop my mug over yours and I’ll have your body within 5 minutes! Lol. I’m joking i look great, but not as great as you. But if you’re right with this advise in a few months to year I’ll have your physic in a year or so. I praise you. #athean-xtm

  • The acid from the lemon water can damage your tooth enamel, so maybe alternate tip #1 with the other tips (e.g. drink nut milk for breakfast instead of lemon water) or don’t add too much lemon:)

  • Nope on the last one for me.
    Personally I like to go and be alone, and can’t stand when people go in pairs or groups, chatting in an area for longer than the amount of time than actually using the equipment.
    These group of guys in particular I know put a ton of weight onto the bars, and wait ages before actually doing anything on them, taking up so much time ��

  • 08:23 Simon: “takes me 32 seconds to go and get a drink of water!”
    Me, being shut down with a stupid muscle fiber tear (if you call it that in English, what do I know): “Nice flex, man. Takes me 32 seconds to get up from my chair right now… also my tap is downstairs.”

  • The reason you have to do weights then cardio is because when you are doing cardio, your body has to send blood all over your body as your working muscles all over your body. This means when you do weights your body can’t get blood to the muscles you’re trying to work so you can’t work anywhere near as hard. Easiest way to show this is run a half mile then try and do some press ups, most wouldn’t manage 10.

  • I dont get whos grunting with just 20 kg dumbells doing shoulder press at my best i did shoulder presses with 30kg dumbells and dindt screamed or grunt loudly its hard maybe you grunt or exhale a bit buth realy shouting like your being raped is just to much those are just attention seekers in the gym.Buth i get simon seen a guy really making sounds likes he having sex while squating 40 kg he took arnold when iam working out comming to serieus

  • Number 1 GYM HACK is use a decent ie ( min 5 years exp) personal trainer for a minimum of 3 months. Its the best advice and men hardly ever get one because of that insecurity and fragile ego!!!! You will save months and months of no gains by using a PT and with his knowledge and skill he can work out which diet and exercise program works best for YOU and YOUR body as we are all different. What works for one person may not work for another. Dont be limited to youtube videos and google blogs online. Go and use a professional to give you a kickstart. I can grnt you if you take that advice and use it you will be in tip top shape within 6 months. You know what the gym is like….. 85% of the people in there think they are Personal trainers when the PT’s are laughing away at all the meat heads crippling their bodies and destroying their knees and spine!!

  • Hey, I was just wonderinh do you do all of these with the same amount of weight or are you supposed to switch for different exercises?

  • I absolutely love your channel �� Great advice, and you’re calm demeanor really differentiates you. Most other guys act like Neanderthals! ��

  • Im 15 and want to wear a waist trainer but i know my mother wont let me. Should i tell her or should i not do it? Or am i too young?

  • Hi man, just found you and loving your stuff so far. On your point about starting small… when I first started actually exercising properly I found a guy online who put it like this: “if Frodo and Sam could walk all the way to Mordor, you can get your butt outside for a ten minute walk on your lunch break.” That got me started and about 3 years later I’m almost obsessed with lifting and feel deprived if I can’t. Great advice mate. Keep it up!

  • You are finally doing workout videos. That is crazy. I have followed you for years now, and first NOW you are doing it.. I love you Simon!
    Do you read the comment section at all? I don’t blame you if you don’t ��

  • I don’t have a machine for barbell squats. So I pick it up off the ground in a sort of deadlift and lift it over my head. I obviously can’t do this with as much weight as I’d like to for squats because I have to lift it over my head. Is this safe?

  • I am 11 years old, my stomach feels horrible, I think I’m cramping. I have nor gotten my period yet, my moods change I will be happy one day and rude back then. What do y’all think?

  • Hello. I was planning on buying a waist trainer from your site. My waist is 26/25 right now and I’m 16 years old. I just feel like using a waist trainer just to slim down my waist a little more and keep my posture good as well. I want to do this right so, should I buy an S or an XS? XS is starting at 24 and S is starting at 26. I just don’t know which one to buy.

  • I disagree with #4 Farmers Carries.
    You wouldn’t walk around with heavy objects like that in a warehouse or on a farm.
    Weight ultimately centers on your back/spine.
    Poor way to lift heavy objects.
    #6 1 Arm Incline Bench Press is also questionable.
    He seems to be struggling for balance.
    Using two arms locks you into place and allows more focus on the muscle.

  • I think the fastest way to kickstarting fast results with waist training is mastering your mind to muscle connection. Standing ab workouts while wearing your waistrainer also helps. Eat while wearing your waist trainer.When i take off my waist trainer after 6 to 8hrs, i just tie a scarf round my tummy just to keep that mind to muscle connection. It helps alot. Eat home cooked meals as much as you can. Limit junk food.

  • Great tips, I like your not BS’ attitude.. you obviously know what u are talking about… that comes with experience…keep it going mate… BUT no more using the word -fricking too cheesy!

  • 5’10”,average built,74 kgs,lean,30% fat I guess,indian,want to build up lean muscles,what weight should I start with dumbbells as a beginner?can this workout help me in building up a lean muscle body with an additional 5 kg?

  • Hey, Simon. Ever thought about reacting to Linkin Park? ( piece of advice: if you do, make sure you listen to live versions ) Also, appreciate your work, bro!

  • Thanks this is super helpful!! I want to get started with using using a waist trainer and I have a 28 inch waist. Was the medium size waist trainer snug for you when you first started??

  • When you’re in quarantine and the weight gain is finally hitting you then this fat-melting.idesiremore.surf is the best opt for you to lose weight…not only in this corona situation, if your body is highly fated than this also for you… it’s works great and marked no 1 in USA

  • Using two barbells to dip in the squat rack. I feel like unsubscribing after hearing that. Simon, stop being a bald asshole, you’re better than that.

  • Are you going to eventually come out with different torso lengths? ☺️
    Just something to consider because the brand I got my waist trainer from has different lengths and it’s very helpful for me because I have such a short torso (the length from my hip bone to under my boobs) also I can sit down comfortably without the trainer bending because it fits me so well!

  • Hey Simon my budget is pretty limited so I can’t get to a gym for the foreseeable future and instead I’ve been using dumbbells and a kettle bell at home. I don’t have a bench just a leg rest to do press ups and such. I was wondering can you recommend any good home workout exercises with limited weights/machine as/equipment etc?

  • Im glad I found this video, cuz I did not know that you are not supposed to wear it for more than 5 hours. I wore it for 3 days straight (except when I showered) and I passed out. I stopped using it because I thought it was not good for me, but now I know I only used it for to long. I won’t make that mistake again��

  • My method for progressive overload. I pick 3 workouts for each muscle group. I pick a weight I can do those exercises with in 3 sets of 8. Eventually I get to the point where I can do 3 sets of 15 (45 reps total). I then switch to 4 sets of 12. Once I can do 4 sets of 15, I up the weight until it is back down to 3 sets of 8 and I repeat the process. Once I am ready to up the weight again, I switch to 3 different exercises for each muscle group.

  • One of the reasons why I wear a waist trainer is because it makes me feel so much more confident even tho people can’t see I difference I feel really happy about my body.

  • We downloaded the DP part 2 Android game!! My student the 4th-grade “Rage Monster” hipped me to Dude Perfect at the beginning of our summer program!

  • I really feel your honesty coming through you definitely made me subscribe to your channel I really appreciate this video it helped a lot god bless

  • I‘m not sure which size to get bc I’m right in the middle between two sizes. I thought I’d opt for the bigger size since my stomach will expand after eating but I’m afraid it‘ll be too big then/not tight enough

  • A cup of coffee can go up to 600 calories… We challenged 2 coffee-addicts to go on a week without drinking a drop of it, check out their response: https://youtu.be/gY8N4CDmTY8

  • i got really excited at the end when you said you could always find a work-out buddy. Here i thought you’d be giving me a friend! no one i know is willing to do 5 squats.

  • Blasting isn’t caused by overeating. It’s caused by eating in general and it’s just how your body digests it. It’s completely normal and I’m kinda sick of people pretending bloating a bit after eating a meal isn’t normal

  • With the farmers carry if you don’t have space to walk you can run in place and bring your knees high. This becomes a very demanding exercise.

  • Here are the stats on our MetaFlora Gut Probiotic:
    Support digestion, immune system, weight management and much more
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  • Wearing a waist trainer on while on my period has been very helpful. I also, suffer from bad menstrual cramps and thanks to waist trainers the crucial pain subsides.

  • “And Kapow! You’ve just taken one step closer to immortality. Not true we’re all gonna die. Didn’t mean to bring the mood down.” I love this guy ������

  • Here’s my fix for a over filled stomach: just walk around a little first, then sit down and play video games or do something that would distract you, but no exercise. So after an hour of pain in the stomach, do not drink anything. Now hop up and down a little, then got up in your bed, let your shoulders and upper torso lean out from the bed so your body is inverted at 45 degrees downward, put your legs up on a wall or ask someone hold them up in the air for you, breath in with your mouth, and then with your nose, repeat them for about a minute or 2. Then laid on your back in the bed, all flat out. After a while, repeat the task of inverting your torso out from the side of your bed, do it for 1 or 2 minutes again. Then laid flat on with your back in your bed. Doing all these is to make some part of the food move away from the bottom of your stomach, because that’s where the pressure of gravity and weight builds and causing pain, it stretch the stomach and causing pain and discomfort. Then 2 hours after laying in the bed you drink some water. Do not standing up or erected the torso upright to make the food gain weights at the bottom of your stomach.

  • Hi, I’m interested in waist training but what if your waist is not listed on the size chart? If I’m measuring correctly, mine is a 37

  • i’ve been watching you since the devacurl video! i think i was kinda scared bc when i was younger they said it only worked bc it moved your organs around. i’ve been scared ever since. this video helped educate me and relieve me of fear

  • Number 5 is awesome!
    I have friends who are super nervous about going to the gym but this is a GREAT idea to work up to working out.

    I am a recent subscriber, great channel:)

  • I just have a barbell and weights up to 300 at my house. If I did all these workouts every other day 3 set 10 reps. Would that be good.

  • @beauty within You gave sach valuable information �� but I feel so happy when I saw translation in hindi “Shukriya Dhanyawad” from my side because hindi is my language ����

  • I’m a beginner and if I do these exercises in the order they are listed (say 3 times per week) is that a reasonable workout routine?

    I only have access to dumbbells and a bench and am trying to decide if I can start working out effectively and what exercises I should be doing

  • Yes doing Am yoga Get right outta bed when ur alarm goes off N open ur your curtains for more light,drink water when you get outta bed

  • i have been trying to do the barbell roll out. dont think im doing it right. I dont feel anything in my abs but my arms are sore as fuck.

  • Hey love! I started waist training starting Friday of last week and I was on the first bone and I struggled getting it on but I squeezed in and it felt right, 2 days later I find that I can go to the second bone and that’s where I’m at now, I’m not sure if it’s just be but is it normal to be sizing down to fast in only a matter of 4 days? I’m at a XS right now and I can already tell I’m gonna be needing the XXS soon but my question is should I stay at the bone I’m at for a couple more days to “ train” my body or if I can do I keep going down?

  • i’ve been somewhat twiggy all my life and i just bought a $40 barbell set from walmart cause i’m too much of a pussy to go to a public gym. but i’m ready to be about the gain life bro.

  • I love that your prices are reasonable i will definitely support your business, let all help support our black businesses God Bless sis

  • Everything we already/should know, but yet you make it seem like an epiphany. Fuckin’ love the way all of us watching are like “day’umm”…everything you said was bar-none the truth. I have to add one more thing: deodorant! One cat in particular where I go is ripped…and yes you DO notice him cuz the dude is friggin’ jacked…but when he walks by all you can smell his B.O. beyond the normal limts, and it seriously ruins my focus. Just, for fuck sake people, either shower or put on some pitstck. NOT. HARD.

  • I also wanted to say I’ve really been getting into fitness lately and I was wondering if you have any advise for a 16 year old trying to slim down on her sides and stomach in general and also trying to grow some glutes, ( because I got nothing what so ever ��) and I was hoping if you have any advice to help better my fitness journey

  • Hello sir can We do all these excercises with out the yoga mat or that cloth which showed in ur video? Plz reply me…..I nedd this

  • Such great tips. I recently spoke on this same topic and had many of these points ( great minds think great things) and a few extra tips for those that have bloat and gas but its not menstrual related.

  • Exercise Movements in this video:
    Front/back squats
    Barbell curls
    Hip thrusters
    Barbell dead rows
    Landmine Thrusters
    Inclined Bench press
    Barbell core rollouts

  • Thoughts on 5ft bar for landmine exercises. I have limited space and a 7ft bar already, but am looking for another bar to do supersets with. Idk if landmine exercises are more/less effective given 5ft to7ft bar. Please advise if anyone has useful insight. TY!

  • You can’t be saying “you can only scream if you’re deadlifting more than 240kg”

    If you can scream for that, you can scream for anything. Difficulty is relative. Maybe some scrawny kid is struggling with curing 6kg. What’s really the difference?

  • Since I found this video 3 months ago I added it to my schedule and I’ve been doing these exercise every since, guess what, I’m feeling so freaking great and I feel I gained good amount of mass muscles, thanx Athlean X

  • I have a pair of 50 lb dumbbells do you think that this is enough wait to get a very efficient workout? I plan to execute all of these exercises. And plus I don’t have much space and cleaned out my storage locker and what was my workout rooms is now my new storage locker!

  • Do not deink lemon during a meal… lemon is an acide and will soften you teeths and eating alongside to drinking it will harm your Theeths immensly

  • Great coaching tips on how to perform the Olympic style lifts utilizing proper biomechanics to increase strength and muscle. In addition, precise technique prevents injury. Thank you for the instruction.

  • Girl you are so beautiful��❤️ I been waist training for many years, too. From a size L to a size S! Can’t wait to be XXXXS like you!! lbvs�� Awesome tips!! I will be going on your ig now. lol

  • For the hip thrust, how did you get the barbell into that position? I currently have a barbell but no bench or rack/holder yet which doesn’t help. I’m still curious..

  • hey Jeff, i saw this video and now I want to start training with Barbells too.:) I wanted to buy one but which is the best? The EZ bar 120mm, the straight bar 120mm or the 160mm straight bar? can u pls give some advice because i have no idea:(. thanks and great video!!

    This is natural ingredients. It is specifically formulated to help people lose weight quickly.

  • Hello Bright side.. I m your subscriber.. Kindly do guide me,, i have knee cap issue since i have strted exercise n squats r too tough 2 be done for me.. So should i skipp? Or do it according 2 my eaziness? Must reply

  • Thank You ��This routine was very much like the one I used daily once. You have given me the motivation to do I again daily so I will������

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  • This advices are very good and practical. I did all this before but I could drink some more water and I should focus more on preogressive overload by using those 1,25kg plates that I never use:p

  • loved your video definitely motivated me into buying a waist trainer, I just wanted to know that if you had sides of your stomach that curve outwards and made your stomachs look a little bigger would a waist trainer help slim down the side fat? ❤️

  • everyone scrolling down comments to see if it work I suggest dont think about it just do it already if you think about it you will feel laziness

  • There is another exercise just need a fitness ball u take it get into sitting position and aim at a wall with the ball and bounce the ball with a lot of force and catch it while still in a straight position so no bend forward to catch it