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8 Reasons to Try Indoor Rowing 1. It Burns a Large Number of Calories Harvard Medical School states that a 155-pound person rowing at a vigorous pace 2. Rowing Removes Muscular Failings “Endurance runners and cyclists tend to have many muscular deficiencies that lead to 3. Rowing Circumvents. 11 of the Best Exercises for Back Workouts. 1. Balance row pistol squat.

Appears in: The Master’s Hammer and Chisel – Chisel Balance. Benefits: This move is an intense, total-body 2. Dumbbell reverse grip row. 3. Renegade Row. Because rowing uses many of the major muscle groups it’s an effective way to get your heart rate up and increase your oxygen levels so you get an effective cardio workout.

Weight Loss The number of calories burned will be different for everyone due to a number of factors. If you’re starting a new workout plan or adding your existing exercise routine, here are 10 (and a bonus) reasons to try indoor rowing training. A low impact, whole body indoor rower workout burns calories fast and gives you stress relief and balance.

Rowers save you time and money, while reducing chances of injury. Old, young, good knees or bad knees, indoor rowing is a low-impact exercise that is easy on the joints. So no matter what size you are or what limitations you face, you can probably do it. Old, young, good knees or bad knees, indoor rowing is a low-impact exercise that is easy on the joints.

So no matter what size you are or what limitations you face, you can probably do it. In fact, it’s the exercise du jour for many people who are recovering from an injury because it’s so easy on the body, yet provides a great workout!Low-impact – Indoor rowing involves no jarring impacts to the joints, and doesn’t require extreme mobility.

For these reasons, this is an excellent cardiovascular and endurance workout for midlifers. It’s also great for people who aren’t quite ready for weight bearing exercise. For example, an exercise like rowing might be just the thing you need to spice up your routine or spark a new exercise habit. It is by no means a quick fix or a cure all to your exercise issues, but there is a long list of reasons why it just may be one of the best forms of exercise you can devote your precious time to.

BONUS REASON TO TRY INDOOR ROWING: HAVE FUN! TRY AN INDOOR ROWING COMPETITIONS WITH FRIENDS.Indoor Rowing Competitions are popping up everywhere! Hundreds of indoor rowing races are now held around the world each year, including the World Indoor Rowing Championships. Concept 2 even offers an event calendar for Indoor Rowing Contests.

Try to maintain your pace and work/rest times. Then progress this beginner workout by adding an extra interval every week or two, like this: 6 x 200; 7 x 200; 8 x 200; Intermediate: 4 x 250 meter sprints. Row as fast as you can for 250 meters, but only.

List of related literature:

Mastering the physical challenge of rowing seemed a worthwhile endeavor.

“Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports” by Timothy Noakes
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Ifyou don’t want to spend money on equipment, here are some alternatives perfect for rowing at home or in a hotel room.

“Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight” by BJ Gaddour
from Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight
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The camps introduced me to intense training and to something else: the ergometer, the indoor rowing machine that I would come to respect and to loathe in subsequent years.

“The Kiwi Pair” by Eric Murray, Hamish Bond
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I did a few more rowing events with Roger following the world record, but after so many hours churning backwards and forwards in the garage or the gym, I was ready for something new.

“Horses, Heifers and Hairy Pigs: The Life of a Yorkshire Vet” by Julian Norton
from Horses, Heifers and Hairy Pigs: The Life of a Yorkshire Vet
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Another source of discomfort—and admittedly, of entertainment and delight as well—is rowing.

“A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy” by William B. Irvine
from A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy
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Comes to me that the only really good reason to keep on rowing is to keep that promise.

“The Young Man And The Sea” by Rodman Philbrick
from The Young Man And The Sea
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Rowing machines are another indoor option.

“Natural Health, Natural Medicine: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Self-Care for Optimum Health” by Andrew Weil
from Natural Health, Natural Medicine: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Self-Care for Optimum Health
by Andrew Weil
Houghton Mifflin, 2004

Rowing is seen as one of the best forms of aerobic exercise available, because of the smooth coiling and uncoiling of limbs and muscles with low impact forces on the joints.

“The Hydraulic Handbook” by Trevor M. Hunt, T. Hunt, N. D. Vaughan, N. Vaughan
from The Hydraulic Handbook
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Make sure your first set of any rowing exercise is relatively light to let your back get warmed up.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
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Rowing on the water is a wonderful whole-body exercise that requires a fairly high degree of skill.

“Advanced Marathoning” by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
from Advanced Marathoning
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  • Is there a way to prevent the knees from over extending when you push real hard on the rower? I have the impression I’m hurting my knees by over-extending the legs on hard rows.

  • Late to the party here Cameron, but you’re an inspiration. I erged for fitness in my late 20s early 30s then got off it when I got into cycling. Then along came life and family etc. Late 40s now and am working my way back into erging. Sorry I left it. Getting my family into it too!

    Keep up the great work and best of luck in Tokyo!

    Awww Yeaah! 😉

  • Point 3. So true. I go to a good gym, there are 4 C2s, almost unused. People look at me when I sit on one. and stare when I spend more than 5 minutes on it. (Really) And Point 1, this is EXACTLY what happened to me, but the idea of doing a 2k test every monday is… tempting. But My recover is less than optimal. Once a month is enough:-)

  • It IS addictive! You feel soooooo good afterwards. I feel that time flies faster than treadmill running. This is my favorite go-to cross training activity.

  • The addictive one is so true! I just started indoor rowing for the past 2 months and since 2 weeks i’m actually looking forward to train again while wondering if i can improve my times of the week before. Best part is almost every week i do go faster:-) Great vid!

  • Thank you for taking the time to teach everyone about indoor rowing. I recently began using the rowing machine at my CrossFit gym and I love it. I am 57 ish and I noticed I have begun losing weight and its due to this machine.

  • Just looking at the technique the guys are using on the indoor rower it seems very different to the technique they use in the boat. I guess the main thing is that they seem to lay back a lot further on the rower and pull the handle much higher than they’d pull an oar. Is this just the best way to get metres/watts/ speed on the erg and so different to the best way to row on the water or is there some other reason (injury prevention?)

  • I absolutely love the the channel, your content, although its tailored largely to quite a specific audience, is very relatable and honest. I think videos like these are great and anything training related or videos which give an insight into parts of the sport that most people don’t see often are also fantastic. Keep up the videos!

  • #9 rowing has a minimal eccentric component, so will make you less sore for a given amount of cardio than running or say a bodyweight or KB HIIT circuit. This means it won’t fuck with your lifting gainz as much (or yoga or whatever.) The other commonly available low-eccentric cardio option would be a bike; but that’s not a full body movement. Aka intervals on the erg is literally the most time efficient and physiologically effective way to keep fitness high without negatively impacting other training.

  • I’ll include the erg in my training for a 24h mountain bike race. I never thought I’ll grow to love rowing �� Can only recommend! ����

  • I see some channels suggesting that my heels should not lift at all during the stroke yet on this video all the athletes heels lift quite substantially, what advice would you give on this? Thanks!

  • Great video! This is so true, ergs are ridiculously addictive. There is no better feeling than putting in the work and seeing the numbers fall… plus, even on the days when it’s not a pb or new world record, it’s great fuel for the next attempt.

  • Hey Cam, was just wondering a few things, how often do you think you should do a 2k test if one were to be training every single day? Another question is how long have you been rowing for and how often did you train to get on the Great British team?

  • I joined a gym 4 years ago at the age of 50 to get in shape. The water rower was one of my “go to” work out devices. I pretty much use it every time I go (3 to 4 times a week) and row either 3k or 5k meters. I’m content that I can do a 5k row in less than 20 minutes. There are also other exercises that can be done on the rower besides just “rowing”. Have someone show you rollouts, plank -pikes, bicep curls and tricep extensions. I also do crunches with weights and rear reaches to the ground to give the obliques a work out. It really is a flexible machine! I get asked all the time why I’m on the rower so much and I explain that if I’m doing 30 strokes a minute for 20 minutes then I’ve done 600 leg exercises, 600 core exercises and 600 arm exercises:)

  • What do you think of the BikeErg? I know it doesn’t hit the entire body like the rower. But i was think of picking on up to use while watching a game or a movie.

  • How can I best protect my neck muscles while rowing? On my dominant side, my neck is becoming it’s own little body builder… And doesn’t feel good!

  • Hey DH community. Just recently purchased a rowing machine (not concept2 brand unfortunately due to finances) and I’m excited to start my training. Do you guys stretch/warmup prior to getting on the machine? Any tips would be appreciated!

  • i use my RW-900 6 days a week twice a day. 5k endurance when i wake up, HIIT at night. rowing isn’t a “workout” it’s a way of life.

  • I rowed on water and compared to my athletics season my body was in the greatest shape while rowing. It’s the greatest cardio machine in the gym hands down. I have bad knees after running so it’s a great alternative. I use low resistant always and only used it for 10-15 minutes and the results were excellent with other essential machines the stepper & cross trainer. It is a full body workout. The biggest problem is that people using them have never rowed on water and have horrendous technique. Gym instructors never teach people how to use them properly. Extend the arms to clear the handle away from the knees, then slide forward. Don’t lift the handle over the knees ever. Back position is also important. Keep the spine straight. Don’t crouch over the handle. When leaning back don’t over lean. Posture is essential. When it becomes second nature it’s brilliant. I’m 6ft tall and the Concept2 D with PM5 computer is the best.

  • If I were James Cameron down at the titanic before directing the movie… I would have found those rowing machines and gotten video of me “rowing underwater” with my scuba suit on. Just saying. It’s fucking perfect.

  • What’s more effective for general fitness? Airdyne or rowing machine? I realize that the rowing machine has a bit of a learning curve.

  • Great video, I’m planning on buying a rower! And when you mentioned the Titanic I was thinking exactly the same thing, looking back it seems sadly ironic that they put a rowing machine on a ship that was destined to sink on the first trip.

  • Not going to lie, any hint of a recommendation for a rowing machine because there was one on the Titanic would not be my first pick for an endorsement ����

  • Distance swimmer here. In the water, feedback is pretty instant so long as you’re paying attention to what the water is doing around your body and whether you’re getting good ‘traction’ with your hands/forearms and feet/legs (new paradigm swimmer here, but I’ve modified their form into a sidestroke as I’m a sinker). I’ve had to back off on the swimming due to cramping issues and I’d rather not drown TYVM.
    I’m attracted to rowing because there’s the same need for attention to form. I’m a bit concerned that there aren’t the same cues when I’ve screwed up. There are cues when you’re actually out on the water (shell, rowboat, canoe, or kayak) but I wonder what you get when on a machine(?). On the bright side, there’s no need for feathering. Subscribed, BTW

  • So, I’ve been researching getting a rower machine looking for an alternative to running because i just ruptured my Achilles tendon and start rehab on monday. im trying to roughly lose about 40 lbs. is there any tips you might have to offer? im no stranger to this machine and i actually really enjoy it but ive never been more serious about it as i am now.

  • Hi
    wonderful presentation and really gets into rowing.
    I have a couple of concerns, I am 66 y/o, weigh 129lbs, not very active because of back pain, pinched nerves, scoliosis, etc, BUT I want to do some exercise, do you think rowing machine will be good for me despite my health issues?
    Thank you!

  • what do you think about ” Total Gym Incline Rower CE ” it is not a rowing machine but is sort of rowing with incline? I would like to know what you think on that home gym equipment. Thank you.

  • is this suitable for me….
    you dont no me. so you cant think why i make so many good bad mix descions..not to do with the cost.

    just got over mass mast cell activation syndrome. if i had more convidence then ide probaly purchased it first

    Mental health sometimes i shouldnt even be considering this concept as i’m vulnerable. when i come to money options ect

    NOt even surrposed to purchase anything but i watched all the way through to the very end end end..and was convienced. how can you help me i dont no.

    nightmares still from childhood

    nearly drowned by bullies during lesson

    stuck in tight space for hours

    bad motorcycle accident left for dead on highway they drove off

    server mental health……i cant read. Ive got the worst memory

    very embarrisng way possible..

    thrown down high flights of stairs.

    taken under by jelly fish.got rescued

    hit by car. whilst on motorcycle

    HIt by train regarding bullies.

    autism severe anxiety, alzheimer’s

    my pain freshold is appalling

    cofidence in my self ahs gone

    dont feel great about my self

    i lack motivation

    i have no education and bad ptsd

    let down by groups friends,phycologists..Consultants

    i dont have an finance, i rent out small but neat flat. not work at the moment due to covid19. and i lve alone.

    I’m never lucky when it comes too money �� so I less some how you can prove this not to be another scam you will find away. I lost my life savings of 10,000s and nearly killed my self. So it hard to trust.or faith in these situations. As for the virus I’ve been alone since march and it hasn’t been easy. Mental health is shocking, troublesome.

    but my head still telling me to trust everyone again so please dont let me get worse.

    Thx Andrew Barnett uk

  • rowing is the first time i managed to get a ” runners high “, 15 mins in hard rowing the right song came on and all the pain and hot feeling went away my pupils diallted got the goosebumps and was doing 4 strokes a minute more for 10 mins before the dope ran out

  • I have an ankle pronation that has become excruciating after only a few minutes of walking. This sounds perfect for me. By the way, you are a GREAT speaker!

  • I have hyper-mobility in my hips which makes most cardio quite painful. I’ve purchased a rower in the hopes that it’ll be a little easier on my hips since I can utilise my upper body a lot more.

    Swimming and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu are also fine on my hips, but with the quarantine neither is an option ATM.

  • I started rowing at 5’11 at 365lbs with pre diabetes, high blood pressure and severe depression. 24 months later with my 40th birthday approaching, I’ve gained back an inch in height and I’m now 195lbs and I’m in the best shape of my life, mentally and physically. I also look like a completely different person.

    I started lifting weights in conjunction once I broke below 300lbs. I now row either 5 meters x 4 with a 5 minute break between sprints 3 days a week or I row 4500 meters in a slower steady pace on the three days I lift weights. I eat between 12pm & 8pm with around 100g carbs / 250g protein /100 g fat a day and I fast from after my cheat meal Saturday night through Monday morning when I’m not doing any exercise

    Other than the rowing machine. I hike around my property a lot which is a pretty rugged 40 acres of land. Never could have done that before

  • Just for the record, I watched a few videos from this channel but this is the one that made me subscribe. That’s now because I liked what I heard, but it’s the manner in which it was presented. Nice one, thank you.

  • I love my rowing machine. It’s only a cheap one and I’ve had to open it up and replace the strap, also replace the tracks and seat wheels but I’m on it most days for a good workout. It’s really satisfying pulling against a good resistance. If you haven’t used one before go easy at first and ALWAYS warm up before and after you do a session. If I had to replace the machine I would go straight for a Concept 2 though the one I’ve got has been quite good. If I could only have one exercise machine at home it would definitely be a rower

  • I was able to score a C2 rower yesterday. I love it! I have been searching for months, then COVID hit and everyone wanted 1500-2000 for their rowers. Glad i found a fairly new one for around retail price from Craigs!!

  • Idk if its great for everyone…..but it’s going to improve your overall life, but that’s not for everyone. Worthless information and counter intuitive. You’re not supporting you initial comments.

  • Really does improve your quality of life, everything changed for me the way I walk, my range of motion, I can feel my movements were wrong in day to day life and fitness wise rowers are absolutely the way to go. When I first started it killed my lower back and I got cramps in my hips. None of that now.

  • When I was Navy we had a rowing machine on the ship ( go figure) and I used to get a great workout with it, always felt great afterwards. Since then in my civilian years I could never find a rowing machine in a gym SO i will be purchasing one very soon of everything that you explained about it and my personal history with it. Thank you for the vid…

  • I’m 60 and rowed when I was in college. I have never loved any sport or form of exercise more than that one, and that included waking up at 5:00 in the morning to get to the water by 5:30. Running, swimming, yoga… couldn’t touch it. Over the decades, I’ve slowed down, have had numerous medical ailments, and decided to get back into rowing. Alas, no boat, no club, and no doubt at this point I’d tip over. I bought a machine. I love it. I’m back home. It feels right. It clicks and the sound, the movement, the regularity of breath, the challenge….yeah, I’m back on the water in my mind! My knees don’t hurt. This is great. Thanks for being a guide! (The only thing that would make it more fun would be a pair, quad or and 8!).

  • Still also i cant get why high prices.look like it could be constructed if right materials available in much cheaper prices.import it here in Egypt cost 1600-2100$ TOTAL COST

  • Thank you for the video, a nice one!, this weekend i need to buy a machine to exercise at home and i was thinking first to get a crosstrainer ( i enjoy in the gym),but a friend told me to try a rower ( i have not done yet that and i will not now because gyms are closed)…..i been watching plenty videos how great a rower is….my only concern is if with some type of lower back pain that i have sometimes it is a good idea to get a rower or i just stick with a cross trainer.Thanks again and i will appreciate a response!Best regards

  • This video was actually pretty useless. Just another one of those “article” types where it asks, “should you do it?” And in the end the answer is always, “It’s up to you…!”

  • Thank you for this incredibly informative video. Rowing has been my go to cardio for the last 2 years since my LCL tare. Looking into buying one for my home and thank you for the genuine opinion

  • I have a concept 2 since 20 years, I bought it to cure my lower back problem and it DID help! Since then I use it regularly mostly in the winter. It is great but extremely BORING. Listening to music helps, still it is B-O-R-I-N-G. yet again, I keep my concept 2 and love it

  • I agree with what you said.
    But. The rowing machine is a good exercise machine.
    Not great. It can be a good
    Weapon of choice against
    The war against fat. It is like
    The elliptical,it helps tone the muscle while burning fat.
    When I really want to burn the most fat,it will always be the treadmill.

  • Actually, there is only 1 method for losing weight. Burning more calories than you injest. Its the only method backed by medical science and the only method documented to work. Every fad diet that has ever worked, works because it includes low-calorie intake mixed with exercise.

  • I started rowing in grade school and I just bought a Concept 2 rower. My drive way has a 3 degree angle to it so I row 1000m facing down the driveway as a warm up and then at the end of my workout, I row 1000m facing up the driveway. Usually a 5 second difference in time. It gets pretty tough the last 300m. What a great way to start and end a workout.

  • To aerobic and anaerobic trainings I would add another one: ergometric. It is about maximizing your joule output within a preset time. And it is really what ergometers are about. Because minimizing time of doing some distance means directly maximizing the physical work made in the time of the training.

  • I got my concept2 model d in the mail today. Am I hearing static in the fan? Almost sounds like little pebbles when the fan is spinning….I haven’t used one of these in years so not sure what’s normal.

  • Running and rowing are a great combo. I notice my runs have gotten a lot better. The best part is less pressure on my shins during my cut.

    I’m excited to bring rowing into my workout routine.

  • I just bought the concept 2 model d rower and I also got the rowpro game that goes along with it and the exercise plan is perfect for me, my second workout today in a 14 week plan so hopefully by the time I’m at the tenth week I can see a good point of weight loss

  • Allright Cammy, found your channel recently, nice work! I know next to nothing about rowing but I just started it at the gym recently and try to beat my times, my best is a 6:56 2k. Is this good enough to go to a local club and have a go?

  • I almost didn’t watch this because I like rowing (I’m a total beginner) and recently bought a concept 2 for my home. It was a huge investment but I’m in my 40s and i want to get in shape. It’s the only exercise I’ve found that I love except swimming, which doesn’t lend itself to working out at home. Lol (i like hiking too but there is like 5 feet of snow out there)

  • Do you have anything for tailbone blisters? As funny as it sounds, I tried to use vaseline on my butt when working out (advise from rowing forum), it didn’t help. I have no idea what else I can try, some cushion pads? I’m afraid they might scratch the tailbone skin even more. I’m not new to rowing, I use waterrower and I know that concept2 people also tend to have that problem. My technique is rather ok. I’ve been rowing for about 2 years on and off (I also do weight training like twice per week) and I would love to row everyday when I don’t do weighlifting (love short HIIT workouts) but it’s literally a pain in the butt after rowing 3-4 days in a row. One time I had so big blister on my tailbone that I had to stop rowing for over a month to let it heal, the pain was unbearable. I read some other ideas from rowing forums like using bike pads or sticking a thick cushy menstruation pad there (yes, I’m that desperate) to stop the seat from rubbing it…

  • Potential drawbacks or negatives with rowing not mentioned in the video:
    1. It is hard to fit in with a strength training program if you do hard intervals. Especially if you get more advanced and use the legs>60%. For me it’s impossible to combine with leg days and I have to set up a split where I train push/pull with legs on the pull day, so that I can train rowing on the push day. That leads to me being forced to do both the deadlifts and legs on the same day, which means squats gets out of the picture and legpress gets in. Still almost too much with both of them on the same day.
    Much, much less problematic to instead incorporate interval cycling on the stationary bike on pull day.
    I’m 51 and have gotten down to 1.29 for 500m 7.09 for 2000m and if I wanna get lower (sub 7 would be great!), I would have to specialise for rowing, meaning cutting back on the strength training with maybe 1 or 2 whole body days and in “rest days” (from strength) do the rowing.
    I mean putting rowing at the end of the workout leaves so much of the potential speed when already fatigued in important muscles. And the workouts are also too draining. Overtraining in total volume and intensity is also a potential problem with combining rowing with other types of training/sports. So, I think periodisation (rowing periods and strength periods) is almost necessary when you get to the level of being able to row about 7 min/2k and want to improve. As it is now, it is almost on a hold for me (mostly cycling at the end of some of the workouts. Mostly due to the combining of training problem).

    2. There is also a potential problem with shoulders rotating forward. Yes, it sounds counter intuitive, you should draw the shoulders back. In reality when doing really fast intervals (around 1.30/500), you just can’t retract the shoulder blades totally. It is too fatiguing and inefficient. Case in point: Look at elite rowers. It is very common to see forward rotated shoulders in them.
    I have also noticed some strain in the shoulders after intense rowing periods. Maybe it is also a function of the combined load of the strength workouts and rowing too..

    3. The mention of it being a “full body workout”. I would say it is a “Full anterior chain workout”. If you add a really deep deadlift with a rowing exercise you get the same type of muscle involvement. That is: Quads and hamstrings, but with much more hamstrings. Glutaeus. Erector Spinae, most of the rest of the back, but with more emphasis of the deeper muscles(romboids, lower traps etc) than the lats, some biceps and forearms, some shoulders. Some of the deeper core muscles in the core if done correctly.
    Very little (if any): Chest, triceps, abs(the non-core deeper part), calfs (just some), middle/outer deltoids. You need push exercises to balance this pull exercise. Weighed dips are a great compliment exercise to work the antagonist muscles if a person doesn’t do any other exercises!
    And for a complete lat/wide back workout you also need some pulldowns/chinups AND some pullover (Something where you push down with straight arms in front of you) for a complete workout. Case in point: Shoulder should not only be drawn back, there should also be a motion where you draw them downward, which isn’t included in the rowing.
    Besides for me it is more of a leg exercise where I get really, really fatigues in the legs (Which I get is what happens when you have rown for a while for most people). Add to that, that it is also quite low intensity and won’t really be optimal for building muscles. Well except for 45-60 second intervals, maybe.

    4. The “low impact” thing could also be a potential problem. You need impact to some degree for the joints and muscle attachments. If you only focus on rowing and improve your VO2-max a lot and then switch to, say, doing interval running, you may be in a real potential risk for hurting yourself since you have a much higher degree of aerobic fitness than what your joints are accustomed to when running

    All in all. though it is a great exercise where you really, really can push yourself harder than most other types of interval training being in the lactic acid zone for longer times and working with very large body parts in both the lower and upper body. Only swimming and cross country skiing (I did some skiing when younger) is in the same ballpark. But they can’t be done in the gym. And, to my experience, you I can only fatigue myself with intervals to the fullest with rowing (it is insane!)

  • My rowing machine was a great bargain, £99 from Lidl, probably not for you if you’re a professional but great for beginners, you gotta put it together yourself as it’s self build, but had mine since Aug & it’s going great, has a timer & programs if you want to ramp it up & folds when not in use. I see that Lidl had a new batch recently for £199 not sure why the price difference but my rower is smashing!

  • Smart man making Smart points….. if you have room, can afford a decent one and have the drive to work out… for me the answer is buy one.

  • Got my Hydrow Virtual Rowing machine on August first 2019. Started rowing daily with the instructors and have rowed over 3 million meters which is like 1800 miles as of Jan 1, 2010. It has truly affected my quality of life. I have lost 35pounds, down to my high school weight, off of my diabetes meds, blood pressure meds, depression meds, no more Afibs, had the best checkups of my life, all my docs were amazed as to the changes. Even my dentist said it was the best he has seen since coming to him 40 years ago.
    For a 76-year-old guy, I would recommend it to everyone who wants to just improve their quality of life. I have been rowing for more than 188 days straight 2 to 3 hours a day split up throughout the day, as I work from home. I used to be a cyclist and pedaled about 75-100 miles a week and never saw the results I am getting now. Plus I get rid of my GUT!

  • The water rower is my choice for a great workout. It gives by far and away the closest thing to actually being on the water from the comfort of your home or gym.

  • I started rowing because I did crew as a class in college Once my life settles down a little, I want to get my own rowing machine. For now, I use one at my local Planet Fitness because it is so much more enjoyable than running.

  • So seriously considering purchasing a rower since I’ve been suffering with plantar fasciitis now on both feet…can’t do treadmill which was my go to….after watching this video and reading the comments…getting a ROWER!!!!

  • I have used a Concept 2 for 10+ years. There are a few other issues that bear mentioning, if you are thinking about this for serious weight loss. 1. You are likely to get blisters and calluses on your hands. Maybe you can reduce that with some cloth or gloves, but I would not bet on that working 100%. 2. If you are heavy, and you are rowing more than half an hour, your posterior is going to start to hurt. Because you are sitting on it, and you are heavy, the muscles really are not getting the blood flow they need. Better to set a distance you can complete in 20 minutes. Get up, walk around for 3 or 4 minutes and start up again. 3. You need to do crunches too…hundreds of them (obviously you have to build up to that)…to balance the back muscles you are making…too keep your spine happy. 4. If you are really chubby try putting a cinder block under the back feet of the machine. this helps roll you forward a bit more which your body works against you on. You can make that lift less and less as you loose the weight, and get good range of motion. Though, I would not do the cinder block thing until you have the rowing stroke down…just in case you fall off. I don’t think I have ever fallen off, but I have seen beginners get so confused with learning the stroke that they fell off…usually while trying to get off of it.
    Definitely watch a video on correct form. This one only showed ridiculous errors. A full length mirror on its side beside a few feet away can help you to see what you are doing wrong. It does not have to be perfect, you are not racing out on the water, but you don’t want to be doing anything too awkward either…It might lead to injury.
    Also, even though it is a fan and blows some air, if you need it, add a power fan to keep you cool, if you have a tendency to get hot. And stay hydrated. Don’t turn it into a race if someone hops on an erg beside the one you are on…do your own thing. Your opponent is the goals you set for yourself and those numbers on the screen.
    Also, if you are considering buying one…these are large. An exercise bike is much smaller…though bikes usually don’t do much for arms, back and stomach. I have tripped on mine a number of times…still I prefer it greatly over a bike. I got a bargain on a professional stair climber (looked for months on Craigslist until the type I wanted showed up), so I have been favoring that lately. Though, I am getting my erg ready for some variety.

  • Holy shit, just saiyan, �� I am not a competitive rower, cycle or anything like that. I am very self taught and self motivated but I have achieved a daily goal of 20 miles in an hour on a cycle followed directly by 12000 m in an hr on the row machine……well I watched this video last night and tried my feet out today (never actually falling over but came VERY close in the middle of Crunch several times) and was only able to achieve 1500 m in 15 minutes before I was absolutely gassed. Purely amazed. THE BEST CORE WORKOUT I PERSONALLY HAVE EVER HAD!!!!

    Thank You

  • This guy does not know what he is talking about, When I saw his video on cycling vs rowing, he displayed no knowledge of cycling. He is a goof! Do not talk about stuff you know nothing about

  • Couldnt listen to this idiot. Firstly he said “whats up guys” does he think girls dont row. secondly why the hell does he think something is wrong with us all. Next no one rows like that. I bet this idiot has never been in a rowing boat. This is the sort of moron that gives real trainers a bad name.

  • really excellent instructionespecially regarding the seat/handle movement and shoulder movement to assure lats and very involved in the pull..VERY useful!

  • Is this channel mostly for people actually on a rowing team or just people who are trying to learn to row/erg by themselves without coaching?

  • As a 60 year old rower from the UK I find your videos exemplary in covering all aspects of rowing and delivered in a non-condescending, clearly-explained way.
    On this particular subject, I have, in my quest to seek out any marginal gains at my stage of the game (that sub-7 Min 2K still eludes me….), been researching the importance of the power curve and more importantly, the ‘optimum’ shape. Information on the net is scarce, but having unearthed a couple of papers, it does indeed seem that the ‘expert’ opinion is totally with you, a far as engaging the lats and introducing a ‘4th’ component (legs/torso/arms plus lats) to the stroke.
    I’ll be working on that in the weeks to come too. For the record, I’m able to push out a max of around 73Kg/f per stroke, which falls into the ‘average’ output value for scullers, according to research, with my average of 40Kg/f. Apparently, a good benchmark is 48-52% of the max, so it seems that I’m not doing too bad for my age!
    I believe that some coaches are advocating a ‘square’ power output curve, in which the force generated by the 4 different components are much more evenly balanced, as opposed to the leg-centric One which tends to account for the more skewed version.
    Keep up the good work young man and stay safe.
    Best Wishes from the UK

  • This was extremely helpful, thank you! I just tried the rowing machine for the first time yesterday and I had a feeling I was doing it wrong, even after watching some videos on how to do it. Now I know that I wasn’t engaging my lats, I was waiting until my legs were extended to pull. Time to try again!

  • This is very helpful, and explains clearly a basic question I, as a new rower, have had.

    On another note, I noticed something very odd at the 4:47 time mark, of a black-and-white picture of a man (not You, but somebody else) suddenly, for a very brief moment, popping up in this video. I captured it in a screenshot, but am not able to attach it here in the comments section.

  • Best explanation of rowing techniques I have ever heard. Thanks a million. We just bought an erg machine and I appreciate your advice. I push with my legs, but by the end of 10 minutes or so, my lower back hurts. I will do these exercises.

  • Why does some random guy’s face flash on the screen at 4:46 mark? Like Fight club but instead of pornographic image it’s some guy’s face. Rewatch and when it gets to 4:46, pause and unpause 3 times and you’ll see it.

  • You explained that very well. But to learn this is not so easy but if I think about your words with every stroke and feel what´s happening with my body it get better and better:) Thank you for that.

  • Hi
    I’ve just started using the rowing machine for about 3 weeks now so I’m very new to this, I just wanted to ask, my legs never ache after rowing, is this normal or should I feel some sort of ache? I’ve just seen your video so I will try this technique tomorrow. Thanks

  • Great work. I can’t believe it’s taken me over two years to find this video as it’s about an issue I’ve had with fellow coaches for over 25yrs!
    Perhaps you have another video I have yet to find on another topic close to my heart: the difference between erging and water rowing and how technique may or may not be adapted accordingly. The strokes are different dynamically and therefore can be different bio-mechanically. (For example, on an erg there is no resistance until you’ve caught up with the flywheel at which point acceleration of the handle is “limitless”. On the water, resistance is much higher at the lock-on and increased force produces increased resistance rather than a significantly faster handle speed.) It’s coach’s discretion to decide if you reflect good water practice on the erg or adapt. When I coach Cross-fitters, I use a different, more effective erg technique than might be appropriate for water rowers. Any comments?

  • the “shoulders down” squeeze the skittle cue is something i need to remind myself of before deadlifting, too. this is a great tip, thank you!

  • Great video. I have been rowing off and on for years. I think my technique is/was good but seeing your vid and how the stroke was broken down I picked up some really helpful information. Thanks. Also isn’t it true that your legs are 60% of the drive if done correctly?

  • I have had costochondritis for a few years and lack of neck curve and poor posture, just a bit weak but in my 20’s. My interest in a rower has peaked. Problems I do run into when working out is my posture so working out is more mental focus. I wonder if I’m making a good decision in getting a rower haha Those supermans look good too plus a lot of stretching, I cramp easily anywhere.

  • Yes unless engage core you are ‘bum shuffling’. But this guy is no rower look how he has built up his beach muscle (biceps notably) compared to his puny quads. Leg drive always first as any actual rower (who for men will be able to hit sub 1.35 to or at least sub 1.40 500m splits for 2k or more) will tell you.

  • What a bogus video… no one does a legs only row, that’s ridiculous. This video just confuses people. No need to pinch your oats. Rowing is a thousand times easier than this… watch the video with Olympic rowers.

  • I’m a woman and like my softness muscles so this machine will keep this soft tone in my arms/legs or will be a muscle woman…like radical feminazi ����

  • I understand the dislikes as someone who rowed for a long time and maybe this feels obvious but as someone who uses the erg at the gym and sits next to people at the gym who don’t understand this concept this is REALLY IMPORTANT!! The connection from fingers hanging on the handle all the way through to the feet is really important.
    If you row right, you’ll be sore all over:)

  • My WaterRower Classic is coming on Friday so I’m super exited… I very much hope that this machine will get results and it has great water resistance to make me work harder and harder. The C2 was tooo big for my place to fit… Will I still be able to achieve great results on the WaterRower Austin? Thank you

  • I just wish I can build strong ab core area or whatever you say in English… My legs are ripped according to my PT trainer but I so would love to have a nice ad core around my tummy area if that makes sense… LOL

  • I liked it, but it was about 3 minutes too wordy (long). Demonstrate for that 3 minutes, over and over, if you like. However, learn to be concise with the chit chat.

  • This is so stupid literally why the fuck did I ever click on this, lmao thought it was some cross fit noob but wow isn’t this kinda common sense?

  • Thank you! It’s 2020 now but I just found you. A trainer kept telling me Drive with the legs, drive with the legs, and it didn’t work for me! I felt disconnected and weak by doing that. I did better without the trainer! Your video explains why!

  • WOW! so very well explained in great detail Austin. Thank you kindy as I was wondering about this very same subject. However, I feel that you seem to lean to back at the end of the row. I’m not at all suggesting that it’s wrong as I’m just about to start of the WaterRower Classic next week. You are once again a great inspiration to me taking WaterRowing so thanks a million.

  • Austin thanks for the quick response I have seen this video before and I have considered what you speak about here but I’m not shooting the seat. When I complete my drive and my legs are pressed I’m not getting enough of the swing back because I’ve missed the sequence legs to core. During the pick drill I get each sequence however when I increase the stroke rate I don’t feel that flow from legs to core. I have watched competitors at events and that transfer you talk about is noticeable/smooth even at the quicker stroke rates I will continue to work at it and hopefully I’ll get it. Thanks for all of your drills they are helpful and I know that they have assisted me in improving. My goals are to break 7 minutes 2k I’m about 7:30 and to row 7500m for 30 minutes (currently best is about 7200m)!

  • I have a suspicion that, for rowing newbies, setting the resistance too high when first rowing predisposes to the sort of bad form shown here. Set the resistance low until you learn the form, even if it feels really easy. Maybe even keep it fairly low after-the machine provides resistance proportional to how hard you push off even without cranking up the dial. Low resistance is as much about a weak drive as it is a low setting.

  • This was an excellent video! I tried this out at the gym today and I really felt a difference, lat activation was honestly a simple but huge game changer for me personally

  • You posted this video last year on my birthday and I’m just now seeing. However, I’ve been a gym goer for a year now and love the rowing machine. The tip to push your shoulders down is a great reminder. My trainer always reminds me to do that.

  • 2018 sure did fly by we are already almost to January 2020 seems like just yesterday I was binge watching your videos to see if I wanted to get a concept 2 took a few yrs but I finally got one I hate that I accidentally bought the grey one stupid stupid stupid I can see in your new videos it turned a nasty yellow color I’m going to have to paint mine someday maybe a nice line green or something fun

  • do a dead lift. engage legs first (hands below knees). it never has people squirting butt up first. over knees is engage the hips and lower back to straighten up.

  • Hi there! Have you heard of creatine supplement. Go for this if you want an athlete body. This supplement brings the most out of your work out.Get yours http://www.lnk123.com/SH10ar now. Love your video.

  • I think I have an OK leg drive but I dont feel it. Could it be because of the less resistant I squat a lot or is it more still a bad technique? Is there a tip for a better leg drive feeling?

  • I rowed on water, both sweep and scull, for several years. Beautiful, yes, but sooooo time consuming as a regular work out. Plus the weather is your enemy.

  • Quite basic, suprized about it, but I didn’t knew about the back, so good to know.

    Tho its ironic how bad people are at the gym rowing, glad to see these videos:D

  • I miss the nice temperature controlled erg room when its below freezing on the river and raining sleet and hail, with whitecapping waves, but then once I get in the erg room, I’m praying I was looking at something besides my reflection in the mirror.

  • I joined orangetheory and I feel using the rower has caused lower back tension. I am out of shape but have good strength in my core, arms and legs. I feel as though I don’t have a good range in motion because of my mid section. If this question hasn’t been asked, is there a modification for a rower starting out overweight?

  • I am getting into rowing at the moment I got 12 weeks to prepare for 10km. These videos are really helping. One question on this. Do you disengage your lats after the stroke? Or can you keep them somewhat taut for the duration of your row. Keep the videos up.:)

  • Just purchased a rowing machine, ive run all my life but really want to use the machine to mix things up and benefit myself where running does not, really enjoying this channel I think it will be a great guide into rowing at home.

  • This is real shit im 15 and I pass from 2k 7:17 to 6:58 what the duck……but obviously the 7:17 was my firsts and the 6:58 was my second 2k so i take it like 1:40 1:45 and then i almost broke my legs at the last 500 meters

  • thank you very helpful! I have had to work really hard to get form properly on the rower (57 yr old female, super short (5′) and I have definitely made the error you demonstrate (pushing the legs back and leaving the arms) in an attempt to observe legs, core arms sequence. Have been doing better with that but after seeing this I can do better I feel will think about the lats and check connections there. Looking forward to trying it. I appreciate your demonstrations and teaching.

  • Very pleased to announce the release of my new eBook, ‘Row Your Fat Off!’. If you have just began using the rowing machine or recently purchased a machine for yourself, THIS is the ultimate guide to get you started in the right direction towards your fat loss goals! You can check it out from the link in the description box above! THANK YOU for all of your support!!

  • I prefer the rowing machines that actually mimic the rowing motion that actual rowing on the water uses. These machines are on the market, many cheaper than the straight bar, pull to the chest machines, and they give you a much better workout.

  • Top Tipp… it works. At first… i think that is bullshit. But i try it and i must say… it’s a great trick to aktivate the core. Thanks for that ��

  • Would be a great benefit if you could edit in some footage from a second camera when your coach is demonstrating an action and please get him miked up ��

  • What are your thoughts on the cheaper rowing machines like the Opti Manual and Opti Hydraulic machines etc? Would they work just as well?

  • better also to consciously crunch the abs
    every time the handle comes in to turn around
    from pulling to reaching since that both aids
    the conveyor belt turnaround you want plus
    better easing the back from overly
    repetitive scrunching

  • What if you feel more of the abs engaged together with the legs when your in the drive? I really dont feel it as much when at the end of the stroke with the feet strapped in

  • Great Vid..I have been rowing for years on the concept 2 and NEVER thought of not using the straps. Always thought the straps were for safety and for help with the last 500 meters BURN. Now, because of your info I warm up 2 min without being strapped in..wow..what a difference and a great way to check the correct technique..Thanks and thanks again because now my wife loves watching you and she now rows.

  • Tip: reduce body fat to about 12%. Do some core exercises. Boom. Guaranteed six pack.

    Row? Or not. You’ll have a six pack so long as you’ve worked your core some way. The key thing is reducing the fat that covers the muscles. It helps to be in your twenties and not to have kids. Also not drinking three glasses of white wine a night.

  • great video! very helpful! quick question: is this a good rowing machine: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Marcy-Magnetic-Rowing-Machine-with-8-Levels-of-Resistance-NS-40503RW/42130733 I need one to target mostly my abs and arms, so i guess the resistance levels are helpful?? thank you in advance!

  • Great video thank you so much! New subscriber. �� having to change my workout at the gym due to the virus at hand. Gym has shut down:-( Trying to build a small gym at home:-) God Bless you.

  • Gotta show more love w options of rowing… I work abs by turning handle vertical and pull on the side of my rib cage L & R sets of 20.. also sets of the 10 doing curls, lastly I lower tension & work shoulders sets of ten from starting chest level arms locked straight an d ending w arms straight ending near my forehead. Many dynamic options pep..

  • Very pleased to announce the release of my new eBook, ‘Row Your Fat Off!’. If you have just began using the rowing machine or recently purchased a machine for yourself, THIS is the ultimate guide to get you started in the right direction towards your fat loss goals! You can check it out from the link in the description box above! THANK YOU for all of your support!!

  • i wont have time to go to a gym and am looking forward to 6months of winter. im the skinny type and ive worked hard to get my muscular mass and over the past two months of inactivity its been wasting away quickly. i have been looking into buying a rowing machine as its the excercise i enjoy the most at the gym. is it a good way to maintain/gain muscle mass besides the aerobic?

  • Having watched this video over the weekend I was very concious of how much pressure I put on the foot straps while rowing tonight, even when trying to focus on engaging my core and not pulling on the foot straps (not brave enough to try no foot straps yet) Another thing I noticed is how often I catch my knees when I pull back I think that is due to starting to use arms too soon?

  • I do rowing and my coach made us do this and I had to be in the bow that day I almost fell out. The wind picked up when we were going back in and it became very wavy and we had to concentrate a lot which really helped.

  • When I do that I find myself not rowing as hard as I can because I have the fear of falling backwards. Any tips on how to fix this?

  • Thanks so much for this! Glad I “Googled” rowing because I just finished my first gym session and heard rowing was a good full body workout. I did it for 15 minutes and felt it along with blistering hands…I also learned now from several videos I may have been doing it slightly wrong. Thanks for the instruction. I’d prefer to get a good workout with correct form than look like a doofus and get nothing out of it.

  • Omg what a great tip! Thank you so much. Every time I row I don’t feel like it’s working out anything, but after doing it they way you suggested and I could totally feel my core working! Which is exactly what this moms body needs.

  • You think falling of the seat and landing on the rail is painful? I’m sure I could handle it. I’ve had worse. I think the most painful experience I’ve had was the nuss procedure. Basically my chest was concave so I had a bar put in it to push it out.

  • Thank you this is very helpful today was my second day on the machine and I’m going to take the insights from your videos to better my technique I have a super under developed core and slight bend in my lower spine and I’m excited to incorporate this machine along with yoga to reach my ultimate goal of… Doing a cartwheel ��. ✌��✌��✌��

  • Can you take out of the strap only one foot? I have a terrible rowing machine that if it goes too far it detaches and I end up changing gender almost immediately….

  • Very interesting, definitely going to try this. Of course I dont really need to check, I can feel the way the straps feel on the top of my feet right now just thinking about it. Guilty of this big time

  • I’m a regular viewer of Training Tall. Your videos have helped me considerably with my erg training. I assume that you’re a rower as well. Do you ever hit the water, and if so, is there a chance that you’ll share some of your techniques?

  • I tried the rowing machine for the first time in my life today, and I already love it. That’s a great video! I’ll try rowing with my feet outside the straps to see how my core gets engaged, next time.

  • I have just starting rowing… this is a massive help Thank you so much massive massive help.. help me with my stomach and core ��

  • So I am a new rower and I have found all this information very helpful. I do have a question though. I always have had the straps on my feet rather loose and I get sore on the top of my ankles and slightly down the sides of each ankle. It feels like muscle fatigue and I am wondering is this normal when you are new or am I doing something horribly wrong.?

  • Row in a double before rowing in a single. I’ve been sculling for many years and I can tell you that rowing in a double can be a good way of learning how to scull

  • Put in the time.
    Rowing for 10 years. Still don’t place the blade into the water correctly. Its similar to golf.
    one shot in 50 is good.

  • Stuff that, I like going forward ��. Stick to kayaking and canoeing. Anyone wanting workout tunesDr Krapanshitz on Spotify.. to compliment Shane’s mix. Under Zwift ( and no, I don’t take myself too seriously). Row on, Ride on but mostly Rock on������

  • Absolutely loved this. I have long dreamed on rowing on water. However, I will say I didn’t get the reason why the hands twisted on the stroke until the feathering comment was made. Then it all clicked into place.

  • Hi, I have had a lot from your advices, thanks. But have you got some tips how to use the resistance. I use the concept II model C. At the moment the resistance is on nr 1 only. Gr. Edwin The Netherlands

  • What are your thoughts on the Biorower? It’s marketed as the most accurate replication of rowing on water. It can replicate sculling and sweeping.

  • Yeah, the title is misleading. What you are showing is ‘shooting the slide’,
    “Legs first” refers to driving the legs before using the arms and back. This is critical in a boat, to avoid ‘stopping’ the boat. Pulling with the arms first (‘grabbing’ the catch) or pulling back with the back or shoulders will cause the boat to jerk and stop the boat ‘running’ (which is when the boat has ‘lifted’ and has air mixed into the water streaming under the hull). On an indoor rower this is not such an issue but it still inefficient.
    You don’t sit at the front stops and engage your lats before the catch. You engage you back and core as you approach the catch so you are in position when you reach the front of the slide.
    I liked your video overall though, you have a fluent motion and the advice is good.

  • Ok, next year you can finally do our famous long distance single skiff race in Austria Wörthersee. (16km)

  • This is so awesome! I rowed for about 10 years on the ERG before I had a chance to get on the water. I know am on the water through the summer until the lakes freeze. It is amazing feeling. What kind of scull do they have you in? I wish I had someone to coach on the water here. There are some places within 2 hours I think and just need to bite the bullet and go get that coaching. That is a new goal for next summer.

  • Sounds like rowing outdoors in the early am might be quite beautiful. Hopefully there will be a time when you can just go row (no instructor) and bask in that early am scenery. Have fun.

  • I hope that you make a series of this. As a sculling coach in training it would be nice to hear the coach a bit louder. But the view is very similar from a cox point of view which is handy. Here in the Netherlands, we train them first sweep rowing if they learn it while in school. If they learn it at an association, then we teach them first sculling. Which is mostly done in a C2 or C4 and sometimes C1. With youth, we start with skiffs as they are less afraid to fall into the water. I hope that you enjoy sculling as much as you did with sweep rowing!

  • I can’t believe you haven’t sculled before! Here in London the teens learn (as standard) to scull first, before they learn to sweep. Thus every (sweep) rower can scull! ��