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Tricks Trainers Use To Motivate Clients Slideshow Believe in Yourself Hoebel’s No. 1 tip for staying motivated is simple: have continued confidence in yourself and your abilities. The smart tricks personal trainers and fitness instructors use to drag themselves to the gym–because even your perky Pilates instructor needs a pick-me-up once in a while.

11 Tricks Trainers Use to Keep Clients Motivated. Tips and tricks that will help you stay devoted to your goals. Raise your hand if you agree: working out isn’t really the hard part, finding the motivation to get your butt out the door and to the gym is the bigger problem. (I know I can’t see your hands, but I’m assuming many of them. An F45 trainer reveals the top 5 tricks to getting your motivation back and stronger than ever before.

The past few months have been tough adjusting to life without access to the gym due to. In this video, we explore 4 simple tricks to stay motivated every day. If you are looking to lose weight, work out, stay in school or any other goal, you hav. Come, run with us and stay motivated forever! (Also read: Best Apps For Running Motivation) About the author.

Andrew Cheong is the founder and Head Coach of SSTAR.fitness, an endurance sports coaching service. Since 2010, Andrew has been dedicated to training runners of all abilities, for races ranging from 5km to the Marathon and beyond. We’ve put together a list of seven crucial tips to help you stay motivated during your Ironman training. Keep reading to find out what they are.

1. Create a Detailed (and Customized) Plan. Embarking on any type of long-distance training means first coming up with a. The answer is a resounding NO across the board. Don’t worry you are not alone.

Every weekend countless runners from total newbies to the most experienced veterans struggle to do the runs required by their training plans. Here are a few tips to keep you motivated on the hardest of days to start. More: How to Feel Good After Your Long Runs.

In order to keep his clients motivated over the long term Danny Takacs, BS, CSCS and owner/operator of Takacs Training Systems tries to stay away from placing too much value on the short term gains. “One of the most effective things I’ve found with clients is reminding them that achieving their fitness goals is a long-term thing,” says. Or use technology like daily e-mail reminders, workout journaling websites, or apps to keep you on task, says Haberstro. 4. Think fun and variety. By nature, humans need change and variety to stay motivated. We also need to have fun — even while we’re working hard.

Do both!

List of related literature:

The most outstanding trainers are motivational and positive reinforcement-based in their techniques.

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Your task as a smart, strong trainer is to set up the training in a way that uses this motivation.

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Challenges: Instead of following the trainer, these three challenges ask you to compete with the trainer to see who can do more of the indicated exercise.

“Wii For Dummies” by Kyle Orland
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Strengthen the core, train functionally, “fast twitch” muscle training, and more cryptic descriptions of variations on silly themes are the recycled, “new” ideas in fitness.

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Selecting tricks that require physical skill or involve behaviors similar to those needed to herd will give you the most bang for your management buck, but training any trick is better than not training at all.

by Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell
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If personal trainers can elicit a client’s specific mental strategy for summoning motivation and can learn to stimulate a client to employ that strategy, it is possible to turn on motivation in much the same way one flips a switch on the wall to illuminate a room.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
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The trainer designed a program in which all of the motivational steps were addressed.

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#4 Make old habitless motivating.** (Motivation and Ability) worked.

“Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything” by B. J. Fogg
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Trainer self-indulgence, leading to all sessions being fun sessions, rather than actual learning experiences.

“The Psychology of Behaviour at Work: The Individual in the Organization” by Adrian Furnham
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To know which tricks and activities you and your dog will enjoy the most, tip your trick-trainer’s hat to his breed-driven impulses and naturalborn obsessions as well as his personality type, age, and athletic ability, which I discuss throughout this chapter.

“Dog Tricks and Agility For Dummies” by Sarah Hodgson
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  • Any thoughts for organizing or doing housework during lockdown? Kids at home all day, messing up any part i jst tidied up, then add to it the depression of not knowing when the epidemic will be over and how long are we going to stay living like that��

  • Sitting here watching this shit on my foldable desk raised by some pieces of old wood nailed together thinking i hate yall for this…@ 1:15…with yo’ hydraulic ergonomic work station havin asses

  • I got addicted to this vid. Again and again, watching this…………feel like need more dedication and your positivity. Please put a red heart under my comment. I want to feel that you understand me.

  • When Jordan ask what I do to get motivated….and my awkward response of saying i go to youtube and type in Jordan Page….. �� you are goals woman! I came home from 2 weeks of traveling and need to clean up omg I’m like I need a friend….but due to me moving from Chicago to Atlanta I have no one to call to come and my husband and children will be in tonight because they drove I flew so I have the peace for a couple hours. I knew who to search to put on my living room tv and that who is YOU! I’m currently cleaning with you playing as if you’re here helping me get it together.

  • Dude your advise is great but your language is horrible and so consistent I couldn’t finish your video. If you want more watch time I’d reccomend checking that

  • Me: Thinking motivation, then dedication, then getting addicted to Jordan and watch and listen to her every single day of your life. I’m in the office doing my office routine and getting a boost of Jordanism energy to recharge myself to CONQUER MY DAY as a MOTIVATION NINJA.

  • my goal is to get an Aor more in math. I’m not bad at math I just never put my mind to it and I don’t want that to become something that I apply to everything in life:(

  • Hey, what I want to see next is do a video on this new year calendar sequence, I always notice how you have a whiteboard calendar set up with one-month and second-month schedules in the kitchen, you know the gold calendar names of the month as nosy as it sounds I have been dying to know how you fill in the whiteboard each week and dates, and I love how you have a well-organized system there it seems clean of clutter and not a big mess. id like to incorporate that here in my home. I can’t seem to find a calendar just the amount of room as yours but I’m so honest to tell you do you have a print out of the months you can give us of the gold letters? so perrtyy if you like to sit down with us and fill in a cheat sheet for us how you go through each week with your schedule or somewhat like it will help me with my kids and their actives and school. does this calendar system motivate you? if so how does it help with the kids? if you have another organized system that keeps running throughout the month on the erase board calendars id love to know more please. also side note* this is mu husbands account still lol I’m actually @mommabear

  • I absolutely love Project Better Self’s videos! Don’t you?! They teach us so much epic stuff about mindset and becoming the best version of ourselves �� I actually created my own channel, ‘Taylor Victoria’, to show even MORE videos like this �� Come and check it out and I will always follow back ����

  • Can make a couple vids on grocery shopping in budget frugal friendly stores in and around salt lake neighboring towns as well. especially bulk foods and sites for ordering local foods.

  • Just love you!!!!! Could you guys do a productivity/ block schedule time management video during covid 19 quarantine!? That would be so awesome!! I’m obsessed with watching your videos and I love the block schedule! Thank you! You are so inspiring!! ����❤️

  • This is exactly what I needed!! You are so amazing and inspiring! I am going to use the journal, racing the timer, and reward system to help me stay on track with college. I always get distracted so easily.. saving my favorite shows for a reward for completing an assignment will be better than watching while completing it.. also going to invest in a journal to track my wins! That’s going to help a bunch!! Much love hope you’re doing great!

  • Would like to see how to budget with a flexible income. My hubby and I own a seasonal (usually from Feb to Nov) small business, and with that being said, no 2 weeks are alike. It really makes it hard to budget….but there’s got to be a way!! Help!!!

  • I think the “1hr on the trainer = more on the road” makes sense in the context of 1hr of structured training on the trainer = more than 1hr of just riding around. Obviously 1 = 1 for indoor/outdoor for the same activity intensity/duration.

  • I am considering doing the 4 week FTP booster of zwift. I am already relative fit with a 20 min FTP around 317-320 Watt at 68-69 kg. The programm would make me ride nearly everyday (aroound 1 hrs a day) but on the weekeneds I like to do longer rides outside (in the winter around 2-3 hours 70-100 km; summer 4-8 hrs with 120-200 km). Do I need to do EVERY workout to see the gains of the program? Consider that I dont can do the intervalls outside since my only powermeter is on the Elite Direto and outside I ride on HR and feel.

    Love your proffessional videos. Keep the good work up and you will get thousands of subscribers.

  • Here are some of my ways that I use to stay motivated while riding a trainer, I love the first person aspect to stay motivated. Essentially, each one of these is a version of interval training. I do many of the SWES (South West Endurance Series) rides, where 5+ hours in the saddle is the norm.
    A) Watch a good first person video the CTXC videos are great ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMZQwMFU6js). String a few together if needed and vary the intensity based on the duration you plan on riding.
    B) I like to have a clock, but use it for HIIT whenever the minute hand hits a 0 or 5 begin some version of an interval, you would be surprised at how fast each 5 minute segment ticks by.
    C) Stream a show you like, when a commercial break appears, push your self, and use the actual show content as recovery.
    D) Watch a first person video of a race (like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LG7iHs_y2bQ). I have gotten so wrapped up in videos before that I have nearly fallen off the bike (trying to turn, or avoiding another rider or obstacle).
    E) Mix it up when doing the higher intensity portion, occasionally downshift (or adjust resistance) and stand-up. I definitely agree with the aero-bars on the trainer, adjusting your riding position helps quite a bit.

  • Having athletes or whoever to look up to also helps. Fitness channels like this, Athlean-X, Mike Thurston, and Jeremy Ethier really help because they help us focus on what’s necessary.

  • That you realized that you are procrastinating and now doing something about it (watching this video) is a start so don’t give up and sorry for bad English

  • I think the breaks don’t work for me, I’m going to try to work consecutive hours and then know that I’ll be done earlier. Thank you so much! Great tips!

  • There is advice for people with goals but without motivation, but what about people who have absolutely no earthy desires for anything? I can’t get myself to want ANYTHING. Neither fear and self-domineering nor gentle attempts at positive reinforcement work. I’m miserable without any goals or purpose.

  • I also started with grappling/wrestling, and it has been a good boost for my pleasure! You can really use the strength you’ve gained at the gym

  • For daily fresh-ups of Jordan vitamin, I use Facebook and Instagram, but for the mainstream of positive energy and boosting power to feel and get motivated, your Youtube MOVIES are the best.

  • You look great! Not sure how far along you are but I know I blew up with my twin pregnancy! And was exhausted all the time. Good for you!

  • It’s also important to be able to tell the difference between being “unmotivated” and actual clinical depression which can look similar. And admitting when you need professional help. When your lack of “motivation” effects your activities of daily living, it maybe time to ask for professional help. For example like being unable to bathe, feeding yourself or your dependents, or even being unable to get out of bed. Things can get better and help is out there!

  • That’s why I ride my recumbent. Riding a faster bike for same effort. And on the trainer it is like working out on a couch with no discomfort

  • I hate this I thought it is motivation but they say have some realistic goals so does that mean that you can not achieve the big goals

  • #1: get enough sleep
    #2: get started
    #3: surround yourself with people who motivate you
    #4: take breaks
    #5: make sure you eat right
    #6: turn your goal into a new habit
    #7: break up day into specific tasks
    #8: start on a Monday

    You’re welcome ��

  • “Start on a Monday”

    People who watched this on a Tuesday: oH nO wHaT aM i GoNnA dO? well i guess this video game ain’t gonna play itself, so-

  • This is sort of depressing to be honest. I understand the concept of pacing myself to achieve better things within a reasonable time limit, but living off the time I have left sounds pretty stressful. Thanks though… I think.

  • I have been looking all morning on how to get to a link that can even put me on a waitlist for this new planner, please help ��❣ I viewed this video the day you made it and remember getting the the page that shows you were all sold out (high five!) But I cannot find it anymore and am in need of it like yesterday �� thanks much, really enjoy following you this past year!

  • Another way to do riding indoors to keep interesting is to have two kinds, a fixed trainer as well as rollers we actually have to ride A bike with balance. The Rollers are good for high cadence training and balance and the fixed trainer is good for high-intensity sprints Using very high muscle tension. I have found that if using rollers for very high muscle tension exercise then you get belt slippage and magnetic Device overheating

  • Can you talk more in detial about optimism giving us a sense of satisfaction and making us lose the motivation to finish what we started. Please talk in detail and offer a solution in particular. It happens with me all time and is followed by the what the hell effect later����

  • I just re organizing my kids room last Tuesday so far it’s doing great now trying to find to time to declutter my room. So I am going to try to tackle that this week

  • Welp I got stuck in a dead end job of hard labor, why? Because I grew up rather poor, had a child young and so I had to put food on the table. No money to back me up and send me to college or start a business, so I had to go to work and 13 years later here I am still working the same type of job as I’ve always had making 5 more bucks per hour than when I started.

    Life is tough, if you’re just starting out make sure you wait to have kids, try to work a part time job while going to school so you can get the career you love, if you hate your job you cannot be happy because you will spend more time at work than your hours off not counting sleep time.

  • My first pregnancy was twins, and I was strangely extra productive after, but I realize now it was because I had inadvertently block-scheduled my life around their nursing schedule��

    Every “struggle” is a chance to get sharper and more focused. I can’t wait to see how you thrive and grow with the new twins��

  • Ty sooo much for this video!! I’m going to figure out where I want to start because I’m really overwhelmed!! But I’m going to do this!!

  • Jesus is my strength when I am weak. He keeps me motivated. He is strong, when I am weak. You are not a failure for falling, you are a failure when you don’t get back up! Pray thru it, Jesus is there! Jesus is LORD!❤

  • Avoid activities that are too stimulating, they will give you too much of dopamine hit so stuff like reading becomes boring. Human beings are way to stimulated (social media, TV, video games, drugs, junk food, porn, etc…) today hence why so many people don’t get anything done in life! It’s also the reason why so many people are becoming depressed! Try to live a natural life more like our ancestors and you will be a lot happier! A tough environment makes tough people!

  • My goal is to get in koc university of medicine. But like its hard. In Turkey there are millions of people taking a test and you have to be in the first 75 to get in there. ITS HARD.

  • My way works best:
    Think that lifting will make you attractive towards girls, when it won’t work (just like me) you will put more effort in and work like a maniac. Worked best i’ve been mr olympia winner 10 times already full natty

  • The timer trick has helped me increase motivation and efficiency while cleaning! I have generally hated doing the dishes my whole life, so I made it a habit to let them stack up just to put off the chore as long as possible. When I would think about doing the dishes, I’d think, “Ugh, it’s going to take SO long! I don’t want to deal with this right now.” Well, recently I challenged that perception by tracking how long it actually takes to do the work. At first when the kitchen was pretty trashed, it took me an hour or longer to get everything done. Now that I committed to getting all the dishes done and surfaces wiped down every day or every other day, I can be done in under 25 minutes! The task is wayyy more manageable now and I feel so proud to be on top of this longstanding issue! It has propeled my motivation and I’ve since tackled a lot of stuff around the house. ��

  • Amazed by this lady in 2 weeks straight now. Youtube. Instagram. Your blog. Where else? I do not know if you can read this now. I think the twins are on their way by now.

    The content is beyond awesome. Thank you. I’m watching this on a weekend cause I think I was exhausted the whole week.

  • The sleep thing is really hard with depression and stress. On a good day, I can go to bed early and wake up early, but sometimes I go to bed early and even while being fully caught up on sleep, I can accidentally sleep for 12 + hours. It makes knowing how much sleep is enough very difficult.

  • It just makes it harder because my mom likes to unmotivate me by telling how useless i am and i will never reach my goals and that’s literally stuff she have said sometimes even worse. And my grade aren’t even that bad my avarage grade is 8.5 which is like B in american grading.

  • Can you please please do a month amount of money for everything food,house, extra Circular activity��
    I love you channel and it has really helped me and my family

  • wow thank you so much for this very nice tips..this is so helpful for people that needs motivation. So kudos to all of you. excellent.fantastic

  • Feeling a bit less productive and less energetic today and right now started to put down on my office notebook what office and home chores I have completed since started the day at 7am. So many tasks I have done…………Well done to me and to you, Jordan that made my brain realize it.

  • I’ve been working out for 3 and a half months and i’m starting to get demotivated more and more each day. Guess i wouldn’t get ripped as a fucking animal this year.

  • July 2nd, 2020 12:24pm. Again here and again listening to you while doing my office tasks as I need again your positive and motivating tips to have a good day and conquer my day thanks to your MOVIE.

  • An amazing trick to become motivated is, paradoxically, just to start doing what you want to feel motivated to do. In other words, don’t wait for motivated to come to you: go to motivation, by beginning to do the activity that you want to feel motivated to do in the first place. Motivation naturally follows. I explain how and why here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r42UTeahwxo

  • Here’s one of my tip’s.
    Btc price
    2011 -£10
    2019£ 6000

  • I had a huge elephant on my office table (=a pile of documents that I needed to file) and I started to tear my elephant into small BITES and almost finishing my huge elephant in some days.

  • Everytime I say “wow I just got this great idea for a game imma go make it” I make the game, but after 30 seconds I’m like “to hell with this I’ll finish it later (never)” ;-;

  • It is already 5th time that I am watching this video, as I need to get and stay dedicated. And I have started to eat the huge elephant with small bites. One bite at a time. It works so well……………….but the point is that I don’t write my accomplishments daily.

  • i recently lost my 3 day old son. my motivation is zero and we have no help. The amount of phone calls we have to make whilst trying to grieve is overwhelming. its all written down i just cant convince myself to start

  • Something to be said about the last point about remembering why you started is what brought me to fitness. I’ve spent the last 10 years focusing on music with the goal of playing in a band, putting out an album, and tour. I’ve played in many bands, but have had a main project since 2014, we put out an album last year, but I never got to tour because of our drummers lack of motivation and time for our band. It was so discouraging having spent nearly half of my life on this goal to fall short because of someone else. Now he’s leaving entirely and I have to start again from square one, which made me question why I was even doing it. I’ve been training at home since January, I’m seeing great results, and it’s something that only my own physical and mental limitations can get in the way of.

  • I need the motivation to finally make my fitness goals a reality. I’m nearing 30 and since I was 13, I wanted to get fit as possibly can.

  • I think it is so relaxing to think that let us live our lives in sprints, not marathons……………… Love you Jordan………………….

  • I love the timer idea. I realized that I’ve already been doing everything in sprints w/out a timer. But stressing the whole while that I might not get it done. And if I didn’t I’d be upset about. I realized also that I’m driving myself too hard as well because I’m usually doing 2 or more things at once. I will now try to also focus and think positively about what I have gotten done instead of stressing about what I might not get or haven’t gotten done. When I actually think about it I really do accomplish a whole lot to be one person. But I never really give myself credit or a reward for it. Thanks so much!

  • I was watching one of my favorite Mennonite ladies, (The Menonite Mom) her 2020 Resolutions video, and she gave you, Jordan Page a shout out on your block scheduling!!!! Love both your channels! ❤

  • Me: July 6th, 2020 4:56pm. Office time. 30 minutes left to leave the office. Because of the COVID19 stuff, we will leave the office 30 min earlier. Need to complete some office chores. Surely feeling less energetic and tired, absolutely need some of your J.O.B.s to tear my huge ELEPHANT into pieces. Let’s start the small sprints. LOVE YOU!!!

  • I quit drugs and alcohol, felt fantastic. I actually liked sober life (1year sober). Like a stupid idiot, I got bored one day and thought “ I’ll get myself 1 beer and that’s it.” I’m back into my habit of doing drugs and alcohol every day. Once an addict always an addict. I will quit this while I’m still young and never again.

  • I am more harder to get motivated but I always will motivate myself into anger and vengeance without any care but for me I just don’t like people telling me what to do or what not to do because it takes my god damned rights away From most of my time living in Australia from birth I have noticed that school gives everyone propaganda and other problems that everyone knew but doesn’t want to learn any more because everything taught at school are the same old nothing new. Police give everyone threats and take people’s rights away and the government of Australia just makes shit rules so everyone has their rights and freedom taken away from them Australia to me will always be a shit prison country because of rights stripping.

  • But I love running marathons….this keeps me motivated with all the other things I need to do! This video is very helpful with time management. I love it!��

  • Hi, Jordan.! Love your videos, but heads upthis 16 min video had THREE ad interruptions, PLUS ad at start and finish. Rather excessive. AND always the same commercialabout a planner/organizer. Is that how YouTube worksit sees your interest in a video and then pushes competing products? I get the importance of monetizing videos, but thought this tidbit of data might be interesting to you, so that a different bottom line doesn’t get hit. Just a little food for thought. Love ya!

  • If you are looking for motivation in Fitness you won’t do this shit long. Truth is motivation will come and go over time, 50% of the Time Fitness is just doing and not thinking…

  • My best suggestion is to wake up early morning and drink a cup of coffee, then watch a good motivation video on YouTube like menstura’s and then work out for around 45 minutes. After that you should feel super energetic and motivated throughout the day! You could also try nofap or Adderall if this doesn’t work out for you. Have fun and acheive your dreams!

  • Been a loner most of my life. I have been a Graphic Designer and PC Repair (both hardware & software) Freelancer work since I was the age of 14 to the age of 20. Hobby of a game level 3d Designer for Unreal 2k3 & Unreal 2k4. Age of 23, My Folks pushed me into Job Corps.

    One Year Later on my bday still at Job Crops my Mother called me and only discussed to me “You have court jury and you’re kick out of the house and we hold your things until you get back. End Phone Call No one says goodbye anymore or Happy bday to me. 11 months later I get married and I have a kid. Divorced She said it cannot work out and I will be invisible when our child is born. Also, I find out she was sexting the whole time by few of her friends told me out of the blue. She has it good and destroyed all of her relationships.


    So Depress with ADHD and other mild disorders as I have SSI and I feel trapped being home all day. Always Dreamed to become a Game Lever Designer. Also, I never owned a car or I had a real job. How in the world can one stay motivated to even do my hobby that I got a game degree for years ago? How in the world can one stay motivated without even experience having a job or a car as stay motivated to keep it either of them? My motivation existence…R.I.P.!

  • As an artist, I love the explanation of motivation; here is the text version:
    Motivating yourself the right way
    Choosing meaningful goals to persevere through failure
    Own your goals
    Is it yours?
    Is it what you want?
    Did someone else choose it for you?
    Why did you want to get there?
    No one knows you [Better than YOU]
    Don’t spend your life trying to live up to their expectations or run from their criticisms
    Stem from interests, passions, talents 
    What makes you happy
    How to do it?
    Set aside a few minutes each day to own your goals
    Consider where they come from
    Remind yourself how and why you chose them
    Not only will you feel more pride in who you are, but you’ll also know you’re heading in the right direction
    Envision the Details
    not fancy house and lots of money
    They’re just things you think about for fun
    You can’t figure out a plan to get there (there doesn’t exist)
    Goal <> Dream
    Dreams are flexible and comfortable, capture imaginary feels and actions
    Flying and walking through walls
    Goals are concrete steps toward something you want
    Should exist in real life
    Visualize your goals to the smallest details
    Think about the feel of the pencil in your hand and the seat on your back
    Athletes use it before a major competition 
    They envision themselves winning and then do everything they can to bring that vision to life
    Asks questions (To give you direction and drive)
    What is your daily routine?
    Who do you spend most of your time within which you find yourself?
    What kind of furniture do you own?
    No need to answer or ask all the questions right away
    Turn vague ideas into real, achievable goals
    The power of Expectations
    Other peoples’ expectations could lead you down the wrong path
    Can make you feel lost and unfulfilled
    You can spend years not letting people down
    If you know you are in the wrong direction, then, don’t focus on “Other peoples” expectations
    After you know your goals explain it to somebody
    express your vision and the steps your taking
    Common mistakes
    All too often I hear about someone hiding their dreams
    Some stash away their goals on a secret to-do list
    Others say they won’t show anyone until it’s 100% perfect
    Explaining your goals turns them into physical deadlines
    If no one knows what you’re doing, you can get away with not doing it
    Create expectation
    Ideally, have somebody to check in and make sure you are on target (ownership)
    Make sure it is someone whose opinion matters to you
    That way, you won’t want them to see you give up
    No one likes to admit to a loved one that they’ve failed
    Instead, you want to show up with a finished product and make them proud!
    It only works if you open up to a few people! Don’t get carried away!!
    When you tell everyone that’ll listen, you sometimes assume an identity that isn’t yours
    Don’t let people consider that you an author 
    People on social media want to get attention and respect, then accomplishing their actual goals!
    Again, tell only one person you care about, that way it will fuel your success and not give you an excuse to be lazy
    Resurrecting Motivation
    “You’ll feel motivated all the time.”
    No matter how ambitious you are, there’s no avoiding these moments of weakness
    They expect things to be smooth and easy, but life doesn’t work that way
    Failure and frustration are everywhere
    You know these obstacles are coming
    Sure you don’t know What or When or Why
    Why not prepare yourself?
    Figure out how to resurrect your motivation
    Create a plan to navigate through your laziest moments
    find a way to accept your failures
    Whatever happened, happened, and you can’t change that
    Every second is a chance to wipe the slate clean
    learn from your mistakes

  • My room is my job…not enough storage!! Just closet & hang your clothes..really?? We are 9!! All rooms like that..����gotta gwt onthere…

  • The amount of friends and family I have forwarded this video onto is unreal, you and your family team is an inspiration, have a great day love your Scottish family fan ��

  • I would love to see your closet organization! We are in the middle of designing our master closet and children’s closets.

    Also, anything on child DISCIPLINE and motivating our children.

    Thanks for your videos!

  • Here’s a list of the tips
    1). Get Enough sleep
    2). Get Started on your goal so you will be tempted to finish it.
    3). Surround yourself with people who motivate you.
    4). Take short breaks, try to do a task for 25 minutes and have a scheduled 5-minute break (Pomodoro Technique).
    5). Make sure you eat right
    6). Turn your goal into a new habit
    7). Break your day into specific tasks
    8). Start on Mondays

    I still do recommend watching the whole video for more details about these tips.

  • I don’t know if other people do this too but I find if I schedule stuff especially with times I procrastinate and then when I’m late to starting that task I just don’t bother doing it or I do it for less time than I put it in for. Secondly if I do a task with someone I find I am less likely to procrastinate as I get held accountable but then if the other person isn’t super motivated I’m a huge motivation but if the other person is feeling motivated to the max and i am not that fussed i am a right pain in the ass and either try to get out of it or get lazy. It’s super annoying and it’s stuff I am working on but does anyone else find this happens to them? If anyone has any tips that has helped them with this I would love to try them x

  • New years resolution r junk all we need to do is discipline our slefs we all know being motivated is fine but once it’s whereof it can be even hard to do simple work but having discipline makes everything easy which we can make into good habit��.

  • Jordan I want to thank you so much for doing these videos. I have used some of your tips throughout the years and it’s been so helpful. Thank you xx

  • My job for today is ribbons and gift wrap, it’s in several places around the house. I’m gathering into one location and brutally sorting through only keeping what I will use and finding one home for it all.

  • Love the timer idea! Hubby and I set a timer for 15 minutes tonight, and cleaned up 3x faster than we normally would. And by the end of it, he was telling me a story about how he got sonic the hedge hog candy as a kid one time that he pretended made him go super fast, and I started singing the “Gotta go fast!” Theme song as we cleaned. Way more fun than cleaning usually is. ��

  • Looks in mirror while sipping protein shake: ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, I’ll be the finest of ’em all.’

    Motivation +100

    Power increase +100[3hours]

    Confidence +100[24hours]

    ‘Gym quote fetish’acquired
    ‘Narcissism’ acquired
    Achievement unlocked:
    ‘One more set’

  • I struggle with depressionit’s just a natural part of my life that I’ve learned to manage. My biggest tip: whatever is your least favorite job on your to-do list, tackle that FIRST. Tackle it while your energy is highest, and once it’s done, all the remaining jobs are no big deal

  • See with my house organizing, it really does all have to be done at one tome. If o clean and organize one area… my kids go in and just mess it all up in the next 1 hour. I’m not exaggerating

  • I love this! Thank you so much Jordan <3 Focus of Dedication and make yourself motivated about something you do want to do after you get done what you need.

  • But what if your so unmotivated to even do the basic tasks in life? Like taking out the trash, brushing my hair, and getting dressed out of my pajamas? At least I’m motivated to take a shower everyday still

  • 0:41 the maze has no way outside on the 3rd way layer from the center hahahahaha so yeah where? why?
    anyway nice content and Thank you! <3

  • Jordan,
    I love your channel! In the last two weeks that I’ve been watching your videos, you helped me get our family’s budget in order and begin the process of decluttering our house before we move out of state in a few months. This week alone my daughter and I filled 6 white tall trash bags of trash and 5 white tall bags of donations. I dropped it all off today and what a weight has been lifted from us. I’m taking this weekend off to relax my body because that was a lot of physical work with movement on my back.
    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I will continue watching your videos for motivation. I also have been recommending you to all of my friends and family.
    Your new fan, Ruby

  • Soo Im 2 minutes into the video and it is asking me, do you want to do it. Well no actually I don’t want to do my homework so to get motivation to do my homework I have to not do it. Isn’t that kinda procrastinating.

  • Just subscribed to your channel, really great content. I was about to give up and use some of that “vitamin S” but after watching your videos I decided to walk the walk without it. Thank you very much

  • Since October, I made a strick budget to pay back my line of credit. I was so proud about my result but in December, I received a big unexpected invoice. I had to borrow money in my line of credit plus I used my Christmas bonus and the money I saved that month to pay the bill. I was sooo discouraged about it and almost gave up, but then I remembered my plan was working and I have to continue until im out of debt and I have emergency money saved to avoid experiencing this situation again!

  • My life feels like a real life version of “If you give a mouse a cookie…” I love how you say it’s about dedication just as much as motivation! Motivation is there, but Squirrel!!! ��

  • How are your kids in bed so early??? I cannot get my 3 1/2 year old to get in bed at a decent time!!! I feel like I have tried everything & mama needs to get here evening time back especially being 7 months pregnant!!

  • Morning Freebs. July 8th, 2020, 9^32am. Let’s start eating an elephant and welcome the new sprints of a new day. Thank You for all you are adding into my life.

  • why am I watching a video about a story of a made up person? Use appropriate amount of example instead of ONLY using examples, TopThink.

  • Starting on a Monday hasn’t really worked out for me but just getting started on it even if you’re not in a mood helped, thanks guys!
    Maybe also planning on a routine for days to come will eventually get you motivated. Like I had to first get myself into a regular sleep routine, which then got me to routinely do my chores. So in a way, once you feel you have alil more control in your life with these routines, you will be motivated to do the things you’ve wanted. I’m feeling like I will be able to get back into making videos soon:)
    One step at a time right?
    Edit: Maybe alil meditation can also help. A clear mind can work better than a troubled mind

  • Video Summary-
    1) Rewards are good motivators, but ineffective when taken away
    2) ‘Play’ and ‘just for fun’ are more effective for achieving long-term goals
    3) Be optimistic but also acknowledge obstacles’mental contrasting’
    4) Recognize that the path to success is never entirely smoothdon’t think that all efforts have gone to waste after 1 cheat day

  • My turbo rides are far more intense for the entire duration of the session. I find it easier to hold an extreme effort on the turbo. So I’d say my turbo rides are 1.25x an outdoor ride

  • Bruh I was just looking for quarantine motivation this long term goal stuff is so far out for me lmao I was just trying to figure out how to clean my room and put my plate in the dishwasher �� a great video though.

  • Igor, I so wanna meet you someday lol you have been a HUGE inspiration, and I bought your programs and they changed my life in terms of how I build my workouts these days! You deserve millions more subscribers most definitely! You are 100% my favorite fitness youtuber!

  • Loved your comment on aero bars on a mtb! I rode my 2011 full sus Cannondale Scalpel in the 2014 Dirty Kanza 200 with aero bars. Was probably one of the few guys in the race on a mtb, let alone a full sus and got a few strange looks. Long story short, I finished 23rd overall, 4th in my AG at a time of 12:16. Not only did the aero bars help get me out of the wind, but relieved a lot of pressure on the hands and wrists, and made it much easier to eat. At the time of the race, I had been on the CTS program for about six months.

  • This video had me holding back tears because I’m so lost being a new wife and now mommy to be. I literally feel like 10 steps behind on everything and it’s honestly making me feel sick. I walk into my home and I really do feel sick it’s not a happy place because I can’t keep up with it. So I’m going to try so hard to keep dedicated. I want a system and a home I can keep up with before our first baby arrives.

  • We Need Science on this topic!! I do believe there are some advantages training on a trainer indoor, not on a trainer outside. One example is that it can help you prepare for races with warmer weather or if your a track cyclist. We all know that its super hot in those velodromes. I also believe training indoor has a greater impact on vo2 max since i feel i find my self struggling to get air in that environment. Im not saying your wrong, im just saying that it is beneficial in many ways vs riding outside and should be used as a part of a regular routine mixed with outdoor riding. We need some science. Look at some of the top pros like tom Dumoulin he spent alot of time after his injury indoors and came back to win the world TT championships. If it feels different than it must have different results vs riding outside so if we can find some science on this, that would be great.

  • Great stuff, Dylan. I am one of those that like Zwifting and my coach incorporates Zwift in my plan. I blew the dust off my aero bars and put them on my trainer bike. EXCELLENT tip. I am exclusively a gravel racer and tried aero bars at DK this year and determined I am not that guy. I didn’t feel comfortable when in them, like I did on the road. Not looking for a podium rather looking more at not falling off! Thanks for your excellent vids.

  • Ok, I didn’t think I would ever state this but the ad spot/sponsor you’ve got here is friggin amazing/funny! Thanks for that, as well as the vid!

  • I don’t really watch vids 2x or 3x except for Jordan’s tips. It’s been months that I am struggling. Good thing that these videos are helping me. They serves as my vitamins. My lifestyle is now so much different. My money comes to important matters and priorities, but yeah sometimes it makes me overthink. Thank you for being such an inspiration. And to whomever is reading this, I think you are here because you feel like unmotivated, but keep going. The fact that we are anxious about the things that needs to be done, it is a sign of progress. Just keep going. Jordan, we love videos like this. 3rd time for this video.

  • I really enjoy your content and would love to buy the headphones that you always use in your workouts, would you be so kind as to share the name of the product and/or recommend any other headphones/earphones for working out? Thank you so much!

  • Wth is this?! It’s ruining any motivation I’ve had left in me! The guy sounds like a hopeless person who is trying to tell u that doesn’t matter how motivated u r, it’s never helpful! I am definitely not watching this!

  • 1 – Whether you’re trying to lose 20 pounds, get that promotion at work or quit smoking, sticking to your goal isn’t an easy task. After all, 45% of people drop their New Year’s Resolutions after a month. So why is it so difficult to keep motivated and how can science help us achieve what we’re after?

    2 – In one MIT study, students were given two types of tasks. In the first, they had to hit two keys on a keyboard as many times as possible in four minutes and those that did it the fastest would receive money. For some, the reward was $300 while for others only $30.

    3 – Interestingly, performance was 95% greater in the high $300 group, highlighting how money can be a motivator. But in the second task, the same students were asked to solve a more complex math problem and this time, those offered the high reward performed 32% slower than the small reward group.

  • Gonna share my personal story
    So once I had a bad day at school. I decided to watch Netflix rest of the day. But before that I did my bowling session because I knew I wanted to represent my country. The only reason Iowa’s able to do it because I had self motivation. I wanted to represent my country. The thing is you don’t need motivation to do sometimes if you enjoy doing it. I managed to do it even after having a bad day only because I enjoyed doing it.

  • I think I am the only one liking the sessions on the indoor trainer and I generally put out more watts inside than outside. As a woman riding on her own outside I find myself often intimidated by the big cars on the street so I find it much more relaxed on the trainer.

    BTW: Nobody gets sick from being cold and wet. A cold is an infection caused by a virus or bacterium

  • Music is good but Netflix or Amazon Prime: Have you tried it? Stand up comedy is good at times, and can be less repetitive than favorite songs. Great fast and driving music (intense, not cars) and caffeine is tops for hard intervals though in my experience!

  • So you’re saying that my ultimate (and for now, only) goal of being able to remain a formidable force and strength inspiration for youngsters on judo tatami up to my sixties isn’t specific enough? Darn, I guess I’ll aim for 130 kg bench for starters then (no idea how far that would be with my current 5x5x100).

  • Science without stress is important. Please see this link and lets help each other https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hV5vcTbpLkI&t=18s

  • After going to the gym for 14 months, gaining 15 pounds (i used to be skinny), I’ve kind of lost motivation, going from 5 hrs a week (kept that up only for 1 month) to 2 hrs a week, because im not gaining much more weight (also because of my young age, 17 yo). This video helped me a lot, I set my goals for how much I wanna be able to bench/deadlift/whatever, and now I’ve been going 4 hrs a week, which I’m goddamn proud of. Thank you.

  • I started because my ex broke up with me after 7 years and I realized I wasnt getting the full potential out of life. Fitness wasnt to look better perse, allthough it was a bonus. But in that first week I was laying in my bed, feeling sad, I said I was gonna change things. Didnt know were to start, so I set the goal to get into shape. For me the goal wasnt that important. It was about saying I was gonna do something and follow through on it. The discipline to go every day. To work towards that goal and not half ass it like I normally did and not quit after 3 or 4 weeks.

    It gave me a routine, it gave me more self esteem when I saw results and it gave me the energy and courage to take on more things. Of course at first I thought I might be able to get her back if she saw the change. But it felt good, it became less for her, more for myself. I dont want to look good for girls, but sure as hell dont mind that it helps. However its more for myself, this is gonna sound weird, but I enjoy looking in the mirror now and for so many years I only felt almost disgusted with myself. Also being able to walk up the stairs without being out of breath and actually being able to bend down to tie my shoelaces is great. Overall being fit and just happier then eating a bag of chips and hanging on the couch each night. I enjoy life better now, weirdly enough I still feel lazy sometimes, but I know if you spend every night on the couch for a month you feel terrible. Working out gives you much more satisfaction in the long term.

  • Thanks for these tips there great! here is another one Climbing Blocks!! gives a great feel as if you are climbing i like to get off my bike put some blocks under the trainer and elevate it, this gives me a few seconds rest off the saddle and than it feels like im cycling up a mountain lol. Afer about 30 min get off the bike and remove the blocks and continue riding.

  • Hi Igor, big fan here. Can you make a video talking about maintance?…. You gotta be always in bulking and cutting… or is it possible to have a “”ideal”” diet, that you can stay in shape, not losing or gainning mass??

  • Sometimes I procrastinate, I don’t feel motivated to do anything at all. I don’t even feel like playing games, hitting the game or anything that I enjoy doing.

    I’m not depressed at all because I’m a very strong person mentally and physically.
    But I can’t get over unmotivated and lazy self, even when I’m extremely disciplined it doesn’t last many days.

  • I am new to this channel and you guys have already spotted this out, but the red hair guy is exactly Modern Family’s Mitchell. really which one is first?

  • I’m motivated because I don’t want to get left behind by my peers or people younger then me. I want to achieve higher than others so if they do better than me I naturally start doing better to best that person.

  • I struggle with bouts of anxiety and depression, which can make staying motivated/ momming so hard �� these are three things that work for me:

    1. Make a to do list for each day with 5 things MAX. On that list, I always include at least one thing I know I’m going to do no matter what (like take my son to preschool) so I can cross at least one thing off. Then I’ll include one thing that is a stretchon a good day, it might be cleaning out the closet, on a bad day, maybe it’s just taking a shower. Prioritizing only 5 things (or less) a day really makes me look at what is most important, and I find I am way more likely to get all the things done, unlike when I made lists of 10+ things I would maybe cross off 2.

    2. 5 minute productivity breaks. Usually that 5 min is all I need to get going and do 10+ more minutes, then I feel good about being an overachiever ��

    3. I’ve released myself of the responsibility of cleaning other family member’s stuff. My husband does his own laundry and cleans up after himself; if he leaves his socks on the floor, I leave them there for him to deal with. I help my kids with laundry, but they are responsible for picking up their own toys, putting their own dishes in the sink, etc. If they haven’t cleaned up their own stuff, I leave it ����‍♀️ our home might be slightly messier while they are learning, but I’m not a maid and releasing myself from that role has been a HUGE help mentally.

    I love your videos, they have been so helpful to me as I’ve tried to find time and money management systems that work!

  • Thanks for all the great science based videos. I’m curious, am I the only person that does not love Zwift? I used it a few times, but riding in a virtual world with people I don’t know did not motivate me? It did not give me any thrill to use it. I prefer to ride actual routes through Rouvy and just watch YouTube or Netflix or something. What am I missing? I do use a computerized trainer. Perhaps if I did a group ride with people I knew, but I did not have that luxury when I tried it out. I also liked making my workouts in Rouvy according to my training plan. So I had the best of both worlds: workouts and virtual rides.

  • I spent a year paying an elite, pro bodybuilder to train me. I had already been working out consistently for several years, but didn’t have the body I wanted. This trainer owned a commercial gym and trained me 3 days a week to achieve my fitness goals. After a year of serious effort, many thousands of dollars and extremely strict nutrition, he sat me down and gave me the vitamin S talk. I looked better that I ever had, but was still far away from my body goals. Essentially, over 80% of the impressively hard bodies we see are on juice. You have to have amazing genetics to get to that level without them and it’s totally unrealistic for most guys naturally. Needless to say I was seriously pissed, but at least now I have a realistic view of all those enviable bodies I see.

  • My goal for this year is to keep a diary so I can
    Akeep track of my mental health
    Bpin point what is causing the problem in the first place

  • Trainer rides are definitely difficult sometimes. I have a projector set up to make the virtual Zwift world life size. This helps me get through many long trainer rides. I started on my laptop and moved up to life size. Highly recommend if you have the space. Great video Dylan!

  • I don’t know why but most of these fitness youtubers had muscles and nice physique before they even started. You guys got good genes.

  • I have two goals this year…
    1.) to read 15 books for fun
    2.) to go outside for a half an hour everyday….
    I haven’t been completely consistent so far, but is never too late to try again!

  • I genuinely don’t understand what happened. I used to study 6/10 hours a day, 4-6 days a week and I loved doing it. Now for the last two weeks I struggle reading a sentence…

  • I think this is a great way to motivate myself, but of course being stuck with nothing but yourself when there aren’t any distractions can be very painful and I feel like it’s something we all have to face at some point. So when you do something go all the way, because when ur stuck with nothing but your thoughts, it’s a heck of a lot better when your proud, and or at peace with yourself��
    Great point, great video, and great topic!!

  • The thing for me is the diet. I’m a vegetarian and I find it hard to combine that with training. I don’t know how to keep the habit

  • My motivation always stick to me when its cold and raining, but if it is hot and sunny outside i always lose motivation… it’s like I’m not inspired when its sunny…

  • this does not work, when you have suicidal thoughts, you just enjoy wathching this, at least instead of games, youtube and facebook

  • Any tips for riding 5 hours and should pressure/hot spots? I find I’m much more prone to saddle sores on a trainer, where I don’t vary my bike position as much, even when I make a conscious effort to avoid it.

  • I love this video, I uploaded a video of today with what personally helps me when I need motivation! Check it out https://youtu.be/z64oe4i6DeY

  • Writing things down in a planner before bed the is also a way I get my overactive brain to shut down before sleep. Otherwise I’m up for hours thinking of all the things I want or need to do the next day. Although I suggest to not do it while in bed, unless that is the only quiet time you have to do it. I try to take 25 minutes before I start getting ready for bed. 5-10 min spent on planning the next day (including taking frozen food out if I need to) and the remainder is to just spend a few minutes cleaning. Wiping counters, taking out recycling, nothing major that requires any brain work. So I don’t get fired up again about all I have to do tomorrow, but I’ve done just enough to make me feel like I am starting off on a cleaner slate the next mo.

  • Thank you so much for the time you spend making these videos. You are an inspiration and helping me get out of a huge rut in motherhood. You help so many people and you are absolutely beautiful inside and out! Way to go for keeping it real!

  • Like this video. I don’t have the add-on you talk about but I think about how I spend my time every day. I, just like you, really appreciate my time every day. I guess what I do is kind of like what you explain around 1.58 take a look at “the real world” if you can say that, that is a eyeopener. Great video dude