8 Free Low-Impact Cardio Exercises for novices


15 Minute Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners Quiet 15 Min Standing Workout with No Jumping

Video taken from the channel: HASfit


Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners Beginner Cardio & Toning Workout Routine

Video taken from the channel: FitnessBlender


Fat Burning Low Impact Cardio Workout at Home Easy on the Joints Quiet Cardio Training

Video taken from the channel: FitnessBlender


8 Min Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners Easy Workouts at Home HIIT Beginner Workouts Routine

Video taken from the channel: HASfit


10 Minute Beginner Low Impact Cardio Workout For Fat Loss

Video taken from the channel: BodyFit By Amy


Calorie Burning Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners Recovery Cardio Workout with No Jumping

Video taken from the channel: FitnessBlender


Low Impact Beginner Cardio Workout Cardio Workout for Beginners Recovery Cardio

Video taken from the channel: FitnessBlender

8 Free Low-Impact Cardio Workouts for Beginners Low-Impact Smorgasbord. The folks at Fitness Blender offer a generous library of free workout videos for all levels; 25-Minute Cardio. HASFit’s philosophy is “no games, no gimmicks, just results,” so if you’re ready to work for what you. Download the FREE HASfit app: Android http://bit.ly/HASfitAndroid iPhone http://bit.ly/HASfitiOS Visit http://hasfit.com/workouts/home/easy-beginner/easy

Choose from low impact or beginner modifications. You can use light dumbbells, water bottles, or just your arms depending on your fitness level. Make this routine your own!

Easy Low Impact Cardio. Complete 1 rounds of each exercise for 40 seconds Lateral Jukes / Side Steps 1,2,3,4 Wall Climbers / w/o Jump Lunge Back + Curl / Step Back + Curls. Take part in the first week of Real Start FOR FREE: http://bit.ly/2sboJGb Join the Real Start Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/132040174389627/.

This beginner workout uses low impact exercises that help you burn fat & lose weight while building range of motion, cardio endurance, coordination, control. My goal with this routine was to create a feel-good workout for beginners, though even exercise veterans may enjoy this workout on recovery days. The moves are all low impact and easily modified to be easier or more difficult. This is a great beginner workout because it uses exercises. Related: My best tips for getting started + 10 Beginner Workouts that you can do at home for free.

Workout Structure 10 Quick minutes; no separate warm up or cool down necessary. No equipment. 50 Seconds active with 10 seconds active rest in between each interval.

Printable Low Impact Cardio Beginner Workout. This low impact cardio workout is an ideal starting point for beginners. This is also a great workout for obese people, or for those who are otherwise overweight.

It has been specifically designed to have an emphasis on low impact exercises that raise the heart rate while causing minimal stress to the joints. https://teambodyproject.com Create a free account today. This workout is part of Real Start and Real Start Plus a workout plan made for real people with re. 1 Low Impact Beginner Cardio Workout Feel Good Recovery Cardio The moves in this 26 minute workout are all low impact and easily modified to be easier or more difficult.

It uses exercises that build range of motion, cardio endurance, coordination, control of your own body and flexibility.

List of related literature:

Part III (“Group Exercise Modalities”) focuses on the practical teaching skills required for the most common modalities: kickboxing, step, stationary indoor cycling, sport conditioning, boot camp, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), water exercise, yoga, and Pilates.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
Human Kinetics, 2019

Phase Intervention 1 2 3 4 Exercises Inclusion of one or a combination of –passive range of motion –active assisted range of motion –stretching –resistance exercise on leg press, light weights (1-5 lb [0.45-2.25 kg]), and/or exercise band –breathing exercises (deep breathing, coughing, incentive spirometer).

“Understanding Nursing Research eBook: Building an Evidence-Based Practice” by Nancy Burns, Susan K. Grove
from Understanding Nursing Research eBook: Building an Evidence-Based Practice
by Nancy Burns, Susan K. Grove
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

In The UltraMind Solution Companion Guide (www.ultramind.com/guide), I have provided a more comprehensive exercise program including further guidelines for aerobic conditioning, a special energy-boosting type of aerobic exercise called interval training, muscle building or strength training, and a stretching program.

“The UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First” by Mark Hyman
from The UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First
by Mark Hyman
Scribner, 2008

Best of all, this training lends itself to any type of cardio exercise you may be used to.

“The All-Day Energy Diet: Double Your Energy in 7 Days” by Yuri Elkaim
from The All-Day Energy Diet: Double Your Energy in 7 Days
by Yuri Elkaim
Hay House, 2014

Examples of companies that offer this sort of subscription-based home workout service include Daily Burn, CorePower Yoga, and Peloton Digital.

“Technology for Physical Educators, Health Educators, and Coaches: Enhancing Instruction, Assessment, Management, Professional Development, and Advocacy” by Seth E. Jenny, Jennifer M. Krause, Tess Armstrong
from Technology for Physical Educators, Health Educators, and Coaches: Enhancing Instruction, Assessment, Management, Professional Development, and Advocacy
by Seth E. Jenny, Jennifer M. Krause, Tess Armstrong
Human Kinetics, 2020

Not only can you access my video-based companion to this program, but you’ll find all kinds of on-demand and live workouts from cardio to barre to yoga.

“Sugar Free 3: The Simple 3-Week Plan for More Energy, Better Sleep & Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss!” by Michele Promaulayko
from Sugar Free 3: The Simple 3-Week Plan for More Energy, Better Sleep & Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss!
by Michele Promaulayko
Galvanized Media, 2019

These are quickie cardio routines that you can do at the end of each workout.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
by Adam Campbell
Rodale, 2009

One of the bonus workouts in the Men’s Health DeltaFit Speed Shred DVD series is called “The Workout from Hell” and features 60 minutes of nothing but Burpees.

“Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight” by BJ Gaddour
from Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight
by BJ Gaddour
Rodale Books, 2014

If you need some ideas for killer indoor-training workouts, three of my favorites are MaccaX cycling and treadmill workouts, Sufferfest cycling workouts, and Runervals treadmill workouts.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Hydrotherapy Training: I would recommend simple water aerobics for the exercise virgin to beginner level.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

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  • Thank you. My wife and I always start with this exercise even after a long pause. Its easy and motivating. Just like what you say in this video, We keep learning to move and thats what counts..

  • This was great! I was looking for a cardio workout I could easily do in an upstairs flat without disturbing the neighbours this did everything I wanted it too!!

  • Getting on the scales and realising I’ve put on 2 stone I felt really bad. Ive reduced my portion sizes at meal times cut out bread and started doing this workout along with the low impact cardio boxing workout 3 times a week I’ve lots 6 lbs in 2 weeks. I’m not one for jumping around my front room so this is absolutely perfect for me! I’ll go on to the next stage next week….thank you Amy xx

  • My sister just had a video chat workout with me,she’s lost 31 lbs with her committmemt,i am 43 and always been thin,but over the years i put on about 20 lbs and can see it on my belly.
    I will dedicate my mornings to following this.wish me luck everyone,its been so long since i exercised,but willing to dedicate��

  • Post stroke most cardio workouts are just too difficult for me, however, I was able to do this workout that has no jumping! Thank You so pleased to have found a video that Im able to do!! No joint pain either…Very Happy, Thank You Amy!! ����

  • Wow this is one of the best cardio workouts I’ve found! When it got to the ab part, i think the second round of the workouts. I was going to just give up on this, but i think all of the rest were amazing and made me get my sweat on! I think abs are my vulnerability ��

  • I love this one while recovering from a harder workout. I did your guys most recent 1,000 calorie workout two days ago. It drives me insane if I can’t do more than just stretching from being so sore. So thank you for making these active recovery workouts!

  • I started this work out a couple months ago, I’ve always had problems with my weight and finally decided to do something about it. I could only do this as a ten minute work out at the start, now I’m doing this at the beginning of my work out, I then do your ten minute ab workout and then I go back and do this one a second time. It’s taking time, but I’m getting there and I finally feel like I actually can lose weight. Thank you so much for this workout:)

    Btw, I was 84.3kg when I started this, I’m down to 79.1kg <3

  • I stay in very remote place in India. My wife advise fitness blender. It’s changed my life. I have done all they work out till now. They r just excellent. I cannot do without them single day. I was 92 kgs now I’m 82 kgs now I eat moderately thanks fitness blender for changing my attitude towards life

  • i came across this channel ever since the quarantine started and i’ve decided i need to do workout everyday coz i’m not able to control my diet with the limited amount of food we have here. i’m very much obese and i always find it hard to stick to a workout routine and i didn’t look forward to do it everyday. thanks to fitness blender ive been doing it everyday for the past two weeks (except weekends) and this is the first time ever i enjoyed the workout. its not overwhelming, i sweat a lot, i feel good and light afterwards. thank you so much for shifting my perspective on working out! ��

  • HASfit Hi.I wanted to ask a few questions regarding the 30 day teenage workout program that are that should I do the old dynamic warm up that is linked there or some other one?The cool down workout linked there is a bit too long.I know that a cool down is important but can you suggest some other cool down video that will be suitable for teenagers?

  • That’s exactly why I love fitness blender, there’s no cheesy ‘workout music” I can just play Spotify in the back and balance the audio myself. I only wish there were markers for the end of the cool down and the beginning of the actually workout. This particular video took me forever to find where to start.

  • Love this. Second workout of the day (after over indulging) as knees a little sensitive after my regular HIIT session this morning. Thank you!

  • Just started to exercise again after long 10 days break due to stomach flu. This exercise really help me to do step by step recovery to get back into my weight training routine. Thank you @fitnessblender

  • I couldn’t believe when Kelli said it was time for the cool down & stretch. This was a breeze and flew by! This is a new favorite of mine, I’ll be back tomorrow!

  • Thank you so mcuh. This was so great and easy for me. I haven’t done excercise for so long. It is great to do a slow workout. Thanks again so much xx

  • Perfect! Taking a new approach to working out. Instead of doing 3 intense days a week (which I would stick to for a month or two then fall well off the wagon for 6 months) I decided to work out everyday but give myself easy days. From this I discovered that forming the habit is the most important part of fitness. 4 months into my new exercise regime and I am not bored! First time for everything. Thanks FB!

  • Day 1: +
    Day 2: +
    Day 3: +
    Day 4: +
    Day 5: +

    So okey, after doing this workout a couple of days I understood that this is not for me. Just the through of doing thus exercises make me uncomfortable while other workouts energise me. This is wonderful workouts because here author take into account stretch before and after, water break and so on but exercises.. ehh not my type I think

  • Love Kozak & Claudia�� I am a fan of yours.I do like working cardio with you ��Please upload videos more.I am always here with you….Thank you so muchh��

  • Just started my journey in fitness and I’ll be using this video daily to restore movement and cardio. Thank you guys for these free videos.

  • Those stutter kicks were no joke! They tired me the most! Also I really felt that this workout needed a cool down and some stretching. Please make all your videos with warmups and cool downs!!!

  • Dang, I thought I was at least slightly moderately fit, but why are my arms jelly and my knees weak, I almost didn’t finish the third round. Still sweating buckets afterwards.

  • YAAAAY! A workout where I actually feel like I’m doing something but can also follow along without excessive breaks! ��

    I have always been around 50 pounds overweight, but in 2018 when I quit my toxic job, I fell into a deep depressive episode for several months and gained an additional 50 pounds. I’ve struggled to even maintain my weight, forget trying to lose it — but my husband and I have made the decision to get pregnant within the next few months, so I’m aiming to shed a few pounds for a healthy pregnancy.

    Anyway, I’m a subscriber now! Thank you! See you tomorrow:)

  • 26 and developed mild asthma a while back… I have to be careful or I start coughing and get nauseous. This is perfect for me.i’m gross and sweaty but it didn’t make me breathe too hard.

  • Hey, today is day 3 of this workout
    In my entire existence believe it or not I have never worked out so this really is my beginner workout and pretty hard
    I LOVE THE FACT that it includes workout and cooling end but
    The cooling end really makes me supperrr CALM I lovveee it SOO much
    But I have to say a few things
    1) when I do the bird dog in particular lifting one leg and opposite hand MY LEFT KNEE can’t bear my weight and it aches to bad and even ave blood clots,am I doing something wrong if yes how can I correct it?
    2) I cannot do the full push-up or the knee push up so I just kee both my knees on the floor make my body go full down and up then go to child pose IS THAT OKAY? It not a push up at all both my knees are on the floor and I just put my body full flat and bring it up very sloppy

    If u come across this and answer Thankyou in advance
    I HOPE TO DO THIS EVERYDAY for a month and hope I see a difference in myself whether or not in weight ATLEAST in how I feel
    THANKYOU SO MUCH for your uplifting words throughout the routine too I love it ����������

  • Amy!! this is exactly what I needed today. In this at home Covid-19 it’s not easy to be motivated, but this easy and short workout is EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED. Thank you. April 18, 2020. P.S. Have your ever sonsidered being young Julia Roberts double??? Just a thought….

  • Thank you. I haven’t been to the gym in almost a year. I can only blame some of it on illness, most of it is me being lazy. This felt great. I’m looking forward to getting my body moving again.

  • I have a theory that FitnessBlender is trying to kill you.
    I didn’t have issues with my joints but 6:38 made my knees hurt more than when I did hiit routines

  • That was excellent, just what I needed at my age 60. I too have had a hard time finding a beginners level that would work for me. This is perfect on all levels, timing, types of movement, and increasing heart rate. THANK YOU!

  • I am at the very very beginning of my fitness journey and this is the first workout video I’ve used. I was getting frustrated while doing this workout because my balance was off and I felt like I couldn’t do it, I almost gave up but I listened to the instructor and kept going. I just finished it, I’m sweating and I’m so happy I got through it!

    Thank you so so much for making a workout video for super beginners like myself!

  • All these routines look so simple and don’t have anything much. But how come I couldn’t keep up with her pace and almost didn’t have enough strength to finish it! Unbelievable!

  • This is a wonderful video!!!
    I have fibromyalgia and cervical dystonia and I am able to do the complete workout without damage. I am so thankful for videos like these. Thank you!

  • Every time I do this workout and Kelly says “you don’t have to listen to me the whole time” I think: I’d much rather listen to you Kelly than some music. Kelly and Daniel’s voices to me trigger feelings of getting healthier, having a positive attitude towards exercise, not being intimidated by gyms and “gym people” and being kind towards oneself. I literally feel love towards these two ❤️

  • You propably won’t see this… BUT ������ You guys keep me motivated… I started in January at 120 kg on the dot. Now I weigh 94 kg… I’m so proud of me.. sometimes it gets so hard to push yourself for yourself. But if I look at my before and after pics, buying FINALLY smaller clothes and feeling great it is all worth it. There is nothing wrong with being a plus size woman… but it is when you are not comfortable in your own skin. Feeling quilty eating fast food and stuff.. now it’s just a celebration. I work in retail and I walk a lot!!! I swim once a week.. and try 2 times a week strenght and 1 time cardio… but my weight stays now at 94… Eating less and all.. do you have any tips??
    Anyway, greetings and much much love from The Netherlands… keep up this great work… you guys are amazing. I do believe you are game changers for beginners. ��

  • Can you please throw some light on how your calorie calibration is based upon? Should we do any adjustments for ourselves based on our weight or Is what you mention universal for all weights and ages?

  • Hello, I have a question. How many videos should I cover in one day? When I first found this on youtube there was also their order but I can`t find that anymore, I don`t know why. Can someone help, please?

  • Me today “grumble grumble.. I don’t wanna work out.. grumble grumble.. bad day” puts on a beginner hiit class “ok.. I guess today wasn’t thaaaat terrible” grumbles less noisily

  • Thank you! Finally a real beginner workout!! I’m pushing close to 400lbs and other works I can’t do it… this one had me sweating and puffing great start.. thank you!!

  • I love this workout. I have very bad knee so Im afraid to do exercises that requires jumping and squats. The lunges are also not good for my knees but i did it my own way so it wouldnt hurt. Thank you FitnessBlender:D I hope Ill find more workout that I can do with my disability.

  • Being home bound with COVID I switched to fitness blender on my daughters recommendation. Kelli is great. She guides us through the exercises with grace and authenticity. Daniel, however, seems to issue 5 or more commands per exercise. To borrow an expression fromHamilton, “talk less, smile more.”

  • I like these workouts. Really down to earth and easy to follow and the right level of challenge for me as I try to develop fitness. Well done.

  • I’ve been doing beginner workouts for 3 weeks now and I hadn’t tried this one. For someone who is just starting out, with what frequency should it be done, and for how long? Thanks!

  • I loved this one and will go into my rotation. Did it twice:) NO floor exercises which is a bonus lol Fitness Blender has been a part of my weight loss journey that I started about 5 years ago due to health issue. Went from an XL to a Medium.

    I mainly do Kettlebells (shout out to the beginner kettlebells that I still do cause I love it so much)and this one gave me that same kind of range of motion. I’m a total body workout kind of person vs focusing on my arms etc. My body just does better.

    Did not have hand weights but will get some. Used a couple of water bottles I still have. Also I am deaf and have no problem following their videos.

    Have a great workout everybody:)

  • thank you so much for this video, im 43 overweight with a bad back and hip and this is fantastic for me as it is low impact, I have just started using this video as my go to first thing in the morning, sets me up for the day and im hoping over time my back pain and hip will reduce,

  • I just started back exercising after I broke my leg in four places. It has taken me three years to stand without help with a walker or cane. I almost finished the entire video today I try again tomorrow. You both are great, looking forward to more, passing you along.

  • I dunno if it was wise, but I did this after doing the 20 minute back workout and my arms were hurting… ��

    Nevertheless, Im starting to go back to working out after 5 months of lull… so this was real neat!

  • I can not thank all at FitnessBlender for your fantastic routines. Everything so clear, regulated, explained and lots of reassurances along the way! With the lockdown and unable to do my daily swim, your fitness programmes have made a wonderful replacement and will now become a fixture in my daily exercise routines beyond the lockdown. Super important to stay fit as a 60 year old classical musician, post major surgery. Thank you so much!! Victoria Samek London (UK)

  • I did this after feeling guilty after eating a large meal. I usually have a long walk after I eat and I don’t want to do anything extreme unless I spend at least 1hr 30 so I don’t feel nauseous. (I can’t walk anywhere because I’m quarantined) But this was truly low impact and I didn’t need to wait too long after I ate and I really appreciated the preview lol. Thank you!

  • This is a pretty decent workout during the month of Ramadan ( month of fasting) won’t do it regularly cause it’s low impact but good for now!

  • I love the breathing reminders! I have always struggled with pacing my breath correctly with the move I am doing. It seems like it should be intuitive, but I get mixed up, and it helps so much to have you reminding me where I should be inhaling and exhaling when I’ve forgotten. Easy to follow workouts that make sense! Been following for a while, and I love your videos. Thanks, guys!

  • This is exactly what I needed. All other “beginner” work outs were too much for someone so obese who hasnt worked out in 10 years. I appreciate this!!

  • Hello Fitness blender what do you call the playlist for beginners because I always find it difficult to locate this playlist,. I’ve been playing with you for 6 years since 2014.

  • I’ve been having a harder time with my asthma lately. While I can do 45 minute hard pilates classes, 8 minutes into a FB HIIT cardio workout and I’m dying. This is just right amount for my lungs to handle (with Albuterol) AND I am working my entire body. Plus the cool down is A+! Thank you so much!!!

  • I did this workout alongside of healthy eating and I have lost 13kg in 5 months. Just finished this workout again and feel amazing.

  • DO A WARM UP FIRST guys, don’t forget! I pulled my inner thigh muscles while doing the first series of squats. I train a lot but unfortunately I didn’t warm up before this video. It’s important!

  • Thanks so much for this! I havent worked out since I had surgery nearly a month ago and need something gentle but effective to ease back into it!

  • I’ve been trying to do this workout every other day for the past few weeks and it’s really starting to pay off! I’m moving better and lifting more than I have in years! Thanks for all you guys do!:)

  • today was my first day… some questions
    1)should I repeat the sets again the same day?
    2) if needs to be repeated how much gap should be there between the sets of this 8 minutes exercise

  • I used to use this video to workout for summer about 2 years ago but I stopped due to school and stuff. Now I’m trying to get back into it cause looking back it did me a lot of favors

  • Am over 70 and use Fitness blender low impact and yoga. My MD says I am a super-ager. Have been exercising since the Jack LaLane days and Jane Fonda. For those who want to give up dont. Exercise is the fountain of youth.

  • The last exercise of this set was so brutual but it was also the last one so I kept telling myself THIS IS IT. I love how it is low impact and still makes you work for it honestly you two know how to construct a brilliant workout.

  • I did this after a very stressful Christmas and it was pretty challenging! Stress management, I’m learning, is important. Especially over the holidays. I think next year I’m not skipping my workout even while visiting family.

  • My diary: Rheumatoid arthritis
    Day 1 (17 December 2019) workout complete. Stopped half way. Very tight arches of feet, difficult to stretch them. Wider range of motion in feet joints after first exercise.

  • Recently I was diagnosed with 35% fat and only 26% muscle.. please suggest some exercises for me.. also diet. When I consult nutritionists or dietician they are charging me exorbitant amounts.. my height is 5 feet 3 and I weigh 59.2 kgs..

  • I’ve been watching your videos since January first. My New Years resolution was to get healthy and lose the weight. I have lost almost 40 pounds, and I workout with you and Daniel everyday. You guys are so encouraging. No gimmicks, no fads, just easy to follow workouts that leave me feeling great everyday. Thank you so much for what you guys do. ❤️

  • Thank you Kelly and Daniel for your work <3 I've been watching Fitness Blender since high-school(now 22), and back then I used exercise obsessively and as a punishment for existing. I forced myself to do intense workouts, like the 1000 calorie ones, obsessively-I would never choose to do a low impact workout/see the value in it. Now, I am watching this as I heal from an injury, and videos like this are invaluable to be able to experience the gifts of moving my body without stressing it out. I truly appreciate your presence on YouTube, and how you're showing a way for heart-centered business models. Also, seeing you two together is healing for my heart in terms of seeing a couple who can love each other, work together, and support each other so genuinely and kindly. I feel your love for each other, and it brings me joy:) Blessings and gratitude to you!!

  • Lockdown really got the best of me, I used to be able to do full 45 minutes to 1 hour of cardio. Now even if I’m still skinny I easily run out of breath, but your video was really nice and simple enough not to overwork me on the first day of getting back to my workout routine! Hopefully I’ll be able to do more soon (Baby steps��)

  • Can you recommend me a stretching video. The thing is that besides my neuropathy I can’t get on my knees or all fours, because I have a bone graft of the tribal plateau and tibia. Can you please recommend me something that I would be able to do. Everything I come across involves getting on your knees. I also add a disk removed in my back! Thank you in advance!

  • I am back at it after another bought of getting off track of which I’d love to break this cycle and at least do no less then 3 workouts a week but of course I want to do more with y’all, and others who do low impact for no more then 15mins for people like me with disabilities. I also include beginner pilates and YOGA and also strengthening by others with Theraband. If you can provide more low impact videos at 10 and 15 mins only, some of us would greatly appreciate it if possible…….without HIIT training. Thank you so much, I love you both and will see you on Facebook and Instagram……jilliebtx (instagram)………God Bless you both and your family @Hasfit

  • This is a fantastic workout. I was born with congenital brittle bone disease and have to be so careful of movement ranges and joint impact. I used to be in a wheelchair until I was 15 and couldn’t walk. I had operations to put rod’s in my femurs to support and assist at preventing full breaks, and worked my backside of at physio to recover and I now walk unaided. Now 36, I’ve struggled to find workouts which I can do safely as so many require jumping about and fast paced impact. Prior to COVID-19 I had joined a local gym, though struggled to fit it in to my routine between work, school runs and life in general.
    However I am loving this workout. I can do all the movements at the highest level and keep the pace with Amy. My first few sessions I did have to stop for a drink and a pulse count midway though as my heart was racing, pulse was around 160. Now i’ve been doing it about 5 times per week for just over a month i’m seeing small growth in my calve muscles and triceps toning, managing to do the full workout and then going back to start and completing another 6 mins roughly. Pulse now dropping to around 140/145 max which shows my cardio is improving. I’m delighted and hopefully weight loss will start. I’ve only given so much detail about my personal circumstances above, to let Amy know how accessible this workout really is for all. Thanks so much Amy.

  • Thank you so much for the opportunity to work out to your videos. I have health problems and just started doing your workouts. I am doing them as much as possible. Thank you again!

  • I love jumping around but I will have to try this one. I also know some people who hate jumping they will love this one. Looking amazing at 14 weeks Claudia������

  • I will be back! I’ve not been able to exercise for months due to hip issues. Well. MRI today and discovered a torn labrum. Ready to be well and work out again with HASfit.

  • Thank you for this workout. I am a driver, and am on the road for many hours at a time. I have been really exhausted lately, and realized I need to get back into the exercise game. This low impact workout is just the ticket to get me back into a regular routine, and the time it takes to complete it is just right for my busy schedule. I love it. Thanks guys. Cheers!:)

  • Coming back to FitnessBlender after a few years away now that I can’t go to the gym during quarantine. You guys are saving my sanity!

  • Finally an actual workout for beginners… i have tried many workout videos and had to give up after 5 minutes. This one I can actually do while still feeling my muscles and my heart rate go up. I love that rhere are different variations of each exercise to tailor it a bit more to your own fitness level. Hopefully this will help me get in better shape

  • I needed a light, easy, low impact workout because I had a bone marrow biopsy (my last!) on Monday. This workout was a little more than I bargained for, but I’m not mad �� I found the stutter steps to be slightly jarring to my hips, but other than that it was perfect.

  • I started my journey with Fitness blender in the September of 2019. It made me a well balanced person, both physically and mentally. Since 2 months, I stopped working out for some reason and my mental energy crashed. Today, I decided to reboot and restart. Workout complete. ❤

  • Thank you!! I started this workout about 3 weeks ago. Less than 2 weeks I was able to do it twice back-to-back. I’ve list over 10 lbs and my energy is up. I have a congenital heart defect, and weak joints and I’m loving it! Once I can get up to being able to do it 3 times back-to-back I’ll progress to the next level

  • I really want to do this workout. I used to do another workout but it had jumping, and things like that. And when I moved, my bedroom is upstairs so it’s really noisy! I want to do this instead. I will check back up on this comment.:))

  • this vide has 5 years but I find it so useful. I’m recovering from iron deficiency and only walking makes me feel dizzy so I need to start incorporating a work out to my routine and this is perfect.

  • Hey Amy thank u for the recognition I have been doing ur video everyday since I found it Because of covid 19 been staying at home a lot. But used to walk a lot up to 6 miles a day. But it was inconsistent been trying hard to lose weight on disability for mental health issues so don’t always have the motivation to excercise. But ur very motivating and ur videos are simple and easy to follow which makes it a lot easier!!! Thank so so much I have tried Zumba videos they go way to fast and don’t show u anything and they expect u to follow along yea ok. Thank u Amy again!!!

  • This is great! I didn’t workout for over a year because I was pregnant and I didn’t have any energy. I had my baby 3 months ago now I’m ready to kill it again! Workout complete! ��

  • Sept 25th, 2019
    Weight: 212 Llbs
    Goal: Lose 73lbs by Feb, 2020. 15Lbs per month
    Method: Alternate Fitness Blender workouts, jogging, & healthier eating.
    Will give my 1st update Nov 13th, my birthday.

  • Thanks for posting! Today was really a super low impact but workout day for me…I walked 3mi and then came did this video with ultra modifications, but I kept going and finished! Thanks

  • Wow ok! I’m not a beginner (I work out 5-6 times a week) but I found this pretty hard and had to take a few breaks! It’s definitely effective in burning calories and getting breathing and heart rate up!

  • I left Fitness Blender for a few years because I got distracted with all these newbys and their workout routine. Well, I’m back! I get the best results working out with Kelly. I am body building: making the top thinner and the bottom thicker. I like the guys soothing voice also. LOL.

  • This is kind of off topic but im almost finished with the foundation program and I was wondering if there was another program to start next that would be the the most beneficial?? Do I start another foundation or try to move up? Thanks!!☺️

  • At the beginning, I struggled to make even half of the workout. Now I can do the entire workout twice! Never give up, even if it takes time to build the strength you need. You can do it!

  • I just wanted to tell you that this video was my gateway video to home exercise. I started from a pretty bad place, mild asthma and chronic tendinitis in my knees that meant I struggled to get up from a crouch. A combo of this and your beginner’s bodyweight program got me to the point where I don’t even struggle to get up several flights of stairs or from the dreaded crouch position! I can now run to the end of my block without wheezing too! I recommended this video to all of my friends to pass along to others struggling because you opened a door to an impactful change in my quality of life! Thank you Amy you rock!

  • Amy, I am so glad I found this video and your channel! �� I was looking for something low impact, so that the people below me wouldn’t hear me jumping around and it was perfect. I just did this again with my mom, as she needs low impact for joint pain, etc. It was so nice that we were able to do it together. She said, “wow she’s so nice! I love her!” I’m really looking forward to exploring your channel more ���� thank you, Amy!!

  • After being so active for years and gradually letting myself go over past 18months, this is such a good kick to my sedentary heels ����. Admittedly, i’m not mad at my fuller & curvier self but i’m finding neg changes in my body and mental behaviour that I’ve never had before�� All the while, since subbing waaay back in 2016, you guys at FB have been consistent with uplifting fitness vids which I ignored or put on my Save to Watch Later list. Not anymore. I have put if off for too long and this was exactly what i needed to ease back into training and exercise. So grateful for you guys����

  • I’m recovering from both of my knees being injured and I wasn’t sure I could find a workout that I could do safely. This was perfect! Thank you so so much!

  • Man! 1.5 months of not exercising can make a huge difference. This may be low impact but makes a big impact on how I feel. Baby steps to getting back to being able to do FB 1k calorie burnout. Thank you for making this low impact videos.

  • I really enjoyed this! I could do all the “advanced” versions, I paused the video once to get a sip of water, but in the end I didn’t feel dead, like I do after some other workouts lol

  • I can’t believe I did it.. But I did it �� Thank you so much fitnessblender, you helped me so much throughout my journey of recovering from anxiety and depression.. You literally save my life, and I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way I do about you ��

  • You help me so much during this difficult times at home allone! Thank you for your kind presence for me now to make me move (from Brazil)

  • This was so perfect and great for an old obese woman who trying to get fit. This is literally the first video that I could do and show just how uncoordinated I am. I think this is something I can stick to until I get better, no I know I can stick to it. Thank you.

  • First workout in 2 years. I thought I could do this easy but it was actually more tough than I imagined and in the end a very suitable exercise routine for beginners. Super clear instructions both through video and voice. Thank you, I will do this again.

  • I’m so glad that i found your youtube workouts. they are fun and sensible. I like them so much I’m now a subscriber. Coach Kozak and Claudia may God continue to bless you and the HASFIT tribe. “LET’S ALL GRIND IT OUT!”

  • After months, years actually, of trying different workouts on YouTube, finally found one that really is for beginners and takes account of injuries. I have never commented on a YouTube video before but just did this, feeling out of breath, but think I could even do it again (and my fitness level is at zero). Encouraged to do this again tomorrow. I am going to unsubscribed from all the others and just focus on your videos. Thank you!!

  • I’m not overweight by any means, I’m 5’3 and 147 lbs, which I think is OK for someone who doesn’t exercise (Due to a diagnosed muscle condition that makes it painful for me to stand or walk for too long) But I am very unfit and I would like to change that. I hope this will be a good start for me ^^

  • loved this. sometimes i get bored, but the fact that there were different workouts for the whole video made it fun and interesting

  • Been sick lately and craving some sort of movement. This was a great way to do it without straining too hard. Thank you FitnessBlender!

  • This is my second time doing this video. I usually do the kettlebell workouts which I LOVE, but I recently injured a muscle in my shoulder and neck so I feel lucky to have found this one!! This is going to become my new favorite!! I have found exercise helps tremendously with my anxiety after years of suffering. Thanks to Amy and Yoga by Candace, I’m starting to feel better than I have in years!! Hopefully I can continue to lose some of this weight!

  • Just what I was looking for to start a new journey. At this time I am dieting and now have a great exercise to go with it. My starting weight right now here is 210 lbs. My goal is 155 lbs. I CAN DO IT!!!!! Thank you

  • I started doing this workout today and my first goal is to do this one week every day. I am so excited:) I will update on the 27th
    27/03: I did this 5 times in the last week, i lost 1.1kg:) let’s start the next week
    3/04: This week i did the workout just 2 times. İ lost 0.2kg:( see you next week
    10/04: This week i did the workout 5 times. When i started doing this 20/03 my weight was 68.6kg. Now 65.7kg:) See you on the 17th April.

  • First work out i’ve done in years. I had my 2nd baby 3 years ago and i quit smoking. I’ve gained about 50lbs. This work out was perfect i was following the easier moves with the water bottles l almost didn’t make it. I figure i’ll keep doing this every day until it gets easier then i’ll bump it up. Plus my 3 year old was able to follow along. Thanks

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  • Thank you! Due to health anxiety I was unable to do any cardio exercise. Was really becoming out of shape. THANK YOU for helping us get back on track. It is beginner, but boy, did I get a good workout.

  • Had a baby 4 months ago, enjoyed the holidays without worrying about getting my “pre-baby body” back too soon. Now just slowly starting to get back into working out and am thankful for videos like this one. Just what I need.:D

  • I used to jog about 30 miles a week, but had a heart incident at age 37, and haven’t been okay since that time, two year ago. I’ve been trying to slowly get back into shape after this long period of inactivity, but I’ve been very frustrated by how everything just seems so hard, when it was all once so easy. Then I found this channel. I feel like these beginner videos are exactly what I need to help me get started again. Thank you!

  • Thank you for this amazing workout @FitnessBlender. I’m pregnant and had difficult first two trimester with HG. How ever I tried to be active with daily life starting fro 6th mont. I came back to workout after 7 months, and this was perfect. I feel soo good working out after so long. I however modified or skipped a couple of floor workout and pushups. For anyone looking for prenatal workout, this is great. Low impact and effective at the same time.l ❤️

  • Thank you!!! That was great! Enough to build myself up and not too long where my kiddos get jealous for not playing with them. I know if you added a cool down, it would no longer be 8 min, but I look forward to finding a vid with one.

  • Thank you so much. It was a great start (again) for me after a long term not going to the gym. Your encouragement and your simple workout really helped me get over my laziness:)

  • hey guys, I was up at 6.am this morning, doing this again. my legs and butt are really feeling it, even now 4 hours later. I never had this after an hour long step cardio session. I’ve just seen the abs workout and I’m gonna incorporate it in with the other workout. I want to thank you both again, fantastic video’s x

  • I came back to do exercise again after long time. This video helped to step back in the game. I always use fitness blender every time I wanna do something go to my body. Thanks a lot.

  • Hey guys thanks �� your pep talk has kept me coming back for 3 weeks in a row lol. I lost 6 pounds the 1st week and 9 pounds the 2nd and so far 7 for the 3rd. �� My goal is to hold the water bottles from beginning to end and i do the workout 5x. It’s really challenging and looking forward to graduating to the next level. ����

  • Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (do a search on google) I have heard several awesome things about this popular lose weight secrets.

  • I’m so glad I found your channel. I have severe peripheral and autonomic neuropathy without having diabetes, but last blood tests, it came up that I am pre diabetic. I needed to loose weight so I tried this workout and it worked wonders with my weight and my glucose. Thank you so much for making videos for every level ��

  • How to Lose Weight Fast:
    1) Eat a high-protein breakfast….
    2) Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice….
    3) Drink water a half hour before meals….
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    6) Drink coffee or tea….
    7) Eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods….
    8) Eat your food slowly.

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  • I swear I’ve done all of their workouts, found this one today on their website and it kicked my butt! It’s perfect for a recovery day.

  • Been working out with FB for about 2 years.. have lost 35lb and gained tons of stamina and endurance. Some days/weeks I just don’t feel like high impact hiit/cardio, or my knees are sore sometimes, so I’ll just walk 2 miles around my neighborhood or I’ll come back to these quick but effective low impact workouts. Despite the moves being fairly simple, I still sweat like a pig and know I’m doing good for my body. Thanks FB!

  • I have a quick nutritional question to help with my weight loss, answer if you can Thanks. So I’m 5’8″ 235 pounds so im obese, and I was wondering if I should count macros or just calories first starting off since I have so much weight to lose. I am going to try and do some of your 450-500 calorie burn workouts about 4-5 times a week. But by only counting my calories and not my macros will that make a big difference in my weight loss considering how much I have to lose?

  • I’ve tried out a lot of different workouts and this one is the best yet. I like that it works in your core and legs (my key areas rn, as I do different things for arms, let alone jogging). I’m a teen and 190lbs, trying to lose weight and this was good. Worked a sweat up and felt a good burn. I feel good and this was a great workout for me, not to mention easy moves I could follow.

  • Lol I’m kinda ashamed to admit this,��but this is definitely my level. I really need to take my time to getting back into working out,so thanks for this. Maybe I’ll try a 15 minute one later��

  • Love this! It is sooo hard to find a low impact beginners workout!! Everyone I find is jumping up and down and doing backflips on their beginners workout lol

  • You guys are awesome. Your kettlebell workouts are always my go to and the reason I don’t have to pay for a gym membership. Appreciate all you do.

  • Thank you for an “Easy on the Joints” workout! I’ve been needing to build up leg strength after an old dancing injury with my knees. I was able to get through this without all the crackling and popping I get from normal cardio!

  • It would be a waste for you not to lose body fat while other typical people are capable to shed pounds quickly with Custokebon Secrets (do a google search).

  • I really like this workout because its not about reps, it’s about pushing yourself to go for 50 seconds, and do as much as you can.

  • This was the perfect workout and the perfect pace for me. Got my heart beating and my body moving but without feeling like I’m dying!

  • Hi Coach Kozak and Claudia, just discovered your workouts today fun and challenging! Thanks guys. Looking forward to getting fit with you two ( actually, three)

  • The stronger I get the harder this video becomes! I now tap my knee to the floor in the lunges, take the squats all the way down, move faster and with more power behind the movements. I am loving how this workout grows with me. I am drenched!

  • KILLER!!! When you’re not consistent weekly. MY Goal is to become Consistent 3 x wk!! Shouldn’t be hard or difficult! I just don’t put myself 1st or 2nd……rather last…..then my workouts or yoga doesn’t get done. Thanks Coach’s!

  • I have started doing Aimees work out every am during lock down in UK.Fanastic,great details,Aimee you are really good giving lots if advice. Brilliant x

  • I like this quite a bit. I use this sometimes and a bit slower (usually doubling it) because I don’t usually like equipment and gyms. These are basic but useful stuff. This is good for people that aren’t doing hardcore stuff, and simply want to stay healthy. I like this a lot. Also, drink a lot of water here! I always seem parched after this, and the water will really hydrate you.

  • This is great doesn’t disturb the neighbours and you don’t need a sports bra or sports shoes! Ok so it’s short but you can repeat,

  • This 8 minute video is… Amazing it’s the perfect amount of cardio. Easy on the joints with it being low impact. It’s quiet and controlled.

  • Phenomenal stuff in this workout! As much as I planned to take today off, seeing this I couldn’t resist. Thank you 2 so much!!!! ��✋��������

  • So jus winisht this workout:) needed a few more breakes and change the last exercise a little bit, but i got it:D
    now im doing one of your Yoga-Streching Cool-Downs and i finished my today workout-routine:)

    I’,m exited how my strengh whil change doing this workout the next weeks:)

  • Starting my fitness journey again with my fave beginners workout. Turns out I am not that out of shape was able to get a light sweat which means I can probably do more challenging workouts than this.

  • Thank you so much, I have actually done this twice in three days now, a never before heard of phenomenon. I intend to do many workouts but it never happens as they are SO long and boring. This is achievable.

  • I loved it. I can exercise now without any pain thanks to this. I tried many beginner workouts before but, they were taking their toll on my neck and back. Thank you

  • I have harmonal imbalances as a result I need to start off slow..please advise if this is the right one..stubborn belly fat and arm fat..thank you!!!

  • I have a heart condition that makes a lot of cardio workouts very difficult for me to do but this one is perfect. I can get through it and still function the rest of the day. Thank you so much. Thanks too for the modifications:)

  • over 6 years and this is still my go to workout. Whenever i’ve been away from the gym for a bit I just use this to warm up for a few days. i really can’t believe it’s free

  • I did the full workout, I did 3 rounds. But not all at once. But I did this cardio workout 3 times today. I definitely felt the burn!

  • Is this kind of workout just for losing weight? I have quite a lot of medical issues and I am somewhat underweight so I don’t really even have any fat to lose? I am physically very weak and I just want a workout that can increase in my stamina. Sorry I’m such a noob but any input would be appreciated.:-)

  • thank you soo much for your videos. i have had 2 children and suffer from diastasis recti from the second. i have never really been able to shed the weight fully from the second child. but thanks to your videos i strongly feel i will. i know it takes time but hey we are at home right now and i have lots of it. thank you again.

  • I started working at home, and now I’m spending a concerning amount of time sedentary, and in front of the computer. I saved this exercise video, along with one other of your short low-impact exercise videos, on a playlist so that I can get my blood circulating during the day without a super-intense hopping-around or down on the floor workout (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) This is a perfect little exercise break to get the blood pumping and keep my heart ❤️ healthy! It’s also really convenient to just get out of my desk chair, and do this convenient standing cardio then, just resume my work. I really appreciate it! ��

  • I love how I can use this as my “lazy” day workout. You still get a workout without all the jumping and perfect when you don’t feel like changing into workout clothes & get to do it barefooted.

  • This is the first online workout that didn’t frustrate me to the point of quitting. I have motor processing issues so I’m most beginner workouts by the time the instructor is done with a certain move, I’ve only just figured out how to do it. I love how simple and easy this is while still definitely making me sweat. Maybe I can get in shape after all!

  • Thank you so much for this workout. It was exactly what I needed after having completely given up on working out while in this quarantine. I knew my cardio has just dropped into the pit and in trying to slowly get it back to what it was, I just really needed something low-impact and simple and not feel terrible about myself about it. Thank you again, it’s like you guys knew exactly what I needed even though this was made and posted 7 years ago!!

  • Whew this one works up a sweat! Nice variety of exercises, though there’s a heck of a lot of ways to do a “jumping jack” kind of motion, huh?

  • Love this because it doesn’t have me getting on the floor for anything. Really dislike having to get up and down as some workouts have me do. Very easy workout.

  • I’ve always been cery active and done a lot of cardio to stay in shape and stoppped for a year. I’m trying to loose abb fat again and came across your video. Loved it. Its short and simple enough to get back into a routine.

  • For several years, I was addicted to your most difficult workouts and religiously did them daily. Then for whatever reason, I stopped about a year ago. I tried to go back to my old workouts but found myself unable to keep up with my old self after a few minutes. This workout is perfect to go back slowly but surely into the groove. This time, I’m not going to stop…

  • doing this now in my body rehab stage after my second brain cancer surgery, and I’m on chemo again.
    It’s big pain when you just don’t have much energy on chemo and sleep till your back aches.
    Finally this got me to move a little after so long. Please make more like this so people like me can do it quietly most importantly without jumping at all

  • Day 1 for me (again) and I was screaming at the tv when I did those stutter steps. I managed to do 3 rounds. I’m going to do this 5x a week so I can condition myself. I’m tracking my food with MFP too. I will update in a month with results.

  • Did this yesterday in two parts as I was struggling. She makes the whole thing look like a stroll in the park ��. Is it OK to do this the following day if your a bit stiff, in pain basically sore muscles?

    Day 2 almost didn’t do it as my muscles were feeling sore and tired. Woke up had a boiled egg, piece of toast and glass of water. Waited 30 mins and was hyped to go. I’m not able to do all moves exactly as she does but I pushed. Had to stop for a little longer a couple of times but felt amazing with sweat streaming down my face lol. I used to be hardcore fitness fanatic from 1931 and stopped. Im 46 now and totally out of shape. This is helping me so much! Feel great and just made a nutriblast!

  • 5″2 105lbs, skinny fat is what i have. started day before yesterday, been doing various beginner routines. hope i can get into better by mid next year.

  • I have been an avid supporter of yours for years, but during Ramadan, I stopped working out due to feeling tired and weak all the time because of fasting. After Ramadan, my arthritis flared up because of the cold weather. Long story short, this is the first workout I’ve done in over 2 months, and even though my joints creaked throughout and it hurt, I’ve managed to finish it�� Thanks so much Fitness Blender ��

  • This is definitely a Low Impact Cardio workout I needed especially during those hot/humid Summer days yet still break a sweat. Love It!! Thanks Amy!! <3

  • I used to workout with you regularly, but after 9months pregnancy and 1month getting back to normal this low impact seems sooooo hard:) but I will get there!!! Thanks for all your work!

  • Thank you I love this workout! I have to be very careful about overdoing it with exercise. So this session is perfect for me. I can easily vary the intensity according to my energy level.

  • Thank you so much for this video… I have been struggling with a heart condition and heart palpitations. I’ve been needing to strengthen my heart with a low intensity workout and this workout was so perfect I cant wait to get back into shape. ❤

  • Congrats on the baby! Your workouts have really helped me…I could not want for even 3 minutes before I started and now I can walk briskly for 16 minutes. Other exercise vids are too hard and fast for me to follow,but yours are just right…Thank you.

  • I’ve been working out for 6 years and I’m pretty much on shape, but today I was feeling not so much motivated to do a hard workout, so I decided to do this one instead… oh boy I was wrong! This is not easy! But this workout is not hard on my knees and joints, and it’s neighbors friendly. Thank you so much!

  • Getting back into working out and this was such a nice find in so many ways! Im getting back into working out, and are rather out of shape… This work out pushed me, but also didn’t completely knock me over. I could follow along, feel the burn, but didn’t feel like I was completely destroyed afterwards. In addition: I am often nocturnal so this is a work out I can do without waking up the entire family! This is a great workout too, for people who don’t have a lot of equipment and space to work out. Overall, perfect!! Thanks so much!

  • Just found this workout. I’m very overweight and out of shape. Proud of myself to get thru 12 minutes of this! Gotta start somewhere!

  • I’ve put on a fair amount of weight during lockdown, and I wasn’t slim to begin with but now I’m ready to shed the weight and become my strongest, best self. This was a great place for me to start today. I’m fairly fit so didn’t find it that hard, but I’m covered in sweat and can feel those endorphins kicking in!! Great video ����

  • I just tried this and I love it, thank you so much. at my age it’s getting harder to do the longer cardio step workouts, but this is something I can fit in to my daily routine, at least three times a day. my heart rate increased and I got a sweat going so it’s all good. Thanks again x

  • I’ve used this video few years ago to lose some weight also start working out. It really did help me out my main goal was not to lose a lot of weight but only around 6-7kgs it helped me a lot with a nice healthy diet.

  • This is exactly what I was looking for! Perfect for monitoring my stamina and easing back into working out. Thank you guys so much!

  • Thanks, so like the preview ‘whats coming up next’ as my coodination is rubbish! Also refreshing to have no ‘Hi guys’ over enthusiastic (to us brits) intro.

  • I am doing this from last 20days, I felt pain in knee while seating or standing, is it due to this workout? Should I stop this?

  • TY, TY, TY. This is perfect. So many of the beginner videos out there are really super advanced. This is the 1st one I found as a Certified Personal Trainer that I would feel safe sharing with my fitness clients during this corona virus shutdown. You are greatly appreciated and give actual cues, modifications and confidence to those just beginning or re-entered the fitness routine.

  • I’m very out of shape and working on getting back into running, this was perfect for me today after I really pushed myself during a run yesterday.

  • I did this today and was sweating like anything. My legs felt wobbly like Jello. Is there a 30 day plan for beginners that I can follow from Fitness blender?

  • The things I love about the two of you and this video: (1) low impact doesn’t mean easy but you give all sorts of ideas on how to tone it down if I need to, (2) short doesn’t mean skimpy this is a FULL body work out with each move working multiple muscle groups, (3) your talk is encouraging and instructional, not blathering, (4) the camera work is perfect, no swinging views of your abs or close ups of your face, the whole time I can see what I need to be doing, (5) love being in your “tribe”, you make me feel welcome no matter how fit/capable I am no judgement zone, super inclusive. Thank you so much for your great variety of times and targets video. This is the only exercise subscription I need! Keep up the excellent work. — a devoted subscriber ��

  • Thank you for your workout videos! I have been looking endlessliy for a good workout/fitness page. Your channel is exactly what I needed! You guys cover everything! Keep up the great work!

    Recovering from injury and this has been helping my body feel stronger without as much strain on my joints! PLEASE MORE! <3

  • I am so proud of myself for completing this. I know it may not seem much, but in reality I am not used to exercise at all. I have been trying to become healthier for years but always struggled and never got anywhere with it. However when I found out i’ve become overweight I thought that this was the final straw and I really need to look after myself. I did it! And i’ll continue. I won’t give up <3

  • I’ve been working out to these video and they’ve gotten me into some really good habits. It helps a lot that it’s easy to find workouts that don’t require a lot of space or equipment.
    That being said, I feel a little weirded out when they refer to people watching as their “tribe”.

  • I love this video! I’ve been doing this during quarantine along with my daily walk. Helps so much. Really like this workout that I can fit into my day and feel like I got a workout in.

  • IT REALLY WORKS! Im combine their easy warmup + this low impact + easy cooldown for the past 2 months and i lost 13 pounds already! Thanks a lot! ����

  • I haven’t done this yet, paused video just to say that i LOVE that you guys do a preview of the workout! That is so helpful. I hate getting halfway through a video and then things get crazy or extreme & I wasnt prepared lol you guys are amazing. ok back to the workout

  • I have been working out with you guys for about two years now. I haven’t missed a single day and recently started a diet. I have lost 60lbs in this last year and have been in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Thank you guys so much for everything

  • Hey guys! Here’s an update….i been doing my workouts with you long enough to get into good enough shape to have a baby…..expected in September! Thanks!!

  • Heads up: I don’t recommend if you have severe fibromyalgia that affects your legs. The lunge moves were painful, I was crying by the end of round 2 because my legs stung so bad.

  • Thank you Kelly! You are awesome. It has been some years since I exercise, back on it today. This exercise video is really helpful.

  • I really like this routine. Since I’m obese (not for long ��) I can’t perform a lot of routines but this one is strong enough for make me sweat, elevate my heart rate and make feel that I’m doing something! Thanks guys! I admire you! Blessings

  • Having great fun on quarentine with Kelly. So grateful! Do you, by any chance, fancy making a beginner playlist for me to go from zero to hero during this time? it would be awesome! thank you!!!

  • Coach Kozak and Claudia: Thanks a bunch for this doable and sweaty (for me) cardio. You are always in my prayers because your workouts have greatly improved my health and saved me tremendous money of $35/ (about an hour) session personal training. Of course, I am appreciative by making a one-time lump sum donation to HASfit:::))). I am getting ready to do another one lump sum donation to HASfit on 01/01/2019 by God’s grace. Amen!!!

  • Good morning Coach Kozak and Claudia! Today is my rest day and this workout is not only good for beginners but also good to do as a warmup before doing long stretching in the early morning! This was my 5am low impact workout right before doing 2 short yoga classes! I did not use weights and love it so much! My arms and body warmed up so well! Claudia, you look great at 14 weeks in this workout and you’re at 36 weeks now already! You are amazing Claudia! I’m so so happy for you and your family! Thank you for sharing your workouts and pics on IG Claudia and Coach Kozak! Have a wonderful and blessed day!:-)

  • Has Fit is a blessing to me from the Lord! Most exercise programs or videos are so ridiculously hard that you would need a chiropractor or some type of emergency crew standing by afterwards! You have taken the time to make exercise routines for people of different ranges of ability. I suffer with osteoarthritis especially in my neck and back. I have tried some of the sit down workout on the days when I’m in pain. I get my heart rate up just as much as the standing cardio videos. And I love the weight lifting and toning that you offer in short bursts! And closing thank you so much for being creative and thinking about everyone’s Fitness level!

  • After a year of maternity leave and then 9 months of not exercising (rather than a walk with my kid in a stroller every afternoon) I always come back to you FitnessBlender! Thank you for creating great workout videos for us. Workout Complete!

  • Thanks for uploading this video. Perfect for me. My Mom is getting motivated through me to reduce weight, but she had a slip disk and and has slight Scoliosis. Will she be fine if she starts these exercises? Many many thanks in advance.

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