7 Things If Only I Understood Before Beginning Yoga



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Things I wish I knew before starting yoga

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Turns out, I didn’t know much of anything. So below: seven things I wish I knew before starting yoga. May they help you on your path to yogic enlightenment or your first class.

1. NOT ALL YOGA IS THE SAME. Ashtanga, Bikram, hatha, vinyasa. Those are just four of the many styles of yoga, each incorporating different postures and sequences.

For example, Ashtanga yoga is meant to feature. 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Yoga. February 10, 2017 by Lucinda Staniland 2 Comments. There’s a lot to learn on this journey of Yoga Outfit by Courage My Love. by Lucinda Staniland. Whatever you come to yoga with is OK.

We all have to start where we are, and because our modern lifestyles sure as hell don’t make it easy. You might love the idea of yoga, but might be disappointed after you join a class. Well, do not lose hope just yet. Try at least three different studios and styles of yoga before you decide that yoga is not for you. A large bit of the practice also depends on the teacher you chose to guide you through your yoga.

Here are 11 things I wish I knew before starting a yoga business. 1. Have a strong purpose. The key to creating a smart and successful business is connecting to a higher purpose. Going into any business venture, you should think about your overall goals and what you set out to accomplish.

This video is fully loaded with 7 fitness tips for women and all beginners! These fitness tips are things I wish I knew before starting my fitness journey. S.

I’M BACK!!!! Here with 7 things I wish I knew before starting my fitness journey! Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, or you are trying to get back on track, or you are YEARS into. 21 Things I wish someone told me before I started practicing Ashtanga yoga. the middle of the first series (Marichasanas) I needed an empty stomach, a very empty one, and so having the last meal before 7 PM became an easy routine. Through the health If you are thinking about starting a yoga practice but need a little bit of a sense of.

7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Reformer Pilates. chevron_left PREV: Easy Swiss Chard, Parmesan and Plenty of workouts require equipment, from yoga mats to spin shoes. In Pilates, you go shoeless and don socks instead — very specific ones, with. 7 Things I Wish I Knew About Work Before I Started. 7 Things I Wish I Knew About Work Before I Started meat/legumes); exercise regularly (combine heart rate stuff like running or a pump class with brain focusing stuff like yoga or meditation).

Which means that you can start building the skills you need for your dream job by working in a. 7 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Moving to Nairobi. Amy Lobl | March 7, 2018 We even organise yoga nights where friends come over and one of the very talented instructors from Africa Yoga Project leads the class any working night of the week.

Having services come to you is quite common among expats here and its always good to trade tips.

List of related literature:

Yoga was indeed an eye opener for me, and although I am still new to it, I feel it has made a difference already.

“From XL to XS: A fitness guru's guide to changing your body” by Payal Gidwani Tiwari
from From XL to XS: A fitness guru’s guide to changing your body
by Payal Gidwani Tiwari
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2011

The clear understanding and consistency of this method has allowed me to not only develop yoga in my life, but also to become intimate with the workings of my body, breath and awareness, to get to know what is needed.

“Yoga Student Handbook: Develop Your Knowledge of Yoga Principles and Practice” by Sian O'Neill, Lizzie Lasater, Graham Burns, Andrew McGonigle, Tarik Dervish, Philip Xerri, Korinna Pilafidis-Williams, Scott Johnson, Mimi Kuo-Deemer, Catherine Annis, Norman Blair, Heidi Sormaz, Alison Leighton, Wendy Teasdill
from Yoga Student Handbook: Develop Your Knowledge of Yoga Principles and Practice
by Sian O’Neill, Lizzie Lasater, et. al.
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2019

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that yoga can change lives and open hearts.

“Revolution of the Soul: Awaken to Love Through Raw Truth, Radical Healing, and Conscious Action” by Seane Corn
from Revolution of the Soul: Awaken to Love Through Raw Truth, Radical Healing, and Conscious Action
by Seane Corn
Sounds True, 2019

In fact, yoga actually teaches you how to release attachment and identification with your body, as well as with your mind and emotions.

“The Power of Ashtanga Yoga: Developing a Practice That Will Bring You Strength, Flexibility, and Inner Peace -Includes the complete Primary Series” by Kino MacGregor
from The Power of Ashtanga Yoga: Developing a Practice That Will Bring You Strength, Flexibility, and Inner Peace -Includes the complete Primary Series
by Kino MacGregor
Shambhala, 2013

So here are all these people saying that yoga has changed them and that the change has improved their lives.

“Yoga for Warriors: Basic Training in Strength, Resilience, and Peace of Mind” by Beryl Bender Birch
from Yoga for Warriors: Basic Training in Strength, Resilience, and Peace of Mind
by Beryl Bender Birch
Sounds True, 2014

Yoga has taught me contentment, focus, empathy, and compassion.

“Yoga for Everyone: 50 Poses For Every Type of Body” by Dianne Bondy
from Yoga for Everyone: 50 Poses For Every Type of Body
by Dianne Bondy
DK Publishing, 2019

Even though I knew about yoga since I was a teenager, it is just now in my mid-twenties that I’m taking all of this seriously.

“Advanced Yoga Practices Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living, Vol. 2” by Yogani
from Advanced Yoga Practices Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living, Vol. 2
by Yogani
AYP Publishing, 2010

What I learned through yoga, I found out through yoga.

“Light on Life: The Yoga Journey to Wholeness, Inner Peace, and Ultimate Freedom” by B.K.S. Iyengar, John J. Evans, Douglas Abrams
from Light on Life: The Yoga Journey to Wholeness, Inner Peace, and Ultimate Freedom
by B.K.S. Iyengar, John J. Evans, Douglas Abrams
Rodale Books, 2005

I did not discover yoga until after I had written my first book, Your Right to be Beautiful, about my experience with the raw food diet.

“Quantum Eating: The Ultimate Elixir of Youth” by Tonya Zavasta
from Quantum Eating: The Ultimate Elixir of Youth
by Tonya Zavasta
BR Publishing, 2007

Mistake 6: Not Recognizing That Some Sometimes Less Is More In yoga practice, sometimes less is more.

“Journey Into Power: How to Sculpt Your Ideal Body, Free Your True Self, and Transform Your Life with Yoga” by Baron Baptiste
from Journey Into Power: How to Sculpt Your Ideal Body, Free Your True Self, and Transform Your Life with Yoga
by Baron Baptiste
Atria Books, 2011

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I wasn’t sure about it before I picked it up and after the first couple of chapters but damn, I’m loving this game. Best Final Fantasy game Square has made in over 15 years. Was up till 4am last night playing it.

  • I spent a whole week away from exercising because I’m demotivated, tired and disappointed. At first I started this journey to be healthier and mentally happy and when I saw results, I ended up feeling sad because I didn’t have the body type I wanted (Guilty of wanting the IG model aesthetic). Thank you so much for this video, it really helped me realize my mistakes as well as turning back to the main reason why I started my fitness journey. This video is a gem!

  • It’s boring, easy and repetitive.
    Literally the only challenge is the first couple of hours before you’ve unlocked stances.
    As long as you’re fighting the right people with the right stance, you will win!

  • Your channel & logo reminds me of a computer program where people could download music (for free!) called LimeWire! Not that you took their idea ��

  • Mistake #1 Doing HIIT (HIIT is great but it is not for everybody. If your body does not respond to a HIIT session, you get sick, leave it.)
    Mistake #2 Walking 5 miles a day, everyday (Take proper precautions like proper stretching before and after, even if you’re walking.)
    Mistake #3 Training the abs as the internet said (The internet said that ‘abs are made in the kitchen eat clean and you’ll get in the kitchen’. Not true. (Lol really? You fell for that?) Do your ab exercises.)

  • Thank you! For this! I just started training march 2019 and I’ve been guilty on ALL lol. Especially rn this year with the pandemic I had to stop the weight training and now all I do is compare my lil bum on these insta models everyday. Thank u for this I needed it.

  • Why anyone is buying an unfinished remake makes no sense. How desperate are people for entertainment? If this game was released in single discs back in its original release, it would never be a success. Capitalizing off the names and releasing a portion of the game. Not excited to play a portion of the game we all wanted to see what the gold saucer was going to be like you’re not going to see it here folks. Enjoy paying $90 for a partial game.

  • I love what you are looking for because I did a lot of the same mistakes and I was so upset when someone would make fun of me because of that.
    So don’t make fun of people because they are doing something good for their body or something they love.

  • Physical results don’t show up quick, but the internal results are amazing. For example, your workout would be easier every time you do it. Your sleep schedule would get better, you’ll have more energy. It’s really motivating if you pay attention to those small details.

  • Glad to keep hearing that items are actually useful now. Back when I played original FF7 I feel like I never used any items & by the end of the game had like 99 of everything.

  • Can’t believe people like that are out there! I would honestly tell them at least I’ll live longer and I feel happy in myself. Those girl were jealous of what they couldn’t do! You’re amazing new subbie❤️��

  • I fell into a rly unhealthy place because every one made fun of me for eating healthy and I was only 11 I didn’t know what to do, so I started eating so bad. Worst decision ever! I used to be so bloated! After that, I tried to cut out everything except vegetables, and Idek what I was thinking. So now I’m trying to eat healthy BUT make it fun! I love baking and cooking, and now I’ve seen that I can still bake things! I love making healthy treats to eat for a snack because I don’t feel guilty so I love it and I love eating healthy now! I also have started to satisfy cravings for other things. For instance when I crave chips I will eat popcorn(homemade, it is literally so good and healthy), and then I will put some vinegar on it and it’s so good! Make sure you r still doing what you love, if I could go back in time and tell myself to eat in moderation and have fun with it, I so would and I feel I would have been so much healthier! Good luck everyone to who is having a weight loss journey!

  • Such a good video. Its all so applicable. I have done cold approaches in the past and am getting. BAck into it. Not just to meet women but to be better with people in general. I use these same skills to talk to friends, co workers, other men in social situations. It applies to all walks of life to be more confident. Thank for the information. It really has changed my life.

  • Just discovered you and omg I’m so thankful for this and I’m sorry you had to go through criticisms and hate:((( you seem so nice girl!! ❤️

  • I worked out before I got hit on my bike then after I tried again for awhile but cried everytime I worked out because I didn’t look perfect so I stopped for four months. I’m now getting back into it

  • Those girls need to mind their own, sheesh. They wish they had the control and discipline you did of making healthier lifestyle changes��

  • Just opened up the second map and im really enjoying the game i love the fill of the combat and there’s so many ways to kill someone.

  • Loved. This!

    Also, with a lot of Instagram models / fitness people / influencers, I feel like people forget that looking good is literally their JOB, or at least a very big part of the lifestyle they’re selling and promoting. They work super hard to look how they do, and often have far more time and money on their hands to prioritise and carry out fitness routines, photoshoots, beauty regimes, etc etc. Nothing wrong with any of it at all, of course. But I feel like it’s all too common that people forget that they’re essentially comparing themselves having a typical 9-5 job / “normal” responsibilities and obligations / kids / family / studies / extracurriculars / day to day stresses / and basically everything else in life, to a person whose job it is to look good and sell a very specific and often luxurious lifestyle.

    Honestly, I’m all for social media as a means to connect and share and learn, but consuming it definitely needs to come with a massive self-served bowl of reality check. It can definitely be useful as an initial inspiration or motivation, but comparison of contexts with completely different variables is just unhelpful, unhealthy and ultimately destructive.

  • I want to start my fitness journey, but can’t. I’m 17, can’t go to the gym, don’t have at home equipment, not really in charge of what I eat and even my mom judges me. Any advice?

  • New subscriber here! Thank you for this video:) Your content is inspiring and motivating! I’ve experienced criticism when it came to food/fitness especially at work as well and was always joked to “eat more” because I’m “too skinny” but I like to eat what I eat and it isn’t a bad thing to stay physically active:(

  • Thank you so much for your video!! It is so motivating and inspiring that everybody needs to pay attention to it! As someone that has started working out since COVID, I am really glad that I came across this one!

  • Oh, this actually explains why I felt terrible the first week after I started working out! One of the things I did was a HIIT workout and I didn’t think much of it because I had done it multiple times before and felt fine! When I did it again recently after not working out and being really inactive and stuff for a long time, I got a bad headache (accompanied with dizziness) for about a solid week after. I eventually even got a feverthis only happened at night as well. I don’t know if maybe my immune system got week and I really WAS sick for a week or what, but I’m glad it’s over and I can get back into working out.

  • At the first several hours of this game I was ready to call it the best game ever made.
    About halfway I could predict another follow the tracks to the combat area or survey the scene to move to the combat area objective to do and started to retract my initial impressions.
    The game looks and plays amazing, but I feel like the potential of what’s already contained in the game was not explored, and the narrative does such a great job of building you up to a disappointing conclusion a lot of times, whether in the main story or the side characters stories.
    The combat on horseback is almost nonexistent and it would have been really awesome to be galloping through the bamboo forests or cliffsides or beaches with Mongols in pursuit having to take well timed shots at them or run in paths to split them up, or lead them off of cliffs or exploding barrels and lighting fires to stop them from hunting you.
    Also, why can’t Jin fight hand to hand when he doesn’t have his sword? He can certainly kick pretty hard in wind or moon stances but loses all ability for self defense without his katana.
    Theres so much more to explore story wise that wasn’t developed, and it’s rare a game actually makes me care about the characters, which is why I feel pretty let down.

  • For someone that is restarting her fitness journey (again) I love watching her! She makes me feel like it’s not as complicated to get fit and be healthy for life!!! You don’t even know how much I love your videos ��❤️

  • Thank you for this video! I really love your approach. I can’t relate to minimalists who have literally nothing in their home, looks like no one lives there!

  • in my opinion, people criticized because they don’t eat healthy food or maybe they envy your improvements.. well, I don’t care! ahahaha!

  • Number 1 should have been
    thats the only thing you need to know before playing this trashy ff7 fanfiction

  • I’m really glad you talked about how muscle and fat weighs the same but looks totally different. My body weight hasn’t changed at all but a ton of people have told me I look slimmer. It’s been so frustrating to me because the number on the scale doesn’t go down!

  • God I wish I discovered your Chanel earlier. I am struggling physically and mentally through my weight loss journey. I’m gonna binge your videos��

    I already love you thank you^^

  • I didn’t know you could reset stamina by dashing, thanks for that tip! The “Traveler’s Attire” is all I use unless I’m gonna fight, but it looks so bland, that is until I found the White Dye Merchant, then it was the bee’s knees… or I thought it was until I found the Black Dye Merchant & combined the “Sakai Mask”, & the “Genbu Straw Hat” with it. Jin is now murdered out. And the cherry atop my murdered out samurai murder cake was the “Breath Of Hachiman” sword kit.�� Now I never change outfits unless I have to do a LOT of fighting or if I’m gonna duel someone.

  • I literally have that green sweater “give me a break”. ���� For only 8 euros I find it to be nice quality and still holds up after being used so much.
    Apparently washing your clothes inside-out helps a lot.

  • this video is literally a reminder for me not to give up my workout routine as i was kinda getting unmotivated from it since i’m not seeing the results that i wanted. thank you so much for this video! you earn yourself a new subsriber!

  • Plantar fasciitis…stopped my running. PCOS makes you gain weight in your belly and arms. It also explains why some workouts won’t work as well.

  • I relate to this so much. Everytime I do HIIT, I would end up in bed for a whole week. Years later, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

  • Hiit sucks! Obv it is effective for ppl who are into that… they weren’t for me either. They made me constipated and that is not cool with me! Once I stopped doing them I could poo again and that is a must!

  • I made a big mistake by cutting carbs (rice and bread) and not doing weights that my body lost fat rather than turning fat into muscle so now I have some loose skin. I am
    fixing the mistake by eating carbs like whole wheat bread. I eat rice once in a while but brown rice is better also quinoa. I generally figured out how to eat healthy by making healthier choices and keeping carbs in my diet. Those fad diets are no good and have short term effects.

  • Nr 10. Plus, if a person’s a woman and yet naturally thin/skinny (as I am and you are as well), fast metabolism AND one does (as we do) strength training then makes NO sense at all to cut on our main source of energy and replenishment of glycogen (glycogen, folks ��) energy stores that our muscles utilize to lift, grow bigger and stronger…
    Great video!:)

  • So true about the looking your weight at the scale! I stopped looking at my weight because I know I am going to be disappointed on not achieving my goal weight. So I just concentrated on how my workouts make me feel good; ate healthier (not restrict, but put more fruits and veggies in my diet) while attending to my cravings whenever I like. Now I feel better and healthier physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • I started working out and taking nutrition shakes trying to target my legs/glutes but i’ve also been gaining weight in my tummy area. I want to do workouts for a smaller waist and toned tummy but I don’t know if it’s best if I focus on one area at a time.

  • LOVE THE VIDEO! so relatable, I am also a college student, just started my Youtube Channel. I post fitness and health videos as well!!! CHECK MY CHANNEL OUT��

  • I’m Asian and I love my rice too! I’m working out for 3 months now but I see no results at all except that I can skip 100 skips in a minute. This video inspires me a lot. So much love to you Kyla ������

  • Girl instead of doing cardio (cuz i don’t like it and enjoy it) what can i do to lose full body fat? I also eat healthy, i don’t restrict myself and i workout

  • I was actually so overwhelmed with looking through so many fitness instructors and workout routines and diets etc and i just started my weightloss journey so i have no idea who to believe or what will work for me.This video helps and encourages me a lot.Thank you

  • I absolutely love rice, my mom gets rice for me all the time. So I’ll eat 1 cup of rice and some salad and carrots alot of the time. During quarantine it’s so hard to eat healthy, especially with the food my mom gets. So do u have any tips to kinda help with that?

  • Nailed these points ������������ I’m a year in and every point is so freaking true. Just found your channel and I’m so glad I did!!

  • Just discovered your channel and you’re so right about these things! I also made the mistakes with the carbs. Btw your skin looks so flawless! Are you wearing foundation? If so, I need that!

  • Now in the quarantine, I started been minimalistic, I started decluter one cabinet or draw every day and I feel so accomplished. So happy. I haven’t finished yet but I will. I am doing it with my kids. And I am doing it so gets easy to clean and dust. Also to have a simple and more join full life.

  • I did full body workout for 1 month, turns out it made my GERD worse. I have to quit working out even though i don’t want to, but i will start walking instead for 1 hour daily.
    I am hoping it works for me.

  • I’m underweight. On the border I guess. My body fat percentage is at maybe 14 or 15 percent, MAYBE. I’ve been working out for months, and I practically see almost no results. Do I have to bulk up first? Do I still have to do a lot of cardio to burn those fat rests that might be there? Can someone help me pls?

  • We starting exercise fitness my daughter and I���� please advice us how to be progressively successful on this journey. Thank you ����

  • When I was in middle school, I felt very insecure about my weight. I wasn’t doing much exercise at the time. When I got into high school, I joined the cross country team and through my teammates kindness, encouragement, and our fun times together at every practice and meet, I learned to value fitness as what it is—keeping my body healthy. I think the most important thing is to learn to enjoy the way eating right and exercising regularly makes you feel. Losing weight can of course be a goal and a healthy one too, but you should also value the strength you gain, regardless of any weight loss, and the benefits to mental health.

  • Some here in the comments recommend intermittent fasting, but I think it won’t work for me because I had ulcer when I was young and I easily get hyper acidity..

  • 1st mistake is so true, I did HIIT workout for 30mins everyday and didn’t lose weight at all, but I followed chole ting’s workout I lost 1.5inches in 9 days.

  • You said right about The Mahatma GandhiHe did Dandi March, the Salt Satyagraha walking 10 miles a day for 24 days for the freedom of Indian people.
    Coming to your video, you are adorable and innocent, honest and hard working!!! Keep it up!!! ��

  • Dam great content. I don’t believe in his direct approach ideas but since Im indirect approacher I agree with his general anology of game. Great content. Subscribed

  • The HIIT one is true. I developed an allergic reaction from that…(IK sounds strange) At first, I thought it was from the nuts…but then again I have eaten nuts my whole life…and I was never nut-allergic. But I stopped eating that. My allergy remained calm for a few days..as I couldn’t do any exercise. When I recovered I started doing HIIT again along with other exercises and my allergy came back…so I’m guessing it’s from the HIIT.

  • Really like these walk around video’s that these guys do. Can really absorb the info better than sitting in a chair or standing on a stage.

  • 5:19 Is this why also,when I don’t go out walking for A VERY LONG TIME I’m talking for +3 months and then I start walking the skin of my ankles start to peel off and I get injured so much to the point where I could barely walk,every time it’s killing me…

  • I feel like crying everytime I do exercises of Chloe Ting or Heather Roberston. I was terrified of starting every workout. It just didn’t spark joy. I would be exhausted the entire day and i wouldn’t be able to do any tasks. I would just lie on my bed and groan in pain. So i decided to just walk 10k steps everyday. I’m doing IF alongside and I’m already feeling the difference.
    I enjoy walking.
    Yeah.. following workout videos is not something I’m going to do anymore. It’s not for me.

  • 00:43 Mistake #1: HIIT
    3:06 Mistake #2: Walking a mile everyday without stretching first
    5:39 Mistake #3: Trying to get abs by only eating clean aka without ab exercises
    8:20 Bonus Mistake: Having snacks even though she didn’t have as much self control
    You’re welcome 😉

  • I wish you couldn’t change armor so easily because it makes the game to easy. When you enter a mission that should be your armor unless you quit abandon the mission.

  • I literally just tried a HIIT and had to take a rest day cause my legs just decided not to work… Guess I’ll have to find something else

  • When you talked about muscle n fat having same effect on a scale you really touched me��

    I started gym 52kg two weeks after I was 57kg, I felt sooo discouraged until my coach told me I was gaining muscles

  • I also have tried doing the hiit workouts and feel so tierd after that I don’t want to even hear the word work out for the next MONTH jajaja���� but on the other hand I do abb workouts and other slower pace workout and I don’t have that effect. Thanks for addresing this It has been a strugle for a long time and I hear other pleople talking about how great it is, but it just doesn’t work for me. And the cookie thing its REAL OK with me the problems are brownies OMG I say to my self oh I will get some for the kids YEAHHHH THE KID MEE!!�� I can’t buy them at all the trunk of the car is not going to work for me!

  • I have a question thats been in my head for a while, my physics teacher once told my class to wait until their 18 to start fat burning workouts because our bodies aren’t fully developed. I’m 15 should I do lighter workouts like just walking and getting 60 min of exercise each day? Can I do stomach workouts? Also what could I eat that could help me stay healthy especially for a developing teenage girl like me?

  • I am overweight, not by much, if I lose 2.7 kgs I officially enter the normal weight zone. But i do workout 5 times a week and eat healthy, and I do HIIT and I really like it. It doesn’t make me feel weird after or anything. But I get it it’s not foe everyone.

  • i wanted to get rid of my belly but i cannot eat healthy because im a sweet tooth so im kinda like unmotivated because i kept seeing people just eat healthy without craves.i am thin but i have belly fat so yeah im tired

  • Finally…I am not the only one..I get sick after HIIt or intense workout myself. I have an auto immune issue so I realized I have slow things down…if I slow down and workout.. it’s all good

  • My first time to see your channel and I subscribed after watching this video. You seem naturally fun and authentic. �� Looking forward to more informative videos that are not an hour long ��

  • I am glad they toned down the vibrating and added a green firefly to help direct you to the collectables. The only realy daunting thing for this game is you need easily over 1000 flowes to unlock ALL of the color sets.

  • These are amazing tips and they’re so true. I started my fitness journey at first only to be skinnier but realized along the way how important nutrition and health is and motivation does come and go. The results take time but when they show it makes me feel so accomplished. Now I don’t feel like I’m alone. Thank you so much for these!

  • I pound of fat and one pound of muscle do not weigh the same…. their mass is 1pound….. weight is mass*gravity… basically muscle weighs more than fat….
    So you might weigh the same with more muscle, but your measurements will be better.

  • Another tip before you start the game. Dont pick the horse that you really really like at the start of the game so that you will be able to pick it during act 3 and keep it throughout the rest of your gameplay

  • This is my first time watching your channel. I am LITERALLY CRYING. You look so beautiful and so in shape. I weigh 215 lbs and all of my weight is in my stomach and arms. So know you had the same struggle is so INSPIRING! My 1st name is Fayth but after watching this video, I have HOPE now. Thank you ������������

  • I’m tired of people saying that the combat is not dynamic. Its actually very fun to switch between stances and moves are beautifully done. Refelecting a certain level of realism in samurai battles.

  • I struggle with diastasis recti DR and would like to see more workouts for females who have this condition. I subscribed to you due to seeing a DR workout but only one has been posted.

  • This really moved me in a personal level… i work out almost everyday ever since May and every time i would feel unmotivated i would scold myself in mind and keep on reminding myself that the reason i want to improve my body is for me and for me only not for anyone or not caused from anyone even though i am insecured as well upon seeing those instagrammers with like nice bods. Another thing is that even though i do like 40-45 mins of it each day im still seeing small results and its because of the food that i eat (consist of oily foods) even though i eat starting from 1pm to 7pm i feel like its because of the food options that we have here at home and my genes (sadly). My body type is the kind that doesnt get fast results unlike others (its rlly sad) Im still trying to figure out though as to how im gonna get the long term result that i really want but for now im like really trying my best hahaha

  • I did start with HIIT and I gave up because my body was not athletic. I found your videos and started to do small workouts. I came from not being able to hold a plank for a second to doing a 40 second plank and others ��

  • Am I the only one whose heart sank when I learned you couldnt even leave Midgar?
    I was totally expecting an open world game including all the characters like the original FF7.

  • You’re so funny and sharing tips thank you ��. Please where can I buy your black/pink leggings in 0,58 min? I just bought two with the actual sales.

  • Equip EVERYONE with healing materia? What?! What kind of tip is that?
    That’s just wasting materia slots. All you need is one person with healing materia and maybe someone else, that you use the least with Auto-cure, that’s it

  • What about where and when to grind? I wish I would have done the training area before you attack the shinra outpost with Biggs and wedge woulda helped alot lol

  • I wish I knew it wasnt actually a remake, but some weird sequel/reboot and remake was low key the subtitle and thats why it wasnt called episode one or something. They conned us with some re:make bullshit.

  • All of these are Great! But Instead of chasing girls chase a better version of yourself and make money!! Women will chase you Guaranteed!

  • 7 things to know before going to work
    “Wear pants. Employers often frown on employees letting their bits dangle in the work place”

  • People don’t like other people making them feel insecure that’s why they try to put you down if you’re being or doing something that makes them feel bad about themselves….they’re just not conscious enough to see it so instead they try to turn your behaviour into a negative.

  • Despite being the right age for the FF franchise (grew up on atari/nes) never played a FF. I must say I’m hooked so far love this game!

  • This is my very first time playing ff7. I’ve heard that ff7 is the best one and I gotta say I absolutely love this game. The only other ff games I’ve played are XV and X and this is by far the best one. I love how the combat in this remake is almost like a mix between real time and turn based and they got the balance just right.

  • Thank you for your video:) the past couple months have been transformational for me! And I for sure have people criticizing me for my health journey, which is so ironic cause I’m just bettering myself

  • Better Tips:

    After staggering the enemy, use Tifa’s ∆ commands to increase the stagger bonus (if you have powered up her ∆ a single Rise and Fall followed immediately by Omnistrike will take the enemy to +200% damage) then unleash your other characters most powerful attacks for serious damage.

    Level Prayer materia ASAP. It becomes increasingly useful late game to have a party heal for 1 materia slot and 0 MP cost.

    Level 1 of each green materia to max and ensure you have Revival materia equipped at all times until levelled as this takes a lot of AP and you’re very likely going to be trying to level this late game.

    You can use left and right on the D-Pad to quickly cycle through materia.

    Press R1 on the materia screen to be able to change everyone’s materia at once rather than individually.

  • I’ve slowly been moving towards minimalism on my own time. Whenever I feel like my life is full of clutter and anxiety I tend to go through the items I own and decide if its something I want to keep or not. I don’t add onto my items that often and if I do its usually only 2-3 items at a time. My problem was makeup and skin care and I’ve decided I’m on a complete no buy this year. Nobody should own 20 eyeshadow palettes or 5 foundations or 10 highlighters that look the same. I’ve actually found a way to donate my gently used powder products to someone that needs it more than I do (Project Beauty Share), but I’m going to research my area if there’s any women shelters taking gently used powder products near me before I send the package off. And I’ve found by donating at my own pace (about every 3-5 months) I’m not anxious about getting rid of anything because I recognize I don’t use it or I’ve never used it. It’s actually very therapeutic for me.

  • Thank you very much, I am an newcomer to the Final Fantasy VII story and as I do not have a lot of time to play, I want to take as much as I can from the game, your video will help me with that. Thanks again!

  • This was SO SO SO SO SUPER HELPFUL ❤ thank you for sharing this! Some of them I’ve learned already myself, but still it is so good to hear you talk about it because it made me realize i may be on the right track.. yeah,sometimes i mess up,but i got this! Thank you so much! I needed this!❤❤❤❤❤

  • Cloud isn’t any type of girl. Let’s get that stuff straight. He may have a boyish soft look but welcome to the world of Final Fantasy. Lol! Nice LL Cool J comment on the other hand. ��

  • You can set a main party member, so even if you only control Cloud on the field every time you enter on a battle they switch immediately for the main party member you set. You can start every fight with Tifa or Barret or Aerith.

  • thanks for the tips you actually didnt spoil anything for me i appreciate that very much thank you for. blurring some of the items

  • I like the atmosphere, the combat and the story is so very good but the open world formula is too Assassin’s Creed. Do this thing and here is the same thing here…. That was disappointing to me. Atleast maybe a cutscene after completing them also would be appreciated. Overall good game by Sucker Punch but it can improved. It needs to be a bit diverse like Horizon for example they also do the same do this but it’s the same here but it’s always different from one another.

  • Getting sick actually makes since. I love to dance at church and sometimes I would dance during praise and worship which was about 30-40 minutes long. The next day I would get a stuffy nose, headaches, and weakness more than I would during practices. I guess because I was going so hard. Won’t stop dancing during praise and worship but I’ll just go a little easier.

  • I have beaten this game. I have Platinumed it. 100% completion. And I’m still going to watch this video because I love this game so much, I just want to listen to people talk about it.

  • Last tip is best lol. I too spent a few hours just running side to side, up and down, just to clear the fog and map and then boom whole map clears itself ��‍♂️ Clearing Mongol camps also clears a big portion of fog

  • Hey guys questions��! Is this game better then red dead redemption? Please be honest because I have not been able to get hooked on a game since rdr2 thanks

  • What kind of hugely disappointed me and caused my excitement to take a big hit is that the devs made it a point to stay away from the blatant supernatural and folkloric aspect of this time period. Like, I get that they wanted samurai period films but there are plenty of samurai films that are solely about yokai.

    I’m not saying that I wanted them to implement yokai like they did in nioh, that’s not how yokai are. I would love nothing more than to just be walking over a bridge, along a river or, the water child’s (i.e. the fucking kappa’s) wetland’s and just see a bit in the distance a kappa either swimming in the water or sitting on a rock/the riverbank. Whenever you get to close or it sees you, there could be a special awareness/alertness meter/indicator thing specifically for yokai and whenever it fully see’s you, it very quickly vanishes. But it’s spotting distance could be farther and the meter could fill up faster.

    Also, I mainly would just love ambient yokai. Coming up to large, ancient trees surrounded by the numerous floating orbs that are the souls of the islanders that were killed by the mongols because these ancient trees house gods and the souls are seeking protection while exploring would just add that much more to it for me.

    I would also find climbing up to the shinto shrines much more fulfilling if something, well… in interesting happened. Something like the kami subtly acknowledging the fucking effort I just put in to pay my respect other than a charm that someone put there.

    Not to mention seeing small glances of tsukumogami scurrying around corners while hiding from you would add a little extra excitement and mystery when exploring lone houses and temples in the middle of the woods.

    There are so many other examples of yokai experiences and encounters that I could list that can just be indirect, environmental, ambience or even give off that sense of mystery and folkloric nature but that would be too much.

    But sucker punch won’t add that. Instead, the give sidequests that tease at yokai or the supernatural and have jin respond with “but actually, people.” Like they’re determined to passive aggressively remind you/throw in your face that there is no such thing as the supernatural…

    Like, I KNOW! I get it suckerpunch, that’s why I play video games just let me pretend and be happy! Please! TvT

  • The gameplay is complex. But it eases you into it. Now I have the stances memorized so I don’t even look at what one I’m switching too during a large fight. 10/10 game

  • I’m in a wieght loss journey…I start from 57 now I’m 51 after 50 days,my target 44kg..my height is 147 cm…now I feel more stronger…I fully avoided junk food….now I’m a healthy eater

  • The only thing i wish i knew was that the game is basically a “gotta collect em all” type of open world and nothing else. Comparisons to rdr2 are not even close.

  • Great insight into what matter’s versus what doesn’t. I had been feeling guilty for holding on to craft tools and kitchen item’s, when I actually use those thing’s. What resonates with me most is reducing things that I no longer use or that ‘spark joy’ and keeping those item’s that I consider useful. Lastly, I was actually raised to get good quality because in the end, it actually saves you money. Acquiring good quality doesn’t have to mean buying high priced goods, it requires paying attention to detail, getting a mid-priced item or buying on sale. What is important is the craftsmanship.

  • Rule 0: Look good Have a nice jawline, be tall, be slim (or at least have a slim face), have nice eyes, have nice cheekbones, have nice hair. Rule 0 is the most important when approaching a girl because she will decide whether she wants to talk to you or not before you even open your mouth based on your looks. So, improve your looks as much as possible.

  • Im a new Subscriber and iM ALSO STARTING MY WORKING OUT today. thanks so much for the tips. lol. i keep my snacks in the trunk also.

  • hello mam ur English accent is damn good..
    I want to know where u belong from. I m from India and I found u great in all aspects I became fan of u..
    love u

  • This is my new favorite game. The environment is just so beautiful sometimes I just wander around admiring it without any actual mission in mind, then get ambushed and mauled down by a wandering bear ��

  • Am I the only one that feels like the camera is way too zoomed in? Game is fun but back it up some. Needs many updates before it’s game of the year worthy

  • what would you eat late at night that’s healthy and yet satisfy the hunger state for those who work the pm shift? it’s hard to go straight to bed with a stomach that is not quite happy.

  • Hope this isn’t a spoiler but one of the haiku locations is connected to the story. Don’t spend hours looking for “that last f’ing haiku” like I did lol

  • On the end, if you choose second choice, you will have constant storm. It’s annoying.


    If you choose for kill Shimura, you will have constant storm.

  • Someone help��‍♀️
    Well my BMI is normal (acc to my height) I’m not underweight/obese but I do have fat ‘a lot’.
    So should I do it for health because I’m already healthy and I just want to get rid of that unrequired fat

  • Should put baked goods individually packaged in the freezer. Because all the effort to defrost said snack makes you consider if it’s worth the effort (it’s usually not) and therefore not eat all of them.

  • Seriously considering buying the game. Is it worth the price tag in terms of game length? Completionist wise? I try and stay away from buying games at launch if I know they’ll be over in a couple of hours.

  • Pro Tip: Don’t upgrade everything the first time around. It’ll diminish replayability, go for specific builds so you will want to play again. I’m traditional Samurai mainly. Second playthrough, I’m going Shinobi, then Archer.

  • As a minimalist I don’t see the purpose of buying expensive clothes from sustainable, organic etc companies. For me, so much better option is to look for used clothes. There are so many apps where you can sell/buy stuff (often with a tags, never worn!) and you can totally save so much money without buying something that has been produced especially for you (new clothes=they have to sew them for you vs. second-handed clothes=giving new life for already existing clothes). I get the point with very high quality etc. but buying second-handed you can always ask for the materials that piece of clothing is made of. You just have to learn a little about materials. I once invested a lot in a linen shirt and it started ripping on the seams (I took care of that piece very well)… Also, our style can change so much I totally do not see the purpose of spending so much money on the chlothes. My only exception to this rule
    are shoes

  • Lol girl what? Girls making fun of you for having a toned and lean body and earning it? Like no, I would have drank that protein shake with pride

  • Would have been more fun and challenging if the arrow block wasn’t so overpowered should be like an 80% chance of success and a small relapse timer between each possible parry, also you should only be able to parry arrows coming from your front and no other sides or angles.

  • This was all really well said. I’m fairly lean and averagely fit/toned if averagely is even a word. My tummy especially is a body part that i’m most self conscious about, and now a days is slowly trying to get away from me. I didn’t actually think that people took “get your abs in the kitchen” literally? I think that maintaining good health has to do with both work outs and what you eat. You can’t just do one, and expect to be healthy inside AND out. I lol’d at the cookie part. Stay healthy everyone!

  • What is this shit? The whole fun is to know nothing about the game and just find it out by yourself. Then you feel a reward, everything is new and exciting. Please. Stop it. Get some help.

  • I approached thousands of wen about 8 a day since 10 years only got

    1 lay what can I do I have no clue why it s not working
    Many have conversations but they don’t answer calls or

    Have dates I try to go for the same day lay does not work also It would save my life to know what is going on

  • Y’all are dicksucking this game. I’ve watched so much gameplay and don’t see what makes this different or fun. A samurai game and I haven’t seen a single dismembered body part (polish like that would probably make this game seem fun), lame death animations, the same stealth mechanics used in every modern open world game like this. This is just an Assassin’s Creed title from four years ago but you’re a samurai. This game looks like a 5/10 at best.

  • Summary
    2:00Rule 1-You can talk to strangers.

    18:00Rule 2 -You don’t need a cool thing to say!
    23:50Rule 3 Talk to more girls.
    28:00Rule 4-She wants to fuck you earlier than you think!

    33:40Rule 5. Don’t put up with shitty behaviour!!

    42:49Rule 6-Do not look for female signals of interest!

    48:20 Rule 7-You don’t need to impress women.

  • 20:28 The idea is not that the girl needs to be impressed. Direct open inherently shows some form of neediness, so girls like it more when things happen spontaneously, i.e. you clearly don’t have any agenda

  • I’m confused!? Talent attracts Talent. Release the bitterness & forgive. siAs Comic Steve Martin suggested ‘Success is the greatest aphrodisiac ‘.

  • 39:08 the camera man starts turning to his left and James follows the cue, he stops in front of a nice view, then adjusts a little to get a better frame, all the while he’s talking about deep dating stuff. Pretty sick, he and the cameraman are like one entity.

  • I have been getting surprisingly good feedback/swipes online despite my status as A minority by women of so many different backgrounds. Although I prefer infield game instead.

    The feedback and experience from infield game seems to be more trustworthy, fun and reliable.

  • This is such a good advice. I agree daygame is just like fishing. Thow out a line over and over again until they bite.

    Btw I learned that you always should kiss on the first or second date. Even when theres not even flirting or chemistry, it can be done with mutual sexual attraction. Thus im still able to make out. Simply because i ask them “can i kiss you?” This was back 10 years ago when i was 30 yrs.
    Having sex never lasted more than 2 weeks after 1st kiss. I wonder if this still works now. Im 40 and divorced with 2 beaituful young boys.

  • Man, I’ve learn a lot from James and Vadim. Thank you for sharing ur experiences and teachings it really helps my game in approaching women

  • Thanks for all your work James. Your red pilled af by the way. Give online dating a go brother, not that you need it. I have a mentor helping me with it and I have at least 3 dates lined up this week!

  • I’m trying to do all side quests and question Mark. I had all four stances and nearly maxed our stats before I finished first stage

  • I used to be bad for beating myself up when things didn’t go my way. I eventually came to the realization that it was because my approach numbers were too low. If you only talk to one woman, the outcome of that one interaction is easy to focus on afterwards. If you meet dozens of women, you’ll barely remember what happened!

  • It’s like Hitch said, if it wasn’t for men having balls and/or alcohol humankind would have died out YEARS ago, most women are SO stand offish and arrogant, it’s not Weinstein’y or Cosby’ish to approach someone ffs!

  • Its really about how to counter the social norm of judgement. Your always being watched by people. People judge by labeling. How do you escape that label to let people realize, ur not what they imagined? That is the goal.

  • Common interest group where others recognize your knowledge or skill.
    Ask female co workers to plan a date for you. Separate her from a herd of women if you ignore the hottest woman in the group then she has to join a group to talk to you.

  • this is so interesting and helpful!! i was a minimalist before i even dug deeper into what that meant for me and what you’re saying is perfectly phrased:)

  • Man…this stuff makes so much more sense than the other “pua” stuff out there. It feels totally natural and the only obstacle that must be overcome is self-inflicted fear. In essence, simple courage and willingness to act is (in this perspective) more effective than any technique out there.

  • Agreed almost with everything…except for 2 things.
    #1 A man that is well-grounded, have money, in a natural way will try less to impress women.
    women though?
    will attract sexually more to those men then the average dudes…and the reason for that isn’t that women are “gold diggers” or any thing like that, it’s because women need to fell safe with their man and it’s actually something that has been for thousands of years…it’s in their DNA…it’s began when a man that always took care of his woman and family were in “high demand”.

    Man status=sexual attraction trigger for woman

    I do understand though why James negating this…
    Most of James clients are pretty much in the same status and If there are super reach guys they
    are minority…

    #2 “Men’s look means less than you my think for a women”
    That is just plain B.S.

  • I’m sure women do like to be approached. But here’s the catch, and this is straights from the horses mouth: they only want the right guys to approach.
    In my experience, I’m not the right guy. That’s why I have 100% rejection rate from approaches. It’s better for everyone if guys like me stay away.

  • I’m fucking pissed off, because I saw you on the street of Prague that time and I was making fun with my friend: Hey this dude looks like James Marshall. And then you released the video and now I regret not going to have a talk with you.

  • I am a pear shape and short when I use to train ( I am now fat but pretend I’m not ��)
    My thighs would become more bulky but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was the muscle would overlap where my knee cap is. It looked awful. What causes that and how can I get rid of it. As I plan to get fit again. I also like you store fat in my arms big time. Yours looking amazing.. Well jealous. ��

  • Tremendous value here James, Thank you. Very insightful sharing your own personal history, it allows us guys to relate on so many different levels, because your coming from and speak from a place of experience. I have now been made aware of a handful of a few little subtle pitfalls that I have been guilty of, thanks to you, now I will have that awareness to catch myself, when perhaps I would want to say something to impress her….but the biggest lessons for me here, are points #3 and #4 Im excited to apply these truths, it really does come down to a numbers game, i’m putting serious effort into screening and looking for what I want, and not settling. Cheers!!

  • Man u hit that on the head about online dating. Ive had too many experiences where I message her and she messages back but then quits messenging!! You da man!! Sounds like you are speaking to me! Great video!!

  • Favorite tip and one of my favorite things about the game: Because of the weapon leveling system I got to use the Buster Sword for pretty much the whole game without gimping myself. It has the best all around stats if you level it up right, I would just learn the new weapons ability and then immediately switch back to the Buster Sword.

  • Decluttering is the best feeling ever. My sister taught me things are a dime a dozen. If you’re not using it be brutally honest with your self and say no it needs to go.

  • I think you have a philosophy and you have become a philospher of the ideas and theories that you made that’s why it’s seems so easy for you to explain this concepts. It’s so smooth. Only insane research would yeild such result. Bravo.

  • Loved not only what you presented here but also how. You’re beautifully articulate and easy to watch and listen to. I also appreciate your swift but clear pace.

  • Many men who know lots of things are in fact incredibly boring. Lots of intellectual blokes fall into this trap; they learn tons of shit thinking that girls will be impressed but they just end up boring them to death.

  • I discovered that I’m minimalist when I throw out my mam furniture as much as I can because she was collector and we share the same home and I felt annoying feeling I love to see empty spaces because my head already full I need to think clearly I dont wana see stupid object in front of me I need to create not to collect

  • Each weapon you acquire comes with a skill you can learn permanently for each character and the way to learn it permanently is to successfully use it in battle. I believe each use is 10% exp to reach 100% completion. Then switch back to your ideal weapon of choice once learned.

  • Talking to the objects as if they were alive, made me feel even more sad because what if they were actually alive they will feel so bad to be dumped after we’ve just used them. But ofcourse I know they’re not alive and they won’t feel bad. ��

  • Unless you’re going to move into a smaller place to down size and lighten up your lifestyle, I don’t see the point of getting rid off any of your treasured items and memories; specially if they’re connected to wonderful periods of your life. Believe me… as you get old, your mind start to trick you. When time comes; they are wonderful reminders of good old times. Avoid yourself the ‘what if!’ in the future.

  • Most women, where I live at least and especially hot ones, are quite dumb. I’m turned off by their low intelligence and total lack of discernment. Therefore I don’t even waste my time talking to them, they bore me the fuck out. So I don’t even fit in any of your “mistakes”. What about it? You never mentioned that. Yes, some men require beauty AND intelligence to be attracted to a woman. Unfortunately, they lack in that specific area.

  • I would like to convert to a Minimalist lifestyle, but I wonder… Would I regret throwing out old family albums / pictures, trinkets that belonged to my grandmother? Things that have sentimental value but things that I will never need… The more posessions you have, the more you become a slave to those posessions… But what is a good rule of thumb to use if you should throw away something? If you don’t use it at least once a month, throw it out? I need some guidance from the YouTube community…

  • Giving up fast fashion helped me with my closet. I just watched a documentary on clothing and one of the workers said: “I don’t want anyone wearing anything, which was made with our blood” ������ this is the link if you are interested: https://youtu.be/nxhCpLzreCw

  • Something i took away from Marie Kondos book was “storage experts are hoarders” so whenever I’m tempted to get more storage or organizing units I stop myself and I’m like “if I need more storage I probably have too many things”

  • The most significant thing I have learned on my minimalist journey is that the number and kinds of items that are “minimal” are different for everyone. I live on a farm and will therefore never be a minimalist in the traditional sense. What with a DIY lifestyle, and being 20 miles from anywhere (not somewhere), keeping more stuff around is a necessity. How many pairs of work jeans and old towels are too many during lambing season, when all I have is a wringer washer and no hot water on demand? How many tools for mechanicing or meat processing? How many veterinarian supplies? Canning and gardening supplies? Once I came to terms with these questions, it was easier to downsize in other areas, and not worry too much about our (apparently) excessive stuff.

  • Fantastic, beautiful philosophy and agree with everything. However, I would not want to purchase second hand plates and cups! that is all. But love the rest of the vid.

  • You turned 3M today and YouTube suggested this video to watch �� I’m incredibly happy for you sadia, I’ve seen your 1M, 2M and now 3M….You r incredible

  • It really bothers me when people like you judge the happiness of poor nations and communities just because thy smiled at you on a trip. They are not always happy. They are struggling to make ends meet and the world is hard for them. Minimalism is not a trend for them it’s called poverty and it’s all they’ve got.

  • I wish. I know minimalism before I hit 30 age.. now Im 35 but im trying to do small things at a time.. Its never too late to start.. Im starting with money saving.. and the lists will go on.. I’ll get back here 1 month from now if I save something de clutter things and improvement in my life.. Thank you for the videos.. ur such an inspiration to someone.. ��

  • what about when you’re very skinny because you’re a dancer and your metabolism is so fast? I am not a fan of eating vegetables… and I can eat anything and not gain weight. I need help:(

  • I’m new to minimalism and two questions that also help me are “Would I buy this again?” Or “Do I really need this item or do I just want to score on a deal”

  • If this is something “I wish i knew before starting GOT” then you shouldn’t have a gaming channel, these are all things the Game Blatantly Tells You. I dont think a Blind Person could miss them. sick click bait.

  • I’m in chapter 2 and I have done a ton of side quests. I would say without a doubt Evasion is better than deflection. I rarely use the block button as I typically sidestep everything. When you fight a set of enemies always take out the archers first. I will das past ev4just to kill the archers first…I’m not kidding. Then I fight the rest. I find dodging towards an enemy during a red or blue attack is the best as it generally puts you behind the enemy.

  • Nowadays, I just like the video right away when you upload any new video, before even watching.. And and and I never need to unlike it after watching it.

  • Hello all. I had started on this minimalist journey about 4 years ago. I take it one step at a time. Start simple, e.g. I decided not to buy any new clothes 4 years ago. I have been utilising all the existing clothes both for office and home. My shirts and pants are more than 6 years old and since I had maintained them well, it is still usable.

  • I’ve started dieting and I still have some chocolate cookies from before dieting. I’m afraid I’ll eat them all one day. I’m amazed I haven’t eaten them already ��

  • I really want to start minimalism and all I know about it is decluttering and throw your invaluable things. Thank you for your ideas!:) xoxo

  • Disasters declutters instantly. Rubber Maid it up, with like with like.
    Cover with serape clothes, and all sizes Zip locks to separate inside the RM containers. Only number the RM, and use index cards to state RM#, contents, and location. Go to the index card box and you know where everything is located. 13 and 20 gallons Rubber Maids are best.I never sell anything, and just give it away to non beggars..

  • for no. 5. i started my fitness journey in march 2020 and kept my mouth shut. i have a wellness blog that’s private and no one in real life knows about my “fitstagram”. its always the least healthy people who are suddenly experts on your diet.

  • Great and inspiring share! And a screenshot of the scene on the beach with the pink sky goes to my vision board!
    Something I regreat about my journey with minimalism is that I got rid of a few sentimental objects I wish I had kept. I love the balanced way you keep your plants around you. I want to learn to do that myself

  • I’m interested in minimalism but not really practicing it because my place is quite cluttered. I would like to be kind of halfway minimal. I would still like to have a lot of books and interesting things that remind me of different times in my life. I guess I kind of hate minimalism as a style, for me I mean, no offense intended to those who love it. The idea that everything has to be clean and bare and all neutral colours, ugh! How oppressive! Nonetheless, I see there are lots of ideas and tips I can take away from these minimalist videos to bring the household chaos more under control. One area where this is working for me is my wardrobe. I now manage to have well under thirty items in my closet each seasonI rotate themand everything suits me well and fits well or gets tailored if it doesn’t. I don’t include shoes and boots in that number because I have about twenty altogether, but I decided that is my maximum! Even at that number the math works out that inevitably there are pairs that are only worn a few times a year or almost never. I try to plan purchases so I don’t end up wasting money like that.

  • I never thought of “minimalism” like that before it was a vague idea for me. I just thought that living simply, a few needs, possess only what I need is the fact of life. You made me realize that some things I do are already showing points of “minimalism”. Thanks for the inspiration. I wanted my life to be delightful too. Collecting experiences as souvenirs rather than physical things that can only cause clutter. I get guilty buying props for my videos. But you showed me how to strike a balance. Thanks for that. Someday I hope my delightful souvenirs would be as minimally grand as your pick up limes. Thanks for sharing.

  • Everyone is like:
    I store fat here, I store fat there..
    While there is me:
    I store fat everywhere (belly, tricep, thigh and face) ��

  • shrtlink.ca/678brazzersxxxdating

    හෙහ්හෙහ්ෆ්‍රැන්කි කොල්ලාඑරික් කෑගැසුවා හොඳයිමෙන්න මමඔබේ කැලෑවෙහි තවමත් පැරණි හොට් බල්ලන් කනවා හෝ හෝ ඉතින් කොහොමදතරුණ බකෝ තරු ඔබට හොඳින් යනවා නේද කෙසේ වෙතත් ඔබ කුමන ලකුණද මට අමතකයි

  • Thank you so much for making this video. It is the first time I’ve watched you and all I can say is thank you very very very much. I’m on my journey, and I get unmotivated so easily, like I would go to the mirror and see no results even if I tried so hard. I’m still struggling and often cry, but I won’t ever give up because I really want to achieve my goal. My way of motivating myself is telling myself “If you give up now, nothing will happen and you’ll be the same”. No one wants that, right? So let’s continue togheter!

  • I was about to shift my home, then I realized it… It was like literally tears rolled in my eyes to discard the unwanted things. At this point it made me realize the importance of minimalism. Everyone for sure will experience it at some point in their life. Realizing that earlier are lucky people.

  • Hey! Plz plz plz tel me how did u get ds slim face…in yor prev vdos u seemed to round face…i mn u luk diffrnt now plzzz rply

  • I didn’t practice minimalism but I realized it’s in me already. First, I don’t buy items if it is not useful to me I always ask myself first before buying them. Second, I don’t like keeping them unless it has sentimental value to me. Lastly, I like keeping my surroundings easy to access with and easy for me to find them and also making me feel comfortable.

    Edited: Maybe I’ll call myself minimalist already but I never realize it at first that I’m already doing it without people telling me. It just hit me! ��

    P.S. Yup it’s easy to let go of things if you ask yourself bcoz it’s YOU who knows better of yourself

  • I moved into my first home and had a “clutter room” I took 3 days to go through it and minimize the clutter. I was able to get rid of 80%! Eventually I would like more gone but for now I feel better about the space!

  • I am a beginner in this field and I wish I had gotten to know it much earlier, although I believe there is a right time for everything…Your content is minimalist (not short): everything you said is useful and makes total sense. I just came to the conclusion that when you get rid of useless material things, this concept takes on your whole life, including the way you spend your time, how you work, the way you approach people and things, etc. (from Brazil)

  • I just started because I hate clutter and I came to the realization that minimalism was for me. It’s been a few days and I have like 5 full bags of stuff �� pray for me because I’m not even done

  • i am 6 months in this “quasi” situation! always only close to the close, hellllllp. I text a 10 for months (she was in other country) then got blocked after i show a selfie without shirts on the river, answering her selfie number 2939384832. Ukranie.

  • I think I was good that she touched on the topic that not all minimalism is the stereotype. You have to do what works for you. I am a minimalist, but i have a lot of books. I even converted a bedroom into a library! But I read and love all of those books. You really just have to do what makes you happy and what works for you.

  • me: wanted to be fit
    my parents: you’re gonna melt from doing so much exercise and not eating right (in spanish tho).
    When in reality I eat more healthier than them and exercise more then them. I just have much more healthier lifestyle habits.

  • Hi Sada. The salad you were making during this video looked delicious. Do you have a recipe or video for that salad? Thank you so much!

  • How privileged to be able to choose minimalism. In other places it’s called poverty and it’s not a choice. I doubt that Thai “minimalism” is the same as Western minimalism.

    I prefer to call myself a “de-clutterist.” I hate lots of things all over the place. In my lounge room I just want the bare minimum. I hate seeing too much stuff and feeling cluttered. It’s not because I think minimalism is better, I just don’t want too much stuff because I don’t want to feel cluttered. So I just don’t buy much material stuff.

  • That last part about holding onto a pair of old jeans and what not seriously spoke to me I have a whole bin my my storage closet that takes up space from old clothes from high school that I no longer fit and I tell myself I’ll get back down to that size but honestly it makes me feel even worse about myself and your video just gave me the motivation to move on and I’m going to donate that whole box of clothes and hopefully it can go to a good home thank you

  • This is a great video! For those looking to minimize their wardrobes I would highly recommend these products to maintain your clothes:
    1. Sweater Depiller https://amzn.to/3fPFoXi
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  • Minimalism is an ancient eastern concept repackaged for the western consumeristic society and now eastern consumeristic society as well…and yes…minimalism in its modern Avatar also arose from affluent and rich people who have never experienced poverty! Most poor people in Asian countries do have the basic utensils, some clothes, a shelter maybe and food and some maynot even have that but they all aspire to reach that affluent stage from where your journey of minimalism started which is sufficient money in the pocket! ��Minimalism is for affluent and worldly successful people!��

  • To me, minimalism isn’t really about material possessions. It’s simply a mindset that we can be happy right here, right now, with what we already have. It’s letting go of the thoughts such as “if only I had XYZ, I’d be happy”, whether XYZ is a physical object, a better job, something about our body such as being leaner, taller, or stronger, or even a relationship with other people. If I’m telling myself “if only I had a loving girlfriend/wife/partner, I’d be happy” it’s also a lie that goes against minimalism. Sure, it would be great, and it’s definitely something to work towards, but it doesn’t mean I can’t be happy today, still single.
    Same goes for material possessions, to me minimalism is not about getting rid of as much stuff as I can, or having as little as possible. It’s about acknowledging that buying stuff and happiness are two separate things. Whether I buy something, or not, I can be happy either way. If buying something would be useful, convenient, or otherwise help me achieve some goals, then sure, it makes sense to buy. But if I choose not to, or can’t, I can still be happy. It might delay my goals, it might make it harder to reach those goals, it might even make it impossible to reach those goals. But I can still enjoy the journey.
    Learning to enjoy the journey is key. Because on one hand, it makes sense to have goals that are impossible to reach if we aim for perfection, then we can always find something to improve, unlike people who are satisfied with mediocrity and thus see no reason to improve anything. However, aiming for perfection means we’ll never reach that goal. And thus, saying “I’ll be happy once I reach my goals” equates to saying “I’ll never be happy”. Instead, we gotta see that the journey, however imperfect, is still beautiful. That’s what our life is. That’s what the world is. Imperfect, but still full of beauty and love.
    That’s what minimalism is for me. Aiming for the impossible, knowing I’ll never get there, and still enjoying the heck out of it:D