7 Recess-Inspired Workouts That Burn 400 Calories or fewer


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Recess-inspired workouts aren’t only a great way to reinvigorate a fitness routine, they’re also serious calorie burners. Just 30 minutes of these recess-style workouts burn 280–460 calories.* So treat yourself to some back-to-school workout gear, channel. Each rider continuously changes speed and pedal resistance, so all fitness levels can participate. In each 45-minutes class, you burn 400 to 600 calories and get a high-intensity, low-impact cardio workout as well as lower body muscle work.

3. Strength Training and Crossfit Strength training or weight lifting as it is more commonly called is a type of physical exertion in which you induce weights to burn and tone muscles. According to Nilparna Sen, a Surat-based strength coach says, “Cardio will burn calories while you are working out, but for overall strength, I will recommend strength training. Yep, you can burn 400 calories by walking. Running might get you their faster, but if you don’t enjoy it, it won’t be worth the extra effort.

To really feel the benefit, you will have to put more effort in than just going for a stroll, though. Try to maintain 3.5 miles an hour, and add in some hills if you can – you’ll soon burn 400. Running burns the most calories per hour, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only exercise with a high calorie burn. Things like swimming, HIIT workouts, and jumping rope are all good options, too.

The more vigorous the exercise, the faster you burn energy in a 400-calorie workout. According to Harvard Health Publishing, 155-pound person will burn about 391 calories by vigorously riding a stationary bike for 30 minutes, but only about 205 calories during that same amount of time doing low-impact regular aerobics. 10 Best HIIT Workout Combinations to Burn Calories Fast Combo #1.

High Knees (20 seconds work40 seconds rest) x 5 sets; Your goals act as subconscious deterrents to anything less than your main priorities. This is what helps you to reach your personal definition of success. Unless you’re wearing a heart-rate monitor, it may be misleading to make a blanket statement about the number of calories you’re burning in a 45-60-minute workout class.

Kayla Itsines 7. 7 Exercises That Burn More Calories Than Running. Want to switch it up? Give one of these a try. By Amy Marturana Winderl, C.P.T.

John Giustina /. 7 Recess-Inspired Workouts That Burn 400 Calories or Less. Ask most kids what their favorite subject is, and they’ll probably say recess.

Just because you’re a grown up, doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Recess-inspired workouts aren’t only a great way to reinvigorate a fitness.

List of related literature:

I DARE YOU Try this “springboard” exercise with a group of friends.

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The list on page 142 gives some examples of physical activities that consume about 150 calories.

“The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men's Health” by Harvey Bruce Simon, Harvard Medical School
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Other challenges included long-distance cycling, lifeguard training and running up the stairs of a skyscraper.

“The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows, 1946-Present” by Tim Brooks, Earle F. Marsh
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TV Challenge: Before watching TV, exercise or move for 20 seconds (jumping jacks, push-ups, jogging in place, dancing like a jester, etc.).

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
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In this section, I listed my five favorite “Death By” workouts, but you can also use your imagination and create your own.

“Maximus Body: The Physical and Mental Training Plan That Shreds Your Body, Builds Serious Strength, and Makes You Unstoppably Fit” by Bobby Maximus, Michael Easter
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Aerobic project: Following a unit on aerobics in which students have been exposed to a variety of aerobic styles (high/low impact, step, tai bo, kickboxing), students are asked to generate a workout routine using the aerobic style of their choice.

“Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education and Exercise Science” by Alan C. Lacy, Skip M. Williams
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Recently Jim and I headed out to the local park and did our own circuit with push­ups, running, sit­ups and jumping jacks and it was really fun.

“Love, Tanya” by Tanya Burr
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Running, one of the most calorie-burning forms of exercise, doesn’t burn that many.

“Depression Hates a Moving Target: How Running With My Dog Brought Me Back From the Brink” by Nita Sweeney
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4.1, 4.2 Have students participate with Fit Kids Classroom Workout DVD.

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Do a combination of 1 and 2, such as eating 250 calories more and reducing your physical activity by an amount that would be equal to burning 250 calories.

“Personal Fitness: Looking Good, Feeling Good” by Charles S. Williams, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company
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  • Ok, I did this workout and is a good workout but I hardly burned 187 active calories!!!! Too much focus at time on push ups, when she could had included some more cardio like skating, high knees… too long for 187 calories, plus the reverse burpees were not that effective and too many, 3 rounds of each is more than enough.

  • This is my favorite POPSUGAR workout so far (done about 6). I love all the instructors, but this video is special because I know exactly what I need to accomplish and I can pause the video if I need more time to do my 10 reps. No more skipped exercises because I needed a breather while the coach was still going = no excuses!!!

  • I loved it!! thank you! I love the energy BUT CAN YOU PLEASE TALK LESS I struggled at times! I think you can consentrate more on saying “other side or count the reps other than laughing all the time!:( with love

  • Very nice workout. Welcome We start new channel motivation to children for Yoga,exercise and workout fitness in India. So request to you please given your advice,suggestion and view for children workout. We also subscribe to you and we wait your positive responds. Thanks

  • I’ve been working out for a little while now, using various pop sugar fitness videos. This is the first one in ages, that has made my muscles sore the next day!

  • Hey Sydney! I looooved this workout. It definitely pushed me! I had an ankle injury a few years ago and that ankle got really irritated during this workout. Do you have any tips to prevent that in the future? Thanks for all you do!

  • Good workout, won’t destroy you, but will work you hard. I’m dripping sweat, but my tracker only showed 240 calories burned. Not sure how they’re estimating 400… maybe a bit more cardio to get your heart rate elevated at the start or beforehand might get you to 400, but it took until 20 mins in for my heart rate to go up and stay up. PS I work out 5-6 times a week, so maybe that’s why I didn’t find it as challenging.

  • Hi Rebecca by doi. This i ve lost many cals n I ve reduced weight.. But please tell me how many cals v really burn while doing this one million calorie workout… I just badly wana kno to count my diet

  • Sydney!!!!!!! Girl, you rock like THE rock (ok, lame joke, but seriously, you’re on fire gurl).
    I did this after the apartment friendly workout, and let me tell you something, I felt the burn, the wohoooos, the adrenaline pumping through my veins, I felt so alive that the only thing I can say right now is thank you. You’ve got no idea how happy my family is because of you. The came to visit me this week and they saw a great improvement regarding my treatment. Throughout this week, they’ve seen me working out with your videos, and despite the fact that they loved you due to your positivism and motivational encouragement, they saw that I enjoy working out and that I have fun, and that you are like my complementary happy pill that cheers me every day. So, THANK YOU for what you do, for rocking it and being this amazing human being ��. Love from Argentina, Sheila

  • Hi! I’m from Veszprém, Hungary! I’m very grateful for your workouts. I enjoyed this one as well, the most challenging excercise was plank jack with shoulder tap, commando plank.:)

  • this is so hard but the comment section motivates me. this is my favorite workout by now because it doesn’t implicates any leg resistance (which I hate)

  • Crushed it!!! I LOVED this workout! My HR heart ♥️ was up there the whole time!! And it flew by! Dripping �� sweat!! Thank you, Sydney! �� ��

  • I LOST 40lbs!!! You ask how? I visited website called NextLevelDiet. I selected only food I like and they provided me with DIET MEAL PLAN, TRAINING PLAN, FITNESS TIPS and HEALTHY RECIPES.

  • I just love all of you workout laura you keep them so positive and keep me motivated to finish. You have helped me to losing over 60 pounds I’m almost to my goal. I feel so much better. You guys are the best and thank you.

  • Anna is so sweet that it doesn’t even makes you feel tired during the workout! it is just as if we were playing the all time, though I’m sweating like crazy ♥️

  • Not really a fan of the constant talking and chatter. I would prefer it if only the instructor was mic’ed. It would be more motivating to have counts, louder music, and less grunting and laughing and talking over each other.

  • Amazing workout, ladies!! Loved your positive energy and reminders throughout really felt like I was a part of a group! Also adore the matching outfits and equipment very visually appealing. And of course, all of the variations were so helpful too! Thank you so much!!

  • Hey Christine! Not sure if you’ll see this since it’s an older video, but I just thought I’d report that I wore my heart rate monitor during this…my average was 130bpm (warmup included) and max was 160 (probably during the mountain climbers or box jumps!) Anyway, not too shabbythanks, as always, for the great workout!

  • Hi Christine!!! I`m following your workouts for quit some time now, but I always do the 1000 calories from 15 to 15 days, it really almost kill me and everytime I`m doing I start to question why hahaha!!!
    I`m from Brazil but I`m living in Scotland UK for like a month and a half now!! =)

  • Esta ha sido la mejor clase de fitness de todas las de POPSUGAR, tomando en cuenta que todas son excelentes. Gracias!! Saludos desde Colombia. It has been the best POPSUGAR fitness class ever. Actually, everyone are awesome…but this…Thanks a lot. Greetings from Colombia!!

  • After 40 years working out.you are one the best instructor I have ever found in my life.
    You have a fun here in Italy.
    Thank you ��

  • I got sick this year and gained a lot of wieght due to it. I used to do this no problem…I’m struggling. BUT! Motivation to get back into shape right?!

  • If you’re reading this, it’s too late.
    I’ve died and gone to heaven therefore no longer need to work out…
    Jkjk but really I jut about died in every way during this workout. I loved it because I know it actually works but wow.

  • Crushed it! I really think Im benefiting better by going back to 30min workouts. Once i can find my strength again i’ll work my way up.

  • Yes Christine! Please more bodyweight cardio and HIIT strength! Especially during covid!
    I for one am vanlifing for the next few weeks and this video was perfect ��!

    California, USA

  • Great workout and great, enthusiastic instructor! My only feedback would be to change the title of the routine because this isn’t really a low impact workout

  • I made my body transformation. I was able to lost 15lbs for only one month and finally started feeling healthy. I took plan from Next Level Diet and followed their tips. Thank you #NextLevelDiet

  • Hi Sydney I just finished your workout.Even though we are on vacation I still want to keep on moving.And this workout was☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ intense as always.

  • Always a blessing to start the day with you girl!! Thanks so much for this fun and quick session, really enjoyed this style!:) xx

  • Yaasss needed this today! Perfect to kick start my workout routine. Thanks for the sweat sesh! Working out from the UK but I’m from BC too! xx

  • Yeah dude, there is no way possible that you can burn 1 million calories in 10 minutes. Pretty sure you would be dead if you burned a million calories in that short amount of time

  • I always watch the entire vid before actually gonna exercising cause I wanna see if I’m physically capable to do that and… I’m definitively unable of doing it but I’ll keep watching cause she’s really excited

  • Congratulations, you’ve made a great content. I was trying hard to burn calories, but after using this product, everything was easier. If you want you can review:

  • Wow it was my first workout with you Sydney and I feel great, cannot believe 30min workout could make me as sweaty as one hour at the gym, I will definitely get back for more exercise with you.

  • I do your excercises every day and I always feel stronger, healthier, happier <3 Thanks to you, I can lose weight and keep fit, have nicer body <3 Luv u so muchhh!!! Appreciating what you do <3

  • Crushed it! I’ve been working out with you for a while and I can’t tell how enjoyable it is! Sweating like crazy, sometimes I can’t even breath but at the end I feel so happy, relaxed and confident. Thank you so much Sydney!��