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7 Minutes to Fabulous Arms! At Home No Equipment Workout

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Fitness Machine Seated Flies. Arm Extension Machine. Dumbbell Bicep Curls. Dumbbell Front Raise. Don’t want to miss anything?

Get the latest recipes, workouts, success stories, tips and more. Toned arms are the best accessory for all the sleeveless fashion of Summer. Learn three of our favorite moves for sculpting your biceps and triceps. All you need is a set of weights between five.

7 Step Tank Top Arms Workout. What a beautiful and long summer it has been – one of the longest tank top seasons that I can remember! My husband loves for me to wear tank tops because he loves my shoulders. But, when I’m not physically fit I can’t stand to wear tanks because if I’m not in shape, I cannot hide my flabby arms. Get ready for tank top season with this 10-minute workout from celeb trainer Holly Perkins.

The exercises target the upper arms and shoulders so you can rock. 10-Minute Workout For Tank-Top Arms This 10-minute workout from celeb trainer Holly Perkins targets the biceps, shoulders, and triceps to create a shapely upper body without any bulk. Grab a set. Tank top season is almost here!

I’ve created 3 efficient moves to get those arms toned up quick! No equipment necessary, so that means no excuses necessary.:) Directions: Do as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes. Join my blog and gain access to 25+ FREE Downloadable Workouts and Yoga Sequences (it’s free!) Download NOW!

Reverse plank to Hips Pulling Back in between hands: Sit on. Tank Top Arms Workout Arms, Chest, Back and Shoulders. This short, intensive 9 minute Tank Top Workout focuses on the upper body in all the places you most want to look toned and tight in a summer top. If you want toned, defined, and lean arms, this is a great workout to help you reach your goals. 7-Day “Tank Top Arms” Challenge I received many messages from those of you who WANTED to join my free+ fun private Facebook group this week but you weren’t on Facebook or didn’t have access.

So I thought I would just share the program here in case you are able to join along in the fun!!Step forward with your left foot as you press your arms overhead, rotating your palms in. Step your left foot back into your right as you return arms to start position.

Repeat, alternating legs each time. Marching Curls. Stand with feet together, holding dumbbells, palms facing in, knees slightly bent. 7 Moves for Tank Top Arms 20-Minute Arm and Chest Workout Shoulder Sculpt. Legs. Leg Day Workout for Beginners 6 Moves for Killer Legs Love Your Legs Workout.

All About Legs Workout. Glutes. Buns of Steel Workout Five Moves to Get a Beach Bum.

List of related literature:

Do each of these moves 20 times, alternating arms.

“The Sugar Smart Diet: Stop Cravings and Lose Weight While Still Enjoying the Sweets You Love” by Anne Alexander, Julia VanTine
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POSITION 7: Starting with your elbow bent 90°, lower your forearm below and slightly in front of your chest to defend against a rising attack to the center of your body.

“Complete Krav Maga: The Ultimate Guide to Over 250 Self-Defense and Combative Techniques” by Darren Levine, John Whitman
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Notes: The rotator cuff, or musculotendinous cuff, is a group of four muscles located deep to the deltoids, provide strength and stability during shoulder movements, and enable rotational movements (Fig. 21.38).

“Massage Therapy E-Book: Principles and Practice” by Susan G. Salvo
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In addition to the aforementioned movements, several of which involve movement of the humerus and scapula, the patient should actively perform two distinct movements of the scapulae: scapular retraction and scapular protraction (Figure 5-37).

“Orthopedic Physical Assessment” by David J. Magee, BPT, PhD, CM
from Orthopedic Physical Assessment
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4) Pivot shift 45 into fencer stance maintaining hip flexion (thigh sandwich), upper torso and hand contact control.

“Technique Skills in Chiropractic E-book” by David Byfield
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In Figure 273, as the attacker steps forward with his right foot and thrusts downward, slide your left foot 45 degrees to your left followed by your right, simultaneously blocking the attacker’s forearm with the center of the belt placed at a 45-degree angle.

“Japanese Jiu-jitsu: Secret Techniques of Self-Defense” by Darrell Max Craig
from Japanese Jiu-jitsu: Secret Techniques of Self-Defense
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THE MOVE: Keeping your arms straight and your elbows unlocked, slowly sweep them down in front of you, crossing your wristsjust below your waist.

“Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality” by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
from Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality
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(4, 28) Balance the body with appropriate moves to target different areas.

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In step five of muscle contraction, the side arms pivot back to their high-energy position, ready to make another cycle, if conditions allow.

“Anatomy and Physiology: Understanding the Human Body” by Robert K. Clark
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Perform each 2-count move at least 4 to 8 times (for a total of 8-16 counts) and challenge yourself by connecting at least eight different upper-body moves sequentially.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
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  • I notice lots of people keep on speaking about Femalix Secrets (search on google). But Im not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried using this popular cellulite reducer method?

  • Tank Top Arms and Awesome Abs and Arms could not be described as fun but they did leave me with a fantastic feeling of achievement. I’ll certainly feel it in my arms and shoulders tomorrow. The High Energy Walk afterwards was definitely fun. Together they left with a great feeling of satisfaction. Even had the added bonus of using a fan this morning after 2 weeks of having no mains electricity!

  • Headphones warning during the united bicepsshe literally yells into the mic and I think my ears are broken
    Cassey I love you so much but please stop yelling into the mic haha

  • Hi there, today is a good day because I “found” this good workout for my less than perfect arms. I never had “bat arms”, but this year I’ve been too busy to workout and the horrible “side effect” is flabby arms. Hope, pray, fingers crossed that this workout will help my arms to go back to my lean and toned arms I have always had… nevermind I am pushing 60!! Aug. 25, 2019

  • great video! when I go to the park and get on the push up bars it works my shoulders (which I don’t necessarily want) so along with my arm slimmers I will definitely incorporate these tricep exercises. did you mention the lb weights to use?

  • If you’re not a bodybuilder and are just exercising for fitness, is there any reason you need strong triceps? I can’t even do one, so it seems a waste of time if they’re just to make your arms look more muscly or trim.

  • The legs of the very thin blonde woman are really flabby when they do a close up at about 12 seconds. Maybe she is supposed to be the “Before” person. The other woman looks pretty toned.

  • I just found this channel during quarantine and I’ve started to notice extra pudge and my jeans are a little tight and my arms are soft, I did this workout plus beginners abs and I didn’t feel the jelly arms right away but 2 minutes after I now am a puddle on the floor.

  • My arms need help and felt super good after this workout. Thanks so much Cassie! I will definitely stick with it for a few weeks and see what improvements happen. I am from Alaska, just moved to North Carolina and so I could really relate to your experience (moving from Boston to California)! I do miss the snow and skiing; it’s been quite a transition, but after being in Alaska my whole life its wonderful to have all this amazing sunshine and warmth all year.
    Thanks again for the workout and for providing so many wonderful workouts! My 12 yr. old daughter and I started doing them 2 years ago; she’s now 14 and we still love doing all your stretches and split challenges. A real blessing.

  • Ayyy, I’m from the Boston area too!! Rn tho it’s like 85 degrees and super humid, but she’s not wrong about slippery roads in the winter��Thanks for the workout Casey!!

  • I would appreciate if you could show some love on my video, drop a like or comment. I’m trying to get it started for when I start personal training. Thank you!


  • Health teacher in college said to the women in the class, “Sorry ladies! You’ll never get rid of those love handles. It’s just gonna happen.” �� I wish I had known better at the time than to believe him. He wasn’t exactly in fit shape himself.

  • I’m 65 in decent shape. your videos are doable and always challenging enough to hold interest. love these. They cover all aspects so one is able to work on body area of choice.

  • Anyone else find the first exercise ridiculously easy. It’s my first time doing it and I was able to fully extend with elbows touching

  • Hello Casey
    I HAVE BEEN following your blogilates series since May 7, 2020.
    I have done this video, the 12 minutes to abs where you wear red, the abs one that you wear orange, 3 different morning stretch routines and the apartment friendly abs and arm workout.

    I WILL NOT comment on every video, but as a person striving to get back in shape, I thank you very much for having videos available for people of all different fitness levels to follow along with.

    By the way, Cassey, I am a man and I appreciate the Pilates platform of exercise.

    I can hear your enthusiasm and sincerity in every video.
    Thank you for posting so many of these to help us stay home during these times of Covid 19

    With much appreciation,


  • Hello Cassie my dear, really enjoy your workouts but they’re a bit challenging, not complaining but do you do workouts like these great ones for people who are a bit heavier? Also, I cannot keep my elbows together because of my boobage, that’s my word for bigger boobs LOL! What say you? thank you! Keep up the great work Cassie!

  • great workout:) i couldnt buy the dumbbells right now though, had school and all.. but im gonna get  it soon for my 16th bday:D thanks alot jessica

  • GOOD JOB Autumn!! Whenever someone says, “I can’t”! I say, “Consider it done”! I use that negative energy as a vote of confidence!!! I literally work triceps daily, and it’s definitely worth the work. It doesn’t take much to show improvement…

    You are awesome!!!������������

  • thx I’m a girl and I have huge muscles and I hate them so I went to Google and searched up how to get rid of them they said whatever weights I used to get muscles use something lighter when I was in 4th grade my uncle made me lift weights and do push up I didn’t know I was little but as I got older I hated them Now I’m in 7th grade and have a basketball game tomorrow and I hate wearing tank tops the weights I lifted were 5 pounds so the only thing I have lighter then 5 pounds is nothing so I do these exercises using nothing this is my second day and my muscle are already gone from the side I asked my sister to make sure she said “Your not muscular anymore what have you been doing” and then I told her, I’m so happy bc now I can wear tank tops and feel comfortable my jersey tm and when I go swimming

  • First of all, you do not want to “burn”.. That is an old concept. You can tire your muscles and stop but do not need to burn lactid acid. Second, you focus only on the pretty young girl and there is no attention on the very lovely Asian woman. Strange.

  • I am 2 weeks or so in this workout. Very intense! But, not impossible to do. I do it from a wheelchair. So, no excuses! You can do it!:)

  • I dont suppose this would be effective for someone with serious BAT WINGS at all..their arms are already skinny and lean����������

  • I’ve been doing other arm workouts, but this is by far the best one. Results were seen waaay faster. I only did this for a week for 4x and I could see results already.

  • Thanks to the musculation I lost many weights but now I will try Triceps!! I’m taking Crossfit courses but for it after it will be very good! Very good coach!!

  • Finally I found a video that works for me. I have arthritis in my left elbow and it’s difficult for me to straighten it all the way and still get a good burn from it. By following the work out, I am able to get an equal amount of burn in both arms.

  • THANKYOU both for a great workout during this time of isolation. Will be doing it regularly and you are very clear in how to do each exercise.

  • Hey! I am from Denmark, sweating outside in 24 degress at 11AM. It rally did burn, my arms are so floppy ��Must follow your 7 day program @blogilates

  • These ladies are amazing!
    I want to thank them for helping my wife first and then I joined in! We got in great shape in weeks. And didn’t want to eat after these workouts. They weren’t easy at first but then we got the hang of it.
    We started getting creative and opened our own channel with short and cool workout routines thanks to these two!
    Big thanks to you! Cheers!

  • you’re doing the tricep dip wrong.
    your shoulders shouldn’t be jotting out cause that’ll start creating a negative affect on the shoulders and upper back, so it all boils down to your hand position on the bench, people should look this workout in order to do t correctly

  • Since the lockdown I have been doing this mini-class along with 7 min scientific workout as my gym is closed; the other day I looked in the mirror and asked myself “why do my arms look so buff?” I usually do 2 weights class per week at the gym, but seeing more improvement now! Elizabeth Bologna, Italy

  • I did this with only one hand and I really feel the burn, but its kind of bad because now my sperm cannon is really fucken red and sore. But thanks anyways

  • Sitting here at 164cm and 52kg wanting to put on a tad more weight and tone up my booty. After buying my first resistance band and following a 30 day glutes bridge challenge, 7 months of 55 daily squats, yoga (and gentle running which is like a zen for me, especially if stoned) which I started about 2 months ago, I am starting to see results! I weigh the same but have turned my fat into muscle with a way to go! This definitely created the habit of needing to do my glutes bridges and WANT to go for a quick run to tone up, feel better and build some muscle. I have been planking for about 7 months too and have been looking for an arm workout. Thank you for uploading this, love it!!

  • Hi Jessica, great video! Quick question, is it normal for my wrists to be a bit sore when I do the 90 degree lifts and inverted bicep curls? It hurts on the outside of my wrist. thanks!

  • Day 8-Sep done. Had only 25 min yesterday, so chose this and went heavy with weights, Loved it!
    Say, if I want to avoid squats and lunges in these workouts, what can I replace them with? My knee seems a little painful, not too sure but thought it will be safe to avoid moves directly effecting knees.

  • Recently came across this channel..put this video into my likes and tried it out this morning.
    Great work out, I could really feel it in my arms and am planning on doing this again tomorrow.
    Thank you Jessica:0)

  • finally…. channel that more realistic… no crazy  and hard to do position, no boring exercise, reasonable time…. overall great workout ^^

  • Come on, Youtube: a ten minute workout and you shove in ads with 90 seconds to go? Wait til the damn end to shill your sponsor’s wares: or at least put it before the mini workout!

  • Jessica your dialogue in this workout makes me smile, because this 57 year old woman loves working out with you because it makes me able to do things exactly like starting my lawn mower!

  • This one was tough today after doing Total Body Abs Transformer yesterday but I powered through. I enjoyed the Total Body Balance workouts from today’s Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge afterwards. Only three days left!

  • I love to add bridges with alternating leg up while we are doing tricep floorwork. wish you would do another video like this with a little more variation. dang long sentences here!

  • I loved watching this videa after doing another youtube video and will use this one in future Especially after reading the positive reviews. I was going to start with with my 2 an 3 lb weights good for so many reps.

  • if you dudes need to get ripped prompt without wasting a single another minute in the gym, then you should look closely this video tutorial SIXPP.COM

    As parents we carry the blueprints, the dreams of what our family could be. The plans change, the whole thing goes way over budget, there are unexpected additions, and the work never ends

  • I’m very disappointed in Nike. They spent all of this time developing a sports bra but not enough sizes. They don’t even go to size 40. Shame in you nike for being size-ist.

  • I like how she does not care about the hate and people who are haters can go somewhere else if you don’t have anything to say nice ��

  • Cassie!! Girl!!!! You have a new forever subscriber!!

    I love your toning workouts I feel the tightness in my arms I am determined to get that little bit of jiggly that’s going on away and incorporating some of your techniques and routines have been very therapeutic and helpful.

    Thank you so much and also when you were talking about your move from Boston and the weather that really helped me get through the circling of my arms because I felt the burn and the resistance and at the end the tightness so thank you again I look forward to working out with you virtually it’s been amazing many blessings to you��☮️��

  • Appreciate the workout and economy of time with exercises.  Bothered me that the “third” participant didn’t get nearly enough camera time.  Felt it was unconscious bias even in light of Zelana’s sponsorship of guest trainer. Thank you.

  • My boobs didn’t let me do the first workout, it was hard to keep my elbows together because they pushed them forward, my boobs aren’t really big so I guess I have short arms or something. So it just helps to use dumbbells and do bicep curls

  • Thank you SO much for a doable routine. During the stressful time in the world this workout was great.
    Do you have more on You Tube?

  • YOU have created a monster!  So, I thought that after the 30 minute dumbbell workout, I could try to muster through this one right after.  You helped me get there young lady!  By “allowing” me to go lighter when I needed to made me feel like I was still accomplishing something instead of giving up on the “all or nothing” mindset.  Bless you my dear!  I’m on my way:)  By the way, since I began with you about a week ago I have dropped four pounds and am starting to feel my muscle memory awaken!  You truly have a gift Jessica.  I received your DVD (Walk On) and will be starting that next week!

  • Hey!! Great video! I’m just starting up a new fitness account! So if you want a quick workout or some workout tips, hope on over to my newest video for a simple and quick arm workout!!���� https://youtu.be/iR3AGxhrDSU

  • So like….anyone got suggestions because I can’t even lift my body up without getting a cramp on my tricept, I used to have strong tricepts and now they are gone��������

  • Love this work out…I usually do 2-3 rounds, 2-3 times a week. I feel stronger and once I lose some pounds I’m sure I will be flexing muscle.:-)

  • Sweet greetings to Astrid and Anna Renderer, I just wanted to say a big thank you to you both. I have been doing this work out 3-5 days a week for last 4 months and I have seen a big difference in my arms. I have used this video mainly and Astrids other video with Mixed Up with Anna Fixrell and my arms have never looked this GOOD in MY WHOLE LIFE. I am very thankful, from the bottom of my heart. If you have patience, the results will show. Very thankful for the form tips. Form is everything. Will continue to watch more videos to add to my playlist. Much love to you all, and bless you both for making us all feel good.

  • Why is it that the videographer keeps showing the same girl on the left hand side. She’s not even the star, the instructor. Is that his girlfriend or something? The other girl is completely left out. Weird!

  • I’ve been doing this 5 minute workout for a week tomorrow. I also do 33 minutes of light aerobics and 7 minutes of an arm cycle. The arm workout is the most intense! I LOVE that I can do it from my wheelchair! Thank you for this! It really challenges me!

  • I had people telling me I would never be able to get in shape after losing over a 150 lbs. I work hard everyday and have a long ways to go, but this video is part of my regiment, so I wanted to share that with you.

  • Great dumbbell arm workout. I like how there is interchange between the 5 lbs & 3 lbs dumbbells. However, the camera mostly focuses on the woman on the far left. Shouldn’t the focus be more on the instructor? Also, there is barely any camera time on the woman on the far right. Great workout, but the camera work could be much better.

  • İ loved you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ although it was hard and burning but with you I was able to tolerate and kept doing ❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you much and much from my heart

  • I love your perky and coy attitude! You are so pleasant and I really love your workout! I’m from Manila and it is hit and humid out here! Looking forward to more of your workouts! Thank you!

  • My friend told me that it is impossible for me to get in shape because i’ve been doing a lot of diet stuff and all but nothing happened.

  • Just completed two sets of this arm workout be a girl at my gym had amazing guns today and swore by this and the strapless arm workout…here’s to summer around the corner!

  • My PE Coach suggested this and I saw it was a girl in the thumbnail and thought he messed up but I did it anyways and it was AWESOME! I never thought my arms would hurt so bad.

  • This is a great workout.  Love how you fit in the abs at the end.  Starting with 3 & 5 lb weights.  Made it about 1/3 of the way before I dropped to lower weight.  I tell all my friends about you.

  • I haven’t done this one in a while and had forgotten how tough it is. I managed to get through it but was struggling with the last reps on some of the moves. I followed with your new Upper Body Strength and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it after the first workout. You worked the muscles so differently, though, that it was okay. T25 today was Lower Focus and Adriene’s Foundations of Yoga was Samasthiti. Looking forward to stretching and yoga the next two days. Have a great weekend, Jessica and Peanut!

  • It’s really help me this morning because I wake up with sever pain in my nick and shoulders.. thank youuuuu with LOVE from Saudi♥

  • Hi Autumn, thanks for a great work out! I’m trying to dry my tricep, what would you recommend a proper food after such exercise? Thanks a lot

  • Several months now and I continue to do this workout! I’m in a wheelchair! So, if I can do it, so can you! This is an awesome workout for your arms! I can see definition where I didn’t have it before!

  • How stupid is this omg people your not going to build any muscle and from doing this. I would rather flex my biceps and triceps and for a minute and that would be a better workout

  • Dear Jessica, i love your workouts but there is a problem with the 20 total body circuit (the most recent)… please help!!! that´s my favorite workout

  • Amazing upper body workout. What I love about this one is we don’t have to get on the floor. Some days you just want to stay standing. This was one of those days for me, so perfect!!! Will follow with your 10 minute toning walk. Thank you!!!

  • I always do this 2 times and love it. I started with 1,2, and 3 pound weights and am working my way up to heavier and heavier weights. With my body type I need more strength training to help me lose weight and not muscle. Thanks ladies. SIDE NOTE: I have a daughter named Anna.

  • May Challenge Day 12: Since I have to finish this challenge early, because I will be travelling the last days of the month, I did the 2 shorter workouts both on day 11 today… So I will be a day ahead in the upcoming days…

  • 4 weeks into this workout now. In addition to my arm cycle, exercise ball, exercise bands, and a 33 minute exercise video for people like me, in wheelchairs. Weights are still tough. But,better!

  • “Keep your booty quiet” I have been following this workout for years and to this day, I have NO idea what that means. But I always try my best to keep my booty quiet when she says it.

  • My little sister was tryna talk to me while I was doing this exercise and i yelled her to shut up, because I was so frustrated because of the the pain in my arm, I feel bad,

  • What do I do with them? Why is maddona giving away her arms? Do they come frozen? I don’t really want severed arms that are going rotten.

  • This was great for this morning. I twisted my ankle last night.  Now I need to figure out which w/o to do for this week. I refused to let this stop me.

  • She is so thin and not womanly…i dunno why women strive for a body like this…okay if you are an athlete, but ugly in normal life, imo

  • I don’t want Madonna’s arms. That’s ridiculous. I’d like my own arms to improve but it’s kind of weird to want someone else’s arms.