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YOUR 7-MINUTE TOTAL-BODY KETTLEBELL There are five exercises in this workout. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds. Some of the exercises use two sides, which means you’ll have to do 30 seconds per side. The seven-minute kettlebell workout involves a series of kettlebell exercises performed at 80% intensity. The kettlebell workouts take just seven minutes and can be.

YOUR 7-MINUTE TOTAL-BODY DUMBBELL WORKOUT For this circuit, you’ll do AMRAP-style training, which means your goal is to complete as many rounds as possible. For each exercise, you’ll perform 10 reps before moving on. If the exercise is unilateral, meaning you work one side of the body at a time, perform 5 reps per side.

In 7-minutes you will feel this total body workout with a kettlebell that will help you get in shape and train for Tough Mudder in 2018 and beyond. For this workout, you will need a clear space around your home and a kettlebell. If you do not have a kettlebell you can always improvise with a jug of water or other items around your household.

You already know that it doesn’t matter how long you work out — it matters how hard you go. The workout below is only seven minutes, but it uses seven functional moves to work your entire body. How to Perform the Kettlebell Workout. Set your timer to beep every 60 seconds. Perform 20 reps of the Double Handed Swing at the start of every minute and then rest for the remainder of the minute.

Continue for 10 minutes and a total of 200 swings. Related: Ultimate Guide to the Kettlebell Swing. Kettlebell Full Body Workout 1 Single Arm Deadlift x 10 reps each side Halo x 5 reps in each direction Goblet Squat x 8 reps Repeat for 7 Minutes. Check out your new kettlebell workout at http://ToneItUp.com/?p=266094!

Stefanie, your amazing Studio Tone It Up trainer, is taking ya through this total bod. ‎Transform your body in just 7 minutes! Kettlebell training is an extremely effective tool for providing total-body strength and conditioning. Discover 7 minute kettlebell cardio workouts and how these types of circuits are put together to produce excellent fat loss results.

With multiple settings a. This introductory kettlebell workout focuses on your back, glutes, and thighs. You Don’t Need a Gym for This Workout. 7-Minute Workout.

Slideshow 9 Tips for Flat Abs.

List of related literature:

The companion video for this book is superb as well, and a must for mastering some of the nuances of the unique kettlebell exercises.

“The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades” by Pavel Tsatsouline
from The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades
by Pavel Tsatsouline
Dragon Door Publications, 2001

This may be the best kettlebell exercise of all, because it’s three exercises in one.

“Eat Bacon, Don't Jog: Get Strong. Get Lean. No Bullshit.” by Grant Petersen
from Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog: Get Strong. Get Lean. No Bullshit.
by Grant Petersen
Workman Publishing Company, 2014

This workout is psychological torture, and it’s about 19 minutes too long.

“Maximus Body: The Physical and Mental Training Plan That Shreds Your Body, Builds Serious Strength, and Makes You Unstoppably Fit” by Bobby Maximus, Michael Easter
from Maximus Body: The Physical and Mental Training Plan That Shreds Your Body, Builds Serious Strength, and Makes You Unstoppably Fit
by Bobby Maximus, Michael Easter
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2018

One example would be to set a timer for 8 minutes and complete 25 kettlebell swings at the start of every minute; once you complete the 25 swings, you can rest and recover for the remainder of the minute.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
by Pete McCall
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2018

The total time a given set lasted would vary for me, as there was a greater energy-output from leg exercise that saw the duration last between three and four minutes, while for my upper body exercises it was a range of two to three minutes.

“The Time-Saver's Workout: A Revolutionary New Fitness Plan that Dispels Myths and Optimizes Results” by John Little
from The Time-Saver’s Workout: A Revolutionary New Fitness Plan that Dispels Myths and Optimizes Results
by John Little
Skyhorse, 2019

This workout should take you less than twenty minutes to complete, but if you’re doing it right, you should feel thoroughly fatigued by the time you’re finished!

“Zero Belly Diet: Lose Up to 16 lbs. in 14 Days!” by David Zinczenko
from Zero Belly Diet: Lose Up to 16 lbs. in 14 Days!
by David Zinczenko
Random House Publishing Group, 2014

Granted, the programs I get this way are only twenty minutes long (on DVD they run for a full hour), but, man, do these workouts kick my butt.

“Suddenly Frugal: How to Live Happier and Healthier for Less” by Leah Ingram
from Suddenly Frugal: How to Live Happier and Healthier for Less
by Leah Ingram
Adams Media, 2009

Just ordered some kettlebells to add to the repertoire!

“The Metabolism Plan: Discover the Foods and Exercises that Work for Your Body to Reduce Inflammation and Drop Pounds Fast” by Lyn-Genet Recitas
from The Metabolism Plan: Discover the Foods and Exercises that Work for Your Body to Reduce Inflammation and Drop Pounds Fast
by Lyn-Genet Recitas
Grand Central Publishing, 2017

This routine should take no more than 20 minutes.

“Hansons Marathon Method: Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way” by Luke Humphrey, Keith and Kevin Hanson
from Hansons Marathon Method: Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way
by Luke Humphrey, Keith and Kevin Hanson
VeloPress, 2016

Each circuit training participant moves from one station to the next with little (15–30 seconds) or no rest, performing a 15to 45-second workout of 8–20 repetitions at each station (using a resistance of about 40–60 percent of one repetition maximum [1 RM]).

“Orthopaedics for the Physical Therapist Assistant” by Mark Dutton
from Orthopaedics for the Physical Therapist Assistant
by Mark Dutton
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2011

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  • Love seeing new kettle bell routines. Started working out for the first time in my life once I was laid off due to covid19. I have used only you work out routines and today I can say I have lost 25 lbs with your help. Thank you. I have recommended a lot of people to your page, please keep it up and I’ll keep hitting that thumbs up!❤️

  • I always do the kettlebell workouts and feel like they’re fairly easy going and then I reach the last set of exercises and suddenly feel how exhausted every part of my body truly is:P It creeps up on you! Thanks for the great workout ^.^

  • Your videos are very organized..thank you very much you are making my life easy.
    I’m from India so I’m not able to contribute to your fundriser.( It is saying that I cannot contribute from my region) but I’m spreading to all my friends and colleagues about your channel.
    And that monthly workout calander is excellent. Thank you very much Heather

  • This kicked my ass. Can’t do it with a 12kg kettlebell. For the half get ups I ended up holding a blackroll because my arms where done:D

  • Did this with long pauses between cause I was thinking about some idea in my head lol. So while working out I was thinking of a business master plan. Workout complete 26.08.2017 4.08am #FB30

  • I’ve been working with FB for 6 months (5x 30-40 min per week) and have done this workout about 4 times. Today was the first time I made it through without stopping! I’m so proud of myself. For reference, I used a 13 pound kettlebell.

  • Love it! It’s a weird feeling is hating you (in a good way) while doing it, and when is finished and I feel accomplished I love you �� if that makes sense �� also love your leggings!

  • Crap ghetto music with too much cussing and foul language,do not let minors watch this.The presenter does not even have the sense to forewarn the viewers.Thumbs down not subscribed.

  • Now I’m feeling strong because I got 3kg of lean muscle in 1 month. I only visited website called Next Level Diet and they provided me with diet plan, training plan with amazing tips. Believe me!!! #NextLevelDiet

  • Wow this is so functional kettlebell workout <3 I like it!! But it would be very nice if there would be a little break between the each different movement because transition between each movement takes time.

  • i appreciate that you do your routines without talking. it is nice and peaceful! Thanks Heather for another great workout today. Blessings to you.

  • What weight kettlebells do you recommend to use? I’ve heard that using ones that are too heavy will lead to building muscle rather than toning?

  • I can run 5 miles in an hour under 70 degree weather, and your 25 min workout has me gasping for air at the end. Love your workouts, thanks �� for sharing. ����

  • Who else gets the feeling we are working 3 times harder then Heather? Are you really doing it 3 times or just looping the video? �� Great workout thanks. Annoyingly the lightest kettlebell I have is 12kg. Good challenge.

  • Really enjoyed this kettlebell routine! Would love more of these to mix things up. Thank you so much for the many AMAZING exercise videos!! Been doing your videos for 5 months now and they are so great and fun! I also really enjoy the ab song workouts, too. You’re awesome and I’m super thankful for the videos you’re making!

  • I’ve been doing your workouts during the CA stay at home order and they are so Awesome. Thank you! This workout in particular has been great for improving my balance and core strength, like WHOA, I only wish there was a 5-10 sec break between moves. Not so much for a rest, but for getting into position. It moves a bit too fast to feel like I’m holding the best form. Anyway, thanks again for your workouts and stay safe out there.:)

  • I love the kettlebell workout. This one was terrific. I found your June exercise month from last year and I am doing it for the whole month of June this year 2020. I am so glad I found your channel. I really love your workouts and they way you present them and the music. Thank you very much!

  • I appreciate the effort of this video, but his form and technique are terrible. Please be sure to thrust from legs, hips, quads, and glutes and not from back. That lower back stress could be dangerous in the long term.

  • Нельзя заниматься спортом на крышах небоскребов и высотных зданий, во-первых весь смрад от городских выхлопов там, во-вторых давление на высоте не располагает к тренировкам!!!

  • Heather thank you for providing a fundraiser to raise awareness and help people of color, namely black individuals!! I know it can be scary to speak up a out racial injustices in the country and around the world for fear of losing subscribers but ultimately you have to do what is right morally and ethically. We are all human and deserve to be treated equally in all aspects. If you have a platform where you can make real change, use it well and do some good!

  • Kettlebells City thanks for this flow. I am not great at kettlebells and during covid lockdown I started this flow. Had a hard time keeping up w 44lbs for a while but now able to. Well done. Thanks

  • Heather You have the BEST workouts on YouTube by far! Maybe a no repeat kettlebell in the future?! Thank you for providing high quality workouts for free! You are appreciated!

  • Great workout. All your workouts are complete packages.
    Tomorrow I start week 4 of your 12 week challenge.
    You have my respect and gratitude ��

  • Nice video.
    I try to get in a few KB reps as a cool down from my workouts.
    If I’m in the gym on the weekends it’s a full on KB workout.

    I read some of the comments here while many are helpful most are useless post probably from those who never lifted in their lives.

  • Love your workouts! Tried a cardio one today and it totally kicked my ass but that means that it’s working! Idk how you make it look so easy though!!

  • Where’d you go? Make more of these. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used this! I do three circuits of this when I need a quick workout!

  • thank you sir, I really like this one and share it with my friends… what type of timer are you using that resets itself… takes time when looking at a watch or having to stop to reset something… thank you again

  • Inspirational video, which made me make a video: 14 minutes of hell!
    https://youtu.be/5Oo6R2Jb09Y and https://youtu.be/AWBWSiOKW4o

  • I always love all of your workouts! You are the youtuber that introduced me to home workouts! But my personal favorites workouts are your longer ones with at least 3 sets of one exercice with cardio after or 2 to 4 exercices in a set and you repeat it 3 to 4 times with some cardio mixed in or at least a warm-up. And my personal favorites at the gym are back and biceps workout, quads and hamstrings and shoulders, chest and triceps and if you could do one at home of each with dumbbells/kettlebells and eithet a chair or a ball included in it would be so fun! But I loved your full body with repeats like this one too it was very challenging! I loved it!

  • Love it. Totally underestimate a 25mim workout. Was dripping sweat. It was like a cardio workout. Used my 6kg kettlebell n 7.5kg dumbbell.

  • I did this great workout today & made it through the whole thing but I hv an issue doing lunges & improvised those parts. My question is “is there something else I could do or an easier way to do the lunge?”

  • I have a 5 lb and a 10 lb that my bf gave me that he doesn’t use anymore, what is better for a beginner (I work out but am new to kettlebell), should I use the 5lb to start? Anybody? ��

  • I hope that somebody can help me, this marathon can be done just doing the exercises per day or I have to complete it with another routine? Thank you

  • Great workout today. The first move is one I haven’t done before. I hope I did it correctly. Loved the double kettlebell swing. The swing from a squat really works your core, great move! Thanks

  • This video is so homemade. I’m always making videos but don’t post them because they look cheesy. This give me some confidence. As long as it helps someone like it helps me. #letsGo if: @flow_adapt_execute

  • I love how you show an example before the time starts. Really effective, certainly works up a sweat and how you’re not huffing and puffing as you’re doing it I just don’t know! Thank you ❤

  • This was a great workout. The only problem I’m having is trying to distribute the soreness I feel on one side of my back. Is that because I’m stronger on one side than the other?

  • This was fantastic! I love that although only 20 plus minutes, it includes a great warm up and cool down along with a great 3 set circuit. That double swing with an extra squat at the end of each circuit is great! Def felt it. I had to reduce my kettle bell weight for the last round…cause my back muscles were definitely fatigued. I am loving Heather’s workouts; so concise, clean and crisp. Easy to follow. Love the timer and alarm bell without any talking during the reps; she’s also doing the work! Her form is always on point too. Thanks!

  • Hi Heather, I love your workouts, and your personality too. I can tell that you’re not just physically beautiful and fit, but you’re spiritually beautiful and fit as well. By the way, I have a request, I was wondering if you would consider filming quick Tabata workouts, which would last for a duration of 4 to 5 minutes each. It’s just a suggestion.

  • I did this workout with a 13 lb dumbbell (two 5 lb weights plus a 3 lb bar) and a 20 lb kettlebell for the two handed swing and squats.

  • used a 35lb the whole way through because thats all i have to use. Stopped a bit inbetween and just used body weight but man. This really kicked my ass!

  • Wow! Great one! Having done a lot of big house and yard projects during the pandemic, I can’t thank you enough for how much your workouts have made me functionally fit. They have given me energy, endurance and strength. Those tough days during the 12 week program paid off! Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and skills with us.

  • I’ve got a question for you: Would you recommend an adjustable kettlebell at all? Obviously, I’m bigger than my teenage daughter, but there are exercises that could benefit each of us, except that she’d probably want a lighter bell than I would. Thanks in advance!

  • Tried this out tonight and I loved it! Saving this for my July workout rotation. Thank you, Maddie! Been working out to your videos this June and enjoyed the burn!

  • please please please do more kettlebell workouts!!!! I cannot get enough of your energy and spirit and I honestly don’t want to watch another person’s kettlebell workout routine, so please do more <3

  • Thank you so much FB! You guys are great…been working out with the FB 8 week weight loss plan and it is really wonderful for me. Thank you again!

  • To all the haters:
    Does this workout make you tied? YES, IT IS INTENSE
    Does this man look out of shape and ovese? NO, THIS WORKOUT IS THEN PROVEN TO WORK
    last of all hates, have nice day

  • Greetings Fitness Blender: Loved this workout. Efficient, effective, focused, precision coaching with absolutely none of the vacuous motivational platitudes that wear on nerves. I also really appreciate your clean presentation-no visual or auditory clutter here to put viewers off. This is one of my new favourite workout platforms! Many thanks:) Tara

  • Hi! I am a bootcamp instructor who carries kettlebells with me wherever i go…i LOVE my kettlebells. And really enjoyed this video! Sure…there were a few technical things i would change but done right…this is a cool work out! Thanks!

  • Thank you for putting this together. The pace is perfect and the exercises well thought out. Love the warm up and stretch at the end. Your videos in particular have helped me get back in the groove.

  • Excelente, me encanta hacer estos ejercicios a lo mejor me falta más disciplina pero hay unos días al mes que no me gusta hacer ejercicios ��

  • Only concern with this one is some of the form, especially kettle bell swings. Seems like it may be an easy way for beginners to get hurt. Otherwise, great workouts!

  • Great workout as usual, Heather. Thanks for the amazing number of quality workouts you put out to us. I also love your music, and understand from another of my fav workout Youtubers that adding the music takes more work than one would think, so thank you for the consistent effort with this as well! Thanks also for making it easy for someone to mute the sound and put different music on if they choose, since you easily show the countdown and REST on the screen. LOVE that double kettlebell swing!

  • Is this clip enough for a workout or would you suggest more. I did this twice and 3 others and wasnt able to walk for 2 days. But loved it!!! Mind you havent done a workout for years

  • I’ve recently started using kettlebell. Pretty fit guy who cycles 100 miles at weekends, runs an average of 30 miles a week etc. These exercises have demonstrated that I need to source an additional lung �� Awesome workout ����

  • im a big fan off youre workouts you and youre wife changed my life I work out every day with you guys…yep everyday! first I put my lil prinses to bed and then mommy goes wild lol…thank you…keep posting new stuff cause im in big hug from Rotterdam

  • When I did this workout last week, I was sore for 2 days but it felt really good so I had to do it again this week so thanks a lot =)

  • hes bending the back with the workout @ 3:45 ive been trying fitness blenders kettlebell workout and i thought u werent supposed to ever do tht.

  • that was Good!!! however, how do you guys not hurt your lower back doing this? i know squeezing the abs work but that was not enough for me at some point

  • Wow that was an awesome working. Legs are like jello!

    Update: been working out 5-6 days a week for 4 months now and the doms I have in my thighs from this workout are insane!! Will definitely be coming back to this regularly. One of the best YouTube exercises I’ve done (and I’ve done my fair share over those 4 months)

  • If I said I used my 35/30’s for this would you think I’m bragging?

    ‘Cause I am ��.

    But I can’t imagine being able to talk through it, Daniel, you’re a beast.

  • Hola estoy viendo el vídeo, genial queda una duda, tenía entendido q cuando haces sentadillas las rodillas no deben pasar las puntas d los pies.. pregunto?

  • So, I have this 20lb kettlebell from 2015 when I was “Mad Fit” (see what I did there?) anyway, I’m just starting back up working out. The 20lb is too much sometimes. I LOVED that your moves can be done without the weight and still feel the burn. You’re a great instructor and it was comforting to see you being out of breath too. Thank you

  • One of my favorite workout. I’m doing this every week. Daniel and Kelly, you both are my personal trainer for almost six years. Thank you very much for your videos. I recommend you to all my friends. You are the best for me. Greetings from Germany. ��

  • Love the song and music. Shitty kettlebell routine. No challenging movements. Need to start from swing > clean > overhead press > goblet squat. Rotating the bell around the torso is okay for just a warmup. Does absolutely nothing for strength.

  • Qué Buenos, ejercicios, en parte práctico algunos, no tan intensivos, cómo Veo…!!! Tendré que visualizar varías, coger, práctica. Gracias ♥️

  • Such a good, efficient workout! Those ten second rest intervals kept my heart rate high… loved the secret cardio in there. 😉 I don’t have a kettlebell so I used two ten lbs and one fifteen pound depending on the move. Thanks, Heather!

  • Wrong feet positioning… why is she wearing shoes… Swing goes far to high.. wrong presses… this Young lady has absolutely no clue on proper kettlebell training…

  • Thank you for being a part of my life! I feel amazing after your workouts! Praise God for my health and for sending me inspiring people to lead me!!! ����

  • made the mistake of buying a 30lb bell. Managed not to injure myself although the table will Never be the same. I am now the proud owner of a 15 lb bell, Much better. Thanks for all the workout videos! You are a great teacher and a light in the covid darkness.

  • Awesome workout but moves a little fast for me. No time to transition to the floor and back including bringing my laptop with me. Had to pause and go back for some exercises that started without me.: )

  • Yeah definitely would recommend giving an alternative to this workout for people that aren’t comfortable with kettle bells/beginners

  • Thanks for sharing, just bought a kettle bell and was looking for a workout to do at home when I can’t make the gym. There many vids on here, this is what I was looking for.

  • I am going to say Thank You again.

    Forget the BS that idiots post here.

    I actually workout with this!

    At home And n the gym.

    I give a Shit about your ‘Perfect ‘Form’, how you stand nor whatever!

    This is a great routine and it Is Challenging!

    Here I go! Here I go!

  • Don’t got no kettlebells so I substituted with dumbells not sure they were as effective as kettlebells in some of the workouts. Workout complete 23.01.2017 5.15am.

  • I did this… I traded thrusters for air squats, because I have been sick and just got back to strength training and this was my come back workout. I am really glad I found this here! Thanks!!!

  • I would appreciate if Daniel talks less during the workouts or is talking during the exercise. The video says it’s 30min, but for real it’s shorter because he talks so much:DD other than that love your workouts!

  • I know you will probably delete this, but I wish you would just use real kettlebells. These are good exercises but the file cabinet you call a kettlebell is really just inhibiting your form. You can’t do real cleans or rack that thing up. You would do so much better with a real, round bell.

  • Daniel thank you ����I started this routine 2months back weekly once with 8 and 5 kgs. i feel wonderful thank you. you are doing a great service to people keep it up.

  • After round two I was like “damn, that was nice” the the screen said “rest” and I was like, ” oh shit, here we go again!” Hahahaha
    Great workout as always Heather! Thank you for doing this.

  • I’ve heard that Dumbbells can be used in place of kettle bells. I have a ten lb weight and would prefer to not have to buy a set of kettle bells. Will my dumbbell be effective?

  • Wow! You guys never fail me!! Your work outs make me sweat like crazy and make me feel so good when I’m finished! I’m so happy I never have to do long and boring jogging sessions if I want to get cardio!!!