7-Minute Bodyweight Core Workout


7 Minute Ab Workout

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7 MIN. ABS & CORE Workout At HOME | Follow Along

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7 Minute Ab Workout

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7 Minute Ab Workout (6 PACK PROMISE!)

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7 MINUTE AB WORKOUT! // No Equipment | Demi Bagby

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Video taken from the channel: Fraser Wilson

YOUR 7-MINUTE BODYWEIGHT CORE WORKOUT. For this workout there are six exercises, which you’ll do for 35 seconds each. Try not to take any breaks, since you only have seven minutes to get a complete workout.

You’ll do each exercise in order, then repeat the entire circuit again to complete the workout. 7-MINUTE BODYWEIGHT CORE WORKOUT Corporate Wellness by Jimmy Rosairo. 7 Minute Workout Song (w/timer) 1 Hour Core Workout Routine with Rebecca Kennedy. 7-Minute Bodyweight Workout 1. Drop Squats to Crawls. Part A: Start with feet together.

Hop both feet out slightly wider than hips, send hips back 2. Rear-Foot Elevated Split Squat Twist. Stand two to three feet in front of chair and place top of left foot on the 3. Bottom-Up Push-Up to Side. His 7-Minute Bodyweight Blast workout offers an equipment-free challenge—you’ll perform exercises that increase in difficulty with each round, so you’ll be gassed out in under 10 minutes.

7 Minute Core Workout No Equipment Required — Tiger Fitness Build up your core strength and improve the size of your abdominal muscles by tackling this seven minute workout routine. Build up your core strength and improve the size of your abdominal muscles by tackling this seven minute workout routine. �� Cookie Dough Day Sale | CLICK HERE. The 7 minute core workout!

How to pump the press Plank with a foot touch. Stand in the plank, legs set on the width of the pelvis, lift the pelvis up and the toucher with the left hand of the right foot. Knees do not try not to bend.

This is one repetition. Jordan designed the 7-minute workout to capitalize on the benefits of HICT, like improved VO2max, full-body strength gains, fat burning, decreased insulin resistance and a powerful hormone. This is Fitness Blender’s take on the Scientific 7 Minute Workout!

First, we wanted to test it out ourselves to see how challenging and effective it felt, and then we thought it might be nice to have a version on the web that gave a visual of how to do the workout, as well as some verbal cues that. Lunges are also worth adding to your 7-minute workout as this exercise targets your leg muscles and train your sense of balance. Stand straight with your feet about hip-width apart and your hands at your hips. Take a huge step with your left leg and bend knees to lower yourself into a lunge. Make sure that your right knee is not touching the floor.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, core engaged. Shift all weight onto the right leg with the left knee lifted and bent at a 90-degree angle and your arms in front of you as if you’re climbing a ladder. Extend your left arm overhead as you push off the right foot to.

List of related literature:

Take an upper-body bodyweight exercise, such as a push-up or pull-up, and a lower-body bodyweight exercise, such as a lunge or squat, and perform the movements as slowly as you possibly can—it should take at least thirty to sixty seconds to get to the top of one rep and thirty to sixty seconds to return.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

• In the Strength Training Block (weeks 3-4), each day you’ll do four different exercises, 3 sets of 6-12 reps for each, at 3-minute intervals.

“You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women” by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
from You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women
by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
ReadHowYouWant.com, Limited, 2010

Then add weight, but do only one repetition instead of three, and increase your rest between sets to 2 minutes.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
by Adam Campbell
Rodale, 2009

This routine too can be done by working out all the body parts in a single day (3 days a week), or using the push-andpull method of training (4 days a week), or doing a single body part a day (5–6 days a week).

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
from The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit
by Namrata Purohit
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

One of my favorite 5-minute core workouts is switching between a Lying Hollow-Body Hold and a Lying Hollow-Body Bridge Hold every 30 seconds with no rest in between.

“Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight” by BJ Gaddour
from Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight
by BJ Gaddour
Rodale Books, 2014

To summarize, instead of performing 6 straight reps, you do 6 reps, rest for around 10 seconds, then 2 reps, rest for around 10 seconds, 1 rep, rest for around 5 seconds, and then one more rep to finish.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Each circuit training participant moves from one station to the next with little (15–30 seconds) or no rest, performing a 15to 45-second workout of 8–20 repetitions at each station (using a resistance of about 40–60 percent of one repetition maximum [1 RM]).

“Orthopaedics for the Physical Therapist Assistant” by Mark Dutton
from Orthopaedics for the Physical Therapist Assistant
by Mark Dutton
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2011

Following another 2 min rest, 2–3 reps of a heavy weight are performed.

“Sport and Exercise Physiology Testing Guidelines: Volume I – Sport Testing: The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences Guide” by Edward M. Winter, Andrew M. Jones, R.C. Richard Davison, Paul D. Bromley, Tom H. Mercer
from Sport and Exercise Physiology Testing Guidelines: Volume I – Sport Testing: The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences Guide
by Edward M. Winter, Andrew M. Jones, et. al.
Taylor & Francis, 2006

Each core workout should be performed 3 days per week and should take you about 60 minutes to complete.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
from Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder
by Edward Jackowski
Atria Books, 2001

This workout should take about 30 to 45 minutes to perform, and you should work up to doing it a total of three days per week on nonconsecutive days so you give your muscles time to recover properly.

“The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality” by Phil McGraw
from The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality
by Phil McGraw
Bird Street Books, 2015

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • He’s creativity creating this workout is a blessing!!
    keep changing people’s lives man!


    the guide from the topper right corner is a guide you should study cause it really helps a lot.

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  • Hi Fraser, hello from Switzerland. I am a beginner (48y old) and I started doing daily workouts in February, self learning with great app Muscle Booster. Workouts change my life. Then I discovered your videos they are amazing! Especially those non-talking 10 min. workouts with great music. I just project them on my TV, put sound loud and do as you do. I lost 10 kg of fat in 6 months and gained 4 kg of muscles. Now, I can keep the pace and do your workouts.
    To pause the video is challenging so I try not to pause but do like 5 sec. breaks. Thanks for doing what you do!

  • I already have almost visible 6pack to make some training without equipment to reveal it and thank you for your workouts they built my ABS����

  • I really needed this….bro you’re amazing…no time wastage………but is there any exercise for forearms???……I would like to do that from your channel……

  • Figure 8s 2:28
    Legs straight windshield wipers 3:40
    Twisting pistons 4:50
    30 seconds recovery
    Starfish crunches 6:35
    Tuck Planks (same side) 7:15
    Upper circle crunches (CW) 8:25
    Upper circle crunches (ACW) 9:35

  • Whoever is reading this YOU CAN DO THIS. If you are trying this workout and IT seems difficult keep going, keep working at it! You are beautiful and I hope you have a great rest day of your day❤️(I make videos too and I hope that this made someone smile today)

  • I just subscribed to your channel few weeks ago to find good ab workouts. Great videos and workouts are killer! I’m starting to see some progress in my physique. Thank you!

  • Hi Fraser help me out…. I’m following ur workout from past 3 months but still no abs for me:-((….. I’m from india n pure vegetarian…. N I don’t take any supplement….. I’m just losing weight that’s all….�� Help me… I’m losing interest because I’m not getting any result……

  • I did this workout with brick for extra weight and now imma burning I love your workouts have really seen the changes thank you bro ❤❤❤❤

  • can u please make an advanced upper ab workout i really need one to mix my upper ab training up you’ve got plenty of of lower ab ones but not one dedicated to the upper abs( I think)
    Please and Thanks

  • Good workout man ❤❤❤����������������❤��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • Hey Fraser, I’m the head personal trainer at Baylor University and I just started my own workout channel and insta. I love your videos and learn a ton from them, it would be so awesome if you had any advice on how to make my channel grow to help more people stay active during this time. Thank you!

  • This is great! Definitely going to incorporate it to my routine. I have a suggestion, could you do another chest home workout? Those are the best!

  • I’ve tried at least 50 ab programs on youtube. this is by far the hardest. The Double Leg Raise & Crunch 2:40 and the FullBody Crunch 7:15 are the hardest

  • @demibagby, will you post in the links where you purchase the low back support apparatus you’re using? Thanks! Maybe they can give you 10% for every link-thru purchase. See ubover on tiktok!��

  • I’m on day 4 with this one..still hard but that’s a good thing. I start to break when we hit the plank portion. Hahaha moving planks get me burning and I love it though

  • So ima do this for 5 days and I will update as I go! Make sure to like my comment if you agree.
    I do two other 5 minute workouts along with this one
    Day 1: No difference, but abs hurt like a butt cheek on a stick.
    Day 2: My abs are burning more because they are super sore from yesterday.
    Day 3: My abs got tired faster because they are sore, I see the beginning of some toning.
    Day 4: (I forgot to update) My abs are burning, but not as bad. There is the beginning of some toning.
    Day 5: My abs are still burning but are definitely stronger and there is subtle toning.

    Summary: If you want visible toning than I would suggest doing this workout for two-ish weeks along with other ones.

  • i have been doing this specific video for about three weeks. trust me, it’s absolutely tiring but you feel amazing after. i suggest doing her hiit workouts and many others to help balance it out. my lines have been a bit more toned.:))

  • I’m 62 and have always loved abs!
    This kicks butt and I’m trying for 4x a week
    The Hip Dips are so hard!
    Thx Demi for a great Ab routine!

  • Jeff this one is much easier compared to the other 6 min lower abs and the older 7min abs except off course the twisting pistons that’s hard every day!!!!!!!

  • Leszek witek. Poland. Trzeba mieć dobrą kondycję aby tak ćwiczyć. Po prostu super. Muzyka jest super. Podobają mi się te wszystkie ćwiczenia. Pięknie pani ćwiczy. Po prostu super. Pozdrawiam z Polski. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Done im like share and subscriber dear nice style but my sugese is please have 30 secand rest after one move hehehe thanks a lot sucses for u

  • Today’s the first time I did the whole thing without stopping. Took me a month but it feels like such an achievement from when I started

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  • You are ‘Tha Man Jeff. Respect to you bro, really appreciate and enjoy all your routines regardless the area you focus on, it hurts and i love it. Thanks man.

  • Thanks Jeff, I did all the workout activities for 7 minutes, my favorite part was the last exercise. I believe I did right cause the burn gutted as hell.

  • Your ab workouts are awesome Jeff, hard but they really give me a challenge and a good workout, I’ve been watching your videos for years and have learned a lot from you, really appreciate you and what you do

  • 1 time trying it and I hung in there straight to the end. My posture was crap though for the corkscrews. Everything else I did prefect! ��

  • I started this back in May/June and I’ve seen results but then I plateaued. The reason I did was because I wasn’t overloading. If you are able to go through this entire workout and finish it without feeling that tired or a slight burn after I’d recommend adding harder exercises in place of the old ones. Instead of the figure 8s I’ve started doing leg raises from a pull-up bar. Instead of windshield wipers I started doing dragon flags. Instead of twisting pistons I started doing Russian v tuck twists. Instead of tuck plank same side I started planting my feet on a wall and doing it that way. And the crunches at the end started hurting my back a lot so I started doing seated ab circles to make sure I was hitting my low abs efficiently. Remember folks; progressive overload is key.

  • I struggled with this at first but you got to keep pushing through and doing it everyday, you will be surprised at how strong you really are. I am not superfit but I do this workout consistently..like she says…lets get going!!

  • You promise? Bet I’m going to do it for 30 days and multiply the workout when it gets too easy all I want is a flat stomach. You promised.

    I’ll put a check mark for every time I do it.

    It’s hard.

    Day 1 ✅
    Day 2 ✅

  • 5:57 “My favorite excercise; 30 seconds rest”
    I’ve following along with this as my post workout routine (usually) for almost a year now and every time he says this I always think to myself “why do I not believe him.” ��

  • It truly works! Once a day after routine workout or after cardio for last week and a half and 6 pack starting showing quicker during body recomposition started 3 weeks ago. Thank you very much

  • Coming back to this video after doing this exercise daily for 2 months. As someone who has never done ab workouts seriously before, and also as a dude who’s never had a visible six pack before, I can definitely say with confidence that you will get results from sticking to this. After the first month, I was able to see the definition start to come in at my upper abs, and after two months, I see more definition further down. Still have a ways to go, but here’s what I did-

    -[Modifications] For the first month I had to substitute the ab circles for Russian twists, because I just didn’t have the endurance back then. I still got a burn from the twists however. After the first month, you can make all of the laying exercises harder by sitting up a little more with your core.
    -[Routine] Wake up, drink about 12 ounces of water, exercise, then eat right after. Every day.
    -[Diet] Intermittent fasting; Eating two meals a day (rarely eating a snack between). For the first month I had two eggs for breakfast every day, and the next month (Switched to a vegan diet due to a religious fast) I had two pieces of toast with peanut butter, as well as about a cup and a half of mixed peanuts and raisins. Dinner would consist of a chicken sandwich, or soup. I didn’t focus too much on getting loads of protein outside of breakfast.
    -[Other exercises] I walk a mile or a half mile every day.
    -[Body type] Trim dude, 6 foot and about 145lbs. Not built at all, until after this exercise.
    -[Resting] I only rested two days at the very beginning. I haven’t felt fatigued after doing the exercise more consistently.

    I plan on updating this thread if anyone is interested.
    If a skinny, weak guy like me can get results from this, then so can you. You have no excuses. Get it dudes.

  • I’ve watched your 22days no rest abs and started it yesterday and today I hear you here saying “don’t spend more than 10mins on abs workouts”… Are you cancelling yourself or what? Well, I’ll continue my 22 day workout of course because I strongly believe it would have an impact on my abs but I am really confused after hearing you say that.

  • I hate it it hurts. I couldn’t hang in there with you Jeff but I will take this on for morning and night routines and then I will stay along with you on this video. Great stuff ����

  • This awesome Jeff!!!! Checkout my ab routine and subscribe to my channel for my ab workouts I could use the support to my new channnel, stay fit!��

  • Im a 14 yr old who has been doing this workout for abt 20 days and i just. want to know what ur results, were and if u did get a 6 or 8 pack then how long did it take, or did u follow anything else paricular for example a particular diet or something??? please can u reply asap

  • This might be tmi but yo if you’re constipated this might help 2 and a half minutes in I got the rumblies haven’t been the same since….

  • hardest 7 min of my life….literally had to take quick 10 sec breaks in between each exercise….abs arent my speciality anymore lol

  • I’ve done this for about 20-30 days now, pleased to say I have now have very good abs, I’m very happy with the results I now have a very clear 6 pack thanks to this workout!

  • These videos are amazing.
    December I weighed 198lbs
    Middle of June I weigh 162lbs
    12 more lbs to go.
    July 1 is my goal.
    Thank you so much!!!

  • Can you please do a workout session specifically targeting the upper abs…. Maybe with intermediate to harder variations for really isolating them and feeling the burn within a short time.
    Your workouts are really helping me out so much. Thank you:)

  • The comment threads on Jeff’s videos are always positive. Decent dudes trying to better themselves / showing appreciation to the machine god that is Jeff ����

  • I can’t do a SINGLE double leg raise + crunch. The second I put my legs down my back compleeetely convoltes and my neck gets so tight I can’t even breathe. Instant calf cramp, as well. Anyone, help, please?

  • I get through most of this stuff but there are times I just pause and can’t force my body to go along. Also the last two exercises I do get somewhat dizzy. Honestly this is the fourth time I have done them and it is getting a bit easier. I just have to thank you for putting these videos up.

  • Demi such a good inspiration keep up the good work I want to help my fellow u tuber so viewers watch devorah roloff shes terrific and real nice to look at you’ll be glad u did ��������

  • I’ve tried at least 50 ab programs on youtube. this is by far the hardest. The Double Leg Raise & Crunch 2:40 and the FullBody Crunch 7:15 are the hardest

  • Only clicked to watch her body move. Fucking gorgeous. If every woman looked like this we’d be an advanced ass civilization for sure

  • This was fucking broootal! I have been doing Jeff’s other 7 minute workout for a while now and today is the first time i did this and had to bail out on every single exercise i couldnt get through any of them this shit is murder!

  • Great abs are built in the kitchen. ��

    (Picks up mic again ��) but do this after your diet has brought you down to at least 20 percent body fat.

  • it does work you guys ive done this a few years ago when i was really skinny but then i stopped ive started again and i definitely have belly fat and want to get back in shape

  • Did this workout but it was not that hard as anyone said, the last exercise killed me really. I could feel only a lil bit my abs burning

  • Bloody Hell this workout was intense. I was sweating bullets, made it though but sore as Hell the next day lol. Will continue to do it since it was so helpful.

  • Horrible exercise for your back! There are so many others that do not injure or stress your back, try 8 minute Abs or 6 Minute by Cirque du soleil Lady

  • Love this workout! I’ve been doing 7 min abs at least twice a week for a year now..but I still find myself having to take breaks ahh

  • WARNING. DO NOT DO THIS WORKOUT. I am 23 years old; and ever since doing this workout 6 weeks ago, my lower back has been in CHRONIC pain. I’ve had to see doctors and chiropractors galore, and no one can figure out how to fix what’s wrong. Please save yourself an immeasurable amount of grief and STEER CLEAR of this workout.

  • I was thinking, lets just find som light workout for my abs. Honestly, didnt expecr this to be so hard. I work out 3-5 days a week for almost one year and I find this very hard to finish. Kicked my ass!

  • 70 year (70) OK,, I did your 22 day Ab work out so this came fairly easy.. Did it twice in a row and going to try it twice a week. Thanks Jeff,,, still wondering how the 22 day workout was without a break????

  • 1.Hollow Body Kickouts 45s
    2.Side hip Thruster (L) 45s
    3.Side hip Thruster (R) 45s
    4.Plank Leg Raises 45s
    5.Hollow Body Hold 45s
    6.Side Plank (L) 45s
    7.Side Plank (R) 45s
    8.Elbow Plank 45s

    Do the circuit one more time

  • i would like to see stretches, video such as the sit and reach video and mobility workouts. u look great and explain well. the no show socks are great for guys. i like the way you explain exercises. kim

  • Superb workout session. I am going to add it in my routine. Guys you rock.
    If possible, could you please make routine how to increase pull up strength? Thanks

  • Guys try this routine with me! Let us know what kind of other Follow Along workouts you want to see in the comments.

    Ps, we still have 35% discount on our workout programs now untill Wednesday! https://calisthenics-family.com/