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7 Major Health Trends: Still Hot or Not? by Elizabeth Millard. December 20, 2017. The best approach is to keep an open mind, and focus on health and wellness, not deprivation and food punishment, many experts advise.

When you embrace a particular strategy for weight loss, you’re much more likely see benefits that go beyond numbers on the. The 7 Biggest Technology Trends In 2020 Everyone Must Get Ready For Now. Adobe Stock. AI-as-a-service. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most transformative tech evolutions of our times.

“I think that at the end of the day, the health and wellness trends that will never fade away are the ones that are focused on real, whole aspects of food and lifestyle,” Natalie Archer, holistic health coach and plant-based chef, tells MyDomaine.She’s not the only expert that believes a balanced approach will never go out of style. They were all major healthy food trends of 2019. It was also a big year for meat alternatives (hello, Beyond Burger), low-carb eats, and. Jesse Pantuosco checks in on Shohei Ohtani, red-hot Yankees slugger Aaron Judge and the surprising Baltimore Orioles in this week’s MLB Hot or Not. Well+Good’s editors gazed into their crystal balls to name the fitness and wellness trends everyone will be buzzing about in 2020.

Hot or Not chat, date and meet with over 483 million people. Join our community and make new friends in your area. From intriguing spices and experimental cuisines to ancient grains and new DIY foods, 2019 was a huge year for food trends. In 2019, The National Restaurant Association released its What’s Hot 2019 Culinary Forecast, and there were definitely some things to take note of.

A look at global health issues. Millions die each year from easily preventable diseases. Global factors such as poverty, access to health care, patent issues at the world trade organization (WTO) and the power of pharmaceutical companies are major problems.

Global health initiatives to fight AIDS/HIV, malaria, tuberculosis (TB) and other global diseases have. While in the past, communicable ailments were the major issues, non-communicable diseases are the primary issues today. Below, we discuss the most prevalent health issues in the world today along with their symptoms, causes and preventive measures. 1. Cancer.

Cancer remains one of the major health concerns of the 21st century.

List of related literature:

These trends are predicted to continue due to increasingly sedentary lifestyles, obesity, smoking and diets high in saturated fats.

“Foundations of Nursing Practice E-Book: Fundamentals of Holistic Care” by Chris Brooker, Anne Waugh
from Foundations of Nursing Practice E-Book: Fundamentals of Holistic Care
by Chris Brooker, Anne Waugh
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2013

Health trends are like the emperor with no clothes.

“Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal” by Anthony William
from Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal
by Anthony William
Hay House, 2015

No trends were found in a subjective symptom list.

“Pain Management: A Practical Guide for Clinicians, Sixth Edition” by Richard S. Weiner
from Pain Management: A Practical Guide for Clinicians, Sixth Edition
by Richard S. Weiner
Taylor & Francis, 2001

Aside from aesthetic issues regarding appearance, obesity is a leading risk factor for heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), certain cancers, and type-2 diabetes.

“The Economics of Health and Health Care: Pearson New International Edition” by Sherman Folland, Allen Charles Goodman, Miron Stano
from The Economics of Health and Health Care: Pearson New International Edition
by Sherman Folland, Allen Charles Goodman, Miron Stano
Taylor & Francis, 2016

These trends are highly alarming because obesity enhances risk for many common disorders, including hypertension [1,2].

“Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Abdominal Obesity” by Ronald Ross Watson
from Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Abdominal Obesity
by Ronald Ross Watson
Elsevier Science, 2014

Obesity is also significantly associated with an increased risk for comorbidities including cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), renal disease, arthritis, depression, sleep apnea, certain cancers, and worsened quality of life [10–14].

“Handbook of Obesity, Two-Volume Set” by George A. Bray, Claude Bouchard
from Handbook of Obesity, Two-Volume Set
by George A. Bray, Claude Bouchard
CRC Press, 2019

Three leading causes of death in the United States are associated with obesity: cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, and cancer (colon, breast in postmenopausal women, endometrial, prostate, kidney, and esophageal).

“Mosby's Pathology for Massage Therapists E-Book” by Susan G. Salvo
from Mosby’s Pathology for Massage Therapists E-Book
by Susan G. Salvo
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2013

Of the lifestyle choices, the type of dietary pattern followed appears to have a significant effect on aging and longevity including a lower risk of obesity and overweight, cardiovascular disease, hypertension as well as type 2 diabetes, cognitive declines, and reductions in the risk of developing certain cancers.

“Dietary Patterns and Whole Plant Foods in Aging and Disease” by Mark L. Dreher
from Dietary Patterns and Whole Plant Foods in Aging and Disease
by Mark L. Dreher
Springer International Publishing, 2018

According to the AHA, the four major risk factors for coronary heart disease are smoking, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and physical inactivity.

“Health Fitness Management” by Mike Bates, Mike Spezzano, Guy Danhoff
from Health Fitness Management
by Mike Bates, Mike Spezzano, Guy Danhoff
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

Certain health trends aren’t doing harm, either, and they’ll be nothing to be embarrassed about in a few decades’ time.

“Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables” by Anthony William
from Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables
by Anthony William
Hay House, 2016

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Funny story!
    When I moved abroad, there was no wifi at first, so I listened to this song over and over, because it was in my downloaded videos
    It literally gave me an existential crisis and I felt so scared

    Anyways now that I’m 2 years older I now firmly believe and accept that life is meaningless.

  • Good thing it’s not taken down yet, you said: Good thing you don’t have a black persons name: all the stuff that’s going on. Your Lucky.

  • Can we talk about everybody wishing they could do all these dance moves? That side pose though, he legit just got flung to the side but managed to make it still look cool.

  • 21:40 im oberharz haben wir die temperaturen bis zu minus 20 grad aber ich hatte auch schonmal -27 grad und bin trotzdem zur schule gegangen war halt n tag wie jeder andere
    und das längste wort kannte ich nicht dafür aber Oberweserdampfschiffsfahrtsgesellschafftskapitän und die amis jetz so “WHAT?!?!”

  • So this is where that meme came from!

    “Life is a wonder!”

    “Never know the answer.”

    “Nature’s a miracle!”

    “Natural disasters.”

    “It’s good to be alive!”

    “You can wake up with cancer.”

    “But I’m healthy?”

    “Healthy people still get cancer.”

    “I love this show!”

    “It’s the last episode.”

    “The sun is shining!”

    “It’s going to explode.”

    “Every species is wonderful and unique and-“

  • Ohhh, this is the song where I keep hearing the “Life is a wonder
    You’ll never know the answer
    Nature is a miracle
    Natural disasters
    It’s good to be alive
    You could wake up with cancer
    But I’m healthy
    Healthy people still get cancer
    I love this show
    It’s the last episode
    The sun is shining
    It’s going to explode

    noice I learned somthing new today uwu

  • I watched Youtube Animators Ranked Based On Subs!! /watch?v=4vAKX4FyWtU. I saw that a year ago, James was the most popular animator with 10,976,627 subscribers. Now, less then a year later, he has 15.5 million (Idk the exact number) subscribers!! That’s 5.5 million more in less than a year!! I just wanted to point this out and say that this is amazing! Keep working hard, James!

  • CORRECTIONS: Churches are actually exempt from paying taxes in Germany and the Neo-Nazi party is called NPD of course, and not NDP like I said in the video. I didn’t notice I had the letters switched because I never use this word in English but thank you guys for pointing it out! Also, the US census is not voluntary which I’m aware of. This was phrased poorly. What I meant was that a lot of people don’t get counted in the end and people submit their own information regarding name, date of birth, ethnic identity etc. which means they could submit wrong information too. I’m always open for corrections and thankful for any kind of feedback!:)

  • Boor Ey vielen Dank für das grade Stellen und den Macher von dem Video lade ich gern zu mir in SH ein. Wir haben 2 Meere und sehr nette Leute hier

  • About church taxes and memberships: I never ever in my life paid such and I’ll never do as I have never been a member of a religious group which mostly happens when your parents aren’t either. Most people stay members of the church they were “born into” their whole live as they don’t realize they could exit, are too lazy or afraid out of a certain “tradition” to be a church member in some parts of the country. But especially in east germany it was and is far less common.
    Also the official act of marrying itself is done by an official person of the city or county and has got nothing to do with churches. What you do in the church is just a kind of celebration, not officially getting married, which you do in the “Standesamt”.

  • I agree with the part, that snow becomes less almost every year, but as where I lived as a Kid we realy had some days with minus 20 °C and lot of snow which is unbeleivable (900m above sea level). But those days now, barley such days, even I really do miss them.

  • I paused this video when he said what he said about Ms. Banks. Sir! She was on the scene first! But yeah, Hasan said what he said.

  • I was just in Germany last week. Due to the coronavirus, they officially gotten with the times and are going contactless! �� everyone’s life got a little easier.

  • How to stop this clusterf**k of misleading stuff portrayed by clothing companies? Just stop shopping. Except you can’t can you? That is called an addiction ahahah. Deal with it or you might lose a lot of money…

  • Germans just got some problems with changing traditional or common things they did since ever like they did, f.e. no ACs in apartments. I hate that too, want one. They just need some time to get used to the thought of an AC in a apartment. Its voodoo till now 😉

  • I lived in Germany in the mid-60. My father was stationed near Ludwigsburg. While a lot of this is BS, I agree with the rain, it rained all the time there. We had very little snow. It was cold but the summer is nice. People didn’t pay to go to the bathroom, they went behind a car or bus. I agree there are Nazis there even in the 60s. I stayed with a German family. They were very friendly. But something I said made them think I was Jewish. I am not. But I found out later the father was a NAZI during WW2. And yes they are in the USA. But there was a lot to learn there And a lot of interesting places to see. Would I want to live there again? No

  • Два взрослых мужчины долго проживают без жён. А как, извините, они решали свои мужские «надобности». Неужели эти добропорядочные и законопослушные джентльмены, подданные Её Величества Королевы Англии, пользовались нелегальными услугами женщин с низкой социальной ответственностью?!��

  • #10 I noticed that there were so many policemen on streets and in train stations. I felt that something was not right. Europe is generally safe without that many policemen as in Germany. They were going around and harassing people. #2 closing shops on Sunday is so idiotic and inconvenient, but you can prepare for it. Need to buy food and everything before Sunday.

  • they have the bad customs of being first in everything: first to make a genocide, first to used gaz during wars, first to make clinic essays on war prisoners, first to drop bomb over a peaceful city, first to bomb a city with no soldiers, first to invade neighbours without even declaring war… The only thing they were not firts at was dropping a nuclear bomb, sure they would done it….(I’m joking of course, well, not sure…to be frank)

  • Hello from Munich Germany! Thanks for the great video. It’s easy to see you put a lot of effort into it and I shared it with my US friends, because I think some of those myths have spread far and you debunk them well, calmly and with charm.:)

    One reason that a US friend of mine is struggling with a bit is that maybe German grumpiness. What I mean is that in the US you will be greeted in stores super kindly with a lot of smiles and ppl will give you a lot of time. In my experienced, in German stores you will get more professional service, ppl really know their stuff. But shopping is often mostly a chore in Germany. Ppl go into a store, spend as little as possible, try to get home from work or shopping as quickly as possible to relax at home with family and friends. A lot of ppl, customers and workers, often seem stressed, impatient and don’t smile.

  • 3:56 True you can ask any German and they will tell you the same! And we all know the reason but nobody is actually telling because nobody want’s to be called: “Nazi” so to speak.
    If you say something about “Ausländer” theme, you’r automatically “nazi” witch make no F sence… Shame and Sad!

  • As a Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Forensic Psychologist I am an expert of what this guy is telling us. All and especially the numbers he points out are totally wrong!!! So I ask myself how someone who has nearly no knowledge of what he is talking does not shut up!? If you are not well informed you should be quiet and you can not have an opinion about that. My impression is that this guy is nothing else then a right-wing supporter who wants to manipulate the people in his direction. Shame on you!! No one needs that. You are out!!!

  • Very well done. I’m not sure why so many people both Germans and Americans feel they have to take a stance pro or con about Germany. These are two different cultures. German culture is trending asymptotically to include many of the prosperity and freedom options that Americans have long taken for granted, while in the United States just now it appears that our freedoms may be at risk from a Rogue President. We are One People; the Human People. We are One Society; the Global Society. Focusing on differences and criticism of others leads to violence. Let’s not practice war. Let’s come together and love one another https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmky9slLzD4

  • 15:25
    He said “Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizidatinhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft”

    “Donau” like the river in germany
    “Dampfschiff-fahrts” driving a boat
    “Elektrizidatin” never heard of that (but elektrizi’tät’ means electricity)
    “Haupt-betriebswerk” main depot
    “Bau-unterbeamten” construction worker
    “Gesellschaft” company or corporation

    I can assure u nobody, not in a billion years, is ever gonna say sth like that to you

  • Fun fact: 40 years ago America had a lot of pay restrooms too. It stopped when people snuck under the partitions.

    German linguistics are…difficult. I had a much easier time learning Norwegian.

  • From the wise man: hmmmmm! For the world it self is a hatred place, some time we have family member that it seems as if they came from hell it self with the racism they carry in them self and I have even experienced this with every race of people of the world so it is not just one race of people that come in to the world and say race hatred but it is better to say we all have good and bad in every race of people and they that have problems with the skin color or a person race it self need to check on to the shrink hospital for their self in for a problem with the mind disorder, because people have problems with a race or skin color need to check them self because you never know whom you have to call on in this world for help!

  • To 9.
    Some people actually pay for graffities on their buildings, because they can be very huge and beautiful!
    In addition there is usually a lot of work involved in graffiti

  • with so many church pastors taking money from people and living large off the backs of the people and not helping when they need help, there’s a problem with that

  • The roads in Germany are trash. Many stores don’t have parking lots. No freedom of speech in Germany. Cars cost more here than in America. The laws and inspections on cars is trash. Germans don’t like AC and it’s gets stupid hot here. You can’t tint your front windows on your car. Bikers ride their bikes on small ass roads making it more dangerous to drive on the already small roads. The tax is stupid high compared to the us that’s why they have free but shit healthcare. Their military is weak and pathetic compared to the US l. Germany is part of NATO but they continue to not hold up their end of the agreement on spending for defense. The language is pretty ugly. The houses are ugly and old and the garages are small.

  • Also… meine Freundin ist Polin. Sie lebt jetzt etwa 8 Jahre in Deutschland… ist ab der 6ten Klasse oder so hier zur Schule gegangen. Hat ihr Abitur an einem WIRTSCHAFTSGYMNASIUM gemacht und ist eine der besten in Deutsch gewesen. Vonwegen 30 Jahre…. dabei redet sie zuhause 99% nur polnisch, weil sie nur so mit ihren Eltern reden kann. Das hat alles lediglich mit Arbeit zutun.

  • when moving to a new place within germany you have to register it within 2 weeks or you can be charged up to 1000euros. and with the church thing, if you want to leave the church to avoid church taxes, you still have to pay a similar amount of taxes into something else instead, so you can also just stay in church for that. btw did he just delete his video about germany? couldnt find it anymore. probably afraid of dislikes =D

  • Why are people so conscious about wearing same clothes and instagram? If it was me, I would say that I have multiple clothes of the same type. No one would know lol

  • It’s pretty discouraging to hear all the comments from people who want some kind of certainty and a guaranteed “reward” for their sacrifice. We’re all participants in a giant experiment called life, brought to a crescendo by this new thing, with our current inadequate civilization and philosophy as a backdrop. We’ll need to change just about everything, eventually. Might as well try things and practice now.

  • Well in estonia we have every year snow and we do experience -20 C but it isn’t lobg and many years we had much less snow than in the 2000’s

  • Thanks for clearing all this up.
    His first point also isn’t just completely wrong. By using framing and messing up coherence and cause he also tries to directly tie crime to refugees. And that’s racist.

  • it’s called the NPD, not NDP…… sry for correcting, but it’s just the way it is. #StillNotBeingANaziJustByCorrectingFacts ty.

  • They don’t need AC in their houses.. They have simply just well insulated and well built houses, made of bricks.

    They just know how to live with the natural environment. No need for wasting engery for just living, breathing?
    in 200 years it will be like “Germans tried to save the world after first wanting to conquer it in WW2”
    Wouldn’t it be that bad if all countries would act a little bit more german?

  • 900 murders a year?

    That’s basically what a little village in california has too? I’m not from there.. But 80 million people living in germany with only approx. 900 murders? Easy.

  • Hey, hast du ihm dein Video mal unter sein Video gepostet, damit er mal versteht, wie viel er da falsch erzählt hat. Denn seine Informationen scheinen ja nicht sonderlich gut geprüft zu sein. Danke für das Korrektur Video, der Typ regt mich ein bisschen auf, einfach so falsche Infos zu verbreiten. Lieben Gruß

  • Halt dein maul����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • I like germany…never been there….never learnt the language…but any country with awesome engineering capabilities gets my vote. And germany has them in spades.

  • Выглядит главный герой неприятно. С гнилыми зубамии вообще без харизмы. Похож на бомжа. А ватсон идеально подобран и куда более харизматичен.

  • Me: life is terrible,your just alive to fill in space.

    James: LIfE IS FUn

    Me: yeah,what he said,your alive to be love,..totally didn’t change it because James is my fav YouTuber��

  • Mega Video!! Aber ich finde es unverschämt, schwach und typisch dumm amerikanisch was Briggs in dem Video behauptet. Wenn man Mordzahlen und Rassismus mit den USA vergleicht ist es lächerlich was er über Deutschland sagt. Amerikaner denken ihr Land wäre das Beste, dabei läuft dort alles schief und keiner sagt was. Alle Argumente die er genannt hat sind Positivbeispiele für Deutschland, bis auf das Wetter, das aber individuell unterschiedlich ist.

  • Let me see if I got this right.
    Mr. Briggs sounds like a nice white guy from a gated community in the south of the US schooled by the trump university of using (fake)facts.
    Democrat or republican does not matter because in the US that is right or far right.

  • ahh the thing with the taxes here in Germany:) yeah you can get a some money back and alot of other complicatet stuff to pay less or get more back. It’s complicatet.
    I actually don’t know any places where you can’t pay with card. Even bakerys etc. accept card for a couple of years.
    Winters too cold?! ehm excuse me I didn’t see snow in 5 years or so. The picture is probably from the blackforest or something which is couple hundred meters high, if it even is Germany in the picture xD
    The good old Nazi thing. These last ”special” people are not intrested in tourists or normal people who work in Germany. It is even hard to find those guys cause they are hiding good. xD
    The top 10 is for me as an german a big bruuuh

  • To me, most points are positive points to live here in Germany. Social and environmental care is mark of a developed country. Think about it.

  • Putting the language as a downside?! Using fake news facts just to paint Germany as a bad country?!
    This guy better be a troll, or else I would be shocked to see someone this dumb.
    Great video tho! You earned a subscriber 😉

  • Korean mukbang YT eats alot of food and not gain weight? Cause they workout
    American YT eats alot of food and doesn’t workout thats why

  • Ich muss dir leider völlig bezüglich der Kriminalitstsstatistik und Flüchtlingsstatus widersprechen. Mein Mann ist Kommissar und die Zahlen sind eindeutig diesbezüglich.
    Es ist schon lange untersagt zu erwähnen, wenn es sich um “Flüchtlingshintergrund” handelt. Es gab und gibt Gebiete, in welchen die Kriminalität in der Tat derart hoch ist, dass sich Leute ab gewissen Urzeiten definitiv nicht mehr hinaus trauen

  • Concerning the so called “refugees”,( who i call illegal immigrants ), yes there were so many who came to Germany and no, not all of them had the refugee status, and the number of the people who entered Germany, and then disappeared is more than 30.000. I live in Germany and i know that for a fact!Don’t go and “merkel ” it: ” wir schaffen das “, aber die haben nicht geschaft!

  • Doch die Kriminelle Rate ist sehr wohl sehr stark angestiegen seit der offenen Grenzen. Und da muss ich dir widersprechen. Besonders nach der willkommen Kultur.
    5:05 Min Video Bereich. Ist deine Aussage nicht richtig. Und das Sie wieder heruntergegangen ist, ist somit nicht ganz richtig. Soll ich dir eine SZ Zeitung hat nicht die aktuellen zahlen. Doch kann ich dir die offizielle Statistik der Polizei vorlegen. Doch wie du im Video berichtest, bist du doch schon länger also vier Jahre dort? Stimmt doch. Von daher kannst du keine offiziellen zahlen mehr haben. Zudem hat sich kulturelle Zerstörung dabei noch stattgefunden.
    5:38 5:55 Min das ist, sehr wohl war. Wir haben über 425.000 Ausreiße pflichtige Asylanten Emigranten und Politik bekommt es nicht hin hier konsequent hart von hier durchzugreifen. Also ist die Aussage wie du es Mitteilst ab der Minute auch nicht richtig. Zudem kannst du USA nicht mit Deutschland vergleichen. Dann musst du die ganze EU darin aufgehen lassen. Oder den Bundesstaat alleine zu Deutschland bewerten. Von daher hinken deine vergleiche

    Also hat Briggs recht der über Deutschland ein Video zu gemacht. Und zwei Fakten sind somit zutreffend.
    Auch in dieser Aussage hat Briggs Recht.

  • I can definitely see a hell of a lot of false flags and duff info from the other video which Felicia has clearly put right with the facts to back it up. Very fair and fact-based, unlike the video by Briggs which clearly hasn’t got the experience or a proper command of the facts. Thank god for this vid! Ironic some of the things an American is complaining about i.e. Taxes considering America’s history with it… Also “Nazis are still around”… Charlottesville, Virginia? KKK? The New Order formerly the American Nazi Party? Bit rich I must say. As a Brit, I consider Germany a far better place to live than most places based purely on the ACTUAL stats alone, not even mentioning my own experience over there!

  • “World According To Briggs” simply tells an extreme amount of bullshit in its videos, without facts, without fundamentals. The guy’s just a d*h*!

  • Wenn er wirklich mit Deutschen gesprochen hat, die ihm Platz 10 bestätigen, dann waren das höchstwahrscheinlich diejenigen, vor denen er auf Platz 1 warnt

  • “Знакомство” https://youtu.be/rbW2SJ0Kf8I?t=1
    “Кровавая надпись” https://youtu.be/rbW2SJ0Kf8I?t=4062
    “Король шантажа” https://youtu.be/rbW2SJ0Kf8I?t=8014
    “Смертельная схватка” https://youtu.be/rbW2SJ0Kf8I?t=11822
    “Охота на тигра” https://youtu.be/rbW2SJ0Kf8I?t=15693
    “Собака Баскервилей” https://youtu.be/rbW2SJ0Kf8I?t=19568
    “Сокровища Агры” https://youtu.be/rbW2SJ0Kf8I?t=28339
    “Двадцатый век начинается” https://youtu.be/rbW2SJ0Kf8I?t=37038

  • 4:20 здесь я рыдала в детстве��Тогда титры означали конец, следующей серии могло и не быть. Это было крушением всего в моей 8 летней жизни��

  • Легендарный фильм его смотрел мой отец когда меня ещё не было а теперь смотрю я и мой маленький сын,можно сказать фильм на все времена.

  • Почему-то позабавила пластмассовая подставка под яйцо (к сожалению,, не помню как эта посуда называется), в то время как остальная посуда из металла, подразумевается серебро.

  • К вам премьер-министр…..и министр по….. Прикажете впустить? Убейте меня веником!!! Я никогда не перестану смотреть это кино!!!!

  • Да что тут говорить! Королева Англии фильм оценила! Талантливые создатели, артисты, костюмеры и реквизиторы. Фильм на века. Хрен вы копировальщики его переплюните! Взяли моду ремиксы снимать!

  • Watching and listening to people eat makes me feel irrationally angry. Especially when they eat like savages, shoving food in their mouths as if they had been starving.

  • You live in the USA. Wtf would you know about recent developments back there? What this guy says is true, crime rate has risen in the past few years, by a lot!

  • А кто зашнуровал перчатки обоим? По крайней мере, тому, кто экипировался последним? Ведь кроме них в доме никого нет. А миссис Хадсон узнала о том, что они боксируют, только услышав звуки ударов.

  • Избавьте вашего “советского” зрителя от муки смотреть все серии этой нудятины, неужели нельзя оставить таймкоды серий, с их названиями? Как неучтиво по отношения к “людям”

  • Наша версия этого фильма нравится всему миру ),а Ливанову в Лондоне поставили памятник в образе Шерлока )..Да, и спасибо за сериал!

  • Самый лучший фильм о Шерлоке Холмсе и докторе Ватсоне за всю историю кинематографа! Это признали сами англичане и королева Великобритании!!

  • Не чувствуется руские манеры! Как будьто смотрю английский фильм! Даже не чувствуется что, какое то актёр роль играет в фильме! Всё как в реале.. Как будь то реальные люди,реальные дела делает..! Это обозначает что,актёры в этом фильме мастера своих работ!

  • Это мой любимый фильм.а диздлайки ставят скорее всего молодые.они сейчас смотрят другие фильмы.им нас не понять.сама отмосфера фильма загадочна.когда была маленькая страшно было ужас.особенно баскервильская серия.до сих пор смотрю в напряжении. Снято на столько профессионально и качественно,что сейчас режиссерам учиться надо как делать качественные и вечные фильмы.вечные,это когда смотришь и еще хочется пересмотреть.и такие фильмы снимали только в то время.хотя есть “мастер и маргарита”Бортко снял.тоже шедевр.но шедевров стало очень мало.

  • Читал что сериал и актеры были удостоены даже в советское время награды от английской королевы которая была в восторге от того как схватили атмосферу того времени, и бесподобной игры актеров!

  • Yup there are so many different things that could be number 1 spot but what does the american think is most important? Nazis cuz you know apperently every german is nazi im so sick of this shit. They dont even know what nazi means. It dont mean that if a white german attacks a different colored or religion that hes a nazi its the same thing in the US. with those southern Confederate people who hate blacks to this date does that mean they are nazi? I hate americans i swear thats why I moved out of the states again anything german is nazi to them. Fk out of here, dont even know what nazi means or where it came from. Educate yourself before calling people nazi.

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  • Hey! Viewers of comments! Stop watching. This video’s a waste of time, it doesn’t tell you the untold truth of mukbang. It just tells you the very obvious statements of mukbang. Like how viewers like their hosts to eat unhealthy food. Everyone fking knows that. These people don’t know anything more about mukbang than we do. These videos come a dime a dozen and they can’t do extensive research on it so they’re as clueless as us. Stop watching:)

  • There are two types of mukbangers, those who doesn’t care for if they die eating junk foods and doesn’t exercise and those who does eat a lot but they exercise and maintain a healthy diet. The first one are mostly American mukbangers, most of them(sorry if this may sound offensive) are fat and loves to stir drama(Nik and Trisha) and the Second one are a mix of Korean mukbangers and some american mukbangers(like veronica wang).

  • what I want to know is: how to do some of these mukbang youtuber stay skinny, some of them upload several days a week so does that mean they eat servers days a week junkfood?

  • Why’s everybody so mad I actually think this is ALL so true like I remember watching mukbangs and asmr made me crave the food their eating, people don’t want to admit it or it’s the mukbangers second account who are spreading all the hate ��. Wow I never seen someone say that I’m actually really impressed finally someone who’s educated nice job on the video btw

  • I get curious but I don’t get hungry. I love seeing people eat the food I prepare at home also. My personality is Definitely Foodie but I’m in My 30’s So I’ll Leave the Mukbangs to The Pros lol

  • Hi guys, I’m Kenny. I’m starting a mukbang channel. Hope you can show support by viewing my recent vid, liking or become my subscriber. Will be speaking in English in my videos soon. Keep safe!

  • most annoying voice ever. It’s a serious issue this vid feels like a vid aimed at 10 year old with all the cuts and movie extracts

  • Some mukbang videos help me hold off my hunger while I’m waiting for the food to be ready, or late at night when I can’t get a snack, and I sometimes watch them while I do eat!

  • I’m sure some of them binge and purge too let’s not lie it’s glorified obesity AND bulimia prove me wrong…. people will do ANYTHING for QUICK cold hard cash nowadays

  • Meine Eltern sind von Polen nach Deutschland gekommen und haben 1 oder 2 Jahre gebraucht um Deutsch zu Lernen. Erzähl mir nichts von 30 Jahre. ����

  • i am not fluent in korean, but i did take a few years in school so i do know how they teach 어 or the ‘uh/eo’ vowel to americans and english speakers. as you may notice, most eastern asian vowels are softer (ah, eh, ee, oh, ooh) as opposed to the american english (ay-ee ee, ah-ee, ohw, you). so once you have that down you are a step closer to korean vowels. The vowel in mukbang (먹방) is a cross between oh like ‘oh my gosh’ and uh in ‘um’ and ‘fun’. so, first drop the w sound at the end of “oh” so its just “o”. and then open your mouth wider and slightly longer so that your corners of your lips go more outward and apart. You notice the sound goes into a slight “uh”. that middle between uh and o is your goal. Similarly, practice going from saying ‘yuck’ to ‘yolk’ and find the perfect blend. Then, the m in mukbang is the same, and the k is a mix between ‘k’ and ‘g’ sound, its a soft k and sharp g. Thats it for muk. then bang is not bang bang like sound effects fireworks, or bangs as in hair. its the soft ah from earlier, that sounds more like the o in ‘hot’ or ‘soft’. think, awww cute without the w at the end so ah.

  • That pronunciation makes it sound like a disease. Also it isn’t impressive to me when fat people do it. It’s like “we figured you do that”. When Eric the electric does it, it’s unexpected.

  • Gluttony at it’s finest!..And that is NOT a good thing!.. I don’t usually press the dislike button but for the health of the general public, I was tempted to!. DO NOT try this at home! It’s sick!

  • You told the original story of mukbang wrong. Not only does your research seem lazy, but your pronounciation shows you took little care to find actual facts and details. So thumbs down. Poorly made, and influencing ignorance to others.

  • I know that a lot has changed over the years. The mukbang now is no longer the same as it was before.

    (Overworked Asians)

    Back then when employees went home, they got so tired and exhausted that at the end of the day that they missed out their meals. The few people who managed to eat late at night did not enjoy their meal.

    They missed eating together with other people and having conversations with them.

    For Asians, meal time is a moment for social interaction. This is a cultural thing. It was more enjoyable to eat together with family, friends, and workmates. It eases the day’s burdens.

    (A Novel Concept)

    The original concept was for the tired workers to be healthy by encouraging a healthy eating habit, i.e. not missing out a meal.

    For the people who managed to eat late at night, it was to ease the loneliness of eating by themselves.

    It was meant to feel the semblance of togetherness: a meal time with a company; so that they could enjoy the moment.

    So that a person would not feel so lonely while they eat; so that they will be able to enjoy their meals; and that they ease the day’s stress by talking to another person.

    (The Birth of Mukbang)

    The mechanics was to eat NORMAL AMOUNTS of food, while talking as though you are having a NORMAL conversation with another person.

    Nothing new about that.

    The only difference is that you are talking to a person that is on another side of the screen. *aka the audience.

    Listening to other people talk while they live stream their meal was quite a new idea back then. But it gradually became a “thing”.

    The mukbang videos were relatable. Watching it was comfortable.

    (A different Mukbang: The Latter Years)

    Ideas change over time. There is no way to stop that. Any concept however novel it is can easily be manipulated into something different.

    As people got involved with the mukbang culture, the concept has drastically changed.

    Nowadays mukbang seems to have been twisted into a convoluted idea of gorging insane amounts of food.

    The bigger portion they eat, the more they think they do great. The more strange food they eat, the more interesting seem.

    Mukbang became a culture of documented eating habit that disregarded health.

    (Mukbang for the views; for the money)

    Online platforms like Youtube attracts people to make passive income.

    The mukbang culture has the potential to turn people who are healthy to do something which they do not usually do. It also gives an incentive to people who are already unhealthy to keep doing what the usually do, that is to eat execissive amounts or eat unhealthy types food in general.

    (Down the Rabbit Hole)

    The darker side is that it has become an avenue to glorify eating disorders and try to normalize it. The danger here is when people refuse to get help at the expense of their health because they are led to think that a disorder was no problem.

    I have watched a lot of mukbang videos and see this pattern all the time. I felt more disturbed but concerned about the people that make this video. I cringe at the mere mention of it.

    “Look at how this person eats. He/she is bulimic like me. This is so relatable.”

    “Oh he/she eats a lot more than I do and he/she looks fine and beautiful. Therefore I can eat more.”

    “Binge eating? I can do that and make a profit off of it. But I don’t want to ruin my figure. Oh, well I’ll just throw it up after the video.”

    “There’s nothing wrong with me. I don’t need help. Look at how he/she is. They look fine.”

    “He/She says they eat to lose weight. I’m going to try it.”

    (Making a Stand)

    Youtubers should be held accountable for their creations. They should be more responsible of the contents they put out in public. Children may see an example and try to emulate it. People with a disorder may misconstrue it and use it as an excuse not to get help. Adults maybe led to believe that eating unhealthy amounts of food for a long time is the new normal.

    Eating disorders should not be dismissed and be hidden in plain sight as though it did not exist. There is no shame in admitting that there is something not right. There are people who can help. Health matters. A good health is the foundation of well-being.

    Our responsibility as viewers is to sound the alarm when we see that something is not right. We can make the online community a better place.

    (Future outlook)

    More people have fallen into the trap of gluttony. That, I can’t do anything but feel sad for them.

    While it made me melancholic to see that the concept that I used to enjoy in the past has become convoluted into something I can no longer appreciate, there is hope.

    I saw some people out there (some youtubers) who keep the mukbang culture healthy albeit small. They are doing their best. If you see one of them, drop a comment and tell them how they make a difference, a good difference.

    I will keep hoping for the better and I will root for the people that make Youtube a better community.

    Thanks for reading up to this point.

  • ugh, it is fine not being able to pronounce words from a different language (I probably do not pronounce mukbang correctly since I am only a beginner Korean speaker), but saying it has multiple pronunciations? That is just peak ignorance. You can just say mukbang in the way you pronounce it, but saying it has multiple pronunciation is just wrong and disrespectful to the Korean language. This is totally unacceptable.

  • Actually americans were doing mukbang since the 50’s, there just wasn’t you tube back then. EXAMPLES: carnival pie eating contests, watermelon eating contests, crawdad eating contests,and the list goes on.

  • I know a couple mukbangers,they are bulimic, no seriously they make the videos eating tons of food then end the video and puke it all up

  • Да фильм из далёкого детства. Смотрел на чёрно-белом телевизоре с дедом. А сейчас смотрю на смартфоне с ютюба. Как хочется вернутся назад в прошлое.

  • BabbleTop: lists multiple ways of pronouncing “mukbang”, amongst the correct version.
    Also BabbleTop: proceeds to choose the wrong way for the rest of the video.

    Feels like not a lot of research was gone into this video as they can’t even get the correct, Korean pronunciation right.

  • I’ve been watching them since the beginning of 2020. I’ve lost over 10 pounds. Eating healthy and watching people eat unhealthy lol

  • To all of you guys complaining about the American lady saying mukbang in an American accent:
    I hope you pronounce Italian foods, like mozzarella, calzone, pizza and etc as they’re originally pronounced. Don’t use your own accent ever because OMG how cringe right?
    Get a life, damn it

  • So, the Mukbangers that are “skinny” or ” fit” for example: Veronica Wang, Peggy Neo, or Eric the Electric ARE THEY or ARE THEY NOT just as bad in terms of showing their viewers bad eating habits? Alot of people around me think they aren’t because they “work off” the calories or are as “naturally thin” as Peggy Neo. I still think no human should consume what these people eat. When we see an “overweight” mukbanger people go in and crucify them. But shouldn’t the whole of the community be shitted on for eating overly excessive food despite their size? I just get the feeling after watching so many mukbangs that we don’t necessarily give “equal” treatment to all. I could be wrong…I just wonder.

  • first things first… do y‘all even know the concept of a Top 10 video??? and what kind of fucked up research has been done here???

  • I thought they starved themselves the whole day so when they were gonna make a mukbang they could eat alot because they were really hungry ��

  • Um… many Mukbang actually eat very healthy food and only sometimes change it up a bit. But sushi, veggies, seafood and many Asian dishes are so much healthier than this video makes it seem.

  • Didn’t expect to find myself in this video since I don’t make much mukbang videos anymore �� Btw at 2:19 that is Thai street food filmed in Bangkok.

  • Watching these videos help with my appetite loss( due to lupus) & encourages me to eat more, but have to watch my cholesterol which runs in the family.

  • So as I’m watching this, I feel like an “eco-warrior” as I’m replacing broken buttons, sewing up holes in pockets, fixing a hem,…

  • 33:25 That’s exactly how I feel as an amateur keen observer since late January. I’ve been keeping my own stats, try to see lines, trends, follow the news, keep up to date with medical research (shoutout to the MedCram channel), filter out the crazies and obvious political bias, and I find myself much more confused than I was 8 weeks ago. It feels like we haven’t “cracked the code” yet (and maybe it is impossible to do so, maybe a pandemic doesn’t lend itself to this). “Herd immunity is impossible until we have a vacine” vs “we may be almost there if you count asymptomatic+recovered+children<12", antibodies vs T-cell, "locking down" vs "the virus is going to have its way anyway". "Is the FDA right in halting convalescent plasma?" etc.
    I’m confused.
    Now, I’m a “trespasser too”, but I try to refrain from making bold claims. I advise my near circle to wear masks, stay away from people indoors, crowds etc etc. But at some point we all need to know how to best behave/react. We may not fully understand the mechanics/science, but we have to base our behaviour on *something*. Is it safe for 12 year olds to go to school now (in general? in my country?)? Is it more damaging to them to keep them at home? Who knows at this point? (just an example, not asking directly)
    In short: even if you are approaching this pandemic as rationally as possible, it’s not easy to find voices that can be trusted.

  • In Belgium the number of tests has been doubled and many younger oligosymptomatic or asymptomatic people are tested. Less than 5 % of those test +. Probably because of a minor infection in the last few months with inactive leftovers of viral RNA being picked up by the very sensitive PCR-test.
    The last week the numbers are decreasing again. The numbers of hospitalisations and deaths stay low.
    In Sweden the numbers didn’t rise at all and they live a near normal life without masks.
    Please explain.

  • USA here….we have cases but they seems to be like the flu, you get over it, like most people or if you are a person with medical issues you may die…..I’ve had this happen to friends….sick and death. I have a 97 year old mother, who felt so depressed with her lock down, in her assisted living facility, I took her out with her knowing she would have to be tested and then quartined for two weeks when she got back in. She did it and her attitude was she wanted to live, hug and touch her loved ones even if it meant she might die. My five year old granddaughter wants to go to her first year Kindergarten. Let us all be our own barometer for our destiny. We need to trust our goodness….pray that we all find it.

  • Been following you since Rogan show and you make a complicated crisis easy to understand for lay people, thank you from New Zealand ����

  • Was haben nun die widerlichen Bücher von J. Haarer mit heute zu tun?!
    Diese Art von Kleinkinderziehung ist seit allerspätestens den 70ern obsolet!
    Krank war sie von vornherein.
    Dass sie “biblischen Status” hätten, ist absoluter Blödsinn!
    Aber wie dieser Typ das zwischen die Neonazizahlen presst, ist ja wohl auch nicht normal.

  • Let me suggest the following youtube channel. Virologist, immunologists, etc discuss the most recent information on covid-19. Great site. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KF4MqFr-kTM

  • How will precautions be followed by homeless? What about people who are hungry and their hunger overrides precautions. So sad buth people of US have no clue of how US bombing droning some of the poorest countries and arming dangerous govenments like Israel and Saudi Arabia to further terrorize more people. How is herd immunity working for these victims?

  • An epidemiologist who operates in a for profit healthcare system that is not advocating for universal healthcare. More people are dying of not having healthcare. than covid 19. I guess epidemiologists are not seeing root causes.

  • Thanking entertainment industry before those who pick and process our food. How can our country containt this pandemic when we have a profit healthcare system. How do we contain when people are living in tents with no sanitation. People have to stand in line for hours to get money from returning bottles or getting food from food banks. Most of stimulis went to wealthy. We have out of control fires in Calif. You show no connection with the horrors our workers and poor are going through being hungry and evicted from their homes. You have the knowledge but dangerously delusional.

  • Thank you again Mike and Chris and all at CIDRAP. Having listened intently to all your podcasts and the live show (you did great Mike) I would just like to say that personally I am more than happy for you to keep on repeating the same message/s as often as you like, I won’t get bored of hearing them and if it helps others in the process then job done basically keep going CIDRAP and thank you. Bristol UK

  • Thank you for your compassion. It is good to hear someone with a clinical, scientific expertise also understand the human side of this pandemic.

  • Thanks Dr. Osterholm. If only more people would listen to you and other experts.
    There are far too many people with no expertise guiding policy and public perception; far too many people drawing conclusions and making policy based on incomplete data and assumptions that prove to be erroneous.

  • NYC is basically still shut down. Businesses have left and leaving. Those who fled are not coming back. The streets are empty, subways are 1/4 filled. Of course their numbers are better!

  • Dr. Osterholm, do you think a national lockdown is ethical? Lockdowns, as we all know, come with great costs, and coercion must be used to enforce them. Do the ends (less COVID deaths and an economy that can recover quickly) justify the means (the use of government force to keep involuntary participants locked down)? Is it moral to take a utilitarian approach to tackling an infectious disease?

  • It appears that Sweden was right all along. They beat the virus without locking down. Denmark beat the virus without masks. We are getting close to herd immunity. Many prominent scientists believe that we need 10-20% to be infected to have herd immunity.

  • Dr osterholm it was a wonderful treat to see you on RTE in Ireland last week i was sitting down to breakfast and your wonderful knowledge and comforting voice over the airwaves came into my kitchen. As you know we are in lockdown in Kildare and it looks like it will be extended today as the numbers are still high and getting higher. The government is desperate to get the schools open in two weeks. God help us when this happens. I have to thanks you once again for your service throughout this terrible time. You help me to understand the science and facts with regard to covid 19. Regards from Kildare Ireland��

  • 17:20 As someone who worked in a thrift store, I can confirm this. I really didn’t know it was this f-ed up. All donated heels, boots and most clothes or msc items go in the trash if they last longer than 2 weeks.

  • Dr O thanks again for your wisdom and caring. I set my timer on YouTube so that I won’t miss an episode. There is so much static in the news regarding Covid-19 that it’s a breath of fresh air to listen to someone like you and your caution to question everyone. A truthful person doesn’t have to be flashy or pretend to know what they’re talking about. You just deliver the truth. Keep up the great work. God bless!

  • Thank you for your podcast. I am a Canadian Biochemist (McGill University) with specialties in molecular biology and biophysics. I am “semi-retired” having invested in something completely different…exotic fruit export here in BRAZIL! However, in late February a very smart young doctor contacted me through WHATSAPP. He was concerned about airborne transmission (Imagine that…in February!) He was worried about papaya and coffee pickers. (I don’t know how he got my phone number). I have since been making posts on Facebook on my group called Coronavirus (Brasil) COVID-19. I worked for ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. We develop the second Real-time PCR machine on the market. This is my first listening to you. Your presentation is quite sober. There is another issue I want to you to address maybe in the near future. EPIGENETICS. I believe the SARS-CoV-2 will affect the entire world to a lower higher degree. It will especially affect the children and women who gave birth during the pandemic. At McGIll university, Dr. Moishe Szyf published several papers on epigenetics due to stress factors. Your comments or a presentation would be greatly appreciated. My daughter Dr. Geneviève Payne also gave birth during the pandemic. So like you I am also a grandfather and I am personally concerned as well. Thank you! [email protected] hotmail.com

  • The fact is no one really knows how this virus is going to play out including Dr. Osterholm. Good news is that hospital rates are down. By the way Vitc shown to reduce sepsis cases in emergency rooms.

  • I wish Mike would have touched on the presumed T cell memory immunity being purported via prior coronavirus exposures that is all over the news.

  • You say to consider the 2020/2021 school year our “Covid Year”. What guarantee do you have that this is over/contained in 2021? What if 2020-2023 turn into the “Covid Years” is that still acceptable? At what point do we just have to accept that deaths are going to happen and we need to move along with life. This feels like death by a thousand cuts and there’s no guarantee of a vaccine in 2021 or even beyond.

  • Somebody has to say it..! The United States never finished a Proper Shutdown..! Donald Trump and Republican Governors insisted on opening the Economy early..! College Campus Parties, Biker Rallies, and Unthinkable Covid-19 Parties were the result of Trump Tweets and Witch Doctor and ‘My Pillow Guy’ advice to the President..! USA. USA USA..! Best of Luck..!

  • With all the brilliant minds in this country can we not brainstorm ways to safely continue the most crucial business of keeping people employed and children educated?

  • Some kind of heard emunity is needed to defeat covid. How strong emunity should a population have to still be able have a working society with only social distancing?

  • did sticks could be used by employers when workers show up. Same for schools. This gets around a large part of the problem that Dr. O mentions about relying on the person to be disciplined enough to do at home.

  • The main reason for the “information chaos” is of course Trump. Non-experts jump in to fill the void because there IS a void, because of Turmp.
    Not only his own lies and contradictions, but that he had appointed incompetent idiots in charge of the agencies, and has muzzled the real experts, and has not pushed for any national strategyin fact has actively disrupted any attempts at that from others.

  • The main reason for the “information chaos ” is of course Trump. Non-experts jump in to fill the void because there IS a void, because of Trmp.u

  • You didn’t mishear that:: Dr Osterholm really did try to swim the English Channel, twice!!
    “Schwickert felt impressed and reassured. Osterholm had a lustrous national reputation. He sat on countless committees and review boards, he projected unflappable assurance, he’d even tried twice-vainly-to swim the English channel. Reared in Iowa by an Irish mother and a Swedish father, he’d gone straight from college to the state Health Department, working there while he earned a master’s degree in environmental health and a doctorate in epidemiology. He’d been tracking, writing and lecturing about bugs for 20 years.”

  • There are studies that show a sizeable percentage of the population has long term immunity towards Sars Cov2 from previous exposures to common cold viruses. Is this true?

  • Early on there where two ER doctors that held a press conference in which they stated emphatically that Covid-19 wasn’t serious and everyone was overreacting. Their sources…other ER doctors. I pointed out that they were not specialists every chance I got. In fact I always asked if these ER doctors also did brain surgery for fun since they were obviously specialists in all medical fields and disciplines. Confirmation bias yells louder than I could ever hope to so their opinions were taken as gospel for many people.

  • Why don’t you do a podcast with Michael Mina?? I mean, don’t just quote those you disagree with: talk to them! And who would benefit from the tests that he (MM) recommends? School-aged children! You selected the population engaging in the most risky decisions. Unfair.

  • Okso we shut down, as did other countries, and some had horrible peaks. Did the whole flattening the curve. No matter how slow the opening, no matter how careful virus isn’t going away. What if vaccine isn’t widely available for two years? People can’t/won’t isolate for that long. People like to bring up “sacrifices of WW2” but fail to understand the human is a social animal and the social structures were still IN PLACE and people weren’t told to be “deathly afraid of killing killing grandma if you don’t stay in your cave forever and ever”.

  • Okay I kind of see what you’re talking about with surveillance testing using antibody tests. However, haven’t you heard about the wealth of immunity that is conferred via methods other than antibodies? I just know that you have! Silly question. But, what of it?

  • We just started teaching. Teachers are wearing chin ornaments. Children come with adult masks so their masks fall. When it’s time to eat everybody takes masks off…i guess they figure covid must be having lunch too and will wait until masks are back on before attacking. Social distancing between 2 teachers is often 2 feet…and that’s when one is backing up. Social distancing between teacher and student that does not understand work is impossible. How long do you think we’ve got before covid starts shooting up?

  • With 50% preexisting immunity (as is now being discovered) and only 1 out of 10 cases documented (CDC web page) New York has a higher degree of herd suppression. Just a theory. My contribution to message chaos via epistemic trespassing.

  • Greeting, so what is your opinion on Pr Raoult at IHM Marseil, he is a international renound virologist who propose a treatment with h.chloroquine?

  • It’s very hard to stay positive because there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Europe is dealing with growing problems, nowhere near the shit storm of the US, however when countries like Ireland went from 10 cases a day to seeing nearly 200 cases on many a day, a feeling of hopelessness is hard to hold onto.

    What are people’s suggestions for staying positive? Autumn is imminent and we won’t be able to enjoy parks and the fresh air soon. Being cooped up all day with little to look forward to fills me with dread.

  • Doctor Osterholm, kindly, i would appreciate your view about Africa even if you touch on south Africa, east Africa especially Tanzania, Kenya and west Africa especially Senegal

  • This thing was here before March we already know this… also we already know this has cross immunity with the first SARS from 2003… we also know about T cell immunity now… this thing will continue to come down… I think being cautious is ok but I think osterholm will be pleasantly surprised by the data… BTW we know the Chinese government is not reporting all there cases

  • CRAZED FEARMONGERING AND STOKING MASS HYSTERIA First it was “flatten the curve” now these #Fakexperts want to wait for the “vaccine” with the GIANT ASSUMPTION that that vaccine will be safe! These CORRUPT, CLUELESS talking heads know nothing but rubbish!

  • Usual fear mongering from Osterholm. Why does he not talk about the incredibly low death rate and dramatic slowing of spread in places with minimal mitigations in place??

  • People complain about German heat.. Ha! Come to Italy I dare you �� you wouldn’t last a day.

    It’s a no wonder why so many people die of heatstroke here. It’s just insane. ��

  • if you cant donate your old clothes to friends and family or whatever, you should make rags to use for house cleaning & car cleaning and stuff*

  • Love the way he talks..with his hands in his pockets…his personality… everything is just awesome..
    From India

  • Is that legal to record her to research purpose and share it (here) without her consent? I mean it’s OK for the store to record just to know if some people being thieves, but to share like that, isn’t it okay?

  • I have recently started with a small initiative called ‘Nadora’ to promote circular fashion/slow fashion at Individual level. It’s a platform where people can buy and sell their pre-owned clothes. Our page aims to educate the people of india on clothing care. Please have a look at my initiative by clicking on this link -:


  • my mom is the ultimate rip off-er then. she buys rolls of fabric once a year, and she uses them to embroider and tailor clothes that she saw in a gap window or something. so it looks almost exactly like the real things, except my mom made it at home ��

  • What I really like about this solution is that Hassan accounts for the benefit of just wearing clothes longer. A lot of upper class people will try to place the blame on lower/middle class people because they don’t realize that eco friendly shopping is a privilege. Many people either do not have the income to buy actually sustainable sourced clothes, or they do not have the time it takes to find good/size appropriate pieces in a thrift store because they spend all their time working multiple jobs. However, we don’t buy the fast fashion clothing at the rate of the people criticizing us. So they might see us in an H&M shirt and say “you’re killing the planet!” but they don’t realize that we’ve actually been wearing that shirt for over a year and we’re doing what we can.

  • Totally out of contect, but why the f*ck they have a swan in a commercial? Isn’t it a farm?
    edit. I was making the comment while the video was played. Omg, the company was like “that’s so organic, am I right? do you see how green I am? No, don’t google our ethics policy,plz”

  • i studied fashion/ garment marketing in the university. i love this topic. its a something that we should really talk about. clothes is part of human needs. hopefully we can do good. inovation and growth should see this perspective

  • 68 pieces of clothes a year?

    This is a high middle class/rich people with insecurities problem.
    The rest of us have no problem with using the same clothes for years.

  • just a heads up: citarum river has been cleaned up gradually since 2018 and by september 2019, it was still 40% totally clean. it perhaps took us a long time to make it 100% clean, so wish us luck!

  • Who are these mentally ill hyper-consumers? I’ve bought 5 shirts and 1 pair of pants since 2015… seems like these people need some awareness of the nonsense of their spending.

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    {5} HPV

    {6} ALS.

  • Dr Osterholm, whom are you sharing your videos with in the U.S. Govt so the Govenors or the Covid Taskforce take steps to decrease the number of transmissions? You Mike are sharing your video with citizens like myself and my husband. What good does it really do as my husband and myself are two people you need to lay out plan with Dr Fauci and Dr Birx so maybe some lockdowns are done in hotspots like Houston etc….Should not these measures be done right now? It’s stupid to wait! US needs to bring numbers down below 5% or 10,000 new cases per day. After Dr Fauci hears this update will he take action? Can you discuss with Fauci /Birx/Pence/Trump about six week lockdown NOW?!

    And I do not feel bad that most universities may have to change to virtual learningit’s the young people’s fault! Tough! For not having social responsibility! Selfish young 18-31 year olds! Parents caused some of this mess.

  • I am from Kenya and this is a issue to our country and Africa. Our leaders kill our textile industries to profit from second hand clothing (mitumba) imports from Western countries.

  • One of your episodes must be about animal testing in the cosmetic industry. You won’t be disappointed there are so many popular brands doing this

  • Wow I knew it was bad but that stuff about dumping in Kenya is the definition of awful. All of my clothes growing Up were hand me down and I’ve shopped at thrift shops my whole life. I don’t think I’ve ever thrown away clothes, because it just got passed down to my younger siblings and then into a box labeled the size clothes it is. I’m a seamstress and I’ve always wanted to make all my own clothes. I think I’m going to try to do that this year, no new clothes. I don’t think I’ve bought any yet so I’m halfway there. And maybe when I have kids I’ll visit my moms attic and get some of those fresh early 2000s looks

  • re: Johanna Haarer
    The books got laundered prior to 1945.
    My mother had this book recommended to her in the 1970s(!) and only through a chain of fortune events did it not come to be used in our family.
    But these things only really got phased out in the 1980s and they did do quite a lot of damage.
    The “early Millenials” are from the 1980s and they might very well still have been raised using those books.
    It is a(nother) scar in German history.

  • 8:26
    This is why I hate a too “legalized” society.
    The same kind of thieves, but only more sophisticated, powerful and well connected to pass laws so that their type of thievery would benefit only them.
    At least thieves from the hood are more honest and their petty thieving is illegal.

  • Uhm…wasn’t mukbang supposed to be a show that would keep people company while eating because it was seen as bad to eat alone? Americans (and other people, but mostly Americans) just took it and ran. Like guys, mukbang is not supposed to be where you eat til you die, that’s what people outside the Korean culture think it is lmfao. Also the pronunciation of Mukbang is disgusting.

  • yawns as a black Muslim woman we wear the same garments for a while and usually local people make them. It’s stupid for charities to throw away clothes instead of giving them to the homeless

  • I’m in a fashion school and the more I learn about clothes are made, the less I want to be in the fashion industry. But at the same time I want to use my knowledge to make clothes that are as economically harmless as possible and are produced fair trade.

  • Yes there are still Nazis in Germany, true but also many in the US too. so… ^^ Same problem here as in the USA i would say. No difference. Only that we have the original ones and you only copys. sarcasm off ^^

  • This topic is the closest to my heart because I kinda endorse repeat chic on social media. xx http://themavenlifestyle.com/conscious-fashion-think-before-you-shop/

  • cant relate.. I wear cloths from 5 years.. When it torns then my mum uses that to clean the kitchen floor… we are not the same bruh:v

  • 2:25 “…you know the big ones.”
    I’m a 48 year old white dude from hick-ass central NC who never had two nickels to rub together until about two years ago and just throws on sweatpants and a T-shirt to go anywhere unless there’s a good reason to do more. This is the very first time I’ve heard of any of “the big ones”.

  • This is very strange to me. I buy new clothes maybe twice a year.
    Also, the clothes being shown off in this video are absolutely ugly.

  • I have to look up so many names and brands during Hasan’s videos because I don’t get the reference…. but whats great, is I still get the joke somehow…. or at least I laugh anyway.

  • I buy a lot of pieces, but never from fast fashion. I love pieces created with work, because I love art works created by humans. I’m in awe of what humans can do. I don’t shop at large retailers or fast fashion brands. I spend a lot on clothes and I love clothes. My mother always taught me to find out where the pieces come from and make sure that it’s worth the value. Not the price point. I don’t buy anything I don’t love, and I’d rather invest in something than buy ten pieces of $10 shirts. But… I also know it’s my privilege to be able to do that, I think that major retailers are helpful for people who do need lower price points. So it’s kind of rude to assume everyone who buys fast fashion is just trying to do it for style.

  • I have never seen the inside of these stores… When you buy for big and tall, you ain’t buying brands, and you certainly ain’t tossing those things until the 3rd or 4th hole shows up in the underwear, or your big toe is sticking out the sock. Ripped shirts become yard work shirts. Pants end up at a local tailor to get them patched in odd places (Wrangler logo is totally disintegrated off the waistline).

  • 28:25 Uhhh no. Half a million cars off the road is if everyone buys one item secondhand, not if one person buys one item secondhand. Wording is kind of misleading there.

  • who the hell only wears clothes a couple of times? My clothes go through seven stages of grief. They start out as date clothes, become work clothes, then bumming around the house clothes, then wife “you should throw that away” clothes, then ‘dirty’ work clothes, and finally rags.

  • I genuinely just want quality made clothes that I can keep for a long time and I don’t know where the hell to get it cause everything is crap now