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7. Hold yourself accountable. While having a buddy system and plan in place can help you stick to your goals, it really comes down to you making a commitment to yourself. At the end of the day, you’re the one who has to physically put in the work and continue to do so day after day. How to Get Back to Exercising After a Long Break. It’s easy to fall out of your exercise routine, but when you’re ready to start up again, it’s best to get the all-clear from a physician first.

Although I was still active to some extent (mostly walking and some cycling), I wasn’t as active as I think I should be. I know many of you are in the same situation, that’s why I wanted to share with you some tips on how to get back into exercise after a break. These tips are based on my personal experience and some additional research.

Ease yourself back into by exercising at home first for the duration of your favorite tune. Indoors or outdoors, just play the tune and get moving. One song is all it takes.

Just like toothbrush songs get kids to brush their teeth right, there’s motivational music for adults to workout with. Getting Back into Exercise After a Break (Step by Step) Taking a break from exercise is something that happens to everyone during their lives at some point or another. It’s only natural, and there are multiple reasons that can make it happen.

Despite that though, when the time does come for you to take the plunge again, there are a lot of. Don’t try to jump back into the exact same routine you had before. If you were running a mile and a half a day, start by just running a few blocks.

Be patient and don’t overexert yourself. By starting small, you’ll be able to increase your difficulty, length of time, or the amount of weight you can lift. Months, or in some cases years later, they want to get back at it. Maybe it’s the urge to build lean muscle and look good on the beach.

Maybe it’s the desire to have more energy. Or be a role model to your kids. But good intentions are not enough. There’s a problem.

Getting back into. Whether you’ve taken a break after an illness or injury, a vacation or laziness, it’s still totally possible to get back into the swing of things. You will get that strength and fitness back.

The last thing you want to do after a long exercise hiatus is return to your old routine like nothing has changed. Even if you’re riding high on the thrill of being back in the gym, you need to ease back into things and not overdo it on day 1. To lower your risk of injury (and consequently, another. Trust your body’s signals, such as fatigue, to let you know when you have reached your limit for each session.

Do not wait until you are in pain to stop. Stop when you feel your muscles tiring.

List of related literature:

9) Do not sit down after exercising.

“The Wrestler's Body: Identity and Ideology in North India” by Joseph S. Alter
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1) No Moderate Exercise Sessions: Either toolittle, or too much, orway beyond what I plan todo, andwith noset schedule.

“The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging” by Arthur De Vany, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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For example, when you’re consistently completing 3 body-type workouts a week, try to exercise 4 or 5 days in a row (with the off-day routines on the fourth and/or fifth days), or try to make some subtle changes to your diet, like eliminating desserts or limiting alcohol consumption.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
from Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder
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And then, once you’ve achieved everything you’ve created here, repeat the process anew, charting another more exciting course for the next phase of your fitness and life.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
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Here are some other exercise tips that I’ve learned over the years.

“The Irritable Male Syndrome: Managing the Four Key Causes of Depression and Aggression” by Jed Diamond
from The Irritable Male Syndrome: Managing the Four Key Causes of Depression and Aggression
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For the sake of my health and soul, I find some balance, gradually developing a routine of going to the gym three days a week and allowing two days for client lunches (usually just day drinking), internal or syndicate lunches (day drinking), massages or foot reflexology (a nap), or trips home (even more fun).

“Straight to Hell: True Tales of Deviance, Debauchery, and Billion-Dollar Deals” by John LeFevre
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Aside from making you healthier, step five is about pushing the boundaries in the fight against inflammation.

“Meals that Heal Inflammation” by Julie Daniluk, RHN
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After you complete one (or more) repetitions of the exercise, perform the Three Secrets Reinforcement (see Chapter 6) while visualizing yourself feeling healthy, refreshed, clear, and revitalized.

“Feng Shui For Dummies” by Grandmaster David Daniel Kennedy, Grandmaster Lin Yun
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Step 11: Become physically active, preferably doing something you really enjoy.

“Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond Paleo for Total Health and a Longer Life” by Nora Gedgaudas
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Step 4—If you can, also enjoy some regular, vigorous activity for extra health and fitness This step does not replace steps 1–3.

“Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing EBook: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems” by Di Brown, Helen Edwards, Thomas Buckley, Robyn L. Aitken
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  • I’ve been spiralling for awhile now.. eating junk food, over eating, stopped exercising and more. I’ve gained weight back, my skin has been awful and I’ve had little to now energy. I’ve just had a full day binge and I’m feeling extremely depressed and anxious, I can’t look at myself without feeling guilt:(. I’m ready to start again, fall back into the lifestyle I had before but even better! If anyone’s reading this, can you give me some tips perhaps? Or some support? ��

  • Thanks for the advice. It’s been 5 years since I stopped working out due to being a working student and then for having drug induced hepatitis where I came from almost 200lbs to 135lbs. My girlfriend is into power lifting and I want to support her and eventually, help her train. Right now my muscle mass is gone… zero…. and I have pretty badly damage to my knees. I’m 41 yo and I suffer from Patellofemoral Syndrome and during my youth I suffered from Osgood-Schlater syndrome that left its mark but at the same time, I need to regain muscle tone on my legs to better protect my knees…. it’s a bit of a catch 22. Any tips? Thank you for the upload.

  • I being havering stiffness every morning when I get up from the bed I have to hold my self on the side of the bed to get up and go to work before this happened I had back pain on my right leg like a ciática nerve what can I do please help I’m 50 years old please advise!

  • Matt I honestly have to say that you have been a HUGE help in my training. I was always so focused on reps and sets and always trying to show off. It truly is humbling to take a step back and slow the pace down. Ever since I’ve been watching your channel (about 5 months now) I feel great and perform better than ever. Thank you so much.

  • Excellent video. I think I’ll be back in the gym next week. It will be interesting to see how it works with social distancing, extra cleaning, etc.

  • Great advice as always.
    The hardest thing to do after breaking my exercise habit, was forcing myself to start with a humble walk. There is no one who can run a fast 5k after 6 months of sitting in front of a computer. No amount of egoism will save you from pain the next day:P

  • I have a question I’m 32 years old a father of five used to be very active boxed for 5 years did amateur MMA for 3 years after having the kids I gave up the fighting to be there for the kids what would you recommend for a good diet starting going back to the gym I was 190 when I left the cage and I’m 250 now looking to drop the 50 in 3 months

  • Thanks Dr. Jo!! My back pain went from 50% pain, down to 15% with these stretches. I might have slept in a weird position last night.

  • Does this apply if your ischiatic nerve is a bit agitated as well so you feel pain in the hamstring area in addition to lower back

  • It’s so dang important cuz here in the USA most of us ain’t got no health insurance because it’s ridiculously expensive love you Whit!

  • Thank you for this Steve… I’m recovering from an eating disorder, and this lock-down situation has made things extremely difficult around this… weight training was my therapy ��

  • I need to hear this right now. I lost 25kg and now I think I gained 5kg again. Those last 5 wear the hardest to begin with. And now I am scared that I will gain it all back. I am eating like a pig. No portion controle. No healthy diet. Sleep pattern is messed up. And the gym is a place I haven’t visited regularly since 2 months:((( I am sad. I still needed to lose 10 kg and now I think I need to lose 15. I say I think bc I am afraid to step on the scale again. I am scared I can’t do it. Scared the I am not strong enough. Scared that I lost my chance by letting my self get of track.

  • Whitney you are literally my favorite influencer of all time. Thank you so much for posting the most inspiring and hilarious videos that make me want to keep going and push harder!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Thanks for all your awesome videos. I’m training for a marathon, I’m on week 13 of 20 and I am feeling the pain on my long runs, in the lower back area.. �� Perfect stretches Dr Jo thank you..

  • Thank you for this! It helped me a lot. I just did a 2 year break after really working out 6 Times a week for 2 years. Now I am going to start again because i stopped loving myself and i really want to doit again

  • Excellent perspective. When I started out again about two years ago to regularly train at all, I was pretty disappointed that I quickly became so winded and aching compared to my formerly very athletic self image, but that had been over a decade earlier. So I had to slowly get back into it to steadily progress from a lower level, and while some abilities might never come back or at least be as fluid others have improved beyond what I ever was able to do (or looked like) as a much younger athlete.

  • Hi! I love your videos so so much and I literally only follow them every single day, so wanted to say thank you so much!! Also I wanted to request if you can post a routine for increasing breast size?

  • Video was posted already 2 years ago but I just found you at the right time.
    More than a year ago I was all in the healthy lifestyle working out eating healthy, but it got at a point where I felt guilt if I didn’t workout and have eaten something even if it was healthier (sugar was completely cut out so anytime my mom made pancakes I was like uh no thanks there’s sugar in it or no I can’t eat chocolate so I completely turned my whole mind upside down) after a while I went on vacation for a month and all the eating healthy and working out cut down and I stopped all of that what I thought was a “healthy lifestyle”.
    I understood that feel guilty was so bad that I didn’t want to eat yet it IS essential if you want to be healthy and have energy, so I almost got a hang of not to feel guilt..well I’m trying most of the time it’s not that easy..but your video gave me motivation I really needed to hear that, no excuses, and especially no guilt

  • No wonder I was having so much trouble, my OT had me doing single arm straight arm extensions 4 days after surgery plus some of these others that you have for after 6 weeks. This was in a rehab facility. I was there 5 weeks. PT did nothing with the arm/shoulder. Their way of doing therapy was PT from the waist down; OT from the waist up.

  • I kind of did the opposite lol. I didn’t do a 1RM.
    Mon=chest Tues=Back Wed=Legs Thurs=Shoulders Fri=Arms Sat=Sumo Deadlifts and Squats. With 30-60 minutes of stair master everyday or 6 days.

  • There is a fee for seeing your video through the change app in China. why??? Do you have business cooperation??? Need to hear some real sounds.

  • Hey, I’m a big fan, have been for a while.
    I feel like my most valuable input would be “give us more volume” as in, literally, not reps/sets (lol) but as in AUDIO volume. If you could possibly turn it up just a little bit, that would be great.
    I consistently [edit: not for all of them, but for quite a few] have had to turn my headphones up to max to hear you (and, while this may have something to do with my headphones wearing out, it’s not the same for other YouTubers).
    Just a little bit would do. Say, 5-10% louder.
    Either way, you’re brilliant. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  • How about a short break? I’ve been sick for about 2 weeks now, should I go back to my regular routine or ease into it for a couple days?

  • New sub. Love your info man. Watched your video on proper push ups and how to build chest and realized I was cheating myself. Thanks for doing what you do.

  • So I am 15 and I was close to having a 6 pack and bam! Quarantine started and even before that I just stopped working out. Today I wanted to try a high cardio workout NONSTOP and I almost fainted after 3 months of not working out �� Had to stop. Already downloaded this app Centrfit to help me and tomorrow I’m back in the game baby!
    UPDATE: after 1 month of trying center fit I unfortunately didn’t keep it, the workouts were not for me at all. The recipes were really good but definitely I didn’t feel the workouts. Started doing exercises from “jump rope dudes” and damn I loved it

  • Lockdown 15 or 25…lmao, try 60 so far. And our government suggests the gym will only open after september. So that means 180 with closed gyms south africa for you

  • Thank you Whitney! You’re a true inspiration. From watching your videos and applying your tips, I’ve lost over 30lbs. I’ve been stressing through school and I’ve created a lot of bad habits. This video is really inspiring and brought me back to reality ❤️I’m so ready

  • Watching one year later… stopped the healthy lifestyle about 1 month ago. �� slowly getting motivated watching whitney for 1 week now.

  • Hey roberta thanks to you i lost 3 kg in 15 days and now even people are noticing change in my body plzzz suggest any three set if exercise from your video currently i m doing full body fat burn with get in shape fast i want to jow target my abs and thighs plzzz help

  • thank you Doctor for thsi valuable video.. i was advised by My orthopedic proffesor Dr.Ibrahim Agab (in UAE) to learn about your exercises… thanks again

  • I am spending the first week of gym post-lockdown doing low weight just to get my nervous system back into the grind of pushing weight. Get those tendons and ligaments used to it as well.

  • I don’t think I have ever wanted to be in the gym as much as I want to be there now! Weird how when it was open and I was free I found excuses, and now that I cant go I WANT to be there! Bizarre=)

  • Hi I had hip fracture,underwent surgery(dhs) approximately two years ago.I also have sciatica and low back pain is getting worse. can you please suggest some exercises for me. Thank you

  • Dear Dr Jo, just by following your suggestions for about half an hour, I have tremendous relief in my lower back pain. Many thanks. I am going to follow your videos quite regularly. Can I repeat the exercises for half an hour each twice a day? Regards. A Jain

  • What should i do when i bend down and suddenly i heard something crack at my lower back and its 5 days now suffering back pain…thanks if u reply

  • This is not answering the question. I need to get back in shape but I can’t do what I was able to do. I’m looking for tips on exercises that build the foundation I can build on

  • Interesting. I’ve always felt like I was on a roller coaster because I did feel like I was starting over again I’m going to use this advice I have a feeling it’s going to be very helpful for me. I always felt like I need to explain to people I’ve been off for a while I’m starting again blah blah blah I’m just tired of that old feeling like I’m starting over again so I’m leaving it behind thank you for the great video!

  • is there any specific exercise plan you may suggest? I’ve been going to Gym for 2 years and kind of started to lift heavy weights but then Corona lockdown and now the Gyms in Germany are opening again.
    I don’t want to get injury and I don’t want also to get bored.
    I would be grateful If you suggest me some exercises for the return routine and for how long.
    Thanks in advance

  • Thank you so much Jo it really very helpful for me, last 1 week I am suffered lower back pain because I did garden dig on that time its happened for me, after then I tried so many things but it’s not work just before I try your exercise compare to before now is better, I getting relief

  • Love this. What would your guidance be if we’ve been doing weight training with moderately heavy dumbbells? I feel like, those of us that had the luxury of doing that, didn’t lose as much strength as those who were stuck doing only body weight. I suppose your guidance of doing ‘what feels right’ would be what to follow. I was just curious if we could possibly bounce back to heavier weights faster without as much concern over injury.

  • watching this because quarantine got me when I was doing really good and it all went downhill. She always makes me want to get back on track and feel happy and healthy again <3

  • Seriously, I love you videos. You’re so hyper and bubbly and you have great advice. I’m trying to get back into working out after being bogged with work and being sick and it’s a struggle. But this video was just what I needed

  • Following this video, wouldn’t it be great to do a video on proper warm routine you would recommend for shoulders, hips etc. before lifting when going back to the gym to avoid any injuries like you said? Just a suggestion �� great video ��

  • i did not realize i was having pelvic tilt until one day my back hurts so much that i couldn’t move at all. thanks for this exercise it helps a lot

  • This video got me out my depression to the fact that i stopped working out after the lockdown, the depression came from the feeling that i lost my gains and gained fats, my gym is opening next week im excited to go back, thanks coach!

  • I used to do calisthenics alot before the MCO hits me. When it hits me, I been doing dumbbells, pushups and squats at home. I didn’t have any bars. After everything is settled going back to the park, doing back my pull ups it’s like I have never done a pull up before. Back shoulder were sore and stuffed and it would pull up my body.

    After listening, do something and instead doing my old workout routines. I finally understand. Thanks

  • Thank you so so Much! I’ve been having chronic back pain for ten years. Nothing has worked and I refused to have surgery, so I finally realized that maybe I need to start doing some exercises. Now that I’m in quarantine, I have the time to learn. You are greatly appreciated. I believe I need that cushion too! Take good care and stay safe.��

  • This was an informative video Steve! Strength gains will come back with patience and rushing back too quickly can lead to injuries.

  • Steve, so with the training; should we be looking at doing several sessions of total body workouts…say 2-3 per week for a couple weeks?

  • Tips:
    1) Let go of the guilt; do not beat yourself up for things you did in the past, learn from your mistakes and let it go.
    2) Focus on changing your mindset; this is a healthy lifestyle, not a diet. Diets don’t last, but creating healthy habits do.
    3) Drop the excuses; essentially, you are making excuses for not living a healthy lifestyle. If you want it, you have to cut out your excuses and start believing in yourself and in changing.
    4) Make a new plan; since what you did before didn’t work out for you, you need to sit down and create a new plan that you love and gets you motivated.
    5) Don’t go to extreme measures; do not engage in fad diets like cutting out sugar cold turkey. You need to remember that a slow and steady race, wins all the way. You can create a new healthy habit, stick with it and then create a new one.
    6) Focus on eating more wholesome foods; you can meal prep healthy meals for the entire week, this will help you eat better throughout the whole week and avoid the excuse of “not having enough time to cook a heathy meal”.
    Great vid Whitney!

  • would you still recommend the veterano plus workout routine? I’ve tried it out for a week and I’m really loving the simplicity and efficiency of it.

  • I start working a week ago and already lost 3 pounds on my waist he was a great work out every time I work I sweat I don’t have to go to the gym no no gym ����

  • How comes that ur gym isn’t closed and that there are always at least a few people training? (regarding ur insta videos etc)
    Greetings from Germany:)

  • I quit working out 6 months ago which is the same time I quit smoking. I’ve been putting all my energy into working extra jobs to pay off debt. And I’ve gained 15 lbs. So now it’s time to get back to it. Thanks for the advice! I tend to over do everything so this is great advice.

  • I love watching you’re videos ❤️ we have the same name, so every time you speak in the third person, it feels like you’re talking directly to me��

  • Thanks so much Whitney!!! <3 I know this vid has been out for a long time and I knew all these tips before... But I needed to hear them again... I've been suffering with eating disorders for so long and this vid helped me so so much... Especially the not feeling guilty part <3 <3

  • Thank you for the reality check. Been struggling for a month to get back into it and this was just what i needed. I think im gonna go start by walking my dogs.

  • I was ready to go to gym but could not find my sports bra:(( now i am waiting for my set to come which i ordered from GYmshark. It will be tough in winter but i will do that:)

  • Yo Matt! long time no talk to bro I was just remembering back in college that night at Ronnies when we got super fucked up off Jager and you banged Caitlyns friend Sarah that fat chick from math class that was always trying to get at you! you woke up the next morning with the long neck of a coors bottle shoved up your ass and a pony clamp on each nipple!!! that was so funny dude that girl wrecked your world haha I wish I knew where the picture was…good times we gotta kick it again soon stay up bro

  • hey buddy what are your thoughts on greasing the Grove, should implement it with my regular workout program. How should I do get into this.Will it effect my growth because I’m about 4months into calisthenics I’m growing in size but I wanna do more reps, if it’s not something I should do let me know thanks

  • Lol thank you for the tips whit!

    All those little shwhipy mouth sound effects you make remind me of my best friends 90yo Cuban abuelo ������

  • Whenever I watch your channel it has something exactly for me. just got back after a few months break LOL. stress on my schedule was heavy. So changed gyms and times. Lets see how that works

  • My last gym visit was Superbowl weekend. I started back late May and I am totally devastated with fatigue. My friend gave me some turmeric powder capsules which works wonders for the pain.that combined with Epsom salt bath do wonders for the pain…but the fatigue lasts for 2 to 4 days afterwards, in where as I feel every bit like a have the flu. I’ve tried reducing my workouts to once a week and half an hour but still that fatigue is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

  • I’ve been having back pain on both sides of my lower spine and when I turn to each side it’s kinda hard to breath I did all the stretches what should I do?

  • OMG you gave me my motivation back. Thanks I’ve went from 214 to 163 but the past few weeks I’ve lost my motivation. And was looking for ways to get it back. Thanks

  • For me winter is an easy time to get off track-both with eating healthy and exercising. But this video really helped thank you so much!

  • Hi Matt! Could you please make a video about the best stretching exercises for calisthenics? I’m very Limited in my movements because of my tight muscles, especially harmstrings and leg in general and so i can’t even train for L-sit or other stuff, it’s really annoying. That would be really helpful. Great video though, all of your videos are great! You really deserve more viewers and subscribers, you say the things we want to hear with simplicity and without losing too much time. Keep up the good work!

  • Steve Thanks for addressing all this. It’s true we are bummed out about events being canceled (Beyond wonderland for me ��)and we don’t have those goals like we used to. It’s really easy to work hard and stay on diet when you have something you’re working towards. If you don’t it’s easy to say “it doesn’t matter anyway, what’s another donut.”

  • Watching this video in 2019 because I’ve hit an emotional rut and lost my motivation:/ I know that I want to create some concrete fitness and healthy lifestyle goals for the new year but I wasn’t even sure where to start. I knew I could count on Whit to help me out!:)

  • I’ve been suffering with lower back pain, I’m in a really bad posture and I can’t even do one of these exercises because it really hurts my back. Pls help.

  • Thanks Whitney! Always super helpful tips that are easy to put to work! Just wanted to give some helpful advice as well: being super busy working full time, going to school, and co-building a new church for young adults, eating well can sometimes seem like a challenge; but something I realized was that SNACKS are really important! I’ve been watching my calories in order to reach a specific goal, and I saw just how much we eat without even knowing it, ESPECIALLY if we’ve been eating fast food or empty carbs, so I started meal prepping my main meals as well as simple snacks like carrots or cucumber with hummus to bring with me to work/school so that I always have something healthy to turn to if I’m really hungry and I’ve already eaten my lunch.

  • I workedout and ran alot but on one of my runs I twisted my knee and had to stop and eventually ALOT of sitting and eating and I really wanted to get back into runnig and I’ll try this

  • Thank you Dr Jo! Your lumbar exercises have given me relief beyond belief! I’ve been doing the 7-10 exercises everyday for 2 weeks & I am feeling relief from stenosis.. arthritis.. & bulging discs! Thank you!
    Any suggestions on seat cushions that are available? I need one for the car… rides cause leg numbness.. tingling & discomfort? The one you have is unavailable?

  • THANK YOU! I lifted something too heavy so now I have lower back pain. Your sitting and standing exercises gave me relief. Presently, I can’t do the floor exercises because of the excruciating pain when I get up from the floor. (The neighbors would not appreciate my screams. 😉

  • These tips are gold. Luckily I’ve stayed away from the junk because of all the quarantine memes scaring me. �� however the first 2 tips might be something I really have to keep in mind. So thanks ; you are the best!

  • Wow this gave me an entirely new perspective. What you said about not achieving the results you want with the habits you start out with is such a life-changing quote. I always felt like I had to be perfect from the beginning and work out with the same rigor that I would with my goal physique which is often too much to handle at the beginning. Thanks for posting

  • Hello Dr. Jo, Thanks for your videos. I’m having lower back pain since I started working from home. I use a chair with mesh back which has loosened and does not provide strong support since the mesh/net back is very loose. Can it be the reason, and I should change my chair? Please reply.

  • Buy a printable worksheet with the Back Pain Treatments in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/lower-back-worksheet
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  • I got back pain yesterday, I bent you back to keep something in a drawer and suddenly I felt pain in my lower back,I can’t move coz of pain,I tried inhale and felt pain too,so I slowly set for a while and search you tube for exercise then saw this.. I tried and I felt relief, I tried again this morning and repeated I the afternoon..����❤..It’s effective ❤

  • Hi Matt! Firstly I wanna say your videos are greatThanks for sharing your knowledge!
    I also have a question and would really appreciate your help.
    I have started cc about two weeks ago, I have been training prior to that so my fitness level is ok. I am on the first step on all of the big 6. But my joints ( shoulder, elbow and wrist) are aching and I’m not sure what to do. should I just carry on and lower the reps ( I do 1×10 on all big5 and the 6th is 2-3 sets Monday to saturday). Or shall i just give my arms a rest? Many thanks for your help.l

  • Thanks for the tips Steve I can’t wait to get back in the gym and I’ll try not to overdue it! I remember your Big Man on Campus workout was one of the first ones I did and completed starting out. I miss your lifestyle videos with all the tips for guys. Wondering what your routine is to keep your body hairless all the time and what are your favorite personal care products that you use?

  • I was working on my car engine bay about 1 hr then when I trying to get back straight I felt the pain on my lower back any tips dr.

  • I have been following you in YouTube from last 7 months and i didn’t knew you have your workout app can any one tell me the name of our steve workout app?

  • I stopped for two weeks and I am getting back into it tomorrow.I didn’t do it because of boredom Its just hard for me to just start.If some one said let’s workout or run ill do it and once I start I don’t stop until I’m tired or finished.I really don’t know how to stick to it.

  • You are always my go-to for exercises….I have the “spondy” issue and your exercises really work. I ordered a product from amazon.ca that appears to be very similar and has over 700 very good ratings. Hope it works. Thanks so much for your conscientious and careful and explicit instructions. You have a Canadian fan and subscriber here in Port Hope, ON, Canada.

  • Hey do you have any tips for getting back to working out after getting a lowerback strain? I know you can’t like tell me what to do because of like legal reasons or whatever but I don’t want to stop lifting but I dont know how to start again…

  • Great tips! Gyms are starting back up here from tomorrow, and I’m really looking forward to them. Exercise in parks is great and all, but I miss the atmosphere of the gym too. I love to push myself so I have to make sure to not try to go crazy on my first day.

  • Has anybody got a bone sticking out of the back of their shoulder since there surgery? It’s very uncomfortable and painful when tryna do some of my exervises

  • I tried squatting 3 sets of 225 for 6 reps on my first leg day back (which was relatively easy before quarantine) Almost collapsed and groin was wrecked for like 4 days lol Definitely want to take the advice of not over doing it/ thinking you can pick up where you left off!

  • I lost 15 pounds last month! Just by changing my eating habits, and working out! It gets easier and its okay to have a snack everyone once in a while. Meal prep has definitely changed the game for me!

  • Hi Dr Jo, awesome video, I wake up with back pain and on most days it subsides, so I have been trying diff exercises and Pilates… going to try some of the additional stretches you have gone through, thank you. How often would you suggest I do these exercises and also how many times in a day.. morning and evening?

  • Can you please tell me how can my 60 year old dad can fix his sore lower back?? Is there any for older people?? In case he can’t do some of these XXX Thanks….I enjoy your voice as Alot of people who do your work are annoying but your great nice Tone XXXX

  • I would say after this quarantine, I’m coming out of it looking and feeling better than when I went into it. Summer bod in full effect ��

  • Dang, needed this. Been about three years since I worked out and been back at it about a month now. Got super out of shape. My big problem was when I moved I didn’t live near a gym, and where I moved from, it was down the street. Now a new place I moved too a little over a month ago has a gym down the road and I’m back to it. Being walking distance of a gym is really all I needed.

  • Love your videos! inspirational. Beautiful body… better personality and spirit. You work very hard for what you have and it shows x

  • hi maam please reply when i do my abs workout my lower back pains too much so please advice i should stop doin abs or i must be having slip disc injury please advice thank you

  • My lowerback started to hurt ever since i had leg pain for 4 weeks i feel like its connected to my back
    I dont know if i have sciatica
    But i managed to attend school and i have decided to consult a doctor and gave me meds and my leg pain is gone but my lower back started hurting
    Im a teenager and im not very active but i am practicing this exercises
    What is the best exercise or routine for me?

  • My brother died recently, and I’ve been dealing with immense grief and loss. Which has really made my trips to the gym harder to keep!
    I know that working out help me feel better, and the chemicals released help fight the depression, but getting there is the hard part!
    Has anyone experienced this…and have any advice for keeping up at the gym while grieving? Thank you!

    P.S. love you Whitney!! You are an inspiration, and so uplifting!

  • my gym reopened last monday but i was still working out while they were closed, so i deloaded last week and now im back to heavy weights

  • My gym is opened for 3 weeks now,I’m thinking of starting tomorrow however I’m a little afraid of enclosed places and everybody sweating spreading germs. I guess it’s a new era of learning to adapt. Thanks for the tips stay safe everyone.

  • Wow just went through this video with you and I already feel about a 50% reduction in general pain in my lower back, especially the sitting stretch. Thank you so much!

  • hey matt..i need you help pal…i was reading on the different types of strength “”strength endurance and explosive strength and maximal strength” being on cc routine right now for 3 months what type of strength do you think i developed the most?

  • As an artist with a chair that doesn’t nessecarily fit me the best, I’ve been getting quite a bit of lower back pain. Been doing these every once in a while while drawing and it has really helped relieve my back instantly. Your other video for artist stretches was also very helpful. Thank you very much! Keep producing the amazing, straight to the point content ��������

  • Is it advisable to do the stretches when the pain is its most intense? Or, would it be best to do the exercises once pain medicine and/or muscle relaxers have taken effect?

  • Those tips are very helpful! I’ve found out that the one I struggle with the most is, “letting go”. I’m going to let go, follow your tips, today is a new day. I’m so happy I found your channel!

  • I cannot even bend when I am in the sitting position and my pain mainly elevates during morning. Unable to workout,is it lower back pain?

  • I can’t straighten up my back when I stand up from sitting position. I walk few steps with bending back and pain. After few steps walking my back starts straight out. Tell me something about this.

  • Hi Doctor,
    I am at two months post-op for rotator cuff surgery. I’m attending PT two times a week (the first month was once a week due to insurance/provider conflicts).
    My concern is ROM (range of motion) for that arm is highly limited for allowing the forearm to lay flat while lying on my back.
    What do you recommend?

  • Awesome tips champ, thank you!
    Personally, as the first day in gym today, i restarted pretty slow. I have all the next days to push harder!:D

  • How come it only takes 4 weeks to regain months/years worth muscle? Does that mean you didn’t really lose the muscle, but it was just unactivated?

  • i was doing a squat and i think i pushed up way too fast…i couldn’t stand..now my back hurts will this help..i cant bend for a long period of time like i used to

  • Go back to the gym with a plan! Pre-register for the 8-Week Summer Sizzle Challenge and get 15% off ▷ https://challenge.fitnessculture.com/preregister

  • Hey �� Dr. Jo, sorry to bother you, but you’ve always been very helpful in the past. Long story short I’m preparing a speech for class on the benefits of physical activity and I needed to find a great article on why core workouts are beneficial not only for posture, but pain relief if someone might be having issues with a pinched nerve, etc. If you could help me with that I’d greatly appreciate it, i understand you’re busy. No matter what I’ll always be a loyal subscriber, you provide the best videos. ��

  • Great videos. Love the sound effects you do…ive liked and ive subscribed. Im gonna have the lifestyle your dogs have it looks so cool…sleep…sleep…sleeeeeeeeep

  • Guys my physio gave me the exercise with a yellow band to bring overhead while stretching it outwards while lying down and it hurts me should she have gave me the stick instead of a band because I feel very of balance and my arm did fall back abit and now when I try the exercise it’s very stiff and uncomfortable I don’t see my physio until next week need help

  • Hi i am sadequl from bangladesh. last 10 November 2018 did my shoulder dislocation surgary (Latarjet procedure). but i not fell easy my hand.