7 Exercises You Shouldn’t Do Again


10 Exercises & Lifts You Should NEVER do. Harmful. Dangerous.

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7 Exercises You Should Do Absolutely Every Day.

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Top 7 Worst Exercises/Lifts-You Should NEVER Do. Do THESE Instead.

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3 Abdominal Exercises You Should Never do. EVER. In our opinion.

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TOP 5 DANGEROUS Exercises You Should Never Do Again | 5-Minute Treatment

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8 Exercises You Should NEVER DO AGAIN!

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15 Common Exercises You Should Never Do! (Updated)

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7 Exercises You Should Never Do Again 1. SITUPS AND CRUNCHES. Situps and crunches are as old-school as it gets: You see them in PE class, boot camps and 2. SMITH MACHINE EXERCISES. With the exception of the inverted row, avoid all exercises on the Smith machine. It. 7 Exercises You Should Never Do Again 1. SITUPS AND CRUNCHES.

Situps and crunches are as old-school as it gets: You see them in PE class, boot camps and 2. SMITH MACHINE EXERCISES. With the exception of the inverted row, avoid all exercises on the Smith. If you are pregnant, you should also consult a health professional before doing this exercise. With the approval of your doctor, try exercises that are easier on the knees instead, like the half-jack.

12 Exercises You Should NEVER Do Again. Eliminate the bad and turn it into good, that’s our goal when trying to build a body we deeply desire and envision. The same model can be used when picking the types of exercises we perform, we want t. By Alessandro P May 05, 2016. 10 Exercises You Should Never Do Again, According to Trainers Smith Machine Squats.

Squatting on a Smith machine might look like a safe alternative to the squat rack. In reality, Machine Leg Extensions. How often do you just sit around and kick out your legs? Probably not often—if ever.

10 Exercises You Should NEVER Do (Well, at least almost never.) All that said, here is a short collection of exercises that – in my opinion – are not only usually inefficient, ineffective, and moderate-high risk, but also have a very narrow margin of usefulness. Exercise Tips 5 Stretches You Can Go Ahead and Never Do Again 5 Stretches You Can Go Ahead and Never Do Again. By Karla Walsh February 24, 2020 Save FB Tweet. More. View All Start Slideshow.

When it comes to health and fitness, we’re in no shortage of advice on what we should be doing. But not all exercise is not good exercise. In fact, some of it can be pointless, damaging or potentially dangerous. So here’s the lowdown on what exercises you should avoid, so you can concentrate on what you should be doing instead.

1. Tuck jumps This is where you squat, then jump. My main opinion above all else is that you should do the exercises you can do comfortably and safely, and avoid the ones you can’t. So if hammer curls happen to be one that’s good for you, then by all means do it.

There was actually a year or so where I had an elbow issue and hammer curls were the only type of curl I could do without pain. We have compiled a list of the 9 worst exercises you should never do. Look, I know you’re busy, and I don’t want you to waste your time. If you are doing any of these horrible exercises, then you are wasting your time. This post will discuss: The Top 9 Worst Exercises of All Time.

Why These Are Exercises To Avoid.

List of related literature:

These five exercises are by no means comprehensive.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
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(ii) Only one or maybe two exercises should be taught in one session.

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Mistake 6: Not Recognizing That Some Sometimes Less Is More In yoga practice, sometimes less is more.

“Journey Into Power: How to Sculpt Your Ideal Body, Free Your True Self, and Transform Your Life with Yoga” by Baron Baptiste
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6) Continue strengthening, proprioceptive, and balance exercises, with increasing challenges.

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These five exercises are the best ofthe best.

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Some of these mistakes simply make the exercises ineffective; other goofs can result in serious injury.

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Third, the inclusion of a high-repetition program was not explored using these tested exercises.

“Physical Therapy of the Shoulder E-Book” by Robert A. Donatelli
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But these are only a few of the exercises that we did.

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9) Do not sit down after exercising.

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During this time, pendulum exercises and elbow ROM exercises were permitted three times daily.

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  • This was really helpful, I’m not even 18 and I was wondering why my back hurt so bad after I did things like Russian twists and toe touches. what I took from today was that contrary to my previous and popular belief, back problems are not ¨for old people¨.

  • What is the best way to carry a shoulder bag without hurting my neck and shoulder. I used to carry a backpack but i stopped since i ended up with a lingering shoulder & neck pain.

  • Question: Tendon impingement in shoulder I have been told by trainers and class instructors that mild popping and snapping is ok in my shoulders so long as there is no pain is this a myth? If it is ok how do I tell the difference between it and impingement?

  • You guys always bring up not doing sit ups. Is there a good excercise to do that will improve my sit up numbers while not forcing me to do them hundreds of times? Sit ups are always part the requirement for public safety physical exams. Same with follow up physicals to maintain your job.

  • Thanks, guys! I have been wanting to work my shoulders but have an impingement in a shoulder. You have given me wonderful alternatives that are safe and still effective.

  • in triceps dips, the hands are positioned wrong, which is why it seems bad. However check athlean X, he shows the right way in one of his video. I had the same problem as you earlier

  • Thanks Bob and Brad! I feel bad cause I kept requesting this video and you are getting all the heat for it:( I was gonna ask if you could make another video on how to regain flexibility after sciatica.
    I bought mckenzies book (treat your own back) and read it but it would be nice to have you all as the experts make a video on it! Again I’m so sorry �� thank you for teaching me how to property exercise.

  • Great Video! I’m a dedicated fitness person about to turn 50 with a recent “I’m going die” sciatica event. Your videos are helping me assess my routines! THANK YOU!

  • Thanks so much for saving me from a shoulder impengement and low back injury-I’ve always done all of the exercises in this video except the Good mornings but now I know to never do bent over rows or shoulder presses again!

  • I caught three that I was doing wrong. Glad I watched this one!
    I also remember that years ago a podiatrist told me that running was the worst for the knees.

  • Have you seen Mark Rippetoe’s analysis of the press? He demonstrates that a press (to the front) does not cause impingement especially if you shrug the shoulders at the top of the movement.


  • In my effort to prevent a shoulder I felt beginning,I did a series of shoulder exercises, yes a few overhead exercises. I’m now sitting here in pain! Wish I had looked at your recommendations first!

  • Athletes have been doing these exercises for decades and don’t really have back or shoulder problems caused by them in particular. Injuries and problems are caused by poor form or not having enough strength in specific body parts to handle the exercise putting pressure on the other ligaments etc. It is recommended for someone perhaps over 50 that isn’t really athletic or has back or other problems not to do these exercises but the exercises themselves if done properly don’t cause problems.

  • Were you saying lat pulldowns are bad when you were talking about the bar in front? Are pull ups bad or hanging from bars bad? I have shoulder pain. But I don’t usually have pain doing those excercises. Thanks guys!!

  • Very helpful, thank you. Good sensible advice on what stresses unnecessarily joints/muscles. There are lots of great videos by Bob and Brad about good exercises you can see, too. And if people don´t agree with something, they don´t have to take the advice, do they?

  • Regarding the hamstring stretch. I noticed on two different videos each of you had your head off the surface. Is this ‘the way’ to do it (perhaps by creating a curve in the spine) or is it just as OK to do it with your back and head flat on the surface, and why or why not?

  • Agree on almost all but the strandard military press INFRONT of you,like come on,Bob’s form is atrocious on it and if you do it properly with shurging your shoulders at the top of the movment and remaining neutral in the spine aswell as having the elbows in ans resting on your lats and moving the bar straight up and down.Im pretty sure it has 0 negative effects.

  • body weight exercises are safer when you add weights is when things can put too much strain on back, the hamstring stretch is fine in my opinion, in real life we use this position a lot, and i feel it wont cause injury unless u add weight and get into this postion liek you do in good mornings and dead lifts., martial artists have used that stretch for centuries, with no issues, i agree with the sit ups, as it compresses the back, and there are safer alternatives. but body weight dead lifts you just have to tense, the glutes to make it do the more work than the back. i think body weight is safer alternative to weights doing deep sqauts with bodyweight dont really strain knees to much, a weighted squat will do, weighted and bodyweight change movement pattern and biomechanics alot and can change the way the joint works, excercises that are dangrous with weights become safe with no weights, as its natural movement the weights make all the difference and make many safe excercises, unsafe

  • Ironic that you recommend russian twists on a never do again video. Other experts say it’s a bad exercise for the back & recommend safer option.

  • I don’t get why the hell anyone does good mornings. Such a pointless and painful exercise for little gain. There are so many better ways to strengthen your hamstrings and lower back.

  • Thank you for the video. Ever since corona I have been playing lot of golf. Looking down at the ball all day has altered my posture and bothered my neck and hands If I stretch it gets rid of the nerve pinching but I feel like I have to stretch the neck every ten minutes when I golf. Anything I can do about this? I have to look down in golf

  • Oh man, good thing I stumbled upon your videos. I’m 30 and been working out for 2 years in my garage gym with only the internet as my guide. You know what I agree with you guys. I’m starting to love fitness and my goal is to keep lifting weights on my 50s and until I die so I’m gonna make sure I won’t compromise my one and only spine.

  • I agree with everything except the first stretch, and bent over rows. I personally don’t like the bent over row though.

    The first stretch including the seated one should be done with a straight back with no bend whatsoever. Most people don’t have the flexibility and get hurt when they do it wrong. That said, there are probably some alternatives.

    Edit: forgot about the bent over rows. These should also be done with a straight back, and bent knees. I like doing the T-bar row instead.

  • If everyone when there kids learned exercises that trained better posture and movement patterns we would be better off, there would be less negative conflicts toward exercises.

  • Thank you, most famous physical therapists on the internet.. your pointers are good for me. Am trying to recover from a shoulder issue with a clicking sound…. have been a perennial beginner due to the constant pain all over after the first few workouts which would make me give it up and start walking..

  • I love to squat but I have balance problems due to Peripheral Neuropathy in my legs and left foot from Type 2 Diabetes. So what can I do instead?

  • You guys should make a fitness channel so that we know what to do cause everything is wrong and i am just like oh i won’t work out forever��

  • If done properly, none of these exercises are harmful. The problem is doing them improperly and not keeping your core stiff while doing them. These guys are demonstrating a lot of these improperly.

  • Dangerous isn’t the word id use lol but you could strain especially your neck if doing some of these exercise incorrectly, and I feel the strain more in my neck, but it’s getting easier the more I do them. Infact, I enjoy ab exercises now, never thought I would, and yes, even sit ups. Just wish I could breath in and out at the right times ����‍♀️

  • Giving a poor demonstration of a military press and then linking that with an impingement concern, is like if I did chin tucks incorrectly and then linked that to cervical spine issues. Their is no doubt that behind the neck presses do pose a high inpingement risk and that is why any qualified individual warns against them, but to write off military presses overall is absurd. Their are many physical therapists with actual qualifications in sports science and athletics training who have pointed out that the military press poses no harm.

    Just because you do not know how to teach nor perform an barbell overhead press, does not mean you should spread the fallacy that it is harmful and leads to shoulder issues.

  • You’ve got to be kidding with this video. You’re back is not that fragile. Squats, good mornings, and bent overs are fine WITH GOOD FORM. Tell people to get some instruction instead of saying never do them.

  • In a world where the vast majority of people are dangerously UNDERtrained, I think it’s better to ENCOURAGE movement rather than stating that certain movements of your body are inherently dangerous. We aren’t made of glass, and movement we PREPARE for can be totally safe.

    1. Bent over stretch.
    With a straight back this is a great way to stretch tight hamstrings. To target the hamstrings people could keep a neutral back instead, but honestly it’s not going to destroy your back to bend over for 15 seconds…

    2. Neck stretch. The point of this stretch is to warm up the neck muscles by RESISTING the hands. It’s not meant to lengthen the neck. This is great for wrestling where your neck goes through strain that necessitates a decent warmup.

    3. Flat sit up. I’d agree that there are better options for abs, but only because this uses your hip flexors instead of your abs. To contract your abs fully you literally need to bend your back… crunches are a rounding off your back to work your abs. Unless you only do isolation work I don’t see how you expect people to do abdominal exercises at all.

    4. Wide stance pushups. Yes this is harsh on the shoulders, but this is an advanced version and can help work those smaller muscles as an additional accessory to pushups or pressing movement that are more pec dominant. If you warmup your rotator cuffs, you can totally do these safely.

    5. Dips.
    Dips literally improve your shoulder mobility BECAUSE of the great range of motion they provide. Of course if the dip is too hard for someone this isn’t ideal, but a controlled movement through a stretch is fantastic. Only working through ranges you can easily reach will stagnate your mobility or even worsen it. If you never let your shoulders move they will he stiff and MORE prone to injury.

    6. Military press.
    Literally just add a little arch, and if your heads in the way still you can use dumbbells instead. Shoulders are weaker than pecs, but that’s why you simply just do less weight on this movement than you would on say a flat bench.

    7. Knee extension.
    I don’t do knee extensions, but again, unless your loading weights you can’t handle in a movement that is foreign to you, it CAN be safe and is one way to completely isolate quads. I prefer squats, lunges, and leg presses, but your knee will be taking force (and recovering stronger) so long as your doing any quad dominant movement.

    8. Upright row. Yeah also not the biggest fan. 1/8.

  • In prim/secondary school we were instructed to do in the 3rd way, physiotherapy wasn’t much better since I ended up feeling constant pain in several parts of my spine. I’m not saying it’s the reason but it’s sad that joint damage is a decease of modern age and only a few guys like these are here to educate. I’m 26 but my joints/disks are damaged almost like everywhere in my body, even meloxikam is not that useful anymore, thanks modern age & lifestyle.

  • Great tips. A lot of these exercices (like over triceps) even with proper form can damage your body after a while, months, years. Thank you

  • I did the shoulder blade crunch when shoulder pain happened,after a few crunches the pain went. I have had no pin relief for 3days. I would say I have 90 percent less pain after seeing these guys. Long may they continue to help us mortals.

  • I’m always telling my mates NO behind the head lag pull downs/ military presses because it’s an unnatural movement, forwarding this video

  • This is complete and absolute bullshit. OHP dangerous for your shoulders???? Come on now thats like saying walking is bad for your legs

  • But on who have you tested the stress on discs? These excercises could have been done incorrectly by someone who have too week abs and is supporting the weight on their discs. You should check that with some athletes, for example someone who have been training calistenics or gimnastics for some time to determine if that’s really because these excercises are unhealthy or just majority of people are doing them incorrectly.

  • @itsbenp They have actually made an episode previous to this where they do not mix up the exercises and explain it in greater detail why some of these exercises really are harmful. They have also made videos addressing squat and exercise form. I recommend you check those out.

  • Bob and Brad, you’ll always be the greatest! But isn’t the “Good Morning” fine if you hold a good arch in your back (neutral spine) and only push till the end of the hamstrings range of motion, thus leaving the back out of it?

  • Think you may have just given me a bit of a ‘miracle’ combined with my yoga block for this back pain! Thank you so much, you guys are utter gems ��

  • I switch crunches for leg raises (hanging). Good morning with traditional deadlifts. Military press with dumbbell press. Barbell rows with machine rows. There are ways around things

  • Absolutely agree with the suggestions.
    Still as a beginner, I can’t properly perform deadlifts, probably due to weak hips and lower back muscles. I am doing squats, but I am hesitating about using back hyperextension machine.

  • This is bulls**t!! Yoga and few other form of exercises are all about these exercises and i have seen many people get healed by doing these exercises! The spine does NOT get hurt by doing some of these exercises instead your spine gets healthier! The pushup, you just have to do it in a right form, the tricep, you have to do it in a right form. Any exercise has to be done with a lot of concentration and it is all about being aware of one’s body. The entire video is a bunch of crap!! It looks like they are saying “don’t exercise, just stay there, get lazy, get unhealthy, get unfit, it’s great for you” URGH!!!!

  • So helpful! I wish PT teachers would teach this to school kids because it looks like they taught us many of the wrong ones. And I am suffering as a result.

  • I’d recommend everyone to check out Barbell Medicine of these dudes who uses fear mongering to sell pillows, matteresses, and resistance bands (lol). Your body is not as fragile as theses fellows tell you, you can adapt to resistance.
    Squatting past parallel is not bad, you can work up to building mobility.
    Nobody does military presses like that, of course its gonna hurt you being stupid. Same as the bent over rows, who acutally does that?
    You’ll have to work with your anthropometry, sure, but its a big lie to say that most people can’t squat.

  • Another miracle just happened with that towel exercise, I’ve had tangling through my arms for a week and I did all your pinched nerve videos but no change, just ten of these and gone �� thank you

  • Machine exercises are very easy to do and keep you lively in the gym, it gives faster results as you lift heavy weights. No doubt, functional exercises such as squats, lunges, deadlifts are safe and better anytime as long as you have patience to see the results. I prefer to do both as we all want to see faster results.

  • All the effective exercises are tough and also painful it’s doesn’t mean that it’s dangerous i think all the people can do this who want to lose weight even fitness experts and trainers suggest to do this kind of exercises and I don’t think so they are wrong and i seen every type of age height and weight of people doing this exercises it’s not dangerous it’s injurious so carefully and rightly everyone can do this

  • I agree with you on a lot of these exercises but not all of them. A lot of these movements are fine for people free of musculoskeletal disorders who can lift with good technique. We do have a problem with managing weight loading though, too much too fast, we need to teach self-evaluation and regulation

  • What is your opinion on free weights (barbells and dumbbells) vs resistance bands? I use bands because they’re versatile and more economic.

  • How to lose all credibility in one video.
    “Don’t do that it puts stress on your back”… what do you think the point of weight training is?? induce stress -> adapt -> become stronger. This is the basic principle of exercise!
    All these correlations between ‘that guy you knew’ who used to do some exercise and the back pain he has now. If you’re at least half as competent as you make people believe you are you should know correlation =/= causation and you’re scaring people out of doing completely safe exercise!

  • High school gym teachers are not versed in training.At the same time all exercises can hurt you when your not being smart as you do them.Doing something is always better than nothing.All these are advanced movements not for beginners

  • This is brilliant as an 18 year old I thought I’d just naturally be good at this because I play sports. I feel like a new man doing these

  • I use leg extensions to warm up my quads before squats. Just 3 sets light weight, that’s what Lee priest does. Lee also trained with Tom Plats the “Quad father”. So it has its purpose.

  • A Practical Easy to follow Program You Can Use To Instantly Release Your Hip Flexors For More Strength Better Health And All Day Energy: https://www.healthcareum.online/2020/08/unlock-your-hip-flexors-for-more.html

  • Leg Extension is frequently used as a FOUNDATIONAL rehab exercise with great positive effect. Overheard Press is definitely dependent on the individual’s shoulder health/flexibility. Clearly, a lot of people shouldn’t be doing them.

  • Ah I love the comment section! Two specialists dealing everyday for years with any sort of problems and injuries have to argue with half illiterate gym freaks. Guys lift all the weight you want, you have been warned.

  • Those exercises should not be done by the ego lifters they are high risk…. you know nothing about bio mechanics, so you cannot explain proper form!

  • Question please I got a Cortizone injection in my back I had tingling right down to my foot. A week after the injection my foot and my ankle starts tingling, most of the time when I stand and not when I sit or lay down. Any suggestions

  • Thanks for the video always good to refresh my memory sometimes we have to go back.. and take a little refresher course on a personal level might have some people get away with them at my age I sure the hell can’t no more…..

  • I did damage my shoulder by pressing shoulder from back, and my rotator cuff got torn. How can i rebuild my shoulder muscles? i mean with which exercise? ��

  • So, BodyPump(TM) yes or no? I’m in my 60s and still do it (though I have a sore shoulder that limits what I can do). I’ve been doing Pump for years, and have taken on all the safety tips given in class. The bent over row demonstrated here is different from what we do with a big weight. In BodyPump, we keep the bar close to our thighs so that it slides down the legs. The row is likewise up the thighs to the stomach and back down, with arms close to your sides, or occasionally turned out to the sides in a wide row.

  • All types of exercise have a comment.. haha! This is not good, do what I say.. then other mentors say.. I know what is the best exercise program ��

  • Some of these you should not do, like upright rows; but others are fine, the problem is most people are so out of shape, and so deconditioned they first need to strengthen themselves in order to do some of these exercises.
    Bending over to touch toes, I’m 61 and can bend over and touch my palms to the floor, it causes me no back pain. Nor should it cause anyone pain who does not have a back injury. A person should be able to support their own body through a range of motion, now don’t bend over and pick up a weight this way, now you’re adding a load to your back and could easily cause an injury.
    Neither of these men look like they exercise and move like they are at least a decade older than they are.

    Chiropractors are dangerous, they manipulate people’s necks and it’s been known to cause paralysis and stroke, never let them touch your neck!

  • I have been lifting weights for 40 years. Fortunately I have never had a day when my training day was stopped due to injury and I train everyday. BUT, I am now 55 and I am beginning to lower my weights in order to extend my physical abilities into older age. I do feel my back now and have to ensure I am stretching and all the rest of it. We have to adapt for longevity otherwise longevity will come with movement preventing disability. It is hard to accept that I now have to adjust my training but reality is reality. Great vids.

  • Loool #3 is exactly how the abdominal portion of the USAF (I believe all other branches do the same) PT test is done. The run portion is always after this. Go figure, it’s always harder to run because the hip flexors are getting more work than the abs.

  • I read some comments about body building on this saying Bob and Brad don’t know what they are talking about. As you get older you will understand why they are making this video. I use to do all those exercises without a problem because I used good form. However, as I was getting older I became more prone to lower back pain. It bothers me that I can’t do as much I use too but I find alternatives. Things change when we get older unfortunately.

  • Good video but I’m not so sure about Military Press. If you take a narrow grip and don’t have existing shoulder problems it should be fine

  • I have mid back pain after standing for awhile and even walking. Bending over with my arms hanging eases the pain. Usually have to then sit for a few minutes. What can I do for the mid back pain? I think I need to see a chiropractor.

  • If everyone listened to this advice, bodybuilding, strength training, powerlifting would be a thing of the past.

    Wow. So you said I will complain when I get to my 50s? What about this guy?


  • After watching all this (luckily, I do none of these ‘bad’ exercises). I’m really curious to know about the tricep extensions using a single heavy dumbbell behind the head and back. I have done it for months, without any problems so far, except that it feels rather unnatural and tires me out faster than I think it should. Any advice?

  • Really thank you soo much, bcos right now I’m facing pain in my arms and legs…
    Thank god I hav noticed Nowitself, iam a beginner.

  • As a swimmer and former life guard, I used to(and sometimes still do) use the hip abductor machine to strengthen my kick on the Breaststroke. It helps tremendously you just cant over do it. I go heavy for power and light for endurance. Is there any other excerise in the gym that can help strentgh your Breaststroke kick?(and no squats do not help, as they add a lot of muscle to your legs which makes your body and legs sink more, especially if you’re a guy who’s muscular, all squats do is increase your leg strength, which is counteracted by the muscle it adds to your legs. The hip abductor machine also helped me get a much wider kick because the machine can force your legs into a spreaded position that’s hard to achieve naturally but makes your Breaststroke kick so much stronger. Maybe I’m wrong but im open to suggestions

  • Even lunges r harmful.. By putting too much pressure on ur knees… 2nd…. Wall chair is also very harmful for knees full pressure is given there n wrong postures also harm d knees….. 3rd……jumping Jack’s also harms knees…
    .. I m so much glad to see this video thanx a lot….. Can u pls put up a video for removing luv handles how n fast it can b done ty so much

  • Ugh I knew I hated crunches for a reason but I’m still gonna do them ����
    But I’m definitely never doing sit-upsnever even did it before ��

  • I recommend that this video is carefully watched by anyone who goes to the gym and does weight training. A very useful video. It will contribute to correcting many mistakes that are known correctly.

  • So according to your perception sir Hip implant survivors should also not do back Superman exercise, abs workout but what about swimmers who swim like this and even Doctors advice to do butterfly swimming position as well. What’s your opinion about those swimmers who jump from 6′ high roll their body and do butterfly exercise in water means I respect your opinion but I’m confused?

  • As the saying goes “prevention is better then cure” and I like to add with it even if you have the best way to cure it. I recently started weight training and do not have access to great gym trainers let alone a gym trainer with the knowledge of a physiotherapist like you do. I am in the weight training for fitness purposes and hence its not affordable let alone worth to injure myself in the process.

    Hence Kindly can you make a comprehensive series covering worst exercises in the gym specially the ones who promote long term problem with various body parts for all the muscles that are generally covered during most of the gym sessions. Your work is extremely important for people who do not have access to good facilities.

    Thanking you and I wish you healthy life ahead.

  • I just did push up the other day and my chest and triceps are still in pain specially during daytime. I’m planning that if this gets healed within this week or next, I’m gonna stop push up and just do jumping rope workout/exercise. I have a bike also, so I’m glad that I watch this video. Great vid!!! Thank you!!!!

  • Are these okay for someone with spinal fusion? I have 28 year old Harrington rods and I’ve developed arthritis above and below the rods. Wondering if the backbends in particular would be helpful or potentially make things worse.

  • Sir, good to avoid for back pain and for people who are having some disc issue’s, but still they ask frequently to teach abdomen exercises…
    What are the substitute for those population? Pls

  • Sir I have swelling in my right hand joint.2years ago I had ligament swelling problem which was very painful.now I have pain in upper arm which is unbearable.what exercises I am supposed to do.pls.showwith video.thanx.

  • All of these except for the last one were things I used to do stone point or another. The worst part is some of them never felt right and I still did them.

  • I wonder how much you guys stay up to date on research, this seems like the classic old school pt though process on these movements. Your credibility definitely took a dive on this one for me

  • Well.. it looks like I will be taking my physio ball out of storage once again..thanks again for “safety first” protocol fellas!!:)

  • These are so true n they are better alternates.My back n neck are feeling a lot better since I changed.. Strapping a weight around you I think is also bad but hey… What’s that old saying; learned the hard way ��

  • Performed the tricep exercise you did on the table, and my it immediately irritated my elbow. I’m going back to normal extensions if I do them at all.

  • In my opinion, Bob and Brad are offering decent advice for the average person, considering that the average person is middle aged, overweight, and has a desk job. It’s absolutely true that all these exercises are dangerous for such people.

    I just wish they would qualify what they are saying. The squat, bent over row, and overhead press are archetypal movements, and for individuals with active lifestyles, it is important to possess strength and stability in those basic motion ranges.

  • So instead of the barbell press, what about land mine presses? Or are the shoulders only supposed to be exercised in the horizontal plane?

  • I agree with the bicep supinated preacher curl. I altered the exercise using dumbbells to where I only supinate towards the top portion of the curl.

  • Hey guys
    Thank you for the video.
    Can you please show me good science/evidence you mention at the beginning, that we shouldn’t do these exercises? I believe it does not exist.
    This teaching is very outdatet.
    I am pretty sure that you make this video with you best intentions, but it basically tells us that we cant do anything to our body and that moving is harmfull.
    Furthermore it tells us that our body is weak and fragile. That is not the case. Our body, including our back is strong and very adaptive to what we do to it.
    No movement is harmfull or dangerous. You can do everything too much, that includes both exercising and inactivity, and get pain from it, but that doesn’t mean that you have hurt yourself. Our bodies are designed to move, also forward bending. Yes it puts stress to our back, but that is how we get stronger, by adapting.
    Pain is a very complex and can be caused by a lot more than just tissue damage. Sleep, stress, negative explanations to our body and at lot more can be a factor when it comes to pain.
    Maybe you could do a video about what pain is? Take a look at Lorimer Moseley Why things hurt which is good start getting to know what pain is.

    Mikkel Siert Physiotherapist(and lot of knowledge about pain)

  • Well they’re showing these exercises with poor technique. Of course people would get injured. The whole point is to use your core, brace properly, when lifting. ITA most people don’t know how to do proper technique though.

  • I’ve literally done all those and others……seriously no joke…..I have felt absolutely zero pain n my back at all.
    So can I keep doing them!? Only back pain I feel is when I clock into work and clock out….that’s where I get al my back pain from

  • I am 52 days out hip surgery and my x-rays showed disc and facet disease in the lumbar spine. I definitely notice lower back pain when going on walks. Any suggestions on which exercises would be best for me?

  • I found that you are repeating subjects in your videos, what is good, because when I browse through them, I know repeated ones are the most important and then it is easy to remember those tricks for my painful back! Thank you B&B!

  • it’s tearing your lower back if you’re lifting 400 pounds not 5… Lower back is the strongest part of the back, it holds everything, you should know that.
    Every bodybuilder 50+ would be dead if what you’re saying was true.

  • 1. 02:35 Neck tuck

    2. 04:40 Head back extension (use towel)

    3. 06:05 Arms lock back stretch (expands chest)

    4. 08:25 Squeeze shoulder blades

    5. 09:20 Back extension (push up position)

    6. 10:32 Hip flex (kneeling w 1 leg bent)

    7. 11:28 Ham string stretch (good for back)

  • I ordered the knee glide which i will get today. I am 5 weeks out from tkr and my flexion is 85degrees. Is it too late to start using this to see results? My other knee also was very slow to flex.

  • I have osteoarthritis in many of my joints and you guys have really helped me regarding weightlifting dos and don’ts. Thanks so much!

  • Stick to physiotherapy and leave lifting to people who know the difference between Goodmornings whatever it was you where doing.

  • The solution for upright rows is to do them with dumbbells instead so your hands can be rotated (pinkies lower) to prevent impingement.

  • When war comes multitudes will die without notice [ stupid people I say who think they will watch ww3 on their big screen tv with a big bag of chips like they were watching the super bowl die a fools death ]. Not a moment to repent therefore dying UN saved & sealing their fate { Rev. 20:15 } Get saved today { Romans 10:9 & 10 also verse 13 }. DO NOT DELAY b/c if you do not Repent { Luke 13:3 } you not only will curse the day you were born but also the womb that gave you birth:( 10/17 Maranatha

  • Pretty awesome when you have severe chronic spine issues, and then you go and get a a near fatal car accident and break your pelvis in 3 places, and your wrist in 3 places… And not only does your Physical Therapist doctor, but also your PT Tech, and your Pain Management Surgeon (who is in a different practice) all agree that These guys give great safe advice.

    On top of it everything listed below I also was in a near fatal car accident in which the car ended up in a tree on March 9th, 2020. I broke my pelvis on the left side in 3 places (was told I wouldn’t be able walk for 6 to 8 months), and broke my left wrist also in 3 places one of which was a very abnormal break, and then 10 weeks later feel on it and broke it some more)

    Here is the pre-car accident issue with my spine
    (Get ready it is a long laundry list.. and looking at it, It looks like a few items are missing however I am not going to go look it up.)

    Lumbosacral Spondylosis
    Axial Spondyloarthritis
    Disorders of Sacrum
    Chronic pain disorder
    Spasm of Multiple Muscles
    Lumbar Disc Displacement
    Severe Degenerative Disc Disease

    Straightening of the Cervical Lordosis with mild disc space reduction at C5-6.

    Mild complex scoliosis convex to the right superiorly and to the left inferiorly.

    Multilevel mild to severe disc degeneration and spondylosis throughout thoracic spine.

    I have a Spinal Neurostimulator Implant in my left hip/low back, to help with the severe nerve pain.

    High Blood Pressure
    Chronic Pain Disease
    Irregular Heart Beat
    Peripheral Neuropathy
    Gastric Ulcers
    Both Duodenal Ulcers (on the scar tissue
    of the stitches) & Esophageal Ulcers

    Poor Circulation throughout however worse
    in left leg as it flows incorrectly and surgery
    is needed.

  • Oh brother…
    1) Good Morning You’re rounding your lower back and keeping your knees straight. OF COURSE that’s a problem. Learn to do it correctly.
    2) Bent rows why would anyone do them with stiff legs?? Bend your knees and keep your back arched. I’ve been doing them like that for damn near 50 years. Was using over 400lbs not too many years ago. My low back still feels great.
    3) Military press works more than just your shoulders. Whole core gets a workout keeping your body straight. Do them properly and keep elbows more forward and not out to sides.
    4) Stiff legged deadlifts the name is misleading. Proper form requires some bend in the knees and the same chest up, shoulder back technique used for any DL. Alan Thrall has a good video on this.
    5) Squat true. You don’t want to round your lower back BUT there are many variations of the squat back (high or low bar) and front. You can remain much more upright doing a high bar back squat or a front squat, minimizing butt wink IF you are flexible enough. The degree of rounding makes a big difference.

  • @itsbenp They’re not professional bodybuilders, so I think you can forgive them for confusing exercises, and for the squat and deadlift they were demonstrating the terrible form that most people use and that they see often. For the overhead press people also have poor form as well which results in injury. Like I said, they’re not professional athletes and they make mistakes, but they make valid points.

  • I f*cking love the leg extension machine (as a finisher on leg days)
    Funny how it’s only the smaller guys who warns you about this machine.

    AthleanX (Jeff Cavaliere) and you… Just stop it!

  • Show someone that had have an injury while doing dips? As long as is your own body weight they are safe if done properly. In reality anyone can hurt themselves with any exercise if done improperly. I’m also with you on the smith machine worst machine ever created specially for squats and the abs machines toss them out.

  • So glad I watched this…I am so guilty of doing every one of these exercises and maybe that’s part of the reason my discs are so compressed and I’m in pain can’t believe it the touching the floor (1st exercise) is so bad…it feels great AND the aerobics instructors teach all of these moves…

  • That “shoulder blade to opposite pocket” move felt amazing for my opposite (“pocket side”) middle/lower back! That was surprising. And I’ve been doing that stretch for years, but only pushing down (not across). Amazing what a difference these subtleties can make. It is fascinating. On top of helping me manage my chronic pain from time to time, you guys really make me want to learn more about anatomy. Much, much appreciated. Thank you.

  • Hmm these dudes are in their mid 50s and so is Joe Rogan. Wonder who looks and feels better on a daily basis? Lol

    Physical therapist that aren’t physically active themselves I never trust.

  • For anyone looking for the alternatives from these guys, there is a video called:
    “Top 7 worst exercises & lifts. Do THESE instead.”

  • Never done any of these exercises besides the dips, wouldn’t want to twist my lower spine by itself, who does that? Dunno why everyone’s hating this chap btw, I find him to be QUITE informative.

  • Not all exercises are created equal… a lat pulldown behind the head is not a lat exercise… it defines upper back musculature… upright rows is a definition exercise and so are leg extensions!

  • I finally become 40. and I cannot watch all the young trainer training vidoes because they don’t know about what to avoid when getting older. these kind of age thing only can be taught by who already experienced the life.

  • age 17 I did bodybuilding, did all these exercises they mentioned and I had four misaligned vertebrates in my lower back and I had (still have) terrible shoulder pain. Lessons indeed.

  • People to be healthy need just to go for a walk and do some little stretching/light weight exercise from time to time. 99,99% of people at gym are just concern about looking fit and sexy, that is what gyms are about.

  • 7:20 Are those good mornings? I thought good mornings are when barbell is on back of neck. I think those are dead lifts, which I do (very light weights) and thought were okay ☹️

  • These are the exact exercises that I am familiar with. I actually thought the superman exercise was designed to strengthen your back. In a previous video I thought it was suggested to actually do this standing up. Apparently this does not carry over to floor exercise. Please elaborate! I thought this would especially be good for people who do computer work.

  • I don’t understand how the overhead press can be so bad. Aren’t humans made to be able to hang from things (like trees, originally) with their arms overhead? It seems like a natural anatomical position.

  • Would you spell that study please? The physiotherapist that runs our Senior exercise class uses touching toes regularly and I’d like to tell him about this study. Thanks

  • I had a frozen shoulder for a long time which my doctor in England couldn’t help me with. After watching a video on this channel within 6 weeks I was bench pressing again thanks guys

  • I found an interesting article about why crunches are bad, and why planks and the ab wheel are good:


  • Hi Bob and Brad, when you say you should never bend forward, like the first one you show, does it include this position in Astanga yoga? Here, I find when I do this, I am hinging at the hips and my back is quite straight. Is this okay to do? https://www.ashtangayoga.info/practice/basic-sequence-fundamental-positions/item/padangushthasana/

  • I was right there with you guys until you wanted to substitute a Back Squat with an exercise ball assisted wall sit. With respect gentlemen, no weightlifter, amateur or professional, is going to take you seriously suggesting the Back Squat must be removed from a routine. It’s a keystone for any even mildly serious weightlifting routine. There are decades of information, books, videos, schooling, all on how to teach and execute the basic Back Squat and it’s variants safely and effectively for strength and hypertrophy gains, and to brush that aside saying “No that’s unsafe, do this squish the ball thing instead,” will get you nowhere. It takes all the legitimate credibility out of everything else you’re saying, which it all was. Lateral raises, bent over rows, behind the neck presses; those exercises are now routinely being substituted or adjusted in exactly the manners you’ve explained for exactly the reasons you’ve stated. Now if you want to walk through what is dangerous about a squat, what needs to happen to perform a proper squat safely, and what kinds of exercises and drills can and should be done to work up to doing actual squats (which a wall sit certainly qualifies as), then you’ve got a good idea for a video. But if you’re going to continue to sweep a basic, fundamental weightlifting movement to the side as patently unsafe, then you’re going to fail to help the very people that probably need that help the most.

  • Hi Guys, one of my colleagues is a yoga teacher. She told me that during the cobra stretch it is imperative that the knees come off the ground to ensure you don’t bring the spine too far into dorsal flexion and avoid any impingement issues. Can you confirm this?

  • I use a 45 degree hyperextention bench to relieve minor discomfort in my lower back, I really enjoy the results, do you see any problem with using it???

  • Any lift or pull behind the head or back is bad especially for shoulders and there is no known benefit from doing them behind instead of in front

  • LOL, so much fail. These two guys are in such lousy shape they can’t do a push up, dip, toe touch, or walk around a track in two directions on the same day without risking injury. No alternative exercise offered. Only listen to these two guys if you are in really bad shape or have injuries. Fit people will not learn much here.

  • A Practical Easy to follow Program You Can Use To Instantly Release Your Hip Flexors For More Strength Better Health And All Day Energy: https://www.healthcareum.online/2020/08/unlock-your-hip-flexors-for-more.html

  • I agree with a lot of what they say but they need to mention loads. Olympic lifts you need if you want to preform athletically with power.

  • 0:33 1. Sit ups vs. Leg raises
    0:54 2. Crunches vs. Plank
    1:49 3. Tuck jumps vs. Traditional jumps
    2:23 4. Sude bends vs. Side plank crunch
    2:54 5. Back hyperectensions vs. Back raises

  • A Practical Easy to follow Program You Can Use To Instantly Release Your Hip Flexors For More Strength Better Health And All Day Energy: https://www.healthcareum.online/2020/08/unlock-your-hip-flexors-for-more.html

  • What about exercises like ab wheel, standing ab wheel, dragon flag? Are those exercises harmful to our back by nature (put unnecessary stress) or do they just work our lower back as a muscle? Also, there are a lot of other exercises that put stress on lower back. Like bent over rows, squats, deadlifts. Would you also claim we need to avoid those even if performed with good form?

  • Love you guys my neck has been killing me for years and my arms get numb and tingly from time to time and with just a few exercises from you guys im feeling better

  • I love your videos..they have helped me a lot…would just like to know your views about the risk vs reward of deadlifts as an exercise…thank you!

  • Nothing wrong with doing bend over barbell rows. Obviously don’t do it with crap form or technique, but done right it’s a fantastic exercise and I’m pretty dumbfounded to see it on this list.
    Even when they show it with bad form it doesn’t belong on this list, cause then you can have ANY exercise and say don’t do this, when you show it with bad form, so performing an exercise incorrectly is in no way an excuse to tell everyone never to do the exercise period.

  • You can also use the power of opposites by putting a towel behind the top of your head, and press your head into the towel you pull the towel forward. It’s a great neck exercise.
    You can also use your hands for the same thing and you can put them on your forehead and press into it too. I’m surprised you negated that first towel exercise when it’s on your head that’s precisely when you can push into it and release the neck muscles in the front of the neck

  • I would like to see you guys go into a real weight room and give us your opinions on the machines as to if we should use the machine. I recently herniated a few discs in my back from using the leg press 1K lbs. That is really light weight for me. However, no more leg press for me. Now 2 months later I am due to start PT. Also, I am 48 yoa and am done lifting heavy weight. I realize resistance training is important but at what point do you draw a line on how much weight you use? another good topic to speak about.

  • Haha.. I think you make a good pair as your both also funny with good humour…bit like the classic film trains plains and automobiles… great!!!

  • You use your hips during a squat not your knees. That natural transfer of weight is healthy most people can’t get into the range of motion to squat into the lower portion flat feet. Your thoracic curves there’s zero strain on any of the lumbar discs. Deadlifts are the same it’s a primal pattern. Partially agree with stiff legged deadlifts because most people can’t hip hinge with a neutral spine. The movements not dangerous most people bodies are! Love you guys though

  • Since I started following this channel and applying your advices, I was able to centralize sciatica pain and my workouts are better than ever. I grew muscles pain-free and the progress is amazing!

  • I have started gym 2 months ago, and my “coach” make my a table with some of these exercises. Intuitively, I have discarded them. I found one that I still doing it, and I will never do it again. Thank you for the info. No machines, more dumbbells and barbells.

  • Thanks guys, you’re the best! So, golfing is out because of the angle the back bends? Please, say it isn’t so. That 10-15 degree, or even 40 degree, bend is very typical in that sport. Can you think of any workarounds? Thanks for ALL your videos!:)

  • I was wondering if you could do a video on how to hold the barbell when you’re doing free weight barbell squats I love the exercise but I noticed that my lack of flexibility I have to hold the bar really wide and sometimes my grip gives up and it starts to roll off my back and my shoulders suffer I have a slight injury on my shoulder and most likely is due to doing things the wrong way.. but that’s what I’m here for to learn… Let me know your inputs on that

  • Yeah i never really go to the gym. But i do know that The best way to go for exercise are: Either run your ass of or jog. 2: Always do full body movement and free movement training its not hard to figure out how to train corecctly and most likely you will feel pain if you train incorrectly. Our bodies are made to move in a certain way and the same applies when training.

  • The “hip hinge” is a reasonable hamstring warm-up exercise. As you bend over don’t reach out and forward-just track your hands down the front of your quads and bend your knees. A great warm-up exercise for Romanian dead-lifts-and those are not “straight-leg” deadlifts. Do you have a problem with those?

  • If you don’t do barbell overhead presses then you’re doing it all wrong…

    It’s true that doing them behind the neck is bad, but you simply can’t get a shoulder impeachment from a normal and correctly executed press. If so, talk to a coach on how to fox your technique and not about alternative exercises…

  • Question I tore my acl partially and i recently undergone a surgery but now whenever i do my lying hamstring curls on a flat surface or my leg extensions i feel something snaps on the outer side of my knee whenever i do the motion, it feels really weird please help. Thankyou

  • can u please make a video on shoulder injuries… I once injured my right shoulder really bad while performing overhead dumbbell extension for my triceps with heavyweights, I was using both hands and a single dumbbell and suddenly something happened to my right shoulder and i almost dropped the dumbbell on my body….thankfully the fall didn’t hurt me but i still feel pain on my right shoulder when i extend them vertically
    btw, big fan of ur channel…i live in Bangladesh

  • Rosalinda below mentioned an idea of printed charts of the exercises to hung them on the wall. They would be useful for massage therapists, physiotherapists…and for your wallet as well:) Me as a massage therapist I have found a lot of useful tricks here

  • A Practical Easy to follow Program You Can Use To Instantly Release Your Hip Flexors For More Strength Better Health And All Day Energy: https://www.healthcareum.online/2020/08/unlock-your-hip-flexors-for-more.html

  • Are these examples for some 70 year old grandpapas? I’m doing almost all of these exercises and dont have any problem with my joints.

  • Great video, but would have liked to see alternatives. For instance, the stiff-legged barbell row and stiff-legged deadlift: are they OK to do if the knees are bent by letting your hips drop back?

  • I’m a PTA (2 year degree) with 6 years experience, and I know more than these 2. While there may be a correlation between some of these exercises and RISK of injury, there are currently no studies that show a cause effect relationship between exercises. People, just go to the gym and exercise. 1-2 injuries per 1000 training hours puts you at the same injury risk as power walking.

  • Hi, I am an obese teen girl…. I am 5’7” tall and weigh 100 kg…. Please suggest me some exercises to lose hanging belly fat without hurting my spine…. Also recommend some exercises to get rid of hip fat…

  • Gotta say that I highly disagree with the military press risks. The shoulders may be “small” compared to the rest of your body, but the back is going to inevitably help the weight move. I have very stiff shoulder joints and I’ve never felt a bit of pain or stress from heavy shoulder workouts.

  • And Plank is more effective, them crunches. And your abs are get more trained we doing core and plank them crunches, because does muscels work on gaining strength by stretching them. So ������

  • A Practical Easy to follow Program You Can Use To Instantly Release Your Hip Flexors For More Strength Better Health And All Day Energy: https://www.healthcareum.online/2020/08/unlock-your-hip-flexors-for-more.html

  • With 1.64 million subs, I daresay the tagline of “most famous physical therapists on the internet” isn’t just opinion, but quantifiable fact.

  • I am glad i watched this instruction. My neck is still hurting 1 week after doing this exercise. I thought it was normal and I was about to repeat it right now even with the pain.

  • You are right, Compromising Joint health for full range of Motion is not a good Deal. We can benefit from Half reps without compromising Joint Health. use medium weights for long life of Joint Health.

  • Great vid guys. You said that the traditional military press is not recommended. Would a standing overhead press with dumbbells, with hands in a neutral position, rather than pronated, be an acceptable alternative?

  • Bob, your right shoulder blade, I am watching from this video. So correct me. The right shoulder blade is higher than the left or vice versa, if that is so, the tear might be on one side and involved ligaments and tendons. You should have checked your shoulder blade, the consequence will be unpreventable if it is going like that without any awareness. My goodness.

  • Do you think it’s okay to lift overhead with dumbbells for deltoids? Thank you. I really appreciate these videos. They’re amazing.

  • Hello mam i am a girl my height is 5’2 age is 16 years weight is 55 kg i use to do crunches exercise daily but you said it is unsafe then tell me any effective exercise by which i can be fit…i have a lot of side fat on my waist how can i reduce it
    Please mem reply����

  • 2:07 yep!
    I seen on YouTube one Russian therapist that did this: head up, left, right, left-up, right-up, down, left down, right down. So I did 8 sets of this a few days ago,, and the second day I have pain in the back of my neck If I’m bending backwards my head. Even when I do chin tucks and bend my head just One millimeter backwards, it Hurts, and I’m just 24 yo. These two gentlemen know what they’re talking about! So I’m gonna stick to their advice / advise. Thank you very much Bob and Brad, the 2 most famous physical therapist on the internet.

  • The only time I press behind the neck is to do a sotts press. I’m trying to strengthen my upper back and shoulders to learn the snatch. I’ve already learned cleans, but I did agree with your points. I just feel that it makes me force my arms to where they’re supposed to be. This is just me talking on my own personal account. If it’s too uncomfortable for you, don’t do it

  • To put it in a nutshell, you can either listen to what they said here (it’s all golden), or you can blame yourself later (like I do). Good luck.

  • I dont think i can take you guys seriously… never demonstrate how to hip hinge which can save your low back… you have god awful form on the squat and deadlift which is likely why you had low back and knee pain from doing them… squats done with perfect form shouldnt injure you at all… and you mixed up the deadlift with the good morning AND the military press with the behind the neck press. Lol. And youre saying that overhead military press is dangerous because of the LEVER ARM??? Wtf.. overhead press is an amazing movement for maintaining healthy triceps and shoulders, mostly because of the lack of moment arm… only thing i like about this video are the alternate exercises that can help already injured or older people

  • I tried to hold my tongue when you made that last FEAR promoting BS video.

    You two old men are SO dogmatic. You can tell you went to school eons ago. Literally NO real world application.

    The fear of movements is worse than ANY movement. You frail little old men should try lifting weights now and then.

    Saying a 300+ lb deadlift is BAD for you?

    With your terrible recruitment patterns and lack of muscle, ANY exercise is going to hurt YOU.

  • Hi Brad and Bob, the most famous PT’s on the internet.

    You mentioned both stiff legged deadlifts and stiff legged bent over rows;
    Do you have the same opinion about the Romanian Deadlift, where the knees are bent and the hips are shifted behind you, resulting in less stress on your lower back?
    Same goes for Bent Over Rows with the knees slightly bent and hips shifted backwards.

    Would you still say they put tremendous amounts of pressure on your lower back or are they at least a safer way of training?


  • What about a military press with dumbbells? When you start with the dumbbells up by ones head, and seated against an upright back?

  • I love these..yeah it’s true as what i observe those crunches are dangerous that’s why i find alternative way of excercise without hurting yourself.m

  • Would you advise to stop doing these 2 exercises….1) standing erect feet apart and bending from side to side (2) standing erect feet apart and twist the upper part of the body in a 45 angle, more or less.

  • Thanks for the great, informative video. So frustrating—I go to classes at a health club and they show us to do most of these exercises—and exactly what you are showing is wrong.

  • Thank you, guys. These are good alternatives in lifting specially when you’re injured or for beginners. Funny, i expected a lot of people will react to you but i understand, based on your experiences in the past patients, you created this video to help out. Thank you again.:)

  • Being a personal trainer, I appreciate what I have learned from the two of you. But this video is very disappointing. Your form is atrocious!! Doing these exercises the way I see here will certainly cause injuries. You guys could use a few sessions with a good personal trainer��

  • @ 7:43 That is not a Good Morning. That is a Romanian Deadlift. A Good Morning involves a barbell on the back of the neck and bending forward at the hips.

    @ 9:44 The position you have there for the Triceps kickback that you are performing is pretty much how I do a one arm bent over row. I bend forward, brace my opposing hand against the dumbbell rack while I row with the other arm. It takes the pressure off the lower back doing those.

    I will be 53 next week. I have been training since I was a teenager and have had spondylolisthesis since I was 12. I have done a decent job of working around that injury for 40 years.

  • 1. toe reach stretch
    2. neck flexion stretch
    3. full situps
    4. v ups
    5. wide grip push up
    6. tricep bench dips
    7. military press especially behind the head
    8. knee extension
    9. upright row
    10. walking/jogging on only one side of an incline
    11. barbell bent over row
    12. standing side bends
    13. windmills
    14. ‘ass to the grass’ squats
    15. dumbbell standing chest press? punching

    well, sheee’ didn’t expect standard military press to be there

  • Hey, Does this apply to static exercises like Hollow Body? I do Tucked Hollow Body as a progression to the full hollow body which is a necessary step to achieve Front Lever (Gymnastics Skill) Do you advise to stop doing it?
    Note: I do feel some sort of pain in the low back but it’s momentary comes for one second after I finish the static hold. Goes away immediately as I stand up.

    Thank you very much:)

  • Bob and Brad! Your videos have inspired me. I’m debating returning to school to become a physical therapist. Could you advise the level of education I would need before becoming licensed to work with patients? I would appreciate your input. Thanks!

  • Hi I am 15 year girl height 5.2 and weight 50 so what should I do to bring plant stomach??? Plz say I love all your video so I ask u plz reply

  • I asked my personal trainer and he said that yes it is unsafe but only when u don’t do the streches the streches pulls and push ur muscles preventing it from any injuries and pain

  • A Practical Easy to follow Program You Can Use To Instantly Release Your Hip Flexors For More Strength Better Health And All Day Energy: https://www.healthcareum.online/2020/08/unlock-your-hip-flexors-for-more.html

  • Thank you so much for all your great videos!:) for this particular video, it would also be really great to show safer alternatives to these exercises especially shoulder ones

  • Just saw this, and I’m also a Physical Therapist. I do agree with impact of lumbar flexion impacting spine health if unbalanced. Any lumbar flexion should be done safely, and yes most first protrusion are posterior lateral in direct relation to the direction to flexion of the spine. Neutral spine should always be emphasized to stabilize the spine with strengthening. Here’s why I disagree, a lack of functional lumbar extension in relation to flexion during exercises and daily activity is a reason for injuries. Most daily activities involve lumbar flexion, like sit to stand, laying supine in bed on a soft surface, or reaching forward in a chair. More lumbar and thoracic extension will improve overall health of the spine. Our spine was meant for both directions of movement, but it should be balanced. Anytime limit one direction, you are at risk for injury in the long run. More extension should be implemented. Yes, there are sometimes reasons you cannot overcome with extension, like stenosis which normally results in reduced pain with flexion, or fusion. Many other reasons why, but just my thoughts. Fyi, love your channel.

  • Taking this step by step. First off, I can’t believe that a medical professional just generalized an entire community with a one man study. “Terry” used to lift heavy weights and now he has back pain in his 60s. Correlation does not equal causation. Secondly, the mechanics shown in the Good Morning are awful. He should have shown proper mechanics instead of telling us to write it off completely. Same thing with the bent over row. Mechanics are awful in the demonstration. Again, doesn’t show how to properly align your body over the bar to distribute the weight. Behind the head shoulder presses. They don’t talk about the benefits of strenghening this range of motion and they don’t discuss the proper mobility needed to preform properly. Their discussion on end range is also off basis. The reason most people develop problems at the end range is because they usually aren’t keeping proper form throughout the lift which leads the body to improperly use the joints to make up for what is lost from the form breaking down. I agree with upright rows. Whenever you have your elbows leading above the shoulder, there is tremendous vulnerability in your shoulders.

    Bottom line, if you’re relatively young and in decent shape, you shouldn’t be afraid of doing these exercises. If youre a bit older, I still would encourage you to perform compound movements properly. Higher a good trainer to show you proper mechanics and listen to your body. Heavy lifting is relative to each individual. Don’t listen to this over generalization and think you shouldn’t do these. You just shouldn’t do them the way they’ve shown here.

  • Before going to gym I was ok. After three years of lifting not even big weights, I started to have problems with knees, shoulders, wrists, back… Am not sure gym is that great for my health anymore.

  • Of all the channels I follow there are only two I care to watch videos from. This one and another owned by a physical therapist too:) Thanks for the efforts.

  • I’m a group fitness instructor and I have had so many injuries, I could never understand why, cuz I have good form, I am strong and fit, but now seeing this video just opened my eyes! Thank you so much for sharing this information! I also have knee problems from a car accident so the squat info will be a big help for me when I gym!

  • What they are talking about in deep squats at 9:30 can be fixed with either proper shoes, greater calf flexibility, or a board under the heels. It’s doing proper form like any exercise.

  • yes!!! I’ve always had an interest in human biology…☺ and I took my natural wise instinct when training in gym even with a personal trainer few years back and said I felt uncomfortable found certain abdominal workouts! just as shown here by these two great physicians friends..

    I would advise anyone not to do excessive sit ups or none at all.. there are so many alternative exercises eg
    the plank is overall one of the best gradually adding more time… and lots of people especially going gym or working out do not stretch as much as they train which has this result! strengthen the body not challenge it! ��

  • The form on the RDL (straight/stiff leg deadlift) was nowhere near how people should be doing it though. And the legs aren’t actually stiff, they’re slightly bent (about 30 deg) to just below the knee with hip hinge and bar close to you. Hip hinge is a great thing to teach as well. Love your videos but when performed right, they’re a great exercise.:) I am also a physical therapist just not famous!! Lol or nearly as experienced.