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7 Exercises for a Full-Body Playground Workout 1. SEE-SAW SINGLE LEG BALANCE. The move: Find something slightly unstable but safe. Stand on one foot for 30 seconds 2. BENCH BOX JUMPS. The move: Find a bench no higher than knee height.

Hinge at your hips, drive your arms upward and 3. SWING. A 2010 study by the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy found, that of the 10 exercises it tested, the pike roll-out combination was the most effective for core muscles. To do it, grab a Swiss ball (also known as an exercise ball or stability ball). Get into a push-up position with your feet on top of the ball.

Sometimes exercising can be a chore. Even for those who love to exercise finding time to fit it in can be a challenge. We have just the answer for you. Check out 15 ways you can get a full body workout while hanging out with your kids at the playground. 4 Week Full Body Workout.

Repeat these 7 exercises over the course of a month to tone your whole body and strengthen your muscles. We’ll break down the full routine below, but first, it’s important to know how to do each exercise properly.. 1. The key to a successful full-body workout is heavy compound exercises. If you aren’t giving each muscle group 100% max effort, you won’t see or feel the benefits.

The barbell bench press is arguably the king of the compounds and will work wonders for those of. bleacher exercises, bleacher jumps, bleacher sprints, bleacher workouts, family exercises, fit mom, fitness after baby, fitness family, full body exercises, full body workouts, high knees, incline push-ups, jump squats, outdoor workout, plyometrics, side lunges, step ups, tricep dips. To start, you can run through each exercise three times through for a full-body workout. Or, focus on specific muscle groups.

Want to blast your lower body and core?The Perfect Playground Workout Routine. Next time you find yourself without a gym, take a stroll and look for a playground or park with monkey bars (or anything else you can hang from), a swing set and a run-of-the mill park bench.

Using those simple bits of equipment, you can do this great full-body workout that will build muscle and lose fat. The Full-Body Playground Workout Upper Body. Equipment: A swingStand facing a swing and hold the chains (or side of a tire swing, as pictured) so that Lower Body. Equipment: A benchStand facing the bench with knees slightly bent and weight in your heels, prepared to jump. Core.

Equipment: A. 7 Mini Workouts — When the Last Thing You Want to Do Is Work Out Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood for a workout. You miss a day.

List of related literature:

The first 13 of these exercises (15 to 27) are recommended to get a complete workout.

“Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness: A Personalized Program” by Wener W.K. Hoeger, Sharon A. Hoeger
from Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness: A Personalized Program
by Wener W.K. Hoeger, Sharon A. Hoeger
Cengage Learning, 2014

Each of those exercises falls into one of the five aforementioned basic human movement patterns, which are: the squat (bending at your knees and hips), hip hinge (bending at your hips), push (pushing something away from you), pull (pulling something toward you), and plank (keeping your torso stiff).

“Maximus Body: The Physical and Mental Training Plan That Shreds Your Body, Builds Serious Strength, and Makes You Unstoppably Fit” by Bobby Maximus, Michael Easter
from Maximus Body: The Physical and Mental Training Plan That Shreds Your Body, Builds Serious Strength, and Makes You Unstoppably Fit
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My favorite weight-less exercises include dips between chairs, pushups (done with your feet elevated, such as on a chair, and with your fingers facing each other, five inches or so apart), calf raises on steps for each leg, lateral raises with chairs, backhanded isometrics in a doorway, and handstand pushups.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
from Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding
by Franco Columbu
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To achieve a whole-body workout in each session, perform eight–ten exercises in each workout that will train the major muscle groups across the whole body, by including three–four upper body exercises, three–four lower body exercises, and at least two core body exercises from the options presented.

“CSIRO Protein Plus” by Jane Bowen, Grant Brinkworth, Genevieve James-Martin
from CSIRO Protein Plus
by Jane Bowen, Grant Brinkworth, Genevieve James-Martin
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These are the 7 exercises that I used in the video that went viral (see p9) – and got

“7-Minute Body Plan: Quick workouts & simple recipes for real results in 7 days” by Lucy Wyndham-Read
from 7-Minute Body Plan: Quick workouts & simple recipes for real results in 7 days
by Lucy Wyndham-Read
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l practise these three key Pilates exercises lying on my bathroom floor while waiting for my bath to run in the morning.

“The FAB Diet” by Rosemary Conley
from The FAB Diet
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The first 13 of these exercises (15 through 27) are recommended to get a complete workout.

“Principles and Labs for Fitness and Wellness” by Wener W.K. Hoeger, Sharon A. Hoeger, Amber L. Fawson, Cherie I Hoeger
from Principles and Labs for Fitness and Wellness
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The first 12 of these exercises (15 to 26) are recommended to get a complete workout.

“Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness” by Wener Hoeger, Sharon Hoeger
from Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness
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Examples of this exercise type include push-ups, squats, and chin-ups.

“Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity” by Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber
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These are my favourite exercises.

“Memory Mind & Body” by Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary
from Memory Mind & Body
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  • What about legs,he have a chicken legs couse they don’t like do legs,it happen to me..i use to kill the bars but no legs,so i stop doing that and work more legs..

  • 1:45 start

    Moves Explanation
    1:10 Cobra Push Up
    2:15 Skater Lunge
    3:49 Plank Toe Tap
    4:49 Bridge Raise
    5:50 In & Out Squat
    6:50 Crab Walk
    7:50 Tuck Jump

  • Hello! I’m very motivated, I work out everyday and eat good stuff… But i’m really slowed down by shoulders, knees and elbow pain.. What should I do or change? I mainly follow routines. Thank you!

  • Lets say this is 1 workout, how many workouts a day would you do to not overtrain… Not the same workout like this one, but to me this is too little a day to consider it a whole workout

  • So glad to see you posting stuff again! I recently came back to the academy after back sliding in a major way. I found so few updates lately that I feared NFA was inactive or close to shutting down. I hope things are still going strong!

  • Austin incline pushups work your lower chest actually, because think about the arm position, it’s like a decline bench press. You have to decline pushups to target upper chest. It’s reversed with pushups compared to bench press

  • It’s like this guy is on an amusement park ride as he glides like he’s floating…..but still can’t keep his damn pants up, tho. lol.

  • I was looking at the two programs “Complete Calisthenics” and “Body Transformation” and i am not too sure what to go for. I currently do body building with an aim to gain weight and get some physique going as I am very skinny though i really want to get into Calisthenics. Which of the two programs could anyone recommend, as in can i satisfy getting the physique and building up calisthenics ability, both programs may have both aspects so ultimately not sure which to go for?

  • Love your videos Austin! Would you be interested in making video about grip strength and stretching? If yes please for my idea hit me with one of your sauce-shirts, thank you and stay strong! ��

  • Hello guys, I recently found this channel and I must say, wow, great material! I found it amazing to improve strength and full body control besides is very challenging, among other benefits but my doubt is: Is this practice recommendable for people older than 40 (I am 41 actually)? If so what should I consider and have in mind before starting my journey and how should I start? But if don’t (I hope it’s not the case) what could you recommend me instead? I am really excited about trying this but don’t wanna suffer any kind of injury for not having informed me properly in advance, Greetings and nice job!

  • Another great video buddy!!
    This video might seem very impactful but very effective.
    Full body workout is very essential during this quarantine and I req. All the viewers to give this workout a try!!
    Thank you so much for the video calisthenics movement ⏩��

  • Hindu Pushups are done by doing blocking of the breath as we call it Kumbhaka Pranayam, kumbhaka ignites fire energy within and provides awakening inner strength, power is developed from within, hindu pushups demonstration of.nowadays is corrupted.

  • I have a park like this in my apartment complex, it’s half playground and half calisthenics park. I guess it’s just like that park

    and i know i can actually do this!!! (well, i’m confident i can. will find out for sure…tomorrow morning.)
    thanks, alex!

  • Austin Dunham, I recently bought your Program via PayPal but im quite disappointed i havent received it yet. please get back to me as i really wanna train like you, please follow up on my mails. i have proof of purchase as well so please i need your help brotherr

  • wait wait wait. this is all good, but you skipped out on the sliding and swinging! and trying to monkey bar all the way across! I think what you showed is fine, but I recommend getting some play while you’re there! that’s exercise too!

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    Jesus Christ loves you. Only Jesus Christ saves. Repent and be saved. God bless you and your family in the name of Jesus Christ

  • This video is like a series of calisthenic exercises ranging from simple/warm ups all the way to challenging/muscle toning. I am presently following the easier few and hope to progress to the more challenging ones later. Well thought out, all round easy to follow.
    Thank you, well done. Just noticed it was done 5 years ago. However good videos are timeless.

  • Hannibal For King is a legend and a pioneer! One of the first video’s I ever saw that inspired me to incorporate calisthenics into my lifestyle. Respect King

  • Hannibal is on another level. His strength and form are insane, and I love how he says “do that for 8 months 1 year.” He understands that worthwhile goals are never quick or easy.
    Awesome stuff.

  • Love your creativity! I’m not a fan of doing 1,000 different exercises, however, I can see that you view the world as a piece of work put equipment, & that’s awesome! I guess what I’m saying is that while you don’t need a bunch of exercises to get strong being able to see the possibilities the world offers you for fitness is a beautiful thing! Keep it up!

  • This video has changed my life, rather brought it back on track. I’ve split this over the week. I hence, have no excuses to not workout in my tiny room

  • Check the bench for black widows… I seem to find them at every bench im at and they will bite if you stick your hand in there web!

  • maybe the best calisthenics video on youtube. Just one question, should i do sets till faillure or to maybe slow down reps and perform in prescribed repetions? I have already made few proggressions and i have i doubt what to do next. Or to lower rest period and do slower movement? Thanks for the most inspiring calisthenics video!

  • Hats off to Hannibal! I truly feel like he is BEST on the bar hands down…
    You know someone better drop a name, I’d like to see em

  • Smh. This guy will have you feeling no matter what hard work you ain’t gonna look like that. He’s in jeans casual looking better than 80% of Instagram. ��

  • I love your Channel. I’m a new YouTuber (“SigningWithOmar”) and appreciate this channel. I have recommended “Calisthenicmovement” to many of my friends. I’m totally in a different field but I thank you for giving me exercises & stretches to do during these unusual times.

  • Sorry but there is just so much wrong with this video, the biceps pushups doesn’t work the biceps, you can’t train the inner chest, you can’t train the outer chest

  • I ran half marathon in 2 hrs 13 min in Feb this year. I want to be be able to finish a full marathon in 3 hrs.
    What should be my training schedule? I would like to reach my target in a year (if it is possible.)

  • Austin, imo doing push ups with hands on a bar focus more on lower chest, isn’t that true? When you decline (inclined legs) you target more your upper chest.
    @Edit Yeah, 1st site in Google: https://www.livestrong.com/article/537593-what-do-decline-and-incline-pushups-work-on/
    “Incline push-ups primarily target the middle to lower region of the chest”

  • Thank you!! More great ideas!! Were you a gymnast? You have incredible upper body strength!! Your “skin the cat” and L-sits are very impressive!!

    Redefining Strength is now my number one fitness channel!!��������!!! I eagerly look forward to new videos and use previous videos for reference. Thanks again������

  • I watch Austin’s videos but I feel like he’d have way more subscribers if he balanced his upper body and lower body. That’s just my opinion…

  • I have two questions about this:
    1. Should I do it every day or with rest days?
    2. Does it cause muscle growth or it’s not a goal at all?

  • I love all the snide remarks here, especially, about the ex ��. AND I think these routines and the way Elegg explains how to safely and intelligently execute the exercises is top notch. I haven’t done this set yet, but I’ve been doing the “Early Morning” set for a couple of weeks, and I’m getting real results. Gotta try this set for a month, and see how it goes. Thanks for this from a 70 yr old Boomer.

  • It is hilarious when at 1:00 you call your pushup similar to a HINDU PUSHUP! There must be tens of millions of non-Hindus doing Yoga these days, in which they alternate between a downward facing dog posture and upward facing dog posture! It is part of a full routine called the Sun Salutation, or Soorya Namaskaar in Sanskrit. But hmmm, you are quite correct that Yoga did originate within Hinduism! Anyhow, that routine, called a Vinyaasa, is far more appealing than the routine you have suggested. But hey, to each his or her own! This one minute shows the routine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1C0rD_DlUE

  • When I visit my daughter in Florida we always do a playground workout or 3 a week. We’re both personal trainers. So happy to have found you.

  • Since Covid, I incorporated a lot more pf these exercises in my regular workout and I can highly recommend this channel. If you just stumbled on here as I did, stay. It’s well worth your time.

  • Hi! and thanks for reading, I do street workout 3-4 months for now.
    So: One day I was doing L-sit( abdominal exercise) and I felt sudden,little sharp pain,didnt pay attention at all and it vanished after minute. and tomorrow on same exercise felt it much stronger(sudden and sharp,like knife went through me) in my mid back, slightly slightly to upper. Its right side under shoulder blade couple of inches and closer to the spine, and there are lot of muscles like ( top of latisimus, end of lower trapezius, erector spinae and seratus posterior.) and I pulled muscle but since it lasted for 2 months, now exactly 3 months but last 2 week I am completely pain free and I can do everything i believe but just afraid to try yet, It was I think muscle rupture/tear/strain or however, since it didnt heal in expected time for any grades( 1,2), looks like grade 3 if we look on time that passed away. Now I dont feel anything and I can do push ups,dips…… I dont have balls to do pull up yet cause I dont know which muscle was it???? I visited physiotherapist after 1st week of pain and he told me, you pulled muscle(it swelled and was visible after his deep tissue massage,which I found out later is the worst thing I can take… and he said It will go away during 10 days(didnt of course) and then I visited orthopedist and magically pain vanished when I came to him and he said it can take 1-6 weeks but you will return to workout after around 20 days( I didnt as expected, pain was there!) Pain that increases as I breathe more deeply, really hurst even If i cough, sneeze or run…. That is all past now, but I am crazy I done so much research and cant find out, I had sympotms of a lot of muscles in my back and all recovery times except Grade 3 has pased away, so I needed surgery/rehab?? Thats my story If you can somehow find out what it is, THANKS! Now like I said I dont fel anything looks like it healed on its own or at least I think it healed. help man please.?????????????

  • I’m 45yo beginner/ totally out of shape. I can do the exercises for the most pasty but it takes me more like a minute to 2 minutes to recover and move in to the next. Is this ok as i build stamina?

  • Guys, would this be the workout you would recommend for people in their 40s who are just getting back into running and working out? To do this after our running? 3 days per week?

  • Today I went to the park at night to do some pullups and some creepy guy came around and asked me what im doing. I said trying to lose weight and he made fun of me. It looked like he was up to some criminal act or something by the way he looked at some house and and went back the way he came.

  • First week of this workout done. I’ve made it a 3-split and what should I say…. this fucking rocks!

    I really have to thank the guy that made this. So beautifully put together. Just showing you how to train and sharing his knowledge with everyone.

    If anybody is hesitant about trying it, here’s my tip:
    Go for it! You won’t regret it!!

  • never mind the true criticism below… but the incline pushups you did, how are you targeting the upper chest with an incline?. isn’t that more lower chest?. or are you pushin kinda higher up like people do with guillotine presses?

  • Listen to this guy. He wants you to get fit and not be a fanboi for him. I am glad he has so many viewers.

    Great video, nice atmosphere.”No equipment alternatives” is pure nostalgia. I used to do dips on the corner of our kitchen table. I knew most of the stuff in that video but still learned about the leg raising lower back exercise. Thats far superior to what I am currently doing. And I just tried that “reverse pushup” for the upper back where you are lying on the ground, it is great aswell.
    Talking from my own expirience I can agree with everything mentioned, although my routine is slightly different.

  • Hai sir, please prepare a video on love handles (side belly fat)workout in home without gym equipment… I am fully fan of your videos without gym equipments…please prepare it

  • Some good stuff in here! I never thought of inverted rows using a swing set before. I’m going to have to use that for sure.
    Only thing I would add to the bench jumps, is training the opposite ability as well. Meaning, step up and then jump down. Learning to land and decelerate is a fundamental ability to develop. Think about a toddler. Kids learn to jump off of stuff way before jumping over or on stuff. This is so we can be safer when jumping over and on stuff. If you know how to land, then you can catch yourself better if you don’t have a successful jump. Of course, if you have injuries then jumping off of, over, or onto things is probably not a good idea.


  • Love the raw footage. You look so big. Is the whole workout enough for building muscle for you, thought that you have to do at least 10 sets pr body part

  • i went away for a while but im back at it and barstarz always here for me. thanks for what yall do all love. this will be the first channel i actually join. corona got my funds fucked up a little but ill find the money. what i save on the gym is going to go to yall.

  • Don’t know how I missed this one but you killed it as usual. Thanks so much for all the kick-a$$ workout variations. Oan, Coconut is a beast at frisbee!

  • Always coming back to this video and to this channel when I can’t be able to go to the gym for some reason, this is old school content that we all love, not talking half of the video, this took effort and it shows, not only it shows but it helps people. Thank you for the good content and for inspiring people.

  • Ha, travelling in Florida right now with no hotel gym. Searched for playground workout and saw this. Immediately thought, wow that looks like Florida. Thx for the motivation while traveling

  • I did not know you had this. It just popped up today. I’ll be sure to make sure my new found friend Jennifer Kopf gets this. I be trying my best to keep her centered.

  • If I get body like this then I would leave this planet straight away. Very huge respect for you manit is so hard to get a body like you. Years of dedication, hardwork, sacrifices and motivation needed in order to achieve this. It is not an easy thing guys. ����������

  • Крутое видео, в одном месте весь набор упражнений от легкой до более продвинутой версии…. до этого пересмотрел с десяток где то одни то другие но не вместе все сразу) лайкос

  • excellent video!congrats!!Can you also show us a weekly program day by day!?
    sets and reps!that would be great!!Cheers from Greece!!

  • Just did this after having gone through 30 burpees. Whoaa… it was awesome… Thanks so much guys… will be doing this regularly ✌️��

  • doing push ups when your upper body is elevated targets the LOWER chest, it’s like doing a suported dip. When you’re doing push ups with your feet elevated, THEN you are targeting the upper chest. The upper pecs and the front delts are conneted right? and they also have musclefibres that goes the same way, therefor they want to work together aswell.

  • Hi, I have a problem, my leg bicep hurts me when I am doing glute bridge for one leg… It’s like it can broke or torn when I’m doing it. I wanna to train glute too, is there any other calisthenic exercises for glutes, or can I kinda fix this pain?

  • This was great, I been tryin to find out about “bar calisthenics” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Jamescan Calisthenics Caboshed (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my colleague got cool results with it.

  • Can I do this workout as my main? Like, do 4-6 circles per workout? I quite like this routine, but am concerned that the lack of pulling movement will lead to imbalances.

  • I’m so sold on calisthenics. Little to no equipment needed, no gym membership required, can do it anywhere, real functional strength, incorporates the whole body, burns fat, builds muscle, everything.

  • I am following all your exercise in your tube channel.excellent esspecially with 1 dumbell. Keep rocking. I eliminate 25 years back pain and weak body.