7 Active Seniors Who’re Crushing Their Sports


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7 Active Senior Citizens Who Are Crushing Their Sports. Today many older adults are like Energizer bunnies — they keep going and going, running marathons in their 80s, teaching yoga in their 90s, competing in the National Senior Games and more. Research shows it’s totally fine — dare we say encouraged.

For example, researchers for the Journal of Physiology concluded that masters athletes. read more > 7 active senior citizens who are crushing their sports That kind of longevity is not surprising at all to Moon. “With NSG, people find great competition, real camaraderie and lasting friendships with like-minded people. 5 Older Women Athletes Who Are Totally Crushing It. DAMIEN MEYER/AFP/Getty Images 75 percent of women would like to be more active, it.

The best sports for seniors are those that keep seniors active, allow them to express their competitive side but are also low impact with low injury risk. Income Disclosure: I may earn a small advertising fee (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase items through links on this page. The Best Sports for Athletes Over 50. People are living longer, more fulfilled lives by continuing to stay active long into their silver years.

Playing sports over the age of 50 increases your overall health and sense of well-being. According to AARP, people who exercise regularly have a reduced chance of heart. Staying young at heart while keeping your heart healthy can sometimes be a challenge for seniors.

But these two things run hand-in-hand and can easily be fulfilled through exercise and sports. Exercise also helps seniors maintain their weight, maintain mobility, reduce their risk of cancer and heart disease, and improve their mental health. Think shuffleboard is the only sport for seniors? Think again.

In the National Senior Games, athletes compete in everything from swimming and track & field to softball, bowling and badminton and. Thus, only about 29 percent of 7.5 to 8 million senior citizens are covered by the government allowance. “We will coordinate with Cong. Rufus to speed up the bill’s passage and we will ask our fellow legislators to support the measure,” said Nograles, vice chair of the House committee on justice. While senior citizens are often limited in their mobility, this condition is no barrier to achieving the health benefits gained from playing sports.

And although the outdoor sports games listed below are particularly accommodating to the elderly, the health benefits they offer occur for people of all ages. 1. Ping-Pong (Table Tennis). Warmer Weather Outdoor Sports. Boating – While motorboats are fun, canoeing will give you more bang for your buck if you want to combine fun with fitness.

Fishing – Whether it’s deep-sea fishing, or sitting on the bank of the nearest pond or river, senior anglers can enjoy this activity well into their later years.

List of related literature:

This is almost intolerable to the young men in blazers who run sports TV; their dream is fifty weekends of world championships—in football, in baseball, in surfing, in Senior Women’s Marbles—that are not to be missed by the weekend watcher.

“The Summer Game” by Roger Angell
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Sports As adults age, one should not assume the desire to participate in various sports declines.

“Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation” by Terry Long, Terry Robertson
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When studying seniors who run into their eighth decades, perform yoga, climb mountains, hit tennis and golf balls, and play team sports into their sixth and seventh decades, health professionals of much younger ages are in awe (Figure 28-31).

“Geriatric Physical Therapy eBook” by Andrew A. Guccione, Dale Avers, Rita Wong
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Older people can practice any sport or game but need to begin, at least, in a manner appropriate not to their age but to their current level of vitality.

“Body Mind Mastery: Training for Sport and Life” by Dan Millman
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Every sport has some potential for injury to the participant—whether the young person participates in serious competition or purely for enjoyment.

“Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children E-Book” by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson
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Children and senior citizens are both participating in sports more than in past years.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
from Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
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Something similar happens with senior citizens who invest themselves in physical activities, such as swimming, or psychological and social activities such as reading, crossword puzzles and playing tournament bridge.

“Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment and Growth” by Spencer A. Rathus, Jeffrey S. Nevid
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Seniors are prone to such injuries as falling and breaking bones because they’ve lost physical coordination and control, and they are unable to participate in many activities because they’ve lost their ability to move.

“3 Minutes to a Pain-Free Life: The Groundbreaking Program for Total Body Pain Prevention and Rapid Relief” by Joseph Weisberg, Heidi Shink
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One assumption is aging probably make sport seniors more prone to certain types of injuries.

“Foot and Ankle Sports Orthopaedics” by Victor Valderrabano, Mark Easley
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The 2009 National Senior Games in San Francisco attracted more than 10,000 athletes over the age of 50 to participate in 18 medal and 7 demonstration sports.

“Managing Sport Events” by T. Christopher Greenwell, Leigh Ann Danzey-Bussell, David Shonk
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  • Muscles never atrophy when you get proper nutrition and work out T least 3 times a week and daily stretching. But the diet most people eat in this country won’t supply the muscles enough ensymes and minerals to keep the body repaired. Asian and Mediteranian diets are the best.
    And caffeine pulls calcium out of the bones.
    At almost 74, I haven’t even begun to slow down and look half my age.

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  • Iam a morocan marathon runner. this vide’o was very funny and also like to congratulte all the older people. Never gave up. Go ahead. All my best regards.��������������✌������

  • The USA is not the world, therefore it is incorrect to say that the old woman in her 90’s is the fastest runner in the world in her age group.

  • Most senior women are dolting grandma’s that might go out till 10 with girlfriends for wine. They don’t have sex drives much anymore.

  • I think the narrator missed the point here. These people are not “exceptions” they got off their butts and did the work. Like the one guy said if other people can do it why not him?

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  • you look at this people and you think “old guy running”…. but its when you look at the ages hat you realize they are much, much older than they look and that what they’re doing is amazing.

  • I’ve helped out at a few of the events for Polk Senior Games in Florida. A lot of the competitors are just lifelong athletes, who stayed active for their entire life. Some started to get active later, to stay healthy, but also to meet other people. It shouldn’t be inspirational, it should be aspirational.

  • I’m sorry, what? They got married after the attack on Pearl Harbor (1941) and her husband passed away in 1995 (54 years later) “after 70 years of marriage.” Explain please!

  • “Fear God, and give Him glory, because the hour of His judgment has come; worship Him who made the heaven and the earth and sea and springs of waters.”

  • A 10 minute mile after age 90. A 15 minute mile after age 95. Five years difference, five minutes added. Interesting. Physical activity is key to graceful living in old age.

  • I heard my mother say one time “when you are young you do it all night, when you get old it takes all night to do it, so what’s the difference?” Once you hear that from your mother you can never un-hear it.

  • I mean, I am a 35-year old sprinter, but Youtube now recommends me this video and commercials about adult diapers. I don’t know if I should feel grateful or offended:D

  • These young people, yes, they are young at heart, are wonderful. I hope they go out with their running shoes still warm from a workout.

    I know what the experts are saying about being active. For 30+ years I ran, and also ran competitively, and did fairly well for someone without the right muscles that some elite atheletes have. Then I went nearly 30 years, trying to make a living in the civilian rat race. I retired, and knew I was going to have problems, and I did, overweight, and heart problems.

    At age 65 I decided to do volunteer work, which might not be considered exercise, but doing it 5 days a week, for four hours a day, working on fixing flood damage, and improving the landscaping around our local observatory has seen me lose over 40 pounds, get me off cholesterol medications, and pretty much leveled out on my heart problems, actually seeing some improvement. But I also walk, and I now can lope along at about 14 minutes a mile.

    Lesson is, anyone who is out of shape, and nearly ready for a body bad, can make a difference, IF you will only get out and work at it.

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  • They are not just winning the race but winning the life as well. How I wish that the new generation reach the age of 100. Today, 50 years old is a great blessings from above.

  • Love videos like this! ❤️❤️ It’s given me pause for thought…what does it say about the way I’m living and my mindset that I feel old at 32 when a lady 60 years older than me feels ageless? (No shade please I’m trying to change my mindset for the better!

  • If all the intelligence wasted developing consumer goods was sent instead to how we can make our later years better, the world would be a better place

  • I could keep up with any of these folks but anything past 10 meters i would most likely be tripping on invisible pebbles, breaking my ankles and getting nasty scratches ��

  • I’m 20 years old and I get sad when I see some of these 100 year olds running faster than me. Dont take your life for granted kids. Own up to your demons and become the best you can.

  • Never say never. And don’t stop believing at ANY age. She’s Amazing! (Her last race in this video was ran in the DMV in MarylandGuess who was there:-))

  • The dude with the green cap forgot what they meant by the word sex. But as long as his coffee was hot and the cinnamon roll warm who cares?

  • Sent this clip to lots of my aunts, uncles, etc; and I am still getting emails with thumbs up emojis, and lotsa thanks and laughs!��

  • What the elderly PERCIEVE as “having sex” may be a LOT different from what you and I do in our sex lives! To the elderly, often just holding hands and a peck on the cheek if they’re in the same bed, can constitute a sexual act in their minds! And there’s nothing wrong with that, but people who in general BRAG about their sex life, rarely have one other than in their minds!

  • seems like a nice lady, but she looks so old physically despite being in such great shape. what wisdom she must have, and what amazing drive. i hope she lives until 200!!!

  • This is something ALL MEN AND WOMEN into ALL of there LIFE, whether WE ADMIT to it or not the CREATED US the DESIRE to PROCREATE OURSELVES as MEN and WOMEN and it there All of LIVES ❤️ as such No TWO of US are the SAME in LIFE MEN as WE GROW OLDER in LIFE it LESSENS, with WOMEN it GROOWS EXSPECIALLY after there FEAR of PRENENCY LESSENS.AGE is a NUMBER to ALL it’s going to be there LIVE with FACT, as those with COMMON SENSE know QUALITY overcomes QUALITY with AGE.What is in MIND is not ALWAYS in the BODY no matter what WE LIE and tell OTHERS AROUND US. If there is COMMUICTATION with the PARTNER involved it usally WORK itself OUT, it only though LACK of COMMUICTATION sometimes even OUTRIGHT LIEING do PROBLEMS arise. Without COMMUNICATION BETWEEN INDIVIDUALS at that LEVEL there is no RELASTIONSHIP to begin with.

  • Good for them, I’m 54 and haven’t had sex in over a year. Something stopped working like it should, Viagara and Cialis did nothing. Guess I’m done.

  • I’m 26 soon, I think it’s time for change. I used to be a runner in my teen years and I always felt my best after a run. Exercise is a must for humanity.

  • Why do they keep calling people in their 60’s and above senior citizens?They don’t call those younger junior citizens!Can’t humans treat each with respect without all these stupid name tags.

  • If there is one thing I know for absolute certain it’s that I have no desire to be let in on the sex secrets of old age pensioners
    Thanks for offering though!

  • why are 90% of your videos sexually orientated? you wonder why we have so many issues these days when all that is posted online about the jimmy kimmel show is gear towards sex? Great influence you guys have on people,,,,, have you showed your breasts in public, what’s your secret to a good sex life, have you had sex in public beore etc,,,,too much of this show points towards sex or sexual issues,,,,

  • I am 74 and will be 75 in coming new year eve.
    I walk well daily.
    4 weeks ago, a 32 years old girl whose grandmother I know and lives in our Seniors place called me and said can you walk with me in the park not far away.I said ” Sure”.
    I walked with her 4.5 miles with temp. was 95 degrees.
    She said:
    ” Are you sure you’re 74.”.
    I said ” Yes”..She was surprised.
    But beside walking pay attention to what you should eat, and what you shouldn’t.

  • a 20 year old male with 14% body fat is not a perfect specimen… seriously??! wow and they missed the point on several things but most of the people who can run these masters meet are typically people who didn’t compete at all or had decades of no activity so they don’t have the years of wear and tear on the body as someone who ran in the youth and still continue to run in older age would be harder with more miles in their youth

  • Stroke and Bypass surgery was it because of his diet. And exercise was probably not the only thing that needs to be changed long term makes me think about if he is a meat eater only reason why he needed surgery and a whole foods plant based diet is best. Just my opinion and my research trying to figure out what I need to do. Interesting

  • If you don’t think she is running very fast then compare her to 99% of all the other people who were born in 1916….they’re all in the grave.

  • ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Haha. “Believe or not, that [marriage] was legal.” My grandma had my aunt when she turned to 50 years old. Gerontology somehow sets too many time limits on our lives.

  • My mom is just 60 and can’t even walk 20 feet to the bathroom without her walking cane. Taking care of your body really is the most important thing you need to do!

  • So Proud Of This Beautiful Inspirational Lady! I Am Very Active And Hope If I Get To Be Her Age Will Continue! Walking, Running, Gym Exercises Is MEDICINE! For Overall Health Mentally, Physically & Spiritually! ❤️

  • The idea of not working out as we get older is insane we need to work out when young and keep working out as we get older. Older people need it more. Of course you don’t usually run like a younger person you have to make necessary adjustments. We should also eat healthfully for our whole lives. But giving up on either of these is like giving up on life. Maybe it’s floating around in a pool, but almost all of us can do something. I’m only 50 but sometimes killing it. Sometimes just crawling. Foam rolling and yoga help a lot. Listening to your body forgetting about external expectations, if there really are any and respecting where you’re at taking it easy stopping and adjusting as soon as anything starts to hurt. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t know if I can expect to do a 10 minute mile in 40 years probably not because an 8 minute mile would be pretty hard right now.

  • I’m sorry but people who have history of heart problems should not be running as fast as they can. It would only make their lives shorter.

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  • The way she said u don’t feel your age, it is something I do feel a lot. I am 58 this year and i don’t feel more than early 40s. Also I look much much younger than my age. My grandmother died just now, at 102, and not from old age, but from a silly accident. She could have lived still. My mum is 80 and she is running for the bus. When she sees it in the bust stop, standing there, she shoots out. She looks 65. No walkers or any aid, not a single medication whatsoever. Interesting. I think the life we live now, who are young now, they suffer a lot….due to comfort.

  • “The adrenalin you get when you do sports is a wonderful feeling”
    I am Grateful that I got to see this. Someone to show us what is possible.

  • I was a carer for many years, in the 80s and 90s i used to go to sisters who where in there late 80s, one of the sisters died, and the other sister felt lost with out her, in one room in there home was hundreds of books, the sister took up reading and would read every day, it was wonderful in a way as the books in a way give her a whole new life, she lived till 97, and i am sure she read every book, point is your never to late to try new things.

  • Amazing woman. Love her attitude. There’s a old girl where I live, not quite
    100 but close, also a former teacher with a similar sporty outlook. Just packs up her fish gear, jumps in her car towing her boat and goes off sailing and fishing solo wherever she suspects fish might be. I met her one day, getting ready to take off and she just casually replied “Sorry, got to go whilst fish are still there. Sick of McDonalds and fish’n’chips. I want a decent meal so I’m off to catch a fish or hunt for a rabbit it or whatever I can catch. She was as skinny as a rake, but you didn’t underestimate her physical agility. She was like a lioness. One day, I complained about heights and my knees feeling too wobbly to climb and put some fresh curtains up and change light bulbs. “Oh, nonse, child. What’swrong with you?!? I one bound she had kept on the table and asking for the new light bulb and fresh curtains to hang up. I was feeling sick and dizzy from height phobia just looking at her casually changing the globe and putting up the curtains with ease. She had no idea what arthritis or rheumatism even felt like. She had never had them. But, mention her long deceased husband killed at war, shortly after she had married him, before she could even have a baby and she would burst into tears. His photo sits on her bedside table. A very attractive woman, she never remarried. I asked her why, since she had absolutely no family left at all. “There was only one man….And they took him off me…I’d only just met him…There could never be a finer man…”. It was so sad. She just spends herdays alone but at peace, doing all her adventurous things, often meeting strong disapproval from young women who believe she should be in a nursing home and definitely not driving a car trailing a boat or sailing a boat alone or hunting and fishing… “What’s girl supposed to do to live if she has no man? She has to learn how to hunt and provide for herself, doesn’t she?” she told me one day. “I guess it makes sense” I replied wondering if I ever dared do what she does at her age. But she loves it and claims such dangerous adventuring she does is so nice and peaceful…Like many such types, she is a loner and not popular among her own peers, who think her behaviour is outrageous and “unwomanly” and the young women feel threatened by her fitness and sense of adventure because even young women dare not be as fit as she is and go where she dared go, whenever the adventure bug hits her. They are not hurting anybody, so why not let these old girls be and do their thing. For as long as they can and wish to. Having a passion is what keeps them alive and well. With this local old girl, it is “survivalism”. She is aiming to survive yo 100. After that, her survivalism mission will be accomplished and she said she doesn’t mind dying, but not before she hits the 100 mark.

  • The narrator claims her husband died in 1995 after 70 years of marriage. So they married in 1925? A good 16 years before pearl harbor? Well that makes no sense.

  • Now, THIS is AMAZING and I am beyond “ELATED” to see that these senior citizens STILL got that “JUICE”!!!! ����������������������������������������������❤��������

  • Good for her! But the title of this video is hilarious. If you run 100 meters in 40 seconds, you’ve already slowed down! A lot! �� Even so, I hope I’m still running at 102.