6 Ways to take down Carbon Footprint While Exercising


10 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint AND Save Money

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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It turns out vehicles produce 1/3 of all American air pollution and reducing the mileage of the average new car by 5,000 miles per year would save more than a ton of CO2, which is roughly 15% of your average carbon footprint. It’s easy to see how biking can reduce your carbon footprint. While the typical passenger car releases about 404 grams of CO2 per mile, a bicycle emits zero. If you live in a bikeable city or in.

Find out 13 clever ways to slash your energy One way to reduce your carbon footprint when it comes to laundry is to wash your clothes in cold water. You can also turn off the faucet while. However, the average American carbon footprint per capita is 18.3 tons, so we have a long way to go. Figure out your carbon footprint and. A better way to reduce your carbon footprint during your commute is to take a bus or carpool.

And, if the trip is less than a mile, you can walk or ride a bike. That cuts down about 15% of your carbon footprint, and it’s a great option to stay fit and healthy, too!Here are three ways to reduce your carbon footprint while you exercise. Commute as workout: The average commute takes about 15 miles each way, which can translate into over a ton of carbon dioxide. 6 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

Find Lease Move Live. 2 MIN READ. Reduce your driving: Sitting in rush hour traffic is no fun, yet lots of people feel it’s the easiest way to get to work. If you live in a metropolitan area, there are likely trains, buses and bike lanes that can get you from point A to point B in an eco-friendlier.

Climate change is real, but not unsolvable. There are lots of actionable steps you can take to save the planet from an ever-changing climate. Here are five ways to reduce your carbon footprint. 1. learn the 5 R’s: refuse, reduce, reuse, rot, recycle: Going zero waste is a great step towards combating climate change. Overall, eating low down the food chain as often as you can is a probably a good way to reduce your carbon footprint and stay healthy, say experts.

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, planting some greens is a quick and easy way to reduce your carbon footprint. We all know plants absorb carbon dioxide – a beneficial relationship for humans, that we should all be seeking to nurture. Plant some bee-friendly flowers, a few trees, or a vegetable garden.

Balcony gardens are great for urban dwellings.

List of related literature:

For example, changes in household practices associated with energy and personal transportation alone could reduce U.S. carbon emissions by an estimated 123 million metric tons (Dietz et al. 2009) and lower total U.S. energy consumption by 9 to 11 percent (Gardner and Stern 2008; Laitner and Ehrhardt­Martinez 2010).

“Climate Change and Society: Sociological Perspectives” by Riley E. Dunlap, Robert J. Brulle
from Climate Change and Society: Sociological Perspectives
by Riley E. Dunlap, Robert J. Brulle
Oxford University Press, 2015

• Take steps to reduce your own carbon footprint—there’s lots of excellent advice available.

“Surviving the 21st Century: Humanity's Ten Great Challenges and How We Can Overcome Them” by Julian Cribb
from Surviving the 21st Century: Humanity’s Ten Great Challenges and How We Can Overcome Them
by Julian Cribb
Springer International Publishing, 2016

Assess your carbon footprint and implement some easy ways to reduce it.

“108 Pearls to Awaken Your Healing Potential” by Mimi Guarneri, M.D.
from 108 Pearls to Awaken Your Healing Potential
by Mimi Guarneri, M.D.
Hay House, 2017

The most common ways to reduce your CO2 footprint can be summarized by the four R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Refuse.

“Chemistry for Today: General, Organic, and Biochemistry” by Spencer L. Seager, Michael R. Slabaugh, Maren S. Hansen
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List five ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint.

“Environmental Science” by G. Tyler Miller, Scott Spoolman
from Environmental Science
by G. Tyler Miller, Scott Spoolman
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Search the Internet for a lot more ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

“Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies” by Charles H. Elliott, Laura L. Smith
from Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies
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Consider and list actions you could take to reduce your carbon footprint by 20%.

“Living in the Environment” by G. Tyler Miller, Scott Spoolman
from Living in the Environment
by G. Tyler Miller, Scott Spoolman
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Check out the website www.carbonfootprint.com to calculate your carbon footprint and find ideas for reducing your carbon impact.

“Environmental Science For Dummies” by Alecia M. Spooner
from Environmental Science For Dummies
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Changing your diet and where you buy food can lessen your carbon footprint.

“Health and Wellness” by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty
from Health and Wellness
by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty
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Driving your car less, lowering your thermostat during the cold weather, and not barbequing meat all would reduce your carbon footprint.

“GED Test For Dummies” by Murray Shukyn, Dale E. Shuttleworth, Achim K. Krull
from GED Test For Dummies
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  • The reason cheese is addictive is that cows milk contains casomorphin an opiate like substance that is there to urge the calf to suckle frequently. Instead it is made into dairy foods

  • First of let me say great video, i really appreciate how you are trying to give everyone an understanding of their personal impact and their options to make a real (if little) change!
    I have to say tough that i can’t agree with the point of having no kids. Sure you said it is ofc personal choice and all, but i think it is already flawed to preset it as some kind of option.

    The goal shouldn’t just be to push the number “carbon emission/year” down, it is to make a liveable and sustainable future for coming generations. Therefore, basically saying “if there would be no future humans, we could stop climate change” is not really helping at all, what we need is a way for climate change to stop and humans still living on this beautiful planet.

    +if you read this: thank you for your unusually long attention by internet standards:D

  • Humanity is in a 10.000X overshoot in population consumption pollution ressource extraction etc. Compared to a sustainable level hunter gatherer existence of 7-12 million maximum population. To say that current level 60%/capita reduction will somewhat affect anything is a lie.it is also laughable

  • Horrible ideas. Split atoms not wood.

    Conservatives who pretend there’s no climate danger are matched by liberals who pretend nuclear power isn’t safe and forever renewable.

  • Best way is to not be a rich prick living in excess with 1000 times the carbon footprint of a poor family and telling the slaves in this country to reduce their carbon footprint. I don’t have a house and have a car that uses next to no gas. When fat cats that fly constantly and eat tons of steak and drive sports cars that guzzle gas and boats etc. talk of carbon tax and reducing the footprint i think its hilarious!

  • The biggest cause is coal fired powered power stations, they are just burning coal by the megga tonne. But that is something Governments must deal with, and they don’t.

    However I hear what you are saying, but it is not correct. If we see each person as his/her own carbon cycle then the more people there are the more carbo cycles there are. If the population starts to decline (which it must do) then you have extra carbon to dispose of safely.

  • my philosophy is that if you can see with the light of (even if its not great) dont turn the light on. same with heating, driving and using electronics.

  • The most efficient way to cut your CO2? Stop flying. It makes a fek all difference if you are a vegan, when your vacation flight produces as much CO2 than many african nations do in a year.

  • but this is a good video. so in 2017 they weren’t that hysterical about destroying farms and feeding us insects, also this is the true percent contribution of food:14%.

  • We dont need to have less kids. We need to stop putting them in disposable diaper, feeding them meat, buying new clothes aso. The lifestyle is the problem, not having kids. The places with the highest natality rates produce the least greenhouse gaz.

  • This guy has no idea of what inputs are needed for growing crops. Wood for heating our houses? Ok if you live in the country, but remember that 90% of the population is urban these days, and wood heat is banned in many Canadian cities because of, yes, the smoke.

  • Hi Matthew,

    Loved your talk! I am happy to see these small changes are actually making a greater impact than I thought, your talk has motivated me to keep on the same direction. Is there more material or sources you would recommend I can read to get further understanding of the individual impact in carbon emissions?

  • Having a Democrat in the white house ewill destory the middle class. Why doesnt China have carbon footprint/carbon tax? Stop dumping the plastics in the sea.

  • Electric vehicles are more energy efficient than fossil fuel counterparts even if they are charged with electricity from coal plants. EVs transfer 60% of their energy into forward motion, gasoline powered vehicles transfer 17% of their energy into forward motion dissipating the rest as heat. Several other comments in this presentation are similarly misinformed.

  • Guy at work no kids can afford jet off on holiday and eat at steak restaurant all time. I have 2 kids and so no cash so we stay at home and eat pasta. So who is worse????

  • how has this nonsense got over ten thousand views and only a handful of likes.
    when you breathe in you intake oxygen when you breathe out it’s co2 trees need co2.

    Big globalist companies are pushing this climate change nonsense.
    However there are many things destroying the environment ie fracking, bp dumping oil off coastlines and chemical companies polluting local streams.
    Reducing carbon footprints will not save the planet realizing who is pushing this agenda will WAKE UP

  • I ride an electric bicycle specifically the RadRover.
    It’s far more energy efficient per mile than just pedaling alone and 10 times more energy efficient than an electric car.
    I can travel up to 46 miles on a charge well as long as I pedal and use the 750 watt ( maximum power) electric motor.
    So its a bionic form of transportation.
    I also feel healthier doing so as daily aerobic exercise is mandatory for good human health.
    Active transportation is superior to passive forms of transportation.
    I got rid of my car 6 years ago and its saving me a lot of money

  • Ethanol use has unintended negative impacts in the form of starving third world children. Business as usual is not a fix. We have to reform our economics and ration our remaining resources and implement Permaculture everywhere.

  • Good advice. One question though. Are consumer solar panels really worth it yet? I’m not talking about cost here. How long would it take a standard consumer installation to offset its carbon footprint due to manufacturing, installation, etc?

  • This all sounds great but is sorely lacking in math and science. Unless we can drastically reduce the demand side of the equation we’re screwed regardless of our fuel source. Every year our increased demand for energy outstrips the added solar and wind input and even these technologies come at a cost to the environment. We still have to mine and manufacture and transport these things. Though they are the lesser of evils, they are not in and of themselves the answer. We have to bring down our population and create a society focused on using much less and living with some humility. The “grow the economy forever” idea is delusional and as long as corporate greed is in charge, we are stuck.

  • Well in theory not having children could work but would eventually lead to an even more massive demographic problem than the one the western world is currently facing and probably a couple of famines as well, as the working part of the population would not be able to support the ever growing percentage of the elderly population.

  • I don’t drive at all but I use public transport and for short trips I walk. Where possible I use long distance trains instead of flying. I also reduce the amount of aircon I use. But I have off grid renewables energy at my inner suburban home in Melbourne. I don’t have children either.

    But I also commit a few climate sins.

    1. However unfortunately I fly a few times a year on short 2.5 hour flights.
    2. I enjoy my meat of various types.
    3. I hate the cold so my gas powered heating is on warm and toasty settings for the whole of winter.

    P.S I have no idea weather going on heritage train day trips to country areas often ie every 3 to 4 weeks by steam train is good or bad for my carbon footprint. I didn’t drive there along with a few hundred other people who didn’t drive either because they are on the train. But the train is powered by directly burning coal or oil?

  • I’d like to know where you get your data from? Would you care to explain the child C02 data as you just seemed the throw a baby in the mix at the end there ��

  • I agree with a lot of this. For ethanol, it is worth looking carefully at the source. Were fossil fuel ferilizers used to grow the crop that is converted to ethanol? Were fossil fuels used to plant, tend, harvest, or transport the crop? And, in converting the crop to ethanol, is coal power used?

  • Well I’m 25 with no kids so I saved 420 tons of CO2 but I smoke Hella Trees sooo….. well who cares to the Government those Trees never Existed

  • Why would I want to reduce my CO2. It’s great and we would all be dead without it. We need to increase our co2 emissions to improve our lives and all living things on our planet

  • Here are my ideas about how to END our global warming problem:  PLANET MANAGEMENT 101…….  1.   Place every nation’s commercial space program on hold until we can develop alternative methods for getting into near space.  Every space craft lifted off the earth and into the atmosphere creates a very large and very tall column of super heated air that spreads throughout the atmosphere.  Also, much carbon is released into the air.  We could use dirigibles to lift space craft to the edge of space and then use clean burning rockets to propel them into orbit.  2.  Copy China’s One-Child policy… at least temporarily.  We simply have too many people on the planet.  Of course, we would have to consult rabbis and pastors about this one so that they could petition Almighty God for permission to do this.  3.  End the commercial airline industry and for the same reasons that we need to retool the commercial space industry.  4.  Stop supplying homes and businesses with 24-hour electricity.  At night, our power consumption should be near zero.  The military, the government, police departments and hospitals would be exempt.  5.  End the practice of burning wood in fireplaces to heat homes.  This creates terrible air quality for miles.  6.  End the practice of raising animals for food in particular cows and pigs and sheep.  Lots of carbon is produced here as well as waste products.  Also, we’re eating living creatures and this creates a very negative vibe within our souls.  7.  Stop driving everywhere.  Get out and walk or bike or train.  8.  Have the courage to tackle our domestic problems:  Zero tolerance for serious crimes; no more immigration  legal or otherwise.  Let each nation take care of their own from now on; put the brakes on outsourcing men’s job to other countries and now possibly to machines and AI; allow intelligent and compassionate Men to retake control of our governing bodies, for they are the direct conduits to Almighty God through the Messiah Yashua.  9.  REPENT OF YOUR WRONGDOINGS AND HARMLFUL WAYS.  If you are hurting someone or something, STOP IT!  Ask your victim for their forgiveness.  If you have hurt someone in the past, contact them and ask them for their forgiveness.  This helps US more than we realize, and it’s biblical!  10.  Retiring certain key industries is going to create a LOT of unemployment.  So we divert funding from a few military projects,  end stipends to developing nations and create a Super Fund that will guarantee these out-of-work energy workers, space engineers and astronauts and commercial airline pilots and farmers with a BASIC income of not less than $5,000/month for at least the next twenty years.  This will give them time to retrain.  Thank you!

  • Climate Change, if there is any, IS CAUSED BY GEOMAGNETIC FIELD SHIFT. Earth’s magnetic field shift is overdue. It is a scientific fact that the shift/excursion is happening now. Excursion is the term used for a partial movement. The magnetic field’s strength drops to 5% during a shift. The U.S. is only 4.4% of Earth’s population. China and India’s CO2 emissions have increased, despite promises made in that Paris agreement.

  • Not having kids, means someone else’s kid tax will be your money at old age, so not having kid can’t be maintained at a large scale, cause taxes are going to rise drastically, less children will be born, so more taxes will be implemented, witch will either lead to war, or revolt. (=immense amounts of CO2)

  • it’s almost the end of 2019 and i see more SUV’s, more big ships and big airplanes testing, all data pointing to a co2 emission increase, shops that are ALWAYS with lights on joyfully putting on the Christmas lights…..and a shitload of plastic everywhere..

  • Everything was spot on except you missed out one one of the big ones (if not the biggest) shopping! Buying less, buying consciously, buying used and of course buying local is crucial!

  • Plant life makes no such distinction between fossil carbon and so called green carbon. Just look at the blackberries growing a in hedgerows alongside roads with daily heavy traffic. They grow more prolifically and bigger berries everywhere. The problem humans have with carbon is the concentration of it in cities where it causes respiratory problems. Elsewhere there is a dearth of carbon in the world. The time line chart for carbon content in the atmosphere and global temperatures shows no correlation between the two. Stop telling lies about carbon.

  • I was surprised recently to find out that one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gas is concrete. The amount used by forgetting the lights, driving to work or eating a burger is small in comparison. We are really kinda screwed. We have evolved past past our environmental capacity.

  • He really misses the point. If we all did all of this it would reduce overall emissions of CO2 by 9%. We have to have system change. Alomost everything we buy is made with fossil carbon. Join the rebellion. Stop giving the fossil fuel companies massive tax breaks.

  • I don’t want to cut my carbon dioxide emissions I want to increase them to heal the Earth. Plants thrive on CO2. You will never reverse the desertification of the land by starving the vegetation of the carbon that it requires for photosynthesis, the process of plant growth. Reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will onlymake things worse. Stop blaming the perfectly normal climate for the misuse and improper land management and industrial pollution that causes desertification and significant losses in the ecosystem. Increase your carbon footprint for a greener planet.

  • Random spontaneity, globally could. No more long term contracts. Take the closest buy in industry. Keep travels as close as possible, to your source. Being spontaneous, even at a social level; could give new course. Breaking away from long term groups, causes a reduced carbon dioxide emission. Semi isolation requires less energy loss for the body. Reducing long term friend circles in business and play is healthy for the environment. The first step of godship is out of the box surprises and rewards. Reward the earth with stronger local industry and world wide, reviving of primary need, re-localizations. Home town self sufficiency….cJT…aka The Charitician

  • I dont think you understand the idea of this video. I think is a great content and we need more like that video and wake up blogs so people live more eco friendly life. Well done Antoaneta:-)

  • I like the science based explanation without making it an criticism of any one group of people’s lifestyle, great message to all of us and in a way we most people can understand yet still providing practical solutions.

    This is a great explainer for anyone on either side of the political spectrum and will try and spread the message far and wide. People are lazy and don’t like change but these are actually not that hard to do on an individual level.

  • I don’t know that’s why I’m just asking that whether can I use a part of your video in my office related PowerPoint presentation,I’ll do so only if you allow?Can someone reply fast please?

  • Did he just say dirt DOESNT turn into plant matter? Air and sunlight….and water and the nutrients in the soil. In fact the soil DOES disappear as the root ball thickens and spreads.

  • Small correction. Fossil carbon production pretty much ceased by the end of the carboniferous era (400 million years ago), and was due to the evolution of white fungi, which was (finally) able to digest cellulose. Since then fossil carbon is only produced when rapid burial occurs which is relatively rare.

  • You didn’t mention the cost on CO2 emissions of producing a reusable shopping bag, and you’d need to use it 7000 times before it was less harmful than using plastic bags

  • NO, You SHOULD stand there and tell them not to have children!! 2:47 The single biggest impact you can have is to choose to have one less child. Two is ENOUGH. The less you have the more they have. I got a vasectomy after two. YOU should too!!

  • Further to my comment below. We need to cut carbon concentration in cities not to save the planet but to save human live on the planet. Carbon is not making the planet warmer it cannot do that.

  • Your just another liar spreading lies. CO2 does not induce back radiant heating, stop lying to everyone you fraud. See my video for proof that CO2 doesnt induce heating. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgjT_665T6U&t=78s

  • When the dinosaurs walked the earth CO2 levels were vastly higher than they are today yet there was no run away greenhouse effect. 11,886 views and only two comments speaks volumes.

  • First step Stop Breathing this will reduce your C02 output.
    In 1958 (C02 is 315 ppm) there were only 2.9 Billion people in the world?
    60 years later (C02 is 410ppm) there are now 7.9 Billion people in the world?
    An extra 5 Billion People + pets and eco friendly compost piles breathing out C02????
    Anyone else noticed this “Phenomenon”???

  • Animal agriculture is responsible for more emissions than the entire transportation sector combined. Plant based diet is the single best thing we can do. The UN has been clear on that.

  • I’m sorry but an alternative energy provider that a scam. you are just buying something for 15% more that would have been sold anyways its like buying your eggs from the farmer but having them shipped with all the other eggs to Safeway and paying more for those eggs. If you want to feel good and spend money buy some Green energy bonds you are funding a green project not giving someone extra money for a completed one.

  • On average North American consume 3.7x the ressources that one planet could produce for an individual. So decreasing your carbon print by 60% is not a sign of hope it just means that we are screw up if nothing more is done!

  • The expert panel of the UN declared that animal agriculture contributes more to climate change than all transportation combined! That is why they urged everyone to switch to a plant based diet. Instead of comparing cutting out meat to other options, you should have compared a vegan diet to the rest. We can do more than one thing, but if you only did one…

  • This is very misleading. The greenhouse effect doesnt care where c02 comes from. C02 is a greenhouse gas, period. Burning any carbon based fuel will contribute to the problem at this point, whether it is ‘green’ or not. I hope people can see through this. The main solution is to move away from burning carbon based fuels for energy.

  • Overall okay! The percentages of contributors to climate change is mixed… animal agriculture or diet is a HUGE role in carbon footprint

  • Step 1: Electricity-sign up with new provider that is alternative energy in home. Change to LED lightbulbs, shut off lights not in use.

    Step 2: Heating & Cooling Homes Heat home with green carbon only.

    Step 3: Transportation switch to use alcohol “ real ethanol” in car rather than gas. Buy an adapter to take in ethanol and no more gasoline. Biodiesel is an alternative fuel as well for cars that take diesel. Other alternative fuels like “Drop-in fuels” will be coming soon. Walk & bike more.

    Reduce fossil fuels use as much as you can. Plastic bags are made out of petroleum so use plant made plastic only and lessen plastic buying as much as possible.

    Eat less meat, or none if you can to lessen the pollution of farms and factories. ��

  • Uhhh…hint hint. American population is about to get reduced. Duh. You people are so slow.

    What color is carbon?

    Now think about it…

  • Sorry, fossil carbon used as a feedstock for plastics and other durable materials does NOT put fossil carbon into the atmosphere, rather it sequesters fossil carbon so that someone else doesn’t get to burn it. Petroleum used to make insulation that makes your house use less energy means that the petroleum in the insulation is not going into the atmosphere and it is keeping more fossil fuel from being burned and putting fossil carbon into the atmosphere.

  • i have a question how much Co2 will be reduced if electricity in a town lets say big as new york
    gets its energy from the sun,wind,or water?
    or actually atomic energy

  • 2:33 A B O R T I O N P R O P A G A N D A R E E E E E E E E
    Ok it might not be but R E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E

  • I neither deny climate change nor the responsibility of humans in that change. BUT I’m sorry, some of your solutions are overly simplisitc, and even somewhat problematic.
    1) Plant based diet (vegan) is NOT a healthy diet, that is a proven fact. We are not herbivores, or frugivores, but omnivores. We need certain nutrients that are found in animal products only (real animals, not beef fed on soy on a concrete slab). The fact that you can use some supplements does not replace the benefits of eating the products directly (and it gives billions to the pharmaceutical industry that does not really have our good as her primary goal). Now, I agree with REALLY cutting down on meat and dairy. We don’t need that much to be in good health. We need to cut down on animal products but mainly, we need to change the way they are produced. That is the biggest problem. Because eating mass produced beef will not improve your health, at all…
    2) Not having children: sure, you can cut down on your emissions that way. But in most western countries, we are already under the replacement rate. People live longer (and in worse health, which is stupid, btw). The problem is as much the “God complex” of medical teams that prolong people’s life beyond what is reasonable, as it is the number of children you have. But I agree, if humans go extinct, there will be less emissions (sarcasm inside) 😉

  • somebody’s plot to make sure the third world stays in poverty. These sanctimoneous folks do not understand climate, have drunk the cooled and simply have never looked at the historical plots of earth’s temps verses CO2 levels.

  • The Carbon cycle a closed cycle… hmm.
    So at the time of the dinosaurs, with that high concentration it was a different “closed cycle”. Sounds contradictive to me.
    Would rather say the carbon has always been part of the earth since the beginning, some times in high concentrations, some times in low.
    The ppm on C02 was close to plantdeath in our modern era, something this guy doens’t mention either.
    How is it that almost everybody ignores this FACT? Seriously, plants actually adapted to survive, you might want to google C3 and C4 plants.
    Crop yields, trees and animals actually profit from this.
    And nuclear is bad? And dangerous? Nuclear is the only source of power actually that is cheap, always there and produces less waste then any other type. We’re not living in the ’70s anymore.
    Futhermore, climate-change is NOT the same as manmade C02 globalwarming contribution. So far there is a “consensus”, which means more that the majority has decided it contributes. Contributes somewhere in a very, very complex system.

    What we should do as humans, as we always do, is make sure we purify our production, keep our water and air clean.
    But let’s not forget, c02 is plantfood, colorless, natural gas molecule that mother earth had around and on her since her birth. C02 is not a poison, and I’m actually not convinced it will have any huge effect on the climate. Maybe a little, but why would 2 degrees more be a danger to humanity?
    Let’s just do our best, make our production cicles as clean as possible and use science (real proven science please) to get even better at everything we do.
    Be prepared or prepare for changes, mother nature will always come for us humans. Imagine the planet turning into an ice globe… now THAT would definitively kill everything.

  • Carbon…. as in CO2….. is essential for life on Earth.
    So why oh why do so many of us buy into phony carbon fakery.
    There is 10,000 times more H2O than CO2 in atmospheric greenhouse gas.
    So, when Is Al F Gore gonna start taxing rain clouds? I never hear a word about them.

  • 1. Save energy think about it deeply and search the Internet for more suggestions
    2. Sell your car if possible
    3. If it’s not yet possible to sell your car exchange it for an electric car

  • I am a little sad that public transportation wasnt mentioned as an alternative to driving, or mentioning that if you already have a car, taking care of it, only using it when necessary, and not buying a new one, but a pre owned, are all more reasonable ways to reduce carbon footprint. It also doesn’t talk about eating chicken or fish instead, would be curious to know the impact difference there as well.

  • what about the part of the carbon cycle where shellfish turn co2 into calcium carbonate? How does that re-enter the “green carbon” cycle?

  • Use a biofuel with your 30 cylinder war tank to drive to your next illegal battle! Cut emissions by 0.997%, then kill everything in range!

  • Y’all just better leave me alone……i can be dangerous when I’m bothered by people who can’t mind their own business……this is your only warning.

  • Anyone going to mention the cost of subsidizing this stuff? I bet the number one thing on a Third World inhabitant’s mind is, “Where’s the nearest Green Carbon source of energy for our latrine, Dad?” No, it’s not. Cap and Trade programs only feed the Megacorps and ruin economies, subsidies cost a bunch of money for productive Capitalists and meanwhile, the poorest individuals in society suffer the most. Using fossil fuels and changing paradigms won’t change the earth’s climate, lifting people out of poverty with cheap energy will. Once we do this, other economies will be cleaner and more focused on emissions, but guys like this simply cause fear and distress to all the young-gun undergrad voters and damage Western systems of growth that are otherwise leading the way for clean water and air.


  • These are big, challenging changes to make and not everyone has the option to say, get rid of their car or or afford a healthy plant-based diet. Every little bit counts though, so let us know how you are working to shrink your carbon footprint!

  • How do you not mention DIET? That’s huge. As for #3, how about ditching the car altogether? And flying is really bad for the environment to boot, which isn’t mentioned.

  • So, what happens to all the treehuggers from the earlier years? I haven’t heard the trees switching from using carbon/minerals to oxygen as a life source. Guess it was.more of a trend then an actual geavence. An argument of defiance, question authority mindset?

  • If it was made financially worthwhile to SHARE the jobs WE democratically decide WE need and want to have done and enjoy our lives working much LESS..then there would no longer be the capitalist drive to just keep on and on coming up with ideas for turning this entire planet into ‘stuff’ that can be sold to people.

  • You know, this doesn’t really match what I’ve read before. How much is put into the atmosphere by bicycle factories? Electric car factories? Where is the grenhouse gasses in meat production coming from? Just the sausage factory, or are we including the mechanized stables, trucks, etc? What if we travel long distances by bus or train? I’ve seen this all over facebook and the numbers still look highly suspect

  • What are the carbon footprint of make-up, sport season (golf, NFL, soccer, tennis, football, cars,…), waste of energy for advertisements on TV and radio, pilgrimage to Mecca,…?

  • okay but like what if you’re burning wood in areas that have really bad air quality, overall in the carbon cycle it might not add to climate change, but it does add to air pollution and therefore hurts the health of the community you live in and those in your community.

  • What’s a better idea? Bring in 3rd world migrants to supplement our retiring population, there by MASSIVELY increasing the CO2 footprint of the world at large. Because every 3rd worlder that comes to the first raises their co2 footprint by 12fold on average. Great!

  • Climate change?? In the the 21st century we humans like believe we are in total control and hate to think certain facets of our comfortable life could scare us.
    So if we don’t like weather or climate events just  look for some man made activity to blame rather than admit our vulnerability to what is beyond our control.
    So why the heck should anyone expect long range weather patterns to be static. Look at the record for climate over the past 500mill years. We survive on a very small, unique, fragile rock hurtling thru space in an imperfect orbit around a star that converts 5 mill tons of mass into energy every
    second. Occasionally sunspots and flaring occur, our magnetic poles change, tectonic plates affect islands and even continents, earthquakes  and tsunamis, undersea volcanoes (some 75,000) rise up to a kilometer, heating the oceans with lava affecting sea temperature and levels. And some complain that it’s all man induced with oceans perhaps having risen an inch and  global  temperatures increased a degree over past100yrs all bc of man’s activities?  Then these ill informed, carbon based doomsayers, aka green zombies and control freaks look for someone or something  to blame. So they wrongly  complain that CO2 is a pollutant and not the sustainer of all lifeforms and the reason the earth is not a desolate, lifeless wasteland, like every other planet in the universe. But how else do these self defined semi evolved apes glorify an otherwise meaningless existence and get on TV?

  • Our blue planet is not so blue anymore. It is being destroyed more and more by pollution and climate warming. There are people who think our species has nothing to do with it, they say we are not responsible. Most of the CO2 comes from us humans we pollute the air with the emissions of cars, airplanes, cruise ships and our meat consumption. Global warming causes the polar caps to melt, habitats are destroyed, animals become extinct and there are many more natural disasters. We are also to blame for the pollution of the environment, with all our plastic garbage polluting the oceans. There are even kilometre-sized plastic islands. What we can do about it? We should eat less meat, take the bus and train instead of the car, fly less during the holidays and use more renewable energy. At home it is also helpful to turn down the heating and turn off the lights when you leave the room. In order to reduce the amount of plastic garbage you should recycle more and make sure that the plastic really ends up in the garbage. That everything can be done to reduce your carbon foodprint and slowly rebuild the environment.

  • I love Pick Up Limes too! Her recipes are soo good!! I’m definitely going to try some of these tips you’ve shared! Great video! ��

  • It’s not enough. Everyone already knows all this and has made all the change they are prepared to. We need Government and big (oil?) companies to take the lead. If all electricity and road transport was carbon free then we would stand a fighting chance.

  • Problem with having a plant only diet (Unless you 100% grow your own crops) is the amount of energy required to plant and then harvest, on such a large scale.
    Not sure how not having kids saves on emissions?

  • I also recommend reusable facial cotton rounds, Diva Cups or reusable charcoal/bamboo sanitary cloths with snaps. These alternatives require you to learn how to care for your products using aseptic techniques but is well worth the time and investment. If those alternatives do not sound crazy to you, then you’re also someone who I would recommend family cloths to(cotton flannel is my fav). It is more affordable longterm; however, it does require some saving up if you’re broke like me. I know it may sound crazy. But I kindly encourage you to think about how much of an impact reducing the use of disposable-toilet paper, paper towels, cotton rounds, pads, tampons, and pantyliners could have.

  • The main one, which also reduces animal suffering and holds the solution to world hunger, is going vegan. It’s time to confront it.

  • Already doing most of these. Living in Tasmanian 99.9% of the electricity is Hydro plus with my solar panels (on good days some of my excess power goes to Victoria who are on Brown Coal) AND the fact that I did get rid of my motor vehicle for a bicycle (for economic and fitness reasons more than anything), yes we can all do more. No mention on population control. A little disappointing.

  • He’s 50% wrong about electric cars. Because internal combustion engines are so inefficient (less than 30% efficiency), and electric motors are so efficient (more than 90%), even running an electric car off a coal fired powered power plant produces 1/2 the carbon of a gas car per mile.

  • Has anyone noticed how many thousands of office blocks in the cities leave their lights on all night with no one in them at all? This is a total waste of electricity and is going on night after night, ad infinitum.

  • Clotheslines are cheap: no energy needed, 20 minutes to hang up, take down any time they are dry, no wrinkles, saves your clothes….(that “lint” on the dryer screen…. that’s your clothes), they smell fresh, and a line can be strung up for $30.

  • All you Climate Alarmists could stop using lights, hot water, transportation and the electricity used in TED talks and powering your laptops to watch and comment on YouTube videos.

  • Actually according to a study by the Danish government, the creation of a plastic bag is so minuscule in energy usage and CO2 emissions when compared to the creation of a reusable cotton bag, you’d have to use that reusable bag approximately 7100 times for it to have a less of an impact on the planet than the plastic bag, and it’s highly unlikely you’d even go through half of that 7100 cycles before losing it or breaking it. Thank you Kurzgesagt.

  • Do not worry, not having children is actually the easiest one. It is well known people that goes to college and keeps accumulating knowledge, to say it some way, have less children.