6 Science-Backed Methods to Tame Sore Muscles


Why does it take days to feel sore after exercise?

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Researchpublished in the Journal of Pain found drinking 5mg of caffeine per 1kg of body weight (about 3 cups of coffee for a 150-pound person) led to a 48% decrease in delayed onset muscle soreness. A daily fish oil supplement could prevent achy muscles after strength-training workouts, especially in new exercisers. The Best Science-Backed Ways to Tame Sore Muscles Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS is an acronym used by fitness buffs and The Best Science-Backed Ways to Tame Sore Muscles.

According to research, working on a. READ MORE: 6 Science-Backed Ways to Tame Sore Muscles “For me, there’s nothing like firm, pointed pressure in a really sore spot to give me instant and enjoyable release,” says Kira Macoun, a functional trainer and somatics movement teacher and owner of Comfy Fitness in Chicago. Heating the body immediately after a workout can help to mitigate DOMS.

Since stress can cause muscles to contract, a warm bath can loosen the muscles and provide relief. A warm bath also increases blood circulation, causing more oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to the sore muscles. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, colloquially known as ‘doms’, can occur from 6-48 hours after moderate-intense exercise.Doms can also occur after lighter exercise that is unfamiliar, or that works different muscle groups than usual. Muscle pain from doms can last for a day up to a week, and can affect everyone from the occasional gym goer to the elite athlete.

6 Ways to Relieve Sore Muscles Make Your Muscles Feel Better With These Tips. When you’re living an active life full of hiking, biking, and other forms of exercise, occasional sore muscles are inevitable. When you’re desperately seeking relief from sore muscles, try these six cures that really work! Before you know it, you’ll be back to. If your body needs a little more help with muscle soreness, lack of strength, decrease in the speed of muscle contractibility, and muscle stiffness, try one of these tips to get rid of sore muscles. Tried and true, a cup or two of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) dissolved in a warm tub of water works wonders for aching muscles.

Use warm water, not hot water. For sore muscles, soak for 15 minutes or until the water has cooled, up to three times per week. We picked the brains of health and wellness experts and scoured research to bring you the best ways to ease muscle soreness so you can get back to doing the things you love.

“Usually I will foam roll for a while and then do either a gentle yoga flow or some low-intensity cardio to get the blood flowing and ease muscle soreness,” says Morit Summers, owner of Form Fitness in Brooklyn, New York. “I also find that a warm shower or a heating pad works wonders.

List of related literature:

It should be noted, though, that stretching as a method for preventing injury or soreness has not been supported by research (Thacker, Gilchrist, Stroup, & Kimsey, 2004).

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Cheung et al (2003) present six proposed causal mechanisms for DOMS: lactic acid; muscle spasm; connective tissue damage; muscle damage; inflammation and calcium release.

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Branched-chain amino acid ingestion can ameliorate soreness from eccentric exercise.

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In addition, research using different light sources on skeletal muscle (quadriceps) and on recovery post‐exercise shows positive results, with significant increases in performance, decreases in delayed‐onset muscle soreness, and improvements in biochemical markers of muscle damage (Antonialli et al., 2014).

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However, current evidence for an effect of antioxidants to improve recovery, soreness or delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is equivocal [31] and justification for use during concurrent training remains conceptual only [36].

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The warm-up should increase blood flow to active muscles (21), raise core body temperature (21), enhance metabolic reactions (10), and disrupt temporary connective tissue bonds (8, 13).

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These authors showed that deep needling was superior to subcutaneous needling in healthy and trapezius myalgia subjects for increasing muscle blood flow.

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  • I just started lifting. I’m 43, been thin my whole life (until last year I started getting a little bit of a belly on me). Turns out that lifting isn’t so bad for me, diet actually isn’t so bad… but for some reason I can’t seem to get more than 5 hours of sleep. I should be getting at least 7 from what I understand.

  • Do you have any videos on body fat percentage? I’d really love to know more about it and how you can lower body fat % and not just “how to lose weight” or “how to lose fat” but how to specially bring down your overall body fat percentage in order to build more muscle.

  • My leg muscles were slightly fatigued from intense running before watching this, but after watching this my leg muscles are so relaxed I could sleep peacefully.

  • I have fatty infiltration in my pectoral muscle after a pectoralis tendon rupture. I had a tendon autograft after one year injury. Will the degenerated muscle will regenerate? I still have a hole instead of muscle 5 months post surgery. Thx.

  • 48 hours is the usual recovery time for a muscle group. If you are still sore do not workout that muscle group hard. Doing light exercises will actually help with recovery as it simulates the area and gets a lot of blood flow going.

  • I love the squishy sounds. After every time I work out, I put a stethoscope to my biceps hoping I’ll hear those squishy sounds as my cells work to repair my muscle fibers. It excites me.

  • “I like soreness” yeah, i don’t think you’re talking about the kind of soreness that makes you want to cry because you can’t even roll out of bed

  • I’ve been doing calisthenics home routines for some time, but without access to pull exercises I was only doing push exercises temporarily. When I got a bar for inverted rows and pull-ups I started exercising in the same intensity I was doing with push exercises. Big mistake, it’s like if someone beat my back/lats/biceps with a baseball bat, damn. It feels good tho lol

  • This might be unrelated, but if anyone is aware, what is the type of music being used in the background? Is there a genre for this?

  • Make sure your macros and micros are covered, proper hydration, sauna, and 20 minute Epsom salt baths/soaks. Z.M.A. supplement before bed and D.O.M.S. will not be a limiting factor.

  • Just by watching Jeff and and few other quality fitness channels I’ve implemented these principles. Focusing on eccentric, feeling the burn, sore the next day or 2, Training to technical failure, getting enough good calories, gram of protein per lb or more. Last 4 weeks I’ve noticed a difference. Follow the simple steps and be dedicated and it will work. Volume 20-25 working sets per week per body part. 8-12 quality hard reps. Training twice a week (On a 3 day split.)

  • I worked out pretty often a couple years ago but after a few weeks I stopped getting sore and I never really gained that much muscle while working out after that. Now I’ve gotten very serious about my workouts and I HAVE to feel sore the next day otherwise I feel like I wasted it. I go even harder the next time even if it’s just increasing the sets and I feel so much stronger than I ever have and I actually gained about 16-17 pounds since June 4th! (taking creatine so a good amount is water weight along with the insane newbie gains. I’m actually very happy with my body now, I’m able to see how good my genetics really are and it makes me excited for the future. (Awesome shoulder back and lat genetics along with an insane chest!!) I was skinny fat and weighed about 135-140 and it looked like I had minor man boobs. Now that I’ve been gaining all this muscle and redistributed fat I’ve figured out that I could potentially have the genetics for an Arnold chest ����

  • I used to get muscle soreness 2 weeks ago and I have been working out everyday since then and I can’t feel soreness anymore, is this good or bad?

  • Would it matter in what kind of protein, depending on what kind of goal you’re going for? (Cutting or gaining) Or does it matter, protein is protein??

  • How many days of soreness should you be training for? Me personally I don’t mind one day but when it goes beyond that, it messes up my workout schedule forcing me to take more days off. Yes, I eat right, sleep good, and stretch. Thanks

  • so i just took 3 whole weeks of figure skating and i’m gonna watch this just in case because uhmi’ll obviously be falling on the uce

  • I like how this guy actually tries to get you live a good life style instead of just telling you to buy his crap. Eat and sleep right if you want hypertrophy. Eat and sleep right if you wanna not feel like sh*t all the time man

  • Yesterday I worked out my chest for about 30 minutes. I worked on my left pec a bit more because it is slightly smaller. Today I noticed that my left pec is bigger than right now.

  • Hi.. gutes Video! Danke… 😉
    Hast du schon mal das Aktivwasser von einem Wasserstoffanreicherer schon mal ausprobiert?
    Dieses Wasser ist wirklich mega genial! ❤
    Es hilft einem echt produktiv zu sein. ☺

  • Very well said. Great stretching helps to release tension in your muscles. You can also use a great Gun Massager for: myofascial release, lactic acid decomposition, deep massage. Hightly recommended. Stay healthy and flexible 😉

  • What about soreness after endurance training? Or why doing a new excercise causes DOMS more often but familiar stimuli not so much?

  • first few days in the gym i had soreness when i worked out around 50-55 minutes a day and i started to not get soreness even if i do the same exercises every day

  • I started to exercise yesterday and was sore that night, but still did a hour workout which works on every muscle group, should I continue or should I rest a day, work a day, rest a day etc. I’m new at this stuff and wanna start right. If someone could help me with that it would be nice

  • While biceps dumble my left hand does no lift up after few set it does not rect.. and if i lift up with support bt it fastly goes down without fraction or oppose

  • Have had a pinched nerve for 16 days now and it started at pain level 12 with tears. Today OK at pain level. 05!! I’m almost out of the woods and it was a very painful road but I kept my PT, yoga, massage, rest, heat, cold and pain pills the first four days. BOB & BRAD’s vids got me through and THE NEW RENPO IS AWESOME. My daughter and husband have used it too. We love it. It’s $10 off on Amazon, plus another $10 off thru Bob and Brad. Code: BOBBRADOFF for snktger $10 OFF. Feel good peeps!!!!

  • I had an open reduction+internal fixation on RTAceta bulum (surgeon speak ) on January 7th 2020 after having a bicycle (actually a recumbent trike) accident. Shortly after getting home COVID happened and couldn’t get to a specialist until they reopened many months later…..apparently the bone has healed over the plate and screws and everything looks good to go to PT….I’ve gone a couple times and the exercises are helping….still very stiff but have graduated from the wheelchair to crutches and the walker, I’ve been using a cane for a short while……is there anything you could think of as another stretch or whatever you might suggest?

  • Some of you guys are against this video but you don’t get that soreness doesn’t mean you’re doing anything right, and soreness can get in the way of your future workouts which cuts into your gains too, same with day to day things can be tough

  • It would be a great help if you cover on the ways to foam roll correctly & specifically targeting deep muscles in the next video. Just a suggestion 😉

  • My mom 85 in the hospital drinking too MUCH water….it went to her LUNGs…..so there is Such a thing of drinking TOO MUCH waTer! Fan of y0ur Video’s have them Pinned too!:)

  • hello bob and brad thank you for this vid but can you make video about muscles reacting to sudden sounds when sleeping?? I’ve been losing sleep for awhile because everytime there’s a sudden sound my muscles especially i think, tendons, are reacting to these sounds and prompt me to wake up

  • OMG, so funny and cute. Just love you guys! Been a complete blessing to me on my “computer shoulder”. I do the “W’s” several times a day and use a shower curtain rod as my “bouya” stick stretches, which helps a lot. You two have been an amazing help to me, both physically and mentally. Thank you!

  • I worked out for the first time in my life lifting weights. It’s been 2 days after the workout and my shoulders/ biceps are still in constant pain.
    I can’t even sleep at night it’s so uncomfortable how do I get rid. I’ve tried protein

  • Unfortunately research doesn’t currently support massage, foam rolling, or anything like that to decrease DOMS, or assist in muscle recovery / performance

  • Hey A.J., love your videos, they’re all so informative and love how evidence-backed they are. Would you consider doing a video on golfer’s elbow? (Induced from heavy lifting and chin-ups think I may have been locking out my elbows in the latter unfortunately!) I know tendons have a really poor blood supply but I just can’t get rid of the pain & find it hard to rest it because of my active job (personal trainer). Thanks!


  • Great recovery tips! Did your research indicate how much time is advantageous to perform cardio to decrease metabolic waste buildup?

  • When you are sore on the exact same muscles you worked out on is the best feeling ever. It tells you that you did the workout correctly and it’s actually working..as long as it’s not a SEVERE pain.

  • 2.3 grams of protein won’t do anything for you unless you are taking PEDs, ah wait it will probably damage your kidneys in the long run, about 1.7grams is the absolute maximum you should take if nkt taking steroids

  • Say if I workout until I’m sore, and I rest the next day to recover, if I’m still sore the 2nd day after resting is it ok to go back and train that muscle? Or should I wait until the soreness completely disappears?

    Also, if I workout until I’m sore directly after the workout, but I wake up the next day and it’s not sore anymore, can I skip that rest day and go straight back to working out that muscle?

  • How is everyone doing. I’ve got a question? First let me explain my situation I’m a 15 year over the road truck driver so I’ve done a lot more sitting than I would have liked to over the years. I’m not over weight or out of shape but I’m having a hard time activating my leg muscles to grow. I grew up on a farm played all kinds of sports and had very powerful legs at one time. But now I’m home every day and I’m getting back into working out been working out for 2 months and I don’t feel my legs getting that necessary pump. I don’t use weights but I do have 200lbs of resistance bands I hook together and squat. I keep my reps around the 10 to 12 rep range with 3 sets. So I guess my question is am I not doing enough reps keep in mind I do all my reps very slow 3-5 second reps. So if anyone has info that would be great. I just don’t feel my legs being loaded.

  • Hi Picfit! I was just wondering about the fact you said that ingesting a protein shake 30 mins before a workout can help DOMS but the only research I can find about protein timing shows that timing only matters POST exercise not PRE? Any chance I can see the research you found on it?
    PS love the channel keep it up

  • I’ve been sleeping in a curve on my right side was higher and in an incline due to one of the legs missing. I dont know how long I’ve been sleeping like this. I got a ct scan and xray b4 i got ride of the bed. I’ve been to hospital 3 times in the past 2 weeks!! Doctors have no idea what’s going on with me…since I bought a bed my back is hot, tingly, sweats, almost lost conciousness twice. Has my bed made my spine move or shift?

  • We have a huge world living inside each one of us, yet we keep discriminating against each other and being racist against each other. Watching biology videos like this and how the body cells work with each other and help each other despite their differences shows me how oblivious we are and how far away from being awake we are.

  • You both are very great with advice!!!! I do not watch any other PT videos, just yours, which I stumbled across by mistake. I have hypothyroidism, herniated discs, scoliosis, 2 cracked vertebrae, sciatica, sacroiliac joint issue on left side, but Ithink it goes deeper than that due to whole left leg to ankle get swelled when inflamed and cant bend over, tingling and burning sensation in leg as well. Thank you for everything that both of you do for the society here on youtube for everyone to see and learn.

  • Please make a video about this research.


  • I got a muscle soreness all over my body and legs and i did this workout
    4 x 5 Push ups,
    2 x 5 Squats,
    4 x 1 Negative pull up ( get up on a bar and slowly bring myself down
    And i had epic burns all over my body. But u did these exercises with as best form as possible

  • Cycling road or mountains? Different muscle use per each discipline. I’d be interested in a video addressing each one! Either way, road, gravel, mountains, shred the gnar!

  • What about deep tissue massages guns like that TIM TAM or Theragun? It is the same as the foam roller? I have one it feels that I recover faster


  • After several years of training in the gym, I don’t get DOMS much in my upper body anymore. A good leg day will still leave me sore for like 5 days though ��

  • First day back at the gym after 2 weeks(Monday) of nonactivity, did max rep squats @ 85% of my true max, not the best idea in hindsight, still sore

  • late comment but im a 16 year old kid who just started working out at the gym to get some muscle on me, and when he said i gotta do stuff right like eat right, sleep right, and take supplements it got me thinking if i really need to be worried about that when im this young, especially eating when i can metabolize pretty quick

  • Did you ever notice that, even if you work tour butt off, doms do not come out, or are greatly reduced, if the heavy movement you do is intense/heavy enough and frequent enough. Proof of it is that even if you work your legs like crazy, if you change the leg exercise you may incur in heavy doms. This would lead to think that it is something maybe related to excessive damage due to incorrect neural firing pattern of muscles.

  • DOMS are great whenever i feel like skipping a workout i say to myself “ah but next week the doms will be worse if miss this week”

  • I don’t know if their is any clinical research on active recovery but if you train the same muscle 50% and do a little running that will help. Let’s say you did squats or bench and you’re really sore the next day, then do the same thing with half the weight the next day. The worst thing you can do when you’re sore is not move the muscle because it hurts.

  • Any tips for neck soreness. I get it after training shoulders and when i force extra pushup reps. Yes most is due to bad form and some by bad sleeping posture.

  • The only thing that has ever helped me with DOMS is going to the gym consistently and time. Now, I like DOMS because I know I’m working on something that was ignored prior. Good luck new gym goers. Don’t quit.

  • I have one quistion first days of the gym i felt allot of sorrenes which meant improvement to me now i feel then att all am i still making progress?

  • I was taught in exercise physiology that DOMS only occurs during the negative phase of a contraction. I think it is not quite true. I think It is possible to get sore performing too much overload in any phase of the contraction, even static. Just my opinion through trial and error.

  • So I don’t get this. I just worked out and I was sore at the gym. I went home had a shake and then went to bed pretty soon. I slept for my 7 hours and feel little to no soreness. I went really hard (yes in a good way with correct work out with the right % in weights) and just don’t feel sore like I did at the gym. Did I not do let’s say enough or what’s up with this?

  • Love this video! One question. The mitochondria are connected I notice. I always thought they were more individual in the muscle and not connected “physically”. Would there be some mitochondria connected and some more loose. Or are they all connected?

  • I use Protein Powder after every workout, and take 2 teaspoons on fish oils a day. Don’t drink coffee r take taurine though. Definitely sore when I try a new workout, but after a few days, I only feel a mild soreness in the muscles.

  • Wanna get rid of soreness? Eat enough protein and use the supplement HMB(calcium salt is just as good as the free acid, I’ve tried both)

  • I started back the gym yesterday after 5 months cause of a broken collarbone oh man I have got so out of shape…I work some light chest and biceps however I couldn’t go to the gym to because I literally cant straightening my arms out my biceps and forearm has never been this sore before and the veins in my right biceps are a little discolored can anyone give any advice?

  • I don’t think you should be telling people to not take Ibuprofen some of us have to regardless of the gym we may have jobs where we are on our feet for hours everyday, but I agree with the protein facts you have like drinking shakes before gym, I like that.