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6 Questions to ask a Personal Trainer

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6 questions to ask before hiring a personal trainer

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Ask the references if they achieved their goals, how the trainer helped them to do so, and what they liked best about the trainer. If the trainer refuses to give references or acts as though it is a major inconvenience, look elsewhere. 6 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Personal Trainer Once reserved only for the rich and famous, personal fitness training has hit the mainstream. A personal trainer is now as common as a pair of.

I came up with 6 questions that you should ask a personal trainer if you are looking at getting one. If you are a personal trainer or thinking of being one, these questions will also get you thinking and hopefully you have these all figured out already. Today, instead of my usual writing blog post I decided to do a quick video and go over the 6. Here are six questions to ask trainers either in person or by phone before hiring them. Can I have references?

This is the best way to get honest information. A prospective trainer should be more than happy to give you a list of at least three clients whom you can contact. Ask the references if they achieved their goals, how the trainer helped them to do so, and what they liked best about the. Let me start off by giving you the 5 questions to ask a trainer before you hire them and then I’ll explain why they are important below: Who are you certified by? What do the letters stand for?

How long have you been a personal trainer?Here are eight things you need to keep in mind before hiring a personal trainer. Don’t be fooled by a big name (or a big follower count) Westend61 Getty Images.

In the age of celebrity or Instagram-famous personal trainers, it Identify their area of expertise. See if their personality is. What questions should I ask a personal trainer before hiring them? Just about everyone who is training clients shares a passion for helping people, but that passion alone doesn’t make them a skilled trainer. That skill comes from continuing education and a dedication to improving and refining their craft.

But, before hiring a personal trainer, ask these questions: Organizations such as American Council on Exercise, National Strength and Conditioning Association and American College of Sports Medicine all offer personal training certifications. Ask the references if they achieved their goals, how the trainer helped them to do so, and what they liked best about the trainer. If the trainer refuses to give references or acts as though it is a major inconvenience, look elsewhere. Hiring an inexperienced personal trainer might be a blessing in disguise, as they’ll often charge less than someone with years of training under their belt.

The Takeaway While you can easily hire any personal trainer on the spot, asking a prospective trainer the right questions is going to help you determine if they are the ideal fit for you.

List of related literature:

The answers to all of these questions and others may influence the personal trainer’s advice to the client.

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5 What are their goals regarding balance, flexibility, fitness, and body composition?

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What questions would be helpful to ask the athletic trainer?

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For a train­the­trainer session, you could provide three questions to ask current trainers in their work area.

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What were the biggest pitfalls you encountered as a new coach and trainer?

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In this part, we help you decide what kind of personal trainer you want to be and whom you want to work for.

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List five performance characteristics of a good trainer that help make employees feel at ease during a training session.

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If you could only pick two to five workouts for the next six months, which would you pick?

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Ask them questions related to the quality of the trainer, the content of the training program, and the results.

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  • This is so hard. I mean, everybody has to pay bills. Sometimes, it is hard to consider if you really likes the job, because if you don’t get it you are not sure how much time you are gonna take a job that you definitely enjoy, but if it pay less it is not that worth it either… anyway, we are all slavers.

  • In this times so difficult, sometimes people agree somes bad offers, because need money to sustain your family. I hope in the future the market will better for all people. THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR GREAT TIPS!!!

  • Just �� u! I watched 5 of ur vids went into an interview fully prepared and confident with the tools you provided and was offered a final interview within my first interview! Got the job and they actually said they have never asked anyone to do a final interview within 30 min of meeting them:) thank you so much!

  • Hi Linda. I have a question, how many “yes” answers I need to make myself sure about a job offer? In my case, I dont get all yes answer from those 6 questions. Thank you.

  • Linda you are so right. I accepted a job where in the interview, I felt a little “off” about the hiring manager. I accepted the job because it was at the same organization that I was working at prior and I had a good experience, and the job itself was very attractive to me. i wish I had seen this video before I accepted that position because I wish I listened to my gut. I found the hiring manager to be almost a bully to me, and I went home crying after work week after week! I quit after 3 months because I could not stand it. Luckily I got a job soon after and they didn’t see any huge red flag by my short employment on that team; however, truly I wish I had listened to my initial gut reaction and not accepted the job. Lesson learned

  • One more great video from @Linda! Thanks. My suggestion will be don’t stick too long if you have to compromise with your values. Agree?

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  • Ever wondered whether or not the job offer(s) you’ve been given were ones that you should actually take? Did you ever regret accepting a job offer? Then this video is for you! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever been in this predicament and what you did to overcome it!

  • Just had my 3rd interview but will need to turn in down. The original position was filled and the one coming up won’t challenge me or take me to the next level of my career. But I learned so much and appreciate the experience.

  • @lindaraynier Ma’am Can you please make a video for slow learners to thrive in the workplace. All workplaces require quick learners, so what can slow learners do to retain the very little training they get to perform their tasks and duties.

  • I applied for and was offered a position for a boutique consulting agency, but they offered me $30K lower than the industry standard for that position. I negotiated, and they only offered me $5K more. I asked to speak to current employees, and they all told me that they routinely worked 60+ hour weeks. I did the calculation and my hourly wage would have ended up being what I was making at my previous job. So yes, it was essentially my dream job, but I couldn’t in good faith take a job where I would have had to work more hours and not get compensated fairly for it.

  • Marat, I absolutely love this breakdown of questions to ask in an interview. I totally agree, the candidate needs to make sure the job is the right fit. Asking questions is the perfect way to accomplish this. Thanks for sharing!

  • Very important questions to ask when considering a job offer. When you think that you’re going to spend 80% of your time in that environment/job, you had better make the right decision. Thanks Linda!

  • Yes Linda! I wish I had watched this a lot earlier. Tip 3 definitely hit me.
    There’s one time I have got an offer from a toxic company and I took it without taking much consideration. I ever turned down another offer for that.
    Don’t just take on any jobs because you are desperate you must ask these questions!

  • Hello Linda! I am from Brazil and really appreciate your English pronunciation. May I use your videos in order to teaching English? Thank You!

  • I accepted a job offer eight years ago and the dream job became a nightmare. I was totally unprepared for what the new employer demanded. 18 months of career hell.

  • Hello Mam! Could u pls suggest me any Magic trick how to hunt / search for the job correctly other than the general methods used..as a Fresher in any reputed company without having any references….

  • Thank you Linda. This is quite informative. I once took a position/job for an e-payment processing company (Sept Dec, 2010), that I actually never capture on my CV. Lucky for me it came immediately after my post-grad, so it never shows up as a career-gap.

  • In my job the benefits are good however pay a lot of taxes..and I am working on getting promotions hopefully..thanks Linda for these tips I can use them.

  • I love your videos, Linda. They have helped me so much during my career with things such as getting an interview, promotions, switching jobs, etc. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • For the question on knowing the person you are working with. I had an interview where I talked to one manager on the team, but did not know the lead above the manager was being hired and I did not like the lead after working with him

  • Hi Linda, thanks for your knowledge. All your tips were very helpful and informative. By the way, just if possible can u share some thoughts as to how can be a good negotiator or how to deal negotiation when dealing with an account, may it be a marketing support or sales target. Big thanks!

  • Thanks again for your support and encouragement! The 2nd job I interviewed for and gave references to never got back to me, I emailed HR and no feedback. But everything worked out anyway I landed my dream job it was meant to be happy ending ⭐️��

  • Thanks for watching “Best Questions To Ask In An Interview” video! What are the questions that YOU found the most important to ask a potential employer?

  • I wish I had watched this video before taking a new position. Regarding question #3, I had a bad feeling about the manager since the initial interview but refused to listen to and trust my intuition. Now after only three weeks of working I’m back to job searching… I definitely liked the position itself and the job duties, but the environment was not healthy for me

  • I have a few problems
    1. I thought my resume seems looking neat enough but not sure is it acceptable to most of the employers working for the companies. I don’t really know what am I missing from my resume
    2. Even if how many jobs I applied and submit my resume, employers will only care who is staying nearby from the company located and I always seems to stay so far distance away from them due to the how many operating hours a day and days a week. Looking at the worse so far, most companies requires a 7am to 3pm or 3pm to 11pm shift and 6 days a week. It’s always be fixed or rotating shift set by the company supervisors or managers or bosses and always no changes are allowed anymore once every schedule has been fixed all the time
    3. I don’t know how to get job fast by hiring me, I got 2 choices but I am not sure if there’s more to find a way quicker to get a job. By far, one is recruitment agencies and looks like may take some time after helping me to apply and asking me to wait and wait and another one is go to the company or in a shopping centre store itself to apply to them directly.
    4. Been looking for a permanent job for over a year and unfortunately I can’t get any good permanent job, most of the time is always temporary jobs. Longest is 3 months and although I just got permanently suspended because I did some mistakes previosuly even if it means a temporary job.
    So I don’t really know what to do, I don’t know how to keep on searching anymore, almost feeling like giving up all the time

    I am from Singapore and I feel it’s one of the hardest country to find a better job out there

  • I think as you fulfill your dreams and achieve success it stands that you will have a circle of support from family & friends and acquaintances
    But each of your supporters will have different talents & skills & interests and abilities to contribute to your quest to accomplish the goals you have in mind