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6 Post-Workout Stretches to Combat Knee Pain 1. Wall Calf Stretch. Calf muscles often get neglected during our stretching efforts. However, for those who run, do 2. Calf Smash With Lacrosse Ball. This move allows you to work out tension in both your calf and your hamstring, 3. Half-Kneel Hip. Wall Calf Stretch.

Stand facing a wall. Put one of your heels down about 4 to 6 inches from it. Allow your toes to make contact with the wall.

Maintaining a straight-legged position, lean into the leg. Hold for five seconds. Attempt a dozen reps on each leg if it isn’t causing additional knee pain. Resistance hamstring stretch.

Lie down flat on your back. The best thing you can do to ease your knee pain is keep moving. These are the five best stretches you can do to soothe your sore knees—from IT band foam rolling to hamstring stretches. Runner’s knee, also known by it’s more scientific name as patellofemoral pain syndrome, refers to pain around the kneecaps that can be caused by running.Although non-runners certainly experience this issue too. Without getting too science-y, knee pain happens when the patella (knee cap) is misaligned and rubs against things it’s not supposed to (like the femoral groove).

6. Other Causes. Finding out the knee pain location helps to figure out the cause. For example, if you have pain in the front of your knees you may have arthritis or bursitis.

Any pain that emanates from the side of the knee could be the result of an injured ligament. Pain after exercise as you get older could be the result of osteoarthritis. Stand straight, holding the back of a chair, with your feet shoulder-width. • Slowly bend knees to lower body a few inches. • Keep feet flat and don’t let knees go past toes.

Hold for 6 seconds. • Slowly tighten buttocks as you straighten your knees. 4. Quad Stretch. Stand straight, holding the back of a chair. Sit on the ground or in a chair with a small loop band around ankles. Step down on the band with right foot so it is anchored at that spot.

Flex your left foot and press all the way out, squeezing the quad as you lengthen. Hold briefly and return foot down. 5 minute knee strengthening exercises routine to fix knee pain in mature women | fitness over 50! If you are experiencing knee pain as you’re getting olde.

No Pain, MORE Gain with the joint supplement trusted by today’s top pro athletes http://athleanx.com/x/mechan-x-joint-recovery Knee pain is one of the most. Six Post-Workout Stretches to Prevent Injury. Words and photos by Rebecca Parsons Whether you’re racing, surfing, doing a downwinder or just out for a casual paddle, stretching should be an.

List of related literature:

A progressive decrease in volitional quadriceps activity has been noted as the knee exhibits increased pain and distention.48,52 Therefore, the reduction in knee joint pain and swelling is crucial to minimize this reflexive inhibition and restore normal quadriceps activity.

“Noyes' Knee Disorders: Surgery, Rehabilitation, Clinical Outcomes E-Book” by Frank R. Noyes
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Additional conservative treatment might include quadriceps strengthening, stretching of lateral thigh and knee structures, and avoidance of painful activities.

“Orthotics and Prosthetics in Rehabilitation E-Book” by Kevin C Chui, Milagros Jorge, Sheng-Che Yen, Michelle M. Lusardi
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Rest, ice, modification of the inciting sport activity, and gradual quadriceps stretching are the primary approaches.

“Differential Diagnosis and Management for the Chiropractor: Protocols and Algorithms” by Thomas A. Souza
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For many causes of knee pain, conservative therapy with rest, ice, NSAIDs, and rehabilitation with quadriceps-strengthening exercises is adequate.

“Current Therapy in Pain E-Book” by Howard S. Smith
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Stretching the quadriceps and hamstrings reduces tension on the tendons and may reduce irritation of the knee during activity.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
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Immediate treatment of an athlete suffering a strain is rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE).30 Cross et al27 reported success using a specific rehabilitation protocol to return injured Australian Rules football players back to sport after suffering a sport-related quadriceps strain.

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These subjects generally suffer from knee pain during running, squatting, stair climbing, prolonged sitting, and kneeling [6, 15, 26].

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Lifting the knee, bringing the legs together, stretching legs out, and walking may cause pain.

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Quadriceps and hamstring fatigue was associated with significant increases in hip internal rotation and knee extension and external rotation angle on initial contact.

“Applied Biomechanics” by John McLester, Peter St. Pierre
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  • Hi Doctor Jo, I love your videos, they are very helpful. Also love all your doggies! Do recommend to use a knee brace for this? If so which brand. Thank you��

  • whenever i start running 2 minutes in my calves will start hurting, do you know how to fix this? i hope you see this bc i struggle with long distance for soccer

  • i was exercising, on the next day, my calves hurt, i can’t walk properly! and then i stumbled in to this video, this was a lot of help! thank you so much!

  • How do I heal my calf tendon muscles I was injured before after felt better then start again but now seems the injury is worst than first time ��

  • Extremely grateful for plantar fasciitis stretches. What do you have for seniors with lower back and hip pain.
    Can’t get on floor.
    .Thank you

  • BRILLIANT!! What I really love about this is that you addressed the Soleus muscle stretch as well which most other instructors don’t do not even some personal trainers.

  • This’ll definitely help my tight calves, but was wondering if this also increases ankle mobility? Sitting all day has tightened my calves and i can’t keep my feet flat when squatting:'(

  • My left leg has felt like it’s got a hole in between the inside calf muscle, between it and the bone. It’s felt uncomfortable as long as I can remember, I’ll give these a shot and try to remember to update lol

  • Excellent, I could barely walk after exercising from the pain, then after doing this, I walk with such ease and can jump rope way longer during my daily routine ��

  • What kind of surgery she had? Did she have a repair or something? I had surgery done and doctor told me no weight bearing for 4-6 weeks. I’m trying to see what can I do

  • Thanks brother you actually helped me a lot I was not able to sleep at night and so I searched your video and it was really beneficial for me keep helping others. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

  • What is it called when someones shins seem externally rotated and their knee cap attachment seems to move outward towards the shin below the knee cap?

  • I am from INDIA ���� sir..i need ur help vary much.i am a football player.i suffering just down the calf muscle ans out side 1year.plzzz help me sirr.

  • I recently had an injury to the knee. After a few weeks of healing, I felt my knee move out of place. I was sliding off my bed, on my stomach, feet first. Its been a few weeks since then and I feel better, but I notice the right knee pokes out when I straighten it out. I haven’t had pain nor is anything uncomfortable…Except for when I lay and do the knee tightening and releasing. At times when I release, it feels like the knee is trying to move. Almost like it’s going to lock. I have a history of loose and unstable knee joints, but haven’t had issues in over 15 years. If the knee isn’t in place properly, will these exercises help it move in place? My thigh near my knee was a but numb for a few weeks as well, but has been getting better.

  • I’ve watched other videos of you and had amazing results. This morning I was in agony from a stiff neck…took advil and stuck on a heat wrap and was still in pain and wanted to cry. I did these exercises along with you and I have to tell you…I am already feeling better! My neck is already loosening up! You’re amazing!

  • My surgery was 2 days ago. I cant raise my leg straight its just impossible, i can raise it a very bit but bended only…
    My knee has 3x the size as normally.

  • Hello DoctorJo, I have had PFS for about a year now. You don’t think its too late to start doing these exercises to heal it completely do you? I am worried about this. Thank you!

  • I’m a sprinter who has been trying to work on my stamina so I could do distance and that ment more time on the track and my calves have been killing me for weeks and I didn’t have a roller and this saved my life now I’m putting even more power on the track and I feel like my stamina have improved thank you

  • So i play football(soccer) every day and on tuesday right when i started running my calves were hurting since then my legs feel heavy and i cant run any tips???

  • I m suffering from back pain from long time thats why i take surgery but after surgery i can’t walk properly by left leg, my left leg calf muscle become tight can i do this exercise, it can’t my back or?

  • Hey! How long will it take to have my knee back in good shape if I do this at least 3 times a week because I can’t even do a full squat?

  • Does this work if I’m over weight?
    Bc honestly my right leg hurts a lot when I’m standing a lot and sometimes I feel like crying because of the pain I have.

  • Hi Jared my calves have recently started to get swollen and stiff but not particularly painful.After a night’s sleep the swelling goes..I’ve recently been doing a lot of stretching exercises.Could this be the cause?

  • I’m at a fork in the road. I know my L. Hammie is tighter than my right but according to pros still flexible. But recently I’ve noticed a kind of “shift” not so much snap in my L. Posterior calf, right near the knee for example sometimes during deadlifts, especially with shifts in toe stance. Would this be a calf problem, hamstring problem, or both? I’ve been trying to stretch both out and do some myofascial release, will be trying your videos and see how they fare!

  • After doing sports I never really stretch out my muscles my calves become really tight but I didn’t really take notice until I get cramp I have had cramp coming and going for 5 years now and the other day my PE teacher said that it was because I don’t stretch out and he said it was the most tense he has ever felt before I try these stretches but it just hurts my calf more any ideas why

  • The 3-minute 20 sec part of the exercise. I gave it a go the pain was incredible.. I’ve been suffering with calf pain and today was quite a painful day.(worse ever ) My right leg. I got a poor diet that is attributed to my calf pain. Seems to of helped.. Pains intensity has eased by about 50%. I’m going to do a few more stretches now.

  • Thanks so much, Dr. Jo for someone dealing with a knee sprain for several months, I found this very helpful! If you don’t mind, I have a couple questions: 1) how many times do you recommend doing these exercises per day (once or twice), and 2) in addition to the pain in my knee, it also makes this popping sound whenever I curl or extend it (AKA crepitus). Can I expect that to go away shortly after the pain is gone?

  • My calves really hurt after calf raises. It’s been 3 weeks and they are getting better day by day but I still can’t get my heels on ground when I walk. Do you think that these work?

  • Hello, I have a question. I hear that before exercise you do dyamnic stretches (movement into exercise you do) then exercise then static stretching… i keep injuring my damn anckles and trhing to prevent that..:( I’m confused on how to warm up properly.. and do you do a warm up that i think includes dymanic stretching then exercise then cool down with yoga for statuc stretching? Thank you!! Currently recovering anckle injuries.. is there anything i can do in the menatime? Im scared to stretch incase my anckles get worse again haha and these will come in handy once im back n going again:)

  • Back on these exercises for my knee, she helped through weigh loss and knee pain.. and I’ve gained 15 lbs the pains back! Her I go again, glad it’s still here!

  • I had this surgery done 3 wks ago and I wish I had seen this video before then. This is a much better healing and strengthening process. I was told on my 1st visit after surgery to start hm exercise and I was experiencing stiffness along with weakness in the knee.

  • HI Whilst i was running straight line i felt i crack in my knee not big pain but later on started swelling but i could carry on for the rest of the day with not much pain is anything to worry about
    i am 9 months post op
    once again thank you Doctor

  • I”m a runner and my calves are super tight. I haven’t found the right stretches to loosen up my calves, but I think the real key is going to be foam rolling to get rid of adhesions in persistent, chronic calf tightness, right?

  • Thank you so much for this. My physiotherapist gave me similar moves but not as advanced as yours. I’m currently in agony, my left side of my neck has never been right after a stint of rye neck in my late 20s. It seems to be more painful than not these days and the biggest problem I’ve noticed is when I wake in the morning I just can’t get the right pillow support. My left side of my neck feels small in muscle mass to the right now. How long does it take to strengthen and heal? ��

  • I have never been a runner but am currently in a hotel based quarantine and running is one of the main exercise options available, my legs are killing me even though I’ve been stretching, from my research it seems that I can just keep pushing through the pain, is this correct, obviously doing all I can to warm up and cool down..

  • I started working out and when doing cardio I was able to push myself to run 3 miles. Which is good for me because I am not very active. But now I can’t run because my calves get so tight and hurt so bad within a.25 mile. I am not overweight or anything. I’m hoping this helps me!

  • when i stretch my right legs. my lower knee cap hurts very bad.:( and if i stretch and bend it. the pain is getting worst ���� help pls

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  • Thank you so much.. exactly one month ago I had injury. My ACL, PCL,MCL completely torn and fracture tibia near my knee cap.. it all happened cause my adult son who has autism, he and his brother both fell down on my knee during one of his tantrum episode. 2 adults more than 300 lb fell down on my knee and I heard 3 snap sound..ouch ��
    waiting for my knee surgery.. anyway I will follow these exercises. Thank you again.�� I wish everyone goodluck..stay safe..

  • Hi, do you recommend me doing some glutes/booty excercies while working on closing my diasis recti? If you do, what booty excersis should I stay away from so my gap doesn’t open more?

  • I would love a video for feet. I have high arches and I believe that I may now have planter facitis in at least one of my feet. If you have anything in the works for this I would really enjoy watching (and putting into effect).

  • Meniscus repair this week. Surgeon said no pt needed. I’m suspicious so looked you up and will def be doing these exercises so my knee gets strong again. Thank you so much!

  • Thank you, my scans and possible operation were cancelled during the coronavirus pandemic. This gives me hope I might still be able to do sports.

  • Hi Jared! Nice video again. Just nice for me to roll my legs tomorrow during rest day ��
    Did VO2 submaximal / maximal lab data collection today for my class, crazy shin / calves pain during 15% incline treadmill ��

  • Buy a printable worksheet with the ACL Tear Stretches & Exercises in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/purchase-acl-tear-worksheet
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  • I got a injury during running andb went to doc..he checked and find a problem in xray knee sky line view…i donot wht is itt but i jave sever pain ni patella side nd feeling higher movement for patella plz suggest me

  • hey basically i had surgery in november 2018 knee. then i had surgery in january 2020 to take out the screw out of my knee and i really didnt do my knee workouts after my surgery. its been 8 months and i was wondering if these would still be helpful for my knee to bend a lot more. my knee is somewhat strong but i need it to bend more

  • Are these exercises applicable for post ACL surgery? I had an ACL surgery is want some exercises that will give strength for my knees please suggest Thank You….!!!

  • I have ACL partial tear, grade II tear in medial meniscus and minimal joint effusion. Whenever i try these ACL stretches and exercises, it start hurting and then i cannot perfomr these exercises for few days. Is this normal? should i continue the exercises may be less effort?

  • Thanks Dr. Jo! I’m in physical therapy now for a partial/near full ACL tear. I’ve added these exercises to my plan. I have so much anxiety about possibly needing surgery if I don’t fully heal. Do people ever walk / run / do physical activity normal again with just physical therapy? Thanks for this awesome video and information. ❤️

  • May i ask if what should i do because i feel something wobbling in my knee and now it is able to straight but i am struggling to walk? help hehe

  • My daughter has a ligment injury ago 1 year, after we can crt by village medics,and know she have pain on this leg (when she taking over weight like picking plastic jug ). What is the ended sln to this prblm,sir.

  • hello mam i had my complete acl(mri diagnosed) tear 5 years back initially it was ok no pain i could walk nicely but again 2 years after i had another injury. For the past few months i have been feeling warm sensation and discomfort in my knee joint and pain around hip joint of same side.

    is this exercise really gonna help me mam. i am not in financially prepared to do the surgery. I plan to do after 2 year. mam please advice

  • Hi i had ACL surgery meniscus also tared and surgery held before one year but still now i cant bend my knee i can bend 50%only what to do

  • Mam! I had a slight ligament tear medially in my knee 3 years ago. I m slightly over weight also. Now my adductor muscle(top of the knee in the front) is paining. What do you suggest i do?

  • I dislocated my knee cap 4 years ago and didn’t need surgery just needed PT and a brace for about 3 months.. last weekend I once again feel and hurt my knee it felt like it moved out of place no pain just that moment, it swelled up and I’ve been taking it easy I’m on day 4 after the accident and I still can’t bend my knee fully will these help? Or will o need to go to the dr and do formal PT again?

  • I was told that my knees pain is due to chondromalacia.. but I couldn’t visit any doctor due to quarantine and my both knees hurt i started with some exercises but just wanted to ask if i could perform lunges and will my knees get back to normal?

  • Messed up my leg playing soccer havent played in 8 months and i wanna play so bad but it stays cramping when i pull my boots on hopefully this worksss

  • This is so helpful! 7 hours out of surgery right now. Literally walked straight from the operating table with hardly a limp. I can certainly bend the knee and lift a straight leg though it does make a squishy fluidy sound when I bend my knee to sit. I don’t want to push it, but…how much can I push it? I really want to rehab as quickly as possible, as I’m a dancer who needs to get back to work:) I don’t expect a reply but any advice is appreciated.:)

  • I had partial ACL tear about 9 months ago. Doctor said to have physiotherapy at home and surgery is not needed. I did it for about 2-3 months and after that I didn’t..its been 1-2 months i started doing it again..and now I have swelling and pain sometime above of knee ( been about 1 month) ( sometime right side..sometime left)
    What are your suggestions please?
    Is my tear increased?

  • I had an ACL Reconstruction Surgery 1 month ago using Hamstring graft. I was feeling OK, and so started walking with a gentle limp. However, once I was trying to pick up something from the floor and had a massive stretch on my hamstring. I also heard a cracking sound. My mobility is still the same as my level before this incident. However, it feels a bit strained and I observe a gentle bump and swelling behind the knee area.

    Could you suggest me if it’s normal or may it heal naturally?

  • I’ve been playing guitar for 30 minutes with my neck slightly abit forward to the left and and large center right part of my neck hurts, pls help

  • Thank you so much doctor. But one doubt
    Can a person recover from full acl torn through exercises because I don’t want Operations. I am 22 years old and I like to play basketball. Please do give some suggestions. Thank you so much

  • Hi doctor
    My left leg is a polio leg and I had an a acl and meniscus years in the left knee 6 years back. I have been doing my Physio therapy since then. My knee still wobbles. Please help me.

  • I got an ACL tear grade 3 and meniscus grade 2.And my doctor suggested me for operation.
    Is my knee will get fine as befor like perinjured knee without operating it.
    Please tell me about it..

  • Dr. Jo, Roughly 6 months ago I had what i believe to be a PCL tear? From sprinting. I didnt have insurance at the time and couldnt get it checked out but basically the leg curl motion, or bringing my heel to my butt caused much pain. Dead-lifting and squats i was still able to do. It is much better now but not completely. I still get a weird ache behind my knee if i drag my heel toward my body. Now that i do have insurance i cant get it checked out due to COVID19. I was wondering if you had any PCL stretches or therapy that you think may help?

  • Hey doc

    Is it required to get acl surgery just got my injury last day please help my knees feels wobly and loose painful at the same time.

  • Hello mam my ACL tear and Medical minuscules surjury complete 2 & half year now iam fell completely normal but I can’t Run fast and not Bend my leg properly please tell me the Home excersize for this…

  • From Maharashtra m Having Acl sprain grade 2nd on left leg Dr had gvn painkillers only b4 six months but now thrz same pain in rt knee what should I do. Knee effusionz also thr

  • hi, I have ACL surgery 4 months ago. My feet turned backwards while jumping. Due to which I had to bend my knee. Now it has been 4 months to surgery but still I am not able to walk properly. Is there anything to worry about? Ortho OPD is closed due to Corona virus, so I am unable to go to the hospital.

  • Are these exercise good for ACL thickening? because the ACL of my both knee got swollen and it hurts like a hell. In this case i pray to god that either help me or take me with you�� because that popping, swollen knee hurts alot. And i can’t able to straight my knees��

  • My acl teared 2 years ago.dr said for exercise for 3 months.but after this also it’s not cured.now also my leg is twisting from knee.madam,is there any chance for curing this.can I play football??is surgery can cure this?is there any problem bcz of no treatment till these two years������.is these exercises help to completely cure it??��

  • Thank you for this very helpful video! ��
    I have pf and haven’t done any active stretches in quite a while. Today I tried them and afterwards had like a burning sensation and tingling in the foot and ankle. I stretched well but did not overdo.
    The sensation I felt after stretching, might it be a “warning sign” or would you say it’s rather normal? Thank you ��

  • I’m walking better just with one set, my balance is better, and with more of this I will get better and stronger, I’ve become knock knee  with age, this will help alot, my husband noticed the difference in my walk as soon as I did 3 sets of 12 reps on each leg.

  • Had a knee injury early March and I’m pretty sure I tore something and my knee is still a bit swollen there time where I put too much weight on it and it pops out of place and feels so uncomfortable, I never went to the doctors due to this covid 19 but hope with these stretches and riding my bike daily it can heal up bc I miss doing my daily activities and this can be a big problem for me. Thank you Doc I’ll be on it

  • Hey friends I have a ACL tear in my left knee give me some tips or exercises to recover my knee. I am a professional taekwondo athletic and I got ACL tear in my left knee during the fight I heard a sound like pop soo give me some tips to recover my ACL without surgery

  • Doc, got a question. I got a partial ACL Tear, Grade 2 LCL for almost a year now. I still get pain from deep squats. Is it normal? Can this exercise help or too late already? Or maybe some really big problem with my Lateral?

    P.S. I can do some running, squats. just the Deep squats is where I feel pain in my right outer part. Thanks for this video doc. Just subscribed.

  • I have a partial ACL tear. My knees just give a cracking sound when i do squats & very occasionally i feel some pain (once in 2 days for 2/3 min only). Can i do directly do heavy exercises for knee strengthening, as i dont feel any pain??

  • Thanks docjo it’s really helpful and worked. Thanks for taking pain for humanity people like you serving the profession are the one who makes us feel prod of our docs and physios. Keep up the good job Dr Abhinav advocate India Jaipur

  • Hi, I have patellar maltracking. Generally I experience pain all around the knee, but a lot of the time I feel it only on the outside of the knee (lateral). Does this indicate that it is more likely I have a weak IT band also? My physio told me that I had very weak glutes because of the way I was squatting, but she never mentioned anything about the IT band. Thanks!

  • Hi can I do these exercises if I just have bad knees? My doctor diagnose me having ACL torn but I didn’t go for any op and it’s been more than 20years.

  • i got an acl injury a few month before the whole corona virus happened. I was able to get an x ray but not a mri which requires me to go to a primary care physician to send a referral. My insurance’s renewal has passed so I could use insurance if I went to a orthodontist, so I had to wait until march for it to renew. Finally when march comes around the corona virus also comes around and due to a lot of corona patients, I wasn’t able to get my referral, so I cant get my mri. Its been around 3 months now and I am able to walk but I feel pain during a simple jogging or running in my neighborhood. I just got back jogging today and my acl hurts. I hope I can do an at home physcial therapy from youtube myself.

  • Im 21 years old! I’ve suffered from patellar tracking disorder my whole life, and went through vigorous therapy sessions. and finally these worked! I felt a few pops in my painful knee when I tried the first one, and then after the others I found my old resistance band from the physical therapy I used to go to. I slipped it on around my ankles and did the backwards walking and now my knee no longer feels like someone took a hammer to it!! Thank you so much ��

  • Thanks Dr. Jo! I recently tore my ACL again (for the 3rd time, I had surgery on each knee and tore it again on my left knee) as well as my meniscus last month. I plan on getting surgery for it but due to the COVID-19 outbreak I just might have to wait a little longer. I’ve been looking for exercises to do in the meantime to help strengthen my quads and hips to make the rehab process easier post-op and this video helps out a lot!

  • I have a partial acl and meniscus tears, about 2 months old. The thing I’m most concerned about is I get pain in my knee when bending it. I still can’t get up on flight of stairs with my injured leg leading. Is there anything else I could be doing, or is it just a matter of time for healing? Not sure if its a muscular strength issue. Havent been able to do PT for advancing my exercises because of covid19

  • I injured my knee only today. I’ve just completed the excercises and rubbed lavender oil onto knee.This has greatly alleviated what was excruciating pain. Thank you.

  • I had surgery on 2 grade ACL, I mean half tear, so passed 6 weeks, but I still have pain and I can’t bend my knee, I need help doc!!!!!, tell something, and I also heard clicking sounds with pain

  • I’m training for a marathon, this video is perfect timing! I’ve been noticing that my calves have been getting tighter. I have one question: Should I do a short warm up before going into the stretches each time I do them?

  • Hi Jo, I tore my acl 6 months ago and was told I wont need surgery and should strengthen the muscles..
    However after doing recommended exercises and wall sits my knee hurts and feels sore when moving, bending.
    Is this normal when doing strengthening exercises? Do people do fine without or Would you recommend an operation generally?

  • I recently tore my ACL, MCL and my medial meniscus. Tomorrow I go to meet with surgeon to discuss the surgery. Biggest injury before this was an ankle sprain.. I’m scared as fuck, but so ready to get this post surgery first two days over with! Also there is a thing that they are taking out of your knee the day after surgery. Anybody know what that is? And does it hurt as bad?

  • Can squats or deadlifts cause tight calves? When i did squats or deadlifts the day before running, then i get a lot more pain while im running

  • Wow, this worked better than I expected! At first when I started doing one of the stretches, immediately felt better and my calf muscle was finally not hurting

  • I have had surgery 2 weeks ago for patellar retinaculum lateral relaease. Now my knee bends to a 90 degree angle. Can anyone suggest me some excercises to bend it more and more? Of course I would be happiest fot Doctor Jo’s advice, or link to a video. Thank you so much.

  • Hello, I have PFPS and noticed that there is a clunk sound every time I bring my leg back down after lifting it up to my chest. I can also feel it slightly, around the hip or pelvis area, but there is no pain at all. However, when I lower my leg down to the outside of my hip, the clunk sound doesn’t happen. It only happens when I bring my leg down in a straight motion. Do you know what this might be so I can do exercises for them? I wondered whether it is linked to the PFPS. Thanks.

  • Hi Doctor,

    I used to sit for more hours while studying and from then I am suffering from knee pains ND when I visited a doctor, he told me it is Patellofemoral Pain syndrome. Does these exercises help me to reduce the pain?

  • Sir… How to stretch inner calf…??? My inner calf is very tight. I am using tennis ball for inner calf… But it doesn’t work well. Plz advice me for better results.. ������

  • Do you have tight calves? Did you know about the two muscles and the trick to stretching them both? Leave me a comment below! Thanks so much for watching on Tone and Tighten!

  • Hey doctor,thanks for your video I felt immediate pain relief after doing these exercises. I’m seeing physio for my knee tracking issue but due to corona it’s not that frequent.The physio explained me the tracking issue of my knee and below is what mri report said “ Mild chondromalicia with delaminating full thickness of non displaced chondrol defect of mid median patellar ridge articulate cartilage “
    Is just these exercises enough?? Or there are any other things I can do to speed up my recovery..thanks again ��

  • Thank you for this video. I’ve suffered from PFS for 11 years now. After being discouraged for years due to physical therapy not working out for me, I’m going to start doing these exercises on my own starting today. I hope I can finally make some sort of improvement. <3

  • Thanks for these exercises it is very helpful for me. I’m on my one week post operation not started exercise just a little bit walking now will start the way you showed my here

  • I have done my acl & pcl ligament surgery one month ago but i cant bending my knee completly only 90 degree is bending please say me sir what can i do.

  • Great! I have patelofemoral syndrome. What is the best cardio exercise machine? The eliptical? The upright bike or the recumbent bike?which places less strain on the knee? Thankkk you

  • I have got a slight mpfl tear……and a kind of squeezed feeling in knee with slight pain when climbing stairs….please help me!!!!! Are these exercises useful??

  • I m a poor guy from India age 30 single boy need 2 lakh rs for my hip joint replacement operation is any one able to help contact me on my WhatsApp number +91 8828523664 will provide proof too as required pls anybuddy help me out I m in critical condition on 3rd stage so pls help me out as early as possible

  • Thanks so much, Doctor Jo! I developed this spending a lot of time on a ladder a couple weeks ago and had to stop the home project I was working on. NSAIDs/ice didn’t help much but these exercises made a big difference almost immediately.

  • Thanks….this situtation is similar to me…..after 4 month rest i can walk and run freely but when i do studies on sitting on my bed with my legs folded sometimes by leg feels that bone has something slipped and when i stretch my leg i hear a sound of bones

  • Hi, I have Patellar Maltracking in both knees and have been told to work out on the Cross-trainer machine and Bicycle machine to help with my rehab. My legs do feel good like they are having a good workout after using them, however, do you know of anything else that I can do to replace the machines for the days that I am not able to attend the gym and have to do the exercises at home? Thanks.

  • Hey, this is awesome! Ive just started these as i have patellofemoral pain on the outside of the kneecap and i can feel a crackling if i press it back and forth. How often do you recommend doing these exercises? Twice a day?

  • I have been diagnosed with patellofemoral condromalasia and it hasn’t recovered yet and it’s been more than 6 months now. I was on complete bed rest for 4-5 months and recently started taking stairs up and down. Is this normal part of recovery and is there something I can do to speed up the recovery?

  • I am a dancer. And dance includes a lot of sudden sitting and getting up. And I used to do that very easily before. But not it’s juts not possible. I can only slowly sit and get up. It’s hurts when I sit. It’s very sad for me. Could you please tell me if that is ok and I can fix my knees through these exercises? How long will it take to fix it?

  • When I stand in shower with toes & forefoot on corner and lean knee inward so I can shave lateral distal tib-fib it makes what I would imagine as a ligament rolls and it is unreal pain. The only way to get it and knee cap back in correct position is straighten leg.I have kinda screamed a few times when it goes back in place. Any ideas?

  • After my surgery. My Dr. Said you to take rest for a month. N do not try to bend your leg.till 1month.. and now m getting so much paining to bend my leg.

  • Hi Dr. I have maltracking patella and chondramalacia patella, and i did arthroscop 21 days ago. The dr. Make sort of a cut on my IT band to help patella going on track, now my knee is so tight i do exercise. What do you recommend for me to help

  • I have some large knots on the calf muscles on both the right and left side, about the size of a walnut. How do I get them out? I also suffer from leg cramps and I take Quinine sulfate to supposedly help. I have had these knots and cramps going on 20 years and even have gone to see if I have had a blood clot in my leg…(nope, all good).

  • Dr Joe, you’re absolutely brilliant. Great presentation without the annoying banter:-)
    I’ve carefully studied the source of my knee pain and your Patellofemoral exercises are already bringing me relief!
    The brilliant thing is your printable worksheets; my own physical therapist (which I can’t see right now) gives me a cartoon representation of an exercise and I hope to remember what to do. You, on the other hand, give me a QR code that lets me refresh my memory on the fly.
    I’ve downloaded 8 sheets for now…
    I’m 63 hiking 40-50 hard miles a week in the mountains of the Pacific NW and seeing and end to my knee pain means everything to me. Thank you sincerely.

  • Thank you so much! I woke up with pain and couldn’t sleep but when I was halfway through the exercise it eased my pain and could sleep afterwards

  • Hi I have been suffering from knee pain for a yr now everytime I go for a run my knee starts to feel pain so how can I fix the problem Dr Jo?

  • Hi Dr Jo. I tore my ACL about three months ago. My muscles tensed up a lot around the knee. I expect I’ll have the surgery once the virus thing is passed.
    In the meantime, is it ok to use my home spin bike to spin? My surgeon seemed to feel that was fine.

  • I will start trying some of these exercises I am a psw and I cardio kickbox and my knees have been bugging me for about a month

    I had a knee injury while kickboxing a couple years ago where my left knee would buckle and my physio guy recommended a different exercise where you press again inside of your knee with fingers while pushing your foot against the floor.

    I honestly never tried that particular exercise too much because a knee brace helped but now that’s not cutting it

  • I got really tight calves. I have even experienced really bad cramps in that area, especially in the middle of the night. Thanks for the video.

  • Hello! I injured my ACL 6 weeks ago, my doctor told me to not move my leg at all for three weeks so I was wearing a leg brace. Now I’m almost back to full motion and I’m trying to excercise so the knee gets stronger again, and it doesn’t hurt at all, but the problem is I used to dance a lot, and now everytime I try to kick my other leg (kicking with the injured leg is fine), the injured knee instantly gives away. Can’t even lift my other leg above my hips, the knee is just refusing to manage it. Maybe it’s too early to try dancing again, but I wanna know, is it even possible for the knee to get okay enough to go through a dance lesson (an amateur ballet) without giving away? Without an operation? I would really appreciate your answer, thank you!

  • Hi All I’m a Ship Surveyor and while crawling inside ballast tank I twisted my left knee while under load, it was minimal but the next few days I get pain and my knee was swelling. From MRI à meniscus tear appear on the white part of the meniscus. Now after 6 weeks of rest my knee is getting better but question is can I still doing my crawling and climbing on the ship? Or is better to be on the safe side and reduce my work activities?

  • my PFS started 2 years ago as a unilateral knee pain (left) after 4 hours of sitting on a plane (it was an 8 hour flight). During that time I still didn’t have difficulty with weight bearing activities such as going up/down the stairs, squatting, jumping etc thats why I decided to shrug it off. However, the other symptoms appeared 6 months ago (I work in a hospital and do rounds covering multiple floors, have to take the stairs multiple times everyday) and has been gradually increasing in intensity. I will try these exercises and hopefully it will improve my condition.

  • The tear on my knee is minor(both based on my experience and diagnosis)
    But somewhere,I can feel the instability to a small extent
    How do I solve this?Is physiotherapy significantly helpful?
    Could you also tell me if the tear portends arthritis?

  • Hey Dr. Joe! I have been diagnosed with patellofemoral arthritis. Are these exercises good for this condition? Also, I am wondering if chair squats (no weights) would also be recommended with this condition? Thanks in advance.

  • bro i was sitting until my neck was hurting for 1 mounths straight for 10 hours. And now just ramdomly it hurts and the pumps of the back neck hurt when i touch them

  • 2 days ago i stretched and did 150 calf raises and my legs have been so sore ever since i can’t even walk straight and i have cheer tryouts in a couple days����

  • Hai Brother I have heavy calf muscle pain problem even I can’t able to sleep in the nights… Please assist me.. is there any medical treatment for this.. am from India..

  • Ur.onr.of.the reason of my.tmj hraled..now.i got.neckpain for.one month already..but w.ur tips.i felt 85% of my neck.pains gone..thank u so.much.. u.made.my.day!❤

  • Many thanks Dr Jo
    For sharing your knowledge you are wonderful human being
    You are not only helping but educating by highlighting the importance of sharing.
    As said earlier this exercise did wonders for me.
    I can’t thank you enough

  • Thanks for you easy to understand explanation. You get the exercises to make sense. As a patient it is easy to commit to an exercise program that has been so nicely explained. Great work!

  • What if doing those circles causes severe Charlie horses? In fact I can’t do any of these without my feet locking causing severe pain. I have a neurpathy, fibromyalgia, and am on medication that causes leg cramping. There’s no way I will be able to do many of these, I’m worried.

  • Dr. Jo, that is the diagonosis that my Orthopaedic Doctor told me I have along with my torn meniscus. This might be why I tore my meniscus last March 16, 2019. I am truly looking for all your videos that will help me heal. I noticed towards the end of your video you might have help me know what tore my meniscus. I think it might have been my knee was not tracking right and my muscles were weak in the inner thigh and IT band.��

  • I have something like cronic patellofemoral knee pain. It took about 3 months and I got I little better because I did some excuses. I need to know Can I live without any pain if I continue to do excuses? I need a hope at least

  • If you see this, your video(s) just saved me $200 two times a week for 6 weeks after a already expensive eval. Thank you for sharing this content!

  • Hi, I’m glad I discovered your videos. I’m learning a lot. I have a question about the stretches on this video and the other neck pain video. Are all these stretches ok if you have arthritis in your neck? Thanks!

  • Hi Doctor,
    I want to ask about the physiotherapy treatment for this injury, is it included also massage treatment, can it help with this injury or the exercises are the only treatment?
    I’ll wait for your reply

  • Hi Dr. Jo, I was wondering whether i can stretch my quads, hamstrings, glutes, and especially the inner thigh while doing these exercises for patellofemoral syndrome? Don’t they worsen the problem? I mean in general when we are trying to fix a misalignment problem should we do exercises & stretches on certain muscles only??

  • Hello. I had a patellofemoral replacement 2 years ago and I can’t get it as strong as I’d like. Would these exercises help? I’m only 46 now so still got some zip in me! And I wanna get it good, maybe playing football (soccer) again good. Whadda you reckon Dr. Jo??!

  • How long does it usually take to get results? I have been dealing with knee pain for 6 months (it’s gotten progressively worse) so I finally went and had an MRI done last week; confirmed that this is the issue. Anti-inflammatory medicine hasn’t helped at all.

  • Hi Dr Jo
    Im having patellofermoral pain
    From 3 months
    Now it’s been better I have strengthened my vmo muscle
    But some days a still get that clicking some times 10times a day
    I’m afraid it’s coming back?
    How long should I do these exercise
    How long does it take to go away that patellat clicking permanently?
    Can I be normal once again ever?��
    Thanks Dr for your concern
    Happy doctor’s day

  • Hi Doctor Jo, I have finally been diagnosed with Chondromalacia after having an MRI scan due to a sports injury. I have read that I should be focusing on strengthening my glutes and hips and outside of my thigh, as well as the VMO. When I do these exercises should I be changing the amount of sets and repetitions that I do each week and try to make the exercises more difficult as I progress,… or should I do the same exercises with the same sets and repetitions every week until I get better? Thanks for your help!

  • I was diagnosed with patellar alta recently….right now my pain is usually minimal like a 1-2 on a scale of 0-10. The physical therapist told me it can turn into osteoarthritis eventually and I’m scared because I’m a floor nurse I need my knees. I’ve been doing exercises for a month and I was feeling better but last night my knee started hurting again for some reason, idk what to do anymore please any advice?

  • Hey d.r jo i have problem while i m not sleeping for too long means 10pm. or 11pm. Blood coming from my mouth small blood in spet please help me any exercise my all result are clear

  • hi doctor,How many months will it take to heal? Do we have to do these exercises through out our life.Last but not the least shall I be able to jump in volleyball again.Pls reply

  • Im 25 yr male
    I have been doing this
    And for a week’s I was pain free and there was no clicking sound of patella when I extend my knee
    Now I reduced the frequency of exercise and it’s coming back
    How long does it take to completely go away
    Whether there is cure from this or not??
    Plz Dr Jo help me
    I’m worried about this����

  • See, you do not event say to hit the subscribe button or follow you on social media, but I’mma do it in spite of that, because I like your stuff

  • Hi Doctor Jo, I spent 3 months doing these exercises with ankle weights and the pain went away, but the crackling and clicking in the knee every time I bend it is still there and after I stopped the exercises the pain has started coming back. I did some other exercises that the hospital gave me as well and one of the exercises included bending the knee on a step and when doing this exercise, the left knee kept crackling and clicking as I brought it up and down and I could feel the inside of my knee clicking when I touched it with my finger as I did the exercise. I had an X-Ray done and nothing was found. I don’t know whether I should continue doing your exercises, or should I get an MRI scan done? Does it sound to you like I may have patellofemoral syndrome or could it be something more serious which requires surgery? I can walk and run without any problems. I just don’t know how to proceed with this! My legs have strengthened a lot from doing exercises, but the clicks and crackling sound it makes every time I bend it is as loud as ever! I’ve had this problem for 5 years, probably due to overusing my knee moving dumbbells around in the gym. Many thanks for your help!

  • Hi I feel stiffness wen I sit for long.. you really think this will help.. xrays show nothing and no arthritis either.. I do cycling class once a week? Do you recommend me to stil cycle?

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  • Thank you so much for doing this video. I had knee surgery 3 weeks ago and had no idea how to elevate my knee and exercise to prevent blood clots. My swelling went down tremendously after following your direction. Bless you.

  • These stretches felt amazing, lately I’ve felt so stressed out ive been holding all my tension in my neck which has not only affected my neck and jaw but seems to have caused throat issues also. Would you be able to make a video for dysphagia and or gerd as well?

  • Thank you for your easy to follow instructions. I would like to know how to breathe though. Should I breath in while in tension & breathe out when releasing or the other way round?

  • Wow… I really feel good after these exercises Thank you (All the way from Australia:) )for these exercises it really helped me with my neck pain…

  • Hi, A month ago I think I experienced “prepatellar bursitis “ in my left knee. Most swelling subsidized but shifting pain and discomfort with little bump on left upper side of the knee is still visible. No major affect in movement, climbing stairs etc. Any suggestion how to deal with this kind of problem. Thanks

  • I am 37 ur female I have dizziness when I sleep and wake up and my shoulder muscles have become week.can I do these exercise in video shown??can you please upload videos on neck sprain

  • Doctor I have tightness swelling and pain in my knee. And i am 21. My doc says the space in between knee gap is decreased and cause osteoarthritis. Please help me. Please I beg you. Please

  • Dear Doctor Jo, I am tremendously happy to have found your videos on neck pain relief with some key stretches. Thanks to you I have managed to cure myself of derealization/depersonalization disorder by simply stretching my neck I even cried while doing so. Thank you for the quality videos and keep up the good work!

  • My neck has been hurting very badly. It hurts a lot to move, sit up, and is very painful to bend my neck on the side that hurts. I hope this works.

  • Doc Jo i recently had an accident with my motorbike that caused a knee injury with a mild acl mcl injuries could you suggest what’s best?

  • Hi Dr.Jo,
    New subscriber here. Does this exercise helps in Patella maltracking? I am diagnosed with Patella alta and PFPS. Exercises doesn’t help much. Been through this for past 6 months. Any other exercises do you have in your channel for patella tracking? Thank you!!

  • My legs hurt so bad it started when I did a intense calve workout I did not stretch or anything I already do a lot of sports and stuff and one of the fastest for my ages and I have this really bad pain I can’t walk at all I better hope this works

  • What do I do if these are to painful for me to do? I’ve all of a sudden got neck and should pain and tried both your videos some I can do without a struggle but some are just to painful, thank you

  • Tone and tight, is it normal for my calf to be quite tender when I massage it. This is whether I’ve been for a run or when I’m on rest days. I regularly do basic stretches every day (one stretch for calves, the second one you showed, one for thigh, one for hamstrings and then I stretch of the top of my foot out pushing it against the floor. I know I have the same issue with my hamstrings and wondering if a foam roller would help also?

  • I’ve been laying on by bed in an unconfortable position for the past 2 weeks. I woke up this morning with an extreme pain on the right side of my neck. I couldn’t move my head to the right. It really hurts. I tried exercising like you do but when i turn my head to the right the pain is so bad that i can’t stretch anymore. Help.

  • Dr. Jo you are the really a best teacher. 45degree exercise really very helpful. The whole video is very helpful.. Thank you so much..

  • Thank you so much bro!
    You have no idea how much this video helped me.
    I work 12/14 hours a day of hard labor and go to the gym on my 2 days off, and my calves are always sore and tight to the point I get cramps on my calves.
    well, not anymore, I bought a foam roller and used it as you directed on the video along with the stretching, man! What a difference.
    Thank you so much ����
    I’m forever grateful!!

  • Hi brother great video, so I’m getting ready for a PT test on the 27 of July and my calves are heating up, any additional advice besides he stretch exercises, I really appreciate it. Thanks ��

  • I can definitely feel a difference, thank you. I’m gonna do these until my pain goes away����These exercises helped a lot, now I can sleep a bit better ��

  • Omg�� thank you for help me with me neck pain I swear every single day I’m going to come back to this and relieve me neck pain because I’ve been look down to much on my ipad but thank you so much

  • I was in pain. I was popping pain meds like skittles….
    These stretches from a few of your videos. ������ they work almost right away!
    I had horrible pain on my heel and the top of my foot.
    I would run come home and after I would have instant pain.:( thank you sooo much for these videos ������

  • Thank you SO much! I am working from home now and I spent the entire day hunched over my laptop. That stretch at 4:27 saved my life!

  • Hi Ma’am,I am from India iam a housewife my age is 40 yrs from past 2 months I am suffering from minor neck pain it seems to be spread through out shoulder and back before lockdown I asked to my family doctor about the problem she told to do X-ray but due to this lockdown I am not able to get it done,MY Question is can I do your exercises in your neck pain playlists or should I wait to complete this lockdown period & then consult the doctor?please Guide ��

  • I’m one week post op, and they gave me no excursuses. I actually had to call the surgeon’s office to ask if it was normal to have major swelling and dark purple on my thigh. Thank you for these exercises, it’s much appreciated! )

  • Thanks doc, I watch your videos whenever I need a good stretch or strengthening exercise. Just expressing appreciation, keep it up!

  • I had surgery March 6 and was told I’m not allow to take my knee brace off, only when I take a shower also I haven’t been told about physical therapy.. I can tel my knee is still stiff

  • i just had surgery for partial acl tear and partial meniscus removal. I’ve been doing alot of leg raises and stationary bike and it helps alot for walking, but i cannot squat at all or go up or down stairs without having severe kneecap pain. Even if i do leg raises and pull my foot towards me too hard, i feel it in my kneecap or just below where the 2 incisions were made for surgery. What can i do to help this? will it go away?

  • I have a grade 2 acl tear in my left knee
    I took rest and exercises to strengthen it but recently I have been playing a lot so the pain has now come back. What else I can do to get rid of the pain? Doctor has not recommended surgery yet. But any medicines that can help me get back on the field.

  • I’ve had my surgery yesterday and I’ve been doing some stretches and feet circles. I am unable to bend my knee as I’m still bandaged up and my knee just won’t listen to me. I’ve managed to walk around the house slowly to put some pressure on my knee and leg as I don’t want to be bed bound all day. I will slowly start to do more excersise as time goes on.

  • Been having the most painful calf pain the past two days but once I’ve tried your video, the pains just gone�� thank you very much for the video! effective and easy����

  • Hi Dr. Jomy patella seems to be tracking (pulling) to the inside. On the X-ray (sunrise view) my cartilage under my patella is all worn on the inside, still thick on the outside. I work in dentistry and straddle the chair when I sit done. All of the exercises I find talk about tracking to the outside. Do you have any advice on which exercises to help my knee track better? TIA

  • This looks great, cant wait to try. I was recently diagnosed but unfortunately I had this for the past 12 years, no one believed me because I was a kid and no one thought a kid would have any “arthritis-like” pain so doctors and even my parents didnt think it was important to have my legs checked. Now as an adult my legs are so incredibly sore to the point where I had days when I cant move my legs by themselves. I have to take my hands and manually move my joints. I’m not sure how it got so bad though because I’ve always been active, I rarely sit too long at work and stuff. Idk. But anyway I’m now on antinflammatories and eating foods that are natural anti inflammatory as well, plus adding these specific exercises maybe I’ll finally get through this. I’m only 29 and feel like I’m 89

  • My pain has gotten worse after my 2yrs knee scope surgery, regret ever having that surgery, in pan everyday ������ and nothing helps

  • Thank you for the video! What are your thoughts about knee taping for this? Is it normal not to be able to walk for 1 hour right after getting diagnosed?

  • hello, great video and instructions i am 4 days post op no advice regarding icing! private hospital and supposedly the best but they didnt mention that i can do all these exercises now so a big thank you for demonstrating it my only questions is how many repetitions were required I am guessing 1020 maybe but would like someone to clarify this for me. kind regards Vicki from Australia

  • I have had a torn ACL for 3 yrs. I opted to not have surgery. (already had an acl/mcl replaced with a Cadaver on my other knee) My question is am I able to rebuild the quadin the torn acl ever again to full potential? I was A athlete when I tore it. since the second Acl tear. I pretty much had a bunch of life obsticles and depression. Trying to get back into shape again and training is going well, but I noticed it isn’t growing much in my quad with the torn ACL.��

  • 7-17-19. Very shortly I will be undergoing partial meniscectomy for a very large bucket handle tear. The injury occurred 3-15-19. In those past 4 months, I have been doing very extensive/very intense home pt with particular focus on the featured exercises and quad strengthening. However, I have been unable to achieve proper quad strength, it’s not even close to pre injury status/contra lateral side. I can not hyperextend! Now I’m faced with the proposition of going into surgery with extensive quad weakness as well as ROM deficiency. I couldn’t get these things back in the last 4 months despite very diligent efforts. How will I ever get that back after surgery? Perhaps never. Please feel free to share.

  • My knee bone is broken and I got a foot drop also.. it’s very painfull to bend the leg.. it’s almost a year I can’t bend my leg.. plsss give some advice.. I mean some exercises.. ��

  • You. Are. Amazing! Thank you for this video! I have had PFS in both knees for years. When I bend it sounds like bags of broken glass being crushed. Doctors have given me pages and pages of exercises to the point that it got overwhelming and confusing so I stopped. Not a great attitude on my part, I know…but having this video where you walk us through it and keep it SIMPLE is so helpful! I spoke to my Dr. 3 days ago about getting back into the exercises and haven’t been motivated until now. I’m super excited to use this video to, hopefully, get rid of the awful cracking! Thanks!!

  • fuck surgery, i was told my meniscus was torn and needed surgery last year, so i did some research and found some exercises you can do to help repair the meniscus without surgery, i gotta say i am 70 percent pain free. once they stick these big needles in your knees they never gonna be the same, i don’t trust surgery. i told that doctor to go to hell, fuck having surgery i ain’t doing it.

  • You just relieved my bad pressured headaches. I will be using your YouTube more often and will show it to others.
    Thank YOU much.

  • Hi Jared! Thanks again for a great video. I also have Achilles tendinitis… so all these exercises + the ones in the other video are of great help. I really enjoyed the one with the foam. It’s like having a massage and way less painful than what my PT does when he works on my calves!!:(( Stay well!!:))

  • Thank you so much for sharing these exercises. I’m here in the middle of the Coronavirus quarantine with no doctors available to check the pain on my knees. I’ve had a diagnosis of Crondomalacia Patellae but I never did any treatment. Now I was trying to do some home workouts and the pain is back. Your videos are helping me to relieve the pain.

  • Thanks for the Information!, I have pronation and my knee cap is deviated to the inside, should I avoid the VMO exercises and focus more on strengthening the VL and VI muscles?

  • I was diagnosed with a torn lateral meniscus in my right knee about 40 years ago and about every 10 years or so Dr’s have told and continue to tell me I need surgery now and should have had it years ago. I’ve had knee pain for decades but something always kept me from the surgery.

  • Thank you Sir for sharing this video,it really helps & Motivate me.i went through ACL & Meniscus Surgery on 17-Jan-2020 and also shared all my experience from Day 0 on my youtube channel(bluerays).Please watch if time allows you & share your feedback to me.Sharing our experience that helps other gives the truly amazing feelings..Thank you much again, keep Moving & Stay Fit!!!