6 Moves to assist Master Headstands


16 exercises that will help you achieve your handstand.

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Headstand for Beginners with Kino

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Advanced Headstands: Funky Headstand Variations

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Head Stand Yoga Pose How To Do a Headstand for Beginners

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Continue doing this, and soon you’ll be flying: 1. DOWNWARD FACING DOG Come onto all fours with your wrists directly under your shoulders and your knees directly under 2. DOLPHIN From downward facing dog, lower your arms to your forearms, keeping them parallel. Press your chest back 3. TRIPOD. How to Do Headstand (Sirsasana): 6 Tips to Master the Pose. In case you haven’t noticed, headstands have been plastered all over social media lately, along with many other beautiful and intricate inversions. here are some tips to help you navigate headstand and master this asana in no time! 1. Practice against a wall. Try kicking up just a little bit at first, playing around with the amount of force you need to get upside down.

If you are afraid, you may ask a friend to help guide your legs up to the wall. Once you have mastered the kick up, try holding that handstand position at the top. Doing three or four sets of 30 to 60 seconds will help you build strength. Incorporating a few key yoga poses into your practice will help you gain the strength and awareness needed to nail your Handstand.

Here are 5 yoga poses to help you begin your handstand journey: 1. Standing Forward Fold (Uttanasana) Not many people realize the necessity of hamstring flexibility when practicing Handstand. 17 Yoga Moves That Will Help You Sculpt Abs For example, if you have degenerative disk issues, structural imbalances in your back, or neck and shoulder issues—DO NOT DO A HEADSTAND. “It’s just. Ultimately, before you move past Step 6 you want to be able to feel every little movement in your body with your feet still on the ground, once you are focussed here it will become much easier to balance with your legs in the air.

4. Tuck it. While this research doesn’t give us definitive answers, it is the first study to quantify loads on the neck during Headstand and can help us move forward in the safety debate. Keep in mind, however, that other versions of Headstand (like Tripod Headstand) were not examined, and we don’t have data on beginners.

How to Do a Headstand. Headstands are good fun and require less gymnastic skill and flexibility than other stunts such as back tumbles, back flips or walking on your hands. While headstands are sometimes used in meditative practices, they.

Once you get the feeling of having your legs over your head and finding balance there, then you can move on to your headstands. You don’t have to be able to hold a handstand, but you should be able to practice them enough to become comfortable with the elements of the inversion. Then, you can headstand away.

According to Magee, chaturanga (or low plank), where you are in a plank position and your arms are at 90º with your shoulders forward (as if you’re about to do a tricep press), is a good move, as it strengthens many of the same muscles that are used in a headstand (especially if you’re trying to master the tripod headstand).

List of related literature:

The moves —a blendof strength, flexibility, balance, and body­awareness exercises — are intended to promote the union of the mind, body,and spirit.

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
from Fitness For Dummies
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Single or double Push Hands works with Ward Off, Roll Back, Press Forward, Push Downward; da lu works with Pull Down, Split, Elbow Stroke, and Shoulder Stroke.

“The Power of Internal Martial Arts and Chi: Combat and Energy Secrets of Ba Gua, Tai Chi, and Hsing-i” by Bruce Frantzis
from The Power of Internal Martial Arts and Chi: Combat and Energy Secrets of Ba Gua, Tai Chi, and Hsing-i
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It’s easy and natural to go back and forth between these two moves; in fact, you could even create a combination 4-count upper-body move by putting these two moves together.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
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In the first of several troika configurations, the danseur/partner/god guides all three of the hands he holds through a grand épaulé position that motivates three more arabesque-penchée positions.

“Ballet 101: A Complete Guide to Learning and Loving the Ballet” by Robert Greskovic
from Ballet 101: A Complete Guide to Learning and Loving the Ballet
by Robert Greskovic
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With your opponent kneeling down in your closed guard, place both feet on the ground and sit up and to the side, just as in the hip-heist sweep and guillotine choke (these three moves are intended to combine together as they all have the same initial movement).

“Mastering Jujitsu” by Renzo Gracie, John Danaher
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He started with pliés (bending of the knees) in all five positions, followed by ronds de jambe (circular movements of the leg) both on the floor and in the air and then grand and petite battement (large and small beating actions of the extended or bent working leg).

“Ballet Class: An American History” by Melissa R. Klapper
from Ballet Class: An American History
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The latter can be anything from a general idea (“clear the b1­h7 diagonal for the bishop”, “swap the defender on f6” etc), a specific plan or manoeuvre (“intending Nd2­b3­a5 with pressure on c6″) to a concrete sequence of moves (“in order to meet 1…

“Mastering Chess Strategy” by Johan Hellsten
from Mastering Chess Strategy
by Johan Hellsten
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Of particular concern are those exercises that involve lifting both legs off the mat, such as Teaser (exercise 5-9); extreme spinal hyperextension, such as Rocking (exercise 9-5) and Swan Dive (exercise 9-6); and body weight borne by the neck, such as Control Balance (exercise 6-8) and Jackknife (exercise 6-9).

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
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Consciously recruit and maintain a tonic, isolated contraction of the deep stabilizers of the lumbopelvis to ensure segmental control and then to maintain this contraction during loading (Figure 14-26) 3.

“Pathology and Intervention in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book” by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, William S. Quillen
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First position Second position First position Voftheleft Second position j Position of a fencer Plan of the positions of the feet Hogarth’s dancing-master, stiff knees Clown, from Engel, bent knees Equilibrium of limbs, extended in opposite directions Walking > •

“Chironomia; or, A treatise on rhetorical delivery” by Gilbert Austin
from Chironomia; or, A treatise on rhetorical delivery
by Gilbert Austin
T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1806

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  • alam kong maraming pinoy dito hahaha kaya magtatagalog ako… nakakamiss yung ganyan tag team sa workout kaya lang yung mga kasama ko sa pagwoworkout dina workout yung inaatupag mga puro nagoonline games na yung gc namin para sa calisthenics ginawang gc para sa online game

  • I worked my way up from pike push ups for a month, elevated pike pushups for a month, and now I’m doing as many wall handstand push-ups as I can (4) for 6 or seven sets and as many elevated pikes as I can.
    I cannot get the hand stand press. I just don’t under stand the movement, and I can’t get my legs to slowly raise into a vertical position. Is that lacking abdominal strength? If I really throw my weight I can get my legs to kick up but I can rarely get balanced when I do that and often fall.
    Also the left shoulder is really starting to hurt/feel not right. It doesn’t hurt when I do hand stand pushups or pike pushups, but when I come down out of position after I do my reps, and I put weight on it to fully descend, I can feel something mildly painful on the inside of the shoulder. It’s definetly not normal muscle fatigue/soreness. I’ve stopped doing pike pushups cuz it mainly hurts after a set of pike pushups when I bring my feet down by my hands to stand back up. Anyone help me out with suggestions?

  • I think I need to build more upper body strength to get all the way up but I did fairly well today and I plan to keep practicing it thank u Adriane much love Namaste and good night ����������❤������

  • When you’re young, you’re always worrying what other people are thinking about you. When you reach middle age, you no longer care what other people think of you. And when you’re old, you realise, everyone was just thinking about themselves all along.

  • I tried practicing before, I can’t even push my body up..I never give up. After 2 months of trying, I finally did it but with the wall as a support. Next time, no more wall…������

  • I was able to do headstand in 5 days. It was not easy but I did it. And trust me, if I can everybody can. CHECK THIS VIDEO:)

  • This was the first video I ever watched of you, of course I didn’t do the position back then but It hooked me. Now 3 years later I still can’t do the position but I’m glad I found you Adriene. Day 9 of SHIFT in!
    Edit: last try I did!! Against the wall but hey, it still counts!!!

  • My biggest fear chris! Im a lot older i have started following you i have your app i downloaded lots of your routines, im 58 my biggest concern not fear but concern is if i get to the stand but then go over the top im not sure if i would hurt myself if i went over and if i go over is there a way i can land without breaking my neck lol

  • That was fantastic, i finally did head stand after watching this video several times and taking it slow �� you are the best Adriene ��

  • I’m gonna practice doing this everyday and wanna do it without the wall.
    Will keep updating every single day.

    Send moral support hehe

  • Plz once visit my channel, you will find the handstands on Tractor, on Chairs, on Bank of Rivers on stone, On stairs, On Stools, etc… with variations And you will find the perfection in Headstand, power of Headstand.
    I’m in the age of 32 and I started Headstand before 1 years without any guide or trainer.
    You will find wonderful

    Please once visit…

  • Man I really don’t understand how you do the handstand press. I put my weight forward but I can’t get my legs to lift off the ground even an inch. Is that lack of abdominal strength?

  • Adriene I don’t know if you’ll see this comment but is it normal for my head to hurt when I’m doing this? or am i just weak and not used to doing a headstand

  • I turn 48 tomorrow and I never thought I’d be able to do a headstand. I only stayed in the stand for a few seconds but I was able to breathe while I was there. Thank you!!! I feel strong and confident.

  • I tried this practice last month (SHIFT playlist), but I couldn’t lift myself up. Today, I decided to try again and I DID IT! I’m so proud of myself to believe in me and in my body… Thank you!

  • I’ve been trying to learn for 4 months. Although I’ve improved significantly, I was still having trouble getting off the wall. I have watched soooo many videos on it on YT on Hand stand. This is by far one of the best videos that I have ran into. It has answered so many of of questions, that I’ve been searching for. Thank you so much!

  • I’ve been practicing for awhile and was struggling to get up and hold it. As soon as I watched this video I was able to do it! Thank you so much Kino!

  • Try doing it outside on some grass.That way if you fall you won’t hurt yourself. Also I do half a headstand using a chair or bed,this is good for older people, you still get rush to the head tho of course not as strong.

  • This is not an academically protocolled video, but really helps covering a lot of fields and it’s pretty fun to do for beginner-intermediate. I wish I had seen this before

  • Thank you! I was putting my head too far back. And I couldnt figure out how to get my legs up! But the tip about the pelvis and one leg inward at a time helped. I will try this again. I think I can get it! I have the core strength and I just stretched out.

  • Actually when you taught you’re doing a banana handstand can u please tell how to fix that, mine also progresses into banana handstand

  • THANK YOU!! <3:)
    I tried this for a week and lost hope. After a month now, i tried it again and did it at one go! now im learning to balance my legs.

  • Hi Natalie, I can do headstand with proper posture but still I m suffering with my handstand, could you please suggest any supporting drills or poses?

  • Love her variation of headstand practice for beginners wherein she conscientiously guide us to do it. Really perfect for those who’ve never done headstand. I was able to do it in 5 days, for 5seconds after more practice, I can now do it for more than a minute. Consistency is the key!:))))

  • I have seen Sherath Jois pictures of headstand and his facebook page shows hands crossed on forearm. Is this for advanced or another version of headstand?

  • I just practiced this one again and I really had fun this time cause I got some more strength in my upper body so this was amazing I am going to keep doing it daily and see how it unfold thank u Adriene much love Namaste and good night ����������❤������

  • I am able to squeeze one knee into my chest and the other toe doesn’t raise above the ground. I don’t understand how i can build my core strength. Please help. Grazie!

  • Hey, how should I work with the headstand if I have a very long neck? It feels like the neck gets cramped even though I focus on pressing away the shoulders from the ears and try to build as much length as possible. Will def return to this video, hopefully my anatomy and muscle strength will allow for one day being able to do this! Thanks for the video!

  • I’m wondering if this could help relieve tension in my neck.
    Obviously we have to build the strength to be able to support our weight with our shoulders.
    But I did physical therapy and they have this expensive machine to pull on my head, which at times was too much. This pose seems like it would be a lot better. Obviously there is more work involved and we can’t go around recommending it to people, but as someone who has already exhausted physical therapy and chiropractic resources, I personally think that building up to this could help me reset my neck.

  • I knew I didn’t have enough upper body strength to do this right now and almost skipped it but I gave it a go anyway and I’m glad I did. The first half gave me some excellent positions to improve my strength. I won’t be able to head stand anytime soon but I will continue practicing bending and straightening my legs on my forearms. I am not putting my head down yet though because I found myself wanting to put weight on it for support. When I no longer want to put weight on my head I’ll know it’s time for the next step.

  • is it only that is able to hand standinv walk but hand standing still is just not possible yet
    Like everytime i do it still im always falling backwards or forward
    Thats why i use the fallibg momentum by moving my hand towards the falling part of my body
    Lettibg me walk while hand standing

  • Omg I did it, my knees bending in the air, it was amazing. Could it hold it for like ten seconds. I’ll be working on this, thank you so much Adriene. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Was goofin and totally ran into my dresser trying to show my sister what a headstand was. Smh. I’m new so I just wanted to show her the steps and ended going up but also back because I don’t have the strength. Don’t be stupid �� kinda salty she didn’t even try to save like leg tho smh ����

  • Am i the only one tying my hair bun on the side like her so it won’t bother me when i put my head down? -lol still trying to do this pose, this is my day 2 lets do this!

  • This was my first ever attempt at doing a headstand and, even against the wall, I could only get one knee up. My arms really need to practice this posture and build strength before I’ll be able to go further and that’s ok! I know that it’s best to keep practicing, and then resting, and then trying again etc. instead of just throwing myself into it. Thank you Adriene for explaining everything you teach us so clearly!

  • Hi, I started practising headstand day by day and by the time I lifted up my both legs from ground I started getting upper back pain! And after that I can’t lift up my legs. Any solution for this? Now I’m trying ur upper back body yoga

  • I can hold a handstand with no wall for almost a minute, and can do well over 15 handstand push-ups using wall, but I can’t seem to figure out the motion of doing a push-up without the wall without losing my balance, I can only do a single full one then lose balance after I push back up…

  • How sad am I couldn’t get 1 leg up I have been doing yoga for 2 months now and feel I am not making any progress. Honestly is there something wrong shouldn’t I have been able to at least lift a leg?

  • I started to lose this ability when I became an adult. Now I am damn scared that would break my neck doing this. Will try out soon! This is a great tutorial!

  • So I decided to give it a try again after reading some of the comments and guess what?!!!! Yes I did it without breaking my neck! LOL i mean yes I fell a few times but I did it! I wasn’t able to straighten my legs but maybe next time! �� Thank you Adriene! ��

  • Am I the only one who’s afraid to break her neck? Haha I wasn’t able to do the headstand tho I’ve been practicing for a while. But no hurries, I’ll keep practicing and maybe add this video on my daily yoga. ����‍♀️

  • Short and to the point…I made it. Thanks! Is there a tutorial on handstand? That would be more challenging but I want to get there.

  • the tattoos hurt your business because nobody can see your friggin muscle definition through them. you specialize in fitness and physique yet you cover yours up…hows that make any sense.

  • Why has this happened that people in 35 to 40s have started taking up the impossible tasks of fitness goals and crushing it. Im in 40 drug abused life long smoker trying to find my health out of drugs completely and shortly i found astanga yoga and calisthenics and now im here. Surely ill reach my goals of asthanga yoga and the handstand will be a basic for me then but for now thanks for the tutorial as a starter and its so easy because of you. Cant thank enough to you for this video.

  • I surprised myself by getting fully perpendicular for 2 whole seconds….before crashing into my spotter, my 18 year old daughter who had no idea how to spot me. BUT I DID IT! I NEED A MEDAL OR A COOKIE OR SOMETHING!

  • Hi friend. I’m a girl from Spain, been on self isolation because I have the virus for 5-6 weeks. I’ve been watching your video for years but finally decided I’m gonna do it. What muscles would you say are most important here so I can develop them apart from these exercises? Lower back and abs? Thanks, keep safw

  • Wow! I have been wanting to learn how to do a headstand, I have followed along short 5 minute videos. However, this one was great because of how involved you were with how to build strength and take it step by step. Thank you! Very helpful!

  • I started learning the handstand in quarantine and I never thought that it will take me this long to just do a clean handstand hold

  • Hi I am vedha I am fat and slim now how to slim pls say ya I am not babolala I am babolala “s before boy what Menes I am the boy fighter whet men’s that is my father pls say

  • Were kind of unsure about if whether I should do this one or not but I gave it a try and ended up going half way without using the wall for the first time ����
    Trust adriene trust the video ��

  • How can I make my wrist stronger? I’ve been doing handstand hold and planche tuck holds and my wrist been hurting so bad. Anything I can do to still trian without the pain in my wrists?

  • i injured myself doing headstand bafore. but with proper and constant practice, I can finally do it now. Sirsasana is my fave yoga inversion. the king of asanas as they say. sharing you this vid of mine taking headstand to another level, if you’ll allow me. challenge ourselves and make it happen. thank you. stay safe����

  • When I’m expelling in hand stand position I loss my grip and fall down
    How can I overcome from this???
    If anyone have same problem pls tell me ������

  • You know how some people fall back well there was a wall in my way so I feel to the side and hurt my heel really bad maybe I should’ve watched this video first

  • How are you able to make these headstand variations look so easy?:) Lol.
    Great video and I hope your channel gets more subs. I really love your videos.

  • Yo Chris you are best man ever, just want you to know how much you’ve changed my life and your videos always motivated me to keep going. Thanks for everything man!

  • For how long should one practice each level of progression before moving onto the next? What’s the set and rep range and for how long before achieving the handstand push up?

  • I’ve been doing yoga for almost 6 years now and I still needed a wall to go to sirsasana. I saw your video yesterday and I did it quite gracefully in the middle of my room. Today I tried It again and fliped on my back. But that’s okay. Tomorrow…:)

  • This has been the easiest and the best tutorial for headstand ‘walking walking ‘ moves make it pretty easy. It’s been quite useful for me Thank you Kinoo a lot. But When I do this I feel very sick and dizzy, like a I want to vomit and my head spins. How can I get thru with this??

  • This is not an example of full range of motion. Contrary to a correct handstand the “handstand push up” is done in exalted scorpion posture aka “banana back” so that the chin, chest and arms are very similar to a normal push up or incline press.

    Just like pull ups need negative work to attain the positive so do these.

    Next step…. Flatten that banana and get that lumbar strength up for FULL PLANCH PUSH UPSSSSSSSSS

    I’m at two to three scorpion push ups finally. Every time I die in fortnight I push. #wish I could train muscle ups inside

  • I’ve been using this video to learn how to do a headstand and I honestly did not expect this pose to help with my anxiety as much as it has! It helps me focus on being in my own body and being aware of what my body can do on that day. It’s a very meditative pose and I’m so glad I found this video! Love the YWA community ❤��

  • I wasn’t pushing with my shoulders. I believe if you’re having trouble, that’s probably why you’re unable to do the pose or have trouble balancing. Also, make sure to be aware of where your legs are. When I do a pose, I tend to be more in my head and not focusing on what I should be doing. You will also need core strength.

  • This video popped up today…I see it was posted 2 years ago…but I gotta say these tips are very helpful and I will be using them in my workout regiment. Ultimate goal is to be able to do a full depth handstand pushup. Currently i’m only able to do mini handstand pushup.Thank you Chris for the tips!!

  • hello,
    How LONG can you do your own headstand? 30 minutes? 1 hour?
    most people can maintain 1 minute. Hence What Load of Benefits is this headstand
    bringing? I see no benefit other than an injured neck, two injured arms, skull fracture, sudden blood rush to the head and possibly brain damage arising from this headstand stance.

    Headstand looks so dangerous. Saw all those selfies of those obvious show-offs
    And how about practising a headstand safely with a pillow resting your inverted head or wearing a motorcycle helmet protecting the skull?

  • i get dizzy every time I put my head down on the floor. I’m only hovering over the floor not pushing my head hard against it so it kind of scares me because my mom has vertigo. Is that normal for a beginner? Should I keep trying or maybe this isn’t the right yoga for me?:(

  • I’ve never done a headstand or really much yoga but wanting to get more into it. The most ive done is pigeon pose & crow pose but this really helped. Definitely need to work on my stability etc and build up to it but having my sofa to fall back onto helped

  • I’ve been practicing ashtanga yoga for years and never had the guts to throw myself into headstand practice. �� I just did this for like 15 minutes and managed to do a headstand! �� I landed not so gratefully ��, but I managed! ��Will incorporate this into my daily practice and one day I’ll get there! �� If not that’s cool too, it’s the journey that matters to me! ��

  • Lol… You tell us what we already see while watching this. But like anybody else in youtube you can not TEACH. You also can only TALK. Useless tutorial.

  • wow, that is a though one for me but I will try again and again, 2020 goal! ( it was my first try today, thank you Adriene for including patience and mindfulness in this practice, makes all the difference) just a quick question, I see a lot of ads on something that can help with the headstand: what are your thoughts on the inversion bench?

  • I never thought I could be able to do a handstand on a first try… I did it and I am so proud of myself and thankful to her for this amazing video!

  • So, it’s actually a forearm stand not the headstand, as I supposed (trying to put my weight on my head felt like I’ll crack it. Now I know the right way how to do it.) Thank you for your demo. Amazed what a great body control you have.

  • Always after this posture stay a couple of minutes with the head down in child pose so you normalize blood flow. Never lift your head right away!

  • I did it. For the time with this tutorial ican doit. But why when i do again my pants is going down to back side. And why there is no energy in my foot when it start to up

  • Thanks buddy.. superb video. Straight to the point.
    What a beautiful location to practice. Infact you start walking on the water too. Start your practice.

  • Why do I feel so much pressure in my upper back and neck (im at the point where i can get up as close as you on wall walks) but coming back down and holding it puts so much pressure on my upper back

  • Thank you!! I did this along with your yoga for core strength and with much practice, I achieved a safe and strong headstand. Thank you kino!!

  • So close, but today. Unable to transition both knees to the chest without placing too much pressure on my cervical spine. This IS a fantastic tutorial, but I need to build a little more stability and strength before I can do it safely. Still, I’m closer than I ever have been before.

  • I’ve been struggling doing the headstand for months I always need a wall for support to do it but after watching this video I was able to do headstand without a wall for support! Yayyy

  • I’m 11 years old in sixth grade and I can do clap pushups and one hand so I wanted to challenge my self more so I’m trying to learn handstand push ups

  • it’s not a proper way you are training. It seems like if we are already trained after then we can do this.
    If we are already trained then why should we need to see you.

  • Don’t want to sound like a stock up but this is not correct handstand coaching, for starters this WORKOUT is mainly focused on upper body, pushups??? CORE come first in handstand training. Hence those banana HANDSTANDS. Do not approve it

  • I will be 61 years next birthday and started calisthenics about 6 months ago. I have a little experience in human movement from work in physical education teaching, but that was 3 careers ago. I found your sequence excellent and recently had started linking a few of them together from my own knowledge, particularly around the frog stand. I look forward to seeing and trying more of your suggested movements.Peter

  • I see my arms are not steong enough anyway. I can’t do 10 push-ups and I’ve been trying for a month…. To be better everyday but…. So I have to go one step back

  • Seems everyone says this is good stuff. But 1 question, WHAT DO YOU MEAN 16 excercises to achieve a handstand?!?!
    Almost everything after the 11’th is stuff you do while in a handstand… But guess i can’t judge before i try.

  • I have to say that this has been THE most helpful video to getting me to kick up into a handstand position on the wall, to date. I have watched countless others and nothing clicked or made sense for me until this video. Thank you for breaking it down into its various parts and emphasizing things like the position of your eyes….where you look (creating that triangle with your hands and gaze) matters! Also the fingers pushing down to push your legs away from the wall. I am not there yet but have made more progress in 3 days after watching this than any other tutorial.

  • Chris telling us that you need to have upper body strength, and arm and stuff to hold a handstand.
    “Me not considering myself that strong”
    I have been handbalancing for years and can hold a handstand for at least a minute xD

    Chris thank you for the compliment xD

  • This looks like a good progression up the ladder as one builds strength and balance. At 65 young this is an aspiration for me as my own routine continues. Thanks for the post.

  • Im here May 2020. Woke up from a power nap and was dreaming of doing handstands as a kid. Dont know why, but I want to do some freaking handstands in my 40s!

  • i don’t understand why my forearms keeps lifting up. I can’t press it down. I don’t know what im doing wrong. please help. thanks <3

  • I usually really enjoy your videos but this one I didn’t like. These exercises have to be one of the least efficient ways to get a handstand. Capoeira has a very specific take on handstands, because in Capoeira the handstand is a passing position, not usually a hold. For holds, you need a different technique and what you showed here is not close to being optimal to reach the goal of a handstand. For a healthy beginner, a tucked handstand with knees on a box is a far better way to teach the specific strength and technique of a handstand than the first 10 exercises shown in the video, which are not just not specific enough but some of them also waaaay harder than a handstand. Building general strength in any inverted position and learning to balance a little bit on the hands with these exercises will always be somewhat helpful but a proper handstand course, consisting of tucked handstands with knees on a box, then chest to wall handstands for endurance, kick up training, quality freestanding handstand attempts and other tried and trusted methods will always be a more efficient way of getting your first 10-second freestanding handstand than these exercises. I hope this isn’t taken as an attack because I really appreciate you and your videos.

  • ولا ولاحد زي يا مستر يالي لابس بنطلون اسود بدون وشم علي الجسم.. شافوك بس مفهموكش والواضح ولا انت فاهم ازاي انت كنت كده لانك مبتعلقش علي ادائهم