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6 Ways to Make Bodyweight Exercises Harder. SLOW DOWN. Instead of rushing through a set of bodyweight squats or pushups, Martinez recommends taking 3–4 seconds to lower into the bottom MAKE IT EXPLOSIVE. GO UNILATERAL.

STEPUPS. PISTOL SQUATS. Another way to make a bodyweight exercise harder is to increase how far your body has to travel to complete the exercise. Increase the range of motion, for example, by elevating your front foot in lunges or split squats or doing chest-to-floor pushups with your hands on blocks.

6 Ways to Make Any Exercise Harder. Kevin Bennett. August 17, 2020. We are big on the idea that to make an exercise harder you just pick a bigger weight. However, you may be limited with your equipment choice if you are working out from home or if squatting the lawnmower at the cottage just doesn’t feel quite right, for example.

Performing time based circuits or bodyweight AMRAPs are a fantastic way to make workouts harder by increasing work capacity. For all the strength athletes that. 8 Ways to Make Bodyweight Exercises More Challenging Without Adding Weights 1. Slow them down.. For example, she suggests taking three to four seconds to lower down into a squat, holding at the 2. Speed them up..

Adding speed gets your muscles working. While you might have to get creative, there are plenty of ways to make bodyweight (or any) exercises harder without needing to add weights or resistance. The thing I love most about bodyweight workouts is that it reminds me of my time doing gymnastics when I was younger.

Gymnastics was workout meets play. Bodyweight exercise variations list – easy, intermediate, hard 1. Burpees. Burpees are amazing calorie burners. They add intensity to every bodyweight workout!

Similar to a normal 2. Push-ups. A classic upper body exercise in 3 variations. Looking for.

Another technique to make BW exercises harder is to simply re-distribute the weight of our body. Removing a hand or foot places nearly 100% of the demand on the other limb. Think one handed pull-ups, single arm pushups, and single leg squats (pistols).

However, if single limb movements seem daunting don’t worry. 20 x Bodyweight Squats. Why: Squats are an integral part to any equipment-free workout. Being a compound exercise, multiple muscle groups work in tandem to execute the movement, resulting in.

I still have a long way to go to make it look perfect but as of right now I can get to about here before I fall down. Hardest Bodyweight Exercise EVER #6 The Back Walkover. This is a funny exercise because you can go to any gymnastic facility in the us and see little 4 year old girls doing these effortlessly.

List of related literature:

To achieve a whole-body workout in each session, perform eight–ten exercises in each workout that will train the major muscle groups across the whole body, by including three–four upper body exercises, three–four lower body exercises, and at least two core body exercises from the options presented.

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Some of these exercises are provided in the Strength-Training Exercises without Weights (Bodyweight Training) section on pages 286– 290.

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Some of these exercises are provided in the “Strength-Training Exercises without Weights (Bodyweight Training)” section on pages 293–297.

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Exercise examples include pull-ups, push-ups, modified dips, curl-ups, step-ups, prone and lateral bridges, and pelvic tilts.

“Principles and Labs for Physical Fitness” by Wener W.K. Hoeger, Sharon A. Hoeger
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For example, doing four sets of Bulgarian split squats or self—assisted one—arm push—ups destroys me.

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
from Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy
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(2) Start with low resistance, and gradually add repetitions, intensity (resistance), and sets.

“Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults” by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
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Exercise examples include pull-ups, push-ups, modified dips, curl-ups, step-ups, prone and lateral planks, and pelvic tilts.

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Once you feel you have mastered these, you can consider adding resistance strength training (RT).

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In the following sequences, you will learn three bodyweight (free) pistol variations.

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  • Did you hear about *Next Level Diet*? These guys deserve a medal. Their customized training and diet plan helped me change my life. I can’t thank them enough

  • Jeff, I have poor ankles and knees from running too much when i was younger. Sometimes I have some pain/discomfort, especially in the heel portion of my feet, when standing or walking for too long. Can you make a video for me about anything I can to help ease any pain and discomfort? Also, should I consider a joint recovery supplement?

  • I was about to write the same thing when I read your comment:) Obviously you only do that when you have somebody there to spot you otherwise if you’re strong and flexible enough to lie flat on your stomach and put the weights on your back and push yourself up. Tall order though, lol!

  • I did 40 degree 4 kg weighted situps about 15, and it felt like my abdomen was broken lol. After watching Jeffs vids for 3 months I started training 2 weeks ago. The gains are good is all I will say, but I guess it gets harder to make it harder, if that makes sense?

  • i never tried a few of those but in this video i would say the most impressive thing is how the hell did you get 4 plates on your back. As with out a partner placing them on its difficult so kind of stuck on an easy way to do it. Think about just using the smith machine but like the plates because it has a way of distributing the weight evenly over your surface rather then a barbell on a smith machine.

  • Youve spoken a lot about Tom Hardy lats but what about yuri boyka style training cos scott adkins has always said he doesnt believe in the big three (Squats, Deadlifts and Bench)?

  • i can do pancakes pretty good but suck at pikes. when doing pikes it hurts inside my knee. any idea why this happens and how i can fix it?
    really apreciate the videos and will check out the app asap

  • Since you can’t watch the video while you exercise, it would be useful to list [in the description below the video] these 6 with an abbreviated description. Thanks for the workout!

  • I started doing chin ups / pull ups in early grade school on the playground to impress the girls, carried me thru HS, college and as a paratrooper in the Army. I did a lot of push ups too, must have pushed Ft. Bragg all the way to Georgia. Good exercises to do at home while we wait out the storm. Two thumbs up.

  • I’m aware that instability makes an exercise harder, but is it an effective tool for muscle growth? For example, if I have to stabilize myself on a ring dip, doesn’t that take away from my chest, shoulders, and triceps from growing the same way as if I used weighted dips?

  • Nice Variations Tom. Question have you or are you collaborating with the one & only GABO SATURNO SATUNOMOVEMENT. You both are Amazing people. ✌����������

  • Hi. New subscriber here. I always used Calisthenics instead of going to a gym to workout. It’s more convenient and just as effective. I lost motivation and stopped for good two years. Just few weeks ago, I started working out again. Damn, I can’t believe how weak I am now. I’m continuing my fitness journey now.

    I always used all of the tips you gave in this video, and what I used the most is the Unilateral Exercises. It’s a good substitute for adding weights archer pullups vs weighted pullups; archer dips vs weighted dips; etc. And the good thing about Unilateral Exercises is, some of them works the core for “free.” I mean it works the core without working it. Like One arm pushup, one arm suspension rows, one arm suspension shrugs, one arm pike pushups, etc.

    I think it’s a good video idea to make some detailed examples of how to utilize those tips for future videos. Maybe make a series for each or for specific muscle or muscle group. I think that will be helpful to our followers.


  • Hey Jeff, Can you talk about Renegade Row variations in one of your next videos please because i believe it is one of the best upper body exercises and put a progression video of the renegade row.

  • Ryan don’t you have a Patreon page or similar platform where we can support your work?

    I have personally benefited so much from your Burpees and Primal Movements videos, filled with your no-nonsense and honest approach, so I want to chip in a little and do a small part to make this channel grow. I assume no big fitness equipment manufacturers may be sponsoring you hahah!!! Starting my Calisthenics journey soon, and of course, your videos will be key. Thanks so much, I’m really grateful for what you are doing.

  • I struggle with push ups and any thing on my hands and toes… any advice goal is by year end to be able to do at least one proper push up

  • Although this is extremely long, I would appreciate your help if you could give me some advice on why im not gaining muscle. Alright so I’ve been working out for almost 2 years (15 now) but only one year of “knowing what to do” and haven’t seen much improvement at all. Im about 110 lbs and 5’4. My routine is push/pull/legs and i workout 3 times a week (although lately ive been missing some workouts). I dont do cardio based workouts but i play sports in my yard 2-4 days a week. Im sore after push (tris, shoulders, chest), sore after pull (bis and back; although back isnt as sore), and legs im never sore at. My intensity for legs is awful which i need to fix but the other two are good. My workouts last from 45mins to an hour. I just started to change up my routine once a month in the past two months. My form is pretty good (i think) from watching fitness videos. Since i got lifting out of the way now lets talk nutrition. I started to calculate my macros two months ago using fitnesspal and i eat 1900-2300 cals a day. I eat 105-115 grams of protein a day, 50-70 grams of fats a day (avg of 11g sat fat), avg of 2000mg of sodium, avg of 290g of carbs, i get my vitamin, calcium, and iron goals in for the day (100%), avg of 130grams of sugar (id say 60-80% of that us non added sugar). So theres my diet and workout régime, what am i doing wrong?

  • Great exercises they’re very useful to me(plank=ez pz lemon squizy)!
    Also why does it seem like you have a tanned body but your face is whiter?
    Just asking

  • What are your thoughts on weighted ring dip eccentrics as a tool to overload the pattern and reap the benefits from using it before having the full capacity to perform the full exercise with just your bodyweight?

  • 1. Rep Tempo
    2. Full ROM
    3. Explosive exercises
    4. Instability
    5. Different grip/stance
    6. Increasing leverage
    7. Adding weight
    8. Make it unilateral
    Hope it helps:D subscribe me if it did xD jk

  • have returned to your channel after A2 ring pulley injury while bouldering. any tips for conditioning during the 1-2 month recovery to ensure i dont lose strength/maybe increase strength

  • I am a PC enthusiast and like to compare the lower back musculature to a computer’s motherboard. You can have a fancy video-card (Biceps) and massive amounts of RAM (Chest), but without a good motherboard (lower back) you’re are basically screwed.

  • 0:54 Push-ups
    3:16 pull-ups
    4:33 pike push-ups
    5:21 Bulgarian split squats
    6:44 single leg glute Bridges
    7:36 Dips
    Welcome everybody.
    Needless to say this is for coming back later so watch the vid for the tips and hacks, and hope all of you there and your people to get out of this safe and healthy. ��❤️��❤️��

  • Tom you really have the sexiest physique!!! Like you don’t just have muscles to have them, you can tell your body is a well oiled machine… with every muscle doing its part.

  • Great video, Tom. Just one thing. When you perform the increased ROM pushups you also make the angle of your body more favorable (less parallel to the floor) A good way to avoid that is by simply placing 1-2 plates underneath your feet. Keep it up, mate.

  • Do them on rings!

    I just started using g rings and damn it’s hard! I can usually do 3 sets of 10 dips with an extra 25-30% bodyweight no probs. With rings I struggle to squeeze out 3 sets of 8 bodyweight!

  • These are some common sense progressions most people who are at least moderately involved in calisthenics are probably familiar with, but it goes without saying that it is needed to keep reminding people of the basics. As always, I appreciate your straight to the point, no gimmicks approach.

    One question I have is about your hand positioning. More precisely, the area of the palm you’re applying the most pressure with. From the video, I’m getting the impression you’re mostly using the outside of your palm, whereas most ‘experts’ recommend sort of ‘gripping’ the ground. I may be wrong. I’m pretty sure relying heavily on the outside of my palm when doing pushups contributed to my stubborn and weird wrist problem that has been bugging me for quite some time now.:(

    Looking forward to more videos like this one, as well as training vlogs. Keep up the good work, Tom!:)

  • Jeff, what’s your opinion on daily squatting? I heard it recommended by lots of fitness experts, not just everyday knuckleheads.

  • That intro… yeeeeees, for yeaaars ive been waiting this. The new wave of calisthenics which avoids all this flashy non sense things, i’ve never liked free styling in calisthenics,

  • This couldve been good vid, but NO, 19 outa 20 times clicking forward your just TALKING. We do NOT have TIME to listen 8min of that, hmjyst SHOW the 8 moves being done & DONE. We r not stupid, we’ll figure it out w/o lectures

  • Thank you ���� Super necessary for the great quarantine of 2020. Question. Wouldn’t incorporating some TUT (esp the eccentric portion) also be helpful once things like decline pushups with added weight become too easy? I’ve also read offset loading can be a great way to train at home. Just 10-15lbs on one end of a bar, broomstick, or shovel. Thanks again

  • 1200 spiderman push ups and 400 pull ups a day,keeps the fat away,and gives you ungodly stamina,a typical boxing workout routine,eventually replace push ups with tuck planche dips between chairs.

  • Hey Ryan… I’m thinking about buying a dip station. But what exactly is the difference between the station you use in the equipment video and regular parrallel bars? Do you recommend one over the other? I see the difference between parrallettes and a station / parrallel bars, but not so clearly between the station and parrallel bars.

  • Johnny, you have a very humble demeanour about you that makes your channel far more enjoyable to watch and learn from than other calisthenic channels. The way you break the exercise down into progressive units, coupled with the clear explanation/instruction, makes what would otherwise appear an impossible task, achievable for the likes of me. Thanks a lot.

  • Ab planks. Awesome. I already do weighted plank. Can you make a Side plank version of this video? A part II of this video! Because most of those planks doesn’t hit the obliques that much.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvJnmHynMfo I have been doing this for so may years and I never have low back pain at all. We talk too much about this exercise and not enough about the opposite when you grab something and do the same thing but with you legs going up and down.

    Everyone should do this and say bye bye to your lower back forever. Off course if you have already severe back problems, consult a your Dr and ask him if its good for you.

    DO both and your lower back will be almost safe forever except for accidents and severe injuries

  • jeff, can you please make a video on WEAK WRISTS? I cant do pushups on them because they hurt. I also cant do any bench press. Any suggestions or explanations? Please make a video! Thanks:)

  • Hey Jeff. I’ve been really enjoying your videos…all the tips and new takes on classic exercises are awesome. Thanks. I’m 40 and have never really weight trained for SIZE before. I am in decent health and looking to add size now. Is there a specific philosophy or specific exercises I should be doing because of my age to increase size? Thanks for any help, bro.

  • What happens when you gotta add more than 1 plate to your back? I’ve been using a dip belt while doing them on rings buy the instability makes it harder than progress

  • don’t get me wrong, doing cool moves is so cool, but when you over 30yo, you realized you just wanna maintain your body as efficient as possible before your joint can’t handle it anymore.

  • Jeff my upper glute/hip causes me lower back/SI pain.  My physical therapist has me doing core workouts (bridge, band-walks, a transverse abdominis exercise and alternating leg/arm raise while lying on my stomach).  Although my core has got much stronger (8 weeks later), I’m still experiencing pain!  I’ve made another appointment but I really feel like I need an x-ray or MRI but my doctor seems to think it’s purely a muscular issue.  Any advice?

  • I would like to thank you for all Your instructive and informative videos. They have really made a great difference for me, and motivate me for regular training at home. I hope you keep them coming, and that Your sub Count sees the 1M mark real soon!

  • Increasing the angle (putting your feet on a chair for example) is still a thing to make push ups harder as well, right? That’s what I do anyway

  • Good stuff, but don’t forget to include the long and slow connective tissue exercises that have little to do with muscle. And could potentially take years.

  • Awesome video. I have been doing all of these during this time and I have definitely gained muscle. The decline pushup definitely has improved my front delt and upper chest. I have also added 7 pushups to my all out to max pushups in one set. Still miss the gym but I wont let that stop me. Stay safe everyone.

  • Jeff nice work on another great video. I bought a band to do those thumbs-back posture exercises like you showed…when I get a raise I’ll buy your athlean x system..for now I’m freeloadin off youtube..

    anyways can you do a video laying out a rough program to do a bar-muscle-up? I can do like 10 regular pullups, but the muscle up is just beyond me.

  • Hi i’m Saad from Iraq. I’m a big fan of yours and has been followed your video for quite some times now. Thank you for the video as it really helpful.

  • Great video, Jeff! I do have a request (maybe a challenge depending on your capabilities), though, however unrelated it may be. Have a video entirely dedicated to the muscle up in it’s various forms

  • I LOST 40kg!!! Now I’m feeling healthy. I only followed tips from website called *Next Level Diet*. They provided me with 30 meal plan, training plan, fitness tips and healthy recipes. Visit their site and make your own body transfromation

  • great jeff…i salute ur dedication…i m kunal from india….hav been following u from few years…i don kno whether u will read my comment…but u hav motivated me always…i myself  a personal trainer…i wish u come down to india sometime…n i wish to meet u personally n share ideas…keep up d good work…u r a living legend..!!

  • Hey Jeff, do you think you could talk about some exercises which are your staple ones, like you ALWAYS give priority to these exercises. A select few that you would do if you couldn’t do anything else. Possibly an exercise or two for each major muscle group? Please? and these videos are amazing! Totally get me pumped up to work out.

  • Thanks for the videos, Jeff! I’ve been learning a lot from you and I look forward to Washboard Wednesdays every week. I was wondering if you could do a video about hip flexor tightness, but more specifically for those with an anterior pelvic tilt due to tight hip flexors? I’ve been stretching mine out as well as my lower back, and I’ve been training my glutes, hamstrings, and lower abs and I’ve been making progress. But I wanted to see what you had to say and if there were any other tips you could give specifically on an anterior pelvic tilt. I’ve watched your others regarding the hip flexor, but they seem to be more geared towards the average hip flexor tightness rather than those who’s hip flexors are so extremely tight that they have a constant anterior pelvic tilt. I don’t like to wear very form fitting shirts or go shirtless in public because of my overly arched lower back, so any help would be great. Thanks in advance!

  • Will i be able to build good looking abs from plank exercises alone? The reason i ask is because i have had lower back issues, and herniated disc problems (only mild) and i was told that crunches and other forward bending abs exercises could worsen the back issues. I have been performing planks everyday at home and i can only do them for maybe 20-30 seconds before i give in. I will continue doing them, but just curious on the ability to build good abs from them alone. Thanks.

  • For those saying your need special equipment: You can also do headstand leg raises in straddle or L shape. Also if you have a table, kitchen island, bar stool or anything like that you can do all the reverse hyper extension variations.

  • I’ve struggled for years with pull-ups, dips, and Chin-ups. I’m getting better at them tho.
    Btw, musclemonster’ weird friend always portrays the role of a workout idiot, but he actually has good muscle cut, and seems to be doing some things right..

  • Rotating bearing handholds such as made by Perfect PUSHUP will allow for that abduction squeeze at the top as well but rings are far superior to be sure. Crossing one foot over other so balancing lower body on toes of just one while progressing towards waist level pushups will intensify load balancing & increase strength for planche. Freestyle workouts are fun but don’t get same pump as targeted exercises ultimately.

  • I have really good abs but I struggle with dip bar leg raises. Could it be down to the fact that I have weak hip flexors and if so how can I strengthen them

  • Dude. You wearing that shows respect, humbleness and BEYOND! This just confirmed my thoughts about you before meeting you, and after meeting you. You rock brother. Thanks for showing support ���� -Gabo

  • Awesome videos man! Subbed yesterday, now I’m binge watching. Can you help me with schedule? My goal is middle split, I bodybuild and do taekwondo on the side. Only taekwondo is fixed for wednesday, other days I can organize as I want. I came up with:

    Mon: upper (light)
    Wed: taekwondo (lots of kicking, light stretch after)
    Thu: upper (heavy)
    Fri: lower (light weight) + middle SPLIT routine
    Sun: lower (heavy) + middle SPLIT routine

  • Jeff is it true that lean meats can cause cancers or diabetes vegan gains keep on telling that animal proteins are the causes of obesity,diabetes and cancer? I do believe that it can cause some health risk if taken for more than 2g per lb of bodyweight and if you are just sitting an do nothing.Protein is benificial for repairing muscle damage and plant proteins are insufficient. Can i ask you jeff can you make a video about this?? thank you jef and god bless

  • Anyone who wants to stretch his hammies. dont sit on the ground with and try to touch your toes. It is easier to put 1 foot on a wallwith your toes fully stretch and then you other foot2-3 feet back and then justput your amrs on the wall and lower your body while keeping a flat back. Bam its the same exercise but you dont feel your hammies will pop.

    exercises, stretching or anything lese for that matters is all about consistency rather than performance. IF I train 65% of my max but 6 days a week and you see guys training their butt off for 3 seperate days and then they are burn. at the end of the year I will have done twice more training than them. My volume will be so much higher so better muscle developpement

    remember if you squat 400 pounds 5 sets of 5 reps or 200 pounds 5 sets of 10 reps. you have the same volume of training and you legs will be as big. total volume is more important than heavye weights. Try putting 225 on the bar and squat 20 times and talk to me you need 400 pounds to big huge legs.

    On that, everybody have a nice day and do not paranoid about the virus. 98% survial rates. symtoms similar to flu which kilsson avergae 500000 peoples worldwide. we are far from it.

    ITs all about population control and how easy we can put fear into everyone so they accept anything and everything. sadly it works. I just swallowed thw rong way and everybody turns like I got ebola and was bleeding out

  • Dude, that’s wild. I have been working on lower back exercises and watching videos about it, and lo and behold I get this in my notifications.

    Cheers, Tom!