6 Methods to Increase Your Recovery Days


Overtraining And How to Enhance Recovery

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How to Get BIGGER By Doing LESS (Start Doing This!)

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How to Avoid Repeat Prolapse After Prolapse Repair Surgery

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Simple Way To Increase Knee Bend After Knee Replacement-Real Patient

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Improving C-Section Recovery: The ERAS Program Helps You Heal

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7 Steps to Stroke Recovery

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6 Ways to Maximize Your Recovery Days. SPEND TIME WITH FRIENDS. Meeting a friend for a workout is great, but it is also mentally replenishing to catch up over coffee or see a movie CELEBRATE. ASK YOURSELF WHY. GO OUTSIDE.

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Previous article Workout Clothes, Looking Good While Working Out. Next article Get The Scoop On The Popular Health Drink, Kombucha. Active recovery can mean a lot of things to a lot of people: Leisure walks, yoga, binging an entire season of Narcos from the couch, and they are all valid and useful in some way. But in order to maximize your recovery time and improve your strength and physique, recovery should be purposeful and a non-negotiable part of your overall training. Static stretching of the quads, hamstrings, spinal twist and calf (hold each for 30 seconds).

Dynamic stretching: arm swings, side bends, trunk rotations, full back stretch, abdominal stretch, hamstring stretch, groin stretch, alternate toe touches, leg swings. Replace Lost Fluids To Aid Post-Workout Recovery. Exercise, especially heavy exercise, will likely cause a lot of fluid loss.

You should be replacing it during exercise, but filling up after is an easy and foolproof way to boost your recovery. My Top Tips on How to Maximise Your Recovery Days. The last three months have seen me completely overhaul my training, in preparation for a mountain Ultra-Marathon.I’ve gone from training and competing as a sprinter, where I didn’t run further than 600m in 5 years, into Olympic Weightlifting where there was no cardio at all, to running a marathon after 8 weeks of training. Whatever your reason for seeking treatment, putting little reminders of your motivation for recovery around your home can be helpful.

Seeing a special photo, a child’s drawing, or a letter from your spouse when you’re feeling discouraged or experiencing a craving can. 1. Sleep As cliche as this may sound, athletes NEED to sleep. While there is no “magical” amount of hours that you 2. Meal Prep. 6. Help Others.

Giving back to the community or to individuals in need is an extremely positive way to feel good about yourself while helping others. Whether this is working with others in recovery or donating your time to a local charity, soup kitchen or reading the blind their mail, lending a hand to others will help you feel needed and. Trust us, your recovery days and easy workout days are just as important as the days you crush it. Take the time you need to rest your bones, treat your body well, and reap the benefits later.


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Make recovery days easy, or take days off.

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Truth Number 2: Scheduling rest days is the key to staying healthy.

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every day, moderate activities every two days, while high-level activities require 3 days of recovery.

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At this point in my recovery, I believed that I was going to need recovery meetings only on the weekends because that was when I drank most often.

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3 Apart from rest and active recovery, your client has asked your advice about how they can best recover after the 10-kilometre event.

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  • Thanks //yes had a real deload week this one and about to take 3 days off and do some fasting,,,, think the body/head needs a reset,,,,then set it up a little more next week,,,,,thanks for great podcast Jeremy,…. #marcus

  • Since i discovered your channel been watching as much as i can espically this one, i have epilepsy so when i have a seizure it takes days to weeks to recover (desperately always wanting to get back to training) currently waiting for my right arm to heal(exercised, had seizure, in hospital, the iv cause an minor infection in the vascular system in that one arm and was told it should recover on its own but some veins arm firm&bruised)
    Its depressing & maddening during quarantine, even went out and got some EAA’s (i ran out months ago anyway)hoping it may speed up the vein recovery.

  • I literally used to workout with with heavy weights for 3 hours, completely fasted for 16 hours, followed by 30 mins HIIT and about 20k steps every day, 6 days a week, for 2 years. I did get in the best shape of my life! But for the last 6 months, I lost muscle and strength for sure, and almost developed an eating disorder.

  • Hi Sally this will depend on your surgery and the strength of your pelvic floor. The main issue I see will be carrying a heavy back pack, if this can be avoided walking is usually not an issue. This is well worth discussing with your specialist post op as he/she knows your surgery best as well as ensuring you can get a really good program of pelvic floor exercises underway after your op. Best of luck! Michelle

  • Great video. What do you think about Veganism? More and more data is coming out that seems to show greater recovery with plant based foods as opposed to animal protein (inflammatory). More world class athletes are making the switch, even powerlifters. Game changers the movie goes through a ton of stuff that might be of interest to you:)

  • Hello:) I enjoyed watching your video, Im currently documenting my weight loss after a C-section! see it here:
    https://youtu.be/BSO-QSKhIVY a

  • Cesarean delivery (C-section) is a surgical procedure. This performs to deliver a new baby by a cut in the abdominal wall and the uterus of the pregnant mother. Especially when some mothers have complications in pregnancy or previous childbirth also performed with the Cesarean section, doctors will do this surgery. This surgery takes less than an hour to complete. It is not painful than normal delivery.


  • I had knee surgury a little over 8 weeks ago. About two weeks ago I had to have a manipulation done to my knee, and he had to cut into poke holes to remove a bunch of scar tissue from under my knee cap. I was given a cpm machine after Surgury, but I could tell something wasn’t right. I was in extreme pain, beyond what I ever thought I could handle. After a week of tourchering myself for a week with no results I knew there was something I was misssing. So I look on youtube and found you guys! You really changed my life, and helped me understand what “break through” tissue was. Once I started stretching my muscles instead of trying to swing my leg back n forth aggressively to get through scar tissue, I started actually having results, my pain was no where near what it was. I was only at 80° my first week after manipulation and still on crutches. After watching your videos I got up to 88° in 4 days. Then 4 days later I was at 96°! Then 4 days after that Im at 110° and I am off all walking device’s! its been 2 days since I measured at 110° and it feels like its went further. Im excited to see what it says today. I just want you guys to know without your videos I may still be at 80° and deffinently would have needed a second manipulation. I still have 2 weeks to get to 135° then I think I can avoid a third surgury! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Thank you does not even cover how grateful I am for you guys!

  • I had a femur + knee replacement. I reached 110° 2 months after the surgery and my doctor told me that was enough. Basically told me to stop there.

    But i’m not happy about this..i keep hearing other ppl reach 130° and now my knee feels completely blocked, like there is no way to go past 110°. Is this reversible?:(

  • sir
    i underwent through acl reconstruction surgery 22 days ago
    but my flexion is less than 90 degree
    m worried, bcoz my surgeon said u should have achieved more than 90 degrees by now
    do i still have a chance to correct my mistake?
    bcoz i did not do proper excercises for flexion
    bcoz thare was a lot of pain in my knee & i had a fear that i can break my graft
    plzzz sir
    help me out

  • knee injury and 50 day plaster.23 days going plaster remove and 90 degree bend my knee now but after 90 degree past knee heavy tight and painful,how long time full bending knee. plz help me

  • Guy on the internet:
    Overtraining doesn’t exist!

    Trained 6-7 days a week 3-4 h a day.
    Gets 7 injuries in 2 years. And had to quit triathlon.
    As a 17 year old.

    This guy’s spitting facts. Great video.

  • Hi, I’m 4 days post surgery. Despite using ice packs, exercises etc, my knee and ankle are still swollen. How do I get some sleep while my knee throbs and ankle aches. Help please. Thanks for the video! ����❤️��������❤️����

  • Hi Bob and Brad, I am a physiotherapist from Malaysia. I have a 85 years old patient had bilateral unicompartment knee replacements more than 10 years ago. He complains of weakness on both lower extremity especially weaker on the left during walking. He is dependent on the walking stick especially walking down slopes.

    He has AFROM and PFROM of knee flexion and extension

    One of the strengthening exercises I prescribed is wall squats. However with the correct form he still complains of pain on both knees when bending until 70 to 80 degrees.

    My question is wall squats advisable for unicompartment knee replacements?

  • How many days u need physio after operation…my mom age s 73 her leg is stiff and it 18 day after operation her knee s bending 80 degree..

  • God, its been 8 weeks for me and I just got 90 degrees. I have absolutely not pain tolerance left…its horrible…but I persist…

  • I’ve had bilateral knee replacement one month and 4 days ago and my been is at 128,, the key is to do exercise with your knee everyday

  • Jeremy is not big and strong.
    That’s why I dislike these science based videos.
    Studies completed by geek scientists that have never lifted in their lives.
    Theory doesn’t apply to real life. Go ask someone that is huge how he got like that.

  • So many of our ladies will benefit from this. Thank you. APOPS is a non prof org (Association of Pelvic Organ Prolpase Support) helping women and the medical side to raise awareness about POP. I will add this to our incostress website

  • I dont even bother with a deloading period. After simply taking a week off, I come back stronger on my lifts after the layoff never fails..

  • Really no disrespect but I reckon a large percentage of people need to loose weight surely this will make things much easier for recovery. Just had my knee op and it’s a wake up call to start looking after myself and start cutting down on carbs and to eat healthy and exercise daily

  • I have always had problems with belly fat. After just one month of following diet plan from NextLevelDiet, I can almost see my six pack. Don’t wait, take your plan now!

  • Man, thanks for making this video. I went from 190 5’8 to 170 by cutting to 1500 calories and running/strength training 6 days a week. It’s been a little over 2 months and I always wake up after maybe 4-5 hours of sleep and my irritability has sky rocketed. Definitely going to take a week of just relaxing and eating.

  • Overtraining is very real. Fucking idiots have no idea what its like if theyre lucky enough not to have a low tolerance for cumulative fatigue.

  • Great video. I struggle to accept that it’s time to take a break even when I’m in pain cause it feels like making excuses, but I’m gonna take recovery seriously now for sure

  • Makes sense, i’ve always found my size and strength gains we’re happening after taking at least week off.
    I also train without counting reps, pushing myself to failure on every set until my muscles can’t lift anymore, with 3 minute rests.
    This method of training has been my most successful in terms of mass & strength gain

  • I recently had knee replacement and I find it useful to rest my leg on a foot-stool/foot-rest that swivels (or whatever the english word is for rotate). I can stretch it out there and my foot is on the side of the swivel-axis so the swivel takes away all friction when I bend my knee.

  • It’s been 7 months since my total knee replacement surgery and I can only bend it 54% degree and I’m doing therapy 3-4, times a week, what else is there to do or what would the doctor have to do to make it bend? I’m very scared and nervous ����

  • I had my left knee replacement surgery in May 2018, I was told I did really good and then when I was in recovery I was doing good but then I started having seizures then stopped breathing, I’m suppose to have my right knee done but I’m scared now cause of what happened with my left knee.
    My range of motion is 120 or it was before I fell and my leg went back and to the side of me…. now I’m having a lot of trouble with it, I saw your knee glide and it looks like it works really good.
    To anyone who is thinking about having their knees/knees replaced please do your homework look up everything you can, watch the videos on YouTube, talk to your doctor about the pros and cons, because this is not a easy surgery!!!! Some people bounce back into time and some it takes a long time.. like me. Just know what your getting into before you do it.

  • This video helped me make up my mind about not delivering at u of m. Tylenol and ibuprofen after a c section is just cruel and unnecessary unless the mother has a history of substance abuse. Having had a c section I can say that would not have been enough to control pain.

  • I had surgery 10 days ago. I have being doing the exercises on your videos to help my knee bend better. I am doing a little bit better but my knee still not able to bend i am not even close to 90 degress. Is it normal to still have some swollen on my knee?

  • l absolutely love your videos…..you have helped me and my husband many ways. When we have an ache that needs to be stretched we go directly to your YouTube channel. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Keep up the great work in helping the viewers learn to educate themselves PROPERLY through your tutorials.

  • Deload Week a week where you take it easier on your training by decreasing workload

    Super Compensation body breaks down muscle and after recovering comes back bigger and stronger next time


    Push too hard for too long without proper recovery burnout and have symptoms which leads to plateaus; take a deload week



    Deloads are less applicable to beginners

    Just track workouts

    Focus on getting stronger week to week

    Stay a couple reps away from failure

    If beginners plateau, decrease weight by 10% in your next session (“deload”) and re-entry weight you were stuck on after doing this; disappates fatigue and helps you get stronger for next workout



    Incorporate a deload week every 4-8 weeks depending on age and training history or when you recognize to have a deload week because of symptoms



    1. Go to the gym and perform your usual workouts

    2. Reduce training volume

    a) Reduce workout volume by 50%
    (do half of your normal # of sets and do less reps)

    b) Reduce weight for all exercises by 10%

    Note effectively disappates fatigue, enhance recovery for the following week, while preventing strength loss, and any excessive muscle damage



    Eat at roughly maintenance calories

    Provise body with adequate energy/nutrients to recover



    Avoid to much high intensity cradio to reduce stress on body and central nervous system (keep it at a minimum)

    If you are going to do some stick to light intensity cardio like walking

  • This video was something I really needed to see.
    I’m 25 and my ability to recover and grind like crazy has dropped drastically compared to my late teens and early 20s.
    I remember I used to study, work a part-time job, and party while being on time for my training sessions ( I did Judo, Kickboxing and was enrolled in a street workout team) I recall having maybe one rest day every 10-12 days only. By the time I turned 24 I started to feel exhaused by doing 1/3 of what I used to do… It really is frustrating.
    When training, I have to make sure to not actually go all-out if I don’t want to be crippled by soreness and fatigue the next day.
    I guess we have to accept we must adapt to our age

  • I have my deload week for 20 years. I think i should relax for some more time and then i would be able to visit gym for some gains:)

  • It’s been over a year since my knee surgery and I’ve had it manipulated once and I still only get 95% Bend are your exercises with the stairs going to work if I’m persistent at it on breaking up this back of the knee scar tissue

  • Thank you so much..my knee replacement surgery will be in the new year and feel so nervous.. Rosie makes me feel more comfortable with the idea!! ��

  • I m in third month i have lot of pain when do the flexion exercises and knee ds nt bend properly its about 100 to110 degree flexion Is it normal???? Please tell me any medicine or supplement

  • I would love to know what company the Orthopaedic doc used that supplied the knee replacement? I hear Mako does the computer imaging that creates an individual fit.

  • I had total knee replacement on 11/15/17. I have struggled with range of motion. At least I think so. I want a knee glide. where could I get one? I’ m at pushing hard and last measured at 107. almost 2 months later

  • Means in 4 weeks of a month..
    3 weeks i should set for Normal weight exercise & other 1 week of low stress weight exercise by decreasing load to 10%

  • Glutamine is essential for recovery, muscle synthesis, gut health and immune function.. You HAVE to take it after a workout!. and taurine to counteract glutamate.

  • Should I implement a deload??….. I have been lifting six days a week high intensity for four months however before that, I was not a serious gym-goer at all. Can I wait a while to deload or should I give it a go? Thanks!

  • Hi Michelle when is it usual to resume kegels following cystoceole and rectoceole PFR surgery? I’ve been given conflicting info the hospital says do them straight away but I’ve read they should be avoided for 3 months to allow the scars to fully heal.

  • Im 2 weeks out of femoral osteotemy and thank heaven I did 4 months of therapy before my procedure but oh man wish I knew this existed im already past 90 degrees and completly strait but this could help so many people

  • Looking for ideas on how to recover fast after working legs. Leg days take longer for me to recover than other parts. My job can be physical so i need to be able to move the next day. Thanks for your help and ideas

  • Thank you for the lesson you provided. One question Sir. I quit 5 days of workout due to lack of motivation hope you have answer to my issue like recovery exercise. ��


  • I only work out twice a week and need 3-4 days to recover. I dont see how other guys go to the gym daily. They must not lift their hardest.

  • Great video,.i haven a week off: so my right arm and shoulders selttle down..they very sore and holding me up //so week off..had a few guys breakin to my house with hammer �� two plus years back so I one week off from tomorrow///. then after week off I back into using machines and cables till I get them fixed,,,(shoulders) (head injures to ) so this video great thanks @marcus // age 44

  • I have a connective tissue disorder and have had rectal, uterine, and bladder prolapse with three reoccurances.  Is there anything I can do to strengthen my tissue while I recover?

  • Hello Dr
    I need your assist
    I have operate of my right knee ( High tibial osteotomy) 3 month ago
    Now my knee bend only 90 digree
    Kindly tell me some exercises.

  • Hi, Could you guys please do a video for a fractured(Broken in half) femur/tibia/fibula recovery please. I have a huge scar on my right side of the right leg’s femur and i was wondering how can i build muscle around the scar tissue. As always informative video.

  • I’m looking at the disease of fibromyalgia as an impairment in the recovery systems effectively making it so that even normal activity essentially causes muscle breakdown and flow repair like overtraining does. It’s associated with sleep disruption High cortisol levels and possibly inflammatory syndrome concluding autoimmune attacks against muscles. But it has a lot of the same features as overtraining

  • totally agree, i generally have 4-7 days totally off, and do cardio instead, i tried doing less weight for a deload week, but i found it didn’t work that well………i always feel better after the break now

  • I workout for a 5 months now. But after i got injured because of planche, i feel uneasy when there’s no exercise. I thought that my hard work will loss. But i made a mistake, my muscle are still big and better. Expect my side fats are back.

  • a lot of assumptions were made in this video based off that Japanese study.why 1 week not fewer or more then that? why still life while deloading? that study was made off 3 weeks of not lifting.

  • Hi yes my pleasure!
    1. Safety all surgery carries risks, your mum’s risks need to be assessed by her specialist
    2. Hospital stayusually around 3 days in Australia all going well
    3. Pain-yes some discomfort, normally on light pain killers at discharge, again varies according to specialist technique
    4. Post op-usually walking day 2, light activity for 6 wks according to specialist pref. See the prolapse surgery library at my site for much more free info
    Cheers Michelle

  • I’m middle aged, like you, I could put in extreme amount of physical effort compared with today.
    That was part of my work day, digging, carry heavy stuff, and all kinds of manual effort. At the same time I would go out drinking one or two nights a week into the small hours. I worked 10-12 hours, 7 days a week for whole 3 months of summer. No matter drinking or alarm clock I woke up before 7-8 am.
    I cannot do that today, but I’m working on building that type of endurance again.
    Thanks, mate, for your videos; good discussion!

  • Hi Mathew yes this can be an awful condition. Laying legs elevated with a pillow under your knees can provide relief. It doesn’t matter what position you rest in lying down whatever feels most comfortable is fine. Also try to sit rather than stand when possible, avoid prolonged standing. Important to do kegels, never strain to empty bowels and get good medical help especially at your age. Pelvic floor muscles need to be exercised to maximise support for your insides. Hope this helps you Michelle

  • I have learnt a lot of things in a few weeks only by watching your videos. I am a newbie to the gym and your channel is being so helpful. Ty Jeremy!

  • im only 16 and i got this heavy lifting and its absolutely terrible any tips michelle on how to rest should i lay on my stomach,back, or side, and also did u say i should elevate my feet while resting?

  • A lot of times people don’t realize how people overtrain or reach it. A lot of times it’s not because of training too hard, a lot of it has to be with under eating, not getting enough calories, not getting enough sleep, etc.

  • thank you for the information you shared. I have undergone surgery 1 week ago now and just worry about many things you ansewered here..

  • The majority of your videos hold very little relevance to my life, but I still enjoy watching them.
    As I am only 24 years old that’s a remarkable feat. Keep up the good work, and stay awesome.

  • I feel like it makes a huge difference at what age you actually begin your resistance training journey. I’m now 33 and have been trying to get into calisthenics for the past year and haven’t done any resistance training or much sport before that. So there is not much muscle I can build on and I’m starting completely from scratch. I made the mistake of training without a program designed for beginners and had a lot of stress at the time in my life. After several months of training too much (with bad form) I had muscle knots in my shoulder and a shoulder impingement. Although I have recovered from this injury partially and have resumed my calisthenics journey with a proper training plan, my affected shoulder never quite feels the same since and it’s always a lot stiffer than my other shoulder. It’s almost like the knots/trigger points never went away completely regardless of what I do. Also my deltoid on that side feels much weaker than the other. I’ve tried so many different exercises to loosen the knots, have been religiously working on my mobility and incorporate deload phases to counter under recovery. I would appreciate some advice if you have ever experienced anything like this.

  • I had a femur surgery on 17march,2018. They removed my plaster and I’m having physical therapy of my knee coz it’s so stiff.. I can’t bear the pain. What should i do?

  • Man a
    I’m only 51 had a TNR 4 weeks now and can’t pass 70 knee bend, I use the strap at home and pull hard, very tight in quads and knee, lots of pain

  • People who says that overtraining does not exists did not worked out 6 hours a day, and have not slept 2 hours a day during 6 month period of time pff nice video btw.

  • I am 8 weeks after total knee replacement. I am on my last day of PT and can only reach 100 degrees, improvement of 8 degrees since I started. Can this get any better if I continue to exercise or am I stuck with this level of bending for the rest of my life?

  • Giving it a name like Deload Week makes it sound like it’s bull shit. The point is, to think less of so called theories and new researches. Simply work outs and stop treating the act of going to the gym like it’s your only reason for living because it keeps your mind off the reality that you are not into women.

  • I’m 4 weeks post full knee replacement (Right Knee). I’m at 135 degrees bend and 0 degrees flat. Still a bit swollen and stiff but overall doing very well.

  • basically…weight training sux…there’s no way to sugar coat it…it’s boring, fricking boring, hard, monotonous…and if you’re slim like me…way too much effort for little gain…….I’d rather eat Arnie’s toenails:)

  • @Jeremy, there is one thing I don’t get. You say you do decrease volume about 50% or more. Your example says 2 sets of 6 instead of 4 sets of 12. This comes down to 12 sets vs 48 sets, wich is 25% of the volume not 50%. I dont quantify 25% as a little bit. That is a huge difference. Could you explain?

  • I’m 17 and just had my 4th knee surgery:( TTO and MPFL reconstruction. I’m 3 weeks post op and up to 105° off the table and 120° on the CPMmy best progress of any knee surgery yet! My 2nd one I couldn’t get past 40° for 4 months so I had to have another surgery to fix it. Will be able to start weight bearing in 3 more weeks! So excited:)

  • great,vid-advice,,I’m old and forget to drink water, you’re so right about, modern lifestyle now,, wake up GET SET “COFFEE”,,,GO………..

  • I’ve had adrenal fatigue… I’ve pissed blood from running, I’ve gone into physical shock ( very cold very sleepy). I’ve worked through broken wrists ( knuckle push ups for 3 months before I could go back to palm)…. its trying to break homeostasis and hurting yourself that’s what I call it…. in fact I dont call it anything because I dont talk to anyone. But killing fat signals new fat cells, ect… your body doesn’t want to change. It really doesn’t… I’m 11 years deep into a 6 day a week average lifestyle. My best ( not all at once) 19 min 5k. 260 bench machine 10 pull ups, 90 push ups… I’m 163lbs at 511 19% body fat… my body physiology is limited by many factors the makes me less then an Olympic athlete…. not less the special forces because I actually do the job I swear to do…. but athletically I’ll never be 1% or better… doesn’t mean for me I cant really over do it and hurt myself

  • You look like one of those nerds at school but you’re buff af. Me, being the bully that I am would immediately look for another target if you’re the first nerd I see.

  • I’m sort of a beginner in lifting, and I was wondering if I should train every other day or everyday. (Including deloads) Which one is more helpful?

  • Thank you for your videos. I had a hysterecotmy and a posterior repair 12 weeks ago and I keep finding myself back tracking in my recovery. Each time I ask what my limits are I was told “your body will let you know when youve done to much” Your videos helped me learn how to safely start excercising and what procotions to take. This is information I thought I would get from the doctors.

  • hi michelle im 25 male was really fit until got ibs and started staying constipated n now im diagnosed with anterior and posterior rectocele ther is not much info for men on internet kindly help me will the surgery fix it since my docs say surgery aint necessary n nw i suffer incomplete evacuation wateva happens

  • Whoah. I’ve done a deload week in the past, and i notice my body gained mass. And planned to do another deload week as i feel weak after too much reps. Didn’t know it’s called deload.

  • Stay a couple reps away from failure is the worst advice ever given.
    It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediary or advanced lifter. YOUR SET IS INCOMPLETE IF YOU DONT REACH FAILURE.

  • Been on a cut for roughly 4 weeks now. Going to give this a shot. back in 2 weeks. 1 to d-load. 1 to witness any improvements.

    edit did the de-load, i definitely noticed an increase in strength and endurance. I also upped my sets from 3 to 4 for each exercise. Would wait 2 weeks, but noticed the changes.

  • Bro I love your vids and have learned a lot,, but one thing,,, you gotta liven up, play some hype back ground music. Im trying to get amp on your vids/info but your tone and music, only lets me watch 2 vids before I start yawning,,, Please help.

  • Jeremy is not big and strong.
    That’s why I dislike these science based videos.
    Studies completed by geek scientists that have never lifted in their lives.
    Theory doesn’t apply to real life. Go ask someone that is huge how he got like that.

  • This is very true. Just had my 7th c-section feb. 13, 2020. Medicine and procedures have really progress since 2007 when I had my first c-section. We are so blessed to have such medical professionals and equipment to help us mothers deliver our babies safely and with great care for the mothers.

  • Hey guys I have some questions.
    So obviously I don’t have middle and lower chest. My upper chest were kinda small also. Here’s my chest routine and I would like to ask if I’ve been doing these things wrong or I’ve been overdoing them that’s why my chest progress very slow

    Bench press
    Cable crossover.
    Cable low to high
    Pull over

  • This is true. I have actually been deloading my whole life and trust me, I’m huge! I have the biggest stomach muscles among all my friends!

  • May I ask why are the arrow keys on the laptop placed on the left side of the keyboard (instead of the right side, as most laptops)?

    (This can be seen at the 14th minute.)

    The content is so interesting that we are all watching closely!

  • Glad I found this amazing and informative video. I was getting a dry mouth and mild headaches I first put down to no drinking enough fluids but it was actually anxiety due to everything mentioned in this phone.

  • I can train harder than I usually do. However, I can’t do anything else, like run my business, in my recovery periods as I’m so knackered. I want to keep fit to give me metal clarity for the other things I’m trying to do with my life.

  • I had rectocele prolapse and a partial hysterectomy 6 days ago. I put it off for a year because I feared the surgery. Women do not be afraid of this surgery. it’s not near as bad as I thought it would be.

  • I reckon a part of Bruce Lee’s demise was serious overtraining. He was given a warning about this a couple of times before he died but carried on regardless.

  • 25 years ago I was not told this, and thus it was 100% all the time. Works for awhile, then burns you out, so used holidays to just chill. Still, the deload is a very good concept which I would have loved to know about when I was a lot younger!

  • I used to be afraid of overtraining before I started training regularly…

    But now I can say with absolute certainty that overtraining is bullshit, your body adapts to everything that you call Overtraining, you get bigger and stronger.

  • Please check out my c section video,things I wish I knew before having a section and tips for a safer,faster,c-section recovery er https://youtu.be/1_ttx3QRIWQ

  • I used to be a cross country runner doing it for 4 years of my high school life, my parents forcing me to do it. I was always an ectomorph but my body became tremendously skinnier during that time, even skinnier than my freshman year, and I look anorexic, 18 yrs old 6’1 at 122 lbs. I’ve just started weight training with this routine but my standards were crap. Anyone had a similar experience with this and if you had do you think I have the ability to ever get muscular even after all this time of mainly endurance training?

  • i had tibia plateau surgery. My bending is good but my extension is not complete. Im limping because that. Is this good for my condition?

  • I brought your knee glide before my tkr. I had both knees replaced within 4 months. I’m so very happy with your product! It made achieving the bend I wanted so much easier! I highly recommend this product. Thank you! Thank you!
    Plus I love your videos. They did much to calm my fears before surgery.

  • Hope you all enjoyed this one! Let me know what other topics/series you’d like to see me cover in the future and I’ll get to it! Cheers!

  • A de-load week is also a good time to learn new exercises. Personally it’s hard for me to back off even though I know it will help. Good vid. Good advice as always.

  • Knee replacement here. I found the best way to increase flexibly is a stationary bike. As progression is made, keep lowering the seat until a satisfactory flex is a achieved. Raising the seat will alow you to work on straightening the knee. Simple yet very effective. You are sure to find one on Craigslist for a fair price.

  • I found a good way to stretch your knee is to sit on dining room table or sturdy table with clearance underneath where you can bend your knee under the table. Sit on edge of table and let your knee naturally hang over the edge. Use your good leg to help bend your knee under the table and hold for about 10 seconds then release it. Do this about 3 sets of 10 a few times a day and you’ll quickly see your flexion increase

  • I thought overtraining was mental (as in, it didnt really exist and was more lack of discpline) until i started doing martial arts 5 hrs a day + 2 hrs lifting/sprints/plyometrics for like 6 months while also on a caloric deficit… physically i got in and stayed in amazing shape. But mentally i got fucked up. Lost motivation which has never happened to me in 6 yrs of training and felt serioisly depressed at points. I didnt know what was wrong with me and it took me a while to figure out what was going on because again physically i was fine. I was still getting stronger even on the caloric deficit. Now im still recovering from it… slowly realising less can be more long term. But if youre only working out an hr or two a day 5 days a week and getting overtrained then theres something definitely wrong with your diet/sleep/lifestyle outside of training

  • Thank You Rosie for letting Bob and Brad use you to illustrate of how well time, patience, and cooperation will help you and other better their health, whether it’s by using different techniques and device to help along like the glider.
    keep up the Good work Rosie and Take it Easy. Try not to do more than Your Body can handle, even though getting back to doing for yourself is A plus.

  • Don’t hit to hard, and you rarely get injured and sick. Take vitamin c+d supplements. Eat regular food, don’t eat after 7 pm. cold showers, 8 hours sleep. And stop watching porn beating that meat, it kills your brain you sheeps

  • 4days after surgery and healed so fast sorry but I had two knee replacement and I can not accept this video. I do not trust nobody in videos no more. To good to be true.

  • I’m 66 had 2 good days training now pain is here,but that’s my life,I’ll go easy tomorrow, it’s funny watching 30 year old complain about age but that’s life anyway thanks for the good video work and stay safe

  • Not every kind of athlete can afford to take care of his/her body bro, sports are mostly neural and technique based from tennis to gymnastics to boxing to wrestling, and most athletes can’t afford to stop their muscle learning process for like a week every 2 months. Also, most athletes are not full time professionals, so basically, we are fucked. I have a 9-5 job and I am feeling like dementia and I am just 30.

  • Ever since I got on TRT I had such insomnia issues. Not sure if the high test level is rev’ing me up or I’m overtraining or both. But I can and will do 2-3 hour workouts then get zero sleep for 2 nights in a row. It’s like I’m on a stimulant. The problem is soreness just builds, and I get foggy headed and irritable:(

  • Is it common for legs to swell after a c-section? I’ve seen it in women in my family quite often and wonder why it doesn’t seem to happen to others.

  • This is easily the best, most thorough video I’ve seen on Recovery. I suffered from the same ‘syndrome’ you described, that is when I was younger I not only worked out everyday, I usually did two per day, one early, one late at night. I was so addicted to The Pump I literally could not get enough. Combined with this I was only getting about five hours of sleep, eating junk, and constantly stressed. This was back in the day when muscle-mags were the only source of info, and of course those juice heads were telling everyone the workouts THEY were doing while jacked on steroids and whatever else. Those BS marathon workout routines they insisted on caused countless injuries and health issues in thousands of people; smh. So much better these days where you can get science-based, rational information. I’m in my mid 50’s now and never felt better: clean food, plenty of sleep, relaxation techniques, yoga, and smart, hard workouts. Thanks for your channel, you have great topics.

  • But how does David Goggins do it?

    I’d overtrained and massively burnt out, needed a week of recovery full of sleep. I was starting my YouTube, studying and working out very hard. I still clearly remember the exact moment the burnout and fever hit. I still had a workout left. But I was shivering in my bed, unable to move.

    I kinda regret not getting up and being a “pussy” but I really don’t know that’s right. I still feel like if I had worked out, maybe something woulda happened and I would magically “break through” the burn out. Please help me out

  • I had anterior prolapse repair with apical suspension through vagina 6 days ago. Should I be doing Kegel exercises right away or wait a few weeks? I was told no lifting over 10 lbs for 12 weeks and never to strain or hold my breath to lift. I have no issue with incontinence before or after surgery. Had trouble voiding before surgery as bladder was lower than urethra but seem to be doing fine now. The first few days I did Kegels but felt like they might affect stitches so stopped.

  • I’m really enjoying your channel and I want to read tons of books on physical and mental fitness, but I don’t know where to start. Do I just pick one subject such as muscle endurance and devote a lot of time into that until I know a lot or do I just keep bouncing around? Do I watch one of your videos as a supplement to reading multiple times until the knowledge sinks in or what?

    There is so much to know and so many places I’m weak I don’t feel like I’d have the time to train explosive, endurance, and starting strength and still do yoga and meditation.

    How do you manage all of this?

  • I know it is not safe to put a patient in a rolling chair. I understand the patient is against the wall but PT 101 YOU DO NOT PUT A PATIENT IN A ROLLING CHAIR!

  • Man I lost my job so was hitting the boxing gym 2 3 times a day I was dying for a big healthy dinner and went into bed instead and cudnt get out for 3 days cud barely stand and walk for weeks
    Will listen closely to this 1

  • Yeah I implemented 4 weeks train and than I have de load period of 2 weeks so I drop in those weeks longer time to recover between sets and only train each muscle group 6x per week with just imagine 3x 12 push-ups 2 min between than 3×12 pull-up dips legs and so on3 x per week this is my delo de 2 weeks relax and I m back to 4 weeks push again.well I’m 40 next year and have to stretch and warm up for longer now as I used to do when I was young in my20 went to gym yeah cmoooon ��������

  • I’m here with a broken tib/fib 6 inches above my ankle. I had a rod inserted on my tib. I spent a total of 4.5 weeks in a soft cast with my foot and knee immobilized. My range of motion in foot has been great with 5 weeks of P.T. Approx. 8 weeks after surgery. My knee has been my struggle point, I can’t quite get to 90 yet. Almost feels like not gaining much. Any special tips you have? Thanks

  • Daily… for life… no matter how sad you are. Actually, ESPECIALLY if you are sad. Yeah… you want a hard body? Train. Worried about over-training? Well, you have to actually BE training in order to “over-train”. M8, thanks for your vids!

  • “adrenal fatigue” is a nonspecific term coined by a chiropractor. I wish you cited your sources bc your information is very exciting.

  • Great news that you are exercising and doing the right thing to manage your prolapse, thanks for posting your comment. So glad you feel encouraged prolapse such a big under discussed issue that women can do often do something about to help better manage, keep up your great work!

  • As for rest… earthing…. sleep connected to the earth…. minimize wifi cell phones. Call me what you want tin foil hat guy whatever, the people that took my kids called me crazy too… but if you care about your health. Read the science. Earthing is well studied…. wifi studies are limited to plants with obvious impacts and obviously inverted causation compared to earthing studies.

  • There’s two types of recovery…. and bodybuilding there’s Muscle Recovery and central nervous system recovery… it’s easier and faster for Muscle Recovery you’ve heard of 72 hours to recover… central nervous system recovery takes much longer… that’s why bodybuilders cycle their training…. Fitness people are never overtrained… that’s why they say overtraining is a myth!

  • I’m at 130 knee bend……discharged from pt…. I’m 3 months post op……do I keep trying to get a better bend?
    I was told continue exercises because scar tissue will continue.

  • Obviously what you’re doing is working well. I have noticed you have sized up and are looking fitter. I have been watching you for quite some time following your sites. And I think you are doing well and thank you for the advice that you’re offering. I certainly will be taking it on board and hopefully getting the same results as yourself.

  • My work as an old peoples carer is easy but my coworkers and bosses are my Biggest stress source theyre not allowing me to drink its 30 degrees room temprature. And they treat the old people like shit my Inside is really Angry but evry old peoples home is like this its horrible

  • I’m not a top level athlete but I ran a little bit everyday, I lifted heavy 4 to 5 days a week and I train bjj 2 to 3 times a week. After months of doing this I was overtrained, actually clinical overtraining. My blood tests showed high ck levels and my kidneys were fucked. I’m currently taking time off, I felt like shit for weeks. So yes, you don’t have to be a top level athlete to be overtrained. Good video