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Here Are 17 Ways to Feel More Energized ASAP Medically reviewed by Meredith Goodwin, MD, FAAFP — Written by Marygrace Taylor on July 20, 2020 Created for. This is one of the best ways to make sure that you can handle stress well and stay healthy. I have been absolutely terrible at this recently, but you know what I can really tell the difference too. When I stop exercising like I should be, my energy takes a dive as well and I struggle even more to deal with stress.

Laughter’s a proven stress-buster, but studies suggest laughing can boost energy levels, too. (Feel free to use this as permission to go on YouTube for the next 30 minutes.) 10. Rethink the way you expend your energy. “Move from being the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff to working on systems that will help permanently reduce stress and. Perhaps there’s a better way to banish morning fatigue and get on with your day with the energy you need. 1. Don’t hit snooze — at all.

That beloved button on top of your alarm clock may not. 6 Weird Ways to Beat Stress. Sometimes taking a deep breath just isn’t enough to de-stress. From looking at fractals to hugging a dog, discover six strange but potentially effective ways to beat.

Caffeine affects your body in ways that increase anxiety and reduce sleep, prohibiting your recovery from stress. So to decrease your overall stress level, cut out the coffee and soda. 6. Develop a challenge mindset Just about any event in life can cause stress, depending on whether it’s interpreted as either a challenge or a threat.

If you. It may feel counterintuitive to deprive yourself of sleep, but giving yourself an extra 15 to 20 minutes before you head out the door will leave you feeling more 13 Ways to Beat Stress in 15. There’s no point in getting more anxious about finding ways to get less anxious, so here are 10 easy and fun ways to get out of those worrisome, negative thoughts and into a positive mind space Learn Something New. When your body and mind.

Increase social interactions. Being around family and friends can boost your mood and help motivate you to do the things you enjoy. Ask a friend to go to the movies or grab a cup of green tea with a co-worker.

And, don’t be shy, a phone call or email to ask for encouragement can go a long way.

List of related literature:

Throughout this book, you’ll find two types of practical exercises to try: The Rethink Stress exercises in Part 1 are designed to shift your way of thinking about stress.

“The Upside of Stress: Why Stress Is Good for You, and How to Get Good at It” by Kelly McGonigal
from The Upside of Stress: Why Stress Is Good for You, and How to Get Good at It
by Kelly McGonigal
Penguin Publishing Group, 2015

Only a few techniques are included here, but the literature describes many stress reduction methods, including exercise, prayer, art therapy, music therapy, massage, and therapeutic touch.

“Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Person-Centered Care” by Carol Taylor, Pamela Lynn, Jennifer Bartlett
from Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Person-Centered Care
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In my own battle to combat stress, there are three distinct areas I have tried to focus on — sleep, exercise, and downtime.

“Unstuffed: Decluttering Your Home, Mind and Soul” by Ruth Soukup
from Unstuffed: Decluttering Your Home, Mind and Soul
by Ruth Soukup
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Ideas to reduce stress and burnout include the following:

“Effective Instructional Strategies: From Theory to Practice” by Kenneth D. Moore
from Effective Instructional Strategies: From Theory to Practice
by Kenneth D. Moore
SAGE Publications, 2014

This introspective exercise can also help reduce stress.

“The Brain Health Book: Using the Power of Neuroscience to Improve Your Life” by John Randolph
from The Brain Health Book: Using the Power of Neuroscience to Improve Your Life
by John Randolph
W. W. Norton, 2019

Some of my favorite stress-releasing, relaxation-promoting activities include the following, and you can add your own:

“Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Loving Your Life Today” by Jena la Flamme, Mama Gena
from Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Loving Your Life Today
by Jena la Flamme, Mama Gena
Sounds True, 2015

For less stress and more rest, I swear by these eight strategies.

“The 12-Step Mind-Body-Food Reset” by Jessica Sepel
from The 12-Step Mind-Body-Food Reset
by Jessica Sepel
Pan Macmillan Australia, 2019

22 Which helps to reduce stress? a Exercise, rest, and sleep b Blaming others for things you did not do c Putting off quiet time to get work done d Agreeing to do everything others ask 23 Thinking about work makes you irritable and anxious.

“Mosby's Textbook for Nursing Assistants E-Book” by Sheila A. Sorrentino, Leighann Remmert
from Mosby’s Textbook for Nursing Assistants E-Book
by Sheila A. Sorrentino, Leighann Remmert
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Sync your movements to your breath (using your nose for breathing) to increase the physical benefits and reduce mental stress; repeat the sequence two to three times and work your way up to six or more.

“The Martha Manual: How to Do (Almost) Everything” by Martha Stewart
from The Martha Manual: How to Do (Almost) Everything
by Martha Stewart
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Here you will find an article entitled ‘10 stress busters’ which gives advice about the best ways of dealing with stress.

“Evidence-based Practice in Nursing” by Peter Ellis
from Evidence-based Practice in Nursing
by Peter Ellis
SAGE Publications, 2019

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  • I get emotional when I’m not perfect, I feel the need for everyone to like me and for me too never make a mistake. So getting yelled at or getting in trouble makes me emotional. I also tend to tell myself false information so that I can pretend I’m perfect and because of that, I say untrue things in an argument making them worse. Afterward, I hold the grudge against myself realizing what I did and it makes me more sensitive towards any negativity. I don’t know how to change and since I’m still a kid I wanna change it before I grow up.

  • I’m so glad you made a video about this, stress is just as important to being healthy as diet and exercise. Some really great tips here, some of my friends always talk about how amazing yoga is but I’ve never tried it myself. I think I’m gonna start taking classes and use that along with meditation as my stress reliever.

  • Stress is my #1 trigger for eating junk food. It’s such a bad habit that I need to beat. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips I really needed to hear this. I’m going to focus on rewiring my brain and dealing with a stress in a healthy way. No more turning to junk food to cope!

  • I don’t cry or anything, but I feel empathy SUPER strongly. Like when people are being racist and stuff, it really gets to me even when it’s not about me. I just start thinking about how it would feel if it was against me and it has a MASSIVE effect on me. Unfortunately shitty people exist all over the internet and idk how to deal with that, cause it ruins my whole mood thinking about people may similarly perceive me based on stereotypes.

  • Mental and physical health are definitely linked! Take care of body, take care of your mind. Never thought of a lot of these tips, super helpful thanks!

  • Thank you for putting out this video I’ve been feeling a lot of anxiety lately because of this…I’m going to try some of theses things and hope they help.

  • Could HSP be understood under the umbrella of autism? I’ve identified with many of the symptoms of ASD, with the significant outlier that my heightened sensory input primarily includes the emotional climates of the people around me (which seems to line up more easily with HSP!).

  • I eat well with fruits and vegetables whole grain food
    I don’t drink caffeine
    I sleep a lot
    I workout
    And I am still tired I have constant headaches

  • For number 4, Yes I can take space, but what if they are still bothering you. And that makes me even more stress out and sometimes I cry just because people say they want to see my every move and action or they want to hurt me. I try to help but they make it worse. And since I can’t get my own space, what can I do to calm myself down without no space. It just so hard to get any space I can, and just feel better, pls respond to any ideas or helpful things for this problem. Thank you and be safe.

  • Excellent content from beginning to end. Sharing useful and effective information in all your detailed and well explained information about How To Better Manage Stress In Your Life.

  • The worst feeling for me has been not tolerating my job anymore, due to mental health issues. I was already struggling to keep things together since january, but my mental health has been decaying ever since. Now with coronavirus it has become almost unbearable. With so many people losing their jobs due to the pandemic, how ungrateful I have to be to give up on mine?

  • I love these methods! This was really inspiring, and you really touched on some really intensive, yet simple ways to help with stress. Most people normally say things like “Take a deep breath” or “Take a shower.” Which those are helpful, they don’t really help to change the stress response in the long run.

  • Thanks so much for this vid. I’ve been wondering what’s been going on with me for the longest.
    Suddenly for the first time it’s starting to make sense.

  • 1:29 Nail on the head. New workplace where I’m finally not working with arseholes? Furlough. Find a place to play TTRPG game I’ve wanted to play for months and make new friends? Closed. Weekly meeting with friend to play same game and just chill out and take the edge off of life? Social distancing. All within the same few months, all ended at the exact same time… now I’m just waiting for tomorrow, and for the world to fix itself, while I’m sitting here doing nothing…

  • my worries aren’t really about the virus it’s just from being home for over a month my thoughts are getting to me and it’s just not going well

  • I’m so stressed out after eating a lot of sugar yesterday. I couldn’t even sleep properly and had a stiffed neck the moment I woke up.

  • I have anxiety and it got worse. School work is too much and expectations are high and I’m stuck on a lower level trying to get back. Last week I couldn’t work, despite there being so much to do, but I had to calm down before things got completely out of hand.

  • I hate this feeling I get a lot when people raise their voice
    Or just correct me on my mistakes, I feel as though I’m being judged or what I did or try to do isn’t good enough, even though I know these people are saying it too hurt me but my initial reaction is to get defensive of myself but I tend to stay quiet in my head because if I talk and say what bothered me I feel the lump in my throat and just want to cry. ��

  • My mom sadly deals with most of these everyday, and it sometimes gets to the point where she pukes. Because of this I have been trying to be there for her and giving her time to relax.

  • While I’m not worried about the coronavirus, the ‘cabin fever,’ so to speak, has made my OCD much harder to manage. Usually, I’d only get slight flare-ups of OCD symptoms every few months or so, now, I get at least 5 per day. I just want quarantine to end

  • Ive been so irritable lately and its upsetting me because i let it out on people i love, i dont shout im just…really irritated and worked up constantly and i feel like a horrible person�� I don’t know how to make it stop

  • 1:27 1:28 || Would you look at what’s been cancelled during May ●︿●…. (It’s what went for me recently which is why looking at that is so heartbreaking.)

  • I find that number 3 “Finish it NOW” usually works. If I decide to put it off it normally adds more anxiety to the situation for me. -Devrhoid #BestYouPro

  • OG! this is me, I like to be alone, busy, quiet places,

    I wasn’t sensitive when I was around 15 and so. 

    People tend to bother me intentionally, and that doesn’t bother me at all. 
    But now, I became very sensitive I don’t why! even I remember every single word people used to throw at me.

    Is this normal?

  • There is this cool podcast “COVID Sucks, People don’t” that focuses on positive things and good news around the current situation. I find it somewhat calming.

  • I think i have this as a kid. It started since my first year of high school i wake up at 6am and get back at 5pm. I find it hard to sleep. This is really affecting my footballing ability. I used to be so creative and had great potential. The puberty phase really is destroying me

  • I could still remember when i was so tired from college papers and everything else that i wanted to see trees so badly. Now i am working and thinking of redirecting myself again to other line of industry becuase mine now is not working. I am very sensitive to comments, eyes of people on me, i am even sensitive to food that has strong taste or a bit salty, i love to listen to rock few times but it often irritates me, i hate unnecessary noises like when someone tap desks, idk i hate a lot of things.

  • Failing 11th year and all my friends graduating without me sounds soooooo fun! �� Thanks to the messed up school system I have to deal with! It’s awesome! ��

  • If something sad happens to a person, ugh..the feeling I get in my stomach it really makes me sick.. life is so short I wish we didn’t have to suffer.

  • I love this channel. Thanks you guys. ♥️
    Lately I’ve been overthinking… How does anxious hyperventilating affect people with covid 19… What’s the medical advise for this?

  • People just at end of their rope from trama and that just push um over edge with a comment that is a sensative person they are on high alert emotionally.

  • my whole life i’ve been called too sensitive and i used to be made fun for it a lot, and my mum used to tell me to express how i feel about things, so with this i was constantly picked on and this seemed to carry on through a lot if secondary school too. is there anyway to overcome this?? its like i just always have insecurities and am always at a breaking point or something its so overwhelming

  • I am getting addicted to your videos and advises. I used to have poor night sleep and this was killing me. now I changed and manage to go to bed early everything changed. I do agree with and will try these ideas also to better it( yoga really works).

  • I like this one. Stress is a really funny thing when dealing with getting projects done. We really do have to look at the big picture and re-evaluate your strategy and movement continually in order to reduce stress. I feel so much better when I get things off my plate that don’t really count towards the big picture. And on the flip side when an important project is on the table, it also does really help to attack projects when your most in the moment inspired to do them. Many times you’ll put things off based on scheduling even when your inspired right now and when you try to pick it back up later, your stuck and feeling forced to get back in that zone. Sometimes you just have to rearrange your plan to fit in those inspired moments. It helps you work faster and more efficiently.

  • School: you probably will get into 8th grade, you’re fine.

    Everyone else: you best try hard or there ain’t no new school year for you


  • The people around me put me down for how I am. I learned to hate it too. I began to despise that I could notice things others couldnt. That my intuition would tell me through dreams of things that were gonna happen. I wanted to give anything I could to just be.. “normal” to be able to go through life and not worry so much about others but about me. This really inspired me to be content with myself and to continue my passion of helping others.

  • Thank you for this video. I think that I can see a lot of myself in it. I suffer from a lot of depression and I am at a loss to know what to do about it.

  • I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder a couple of years ago. After we got back home, my parents said,”Don’t believe those people, anxiety doesn’t affect you anyway”

  • Video didn’t help me but i seems helpful for most people. I have lupus and Hypersomnia and I eat very healthy. Sooooo I’m just screwed

  • im not extreamly tierd but when i get home from school i get this temptation of tierdness then i get on my bed and i fall asleep and i always wake up with neck cramps even more tierd and basiclly like crap i get 8 hours of sleep a day but sometimes i do only get 7

    and i pass out for like 3 or 4 hours like you cant wake me up

    please help (this started a couple months ago and i didnt have a problem but i did over dose on soda like having 40 ounces a day and now i only drink water)

  • My biggest fear during this is getting my mom sick with covid because I still have to go to work, I got extra sick time because of covid and I’ve been using it atleast once a week just to limit my exposure to the public but apparently my boss has decided to write me up for using the time that they gave me and says I’ll be fired if I continue so now I dred going to work everyday risking getting my mom sick or stay home and lose my job

  • You say empathy is a positive but for me it’s a negative. I’m so good at picking up on everyone’s emotions but I also absorb people’s emotions and it can be exhausting especially if I’m around people who are saying their fine but I can tell there not.

  • I’m investigating reducing shyness at home and discovered an awesome website at Seans Shy Program (google it if you are interested)

  • I’m an introvert, but it’s just me and my father, so I’m quite enjoying just chilling. Quarantine is honestly the same as my every day life before all of this ��

  • this past Thursday, I actually called 911 because I thought I was having a heart attack.. my heart was beating at 167 bpm! I’m not normally prone to panic attacks at all… but i do suffer with anxiety and depression.
    i find it difficult to believe that I’m letting this pandemic effect me like this, but maybe it is subconsciously. ����‍♀️ I have no idea, but it scares the shit out of me. for the past 3 weeks, I’ve been experiencing waves throughout the day of very rapid heartbeat.
    even when I practice my 4-7-8 breathing, that sometimes doesn’t help.
    is anyone else experiencing this?!����

  • I have all of this. Thanks for this post! I felt better and for number 4, I probably do need some time alone but my family’s at home though and my parents think isolation is unhealthy.:/

  • This relates to me but i don’t feel it was ever a gift to me because growing up i wasn’t allowed and just helded all of it in and back all the time it might of been a gift in some other way that i not understanding,love Denny

  • I feel tired all the time, normally I have problems sleeping and I go to sleep really late arround 4-5 pm and wake up at 12 1 and I keep just looking at the time and going back to sleep and waking up and going back to sleep until I have to go to work. But even if I manage to sleep early (11 12) I still do the same. I wake up and I just want to go back to sleep. I also keep waking up at night a lot of times.. I dont know what to do cause I feel like Im loosing my life but everyday its the same.. I just dont find the strenght to go out ouf bed, and all I want to do its sleep.. I dont feel inspired at all. And I cant help it but feeling guilty about it. Cause I know that its people thats going to really hard times… and I dont really have any reason in my life for feeling like this. I had a hard depression some years ago but I got over it.. or that I thought. Because if i think about it.. Ive allways had kind of the same problem. At that time I used to really sleep a lot more and stay all day in bed but.. I just want to stop feeling guilty and tired.. and dont know how to do it. Im really going to try all of your tips and I hope they work.. cause this its not living

  • I’m feeling a lot of anxiety these days. But not because of the virus itself, but because my girlfriend deliberately wants me to break quarantine and take a 30-minute bus to her home.

    I tried explaining to her the risks of doing that, not because of the virus itself, but because of the multiple traffic controls and people even going to jail due to breaking said quarantine.
    The sad thing is that her family is on her side and even brings people to their houses such as my mother in law’s BF and his stepson.

    I’m feeling really desperate at this moment, I fear that three years of our relationship are being thrown away due to her being selfish and because of the bad example set by her family.

    I don’t want to pretend I’m the owner of the truth. Am i a “pussy” because of being responsible?

    Thanks a lot for reading and i would really love some advice in these rare times.

  • Just wonderful, I have been researching “eliminate stress and fatigue quotes” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Qiyia Ziyichael Booster (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.

  • Purchase the home kit for ‘Coeliac Disease’ Test for Gluten Sensitivity. Coeliac disease (sometimes spelt celiac) is a lifelong, auto-immune disease caused by gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Coeliac disease is impossible to diagnose from clinical symptoms alone and you may benefit from a test if you have IBS symptoms or one or more of;

    Abdominal pain
    Urgency to use the toilet after a meal
    * Tired all the time
    Mouth ulcers
    * Depression
    Bone and joint pain
    Weight loss
    Lactose intolerance

    Best to check. Eat rice dishes & other non-gluten products. Takes 24/48 to flush gluten symptoms out of your system. If you can’t rule this out, you can’t rule out the entire problem.

  • Some people are very tired of the same job, some are not at all. It is inherited genetically and can not be altered. You have to choose your parents well, or 2 fatigued people do not make a baby.

  • I feel really guilty about being anxious in these times bc there’s SO MANY people who actually have a bigger risk to get it but I get a health scare w every pain or issue w my body etc…

    And it doesn’t help that I have exams this year either…

    I think I have a mixture of exam stress and my diagnosed anxiety got a bit worse….

    Wishing everyone health & safety. #StayHome #StaySafe ����

  • I’m not worried about getting the virus per se. I’m doing all the common sense measures. I’m just bummed that stores and restaurants and bars are closed. I already suffer from anxiety so the pandemic makes me go “meh.” Most of my anxiety revolves around whether I’m achieving enough or whether I’ll succeed at certain work projects and whether I’m worthy. So those concerns have already taken up all the “anxiety seats” in my head.

  • Hi Paul, turned off all my social media 2 hrs before bedtime and that’s working like a miracle.. My mornings are energetic and fresh.. Many thanks!

  • I hate being sensitive… I can’t take criticism well in real life, even constructive criticism. When I get yelled at, I have an urge to cry. Whenever I feel like I’m being intimated, I feel like crying. Last year, I was talking with my teacher after school, he wanted to talk about how I’ve been doing in class and how I can improve in that. Throughout the entire thing, I kept feeling like I was being “interrogated”, so I get the urge to cry but I try to hold it in. I try to get a deep breath, but he wouldn’t stop looking at me, talking to me. My social anxiety effect me too, because it felt as if he was judging me too. So in the end, I cried. I hate it…

  • You dont help people, you just make videous to be clicked, like 8 signs that you… 5 motives for.. but you dont give a solution, just remember the problems. Fuck you for that, you piece of shit

  • My problem is when picking up on the subtleties of how ppl treat me causes anxiety especially if that person is unkind at heart. All of it on a subconscious level.

  • I’m thankful the knowledge & awareness is finally gaining momentum! Hopefully fewer of us will become trapped in the devistatingly painful cycle of addictions! If the mere 20% were aware and healthy, the positive affect we could have on this world could be the shift needed for “peace on earth.”

  • Thanks.I’ll take any advise. like the song..” I’m tired of being sick and tired”,I’m an insomniac so 1st reason why im tired, But in the last 3 years its really a crazy rollercoaster of ups and downs and I had weeks! of staying home but resting dudnt help. I even checked my thyroid. No one seems to help me overcome my fatigue, Now I try Acoponcture and Chinese herbs.Yes,I try to rest and accept it but life are full of stress and 2020…The worst year ever..Globally

  • I just learned that HSP was a thing, and I’m learning more and more about it and it literally explains everything about me. What should I do?

  • My husband is a very sensitive man. He’s the most caring and loving person I’ve ever met in my entire life. I do believe sensitive people are good spouses and parents.

  • A man with prostate problems is forced to get up multiple times at night to pee, causing significant interrupted sleep patterns. Holding one’s bladder is not good, even dangerous. Lack of deep sleep.

  • I am adeel from pakistan,
    My weight is 88 kg
    I left gym 6 months ago, now my weight is increased,so plz teach me how to alway fix body weight,
    And different body excersies to weight loss fast and be always fit and slim.

  • I don’t know if I have anxiety or not but one way I’ve coped is writing poems and putting some of them in forms of songs. I like hip hop and reggaeton so that’s a start. I’ve also been checking out university stories as I’m supposed to start in October. I hope I get in. The modern languages department fits my taste and I need BBC to get in. Pray for me please.

  • I’ve been waiting for this video. I was working hard on wellness before all this now I have been going through the worst anxiety, no appetite, haven’t slept more than 3-5 hours in a week, irritated, the list goes on and on. I’m trying so hard but it’s been the worst.

    ” Mom said it’s my turn to blankly stare at the wall” lol that made me smile at least.

  • It has been months since I have this. and because of that I cause so much problems which ended me with no friends. Because of that I get a depression and now idk how to control my feelings,emotions and sensitivty towards people.

  • i am so happy i found out what was wrong with me…
    every time i cried or called something sweet, people called me cringe and told me that i overreact alot.
    i just wanted to run away at some point….
    it feels calming to know that i am not alone….

  • Thank you thank you thank you never knew this really existed because I feel everything to extent where I can read peoples emotions pretty well and they are quite taken aback how accurate I am but I do really need to decompress quite often yes I’m seeing a Psychiatrist since 2001 I’ve been through a lot for myself

  • amphetamine may help 😉

    jk! don’t do illegal amphetamines! (unless perscibed by ypur doc)
    Amphetamines can ruin your health and make the problem worse over time

  • That explain why i startled easily even if its the sound of door creaking.. also explain why im labelled as very sensitive when i was little..

  • please tell me where to go to talk about noisy neighbors…i can’t find any relatable youtube videos on it or how to deal or how to feel…by other’s standards they aren’t even bad…just talking and laughing under my window on their balcony..two big dogs barking here and there and no one else is even bothered by it….does anybody else have the same issue?

  • Like, I cry but I can control it. My sensitivity is kind of hard to explain, if my sister yells as me, I cry. If my parents yell at my sister, I cry. I just don’t why why I was so sEnSeTive, I kept looking it up and researching until I found this.

  • your video was great thank you so much, i go to bed at 4 am get up 2 pm since my dad died last year don’t feel inspired at all, with life i always run to make me feel better i feel low every day i drink coffee when i awake 2 or 3 large cups a day i eat late but don’t eat nothing all day my head use to hurt a lot for years but find the hermitian salt and B12 HELPS plus vits i feel tormented alone and depressed i what to change by negative beliefs but can’t get out of the way i feel the runs help me a lot but it,s a circle. day in day out. all i what is to be alone. and if any body who i don’t know comes bothers me i get angry and gets worse. and this is the reason i stay alone. i feel attacked, ether from police or members of the public because i stand out i don’t only run i climb poles do what i have to to feel good. it get s me into a lot of trouble but i still do it, because of the way i feel. i don’t take nothing for my depression i meditate i over think things life nothing changes very unhappy. i feel happy after my runs but it’s torture.

  • I can’t handle my anxiety anymore, but knowing finally who I am, understanding finally why I was discarded all those years, o can finally find peace on my thoughts and soul. So my nerves? If I get to the source of life, it’s ok I already know what true pain is, I can stand with nerves pain.

  • I’m scared I might not be able to fly back to my hometown to visit my sister this summer. What if coronavirus is still around by then? What’ll I do? I look forward to this every year, but if I can’t go home then like, I don’t know what I’ll do…

  • The way I can relate to all of them:’) the heart beat one the most…either it’s so fast or I can’t even feel my heart beat sometimes:)

  • I have depression and anxiety and feel fadigue regularly. It’s odd. I can handle 2h of exercise. Feels great. But when I’m at home or not doing much I feel like sleeping and it’s hard to move and think all the time. I have bad habits before bed so I’ll change that and see what happens. Fix my sleeping schedule too. Even when I’m in a better place mentally and feel the urge to do stuff my body wants to drag me to sit down and do anything that takes minimal amount of energy and is rewarding like watch videos:/ at times at school I was sleeping in class regularly and couldn’t focus on anything. Couldn’t process what people told me. It all leads me to feel guilty and bad about myself and useless and I want this to change

  • I can be easily irritated by someones tone of voice. It feels amplified like if they are mildly irritated to me it sounds like they’re really mad which makes me hesitant to say anything. I do think it enables me to be more empathetic. On the flip side if i get burnt out from the large load of stimuli all around me, i can shut down and become very negative. Being apathetic toward anything going on which can appear unempathetic.

  • I really contemplating with my self, as i think i may fall on this category i keep looking for them information bout it and want to make myself 100% sure that i really am and not just a self proclaiming. But as i receive more and more information, more check list has written down, and more tears has fallen lmao
    Im crying and my heart beating so fast.
    Thank you

  • I feel for what you’re saying except for the sensitivity to smells/sounds/lights… or even being in large crowds, I mean even though I prefer not to be in them, it’s not like you’re interacting with everyone at once (unless what you mean is large groups, that’s different).
    I think there should be a distinction between emotional sensitivity and physical sensitivity.
    Highly Sensitive Person and Sensory Processing Sensitivity, in name itself, sounds like different subjects

  • When ever I eat food that involves ketchup(I hate the smell of ketchup) and it gets on my hand I keep smelling my hand over and over knowing that the smell is there just makes me feel terrible I have to go wash my hands with soap and water.
    Is this normal?

  • This video basically just turned my life around, I have depression bipolar and ADHD also. Situations keep happening where whenever someone says say something mean, I feel like I take it personal and I start talking back to them and it feels like I can’t even control what im saying. When I do this to my parents or my brother, they get annoyed and mad������

  • Bruh, I’m just sad cause this is the worst possible apocalypse. I wanted zombies, this Virus is just calming me down cause I’m not in school anymore, and saving the planet! None of that is apocalyptic!

  • im really afraid in a few years time where I’m gonna be in college, everyone’s gonna go to parties and all that and I don’t wanna go to parties or night clubs or discos, I feel like people will find me weird or different because I’m so boring, I feel like im the only person who feels like this

  • Honestly, I hate my sensitivity. My parents are not the best at communication (mum is at autism spectrum and dad either gets an anger tantrum or is sulking for days). I know exactly when a disagreement is about to happen, it can be a freaking small change in their posture and I feel physical sick and nauseous. I flee the room immediately. Going to a Zoo is another big no no….something I wish there was a magical pill that dumbs emotions.

  • Everyone: Worries about covid, is in constant stress, can’t sleep
    Me: Absolutely zero emotions. No sadness, no stress. Nothing
    Just like every normal day

    (edit: Yup, i am that dog from “This is fine” meme)

  • I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten more irritable since this whole thing. I’m so used to coming and going as I please to go grocery shopping or elsewhere. I’m trans and also live with unaffirming relatives. One of them told me what not to do with the dog since we were both calling her over at the same time. I was trying to get her up the stairs. He pissed me off so bad. I tried to talk about it, but the others just wanted to watch tv. I also talk to myself (have ever since I was little. Imaginary friends kind of thing. Also happen to be on the spectrum). My mom canned me in because I was getting violent lately, but only in my speech in mannerisms (so aggressive but not violent I suppose:/). She told me that if I didn’t get a handle on it that I’d have to consult any hospital that’ll take me because they were afraid of me turning violent. I made it clear that I don’t want to hurt anyone. I was just in a foul mood. They say that I’ve gotten more aggressive on t, but everyone else I know says that I haven’t been freer and more easygoing:/

  • During this pandemic, I have been really worried about my life moving on without me. I feel like I am missing out and feel stressed that I am not able to see my ex or meet someone to continue on with my life. I feel alone and worried a lot. What happens if my ex forgets about me and moves on because I’m not able to show him that I have grown.

  • Naw, if my therapist is saying

    “Um, like… I don’t really know if there’s a diagnoses for it yet but like uhm… Deffo real or whatever:>”

    I’m not trusting a word coming out her mouth. Js.

  • I’ve been dealing with all of this, but mostly because I’ve been fighting with my mom since quarantine started. She’s always picking a fight with me. I having to stay at home with her and I have nowhere else to go:(

  • Just remember this is the government’s fault and this is all a hoax and they want to control us. This is a media stunt. I know you’re anxiety wants to go crazy but your anxiety should also be trigging you onto SOMETHING ISNT RIGHT HERE!!!!!!

  • Kinda makes me want to Unsub.
    A. You are probably in special needs care if you couldn’t figure this out for yourself.
    B. It’s a cash grab.
    I wonder which they assumed before making the video.
    Hope your all good, But unfortunately we are barely even acting to prevent this. Beaches across the states are flooded with people ect. Time to wake up and realize this is wasted energy and you can’t help a damn thing by being anxious.
    And googling it. Watching it. Thinking about it. It’s all not helpful to you.

  • Hi Evan,
    Im creating a website for my first biz and It’s taking a little longer than I’d like. In light of step #7 where and how do I find these kinds people.

  • It’s a blessing and a curse… I think HSPs need to be with someone who is cognizant of their heart and emotions and protects
    them at all costs. Someone who will not exploit or take advantage of your nature. Probably someone who is similar to them… aka. NOT a narcissist who has no empathy. Just thought I would share hope no one takes this negatively, not trying to offend anyone ❤️

  • hello,Good one ))7 ways beat stress…1) Does it matter 2) weigh out important vs not,get Bk 2it tomorrow 3)joining or starting GRP,4) continued stress 5) eliminate any add ons 6) Website7) get help,automate,Get,hire even few hrs a week so u can operate on what your great @ Editer,

  • Great tips. #1 “Does this really matter?” resonates with me the most. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by adding on stuff to our plate that doesn’t matter and isn’t in alignment with what we really want. Another tip that has helped me to reduce stress is to focus on the PROCESS vs obsessing over the outcome.

  • In my case, I think that the tiredness is given by the fact that I always feel unfulfilled and anxious. I didn’t know that this feeling is related to the second factor. Many thanks:)

  • Whenever someone tells me something I easily get sensitive and start to cry, so then my parents always say why do u always cry stop crying and that saying makes me cry even more so I don’t even know why they don’t know I’m very sensitive like they don’t even know what I go through.

  • most autistic people are overly empathic. I still cry about the fact that once when I was like 5-9 my dad said he was doing a surprise for me and that I should not look in the kitchen. I walked past the kitchen and without thinking about it my head turned towards it. I accidentally saw that my dad was making a strawberry cake for me and him, there were no special celebration. I felt soo bad because my dad had worked so hard on that cake, just to have a great time together, and he wanted to surprise me with it! he even asked me to not look, because he really wanted it to be a surprise. I felt like I had ruined the whole thing for him, I didn’t tell him that I saw it, I just ran to my room and cried. I felt terrible because not only did I ruin his special surprise that he wanted me to get, I also was now crying, when he spent so much time on that to make me happy, only reason being because he wanted me to be happy and have a great memorie. I have told him this and he says I didn’t ruin anything at all, but I still cry about it.. I’m turning 17 in less than 2 months and I just cried thinking of this(tho I did also cry about a lot of other stuff, so I was already a lil sensitive lol).

    I just wanted to say that because many people don’t know this, and probably think we have no empathy, but we are actually super empathic, to a point where it’s not healthy. so anyone who has this, you might be able to relate to autistics when it comes to this kinda stuff.

  • i think all the videos you bring on can be helpfull in some ways because of information never knew about and interesting love Denny

  • This is something I really needed in my life! My stress levels have been through the roof and I think sleep is a main factor. I eat pretty healthy so I don’t think that’s a factor. I am for sure going to do the journal! Thank you for the tips!

  • yesss )) Ofcourse,,Meditation,,Praying doesn’t have to Be God,Something bigger than you,2) Working out 3) Always counting your blessings much love

  • managing stress and sleep is highly helpful in improving my workout routine, I really like the gratitude journal idea that kick starts your brain in a positive direction, great share.

  • Thank you so much, Evan. what you do means a lot to me. I believe in you.
    nowadays I’m struggling and I need your help. words can’t even express how bad I feel as all what I’ve been saving for many months were stolen. I’m away from my family, friends, violin, %90 of my books and all what I love cause I had to move from Egypt to Dubai for work. I’m a positive optimistic person but nowadays I feel nothing but pain & struggle. Kindly do a video and let me know how to deal with that kind of being almost a broke and how to recover from that negativity

  • Dr. Balduzzi, all of us need some sort of guidance to manage our stress in our lives, thank you for these helpful tips. gonna follow try it for sure

  • The number of times I’ve gotten myself into trouble because I was telling someone else what they were feeling. But their faces were telling me if they were angry or sad.

  • I am glad people are finally talking about this. I knew I had this about ten years ago, but there was very limited information on it

  • Finally I can blame my anxiety on something else other than myself even if nothing has changed cause I’ve been staying inside all day well before this virus

  • this is really amazing video on managing stress. i will definitely follow your suggestions. thanks for sharing useful information.

  • My whole life i thought there was something wrong with me like how i could pick up on the little and tiniest things that people do and how i would get so easily affected and why i jus acted different and now i know and it feels so great to know that people actually know what people with this r dealing with or what goes on in their head

  • For me,I am an Hopelessness Person in this situation. I feel like the world is going to end. The cure is gonna stop progressing. Aka such as fire in the streets. Body bags. Swat. Everything that will be featured in An pandemic. But I still have hope to defeat corona. #defeatcorona!

  • I just don’t like how little things can have a massive effect. Like just today, I was talking to a person on the phone that I’m doing business with and I thought we were having a good conversation until he interrupted me and said, “I gotta back to work, dude!” and I could hear the frustration in his voice, he sort of yelled at me lol, and that one thing has basically ruined my day. It’s all I’m thinking about. To most people, this tiny interaction is so insignificant. And I wish that’s how I see it as well. but it’s not. And there goes my day.

  • By all what she said, that’s so me! I always thought that l was over sensitive because my mother mistreat me very bad as a child l also was sexual abused by a 65 years old family member. But l think we are born this way,! The sexual assault l got over it, my mother yelling at me, calling me names, beating me until l passed out.. l forgave.. but l can’t overcome being too emotional or too sensitive! Since l feel like being this way ppl see me like a wimp

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