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6 Things You Need to Know Before Your First Boxing Class. 1. You need to bring water and a sweat towel. You may be thinking: “A sweat towel? Nah, I won’t get that sweaty.” Trust me on this one. A sweat 2. You don’t have to have your own gloves.

Although most prefer to. 6 Things to Know Before Your First Boxing Class Boxing courses are blowing up. With speciality studios and gymnasiums popping up from coast to coast, individuals who had by no means thought-about boxing exercises earlier than at the moment are getting an opportunity to attempt them. 6 Things to Know Before Your First Boxing Class | Fitness | MyFitnessPal.

Everything you need to know before taking a boxing class. Boxing classes are blowing up. Learn Boxing Boxing Classes Kick Boxing For Beginners Workout For Beginners Kickboxing Women Kickboxing Workout Women Boxing Workout Beginner Boxing Workout Kickboxing Benefits. Know the difference between a jab and a cross, or a hook and an uppercut.

It’s also important to have a general idea of where your feet should be and what your stance should look like. This isn’t required, but will help alleviate any nervousness you may experience before your first go. At TBC, we provide you with proper instructions for each move before you go into class so you can avoid injury and know. Before you check out the boxing offerings at the gym, learn how to prepare for your first boxing class.

How to Prepare For Your First Boxing Class: What to Wear. Don’t worry about having to purchase specialized equipment like boxing gloves, ankle guards, or hand wraps. Everything you need will be provided for you. Boxing classes can be intimidating, so here’s everything you need to know before you head to your first one. What to wear, bring and how to prep.

“For your first class, make sure to arrive 20-30 minutes early. This will save you headache and stress when it comes to parking or finding the studio, and more importantly it gives your trainer the opportunity to properly prepare you for your first boxing experience, which should include wrapping your hands, picking out the right size gloves for you, and showing you some boxing. The Basics You Need to Know Before Your First Boxing Class.

By. Ava K March 26, 2019. Photo by Virgyl Sowah on Unsplash. Boxing is slowly becoming so popular among men and women, that soon everyone will want to see what this sport is all about. If you would like to try boxing but your fears and anxieties continue to hold you back, then this post is for you.

Here’s exactly what to expect from a beginners boxing class. Warm Up. Most classes will start with some gentle exercise.

Warm-ups could consist of skipping, shadowboxing, circuit training, or some light pad work with a partner. What to Know Before Your First Boxing Class She breaks down what to expect at your first class, what you should wear, and how to get the most out of your.

List of related literature:

For any up­and­coming boxers reading this book, they will find it usefulin helping to understand what is required to box competitively.

“Boxing: Training, Skills and Techniques” by Gary Blower
from Boxing: Training, Skills and Techniques
by Gary Blower
Crowood, 2012

My first boxing lesson was a disaster.

“Cyber Bullying: Protecting Kids and Adults from Online Bullies” by Samuel C. McQuade, James P. Colt, Nancy B. B. Meyer, Nancy B. B.. Meyer
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Though physical conditioning is essential, the most important element of boxing is mental and psychological: the capacity to relax, think clearly, and control oneself during a fight.

“Martial Arts of the World: A-Q” by Thomas A. Green
from Martial Arts of the World: A-Q
by Thomas A. Green
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It is very important to not have to remember how to block or punch in a street fight!

“The Physics of Miracles: Tapping in to the Field of Consciousness Potential” by Richard Bartlett, Melissa Joy Jonsson
from The Physics of Miracles: Tapping in to the Field of Consciousness Potential
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“Don’t leave your fight in the gym” is a boxing adage well worth remembering.

“The Champion's Comeback: How Great Athletes Recover, Reflect, and Reignite” by Jim Afremow
from The Champion’s Comeback: How Great Athletes Recover, Reflect, and Reignite
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Table 8.1 lists essential teaching techniques for instructing safe, effective fitness boxing classes.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
from Fitness Instructor Training Guide
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The first was how to defend myself with my hands, blocking punches, and how to move out of danger.

“We Took the Streets: Fighting for Latino Rights with the Young Lords” by Miguel Melendez
from We Took the Streets: Fighting for Latino Rights with the Young Lords
by Miguel Melendez
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Any novice with more than five minutes in the game will tell you that professional boxing is not a sport.

“The Lost Soul of Eamonn Magee” by Paul Gibson
from The Lost Soul of Eamonn Magee
by Paul Gibson
Mercier Press, 2018

My existing boxing skills enabled me to learn pretty quickly and I was soon show-fighting regularly with the other boxers for tips which paid my bills.

“A Prayer Before Dawn: A Nightmare in Thailand” by Billy Moore
from A Prayer Before Dawn: A Nightmare in Thailand
by Billy Moore
Maverick House, 2014

I knew all about boxing, inside and out.

“The Last Real Gangster The Final Truth About The Krays And The Underworld We Lived In” by Freddie Foreman
from The Last Real Gangster The Final Truth About The Krays And The Underworld We Lived In
by Freddie Foreman
John Blake, 2015

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  • I love my trainer but the others that know more than me (I’m new) are a bit rude.. I’m still going and I know that one day I’ll get better.

  • Hi JT

    can u review a few street fights ( on youtube and a few vdos available on active self protection channel….????

    Please let us know your opinion on these vids….

    Especially where boxers knock out thugs with one or two punches

  • I have watched many boxing videos all of 10mins+ and they couldn’t teach what you have in 2 min. You are a Legend sir. Short and informative.

  • I’ve never had any formal training of any kind, though I do bag work and try stuff I see in videos, but it’s chaotic and disorganized, so this is perfect. Thanks

  • I’ve got a video on my channel about me hitting a heavybag. I’m super new and would love advice and suggestions about technique. Thanks!


  • This is great for me since i’ve been doing judo for 6 years and it is pretty good when somebody really gets in your face but if somebody knows what they’re doing i have no idea how to block their punches. Now that i know the basic punch i can dodge or block it much easier

  • I would like some more explinations on most points. Like a simple ”Why do i recommend doing this? Because:.” Something like this would make the video more wellrounded and would help people improve more

  • Thanks for the tips, after this me and my friends went outside at 2 am and I have him a black eye and bloody nose… felt bad but he still kicked my ass to

  • I sparred yesterday for the first time and got destroyed every match so I quit boxing canceled my membership and now I became Tik Tok famous overnight and play video games

  • People acting tough in the comments..��
    But trust me you improve by so much, in a year time you be a pro. Just keep the passion and don’t quit.

  • Just discovered this tonight (May 8, 2020) during the Virus quarantine. Other YouTube vids teach Boxing, but this tutorial is clear cut, straight forward and well done, really one of the very best I’ve ever seen. He clearly knows his stuff and has an easy going demeanor about him which makes the information easy to absorb.

  • Pretty cool. I like how you were proud of that connecting jab while you slipped his. Slipping and bobbing and weaving is beautiful!
    So how long from the very first day of learning until that last fight?

  • Like you said JT dont be afraid to lose. Failure isnt a bad thing i have come up against guys who have been undefeated and they became wild and sloppy from fear of losing at the end of the 2nd and 3rd round. Accept you can lose and you will become a far stronger fighter. Always stay humble and ask as many people you can for advice and LISTEN to their opinion

  • I have been following your videos for a while and I have developed as a boxer from implementing your advise as well as that of my coaches. I have come to a point where I’m now in preparation for my first fight. Although this is related to technique or what you might be saying in this specific video. However I’m looking to purchase some of my own fight gloves as I will rarely get given them. I have been looking at some cletos 10oz they have been described to me as cutting gloves and will sometimes be refused in the amateurs (in the UK). My question is whether there will be more discretion with the safetec version of the fight gloves as they contain foam not horse hair?

  • Hey JT, even tho I got my own gloves, those gloves look pretty nice. Although a suggestion I have is to probably put your logo on the front so it’s more distinguishable.

  • Great video and practical tips! One thing I am really missing on your videos is the footwork. It would be definitely helpful if you show full-length picture, so that we can understand how you twist your body and what legs are doing while hitting

  • Thank you for making this video. I have my first amateur fight coming up at the end of June.
    The mental prep part is what I need to train myself to do. Flip the switch and put it all on the line.

  • thanks for the video. But i was wondering if you should switch between which foot goes forward and which goes back. Or if you should just keep the same positioning regarding foot stance. Thanks

  • Brandon videos are best o n youtube. I keep watching them every week. However I just want to ask (advanced) boxers here. Shouldn’t you stay on your back foot with weight rather than on your toes?? I saw one more video where Brandon spoke about legs. There are some differences between schools. Just wondering which one is more useful

  • I had my first smoker back in February. I had a pretty hard time flipping the switch, in the last round I flipped the switch for a second, and for some reason thought I should not be doing that. The instructions were that this was a “sparring” match and I took it to heart a bit too seriously. I will definitely keep your words in mind and practice flipping the switch more in sparring.

  • 1st boxing match:
    Novice I assume?

    The reason why you couldn’t show much was primarily because of positioning with the lead foot.
    As an Orthodox vs Southpaw it’s a battle of whose lead hand is on top of the other and whose lead foot is on the outside of their opponents lead foot.

    Last boxing match:
    You did show progress, bit more grit and determination but for a month people shouldn’t really expect a HUGE leap of improvement. Unless you have some freakish natural talent don’t be discouraged.
    You’re a little stiff in there try to loosen up and relax. That will add more speed to your punches.
    Try to make your stance less wide and try to keep your feet under you at ALL TIMES.
    Fast hands = fast feet
    Meaning the moment your foot touches the ground should be the moment your fist lands on the target. I notice you drag your right foot behind as you throw your right hand.

    Final thoughts:
    Overall, not bad at all.
    Showed improvement, nice strong jab and you showed heart.
    You’ll get better with more training. Just listen to your coach, keep your chin down and hands up and train/fight smart

    I’m 5’7″ and loved fighting people bigger than me but just a word of warning… Be careful the sparring partner you choose, make sure they have control.
    Don’t heavy spar (75% power or more) just yet, give yourself at least 3-4 months to get the basics down. Light sparring is okay once a week but no more than that.
    Even with a chin that can take hits, you still get damaged in other ways.
    Take it from a guy whose career was cut before it even began with a detached retina.

    Stay strong brotha!
    Looking forward to seeing your progression!

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  • Very inspiring. Now its time to learn boxing for self defense. Thank you SIR for not being selfish. Now I’m learning for free. I promise not to skip the ads in return.

  • Thank you for creating this video. Got my kids into boxing, and I also train with them separately. This helps out a lot. Much appreciated ��✊��

  • I don’t understand how I missed this video? I’ve been following Precision Striking for four months now, doing the drills and some of it has seemed alien. But bloody hell! Now much of it makes sense. I’ve never done boxing before, so this video definitely makes sense!

  • Thank you for getting me off my ass during this pandemic, great teacher, much love to you and your family sorry I didn’t find your channel sooner

  • One of the biggest issues I am finding is that boxing coaches don’t want to teach people that are not going to make them money. I go to a boxing gym and since I’m not going to compete, the coach will not help me out. I go everyday and never get any instructions. Also when other senior boxers want to help me with mitts, the coach forbids them. Please advise champ

  • I’m so new to proper boxing technique and fighting in general that the jab drills were making my arms tired lol. Or perhaps that’s a mistake in the way I’m doing it but it seemed to look pretty good and I was relaxed.

  • I’ve a few white-collar fights and won dem all and it was mostly from the tips I get off these vids if you listen to him properly u will learn alot

  • Should your boxing stance be exactly with the 45 degree angle or whatever your comfortable with. With me only my front foot is in a 45 degree angle but my rear foot is closer to a 90 degree

  • I’ve been thinking about getting into boxing and this morning I woke up and decided to give it a go. Your video is the first I clicked on and I enjoyed the entire lessons. Great way of teaching. Thank you!

  • Thanks a lot.The problem with me in sparrings is that when it is becoming a war i stop thinking and even forgeting what round is that i am fighting.I get in a dream like state of mind.You are awsomefor uploading these and you are helping a lot.

  • Also big mistake of newbies in sparring is that they close their eyes when get hit or just closing their visibility with gloves in defense. That makes them easy target for hook or bodyshots, so never close your eyes, guys, you should overcome fear of getting hitted with you will power

  • love your vids and advice I’ve been training awhile, just wondering lots of people do all there hand wraps different ways. how do your hand wraps. so confusing loads of people saying this this

  • thanks for your advice. this advice motivate me a lot. i watch this because i have a fight this day and its my first fight. i will gonna fight to the another school. and im 16 yrs old.

  • I’m 45 always wanted to do boxing. I got to wrestle in school. Driving trucks I couldn’t figure out a way but now I’m gonna take his advice and start at my local gym. Any one know if he has boxing techniques & workout DVDs?

  • Bro I don’t know why more people know who you are! You explain things extremely well and easily understood! Shit I corrected more from this video than in all my years on my own. Now I see how non technical my trainers were when I first started. Great job sir and keep up the great job!

  • Very much appreciate for your sincere coaching. Truly enjoy your training video, though long compare to others, your attention to details are really beneficial to most beginners. Thanks for such affords.

  • It’s strange how I feel so comfortable in sparring (we go hard) and as soon I have a fight set up I get nerves… It might be stage fright lol

  • I’ve hired a boxing trainer.. and I never really got clarity on the functions and how to, clearly. I am practicing to your video and I don’t feel lost. You break things down well. I can do this, and do this right! I am grateful I found you!

  • I have an out toeing stance (penguin stance) what tips or things can i do to compensate or correct for that when it comes to footwork and pivoting?

  • Cool box video keltie are you teaching a boxing class? ����������������. Your videos are wonderful and helpful keltie I love being a part of your channel girl ������������������.

  • Unbelievable,I really thought I had the basics down smh.watching this video opened my eyes to errors I was making! Starting from the bottom up wow.thanks man for the help,I really appreciated it.

  • Brandon seems like a great guy, the whole intro is way more than i ever got my first days.. luckily over the years i’ve ran into some pretty great coaches myself.. this is a treat for anyone wanting to learn the art, it also brings business.. so kudo’s Brandon

  • Wtf in very first day they are teaching punches.. my coach said me to run, skipping, pushups for a month.. no punches are nothing i started my punches training after a month

  • great video �� but do you think boxing can be use in self defense? If a boxer was suppose to get jump by group of attackers not carrying any weapons do you strongly agree that the well skill boxer will succeed?

  • I’m 14, 5’9, 190 pounds, I want to go to local boxing gym but should I get leaner / put muscle on, I’m afraid I’ll be judged as “fat”… help

  • Seriously JT, you’re not just the best boxing coach but one of the best teachers I’ve found anywhere on the internet!

    Love your stuff man. You’re a true pro:)

  • First day at gym and I did not like it my trainer just gets upset and angry I had a hard time placing my feet and being in the correct stance and he Spanish and saying are you paying attention you don’t listen you wanna do what you want well do what you want. He was very rude because that was not the case I’m very slow learner I need a trainer that will take there time and respect my goals and why I’m there because I paid money not them and overall at the end he was just not what I like and I already paid my 140 IDK what to do

  • My weakness is I psyche myself out before stepping into the ring, even the night before I lose so much sleep over thinking about stepping into the ring. How do I relax my mind and body for sparring?

  • I love & appreciate your tutorial so much. Very helpful. Thank you very much. You’re a very good teacher. I wish to be like that with my mom!!!!!

  • brandon is the man lol,, hes looking extra swole in this video…. keep up the great work guys,, i hav no cable but i watch every single one of ur videos on a daily basis…. any boxing fan should subscribe

  • Jason, this is truly helpful. You really did step into the beginner’s mind for this video. I’m getting into boxing for fitness and variety. I’m encouraging my 10 y/o son and 14 y/o daughter to start up as well. In my opinion, foundation is very important. Thank you for this lesson and the inspiration. Appreciate you.

  • My two boys and I started with this vid today. Thanks for posting, it is extremely informative. We’re gonna work on all of this everyday to get better at it, it was pretty pathetic looking today LOL! What else would you recommend working on along with this vid? We are complete beginners, though I grew up working out on heavy and speed bags (zero real training). Thanks!!

  • i want to try out boxing but i dont know were is a really good place and really cheap and that has won alot of stuff and everybody is nice

  • Do you know any things i could do to motivate myself to train every day? Lately its just been so hard to get out and train…. Idk what to do

  • Not a big issue because of wearing gloves but barehanded, my index finger sticks out when in a fist. It’s the 2nd knuckle. As if there is too much padding in my palm and so it pushes my finger. If I move it to be in proper alignment with my other fingers it is awkward and can get injured. Is there anything you know about that and what I could do or should I just wrap that if I’m afraid of it leading

  • good job eli. tell mikey garcia to put out challenges to other boxers he needs to insult them tell him his better and that other boxers are afraid of him

  • Great video as usual. I have my first fight coming up in a couple of months. Do you have any videos on closing the distance and fighting taller fighters. In sparring I seem to have problems with the reach disadvantage. I’m also switching from kickboxing to boxing so its been kind of an adjustment. Thanks

  • I love these vids. Thanks so much. I have my second charity fight coming up next month (won the first and yep, watched a load of your vids before that, too). This is great advice and I will try to apply it all. At 42 my main worry is having the gas to switch to killer mode lol

  • I think some mistakes I made in my first fight was probably watching other people fight it can be kinda demoralizing seeing some people getting knocked out and thinking..shit is that gonna happen to me? and keeping the nerves in check seems impossible at the time but I’d imagine it gets easier with every fight I hope.

  • Thank you coach for your tips.. I just enjoy doing them every morning and apply them in my sparrings with my gym mates.. Really instructive. Cheers,

  • My first two mma fights felt like I was in a dream state. Weirdest experience of my life. I think this video will help me a lot. Thanks man

  • why do people say boxing isnt good in a street fight because they can break there hand but my opinion is you understand the fundamental of boxing and know how to properly throw a punch how can you break your hands it not like you going aim at there forehead you know to where to aim at which are chin,jaw,and body

  • learn a lot from your videos. thanks a lot. some questions, when i do sparring, what kind of level of guys should i pick would be maximize my benefit in training? since if i spar with some guys who is super good and big size, i cant do much instead of moving around and block…. so please let me know what you thought, thanks!

  • i will concentrate on working on #6 8 and 10 tomorrow at the gym, thx for the tips. i notice u hook with ur thumb up. i like to hook that way too. the coach at my gym stresses hand flat, which i am not good at. ur thumb up hook is awsome. did ur coaches try to change ur hook?

  • Hey man, thanks so much for all your awesome videos. They’ve been awesome during the big lockdown, and I’ve committed to going to a boxing school nearby once everything opens up. These videos are so good, exactly what I was looking for.

  • Love how you break this down….I would look at what a boxer is doing…but theres so much going on you cant see what’s going on. Thanks for this. GREAT TEACHING!!

  • Idk why he didn’t say it, but the last thing he was talking about was courage. Probably the most important factor in fighting. Without it, all your skills are useless. Going to where your fears are without hesitation because you trust yourself is courage. Just throwing punches blindly will reduce your power and stamina. Recklessness is unfocused behavior because it’s the result from overreacting to fear.

  • A couple of years ago I was meditating regularly like every day half an hour or more. When I was in training and in sparring I was calm and my breath was steady, deep and not hectic. And I was very focused and relaxed. That made sparring so much more enjoyable. But there was this Bulgarian guy who had two brothers at the gym and they were all very very good and where ALWAYS at the gym (literally). And I sparred against him. He had a “Mike Tyson”-style, trying to land dat one hook you know? In our sparring I boxed “Klitschko”-style against him since I was taller. My focus was steady and sharp but then I lost it for a fraction of a second, dreaming away very briefly. And… BOOM! Dat hook! I saw stars and my view was colored yellowish and my head was facing right in the opposite direction:DD So I learned a lesson about focus that day.

  • Please do what to expect in a TRX class! I really want to sign up for one at my university but I’m super nervous about trying it since I really don’t fully understand it

  • Just got a sub from me…with a background in boxing..more muay thai and BJJ then boxing…but my son turned 13 and its time for me to teach him to survive and defend himself. im looking for something that shows alot of technique and also explains why.. thanks for the series

  • This is a great video! I really enjoy the way he teaches. The only confusion I had being new to this, is that as I am left handed (southpaw) my jab is started by my right hand not the left like in his video

  • Hows it like in boxing, always had a passion to get good at it and learn it, but im anxious of what it will be like and what others will be like

  • My first fight, my adrenaline was running fierce before the fight to the point my whole body was shaking and I couldn’t breath. when I got in the ring I felt tired and almost surreal sort of depression, I remember it well because it almost cost me and you (or at least I lol) only make that mistake once no matter who the opponent, luckily I trained harder than the other guy and overcame his initial onslaught. I can still remember my heart pounding and my gut felt sick. The kid hit hard as hell and I lost the first round even score in the second because I got my legs back and I realized in the 3rd round I needed to do something. Something happened all right, I just had to relax and focus. It ended when I opened up with a head feint right left hook right hook to the body. I will never let me defeat myself again I’m my own worst enemy if I start thinking wrong. now it’s like a walk or jog from a mental perspective. Just got done 10 rounds on the bag and I’m a little hyped had to share. Going for a swim to cool down I’m soaked lol. ��

  • Dude, I’ve found your channel some days ago and it really helped me, everytime more. I’m really glad I found you, so I also wanna say thanks for being so good.
    Greetings from Argentina:)

  • What’s good JT I watch your videos regularly I had my first amateur bout couple weeks ago thanks for your tips keep up the videos brother

  • Around 53 minutes in is where it really helped. Closing the distance with a step then a stepjab. I watched the whole thing. I think I knew everything. But. I’ve been wrong before lol

  • Great vids! Do you have any pointers on throwing hooks in sparring? I always feel my technique suffers as I am trying to reduce the power so not to rock my opponent. The shots then end up been slowed right down and easy to evade? Thx

  • How do you balance weight training and boxing without losing the weight you have gained? And can you tell us what workouts you do cause you say you workout 5 times a week can you tell us your routines?

  • JT, last night I stepped into the ring for the first time, it was a charity fight. I’ve watched your videos religiously throughout the camp. It helped me no end. This video was perfect for the three days leading up to my fight. I was able to release the tiger. Had three knock downs and won in the third with a tko!!!

    Thank you so much!

  • hey ive been boxing for a year now and im 15. i dont know if its to late for boxing because of my age. do you think im too old for doing it still?

  • I feel like this is only a class for women… lol I see no guys in the video. Keltie you should try kickboxing with this legend. http://www.franklees.com

  • watch this and technique breakdown vids by roy jones jr. lomachenko, and willie pep, and you basically have the formula to be a world class boxer. Don’t make it too complicated:-)

  • If you own that house you may want to do something with that ceiling, they boxed out that vent/plenum and it looks funny how it sticks out. I would put something on the opposite side of the ceiling that matches it and then make not quite a coffered ceiling with the area in the middle but only about 5/8 thick in the center and probably 4″ closer to the ceiling than the box out on the edges, then make a feature wall in a different room that’s also about 5/8 thick but all the way around In a pattern somewhat similar. That along with some other things not only will look great but also will do wonders for the property value if you can also pay attention to all the details.

  • My coach is making me do the stance a Little different. The toes are inward at 45 degrees and the heels are outwards. Everything else is the same. Is it incorrect?

  • fucking excellent tips. just straight to the point, easy to follow, very well explained, and with a guy that really knows what he’s doing. those Punch’s sound hard because of perfect technique

  • yay so glad this is back up! i tried showing boyfriend and brother this video to see if we have one in the area but it was taken down. love your what to expect videos! <3

  • Damn, they have some pretty girls in this gym, i would not be able to concentrate, really
    Btw, he said exactly what they told me at my first day at the gym, so i love it

  • I appreciate your vids and I’ve never had a lesson. I’m a 36 year old that is serious about learning how to box. Been searching some gyms near me, but there closed still.

  • Your feet are too close together. They shouldn’t be like your standing up. Don’t be too scared. Your right foot is either left or back. Stick with it my dude

  • Got my first charity fight in just under 3 weeks so this is perfect advice. Many thanks & keep up the good work, best channel for boxing on YouTube mate.

  • You have some sence of distance in sparring, its great to learn some evading tehniques watching Lomachenko, Usyk, Mayweather, Fraiser, Tyson fury and Michael Bounty Hunter junior, and lean back, shoulder block, philly shell and cross guard are really wonderdul tehniques combined with slipping and dipping, maybe you get too much punches this way, especcially if you enconter some extra agressive pressure fighters in future, i think it would be blood bath without learning some evading tehniques, watch joe joyce and usyk fight from wsb amateurs, joe joyce coundln t punch usyk

  • Keep your chin tucked in, and bunch over so your shoulders are somewhat protecting your face. When you throw straights, your shoulders should be protecting your face.