6 Ideas to Curb Mindless Eating


How To Stop Overeating, 9 Strategies How To Stop Eating So Much

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Binge Eating: Signs, Symptoms & Tips How To Stop Binge Eating

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How to put an end to mindless eating

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How to stop mindless eating

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How to Stop Mindless Eating

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How To Stop Binge Eating And Emotional Eating Once And For All

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Smaller plates. This really, really works. Even if you know you’re using a smaller plate. In every experiment, even ones Divide every meal in half.

Put half aside. Eat the first half guilt-free, then ask yourself how much you want the second When you eat, just eat. Sit down at a table. Face.

Here are 6 quick tips that you can use to start eating more mindfully. 1] Turn Off or Silence Your Devices Even when eating from home, this can help minimize distractions. 13 Science-Backed Tips to Stop Mindless Eating 1. Use visual reminders.

Behavioral scientists believe one of the main reasons people overeat is because they rely on 2. Favor smaller packages. Another external cue that can cause you to overeat is. Here are six top tips to avoid mindless eating: Ask yourself if you’re hungry or thirsty?

Remember that hunger can mask itself as thirst, so if you feel peckish, first drink a glass of water Sit down when you eat. Don’t eat on the go as you are less likely to appreciate your food when you are. Simple actions to reduce mindless eating should help you lose weight that feels natural and easy therefore you can maintain your goal weight in the long term.

Pick three of these tips and try to use them regularly for 4 – 8 weeks to create them as a habit in your life. Here are 6 quick tips that you can use to start eating more mindfully. 1. Turn Off or Silence Your Devices Even when eating from home, this can help minimize distractions. Clear your table of things like papers, mail, or other items that may take your attention away from eating (hello, cell phone!).

Having a clear and organized place to sit and eat will keep you focused on your eating experience and reduce the chances of mindless eating. 3. Here are six simple guidelines to keep in mind to discern between mindless and (more) mindful eating, and bring our bodies and minds back together. 1) Let your body catch up to your brain Eating rapidly past full and ignoring your body’s signals vs. slowing down and eating and stopping when your body says its full. Brushing your teeth is another good trick on how to stop compulsive and mindless eating and it leaves your mouth feeling fresh, minty and clean.

If you brush your teeth after every meal you will feel far less inclined to ruin that fresh feeling with some salty potato chips or other unnecessary snack. 10. 6 Tips to Help You Curb Snacking. Sun, 11/01/2015 17:55. If the answer is yes, this type of mindless eating can really curb your progress.

Learning to keep your snacking habits in check can be the difference of saving just a few calories or up to 1000 calories a day. I.

List of related literature:

The interesting (and revealing) part of this process is that it only takes three or four such separations of TV and eating before the craving to eat loses its compulsive power and becomes weak enough so that turning off the set (even during a commercial) becomes simply not worth the effort.

“The Science of Self-Control” by Howard RACHLIN, Professor Department of Psychology Howard Rachlin
from The Science of Self-Control
by Howard RACHLIN, Professor Department of Psychology Howard Rachlin
Harvard University Press, 2000

Mindless TV-watching promotes mindless munching, and that makes it easy to forget about the quality and quantity of your food.

“The Looneyspoons Collection” by Janet Podleski, Greta Podleski
from The Looneyspoons Collection
by Janet Podleski, Greta Podleski
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Dr. Brian Wansink’s (2006) book, Mindless Eating, provides solid information on subtle and obvious ways in which the environment encourages mindless eating.

“The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness” by Amanda Ie, Christelle T. Ngnoumen, Ellen J. Langer
from The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness
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To discourage “mindless” eating, insist that everyone eat meals at the table together.

“The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries” by Michele Borba
from The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries
by Michele Borba
Wiley, 2009

This is an extension of the “stop multitasking while eating” recommendation for eating behaviors, but I mention it here specifically to address mindless eating in front of the television or whatever device you’re using for streaming entertainment.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
from The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.
by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
VeloPress, 2017

For instance, because people often eat excessively while watching television, a simple but helpful strategy is never to allow yourself to eat snacks in front of the television (Gore, Foster, DeiLillo, Kirk, & West, 2003).

“Learning & Behavior: Eighth Edition” by James E. Mazur
from Learning & Behavior: Eighth Edition
by James E. Mazur
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The occasional mindless eating episode is not the problem.

“The Mindful Vegan: A 30-Day Plan for Finding Health, Balance, Peace, and Happiness” by Lani Muelrath, Neal Barnard
from The Mindful Vegan: A 30-Day Plan for Finding Health, Balance, Peace, and Happiness
by Lani Muelrath, Neal Barnard
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Mindless eating: The 200 daily food decisions we overlook.

“Resources for Teaching Mindfulness: An International Handbook” by Donald McCown, Diane Reibel, Marc S. Micozzi
from Resources for Teaching Mindfulness: An International Handbook
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Mindless Eating: Write in the number of “mindless” eating episodes that you had each day.

“Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Clinical Practice: Applications across Disorders and Settings” by Linda A. Dimeff, Kelly Koerner, Marsha M. Linehan
from Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Clinical Practice: Applications across Disorders and Settings
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To avoid mindless eating, turn off the television.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
from American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition
by Roberta Larson Duyff
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  • The only thing that helped me stop was keto. It was awsome to have a sense of control! And not obsess about food. Very freeing!
    But I can’t do keto.I felt terrible sick and had no energy for days and days and could not leave the house from weakness and gym was very tough. Plus I was scared to cheat and gain instantally. Where as I have lost and kept some weight off despite the binging.
    So I binged on carbs, potato chips, and made cream cheese and peanut butter sandwiches and stuffed my face again hopefully tommorrow I can leave the house and not be look lethargic
    I always binge at night sice I have a hard time sleeping.
    I hate myself because of the binge but nothing I can do works to stop. I eat all the things described very healthy. Seeweed and kale and everything. I have tried everything its a fight every day.

  • I never feel hungry and I never feel full, that may seem like it would be easier to be healthy but im kinda anorexic and have never had good eating habits

  • In my experience the best thing that helps me is the mindful eating, not focusing too much on weight loss and body image and eating nutritious foods.

  • This Channel is real! I recently started to control my food intake and walk and that alone helped me lose 17lb in three months! Slow and steady.

  • I am not hungry, never. My doctor diagnosed me depression and because of that I sleep way to much and never eat. Yesterday I only had meal and breakfast and today I had nothing I even forget to drink something

  • 1st month keto..lost 20 lbs.
    2nd month…gained 18 back
    All because of binge eating. Been struggling with it for 20 yrs:(
    I eat massive quantities of high fat,high calorie, high carb CRAP. I need help.

  • I’m so glad I finally realized what I’m doing wrong. Im also happy to see that even “skinny” people have this problem. I would literally just binge on anything. I have eaten a whole sleeve of bread before because I just couldn’t stop myself. ❤ thank you

  • You are a legend!! Im watching from the UK, you speak to much truth. I was laughing so hard when you said s#@t

    Thank you for a great watch ❤xxxx

  • Im a new subscriber, I went back and watched all your videos! I just wish there was a more natural way (readily available way) of taking those supplements.

  • I’m 15 and I have always been an emotional eater. But for the past three years(I started dieting), I’ve been binging. So much so I feel like my insides are going to tear. It hurts, but I just can’t stop. I eat and eat and eat. I can’t seem to get it under control

  • Doctors are fuxking devils they give psycho pills to pychopaths. Everyone is a pychopath, it means you think. They rather fry your brain cells in other words poisin your brain cells to destroy some. Instead of doing therapy and actually helping someone not literally killing them

  • Thank you so much. I can feel your words coming from the heart. It’s nice to feel that I’m not alone in my feelings and that I can do this and overcome this eventually. I’m almost at my ideal weight, but this is about the time when I start sabotaging myself, get impatient and mess up.

  • Wow… just what I needed to hear… I used the link for Amazon and ordered the book… will go to Tony Robbins website… thank you very much!

  • Duuu the example of the dog peeuking all over your favorite food is soo powefull!!! Im soo disgusted by it i ll definetely keep using thank you soo much!!

  • So i have insulin resistance and my doctor told me I can eat the “main carbs” only twice a week, and so when those two days come, I just eat. I feel disgusting and sick later, and I really do not know what to do. Some times I even binge to try to satisfy my cravings for carbs, so I just binge on things that I can eat. I love my body so much and I just wonder why the heck do I keep doing this to myself.Tried not to make it long and I hope you will come to my comment. Keep in mind I am only 13

  • hello everyone… I also posted a video about this and how I overcame binge eating! Would love it if you checked it out! Send you all the best xxx

  • Love your tips!! Tea for me has been a life changer for me. Water intake is so important. Love watching your journey!! You are adorable. Such a cute family!! Yes do a vid on your wed she’d start to finish

  • Yay! Literally run to my computer when I see that you’ve uploaded! haha can’t wait for a recap vid of #wedshred! I have loved watching your journey:)

  • OMG. Im sitting here in bed with my 2 dogs and remembering Duffies deep fried cheese cake when you mentioned dog puke and shit. Seriously I laughed so hard I almost spit my coffee out.

  • I see so much definition in your arms too! & two days before my period is the worst, i completely overeat to the point i feel so bloated and guilty. i use to struggle with binge eating due to years of yoyo dieting and feel like my binge eating days when i overeat during my period. since tracking my period, I know my cravings are due to my hormones and being moody af haha. This time, although i feel like shit, I always get back to my normal routine the next day. Now, im still learning to control my intense cravings before my period, as it is one my biggest problem.

  • I just stumbled on your video today after watching a few others on the same topic and I want to say thank you. It was so helpful and very well articulated.

  • I used to throw up after eating when I was really insecure and lost so much weight
    But then I was able to overcome the purging

    I developed a bad habit of binging and I am now double the weight I was when I would purge
    I don’t know how to stop

  • Thank you for this video as it really helps me rethink about binge eating and find a way out of it. I’m just so sick of going through the cycle of dieting and binging eating again and again and I want a life where I can eat like a normal person so much. So thank you for this video, really appreciate it.

  • I’m 13, so it might be a hormone thing but I get home from school or I wake up and my first thought is food, I eat and secret a lot, only to be ashamed and disgusted at myself while and after I’m doing it. I don’t know what to do. I’m gaining weight fast and I feel disgusting. (I’m 5’6/165lbs

  • Hi everybody. I used to be a emotional eater. I struggled with binge eating, carb addiction, extreme weight gain, weight loss. I know it is very hard to get rid of it. Now i can fix it 90%. There are some tip i want to share:
    1) i talk to myself: you are able to eat everything you want. When my mind feel free to eat, i craving food less. Then i reduce the bad food, bad carb slowly.
    2) i accept, admit that i am craving, im a carb addiction. I relize that we can not lie our body. Let say the truth and brave to get rid of.
    3) when i want to eat more, i wait 30 minute more. In that time, i do something else and i relize that i didnt crave food anymore
    4) i learn to cook. I cook new food, eat healthy as much as i can and feel very good.
    Sorry for my bad english:))
    I want to contact with people to help them get rid of this monster and also want to improve my english. You can share with me and me can find solution together. This is my SKYPE account: live:hanhvuong283

  • Hi Mona,
    Thank you so much for this video! I wanted to know if steel cut oats are a good option for someone with PCOS and Hormonal Imbalance?

  • This is a amazing video thank you so much for the advice I’m going to apply it. I’ll let you know if I made progress at the end of three months.

  • You helped me overcome my video game addiction, and I am so very grateful. I’ve been binge eating for about 4 years, and I’m severely overweight. Though, I’m sure you can help me overcome this too. Thank you so much for your videos. If it weren’t for you, I would be spending the whole summer in my room playing games. Instead, I now find time to learn new things, and spend time with family. But now I’ve just been really insecure about my body and my eating habits… binge eating has a very strong hold on me. But I know I can do this.

  • I know these things. But I always end up regaining weight. It may take a year or more or only a few stinking months. It is horrifyingly annoying the hell out of me. Worst part of it all is when people make you feel like you are lesser than…..or even worse, not in existence at all. Quite frankly, in a nut shell lol, it just all totally sucks man. ��

  • I have the opposite problem. A report on how to increase one’s calorie intake? Without the use of the lower body / legs. Thank you in advance.

  • Thank you for sharing this video! I have acquired both resources that you recommended and began applying your advice immediately. The effects are already showing, and I’m deeply grateful. All the best! ����

  • i just ordered the book!…..i am 65, i have SUFFERED with binge eating since i was 13!………………….wow……i have never given up hope……sure worth a try!

  • I don’t know whether my prob. Is related to binge eating.
    Earlier I was so concerned about my weight. Therefore I started dieting and happily I lost 8 kgs in a short period. Later that I gave myself a break and started eating normal (I was still restricted sugar and junk food)
    But after some time, I started craving food alot and specially sweets. The main problem is that, I don’t feel full even though I eat alot more than others.
    So it’s been one month and now I’ve gained 3kgs more.
    I’m so depressed ��

  • Thank you so much for being you; for being authentic, kind and driven in this difficult industry, nonetheless our generation and society. You are such a light!! Always looking forward to your videos �� and your newsletter today! Xoxo

  • you have no idea how much i needed to hear these words, i am only 16 yet i have struggled with a binge eating disorder for as long as i can remember, you’re like the big sister i never had ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

  • The easiest way to stop binging is to believe that you have more than enough of food. Restrictions of food will result you body urge to eat more and store it. And this is simply a human nature. People buy a lot of toilet paper as we believe they will be on a shortage during the crisis of Coronavirus. When store limited quantities of toilet paper to purchase. Everyone in the store will put toilet paper in their carts.

  • I am not a full blown binge eater but if I don’t start getting a handle on it now I could become one… I had a baby an now I’m fighting with massive cravings

  • Hey! You had a sweet potato brownie in your last video and coconut yogurt. I did not see the recipes on your blog. Where can I find them?

  • I’m trying to become healthy. I’m going to try and start eating healthier but if it doesn’t work I’m just going to stop eating. It’s worked before for me. It may not be the right way but it’s the fastest way for me��

  • your results of your wedshread are amazing! I can really tell the difference especially in your arms. also it was so cute how excited you were when talking about getting married! Are you going to have anyone record a vlog of you on your big day? I would love to see some details from your wedding in a few weeks! Love you and your vids Georgie:)

  • this video is stupid. like people who watch it already know the simpoms the consequences..you are not doing a scool apresentation on power point you dumn… what a stupid video, just say HOW TO STOP binging!!! go direct to it

  • I do good all day and I’m happy to be eating food that’s good for my body but i work until 10 pm and after dinner around 6pm I’m full until like 8:30 then i see cookies laying in the break room or what have you and then i have one then i get mad and just eat anything else i can find because I’m already mad that i ate the cookies

  • Love love love you but no cream is going to help you spot reduce fat… It just comes off where it wants to dependent on genetics

  • Been loving your content & insta stories lately, you have been such an inspiration! Your hens show looked so fun! �� Just wondering if you have noticed the Subcut gel working much? It’s an interesting product Xx

  • Looking SO lean chick! Just a wee note from my own research I wouldn’t drink water before and after eating! As much as you’re right I’m sure it helps with appetite, various studies show that the practice severely hampers digestion by diluting the essential gastric juices and causes an upsurge in insulin levels. This happens when consuming water before meals, consuming water alongside meals, and consuming water after meals! Basically what happens is there is a certain fluid-solid proportion in our gastric system therefore drinking water is disturbing the fluid component by diluting what you eat! 30 minute window before and after has been the most commonly accepted stat that I’ve found! Know you’re all about gut health so I thought you might like to read into it and may like to do your own research! Thanks for another awesome video keep doing what you’re doing xxx

  • i eat until i cant anymore or until theres nothing i want. even if full i continue. i used to have positive relationship with food but now i dont. i just want to be as healthy as before

  • I honestly can’t stop myself sometimes and then I cry because I ate it…
    Today I ate a lot of almonds maybe like 20!! And then some chocolate.
    I try to stop myself but I fail.. I still grow up and I know I have to eat but I can’t say no to some chocolate or sugar… I promise myself tomorrow I am going to lose some weight.. but the problem that I am underweight and I don’t know how to keep the weight and don’t lose or gain.. someone help me how not to binge… maybe I’ll try to eat more fruits when I want some sugar but I do eat a lot of fruits and I am hungry.. help me someone please…

  • I just watched this about two weeks ago and I have gone 5 days without binging. THANK YOU! Brain over Binge and The Body You Deserve were crucial. It gave me a whole new way to approach the issue. I appreciate it!

  • Yay i was waiting for your video to come this week �� Loved. Can’t wait for your brownie recipe it looked amazing. Also your pups are so cute. Look forward to your next video

  • I really resonate with your idea of making this a “life style”. A few years ago I saw a slaughterhouse video and that night was the last time I ate meat. Even though it was a drastic diet change, it didn’t feel restricting at all and I have been able to maintain it for like 3+ years. That being said, it’s not hard when you do something sustainable and have a reason behind it instead of just doing it to stick to a diet.

  • Woah! That cookie I was dreaming of made me salivate and then he said my pet puked on it and I’m so grossed out I gagged. haha that’s good stuff

  • The visualization helps a lot, Stefan! Thank you!:D I have no problem with portion control in my big meal, I do need help with snacking habit tho:D I’m gonna use this whenever the craving to snack something unhealthy comes..

  • I literally did the same thing, i got to one point where i don’t recognize me anymore, thank you for filming this you are helping me so much ❤

  • Wow what you have gone through are the same with what I’m going trough right now. I must buy that book ASAP, I want to get out from this binge-circle once and for all! Thanks for sharing!

  • The water tip is sooo true. I drink so much water and definitely notice my hunger has gone down due to some of it being thirst!! Also you’re looking amazing as always! Can’t wait to see some pictures of your beautiful wedding!

  • Ahh I just found your channel a few days ago and have loved all your videos!!! I’m a third year law student in the U.S. (learned law degrees work a lot differently in Australia lol!) so glad to see a fellow law nerd that’s also passionate about health and fitness! ����

  • Omg these tips are so relatable right now. I find myself couple days a month literally experiencing what you described and will definitely implement these tips. Thank you

  • The way to stop binge eating forever is to re-program the subconscious mind. I overcame a 31 year intense struggle with bulimia, not by food plans, will power, or therapy, but by deleting the negative programs in my subconscious mind and replacing them with new programs. I have been binge free and struggle free for 6 years now!

  • I have a problem with the “anything in moderation is OK” argument. Yes, few foods will kill you in moderation. The problem is, can you actually achieve the moderation. Two separate problems and you need to honestly ask yourself.

  • Help mehhhhhh. Even if i dont eat or eat only 1000 calories a day I gain weight and idk what to do!!! �� i eat really healthy but i always gain weight

  • Exactly the same like what im suffering right now. I compete in bikini competition and i won in that competition then suddenly now i gain more than 20kg than my competition weight. I currently lock myself in my house. I dont want to go out. Soo depressed coz im too ashamed for what happen to me now. Thanks for this.

  • Thank you so much! I’m only 13 but I binge eat…it’s mindless I don’t like that I do it but when I start eating a snack it’s not enough I just have to keep having more and I can’t stop, my parents have brought up that it’s a problem and I know it is, like for example today I got a box of junior mints and it’s the end of the day and it’s already almost gone I only have a few more left �� I couldn’t stop myself

  • I’ve used to suffer from binge eating for over 2 years and even though I’ve been recovered for a while now it’s still something I struggle with every single day.

  • Just wanted to say good job. It takes a lot to start up a youtube channel and put your life out there. So feel proud and thanks for all the effort you put into your vids. From another Brizzy girl.:)

  • I listened to 3 different videos about this topic from 3 different specialist and only this video makes complete sense and is relateable. I really enjoyed the points made in the video especially relating to the inadequacy we can feel when comparing our selves to the body goals of social meida. I feel so like I’m not ever going to be the ideal and constantly couting calories and it fustrates me to the point where I break out and binge then go back on a diet the next day. Its an exhausting cycle. Thank you so much for this video. I really appreciate this video and its content! Love you work xxx

  • Oh my gawd!! The way Tim looks at you Georgie <3 <3 <3

    BTW I love your videos!! I’m currently binge watching them while I should be studying for my uni exams:'(

  • Today.. I watched this video and bought the ebook version of the book you mentioned, straight away..

    I was reading for like hours, halfway done now, and I’m just really excited to start…

    So within about two weeks I will be able to tell if it works for me as well.. (One whole week without bingeing is like a record, so two of them to make sure I’m not dreaming)..

    Maby I can cancel my treatment which would start in March.


    Have a nice weekend you all. Hopefully with lots of new energy and optimistic feelings.

  • Well. At least I know now I have an ED I think I have for a long time i just never really thought it was a problem because my weight wasnt too high. But this year is the most weight I’ve gained in my life and I’m scared if I dont do somthing I’ll become obese and have heart issues. I want to stop so bad but it’s so hard. Also I do love eating fresh healthy salads but I’ll just keep eating and eating all day even if I feel like I’ll burst.

  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful videos! I am so impressed with how much wisdom you have and how you are a role model for those of us that want to live happy and healthy lives! I had a debilitating eating disorder, but through years of work I have become FREE! Thank God for support and for people who understand. Here is my story in case you want to check it out. With Love, Donna ❤ @

  • Hello. SO…. I know you mean well, however… the word “binge eating” is being overused. Binging is not just eating a large dinner meal or eating too much junk instead of healthy food.
    see what this video doesn’t seem to understand, is that binge eating disorder is a disorder.. It is mental. It is just as serious as anorexia and bulimia. This video is the same as saying to an anorexic “just eat this is how you start eating again. just start.”… dumb right? Well… *SORRY i am not trying to offend YOU personally, but so so so many people like the mindset you are in, are these skinny girls, feeling bad abut eating ice cream at dinner and seeing that is a binge. SURE it is not healthy, it is a bad habit but it is NOT the “binge eating disorder”.:) That disorder has nothing to do with just pure willpower and changing up habits.
    It is about huge emotional issues, self hatred, trauma, loneliness, anxiety, physical illness and the emotional response to that, and so many other DEPP rooted issues…. Stop overusing the word Binging. Just say “here is how to eat healthy and smaller portions” or something…. The disorder is being hugely misunderstood bc of videos like this.

    I hope you can see what I mean. No personal hate here.

  • I am so ready to stop my binging and self help, it’s the last thing in my life REALLY holding me back from everything I want out of life but my habits are so deep and such routine, I don’t know how to stop it. I don’t know how to help.

  • Great video Stephan! Thank you for sharing your personal story to help others!
    Love Tony’s programs.
    Do you abstain from the tempting foods & leave the foods out of your home? Dr.M

  • im not even fucking HUNGRY! i just keep eating i cant stop and its so terrible. i eat till the point of wanting to fricking throw up and i have emataphobia as wellbut i dont want to self diagnose.:(

  • My last binge eating was 2 months ago. I only feel good when I eat healthy like salads, salmon, fruit, and nuts. All the foods she said. Another tip: don’t buy junk food, you’re tricking yourself.

  • I have binge eating at times and deal with fluid shifts. I cant eat today as I liked biscuits too much. I walked away and talked to someone. My tip is try and stop earlier and limit excess salt, fat or sugar which will cause a bloat later on. Appreciate clothes getting comfortable and accept it happens occasionally or youve bloat after a takeaway. Just wear baggy clothes and enjoy it. I had a habit of this unfortunately and had to cut fat as I got acid reflux now I cant eat much at all. Waiting for meds to kick in but have less size in belly. Be careful around others that have the habit. My ritual was coffee loads of biscuits, one biscuit then 2 squares of chocolate. Hope this helps.

  • G’day from Australia ����
    I became a binge eater when l heard on a current affair segment on TV about people who get more food for their money by stockpiling a lot of half price stuff. Now l have 2 pantries full of food and 1 pantry full of juice and soft drink, and l have bags of food under my kitchen table. Then Covid -19 came about and it got worse as l started making homemade meals with flour, milk and eggs, like making omelettes and pancakes. I spend $600 a month on groceries. And about $100 on ordering take away over the phone and have it delivered to my home.

  • Just found your channel and love it!!!! You’re so pretty and remind me of Sarah’s day style vids which I love!!! you’re the extra inspiration and motivation I needed ��

  • The thing is that I always feel hungry, I don’t feel I’m full and go on. I feel hungry ( or anxious) empty and can’t feel calm until I eat a lot of carbs

  • Omg I’m so in love with how ur getting lean in a healthy way and just being so down to earth and relatable!! I would love to see a healthy treats or desserts video like what you eat when you want dessert!!

  • Thinking of all in one!
    Usain Bolt must be the ultimate entertainer.
    Runner, Soccer player, Party Guru.
    A multi media athletic
    That surely also has a clothes brand in his pipeline.
    God almighty why do you hate the truth so much???????

  • Hey how’s it going I hope all is well. I myself dealt with binge eating for about seven years.. It’s fucking horrible but I learned how to control it and I’ve had lost 60 pounds and got probably the best shape of my life!! I even made a YouTube page dedicated to my journey if anyone is interested check it out!!

  • Something that works for me is instead of going for that next snack I brush my teeth. For some reason it makes me not want to eat more after. Hope this helps someone

  • Hey guys! If you have a moment, check out @cinnamon_raisin on instagram! I just started the page today as a space for self-love. It would mean a lot if you gave it a follow:)

  • man I’ve never related more. same boat loads of fitness, nutrition, mindfulness knowledge, diets etc etc but on the binge and this niggling feeling that I need to get out this cycle and make changes.
    thank you so much for spending your time and effort to make this video

  • You are so damn inspiring! If I’m ever feeling unmotivated or lazy, I’ll legit just jump on your YouTube and binge watch and it gets me in a good mind set for the rest of the week. Honestly, so proud of you and the energy you put out to us, its great! Love you xx

  • Everything you mentioned in this video is EXACTLY what I’m going through at the moment… I’m looking forward to reading that book thank you so much.

  • I really feel sick I wanted to go on a diet but instead of loosing weight I gained 3kg from binge eating in one week. From 60 to 63kg and I feel like crying ��

  • I feel disgusting I hate food I fucking hate it. But i can’t help it and I can’t stop. Whenever someone points it out all I say is “we all die one day. Just let me eat what I want.” But then I feel so guilty. The worst part is the feeling fullness after.

  • I follow so many athletes/fitness/ health YouTubes channels but you’ve always been by far my favourite… I don’t think I’ve ever skipped any of your videos or been bored. All our advices are great and the contents amazing.

  • Just invent a suger salsa & pour it over everything or create a taster based on three of a kind.
    Vanilla, Strawberries, Choclate and mold it, place it in a plastic “cool”can &let a super hero market it.
    A dinner breakfast lunch all i one.
    Carbs, fat, protein powder box.

  • This is the truest video about binge eating… Unfortunately it’s soo sad �� I used to intermittent fasting eating healthy.. Then I went on a water fast.. While refeeding hell broke loose and am eating uncontrollably.. I can’t even intermittent fast as I used to..

  • 1) Eat real food.
    2) Eat protein at every meal
    3)Load on veggies
    4)Use smaller plates
    5)Eat slowly
    6)Drink water 10mins b4 meal
    7)Brush yr teeth after meal
    8) Make rules not to eat in front of TV, whilst cooking in kitchen etc.
    9) Food journal

  • I am really fighting this right now there is such a sigma do on males with eating disorders I lost over 150lb now I gaining all back ��

  • My problem is that I am full like everythime all day long and so my parents force me to eat and because I am already full before eating, I dont know when I would normally be full…..

  • And yeaaaaaah I hate how when u have a cheat day, my cravings go crazy the next few days, and stress doesnt help at reaaal obviously.

  • I have an odd food that I binge on: it’s yoghurt. I find excuses just to open up a jar, whether it is to taste it for a particular food prep adding sweeter and jam etc (licking the spoon). I keep on dipping the spoon into the jar and before I realise it I’m nearly half way down. This is for full fat yoghurt or Greek yoghurt.

  • May you share the link of the NLP program by tony robbins =) i dont kow if you get the credit for it or not but I would love to support you if you did. Im ready for a new me

  • I find it helpful to keep a coin (after cleaning it) in my mouth the rest of the day when I’m not eating. Having to perform the act of removing the coin from my mouth puts a barrier to any finger foods and sometimes that’s enough to give me 5 seconds to say no.

  • awesome video as always what would you suggest as a healthy fat for a smoothie I practice intermittent fasting and and usually have a protein smoothie for lunch wi th prana spinach lettuce greens powder and water

  • i’m struggling! especially during covid I definitely developed really bad habits of eating ):

    i went to the doctors and he said that i gained 20 lbs in the span on 2 months.. it hurts realizing i’ve gained so much! It’s emotionally draining now, upsetting and it hurts realizing that I don’t think I can control this! send prayers please! ��

  • I’ve got this disorder big time, so I think that from personal experience up to now and from working on it it’s important to learn about it so you can beat it easier and quicker. Thanks Dr!! �� Specially here in Spain we’ve got a very good healthy and variaty of food, so I should take advantage of it.

  • ATP are amazing, but I wouldn’t of found them without you so thank you. Can’t wait to see your wedding pictures, you are going to look so stunning!!! Xxx

  • Do you think the cream has to be used in conjunction with exercise to work? Or can it work with just a good diet? I’ve got the healthy eating down pat, but am struggling to find the time for working out atm.

  • I would stress also having a positive relationship with ALL food. Of course it’s okay to have treats or snacks that aren’t the best for us, which is totally okay. It’s about the balance, and I think we need to get away from feeling guilty from eating foods that are less healthy.

  • And how do you plan to stop taking the ATP pills for cravings? is it gonna be little by little? or do you just plan to keep taking them forever? there should be ways to manage your cravings that dont involve having to drink a pill after every single meal right?:)

  • I either eat 800kcals or +2000. I’ve been trying to lose weight since my early teens (I’m 21 now) and no one understands how I can be so chubby considering how little I eat in front of them and I’m always dieting bla bla bla but yeah I lose control once a week and I ruin all my progress

  • Also my mom is 100% the diet binger. She’ll literally starve herself for a few weeks just to cave in and DEVOUR a family sized bag of Cheeto puffs.

  • I found this so so useful! I love the part where you said focus on what you should be eating rather than what you shouldn’t! This is something I’m definitely starting to do because it makes you feel much less restricted! Thank you so so much! I’d love if you could check my What I Eat In A Day videos and give me some tips on my diet I’d really appreciate it!!

  • Thank you! I actually purchased the brain over binge audiobook a couple years ago and never bothered to finish it. I’m going to go back to it today.

  • What if cereal or breads..isnt enough to me?Give me some advices that can motivate me not to eat too much foods… please…thankyouuuu

  • I’ve been intermittent fasting for almost a year and clean keto for a few months. Lost 20 lbs. All of a sudden, I started binge eating a couple weeks ago, but still clean keto. Binging on fat. Need to figure out how to stop it before I gain fat back and binging becomes an addiction

  • Struggeling with an binge eating disorder! If anyone wants to talk about it please dm me! Maybe we can discuss the stuff that we’re going through together. and if anyone has tips for me also please dm me! My Twitter @ is djzmpaard <3

  • I’m not a Doctor, so maybe what I say holds no weight. But coming from someone who has struggled with binge eating for years, classifying foods as healthy and unhealthy can be a really dangerous thing to do. Food is just food, and if you’re eating appropriate portions and savoring them in the moment, I don’t think there’s anything unhealthy about that. My therapist told me the way that you word things can dramatically affect the outcome and when I labeled food as healthy and unhealthy, it lead to food shame and then restriction and then bingeing again.

  • I don’t know what sets you apart from other YT/IG influencers but since listening to what works for you and implementing it into my routine I’ve found the biggest difference! �� keep doing what you’re doing gf!

  • I loved that this vlog was a little longer ❤️ would love to hear the video on wed shred! I have my own wedding in a years time and your my inspiration ��

  • God. I’ve just become really jealous towards my brother. He has actually been unattached forever. Even so, he’s mind-fucked a swimwear model to tell him she loves him in less than a month. Just how can that be manageable? He explained to me he obtained the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone stunning said that to me… I’ve not witnessed him so content. Kinda makes me sick.

  • thank you! i can say this very much helped me! i achieved my dream of doing more sports, and ive decided dancing! ny friends admire me for my meals and what i eat..��thanks!