6 Fitness Machines to Amp your Exercise Routine


How to Use Gym Equipment | Beginner’s Guide

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How To Train For Mass | Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Blueprint Training Program

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How To Create A Workout Plan For Beginners How To Create Your Own Workout Schedule Program Plan

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The Six-Minute Full Body HIIT Workout

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30-Minute No-Equipment Cardio and Strength-Conditioning Workout

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5-Minute Warm Up for At-Home Workouts

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Want dancer abs? Try this 6-minute workout from DanceBody’s Katia Pryce | Sweat Series | Well+Good

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6 Fitness Machines to Amp up Your Workout Routine. by Kevin Gray. February 3, 2019. Workouts also include off-treadmill options, like bodyweight exercises, core work and strength training. Tags Fitness Tips gym workouts rowing machine stationary bike treadmill. About the Author.

Kevin Gray. Cardio and your weight machine workouts You should ideally begin every single workout with a bit of cardio in order to warm up your muscles. 10-15 Minutes is sufficient for prepping your muscles for more demanding physical activity (like the circuit training workouts above). Keep your fitness routine strong and join our Personal Trainers from around the world with unlimited access to Gold’s Gym on-demand video workouts and Les Mills on-demand video workouts.

Whether you’re a member or not, our mission is to provide the digital fitness options to keep your fitness journey going anywhere you are. Set your rower for 2,000 meters, and set the timer. Begin rowing, using powerful strokes.

This workout will encourage you to finish the workout that much faster; the sooner you wrap up. McAlpine’s favorite on-the-go exercise is a classic for a reason: Push-ups are one of the most effective bodyweight exercises around. “Primarily, this move will target your chest, triceps, and. No new exercises are introduced in Week 4 so that you can focus on intensity in your workouts instead of learning new movements. Rep schemes remain in the hypertrophy range this week, but overall volume increases by adding more sets to individual exercises: up to five sets per move for larger bodyparts, and even 10 sets of calf raises on Thursday. In your workout: This exercise can make a good warm-up move for your shoulders, but when used as a mass-building exercise, it’s best placed toward the end of your workout for sets of 8-12 reps.

Slow down the rep tempo on these, squeeze hard at the bottom of each rep, and allow a good stretch at the top. 8. Single-Arm Dumbbell Row. This is actually just a fancy name for changing your workout up each session to emphasize a different goal. For example, one workout you would perform your exercises in the strength range (4-6 reps) and the next workout, lighten the weight at perform as many as 20-25 reps for each exercise instead. All exercise can help with weight loss, can be a great mood booster, and provide many other benefits other than losing weight.But if you’re feeling stuck in your current routine or want to try new.

“Exercise machines are calibrated and maintained to give you the same, consistent workout each time you head to the gym, but your body needs planned inconsistency too!” Olson says. “Creating an outdoor circuit where you use a park bench for pushups and stepups and the sandbox for lunges and jumps gets you breathing fresh air and using the.

List of related literature:

Instead, I’ve designed this program in a way that allows you to choose from a short list of workouts.

“Maximus Body: The Physical and Mental Training Plan That Shreds Your Body, Builds Serious Strength, and Makes You Unstoppably Fit” by Bobby Maximus, Michael Easter
from Maximus Body: The Physical and Mental Training Plan That Shreds Your Body, Builds Serious Strength, and Makes You Unstoppably Fit
by Bobby Maximus, Michael Easter
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2018

Mostly, personal trainers use these gadgets to add variety to their workouts and keep their clientele interested.

“LL Cool J's Platinum Workout: Sculpt Your Best Body Ever with Hollywood's Fittest Star” by LL COOL J, Dave Honig, Jeff O'Connell
from LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout: Sculpt Your Best Body Ever with Hollywood’s Fittest Star
by LL COOL J, Dave Honig, Jeff O’Connell
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2009

Each circuit training participant moves from one station to the next with little (15–30 seconds) or no rest, performing a 15to 45-second workout of 8–20 repetitions at each station (using a resistance of about 40–60 percent of one repetition maximum [1 RM]).

“Orthopaedics for the Physical Therapist Assistant” by Mark Dutton
from Orthopaedics for the Physical Therapist Assistant
by Mark Dutton
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2011

This machine creates a whole body workout in just 4 minutes a day 5 days a week.

“I've Made Up My Mind...Don't Confuse Me with the Facts!” by Chris Axon
from I’ve Made Up My Mind…Don’t Confuse Me with the Facts!
by Chris Axon
Xulon Press, Incorporated, 2007

With the types of adjustments detailed here, the following exercise circuits are a great way to achieve many fitness goals.

“Strength Band Training” by Phillip Page, Todd S. Ellenbecker
from Strength Band Training
by Phillip Page, Todd S. Ellenbecker
Human Kinetics, 2019

These platforms allow people to follow a workout directly through a TV, computer, tablet, phone, or even smartwatch.

“Technology for Physical Educators, Health Educators, and Coaches: Enhancing Instruction, Assessment, Management, Professional Development, and Advocacy” by Seth E. Jenny, Jennifer M. Krause, Tess Armstrong
from Technology for Physical Educators, Health Educators, and Coaches: Enhancing Instruction, Assessment, Management, Professional Development, and Advocacy
by Seth E. Jenny, Jennifer M. Krause, Tess Armstrong
Human Kinetics, 2020

Some of these machines have multiple stations that collectively offer a whole-body workout.

“ACSM's Health/Fitness Facility Standards and Guidelines” by American College of Sports Medicine
from ACSM’s Health/Fitness Facility Standards and Guidelines
by American College of Sports Medicine
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

For those of you who belong to a traditional gym, I’ve created a program based around the machines that most gyms offer.

“15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben's SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health” by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
from 15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben’s SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health
by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
SelectBooks, Incorporated, 2017

That goes for within the workout as well: There’s no reason you can’t pick three machines (or activities) and do 15 minutes of each instead of 45 minutes of one.

“Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle: Transform Your Body Forever Using the Secrets of the Leanest People in the World” by Tom Venuto
from Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle: Transform Your Body Forever Using the Secrets of the Leanest People in the World
by Tom Venuto
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2013

Recording the amount of weight lifted, number of sets and repetitions, and the rest interval allows you to systematically increase the load each workout.

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
from Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform
by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
Human Kinetics, 2004

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  • Okay this Wass amazing tiring yes but omg amazing and thank god Anna was there like I joined in with the others majority of the time but my god thankyou Anna! Thaankyouu popsugar!

  • I just subscribe to your channel, after watching this video, definitely I need this body moves exercise.. I’m really motivated, l love the combinations of steps,easy to follow..

  • here is my review: this was by far the hardest workout I have ever done on popsugar. I am advanced, and I had to constantly modify especially the pushup part. The cardio was okay for me, but the blend of strength and cardio without almost no breaks, the moves being complex and the music being upbeat, it was the most challenging workout of my life so far. this is definitely not for beginners or even intermediate in my opinion

  • Good workout but frustrating because the cameraman keeps on doing closeups when u change steps. We then loose the continuity. Filming a workout is no place for artsy photography. It has to be practical and full body visual so we can follow.

  • Loved it! Really good cardio:)
    I just thought it was a bit too fast, at least for me. I felt I couldnt do very well the lounges because they do it in such rush and I didnt want to be left behind:P just wish it was a lil tiny slower to do the lounges properly, instead of doing them so fast and not efficient

  • Hi I want to lose 500 gram each week.how many days in a week should I do work out? Also how much I should eat? I need a diet plan for this.

  • Thank you, I was one of those who goes to the gym to only use cardio machines because I was to embarrassed to ask to show me how to us the machines:)

  • I’ve been doing popsugar videos for several years now. How did I NOT see this one?!!! Absolute awesome video! I am drenched in sweat, exactly the wake me up workout I needed to gain some energy for the day! Thank you so much Breann! Love from France ��

  • awesome dancers! How do you think about the way I practice from Vietnam:


  • Good Day Miss! Hello, Im from the Philippines.. ���� I would like to ask permission to use your video in my PE class. Since we are not going to conduct face to face classes in this coming School Year due to this Pandemic, were looking for some alternative ways to make learning easier. I will require my students to watch this video here in youtube by giving them the link attach in our printed module. That way, they will have a video reference of some warm-up exercises. Thank you, I hope you’ll reply. God bless Miss. ������

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    He recently became a brand ambassador for VXS gym wear and l would love if you supported him through a follow or a like!

  • Why do I keep coming back?! These are horrible… but since I started the video I had to finish it. I seriously need to find better 30-minute workouts.

  • Katia Pryce did a great job, and I had no trouble following along, but the 7/8 length tights, (or maybe they’re capri length since the girls are petite), was distracting because they look so awful.
    All 3 have wonderful bods, but those type of tights make them look stubby and chunky, even though they are super lean!! Strange! They need to be in full-length tights or cute shorts, to show off their best assets.

  • This video was great! It taught and explained a lot more information than videos of the same subject matter that are 3 times as long as this one. Thank you so much!

  • I really enjoyed the workout, but it’s titled as a prenatal. I’m not sure what stage of prenatal it’s intended for, but so much jumping and some of the abs were challenging at 27 wks.

  • This is a true HIIT workout. No real breaks. Go all out for the whole thing. Loved it! Adding this to my fave workouts list. A guaranteed sweat!

  • I relate haha. I am going to the gym and the first times I just feel so awkward XD But honestly I rather ask someone than just fumble like an idiot. if I would not be able to figure it out I would ask someone near me and stop the embarassment. No way I am going to feel like that haha

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  • i’m 14 and i go to the gym with my mom. i’ve been doing only cardio, but do you think it’s okay for me to use some of these machines? of course, i won’t over due the weight, i just need an opinion.

  • Going for Those titles has actually become a massive goal for me. A friend and I are actually going to start going to the gym for that reason. I need the most advice I can get, and who better to get that advice but Arnold Schwarzenegger?

  • Hi everyone! Wanted to share a couple other warm ups I have on my channel:

    —10-MIN WARM UP FOR HIIT WORKOUTS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6q8F06kpyw In this one, we’ll start with some Pilates-inspired, gentle mobility work, then go into cardio (jumping is optional), and finish with a little more mobility. I recommend this one if your body doesn’t love starting out with the light cardio.

    —7-MIN GENTLE WARM UP (NO JUMPING): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNJfhtfTJKY Very similar to this 5-min warm up, but the pace is slowed down and it’s all low-impact (no jumping during the cardio). If you found this 5-min warm up to be a bit too intense or fast-paced, I recommend this alternate.

  • woah, do you also have beginner workouts to beginners who think they are fit because they used to go run three times a week but stopped a couple of weeks and suddenly can’t even get past the half already soaked in sweat?

  • Discovered this awesome workout today. Fantastic and short. I can feel the progress. I didn’t have to go on my knees for any of the pushups today and I didn’t stop any exercise. This is awesome. You all have a great day!

  • Too much cheering to my taste! Besides, I cant stand trainers that stop exercising and dont follow the group. Everybody gotta do it together. Disliked the video.

  • Anybody tested out the Custokebon Secrets (do a google search)? I have heard numerous awesome things about this popular lose weight secrets.

  • I go to the gym but I ALWAYS stay just in the cardio section because I dont know how to use those machines BUT today I’m going to try them (and I will look at what others are doing)

  • Hey I’m planning to work out the whole summer but the thing is I don’t have that type of equipment and I’m only 15. Is there any home exercises that I can do for lower and upper body workout?

  • It seems a video clip instead a class. The constant change of camera and zoom make that you loss all the movement. Good exercises but bad explained and fast if you don’t know the rutine.

  • I gave u reward today bz i warm up for the last 3 month but i am not subscribe it
    Today i lost 5 kilo
    Calstrol become dowen also blood presure under estimated
    May next week my doctor said, drug will cancel
    God bless u

  • for a beginner like me how does this routine sound:
    Mondayupper body
    Tuesdayrest day
    Wednesdayactive rest day
    Thursdaylower body
    Friday rest day
    Saturdayactive rest day
    Sundayrest or active rest day

  • This vids golden I just subscribed but it’s a shame I found it after spending weeks putting together a workout regimen for myself and kept doing a bunch of research but this vid clarified a lot thanks

  • I’m cool with all gym equipment except for free barbells and squat racks, just because I’ve never seen a girl go there and I don’t wanna go and make a fool out of myself. Watched some videos and I’ll try it once gyms reopen (hopefully soon), wish me luck

  • I didn’t enjoy this workout at all. Simply because of lack of instructions. Made me sweat. It I didn’t know what I was doing a half the time. No my fav at all

  • Thank you very much! Does the chin dips and pull up machine actually work? I used it before and it didn’t seem like it worked for me

  • I would subscribe if the camera just focused on the dancers’ full bodies, so you could see all the movements, instead of using all those camera angles. It’s somewhat useless as filmed now.

  • After the million YouTube videos I’ve watched, can’t say I’ve ever been instructed to pound the dislike button. I like your style sir. Very informative, clear and easy to understand video btw. Thank you very much

  • Hello, I was wondering if this is a good plan

    Monday Wednesday and Friday
    0:00 to 5:00 Warm Up
    5:00 to 20:00 Jogging
    20:00 to 45:00 Upper Body Workout
    45:00 to 55:00 Core Workout
    55:00 to 60:00 Cool Down

    Tuesday Thursday and Saturday
    0:00 to 5:00 Warm Up
    5:00 to 20:00 Jogging
    20:00 to 45:00 Lower Body Workout
    45:00 to 55:00 Core Workout
    55:00 to 60:00 Cool Down

  • This all looks like a great workout…and it’s very ‘inspirational’ to see your physiques and how you move…makes me want to try this workout… but…when I did try to follow along…it became clear to me that this is a ROUTINE that all three of you already know very well… your Muscle Memory take over and therefore makes it all look so effortless.

    But for those of us who’ve never done this Routine, it is impossible to follow, especially if we want to get it more or less correct. You need to break it down more, slow down the pace, etc.

    So unfortunately, for me, this video doesn’t work….

  • The first time I did this work out, I had to keep taking so many breaks. After losing 30 lbs…I can do this work out without any breaks the whole way through!

  • I think it’s better you include information on body posture. For example, straight back, engage your core, squeeze you backs, knee position, etc. They are sometimes different with each equipment and extremely important to make sure you’re training the right places and preventing injuries. Where to use the adjust the machine is pretty self-explanatory when you see it, what I really want to know is how and why (like, you need to adjust this part to make sure your knees are like this, etc)

  • biggest problems about wanting to go to the gym but no courage to: not knowing how to use equipment and fear about looks and body shape:( I really don’t know what to do… but thank you for your video, hope I can go to gym asap, I feel like gym equipment is always better than home free dumbbells

  • Monday:chest workout
    Tuesday: back workout
    Wednesday:leg workout
    Thursday: shoulder workout
    Friday:bicep-tricep workout
    Weekend rest or just a walk
    Is it good…??
    I’m overweight and trying to lose some weight….

  • Warm up was a little fast… also she talks so much about how you’re doing the exercises to the beat of the music, but I couldn’t hear the music really…

  • Thank God for your video! The leg extension gave me so much anxiety cause of the chair part lmao I feel a little too pumped up to go back to the gym while it’s 1 am����‍♀️

  • I’m a black girl in an Asian country and I’m scared of looking stupid at the gym…when you spoke about your version of this, you got my subscription �� thanks so much

  • Do natural popular weight loss method like Custokebon Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? We’ve heard several awesome things about this popular fat burn methods.

  • I love it
    .so nice..i will it everyday,I am almost 60 but in what to stay healthy and in good good shape..grazie per quest video..baci

  • Is there anyone who can explain a workout for me I’m 14 and I have been doing sit ups crunches planking push ups the weights Squats I was running but my dad said he was getting to old and couldn’t be bothered but am I like supposed to do all the exercises I’m doing all in one day because I have been taking one minute breaks so please may someone tell me am I doing wrong please because I had a book for workin out it was my grandads it was from like 1940 with Arnold Schwarzenegger and it had all the this exercise map in it in stuff

  • Good! I really needed a video like this! So far, i have done only a home workouts, bodyweight exercises..And i really want to upgrade my fitness level by starting with a gym ☺ But my main problem is that iam to shy, and iam afraid that i will look ridiculous by not knowing how to use the machines..I really needed a gym guide like this ���� So thank uu girl! U saved me ��

  • They looked so much better than the mass monsters of today. Hell, these guys may have even been healthy as crazy as that may sound.

  • Great workout! Is there any way to get the video without voice or even just the music track? After the first time the talking is a little annoying when I want to focus on my moves and the music. I would even pay for it.

  • loved this workout, it is fast but i think that was the point of it. i feel great after this defo will do this one again as well as the many others that i have found on pop sugar.this one is the best so far. you have kept me going while on lock down with the variety of workout. thank you:)

  • I do cardio three days a week and this by far was the hardest popsugar cardio I’ve done. Fast and advanced but overall a good workout.

  • Just did this, would have liked a softer start, jolted my knee straight away, struggled with the speed all the way through as a result.

  • great but camera moveing is distracting and you should go over the moves first. hard to get the benefit when im focused on trying to master the move.

  • Enjoy my full body stretch warm-up burn lots of calories get your heart rate up and get ready to sweat https://youtu.be/hC3XhQAYAXk

  • So women unfriendly to put a ‘female’ there with a goal body that is actually a born male. Im sick of seeing these promoters acting like they are females and teaching us how to become or gain muscles like them. You dont get periods, u have less body fat, u will never get how it is to be a born female. Are you all to blind to see?

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  • This is going to be my first Youtube comment because I don’t want another person to waste time on this video. The exercise is not poorly designed, however whoever shot this video clearly didn’t try to follow the actual workout, meaning you’re not going to follow along the moves precisely. For a tutorial video, there’s no need to zoom in the details! Audience needs to see the whole damn picture to follow along. Tips: get the camera guy to do this and next time they’ll understand how to shoot a workout video!!!

  • Did Arnold ever get injured during his weightlifting career? I don’t recall hearing of it if he did. All that weight and never tore a bicep, etc. Pretty good for those days when the science and techniques weren’t as built up as they are today.

  • I was taking fat loss pills and almost seriously harmed my health. Now I realise that diet is not pills and teas, but structured plan full of nutritionally rich foods. Visit Next Level Diet and get a real diet, stop taking fuc*ing pills.

  • This instructor is way too quick. Echoing some of the comments regarding the risk of injury and ability of performing moves in proper form.

  • errr great another “warm up” with jumping can tell this video was created by someone with tiny boobs, they never need to think about jumping

  • Before honor is humility.. i bougth items http://www.blue-way.ca to give me so much needed confidence and i workout for 5months now!:)

  • I just did 2 of these quick 6 minute workouts I’m sweating in buckets, heart is pumping so fast I feel amazing like I just done 45 minutes in the gym. These workouts are great for a busy mum like me and I’m sticking to them.

  • Well I tried. With such a small space I couldn’t really move. The dance are great. But didn’t really break it down. So some steps I had to imagine I was belly dancing. Moves sucked but I tried. I’ll have to keep doing it to get the moves down.

  • Wow! I just found website NextLevelDiet and read their fitness tips and recipes. I can’t wait to get my diet and training plan from that site and transform my body. Summer body, here I come!

  • This video may have been posted a while ago, but if you do see this comment.

    I have a quick question for those who have short arms. I can’t exactly hold onto any of the lower bars on any workout machine. Where can I place them so I will remain steady???

  • Some goo in it, but not for everyone, especially most beginners. You can get an intense workout in 6 minutes. You can work out long for hours. A good HIIT workout I think best lasts about 20 minutes.

  • https://bit. ly/2CrKIBs
    Hi! If you are looking for a custom training program or online personal trainer check out this link! On this website you have a wide arrange of coaches, personal trainers and other fitness-related services at a very low price! This site is very well known and worldwide.

  • Hey, there! ����
    Be sure to check out my other videos on how to use gym equipment linked in the description above ❎ that include: “Free Weights”, “Cables”, “Upper Body Machines”, and “Lower Body Machines”!
    ❓If you have any other fitness questions for me, make sure to search the topic you have a question about across my channel to see if I might already have a video about it!
    Have the best day, babes. ��

  • I got my diet plan from Next Level Diet and lost 2kg in just 10 days. So far, so good. Can’t wait to see numbers on scale after 20 more days. I am so excited about this.

  • I would like to ask as question, regarding workout. what should i do first? should i do stretching first then warm up or Warm-up first then stretching?

  • Lou ferigno there, should have more titles for mr olympia.
    I guess Arnie also had the aura to judges like him.
    As Lou was hench in Incredible hulk series while apart from red sonja, conan etc Arnie lost the mass in the movies.
    In fact lou still has been in excellent shape all these years while arnie is showing his age.

  • Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger RE-INVENTED the sport of Body Building. Just pay attention as he EXPLAINS his training methods. Truly amazing, much respect!!

  • Thanks this really helped I’m 14 and I’ve been doing calisthenics for the past few months but I was just using other people workouts from YouTube and compromising some excersises as I didn’t have the equipment but now I’m gonna make my own

  • Amazing workout! But definitely nothing for beginners. You have to know the exercises in order to really quickly do them. modifications are barely explained as everything moves so quick.

  • Did this workout twice till now, its very intense and not for beginners. For the first half of video its really hard to follow the trainer, she keeps switching so soon and not enough buffer for you to understand and switch.

  • Well during this qurantine one may get easily messed with tons of channels,but your video has covered all the aspects,not concentrating on unnecessary stuff,and has quality content,after watching this video I got all the information I need for working out��

  • This is awesome workout! Very challenging! Hopefully, next time I have energy to complete the sets. Will definitely do this again. Thank you!!!!

  • I love going to the gym to workout now, it’s like a constant mind game between you and your muscles. Trying to trick one another on what you’ll do next. Sometimes I just close my eyes when I go to grab my next pair of dumbbells.

  • I went to the gym like a newbie and no one is there to help me.. ok I guess no one is gonna help a potato looking person like me.. so mean:(

  • Maybe next time… Add a lil bit of background music as well.. i mean i can’t play music while watching this video since I’m using only one device..

  • I knew which foods I need to eat to lose weight, but I didn’t know how much. Diet plan I got from Next Level Diet contains portion sizes for every meal. Fantastic!

  • The professor is incredibly good however it sounds the camera had a crush on her filming it. I see that it wasn’t the intention, but all those zooms confuse the audience

  • Hi! I was planning to do workouts, is this plan right?

    First Week
    Monday ��upper body
    Tuesday REST
    Wednesday REST
    Thursday �� lower body
    Friday REST
    Saturday REST
    Sunday REST

    Second Week
    Monday ��upper body
    Tuesday REST
    Wednesday REST
    Thursday �� lower body
    Friday REST
    Saturday REST
    Sunday REST

    Third Week
    Monday �� upper body
    Tuesday ��lower body
    Wednesday REST
    Thursday ��upper body
    Friday ��lower body
    Saturday REST
    Sunday REST

    Fourth Week
    Monday �� upper body
    Tuesday ��lower body
    Wednesday REST
    Thursday ��upper body
    Friday ��lower body
    Saturday REST
    Sunday REST

    Fifth Week
    Monday �� upper body & lower body
    Tuesday REST
    Wednesday �� upper body & lower body
    Thursday REST
    Friday ��upper body & lower body
    Saturday REST
    Sunday REST

    Thank you for the informative video! You’re awesome! ��

  • I was looking at things that can break people in easily if they havent exercised in awhile, thanks for this because lots of people dont know what to do.

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  • This is a very good workout! It feels satisfying when you finish and get to rest, too. If only they could put up some EVEN MORE active music.

  • I made a post about being lost at the gym and people just kept telling me to get a PT. This is SO helpful. I was so scared every time I went to the gym. Also PT’s are crazy expensive! I can barely afford the $30 per month for the gym alone ��

  • I LOST 40lbs!!! You ask how? I visited website called NextLevelDiet. I selected only food I like and they provided me with DIET MEAL PLAN, TRAINING PLAN, FITNESS TIPS and HEALTHY RECIPES.

  • This is honestly the best warm up I’ve come across, perfect mix of dynamic stretching and warming up the body. I put this on every time before working out, so thank you ��

  • Hola desde España. Me gustan muchísimo tus ejercicios pero no me da tiempo a ver los movimientos porque vas muy rápido. ¿ podrías marcar los ejercicios más despacio para los que somos principiantes? Muchas gracias

  • Thank god lol, I’m studying to be a personal trainer but my background is dance, pilates, plyometrics, bands and free weights lol. I’m so scared of gym equipment, I just dont have lots of experience with it.
    This was an absolute lifesaver ����

  • I have 2 works so I work monday to tuesday from 6 am to 10 pm so I wonder if this schedules still work for me or should I try something different?
    I work at construction so idk if I’ll be more tired or not

  • Very effective. I do it every two other days, twice a day with an appropriate diet in which I have reduced carbs and I did trim a few pounds. The key is that these workouts or the other videos help you to stay motivated. I am getting stronger too ��

  • Me: been doing 20-30mins HIIT 3 times a week. Have done almost 20 work out videos by Popsugar. It’s prob the hardest 30 mins work out ever

    Pros: fast pace, full body work out, push the max, really feeling you’re working out

    Cons: short break(almost none or 30 sec x 2-3 times entire time), you might die (half joke, half serious ��)

    It’s just my personal thought and for some people, it’s not super hard.

    P.s I can’t believe the instructor doesn’t have any heavy breath…that’s crazy!!

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  • Imma do this 2 times with a 5 min break in between for a week (or 10 days straight) before I actually make any workouts!! I’m really REALLY out of shape XD

  • I was very skinny and after changing my diet I finally started seeing results. I didn’t know anything about training and diet, but my friend told me for the website called Next Level Diet and I just followed their diet and training plan. They have amazing tips 😉 check it out

  • Definitely not recommendable to do this workout after another workout….I was dying, I had to pause the video a few times but I completed it! I’ll do this workout more times and try to pause less each time until I can do it with no pausing at all! <3

  • To all newcomers:
    Every gym has an instructor or more than one who will be only too pleased to guide you on your first days at the gym. Never feel intimidated, nervous or shy. I’ve been going to gyms for the past 40 years or so. We ALL started at the beginning. If you don’t know, ASK. Also, another tip I can leave here is to check your food and drink habits with your instructor. Don’t expect to lose weight and tone up, build muscles if you carry on with your old habits. They are very knowledgeable people and can give you many ideas as to what and when to eat and drink. Don’t be shy, just ask!

  • hi! i’m a 12 year old active athlete/basketball player. twice a week, i go to a speed and agility sports training place. i’m having a lot of trouble figuring out my routine. should i be working out on the days i go to the sports place, and what parts of my body should i be targeting at this age? i really hope you can help me because i’m having a lot of trouble ��
    this video was awesome and helped me get an idea of what i want to do!! thank you!

  • Make it simple. Visit website NextLevelDiet, select food you like and thats it:D They give you complete 30 days meal plan which contains only food you have selected, training plan and fitness tips to boost your results. #NextLevelDiet

  • Is it really important to rest? I usually feel bad after I take a rest day, like if I’m losing everything I worked for. My plan rn is to just do the same upper body workout everyday but Ik theres more i should do so I was wondering if you could help? I’m not a beginner but I’m also not a pro

  • This is great because he is encouraging you while you work out. He lets you know that you’re doing great and thaf six minutes isn’t JUST six minutes. Absolutely one of my favourite work out videos!

  • Wanted to see how the feet were moving, impossible to figure it out from upper body. Looks really good something I would enjoy. Shame the camera kept focussing on the upper body, belly and faces.

  • Hey thanks i have some workout equipment at my home but i didnt know fully how to do a workout properly thanks for the kinda tutorial im going to probably end up watching like all of your videos so thanks �� stay safe and healthy in Quarantine.

  • I only have Youplanet fitness and like
    I’m goddamn 4,10 I did not know you can adjust the seat to fit your height. I have small legs I need to go back to check it out

  • Some Youtubers talk more and not focus on the point but you explain it very simple. Thank you because I was confused about how to plan my workout ❣❤

  • Dance is not an exercise; it is for joy. If you don’t believe me… look at the traditions your moves are coming from. Only white people can take the joy of something so joyful….just fyi. Thx for the video. I will include the joy myself.

  • Hey There! Thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (google search it), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you tried Custokebon Secrets? I’ve heard many amazing things about it and my cousin lost lots of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • What can I do for toning and loosing belly fat?? I do dance for one hour.. and other help my mom for one hour.. I do crunches.. bicycle crunches and plank twists.. everyday…

  • I just did this and it was great. I started sweating but was ready for my workout. In just nearly 6 minutes I was able to burn 80 calories. HOW GREAT IS THAT?!

  • So if I do this once a day, slowly building up to twice a day along with a decent diet and a bit of normal exercise such as walking the dog will I lose weight, or is this not enough?

  • People nowadays say “Bodybuilding is now a blackman’s sport” dude Arnold’s last name is Blackier than Black. hehehehe Only german speaking people can understand I guess.:) Im a big Arnold and Ronnie Coleman fan. Longlive bodybuilding!!!

  • I lost over 20lbs in two months. Just visit a website called NextLevelDiet, choose the foods you like and they will provide you with 30-DAY diet plan and training plan. Finally I got my six pack:D

  • This new year I wanted to get more physically fit, but I’m a high school student and I don’t have allot of time to work out, so I’m going to do this everyday from now on!

  • I put this on every now and then, and just listen to Arnold while I’m working out. It’s good motivation. RN I just did 4 sets of 30 push ups, and 4 sets of 30 dips, within those 17 minutes of him talking!! I killed the triceps!! It doesn’t take very long at all.

  • Thanks this really helped I’m 14 and I’ve been doing calisthenics for the past few months but I was just using other people workouts from YouTube and compromising some excersises as I didn’t have the equipment but now I’m gonna make my own

  • Big news! To all of our Dancer Abs fans, we have a NEW dancer abs video (linked below) from Katia! It’s 15 minutes long, so you’ll definitely get your core feeling strong and your heart pumping. Plus, it’s completely filmed in the wide shot, so you can see the full move the entire time.Check it out, and let us know how you like it! https://youtu.be/S5SsZWBXn8E
    Plus, we’ll be releasing 3 other dance-inspired workouts from Katia this month. Be sure to subscribe to Well+Good so you don’t miss them! https://www.youtube.com/c/Wellandgood

  • Thank u! I did it! A little bit out of breath but nothing too bad I am getting into exercising and I am really trying to do this properly cause I hate feeling unhealthy it’s the worst �� but anyways good luck everyone!!

  • Another insane and intense workout from Popsugar… but I love to go insane wid my workouts… and this is only possible coz of Popsugar!! I am a sweaty mess!

  • Woa! This is a super hard one, but fun. I felt like I had done a super hard workout by 20 minutes, but I made it through. I am a veteran of Popsugar Fitness, but this one gave me a run for my money. I am sweating buckets right now.

  • Hello, thanks for the video but what workout to do for beginners? Like what body parts to workout? Any workouts?or maybe just full body workout?
    that would be great if you answered!!!
    Thanks ��

  • If you’re reading this I want you to know that God loves you and He cares about you so much that He became a man (Jesus Christ) and died for you. Please accept His Free gift, He is the ONLY way to heaven. You can’t get into heaven by doing good works and you don’t have to go to a priest to confess anything. Cry out to Him through prayer He will not turn you away. Dive into His word (The Bible) for guidance and do not continue in your sins. Make His word the final say in your life.

    Visit living waters and the beat by Allen Parr (YouTube) for more clarity.

    God bless ❤️

  • Was having a real difficult time with the camera angles popping in and out; couldn’t make out half of it and how to change positions. Camera was literally everywhere.

  • I’m 51 and I’ve just started doing your ‘dancer abs moves’ and I’m becoming much more agile than ever before and I’m beginning to see a better looking stomach, it’s been a good 3 weeks of doing these daily plus walking. I’m not looking as pregnant as before. I’m so happy �� I’ve picked up the moves really well and love the chatter / encouragement throughout the routine. Beautiful dancers too

  • I still don’t feel able to create such a plan for myself that I know will be perfect for me. BUT, your advice, video style, explanations and so forth were of such a nature I can only applaud you and say; Well done, and thank you.

  • For those of you saying it was too fast, I thought the same thing. So what helped for this video and ones I watch other than this, is I watch it all the way through. Then do it. If you dont have time to do that, maybe watch a video of workout you want to do, the night before and then do it the next day. Takes the pressure off and the intimidation away, for me anyway. ALSO next, does anyone know how many calories you burned doing this workout? Let me know!

  • Notice how the bodybuilding aesthetic has changed over there years? It can be directly attributed to technological advancements in PEDs.

  • I clicked this workout thinking 30 minutes it will be quick……..boy was i wrong…my body is questioning if i really love it or not. will do it a couple more times its really fun and the burn is amazing

  • Thank you for the video! I’ve been torturing myself for days, wow. At least I didn’t get very far
    Do you think you can make a video about good exercise schedule apps?

  • You’re gonna be so disappointed in me because I just KNOW my panicked little gay self is gonna screw this up the second I go into the gym

  • I used to be 55kg at one point after months of exercising when I was at 70 kg.. Then I had a big examination coming up, so I didnt have time to exercise and look out for my diet. I later gain 7 kg and got so lazy to go back to my ruitine.. I am currently at 64 kg and Im gonna try this work out for a month.. wish me luck and comment if you want an update:)

  • Moderation is perhaps the governing concept for a Christian view of bodybuilding/weightlifting. First Timothy 4:8 teaches, “For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come” (emphasis added). Physical fitness is important, and as this verse states, it does have some value. We are physical and spiritual beings, and the condition of the physical body undeniably can impact the spirituality of a person. Surely part of “glorifying God in your body” (1 Corinthians 6:20) is keeping it in reasonably good physical condition. Bodybuilding can definitely be a part of a Christian’s physical fitness program.

    At the same time, as with many things in this life, bodybuilding, if taken to the extreme, can become an idol. Eventually, a point is reached where there is no true value in adding more muscle. Bodybuilding/weightlifting can become an addiction and/or obsession. While this is much more often an issue with men, it can be an issue for women as well. Striving for bigger and stronger muscles, taken to the extreme, is nothing but vanity (1 Samuel 16:7; Ecclesiastes 1:2; 1 Peter 3:4). Once we allow our physical appearance to become more important than our relationship with God, it has become an idol (1 John 5:21).

    “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31). The key question is does bodybuilding/weightlifting glorify God? If it is done to increase fitness, strength, and tone, and thereby health, yes, it can be done for God’s glory. If it is done out of vanity and pride, or from an unhealthy obsession with getting bigger and stronger, no, it does not glorify God. How should a Christian view bodybuilding? “‘Everything is permissible for me’—but not everything is beneficial. “‘Everything is permissible for me’—but I will not be mastered by anything…. ‘Everything is permissible’—but not everything is constructive” (1 Corinthians 6:12; 10:23).

    Gian Giorgio Trissino
    Both I and J were used interchangeably by scribes to express the sound of both the vowel and the consonant. It wasn’t until 1524 when Gian Giorgio Trissino, an Italian Renaissance grammarian known as the father of the letter J, made a clear distinction between the two sounds.

  • Love these videos. As someone who has very little patience for long workouts this is amazing and i end up finding my self doing 4 or 5 of these videos in a row. Knowing its only 5/6 minutes each time really keeps me going. Thank you!

  • I just started to work out I weigh 160lbs and I’m 6’6, I have been working out for 3 weeks now and I listen to the first 1min of this every time before the gym

  • ok till now I know gym anxiety is a common thing that happen to a lot of people… I just cancelled my membership at gym because I stayed at lady only area to play those same eq for half year and I am so scared to go to the open area to try new eq with bunch of hulks around me… i am going back to my community centre gym though, i wish i could see your video earlier!

  • This was the hardest Popsugar workout I’ve done yet! Now that I know the moves and the routine, I’m going to try to crush it better next time!

  • these pushups are literally “how not to do a pushup”. bums are up, elbows are out, chests are nowhere near to the ground, and the leader especially is doing a bird-neck to the ground.

  • I didn’t have anything to balance with, so I couldn’t do the knee rotations, but I managed everything else, which is good, because I haven’t properly warmed up in years. I used to be very, very limber, but years of just not doing anything with my body has made it much harder. The jumping cardio was actually what I found easiest.
    EDIT: I do have a question though. For someone who really hasn’t exercised in years what workout would you suggest for after this? I actually felt like I was ready to do more after this, but I wasn’t super sure WHAT to do or where to start really.

  • I will try this as one of the new methods after quarantine for my students:). But as many people already said: The warm-up is good, but as soon as the “main part” starts, especially newbies are scared away because you don’t explain when you switch the movement or how many counts you do.
    I hope you do improve in further videos. C ya!

  • I like her energy, it’s the kind of energy and attitude when you do a workout like this! Drop your excuses and let’s do some work!!!

  • I have a bachelors of honours in sports science degree and i can tell you guys confidently that this video covered and summarised every important aspect there is to get fit and active in such a short video. ��. Subbed!