6 Exercises for Strong, Lean Arms


6 Minutes Arm Workout

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How To Lose Arm Fat

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6 Minute Arm Workout | Lean & Sculpted Arms | Quick Home Workout

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Sculpt Your Arms Fast!

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Lean Arms Workout Challenge | Lose Arm Fat (No Equipment)

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Strong and Lean Arms Workout | Lazy Dancer Tips

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1. Dead-Hang Chin-up Grasp a pull-up bar with an underhand, shoulder-width grip. Pull your shoulder blades down towards 2. Zottman Curl Grasp a pair of dumbbells and hold them at your sides, palms facing inwards (a). Curl the weights up, 3. EZ-Bar Drag Curl Grasp the two handles of a. The Workout 1. Dead-Hang Chin-up.

Grasp a pull-up bar with an underhand, shoulder-width grip. Pull your shoulder blades down towards 2. Zottman Curl. Grasp a pair of dumbbells and hold them at your sides, palms facing inwards ( a ). Curl the weights up, 3. EZ-Bar Drag Curl. Grasp the two. A regular arm workout using just a simple set of dumbbells can get you the results you want.

Let’s take a closer look at the dumbbell exercises that work best for strengthening and toning your. How to get slim arms fast without weights is a question I regularly get. Today I’ll show you how you can achieve this in four simple steps and 6 arms exercis.

Once your metabolism is in check, you can manipulate foods to help you lose weight and implement an effective training schedule that will add muscle to your body. 6. Track And Record Everything! This is probably the most important tip for getting and staying lean. Best Arm Exercises: Biceps Curl Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, grasping a dumbbell in your hand.

With palm facing forward, bend your elbow and pull the weight up towards your shoulders. Lower your arm. Complete 8 to 12 reps (and do the same on the other arm). Having a strong set of arms is integral to maintaining a healthy and balanced life. Weak arms in the past meant a man couldn’t carry his kill while hunting (unless he had some friends to help.

Sexy ARMS WORKOUT to Sculpt Lean, Long and Feminine Arms! This arm workout for women has all the exercises you need if you’re looking to tone and sculpt long, lean and feminine arms. It’s a quick but intense workout that targets your biceps, triceps, and shoulders and helps you burn extra calories!

Arm slides are great for activating your arms (especially your triceps), and they also work your entire core.According to the Mayo Clinic, core exercises like arm slides can improve your overall. Most exercise programs completely neglect the carpal muscles of the forearm, but not us. You need these muscles to open jars, lift and carry heavy items and maintain a strong grip. Strong forearms will also help prevent problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, so it’s worth looking after these important muscles!

8 Best Arm Exercises For Women.

List of related literature:

I like seven specific upper body exercises because they get most of the different arm muscles.

“Type 1 Diabetes For Dummies” by Alan L. Rubin
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Perform the same number of repetitions with each arm.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
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After performing the desired number of repetitions, repeat the exercise with your left arm.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
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Keeping the dumbbell in a neutral grip, the athlete flexes the elbows until the dumbbells clear the thighs on each side; she then supinates the forearms and wrists by turning the hands outward until they are near the anterior deltoids (photo b).

“Developing Endurance” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
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� Begin with one set each of upper and lower body exercises to allow focus on major muscle groups.

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Drop the majority of them from your routine except, of course, when training arms.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
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Complete 5 to 10 repetitions and then repeat the exercise with the opposite arm.

“Fallproof!: A Comprehensive Balance and Mobility Training Program” by Debra J. Rose
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Upper extremity (arm) aerobic exercises 4.

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Examples of this exercise type include push-ups, squats, and chin-ups.

“Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity” by Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber
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For example, begin with biceps curls, and then do arm swings front to back and side to side.

“Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults” by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
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  • Day 1
    I did the alexis ren ab workout thrice (10 min), plus the chloe ting butt plumping workout twice(10min), and one workout each for my collarbones and my shoulders(ten min each)

    Evening i went for an hour long walk around my colony, it was pretty fun.

    I came home and took a warm bath, helps soothe my muscles a lot and helps cramps:D

    Day 2
    I did the alexis ren workout once in the morning, plus chloe ting’s butt workout with weights, and this additional chloe ting arm workout.

    Oh and i also do my shoulders and collarbone workouts daily, it’s really mild and only affects my upper body.

    I also executed a few more exercises like planks for several seconds, a bit of crunches and stretching.

    Nothing hurts too much. My glutes are perfectly fine and my stomach has a dull soreness because of my ab workouts.

    Today I’ll try to go for a longer walk, and maybe do another ab workout before my walk.

    Honestly,  my body was a disaster on my actual first day. I had decided to do the two week shred workout by chloe ting and i was cRying in my bathroom vomiting. Made me regret my life choices.

    But i decided to start with something milder, and here i am now! It barely hurts at all.

    Also, one thing I’d want to mention. My lower body is a lot weaker than my upper body and arms. So i cannot do squats because it’s really injurious for me. Fortunately, chloe has a lot of butt exercises without squatting etc, so I’m heppy.

    Ive triEd to eat proper, I’ve controlled most of my unhealthy diet. It’s kinda hard to juggle classes aNd my workouts but at the end of the day, my body and my mind are both real satisfied.:3

    If I’m doing anyting (pun intended hehe) wrong gimme advice lol

  • That was amazing. I haven’t danced in over 20 years but this was something I could do and could truly feel the muscles working. My years of training came back to me. Thank you!

  • Day 1✅
    Day2✅(my arms are shaking ��)
    Day 3
    Day 4
    Day 5
    Day 6
    Day 7
    Day 8
    Day 9
    Day 10
    Day 11
    Day 12
    Day 13
    Day 14
    Day 15
    Day 16
    Day 17
    Day 18
    Day 19
    Day 20
    Day 21

  • Love you! Your quirks and silliness makes the pain of the exercises bearable Thank you! Question: When you are sitting, how should the bum be positioned? Should it be tucked in? I know we are to engage the core but I feel my back naturally wanting to hollow a bit and my bum pushes out during the exercises. Sometimes I have a slightly sore lower back as a result. Is this fine?

  • My upper arms are the part of my body that I am most conscious about…
    Going all in here hoping to be able to stop covering them up i 3 weeks time ��

  • I started it from today and i will share my results after two weeks

    Day 1 completed
    Day 2 completed
    Day 3 Rest
    Day 4 completed
    Day 5 completed
    Day 6 completed

  • I don’t know how I’ve just found you now but you are AMAZING! I’ve always been insecure about my arms and this is just the workout I’ve been looking for as I do dance as well. Love how you can keep me smiling all throughout the workout! Thank you ��✨

  • Had me laughing and suffering at the same time lol! Loved this video, thank you from a lazy dancer that wants to become a stronger dancer <3

  • I’ve been doing this for more than 6 months, it’s really the easiest and fastest way to tone down your arms, I could say Im so happy with the results I even recommended this to my friends and they are now addicted to working out when they saw the visble result after 2 weeks. Thank you so much for this Uma, God Bless you always

  • I cannot see any visual difference yet in how my arms look but I feel them really activated and it means it does have some positive effect. Thank you very much for this exercise and for the way you perform it: your cheerful face and charming voice and jokes! It makes me smile each time! ��

  • Found your channel while searching for ways to move my lazy body during quarantine, and it has been so amazing! Challenging but fun!! This particular video is great, as a violinist I often have neck/shoulder/arm issues, and this really helped fix an issue I had been having in the back of my neck!

  • You are amazing,! Thank you so much for these incredible videos, esp during the pandemic when gyms are closed ���� (from: wife of subscriber)

  • Thanks SO MUCH for this exercise vid!! I have a hip impingement from overstretching during ballet, and haven’t been able to get back to it yet. This is a great thing to keep my arms lose while I wait to get back to what I LOVE ♥️♥️♥️

  • You’re really funny ❤️��. I love this workout I really want to do it but,I have much fat in my arms, can this help me to Lose fat??

  • I’ve been doing this for a month and it works! The best arm exercise ever �� also it only takes 10 mins to finish the exercise so it’s easier to do this everyday, i feel more relaxed and healthier. Thank you so much for sharing this. You’re awesome!

  • Great exercise looking easy but too hard actually you are great my arms too much faty and flabby how many days required to look like your arms

  • wow, just did many of these sitting in my office chair and what an amazing arm workout, can’t wait to add this to my routine and see what results I can get… down 46 lbs since May 1, and going strong! thank you.

  • I am glad that I found this channel. I was really upset about my flabby arms and couldn’t dare to wear my sleeves dresses. My whole body was toned except those arms, such stubborn fat around them. Then I started lifting weights just a few weeks ago and really found the difference and I am amazed to see the results. Still long way to get those beautifully toned arms. I am looking forward to it and already stocked new clothes in my wardrobe for motivations. Thanks for such workout videos to train muscles right way. ��

  • I have nerve damage in both my arms from elbows down, having really hard times to find any workout to do with my condition….I love your video so much! Finally something for me also. You are so lovely btw.! Lots of love from Finland <3

  • Dont lie why do you say on this workout we have 5 minints rest time al the vedio no rest time cant you let your fallowers no rest time

  • You’re the best! I love all of your videos, they get the results you want and they’re fun and encouraging. You’re as sweet as a button! Definitely keep making these amazing videos!

  • Heyy alessia ur always in my hit list ur the person whom I look at in the morning my day start along with u ur the reason for my proper shape loadsssss of love from India -shyamala
    I appreciate for ur grtt work

  • Hi.. I’m new to this channel.. And i feel some differences on my arms and back. I do this work out with 1 kg dumbell almost everyday in 7 days and i already feel the result. My arms become smaller, my back also become stronger.. And also i am in calorie deficit using intermittent fasting. But thank u so much for the work out i’ve been looking for..

  • Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! You are fantastic in every way! Excellent work-out and great laugh too! Win win! So grateful I found this video! Absolutely LOVE everything about it!

  • Omg this works!! I have been doing it twice a day everyday for two weeks, I really wish I can show you all my arms ���� they are only slightly slimmer, and I still have the saggy skin under my arm, buuuuuttt the sag is definitely tighter, a noticeable difference. And then my muscle definition in my bicep ������ oh wow, my bicep is so round and tight now like hard as a rock and you can see it through my shirt. I’m so thankful for your videos! I do this one and your tummy one!

  • Today’s challenge: the “let’s warm up before class” followed by your “classical ballet barre with center” and concluding with “flowing stretching routine to relieve tension and feel good.” Total time of workout today: hour and five minutes. Greetings from Houston, Texas and thanks for all your videos!

  • Your your tube videos only way can exercise.I never did ballet before but posture is improving. I get psychogenic non epileptic seizures and I not allowed exercise and these help as I’m safe at ho,r. I’ use back exercises for my back. People like me can’t afford gyms and poor heath I can exercise

  • I absolutely love her, with this particular arm workout I’m seeing changes and I love it. I do this every single day!!!!!!! Consistent is key

  • My arms were on fire afterwards. Love that you showed before and after pictures…very inspiring. This workout seems like s winner. Thanks for sharing. ��☺️��
    ��…just thought I’d add that I do my pushups on the wall so I don’t have get down on the floor. It works for me.��

  • Doing Summer Shread Challange Day26 and after this, I don’t feel my arms I literally don’t know how my arms are still intact, tbh worth it:D

  • I tried this 10 days before my wedding for every day in 2016 (with clean eating of course) and on the day of my wedding I had to put safety pins on my blouse because my arms had reduced so much!! I remember my aunt scolding me for not getting the blouse tailored to perfection and I remembered oh shit it’s the workouts!!!! Thank you for this amazing video

  • I m doing these exercises for a week now but everytime i do them i feel a slight pain in my right arm but it feels nothing in my left arm…. Is this something to be concerned about?

  • In 1 week i have my miniprom and i want my arms look good can i see a difference with this workout in a week if i will do it 3 times a day?

  • Made it 4 minutes today before needing to stop. I like that with good posture, this works my back and core too.

    Edit: went all the way, but I stopped before you stretched each time. I’m gonna repeat it x2 now.
    Round 2: went well, stopped and started a lot.
    Round 3: didn’t make it to the end, but knowing the sequence better helped me be mindful of the positioning of my neck and over my spine, and keeping my elbows lifted (important for ballroom which is what I train for)

  • This is my favorite arm exercise! Thank you for amazing tips�� by the way, at the end of video the link of the next video doesn’t work.

  • Thanks for your videos! Loved it! Just a comment, in the exercise for triceps, when you go up and down, not sure what I did wrong but ended up with back pain =( Not sure if I needed to tuck in my tummy and forgot to do it, or if I did it too quickly. Maybe a little instruction just to become aware of the movement will be helpful.

  • Thanks, Melissa! Spreading love from NY ������ everyone, this really works. I only do this routine one time about 5 days per week or even 4 when I slack off. People always compliment my arms and ask what I do. This stuff actually works. If you can’t do pushups do as many as you can. Try 1 or 3 each time she goes down. Over time, you will be able to do the whole thing through. I’m telling you. Stay persistent!!!! Xoxo Linz

  • NO JOKE, THIS WORKS LIKE WONDER!!!! Last week, I measured my arms, it was 13 inches. Now, 1 week after, I’ve chopped off the 1 inch and it is now 12 inches! Don’t give up guys! What kept me motivated was the comments here because they said they saw resukts after weeks. No kidding it really does!

    P.S I also do HIIT in the morning and abs and leg exercises but with this exercise, it was much faster than it was before finding this workout! I do this twice a day. Once in thw morning and another in the evening. (Check my workout playlist in my acc. Those are the workouts I’ve been doing for a month now. I’ve lost 5kg since then.)

  • My arms feel… well I don’t know if I feel them, but I am sure they are happy I took care of the “flab” for today. 5/1/18

  • It’s not an easy workout, but it really works my arms slimmed a bit a week later then they kept on slimming the weeks after.if you could feel then burn then your working right, thank you for your posting this video appreciate it.

  • I want slimmer arms. My arms are really bulky and flabby, especially my triceps. I want them slimmer!! I want the fat to go away! If I add wrist weights will it help?? Please help me, I’m going in vacation towards the end of this month and I want to at least look somewhat better I have so many sleeveless dresses I want to wear but I am ashamed of my arms they just look un proportional with the rest of my body! Please I would appreciate if someone would answer my question

  • Your workouts are really effective!
    Please upload a vedio for flat tummy or abbs exercises too….
    If you already did….please send me the link!:)

  • Its been like 3 years and im still doing this�� this is the most effective way to burn your arm fat. The best way to get slimmer is to do repetition workout. But if youre going to tone your arms or build some muscles, workout with weights will be more effective. But this does help to tone your arms too!

  • HEY EVERYONE! thank you for making this video so popular! I made a part 2! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and check out Amazing Arms Part 2! Thanks again and keep rocking those arms!! xo

  • I have been loving your videos since I began! You make it so much fun…that is so important…I am almost 65 and to have inspired me to renew with the ballerina in me…and maybe…do a ballet barre fitness Teachers training…! I keep smiling…! Keep inspiring!

  • hi!! if anyone here is new to this workout like me and is struggling with the speed, here’s a little pro tipchange your video speed to 0,75. it slows it down just enough to catch up but doesn’t make it so slow that you don’t feel the burn (trust me, you do) and it doesn’t distort the audio very much so you can still understand her explanation!!

  • Hey please help, does this build muscle?? I really want to try this but I need to know if it focuses on getting thin and lean arms