6 Exercises Everybody Must Do


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7 Home Exercises Everyone Should Do

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6 Exercises Everyone Should Do. by Shane Barnard, JD. April 13, 2018. 104 Comments.

Share it: No matter your age or perceived ability, there are certain exercises that have incredible benefits for every body. These functional strength exercises mimic movements in our daily lives and help strengthen our core, made up of our abdominal wall, back. The 6 Essential Exercises Everyone Should Know How to Do. You’ve got a million options, but fitness experts say these are the moves to focus on. By Corrie Pikul.

Photo: Thinkstock. Must-Know Exercise 1: The Push-Up. 6 Exercises Women Should Do Every Day.

More. Credit (Getty Images) Forgotten function. Spin classes in the water. Yoga with weights.

Heated barre studios. 6 Exercises Everyone Over 40 Should Be Doing. Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest Share by Email More Sharing Options. Share on Twitter Print.

By: Greg Presto, 5/20/2016. After hitting the big 4-0, a lot starts to change in your body, and the theme is decline: At that age, the surgeon general’s office has said that women’s bone density is “in. 6 Exercises Everyone Should Do. BY SHANE BARNARD, JD. APRIL 13, 2018. 96 COMMENTS.

SHARE IT: No matter your age or perceived ability, there are certain exercises that have incredible benefits for every body. These functional strength exercises mimic movements in our daily lives and help strengthen our core, made up of our abdominal wall, back. You should be able to do 10 to 15 reps comfortably with great form before even thinking about adding weights, says Jacque Crockford, M.S., C.S.C.S., certified personal trainer and exercise. The exercise everyone should be doing at home during the pandemic: Squats (iStock) By Pam Moore. April 14, 2020 at 10:00 AM EDT.

The 5 Exercises Everyone Over 50 Needs to Be Doing, According to a Doctor Strength training is key to staying healthy as you age. By Steven R. Bowers, D.O. The 10 Exercises You Should Do Every Day to Stay Fit for Life In other words, a well-rounded functional fitness routine, like the one we’re about to share, can help to prevent and even reverse some of the side effects associated with growing older and ultimately, helping you stay fit.

Are you interested in “successful” aging? Announcing “Live Well 50”, a membership site dedicated to those 50 (like Elizabeth and myself) and older to help yo.

List of related literature:

These five exercises are the best ofthe best.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
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These five exercises are by no means comprehensive.

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8) Focus your mind on each exercise.

“The Wrestler's Body: Identity and Ideology in North India” by Joseph S. Alter
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These exercises are important for socialization, independence, and maintaining core body strength.

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In these exercises I will begin with training the body to readily obey the commands of the Mind.

“The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson: The Power of Concentration, Mind Power, Raja Yoga, The Secret of Success, Self-Healing by Thought Force and much more” by William Walker Atkinson
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These exercises should be performed twice daily.

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1) No Moderate Exercise Sessions: Either toolittle, or too much, orway beyond what I plan todo, andwith noset schedule.

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7) Increase proprioceptive and balance exercises: balance boards and balls, caveletties.

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No exercise 1.

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  • Hi guys, been watching you for a couple of months now and I like you so much I have told so many people about you. I was wondering if you could to a video on what lunch chairs you feel are good for posture.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

  • I never feel tension in my back/hamstrings when trying to touch my toes, only discomfort in my knees, and as far as i know they are absolutely healthy. Is that normal?

  • 1 01:24 Chin Tucks, 5-10 reps, tuck your chin, then move your head and chin forward and back like a pigeon.

    2 02:15 Chin Tuck Roll, 5-10 reps, tuck chin, move head back, drop it slowly, look up at ceiling, feel your neck stretch, use hands or towel at base of neck if needed.

    3 03:20 Postural Scapular Retraction, 10-20 reps, make two fists, arms form a ‘W’, push arms/elbows back to contract, hold, release, repeat.

    4 04:03 Cobra Pose, lie face down, keep butt down, pelvis on floor, and push up with arms, hold for 30 sec, relax, come down, repeat.

    5 05:07 Cat and Camel/Cow pose, on hands and knees, back arches up like a mad cat, head comes down, chin tucks, hold, then head comes up and back comes down and dips in the middle, hold position, repeat. DON’T DO IF YOU HAVE SPINAL STENOSIS OR SPONDYLOLISTHESIS!

    6 05:49 Hamstring stretch, do standing with leg outstretched, foot on chair, or lying down and pulling with a towel, bed sheet or your hands, on chair, bend slowly towards leg, lying down, pull leg gently towards you.

    7 06:48 Heel Chord Stretch, use incline board or lean with palms against wall, one leg forward, one leg back, stretch back leg, hold for 30 sec, repeat, change legs.

  • Anyone can help me? I was doing my last pull ups set and at 5th rep my left shoulder started to hurt me and I cant do pull ups chin ups i cant do even push ups i wentt to the doc and he told me that its nott nothing bad and gave me shit cream which i paid 15€ and it doesnt help me

  • Am following you and all your videos. I am seeing some results for my efforts. Your videos and exercises are all presented so simply without fuss. Best on youtube.

  • I have stiff traps from working at the computer all day. I’ve been doing the chin tucks and leaning backwards to stretch the upper back and it has worked wonders on my posture.

  • Hello Bob and Brad, should a person do the “cat camel stretch “, demonstrated here, if they have spondylolisthesis?
    Thank you for your response

  • Moy’s tai chi is way more beneficial than this junk. A person with poor health can regain good health after about two years. When one achieves a good level of push-hands then they can step up to more testosterone producing exercises like ice hockey, football and shaolin training or mma.

  • I have very little cushion under the meniscus from ACL surgery. How can I avoid knee pain when exercises call for pressure on that knee, such as in the camel pose? Or how can I modify it?

  • These are not exercises. These are stretches, there is little to no strength associated with these, besides the cobra pose and his form was not right on that, don’t use his form as an example!! Great everyday stretches though!

  • Agree with everything but the last one, True, by using this type of surfaces you decrease the weight and probably don´t reach the full potencial of growth for that muscle; but that is no necesarly a bad thing. That may not be about the asthaetics, but about the athletic part instead. Don´t drop it entirely… please:)

  • FYI, that one move is called the Cat/Cow move so, wrong animal! There is a yoga pose known as the Camel but it is a more advanced move, and can be hard on the lower back and spine if you are not ready for it. The Cat/Cow one does feel good, though it’s one of my favorite ways to get rid of any tension.

  • Bob and Brad, Would you be able to do a video to address stretching and strengthening for Chefs? My daughter lives in NY and is in intolerable pain from her job which is a ton of lifting huge amounts of whatever goodness she is mass producing to ship out across Manhattan. Constant stirring, piping, mixing etc. Fast paced and intense. She has been to the ER three times thinking she was repeating kidney stones but not a one. She saw a friend over at home over Christmas who is a sports message therapist who said her muscles are way over stressed. He told her She shouldn’t lift anything for a month and gave her a few stretches but obviously 6 hours away isn’t going to help her. She needs stretching and strengthening in her upper body and legs. She has had swelling in her left ankle and foot for over a year. She is small and no body fat. No health insurance to speak of…ER only with a 5K deductable which means zero help. I’ve been watching you guys for my own back issues and thought maybe you could offer something to all of those chefs out there. A male colleague of my daughters who is also age-27 has permanent nerve damage from the work they do and is now on disability. I sure don’t want my daughter to end up there but she is a super hard worker and pushes herself relentlessly. Trying to make a living.: / Can you help?

  • Chin tucks5 to 10 every day or 2 or 3 every hour also can do
    Neck roll back 5 to 10 every day
    Postural scapular retractionW
    Extension in line? -20
    Cat camel-10
    Hamstring stretch
    Keep breathing
    Heel stretch-1530s

  • Adrian Parkinson (irish)
    Your utube videos helped me during covid 19 when house bound particularly when sciatia flared up. I couldnt sleep. Thank you so much. You are amazing. I wish I could send you a few euros.

  • Absoloolie love your advice!! Hey have you guys tried out the UprightGo device thingy to correct a slouch?? What do you think? Used along with exercises, of course

  • Very detailed abs workout guidance, thanks Jordan so much. This is a must try for me. “Plank power tuck in “ seems to be very challenging to me. Anyone hv same issue with this exercise, please raise your hands up!!! ��

  • Your feet should be flat on the floor for seated work.:) Stretching neck backwards is contraindicated for seniors over 60 yrs (due to possibility of having undiagnosed osteoporosis). All of these movements should be performed AFTER a brief warm up of all the muscles being used. I know you are trying to be quick but mentioning a warm up is very important. Thanks for your informative videos!:)

  • Hi! Can you please make a video about this problem no one seems to know how to solve: I have radiating pain in both my legs, I don’t know if it’s lumbar sciatica or piriformis or bursitis or tendinitis etc.

    When I stand 10 minutes it hurts, when I walk 10 minutes, when I climb stairs 20 seconds radiates in quads, first thing in the morning radiates a little bit then after walking a bit in the house it stops, when I do lateral hip leg raises it radiates like crazy.. what can it be..

    Thanks a lot you guys!

  • Question please: I have severe pain in the areas that I think are called trapezius and Teres Major. The pain is so severe that it goes all the way around to the front of my chest. What’s the best exercise or stretch please?

  • question for you both. I have a bulging disc, with sciatic nerve pain. Been doing PT for just over 2 months. I’m a 49 year old very active professional server at a high end restaurant. I have used my back my whole life working on organic farms, on vineyards, etc. You get the story. I was a runner for most of my life until the first episode of sciatica happened 13 years ago. Have had 2 other flare-ups of sciatica in the last 10 years and each time it took about 6 months to recover. My sports doctor is recommending I get an injection to help with the inflammation at this point so I can continue with PT, etc and get back to swimming, biking etc.and be out of pain. He thinks I’m a great candidate for this approach. Any thoughts? Thanks again. I have watched you guys for so long and you have kept me pain free and entertained:) Liz

  • 7 Stretches You Should Do Everyday

    These exercises go from head to toe for a nice stretch and strengthening routine.
    Do 5-20 repetitions. Hold stretches for 30 sec.

    1 Chin Tucks, 5-10 reps, tuck your chin, then move your head and chin forward and back like a pigeon.

    2 Chin Tuck Roll, 5-10 reps, tuck chin, move head back, drop it slowly, look up at ceiling, feel your neck stretch, use hands or towel at base of neck if needed.

    3 Postural Scapular Retraction, 10-20 reps, make two fists, arms form a ‘W’, push arms/elbows back to contract, hold, release, repeat.

    4 Cobra Pose, lie face down, keep butt down, pelvis on floor, and push up with arms, hold for 30 sec, relax, come down, repeat.

    5 Cat and Camel/Cow pose, on hands and knees, back arches up like a mad cat, head comes down, chin tucks, hold, then head comes up and back comes down and dips in the middle, hold position, repeat. DON’T DO IF YOU HAVE SPINAL STENOSIS OR SPONDYLOLISTHESIS!

    6 Hamstring stretch, do standing with leg outstretched, foot on chair, or lying down and pulling with a towel, bed sheet or your hands, on chair, bend slowly towards leg, lying down, pull leg gently towards you.

    7 Heel Chord Stretch, use incline board or lean with palms against wall, one leg forward, one leg back, stretch back leg, hold for 30 sec, repeat, change legs.

  • Am glad i have been doing most of these exercises as pre and post workouts in the gym, hence i am flexible enough, thank you for all your videos and learning some new exercises too. ������

  • I always felt like the exercises you mentioned in here are bad for me, thanks for confirming. All good, excepting plank, because my abs is shit and I really feel like it’s helping me and I can barely hold it for 60 seconds. So yea, I agree if you have amazing abs like you it’s pretty pointless, but I think most of the guys that are watching your videos are not on such a level to say that they can hold planks for 2 minutes and not breaking a sweat.

  • Awesome content as always. I’m really interested in those shoes in a few colors red/blue/black/grey, where do we get some of those if I may ask brother? Thanks

  • Everything was good until the last suggestion. Anything to do with balance like bosu ball is actually great. It’s more effective at hitting the calves, quads and glutes if you’re doing it with the right exercise. My legs becomes more shakier after 30 min on a bosu then 5 reps of leg presses which may be harsh on the lower back with all that pressure.

  • Thank you very much for the great videos please we need more that’s the best of the best I thought I was strong but after this exercise I’m the weakest person in the world:)

  • Behind the neck presses are so bad. Caused my left shoulder to get injured. However hits the shoulder better then front press. Just do dumbbell presses

  • Touching toes is more risky to your back than sitting on a flat surface with straight back. People tend to over do it since they ignore proper precautions. If you can sit without exerting you stomach muscle then try leg lifts or v sit. If you are very flexible then pancake is still better stretch than touching the toes.

  • Omg you’re so hilarious and compliment each other!!! Love your style and always watch you smiling ���������������� All the best to you. I’m amazed that you are recording every day! Thank you for your work and help ����

  • This was so informative! I have taught fitness over 30 years, but you explained so many things to make these moves progress and improve. Thank you!!

  • I have had a whiplash in my calf last year and every day i feel it and sometimes i geel like the muscle will break again (it was cut/punctured by a bike saddle during a crash) what can help me training the muscle in my calf for better flexabillity? Fear of it tearing again holds me back in my bike riding.

  • 06:31 the tips of the fingers are pointing away from your head;
    06:34 the tips of the fingers are pointing towards the toes. Which is the right position?

  • Idon’t know if you are aware of it but you are in this ad: https://nobleback.com/?fbclid=IwAR0VCVR8ddVvhAtYbb7AzgidykqrWvMWzarKhDn4W7vzt29KMpxrRLPL5qc

  • Calisthenicmovement, I have a request for you, could you please make a video to categorize in 3, 4 or 5 levels the progress of a calisthenic athlete? How would you do it, for example, basic (pushups, body rows, squats), intermediate (l-sit, skin-the-cat, bar pullovers), advanced (muscle-up, handstands,.etc), master (planche, one-arm-chin-up,…). I am curious what level I could be in, and I am sure many people will appreciate your perspective.

  • Please do more follow along trainings also including different muscle groups with bodyweight, like you have it with the hiit bodyweight workouts.

  • You are very knowledgable on the subject of strength, endurance and skill training. You have in prior presentations emphasized how important it is to keep the muscles under tension for an optimum length of time. Another youtuber the Jump Rope Guys use a weighted rope to provide this tension. What are your thoughts on jump roping with weighted resistance? Can it help or hurt? With your guys’ skills you probably could jump rope in a hand stand.

  • Hi calisthenics fans, i made an app to help you track your static hold times, check it out if you like:

  • If u r that strong and cant even do plank over 5min, just shame on u. What the point of begin so strong but cant lift urself and hold urself

  • Hello, can you make a video on how to combine cardio workout with other body parts exercises to achieve the ultimate body strength!!?

  • bham mera tricep fat raha h,gaand fat ke haat me aa gayi my brother meri.awesome workout.insane level of soreness in those triceps.I m in great pain arms pumped to 15.5 inches.thamku brother.
    love from india

  • Being working abs for months but your 8 min plank and this ab workout were the only ones that actaully worked ��Thank you so much sir!!!

  • İşte spor dediğin bu şekilde anlşatılır ingilizcemin hiç iyi olmamasına rağmen söylediği herşeyi anladığımı düşünüyorum çok teşekkürler umarım daha iyi yerlere gelirsiniz

  • I live in a tall high rise apt building with a great gym in the building.
    I have been weight lifting and stair stepping, doing pull ups, and back stretching regularly for the past 40 years.
    My issue is I am one of very few that do any exercise regularly in my gym.
    It has been this way for years.
    I always see a couple of regulars when I go to the gym, but for the vast majority of people in my buliding only a few actually show up.
    I don’t know how to get people motivated to excersise.
    Nearly everyone I know hates to put in the effort.
    Any exercise requires people to set time aside and then realise they will need to do it forever!
    A young tight body is a free gift when you are young.
    To stay fit and avoid obesity requires work and self discipline though, when you get older, and frankly not one in 50 or 100 people will do it.
    Nearly everyone in this country is just plain fat or out of shape.
    Nothing will ever fix that situation I am afraid.
    The movie Wall E shows us our future.

  • Dude this video is stupid. For every exercise in the beginning you say “I have an issue with this exercise” Just because you have an issue with it doesnt mean that WE should stop doing it. That is just stupid. What if you want to work on your front delts? Why should you bother if they work on their front delts, it is their body. Let them do what they want with it.

  • you dont get big arms withs intense pushing pulling, whatever, your muscles are growing in the kitchen by eatin lot looot of food.

  • Am going back to gym after my 3 months postpartum, man am very tired, my back is very tired bcz of sitting & laying down to breastfeed, am gonna go slowly, only I will be doing exercises that are allowed @ BobandBrad

  • Because the guys like him I don’t go to the gym!… They get me porn nightmares! ������
    Dejan is awesome, wished that I could have a body like he has! ������
    �� �� ��

  • Thank you very much☺ I respect your work that it is the best exercises in your work ����but we want stronger exercises in the work to strengthen the whole body ��

  • In diamond pushups does it matter, if you rotate your hands inward, or keep them more parallel with each other? Because if i rotate them inward after few reps i feel burning pain on the side of one wrist

  • As a personal trainer, I don’t advocate any of these exercises with my clients but you see many gym members using most of them. And anything with a weight and a bosun ball belongs In circus!

  • bro,i’m 16 and my height is 5.9,,is it okay to do gym now? and some people say we stop growing height by doing gym at this age,is this real?please help me bro

  • A lot of these exercises work for me and I have seen improvements. I will definitely continue with them but some of them I agree with you

  • Maybe next time don’t wear a white shirt with a white background. I think a darker color t-shirt would provide enough contrast to make it easier to see your form/positioning.

  • Come watch this video. Can help you to change your life. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfJB9FWnxv8Oi75clflk5ZA Thankyou For Subsricbe Team Coach Yoi

  • In how many days will I get abs by doing this exercises. I am fit I don’t have fat belly but I am not getting abs. Plz tell me some solution

  • Disagree with him about the front raise. Using 2 plates and squeezing them together during the raise is great for the upper chest fibres and works well when supersetted with flies or dumbbell bench

  • Bob and Bill, you two are the best! Thank you.
    What exercises would you recommend, for an older person preparing for a bilateral hip replacement, for AVN?

  • I love how Bob and Brad are so genuine, humble and their personalities are interesting and natural. We watch what we get… we get Bob and Brad teaching, demonstrating and working it with their own temples with workouts we can see ourselves doing them. These videos are very refreshing, honest and informative. Well done!!

  • Hi Bob and Brad I’m a 32 year old male and I’ve been doing your stretches and pain relief exercises for upper back pain for a week but still no improvement or its making its worse. I feel some pain between and below my left shoulder blades especially when I slouch also when I seat I feet numbness or tingling that starts on my left spine that goes through my ribcage. Please help I can’t go to a doctor due to quarantine on coronavirus. Thank you ��

  • Bob, how do you keep your knees looking so good? What exercises do you recommend for someone who has lines above the knees that look like they have a sad face.

  • Hello what are good exercises for shoulders tendinosis please please this pain is horrible��also a good sleeping position for this problem. Thank you ����

  • it is interesting how the body is struglling beyound the 3-5rep of the bench push for example when first doing the workout,then after few days it just comprehences the method and you go twice the reps in 1 set,altho,i cant go beyound 9,doing this for 3weeks

  • behind the neck presses and pull downs arent dangerous and aren’t supposed to avoided, instead encouraged. The only dangers are with incorrect form, years of pushing horizontally (benching) will limit the external rotation of the shoulder at the glenohumeral joint, therefore it is imperative to maintain healthy shoulders by reinforcing movements that emphasize thoracic extension (behind the neck movements) and moves like face pulls.

  • Brad, what exercises do you do for your back condition? I’m kaboshing planks because of my back. I love you guys and appreciate what you do!

  • I really like your videos, if you’re looking for ideas? Here’s one please do a video on exercises you can do after you’ve had a knee replacement and it’s been over a year, I want to know which movements are safe to do, thank you!

  • with regards to keeping the knees in proper form, i have found that thinking “sit back,” instead of squating down when doing a those type of squates.

  • I’d like to see Brad’s options for the side planks and could you please do exercises for a diastasis recti? another reason not to do planks folks! Thanks guys x

  • Hello Dean.
    Plz i need help i leave calisthenics for 2 month of this year but i can’t find exercises to start again. Its so hard and paint, can you do a video how to start again calisthenics.
    I will wait.

  • If you have to do PLANKS or PUSH UP……………..plz do’em at HOME!!!!! Unless you are at a very roomy gym…….you’re just in the way.

  • Well I never do 4 of these. I sometimes do behind the neck pulldown but with much lower weight than in front of head. It’s not a natural movement and I only works if you do it with low weight and flex like bodybuilders do. IMHO it is not the best exercise. Leg raises I do frequently but with bent legs, that is the only one I am a little sceptical and surprised about what he is saying. The other ones I agree fully, those are unnatural movements.

  • i cat do the cat exercise, but can do others, i have severe bone spurs especially in neck and shoulders. almost lost all feeling in hands in 2015, thank God for great chiropractor

  • Nice vid but you seemingly don’t “get””the function of a stability ball (hint: it’s in the name). It’s surely not about how much weight you can press or pull. ��

  • What is the calories intake in a day how to find it. For example I am doing calisthenics then how much calories in a day I need to eat for ganing musscle? And does these calories differ in bodybuilding part and calisthenics, such as if someone is doing calisthenics he need to eat this amout of calories to gain muscle and if someone is doing bodybuilding then he need to eat this amout of calories does this differ?

  • great videos and nicely executed techniques, these are very basic movements, but they are difficult for many people because most of us live a very sedentary lifestyle but for those who have the interest and motivation they can do them in very reasonable amount of time

  • Please don’t lie to us, is it really some abs excercise could make six packs? All i know, the most important and main things are you have to maintance the way you eat, how much you eat, and what you eat.

  • My understanding regards the uneven surfaces is that it’s working more of the ligaments, smaller muscles and connective tissue, improving balance and core strength. Basically it’s more functional. If you just want to get bigger; sure don’t do them. If you want to improve your functionality in the real world. Definitely do them.

  • 5:12 Yeah that’s a bad excercise for abs if you do it like that! The point is to separate the lower back from the cushion to work out the abs. And well, almost everybody does it without separating the lower back and I never say a thing because maybe they want to excercise their legs? I don’t know.

  • I recently found that fork lifts were ineffective too. For those that don’t know, it’s when you grab a fork, put a giant piece of cake on it, and lift it into your mouth.

  • I just wish that I could get such top of the line expert people like you in my country for direct consultation and advice for my back problem but nevertheless, your videos are of awesome help the best that I can get in my situation.

  • Only subscribed today, your stuff is superb and at 46 with a knee replacement and serious shoulder injury(s), I can see that I will still be able to get to a good level of strength and mobility if I work hard which i will. Thank you! PS My missus bought me a pair of blue shorts today cuz they were cheap, no shit. It’s a sign!

  • Ich frag mich gerade, weshalb ich so lange gebraucht habe, bis ich es begriffen habe. Manchmal steht man auch länger auf dem Schlauch. Jetzt weiß ich endlich, weshalb ich Euer Englisch so gut verstehe.

  • I strongly disagree with the shoulder front raise, especially some variations of this exercise are great to combine with chest workouts.

    I love front raise when you take two plates and squeeze them and then perform the front raise; or take one heavier dumbbell, point it vertically and then start raising. Apart of the shoulders it also recruits some extra chest squeez.

  • What shoes are you wearing? I’ve been looking for training shoes that come close to barefoot for a long time!

    Edit: Found them! https://www.ballop.de/triangle_blue.html🙂

  • Come on man planks also raises your metabolism..whevr i want to get a better burn i do 4 sets planks inbetween sets and start pouring sweat and it streghthens your lower back n core..the Roc does these too…youre suppose to contract your abs the whole time your doing planks and you arms are crossed in this video which gives u a better brace to hold yourself up..hold your arms straight out Not crossed it wont be so easy to get to 5 minute planks if your doing that correct..and those shoulder delt workouts come on my delts gets shredded from doing those where my cut seperates my triceps from my biceps in so much detail..guess i can get away with alot of these excercises u mentioned because my genetics react to resistance very strong.. i am 200 pounds and shredded and been workin out for 16+ years so i know what im doing..guess u must be talkin to beginners

  • Definitely agree with the plank (and all the others tbh but especially plank) better to do plank to press up or some variation if you wanna do some kind of plank?

  • Thought everything was great up to the point of the stability. This is hearsay completely but I was listening to a podcast and a retired bodybuilder was saying that apparently there is massive amounts of growth hormone released after these exercises. I personally don’t do it because I walk funny and have bad balance. But a case could be made for doing squats on a bosu ball as like a tertiary movement or something.

  • What about mind body muscle connection. It might not be benefecial to you but positively impacts a person on the other end. Your theories are not that true rather subjective.

  • Agree with all but the plank, it’s a good home exercise, and even good at the gym, hits the abs good, at least on me. Woudl never start with it tho, that would be waste of time.
    The leg raise i stopped because it was exactly like you explained, hardly felt anything on my lower abs and my legs only got tired.
    In the end of the day, if you feel an exercise hit your muscles good, keep doing it. If not, don’t waste your time.

  • This video is 100% correct. When I pulled a muscle in my neck about ten years ago the physical therapist told me to avoid these particular upper body exercises

  • Behind the neck pulldown is not a lat exercise, it is a shoulder mobility exercise. You do it with half weight and half speed and concentrate on pulling your shoulder blades together through the whole range of motion. This exercise gets a bad rep because people try to do it with the same weight and intensity they do with the conventional pulldown.

    Upright row is not bad if you do it with a cable and stand back a few feet. Instead of pulling up you pull up and back hitting the rear delts pretty good.

  • The same exact thing I’m saying toy partner and other friends about some exercises you don’t need it, you are just wasting your time because you already training that muscle in other exercise you should focus on getting the right form and same size for the overall look, and others are dangerous cause they are right opposite your joint movement which will lead to injury on the long run, but the response is you are not a qualified trainer, some things doesn’t need more than practice to know if it’s right, wrong or is their any benefits from doing it.

  • I had issue on my shoulder and scapular. Behind the neck press are better replaced with Bradford press for mobility with a resistance band or an empty bar. It’s great. A Cuban press is good for shoulder internal rotation. A Rear drive for posterior deltoid. As for the plank, I disagree because your form is lacking, you need a hollow body to rip the benefit, this type of gymnastics minded exercises for the core (a few hundred years of results to back it up) they hit your deep abdominal muscle as opposed to the front and superficial ones. That is one of the reason a lot of lifters out there end up with back issues down the line. Try hollow body hold and Arch hold, your core in its entirety is needed, the latter is great for your back strength. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the challenge for shut and giggles.
    All the best and keep up the good work.

  • The upright row thing is for sure bad for me. I popped a muscle on my neck right above might trap. I had to go to the hospital and couldn’t look to the right for a few days, therefore I couldn’t drive anywhere

  • Hi from Tennessee dr called today he wants me to work on c4 c7 I have slipping and spurs I hurt from neck down my left arm any suggestions please help,I don’t want surgery

  • Absolutely agree with you, so many people in the gym are doing this or other pointless exercises or are doing exercises wrong because they don’t know what the exercises are for…

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  • Did you guys try this one out yet? What did you think? I was ROASTED after filming the 2 versions of this workout back-to-back. Hope you enjoy!

  • This is a killer ab workout! Its my second day doing this, thank you Jared for this wonderful exercise. Hopefully i can continue up to 30 days of this everyday work out. More power to your channel

  • Instead of caffeine and/or sugary snacks, I do off the wall push-ups during coffee breaks at work. It really gets the blood pumping and clears the mind. Plus they can be done discreetly anywhere.

  • Out of the 1000’s of exercise videos, this is a 5⭐️ ab workout! At 8 minutes, it doesn’t waste a second. It’s like having your own personal coach, correcting your positions & telling me which abdominal muscle you’re working. Thank you doing the exercises with us. It really pushes me to finish.

  • I’m pretty fit and can tackle all your workouts except second excercise in this one Haha ��…..��so glad your channel came my way..your workouts are so efficent effective and quick…�� Thanks

  • Hey, i really enjoy this workout! But i cant do the rotated mountain Climber. Do you have something else i can do there? Thanks again ����