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6 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get (& Stay) Motivated sometimes the biggest obstacle standing in the way of achieving your goals is, well, you. Here, six research-backed (and totally doable) tricks to stay motivated. Credit: champlifezy/Getty Images.

Setting yourself a goal or challenge is a great way to stay motivated. Step out of your comfort zone, make new healthy habits and surprise yourself. Be Kind To Yourself.

Although a fitness challenge is all good fun, it isn’t healthy to obsess over it and beat yourself up if things don’t go according to plan. By ALEXIA DELLNER | JAN. 18, 2018 Whether it’s hitting the gym three days a week or finally finishing your novel, sometimes the biggest obstacle standing in the way of achieving your goals is, well, you. Here, six research-backed (and totally doable) tricks to stay motivated.

CHAMPLIFEZY/GETTY IMAGES BECOME A MORNING PERSON We hear you—mornings are so not. That way you stay fit and nurture your body at the same time with exercises like stretching, water workouts, relaxing and massaging the muscles, and yoga to improve balance.” There’s a constant. Experts are always looking for new ways to do everything from improving student motivation to increase the motivation to exercise.

There are plenty of theories and tips designed to help people get motivated, but some of the psychological factors that can influence motivation might surprise you. There are SO many kinds of fitness activities: weight lifting, spin class, HITT, tabata, pilates, yoga, spin, zumba, etc. No matter what your fitness level or age, there is definitely something for you out there!Whether it’s hitting the gym three days a week or finally finishing your novel, sometimes the biggest obstacle standing in the way of achieving your goals is, well, you.

Here, six research-backed (and totally doable) tricks to stay motivated. RELATED: 11 Motivational Quotes for People Who Hate Motivational Quotes. For each time you stay committed to your exercise/health contract, put that $1 in a jar and either use it for your rewards, or donate it to your favorite charity.

3. 5 Ways To Get Motivated To Get Fit. In these times of peak health and fitness spam, it’s important to remind ourselves what health and fitness is actually about. If you’re just starting out or you’re already on the road to getting fit, let me give you a few tips from my own experience on how to keep the momentum going. Michelle Hill is the owner of Winning Proof, a copywriting service, specializing in the fitness and sports fields.

Michelle’s writing experience spans more than 25 years and includes the following: Website content, event flyers, e-books, film synopsis, proposals, direct sales letters, e.

List of related literature:

8) Focus your mind on each exercise.

“The Wrestler's Body: Identity and Ideology in North India” by Joseph S. Alter
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These are all perfectly valid reasons to get fit—looking great, feeling great, having high energy levels, being more resistant to sickness and disease, living longer, and so forth—but it’s important that you isolate and articulate your reasons.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
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The actual exercise of creating motivation ideas will occur later (Step 6).

“Motivational Design for Learning and Performance: The ARCS Model Approach” by John M. Keller
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Step 11: Become physically active, preferably doing something you really enjoy.

“Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond Paleo for Total Health and a Longer Life” by Nora Gedgaudas
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Challenges are fantastic because they really motivate me to get out of bed and do my exercise.

“A Social Strategy: How We Profit from Social Media” by Mikolaj Jan Piskorski
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Motivation: After you’re inside a health club, you eliminate all your excuses not to exercise.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
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Throughout my fitness journey, I’ve never been afraid to try new things and challenge myself, and I think that’s the key to warding off boredom and staying fit.

“What's Age Got to Do with It?: Living Your Healthiest and Happiest Life” by Robin McGraw
from What’s Age Got to Do with It?: Living Your Healthiest and Happiest Life
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Inspiration and motivation is the key to getting fit and maintaining the same lifestyle.

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Step 6: Imagine yourself achieving each goal.

“The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance” by Edwene Gaines
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step 2: design the fitness Program • Consider fitness goals.

“Potter and Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing: Second South Asia Edition E-Book” by Sharma Suresh
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  • The problem is that unless people can be shown the results of exercise they will not believe it. Diseases do not develop overnight. If I go to my doc and ask for a VO2 max test he’ll laugh. Therefore mentally a person has no stimulus (motivation) to exercise. What is needed is someway of being able to test VO2 max at home.

  • The difference with this test & with a real ‘running from danger’ situation, to me, is that ‘the real’ would have the benefit of adrenaline shooting thru your body. With this test, to me, it ‘seems’ that it would be like pushing yourself from a dead stop. no incentive to LIVE & NOT DIE. In a real life situation, her # would probably be higher than 36.

  • I have morphea wich is a form of scleroderma, my body produces to much collagen wich results in hard patches like bars of soap in my skin, you mentioned that this training thickens your skin and produces callogen, I wonder since my conditin has been in remission for a few years if this training would result in a flare up? I would be interested in a study..

  • Get real! You cannot get fit in six minutes.! All exercises should start with “warm ups”, proceeded by regimen suited to your physical capabilities. Rome was not built in a day; neither are your dreams of physical accomplishments.

  • What about a potential HEART ATTACK if you’re over 60, like me? This type of exercise strikes me as wildly dangerous. Humans don’t have infinite power and strength to “go all out”especially not the heart muscles. MANY old people die during exercise. This truth is highly covered up by the health and do-gooder industries but it’s very important to know.

  • with 6min/week you will never complete a marathon without major pain or injuries. Whereas with long endurance run training also your sprint performance will increase as well, while burning lots of calories by training.

  • High intensity exertion/exercises (e.g. fast running fast pedalling) is NOT!!! advisable for the elderly!
    Moderate exertion, with aeration, is the key/secret To extending lifespan.

  • In case you don’t know, you can speed up the video by clicking on the wheel (Settings) in the lower right corner and then adjust the playback speed. I love this option!

  • 6 minutes, hey, just like all these chefs and cooks on TV saying it only takes 15 or 20 minutes to cook the recipe but they exclude prep time, washing up time, shopping for the ingredients time, putting all the gear away time. In this case, what about time to get to the park/gym and back, getting ready, and most important, warm-up and cooling down time???? No wonder she pulled or strained her leg muscle on day 1. So please, at least add 10 minutes of warming up and stretching time and 5 minutes stretching/cooling time at the end. Get real!

  • Hi I have loved your videos since 2013! Can u plan a video for home workout? I mean you have many arms, legs etc. But, how do assemble them?:)

  • THere are more than enough human subjects for you to study and absolutely no need to subject the sentient voiceless to physical and psychological trauma. Pseudo scientists keep your research species appropriate

  • I tried this at the park today, 7 reps of 30 seconds with 2 minutes of rest (sitting) in between. It was a lot tougher than I imagined could only do full throttle for around 15 seconds before my reserves ran out. I will do it again next week and see if I can improve.

  • extraordinarily negligent not to have heart rate monitor on someone that you deliberately push to their limit unless the person being pushed had already done a monitored stress test that hadn’t been filmed OR referenced.

  • It’s worth considering that most of the fittest, fastest, strongest animals in the world, neither workout, exercise, warm up, cool down, nor stretch. EVER.
    It shouldn’t be an effort to be strong, fit and healthy.

  • 4 minute interval is far too much rest! Studies show that 2 minutes is the maximum anyone should rest to restore ATP and glycogen stores in the muscles. I prefer 30 secs on, 30 rest or 1 min on, 1 min rest

  • Interval training is awesome. I managed to double my endurance within a month doing 30 minutes of running-walking. Within a month or so I should be able to run for 30 minutes straight. Might be able to do a marathon if I keep this up.

  • 2 years ago I went to the gym 4 times a week. I was extremely fit and ate the best food possible. Unfortunately I stopped due to stress at uni, illness and depression (burn out). What I miss isn’t my smaller waist but the way it felt when I was running. I felt so light and airy. Like I was jumping extra high, I didn’t feel so heavy like right now. And my arms were bomb. I had some guns to show:’D that’s what I miss. (also A+ digestion xD)

  • Personally as a youth track and field guy I would not recoomend HIIT to everybody.. The chance for an injury is extremely high.. This is sport for the young people..

  • Thank you for this! I havent been healthy for the past three months and i think i needed to hear this because im so down thinking that i need to start a fit and healthy lifestyle allover again cause i lost track of my health and fitness.

  • Hi Joanna, thank you for your guidance to a healthy lifestyle. i would appreciate if you can make a video for a local university students towards eating healthy & clean within a budget. i’m as a student struggle to get eat healthy food within a budget. please make a video on healthy food that students can buy from the supermarkets. i’m excited to know from you. thank you and so much love for you.

  • Yesterday nite I saw almost 6 7 f Ur videos which I missed since 5mnths… N got motivated…
    Between welcome to.wood & colour world from black…:)

  • Try only breathing through your nose, I work out on a exercise bike and 2 weeks ago tried only breathing through my nose and found a massive improvement in recovery time 1 minute as when breathing through my mouth 4 to 5 mins I am 81..4 mins,,, 4, 30 secs flat out with 4, 30 secs rest.

  • I am 70, male, can any one explain it very simply so I can do it with stationery cycle, in that pendemic situation
    Thanks in advance

  • Over and over we see confirmation that controlled amounts of physical and psychological stress are beneficial to our health. Thanks for the video.

  • I have a 12 hour shift if I am eating stuff with so much fat I probably will have stomache hurts in the morning… need food with less fat

  • Aaaaaarrrrggghhhh!!!! @ 2:35 “from an evolutionary perspective…..mitochondria..the reason we’re here….” Just sounds so tacky it’s not true. I must stop allowing these humanistic, naturalistic viewpoints get to me. I can clearly see in all things around me that spontaneous eruption of life followed by darwinian evolution is just scraping the bottom of the pit. But that’s just me.

  • Great video… Excellent ways to stay motivated. I am on my own journey for weight removal. Today was my 13th day straight of walking and I added 50 jumping jacks/mountain climbers to it. so this was right on time.

    Also, I am interested in Life sum but I have no friends on it, would you be my accountability partner?

  • Good on you. I’m a nurse and do nights.. couldn’t have the energy for nights… will keep watching for inspiration… but love my bed so much. X

  • this Video from 2015….intermittent Fasting Coupled with HIT can beat and Achieve all of what’s been Described in this Documentary flawlessly

  • The overdrive and the sudden onset of hormones will probably wear out your organs and muscles and shorten your lifespan. Well done scientists.

  • I also watch most of my tv shows while doing cardio! Or even movies and documentaries. Saves me quite some time to combine those two things actually:p

  • I want to do the tv show one but I don’t know any good tv shows that I haven’t watched yet and that I would like? Does anyone have recommendations?

  • Would anyone know if RA has a video on getting off keto? I followed her while she was on keto, then trailed off after. Now I rediscovered her.

  • Is there any exercise to get height.. please I want to grow high.. if there is any possible to get height through exercise please do video about that.

  • it’s funny how you talk and talk and talk about how to get in shape in 6 minutes and I still haven’t found out and I’m still watching you so I think I have a good day

  • Thanks, Cassey! I’ve been watching your videos since I was 18, I’m 25 now and I always come back to you when I need motivation to keep working out and stay healthy.

  • Thanks for the tips! Saving the shows for the gym really works! It’s like rewarding yourself for working out too! I also have to say having a gym bag at all times in your vehicle is brilliant! Thank you!

  • Dear Joanna, I have been watching your videos for a year now when I started my fitness Journey, you have been of great help, so far I have already lost 26 kg:) thank you very much and keep going you are awesome

  • I’m sorry Cassie, but ” I only allow myself to watch when I exercise.” sounds reaaal disordered. It actually was one of my habits during my eating disorder… Maybe go less hard on yourself..? It could be triggering…
    Love you

  • Thanks for the great tips Joanna! I got so motivated and downloaded Lifesum. It’s my first day of using it and I really like that it is simple but very easy to organize summary of intake.

  • What do you do if you have an injury and can’t keep with the plan? I have had to stop running as I’ve a sciatic nerve injury. Legwork is so good for cardio and breathing and I love being out early in the morning. I’m so frustrated!

  • Also, find a workout partner. My flatmate and I now do pilates together and you have no idea how motivating that is. You encourage each other, but you also feel like you have to work out because otherwise you’re letting your friend down. (That’s a slightly negative motivation, but it’s no biggie compared to all of the fun you’ll have working out together!)

  • Cassey: I want to challege you to do any workout videos whitout make up. You have a lot of inspirational videos like “you have to love yourself” and thing like this. But i think that is not the better example to do all your workouts whit make up. Because you are my role model, mine and of a lot of people, but i feel that if you, the most confidencs person that i meet, “need” to wear make up in all the videos i should wear more make up for feel better.
    I think that these “natural” workouts can be as inspirational as the “love youself” videos.
    Thanks for your attention, you are the best <3

  • Idk how you can watch This Is Us at the gym. I know I can’t, because there was not even one episode that I watched without crying/sobbing. One of the best tv-series of all times.:x ♥

  • Thank you so much for creating this inspirational video. I don’t know if it’s too much of me to ask, would it alright if you could share on your routine/steps you take to de-stress and manage after a terrible, bad and tiring day? I love your morning and night routine videos and they absolutely gave me the motivation to start and end my day, and truthfully, it made me realise my purpose in my life and made me become more aware of my own basic bodily needs and instincts which is what we often neglect in our busy lives. Thank you so much:)

  • Very good video…HIIT has been proven since at least the early 1990’s… Look up Tabata training. The intervals are Brutal, but the results are Amazing! The original protocol is 20 secs on, 10 secs rest. Then repeat 8 times. I prefer 30 secs on, 90 secs rest…See Dr. Mercola.

  • Something that helps me:
    I can’t focus enough while doing cardio to watch a TV show, so I watch lyric videos of my usual playlist. Focusing on the lyrics, for some reason, really helps the time pass for me while on a treadmill especially.

  • Hello Joanna. I’m your big fan. Your motivational videos are truly good and also motivated to start a workout. I’m 22 years old and 5’3″ tall. but my weight 43 kg. I know it’s not good��. now I’m starting to follow yours “workout plan to gain weight for women”. but question is….. after gaining perfect weight (48-49 according to BMI) which one of workout plan should I follow?

  • Hi Rachel I’m studying Master of Engineering I felt like giving up. I did not login to YouTube for a while I was getting into your video channel too see what you posted lately this video was really helpful and encouraging to keep going ������������

  • Decided to not set resolutions. I have decided to just get in a place where I’m happy with my body. A place where I work on what I feel needs to grow stronger. Thanks for the inspiration! ❤️ You!

  • If it’s convenient, the gym bag one is definitely a good one. I don’t have a car so I take public transit everywhere so just carrying around gym stuff would just be very inconvenient. But there have been times when I was out and I was suddenly motivated to go to the gym and it was just like, “****! I’m not dressed to workout though!” And once I get home, I’m not going out dealing with transit again. Nuh uh. NOUP. >_>
    [And I work out more effectively at the gym. I just can’t get as motivated at home]

  • When I don’t feel like hitting the gym sometimes I just look back at old pictures, then I’m like “Right, fuck that shit, let’s go lift.” LOL

  • So for that moment when all you want to do is computer? I’m currently walking on my walking treadmill, typing, catching up on emails, whilst wearing my cordless headset so I can not only listen to music but also skype folks or chat on discord etc. Yeah, it’s expensive kit, but for my health conditions it’s necessary. Great video, but don’t lose yourself by plugging for money.

  • I don’t like it when youtubers advertise things without telling us they are advertising them. This was basically an extended Samsung earphone/watch advertisement, and I don’t even know if she actually uses those things. I find it a bit manipulative..

  • I love your hair and your attitude and just everything about you! I also love how even though this video was sponsored, the sponsorship made the video better instead of worse!

  • Hi Cassey, I have 1 tip for you. My mom always teached me to put everything ready for the day in the evening before. Like your meals of the day, clothes, shoes, agendas. And write everything down that you want to write down before you go to bed and hang it on the fridge.. so you can sleep better and the next day when you get up and go to your fridge and take your prep breakfast.. you can read the note( example: an errand or a positive message or sweet mssg to your fiancee) and feel alot better when everything runs efficient and smoothly������.. (sorry if my english is bad�� I’m Dutch��) have a nice day��

  • i always do this before i workout i always say: fat, you are going to die again.. ya ready to die!!! and when i do blogilates vids, and when i feel that excruciating pain, i just feel like my fat is dying and im getting closer to my dream and goal, to be the best me

  • Hi Joanna, thanks for making this video and you always keep me motivated. I like to watch ur workout video as well as follow ur workout routine. However I’m been having some issue with compulsive eating. I consciously know that I’m eating too much but I can’t control it and i will stuffed myself even more when I feel guilty. I don’t know how to deal with this problem. Could you make a video about how to get over this issue?

  • Ah thank you!! I was seriously contemplating going to the gym right now and convincing myself of all the reasons I don’t have time to go or don’t have enough energy… Thank you for the inspiration!!

  • hi Joanna. I used the app for two weeks now and I have to say I really like it because it shows my eating habits and it shows my exercise process. I want to say thank you for sharing this video and sharing Lifesum with us. Thank you for being an inspiration ��

  • I like your enthusiasm, you should make more motivational video. I’m using Mel Robbins 5 second rule and planning time ahead to make my workouts possible.

  • About the trick #3, anyone knows where can I find a cute gym bag like Cassey’s? She used to sell gym bags, but I can’t find them anymore ��

  • I really need this, i need yo lose more 7 kilos, but i start cant control to eat snack, thanks girl, hope i can control my mind to keep on track

  • Wow thank you for reminding me about actually forming habits!!! I was feeling a little demotivated and I completely forgot about the importance of habit well done ����������

  • Make it a habit! And, plan ahead your weekly schedule. I recommend placing a picture of the person / body you want to become / have where you can see it every morning. Great tips BTW!: -)

  • For all the idiots out there that dont QUITE understand tv shows…..this is a half hour show looking into the claim ‘fit in 6 minutes a week’……which part of the tv show investigating a claim is the confusing part for you? The video is not called ” a six minute video featuring Anja getting fit” ( yes, id watch that) so im rather perplexed as to why there are so many apparently intelligent adults seemingly confused and frightened by the length of the show….

  • Finding a workout I love has always been a problem. (I have to be honest I really don’t like working out too much. >.< )
    But when I was going to college I found that I LOVED Zumba and Barre. I did one (or both!) 4-5 times a week.

    But now where I live all of the gyms near me have those classes during the weekday daytime, or don’t offer them at all.:( I work a 9-5, so I can’t make it to them. So I’ve found myself back in kind of a workout rut.

    Although I did love the superhero series you did in October!

  • I have a question, sorry if this sounds stupid lol, I lost about 8-10 kg the past year, if I go to the gym or do your workouts would it make me lose even more weight? I’m trying to start working out, because I easily get tired. Again, sorry if this is a stupid question, I just don’t want to lose any more weight because I’m already skinny. ��

  • For me the best thing to get motivated for the gym is just by watching any of your videos, i’m serious! I’ve been watching your videos for about 3 years now and you’re genuinely one of the most amazing and vibrant people I have ever seen, Cassey! What I also love about you is that you’re so honest. You’re honest about your insecurities, you admit that you’re not always all bubbly and shiny like on the videos, that you struggle, that you’re human. That makes you even lovelier! You make me want to be a better, nicer and happier person and honestly I think that’s one of the best traits a human can have, to radiate such positive energy and love!

  • Hello Cassey, it might be out of blue but just a wish that i can buy your recipe books for reset program or clean healthy eats! I would totally buy paper book for my healthy eating and feels like that would be a great start for me towards eating clean, organic, wholesome! Or any suggestions on good healthy eating recipe books?:D would love to get some recommendation!

  • my favourite part was how you thought about being fair to your friend in regards to working out! top notch on being an awesome human!!!

  • Is the website not working or is it just me? It says “Forbidden”? Maybe it’s limited to some areas or temporarily down? It’s not working for me no matter how much I try. Please help…

  • No bullshit, this video may have changed my life. Second time watching, and I have “BE + DO = HAVE” taped to my computer at work AND in my bullet-ish journal. Thank you, always love your videos!

  • I hope in the future you will have some popflex gym bags!!!! I have been waiting for them since the ogorgeous bags have been discontinued! I know you have your hands full, but keep that in your back pocket!

  • What u should take away from me watching this video is that ur leg raises ( 7:13)needs better form and support. Instead of placing ur arms under ur head u should place them under ur back for support. This is a injury to ur lower back, mabye not now but later on down the track. just a heads up.

  • i hate that i’m 15 and i don’t have my own money to buy the foods i need and i don’t have the space to do shit that i want to bc of the ppl around me its annoying and i feel taped and have no freedom

  • I am 14 year 5.8 feet 218 pounds
    I have trying to lose weight for a year now but whenever I see fast food I just can not stop myself
    Hope this will help me

  • I’m really trying my best to make behaviours because I am suffering with depression and anxiety and it’s also part of my CBT therapy but the thing I struggle with the most is choosing behaviours and knowing how much to change at once. I often try to take on too much and become disheartened when it’s too much and I fail but then If I try to take smaller steps I feel demotivated and can’t focus on my end goal as well. Say for example I set myself a small goal to begin with to gym twice a week, I went every day actually because I felt up to it but because I hadn’t fixed my diet it left me feeling so exhausted and sore and tired all the time because I just wasn’t eating enough to keep up with my new energy requirements. It’s such a hard balance but I hope I can find a way to implement these behaviours I’d like to have. If anyone else has a suggestion that works for them I’d love to hear it

  • When I always motivate myself but then there’s my family saying “ur so fat” “you’ve gain weight”… like wth!? I excercize and diet but why can’t they see it. Then I stoped doing exercises and diets that’s when I really get so fat and gain weight. Then there’s my family again saying “Ur already getting thin back then. What happened?” like!?? I’ve stoped cuz they say I’m gaining weight back then… why they say it!? I’ve lost my confidence doing it cuz of them… then now they..!??

  • I spent a whole summer watching Gilmore girls on the treadmill after getting a gym membership for my birthday! I hate that I can’t afford one now:(

  • Loved video so very true so its not bad i had pizza on my night out! Lol �� stiack w each day each worker gets better I continue to challenge myself, i think thst is the key is to continually challenge yourself w a new challenge to stay motivated!

  • If your focus is to limit exercise down to as few minutes as possible, you will never stay fit. You need to make it a complete lifestyle choice. I know. I tried to do this, and stayed obese.
    Then I embraced fitness as a way of life, and I dropped 80 lbs quickly. That was 3 year ago and I am still getting leaner and stronger.

  • I’m so bummed out, I’m 17 and I weight 94, I’m 5’4, I was gaining weight and it took me FOREVER to gain 4 solid pounds, this morning I checked and I lost 8 pounds!!! I’m so disappointed, it feels like I can’t keep going, it’s like the more I try to gain weight the more I LOSE weight. I feel stuck.

  • I feel like if I lived by myself when I’m old enough (I’m 15) it would be easier, because my family is always buying unhealthy food and I had already lost 20 pounds but I want to lose 15 more.

  • I’m so thankful I saw this Video thanks a lot! Im experiencing an eating disorder at this moment maybe because of the quarantine:( and Im having a hard time, but after watching this, it brightens up my night, Ill be starting a new beginning tommorow not jumping into a boom of changes ill be improving my self step by step! Thanks a lot

  • This may seem cheesy, but I play bakery story while I workout. I tip my neighbors during the recovery period of HIIT workouts, or after I complete a sprint. lol. I also begin and end my workouts with my ‘favorite’ workouts. Lately, that has been the Blogilates Wonder Woman workout! It makes me feel so strong and confident! ������️‍♀️��‍♀️

  • Thank you for the workout motivation and healthy eating recipes! After failing my NY resolutions just after one month I want to start over so badly! New sub!:)

  • I learnt a lot from all your videos, you’re amazing! If you can make a video on how to build a better and round deltoid muscle, it would be great and appreciated.

  • Today is day 51 with you and I’ve been enjoying each one of them… each in its own way! Staying motivated for me has meant “comin’ to visit with you” once a day for one video (only one a day so I don’t get overwrought!) THANKS. I’m practicing so many of your ideas that one of them (at least one) will surely become MY healthy habit for a good lifestyle in the future. THANKS FOR ALL your videos!

  • HELLO HELLO HELLO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Tell me why when you spend so much time planning your healthy lifestyle do you allow your dogs dirt smelly bug ridden creatures who through moulting leave hairs everywhere to lay on your bed pillows? That is disgusting!!

  • These were awesome, Cassie! Saving a show for the gym is a great idea! I actually try to dress in an outfit so I have no reason not do my Blogilates workouts:)

  • These tips were amazing and those wireless headphones were really cool! The playlist tip was a really good idea and now I feel really motivated �� thanks Cassey ❤️

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  • Y’all should check out @Clarkfit on Instagram. Dude’s a legit gamer and jacked/shredded af. Posts workouts like 3-4 times a week. Sorry this sounds like a commercial for the guy, but he runs a great page.

  • Back in the 20th Century, Arthur Lydiard developed a training method for elite distance runners that included interval training, but only after a period of general conditioning. Any training that involves going straight into interval training, especially for sedentary (or older) people seems to me to be risky. There are no quick solutions to improving fitness in my mind. I think about 12-16 weeks of walking and short jogging (like the Galloway program) as a predecessor to interval training will ultimately prove to be the ideal build up. For example, comfy bike rides, hike and walks for 3 months, and then introduce hills and sustained activity at higher heart rates, followed by more intense short bursts like shown in this video (brisk hiking up a mountain grade). You don’t want to tear tendons or ligaments my friends!! If you are a teenager, go ahead and hammer! Everyone else please take caution and stay balanced across muscle groups and movements please.

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  • Back in the 1940’s, Glenn Cunningham’s usual workout was to jog to the track, stretch, then run 3x 440 all out with full recovery between. Pretty much 2.5 -3 minutes of all out effort. He got very close to the 4 minute mile that way. However, for optimal athletic performance is distance events, mileage/ quantity matters. It’s not as clear for general health, and I wonder about the wisdom of people who are untrained or in their 70-80s going all out.

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  • Great points made here, I have been a shift worker for 17 years and many of those shifts were 10 – 12 hours plus because that’s what my job actually required. However I managed t get some great results in terms of losing 20 kgs and keeping it off for 7 years all while doing shifts. I found that eating better and exercising has massively helped this success and if you don’t mind, I’ve added a link to a video I made on this topic. https://youtu.be/Okw0T2hKO3A I think the more information on how to juggle this the better 😉

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