5 Yoga Poses (as well as their Weight-Room Translation)


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Easy Way to End Sciatica for Good

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5 Yoga Poses (and Their Weight-Room Translation) by Brittany Risher. December 21, 2016. No Comments.

Share it: For many of us, yoga is this intimidating thing that seems like a foreign type of exercise that we’ve never done — and might never do. Yoga began in India circa 3000 B.C. as a practice to find harmony between mind and body. In the thousands of years since then, the exercise has. These 10 yoga poses are the perfect complement to strength training next time you’re in the weight room.

Say buh-bye to boring stretches with 10 asanas perfect for women who lift. Love to lift weights but hate to stretch? These 10 yoga poses are the perfect complement to strength training next time you’re in the weight room.

Let’s look at 15 common yoga poses to understand their benefits to the different parts of your body. Bridge – Bandha Sarvangasana The Bridge yoga pose is a great front hip joints opener, it also strengthens your spine, opens the chest, and improves your. The 8 best yoga poses for men (with modifications) Most of the poses below and their descriptions are taken from my book, Yoga Fitness for Men, which has been published in 4 languages and has sold over 35,000 copies since being released in May 2019. Re-used with permission from Dorling Kindersley Publishers and Dennis Burnet Photography. 1.

Many yoga poses can help you with the Big 3 (bench, deadlift, and squat), and beyond. Instead of plain old static stretching that typically only stretches one muscle at a time, yoga can be implemented by weightlifters looking to actively stretch multiple muscle groups at a time (hello, efficiency!) and level up from monotonous, passive stretching. It is a common misconception that overweight and obese individuals should stick with gentler forms of yoga, rather than attempt more vigorous styles like Ashtanga or Iyengar. Yoga expert Elizabeth Kovar explains why standing asanas are far more effective for these clients and participants, particularly when it comes to enhancing flexibility and supporting weight-loss efforts.

66 basic yoga poses and their sanskrit names, representing the diversity in human bodies. Full color poster shows perfect alignment of postures. Ashtanga yoga invocation, in the original Sanskrit, with a translation.

A great learning aid for your yoga practice When it comes to longevity in the weight room and on the field, not getting. Explore Dawn Coniglio’s board “Yoga fitness” on Pinterest. See more ideas about Yoga fitness, Yoga, Yoga poses. 10 Perfect Poses for Partner Yoga. May 29, Your partner should give you some leeway of a few inches to explore your own balance in between their arms.

This is a great pose to practice not only balance, but trust too. Women, Take Over the Weight Room: Strong is the Path to Sexy!

List of related literature:

They should teach each asana individually, without vinyasa, and understand the final pose.

“Krishnamacharya: His Life and Teachings” by A.G. Mohan
from Krishnamacharya: His Life and Teachings
by A.G. Mohan
Shambhala, 2010

By giving plenty of time with these poses Yoga students can make wonderful strides in their capacity to do comfortable seated poses.

“Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy” by Mukunda Stiles
from Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy
by Mukunda Stiles
Lotus Press, 2008

Four of them—Eagle, Contracted, Yoga, and Raised Tortoise—are poses that were left out because they were either too similar to another pose (Yoga) or too difficult for a general audience (the other three).

“Original Yoga: Rediscovering Traditional Practices of Hatha Yoga” by Richard Rosen
from Original Yoga: Rediscovering Traditional Practices of Hatha Yoga
by Richard Rosen
Shambhala, 2012

There are six main postures that accomplish this—sitting in a chair, kneeling on the floor or a bench, sitting in the crosslegged easy posture, and sitting in what we’ll call the classic meditative postures: the auspicious, the accomplished, and the lotus poses.

“Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners” by David Coulter
from Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners
by David Coulter
Motilal Banarsidass, 2004

Bikram yoga goes through a series of 26 poses in a very hot room so beware.

“Melanin Guide to Spiritual Awakening” by J.A.H. Diouck
from Melanin Guide to Spiritual Awakening
by J.A.H. Diouck

To achieve the greatest benefit from each of these postures, patients should complete at least five and up to 15 full yogic breaths per pose.

“Integrative Gastroenterology” by Gerard E. Mullin, Marvin Singh
from Integrative Gastroenterology
by Gerard E. Mullin, Marvin Singh
Oxford University Press, 2019

In the following pages, you will learn five restorative yoga poses that may be practiced on their own or in a sequence.

“Yoga for Pain Relief: Simple Practices to Calm Your Mind and Heal Your Chronic Pain” by Timothy McCall, Kelly McGonigal
from Yoga for Pain Relief: Simple Practices to Calm Your Mind and Heal Your Chronic Pain
by Timothy McCall, Kelly McGonigal
New Harbinger Publications, 2009

Poses can be suggested to the client and to the yoga instructor, if a member of the treatment team.

“Treatment of Eating Disorders: Bridging the Research-practice Gap” by Margo Maine, Beth Hartman McGilley, Douglas Bunnell
from Treatment of Eating Disorders: Bridging the Research-practice Gap
by Margo Maine, Beth Hartman McGilley, Douglas Bunnell
Elsevier Science, 2010

8-10 one gets a much clearer picture of the practice of yoga.

“Classical Sāṃkhya: An Interpretation of Its History and Meaning” by Gerald James Larson
from Classical Sāṃkhya: An Interpretation of Its History and Meaning
by Gerald James Larson
Motilal Banarsidass, 2001

If you need further instructions on the physical aspect of the poses, please refer to the bibliography for recommended Hatha Yoga manuals.

“Hatha Yoga: The Hidden Language” by Swami Sivananda Radha
from Hatha Yoga: The Hidden Language
by Swami Sivananda Radha
Timeless Books, 2006

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  • This may stump you. 3 months ago I noticed a skin
    hypersensitivity in my back, in vicinity of L4-5.
    I cannot have anything touch the area not even clothing. I have had sciatica in the past so know what it feels like. There is no leg pain whatsoever. I did have a lumbar laminectomy there in the late 80’s. Current episode followed housecleaning. Been home treatment for 3 months almost but hypersensitivity has not gone away. Impacting my daily life now. Will seek my dr. advice but wondered what you might have to say about it.

  • I have sciatica and herniated discs in lower back. I do some of this. I use a cane often and looking for a better one than the VA gave me. I saw the campbell walking cane, and hugo cane. What do you think is a better option?

  • I was diagnosed with sciatica in 2015. Now Sometimes my left hip will have shooting pain that goes up my lower spine and I get dizzy. When I lay down and try to move my left hip to the left, it feels really heavy and I be in so much pain.

  • yes thanks for the exercise rith hand middle finger feel better.I also have one on my left hand thumb.But this has like bone/ tendon spur like that moves and feels like getting bigger.I had 2-3 steriod injection but still reccurs,sore and sometimes painful.
    What shpuld i do?

  • Thank you mam!!!! I recently quitted my gym due to some academics reasons. I have started following your videos. You explain each and every aasanas so beautifully. Really mam you explain all the sequence so politely.����☺️☺️����

  • what helped my sciatic pain was soaking my feet in hot water with apple cider vinegar. went to chiropractor and pt for most of a year with no relief. then due to ankle bone spur pain, i decided to soak feet, didn’t have any epsom salt on hand so i poured in some apple cider vinegar just to feel like i was doing something. did this nightly for a few days and noticed sciatica was improved. still sounds dumb to me when i talk about it, but it helps.

  • I would like to share a hack available online for the popular meditation tips. All you have to do is type: “MindYoga4U” in Google. You’re going to become a master with the suggestions available.

  • The hardest bit might be the motivation. As the pain recedes so can the willingness to keep up with the exercises until it eventually returns.

  • My doctor diagnosed a bulging disc but offered no advice/remedy. I rarely have leg pain during the day but the sciatica wakes me many nights, sometimes more than once. That ruins the next day as well. The pain goes into my foot and really makes my knee with the meniscus tear hurt horribly. I can’t walk or stand more than five minutes without needing to sit due to pain. I sit so much that my feet seem to be permanently swollen and weight gain is an issue, which doesn’t help. I will go get the info on the website so I can get better. Thank you.

  • Any other serious guitarists/musicians battling trigger finger? Had surgery? (or cured a STUBBORN case without it?)
    Pro touring solo guitarist here with trigger finger 8+ months now (middle finger-Left/fretting hand). Already done all the usual PT, ice, heat, cortisone shots, oral & topical anti-inflammatories, even forearm muscle-scraping, ultrasound, acupuncture…Trying to avoid surgery like plague (had carpal & cubital tunnels in both arms yrs ago; 18 MONTH post-op rehab/pt was a nightmare, and never quite the same)

    Any success, advice, words of warning?? Thanks!

  • Brad I have the exact same symptoms. Stiffness in the morning and trigger finger, from physical labour. I am considering stopping the trade work and going to be a cook. Can someone continue to do the physical labour with the hands, construction trade work, and work through it? I dont have pain with my trigger finger. But I have stiffness in the hands in the morning. Also, do you find diet causes stiffness or trigger finger flare up? For example, occasionally i will wake up and my pinky finger or other fingers will exhibit trigger finger.

  • I notice lots of people keep on talking about Clegenatur Methods (just search it on google). But Im uncertain if it’s good. Have you ever tried this popular breast enlargement methods?

  • Love yourr workkkk!!!!!! And you guys truly are the besttt physical therapists in the internet!!!!❤️❤️❤️ Stay safe and lots of loveee

  • Hey you guys so love you appreciate you enjoy you look forward to new videos all of that, I just wanted to offer that you consider if Tik Tok is really a platform you want to be on as they are truly not a friend to our country or personally to the individual users who are uploading data onto it. Alright so it’s outside of your channels subject of expertise I just thought I’d offer you may want to have a look at it if you haven’t before… thank you again for your great work.

  • Hi Bob&Brad. I have/had trigger thumb. It has since evolved to total stiffness in the end knuckle where the finger nail is. I can not move it, and trying to is severely painful. The base of the thumb is fine, free to move and no pain. It’s just the top knuckle of my left thumb. Is there anything I can do for it? Or is surgery my only option?

  • You don’t always have to be happy doing yoga. You don’t have to smile. Sometimes you’ll feel like crying. Which is completely fine.

  • Thank you for those tips. They are very useful and I will give it try. Last year I had a cortisone shot and the triggering went away for about 6 or 7 months but now it’s coming back, so I will try your exercises for now as well as the apple-cider vinegar because I also have tight hands in the morning. Thanks… I will also subscribe:)

  • Mam what exercise should I do if I want to gain weight, muscle and strength. Please make a video on it. It will be very helpful for all those lean guys who can’t afford gym.

  • Great advice. I used this method years ago when my sciatica was so bad i could barely stand for 30 seconds, and when i stood up it felt like my hamstrings were snapping. After using this method and some other stretches it cured my pain.

  • Thanks for the video, can you make two 1 hour video designed for body mass? One for upper and the other for lower body. So that we can watch it as we follow you for a month every other day. Thanks ����

  • I have full spinal fusion with cd instrumentation I had done 30 years ago. Now I’m really starting to have problems with it as I get older. I did have to have a laminectomy and partial rod removal in Feb of this year they took 4 inches off one of my rods. I did well for awhile and now it’s coming back full force. I wish I could do the excercises you showbut my back has extremely limited flexion. I can only bend slightly from waist. What does someone do that faces these challenges to help combat sciatica?

  • No ovens, running water, refrigerators, or other modern conveniences? This is what you will face during a disaster. Be prepared for whatever happens.

  • 2 mos. after thyroid removable I developed trigger finger on both middle fingers…so frustrating. I’m excited to try these exercises.
    Thank you Dr. LindaMay

  • I have been struggling with extreme sciatica since past 4 years. Done everything Physio,Injections,meds etc. I do back exercises daily. Nothing works. I stopped running and exercising for atleast two years. But from the last 6months I have slowly started doing all these activities again and surprisingly my sciatica is better. It gets that annoying touch sometimes but since i have become more active it is less prevalent. I am considering surgery if it doesn’t go away in another 6 months but being active has kept the pain at bay or completely out. A bit tingling Numbness is always there.

  • so good work out and very clear in your explanation…can you please suggest at what time we can do this exercise in a day and how many times…thank you ��

  • I’m watching this shit �� with my mouth open Who the hell came up with this? Was it some kid with adhd who was like oooh mom look what happens if I do this and then try to touch my nose? then mom says calm down kid. Now we got yoga wtf

  • My hip won’t stay in place. Right side drops down and I get excruciating pain down my leg. It locks up my knee and hurts my heel. Any suggestions on getting in place and staying in place. I do have a herniated disk and degenerative disk disease at L5-S1.

  • What if, after 2 unsuccesfull operations and an infiltration the doctor discovers that my tendon in my middle finger is 3 times thicker than normal? That means I am stuck with that trigger finger for the rest of my life? I don’t realy mind that trigger finger, but I do mind is getting stuck with my finger wrapped aroud something (a doorhandle for example) and not be able to get it loose without a lot of pain. The more I use that finger (excercices) the more it get stuck

  • My primary care doctor diagnosed sciatica, and wrote me a prescription for a muscle relaxer. I decided not to fill the prescription, and instead went to a chiropractor. He immediately showed me a few exercises, which I did religiously for 2 months, and the pain was gone! Since then I started taking yoga classes, and discovered the exercises he gave me were yoga stretches! I will forever be grateful to my chiropractor for his good healthy advice.

  • Bob had it for two years, and I’ve had two months and it’s getting any better, even with medications. Can I trust that I do not need to wait for two years until it’s over, because the pain is crippling all my activities and I feel that I’ll have for life. Does really go over at the age of 59, and what is the best medications to take because I want my life back. So far I used Normocoxib 200mg, Plenica 250mg, and TrioMag Plus without any improvement. Please advise.

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  • Thank you so much.i find them very effective though im just a bigenner, but i feel a lot of pressure n pain on my wrist. What do i do about it???please help

  • Hey.. I tried these n it worked.. had a query for a friend who is over 100 kg n has knee issues due to weight.. can he so these as well..

  • In my family it tends to be genetic. My Mom had it, my brother has it…and I had it when my kids were babies on my thumbs.. and now again at 64… My brother has had surgery on three of them.

  • Ah I can only do the birds of paradise! The rest gives me something to train for, I need to improve my upper body strength. Thank you!!

  • They have a lot of yoga ��‍♀️ classes at the ymca but I never attended those while I was a member due to my social anxiety and feeling out of place as someone on the autistic spectrum. It is on my bucket list of items to do before I pass away.

  • I began yoga using this yogo guide “Yοmzοzο Kena” (Google it) in 2017 to boost my running. Besides improving my physique, I also lost 10 pounds in the process by participating in a Yoga exercise Challenge utilizing the exercises within this handbook. I really love the simple descriptions, positions, meditations and also how to live yoga off the mat..

  • Well I’m back ��…. You cured me of De quervain thumb. Now you’re going to fix my trigger finger. You guys are the best. Sooner or later… I’ll be back ��

  • Bob and Brad thank you for this wonderful video! I am afraid of taking medicines so this helpful tips bring joy to me. More of this kind, please…

  • Been doing the McKenzie technique for years Bob.But Brad I don’t have much or any disc material left at all should I continue to do this? Works great every time thanks guys. ☮️��❤️

  • I’m curious about this. I don’t experience a click when my fingers lock. It typically occurs after a long day of brushcutting or repetitive movement like you said. I always thought it was just a cramp from fatigue but when it locked for several minutes unlike before I got seriously concerned. Sometimes it’s the left hand sometimes it’s the right hand. I don’t want this to get any further along. If there is no click then is this what I’m experiencing or could it be something similar? I don’t think it’s carpal tunnel syndrome but what do I know.

  • I tried the peacock and firefly poses plus the one where you backwards wrap you arms around your leg and lift it up. They were actually surpriaingly the easiest ones.

  • I love you guys. I’m getting damn old and I find myself needing remedies a lot more these days… I frequently end up on your videos, and they almost always help me. After all you’ve done for me subscribing is the least I can do. THANK YOU GUYS.

  • This is bullshit. I went to PT for two years and tried all of these exercises. Don’t let trigger finger ruin your life, just go get the surgery.

  • You guys are so real. I love you. I got Triggerfinger after I bought my last bike. My new bike has a curved handlebar that does not let me have a full grip on it. I have been taking Apple Ceder Vinegar and doing the exercises even before I saw your video. it works. Keep up our good work.

  • I invented my own massage technique for this. Sit the tennis ball down on the table in front of you. Then put the affected hand, palm down, on top of the ball. Then put the other hand on top of the first hand as a weight to push down. Then roll the affected hand around on the ball as you find the tender knots causing the trigger finger, and massage them out. It’s basically applying the tennis ball plantar fasciaitis technique to your hand instead of your foot.

  • Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve becomes pinched, usually by a herniated disk in your spine or by an overgrowth of bone (bone spur) on your vertebrae. More rarely, the nerve can be compressed by a tumor or damaged by a disease such as diabetes.��

  • my father has ILD.. Its a lung disease.. he can’t walk, use stairs. he gets tired and can’t breath properly.. so will it help??

  • This may sound silly but is lower and mid back pain the same as sciatica? I get pain in mid and lower due to farm work lifting buckets if feed and water and 25kg sacks so any advice would welcome. Mandy

  • this may take 4 weeks but don’t lose your spirit. one key is to pay attention to all of the unhelpful movements and postures that actually prolong the problem. this works. not rocket science.

  • I just want to say thanks to Mr. Bob & Brad. I came across your video last night while dealing with a trigger thumb. I followed your advice on trigger point isolation, cross fiber massage & stretching of the affected finger. I was mainly doing conservative treatment with Ice pack & soaking my hand in warm water. I also used Kinesiotape & wrist brace for support but everything that I’ve been doing had very minimal effect in decreasing my pain. Today, after following the treatment in your video I was able to feel significant decrease in my pain level. Thank you for sharing your knowledge & may God continue to bless you both.

  • You guys are true American Patriots!! Thanks for your great videos. I had L3-4, 4-5, and 5-S1 fused two years ago. Thought it would solve my sciatica pain yet I still greatly suffer with sciatica. I have had a trial spinal stimulator taped to my back for about a week now but it does not seem to be doing much good. The doctors just can’t seem to find the problem as of yet. I was a marathon runner for about 25 years and am now paying the price. O what I would give for some pain free days and not have to take a handful of medication just to get a few hours sleep.

  • I suffer with sciatica, but I have two Harrington rods implanted in 1977��. It would be great if there was something for people with these old surgeries.

  • I have trigger finger also in my middle finger and sometimes it locks in the morning and really hurts. The exercises in this video definitely help to provide immediate short term relief I don’t know about a permanent cure though. I also found a lot of relief using a stress ball. you know one of those 5cm diameter balls which you press to reduce stress. the regular pressing and releasing must be similar to using the elastic band but much more practical to exercise while doing something else like studying or typing with one hand. I discovered avoiding to sleep on the hand/arm of the effected finger also helps. Try to stay relaxed as any form of anxiety seems to make my finger pain flare up somehow. General exercise (even not involving your fingers) also seems to help perhaps that is why it hurts most when waking up -due to the inactivity.

  • The ring fingers and some restriction on the middle fingers. The first joint into the palm, very stiff and sore in the mornings. Now we know the rest of the story, working with my hands daily at 60 it is an issue.

  • Thanks so much sirs. I’m 27years yes old I think I have a hand disorder on my right hand side, I think it was due to my domestic sores at home. I Started from the age of 10 up till now, I’m trying to straighten my fingers but it’s not working. Please guys tell me what to do because the fingers disorder is from the index finger to the pinky. I fills little ashame.

  • I am not sure if i have trigger finger but my left hand middle finger curled up during sleep and becomes super painful when I just try to straighten it, which is the first thing i do spontaneously when i wake up. So it is literally the shocking pain wakes me up every morning. I will try the exercise to see if it helps. Really wish the shocking pain goes away.

  • Thanks a lot to ultimate pair…people like you make this world a better place. That was too painful, your suggested exercises relieved it in an hour…please suggest do we need to keep this in straight position so that it won’t lock again. You saved us a hospital visit in COVID time… god bless both of you ��

  • I so get the depression, I have had de quervians, trigger finger in my thumb and index finger and it is now developing in my ring finger all in the last 2 years and three cortisone injections. My entire recreation and work involves hand sewing an repetive movements in other tasks and I would be devastated if I couldn’t do it. I am going to do these exercises religiously and will report back. Thanks for giving me some hope

  • Thank you guys. You are the best! I have trigger finger due to my job as a software engineer and I cannot see a therapist due to Covid-19 lock down. Watching your videos has helped me to heal my hand and be able to work back again. I usually get the pain due to the mouse on the index and middle base fingers.

  • Just found you guys. Glad I did. I’ve got a sister who is healing from a dog bite on her hand, a husband who suffers with some trigger finger and I’ve got some arthritis. All good info in these videos.

  • I am an artist, drawing and painting as caused me both trigger finger and also I have Meridian nerve pain I have seen countless chiropractors and acupuncturists with very little results, but YOUr videos on these two problems have helped me incredibly!! THANK YOU!!!!

  • This is perfect as heck. Being a endomorph makes me think building muscle is the best way to burn fat. But I’m also epileptic, witch makes yoga tons more safe than weights. Thanks a lot Man

  • What does it mean when your back feels a lot better during these stretches and you have no pain at all doing them, but a few hours later you’re in agony?

  • Hi all,
    I have had trigger finger now for around 9 months, however I have cancelled my appointment to see hand specialist and have all 4 fingers in my left hand operated on. I still have it, however I every morning take my right hand make a fist and rub the the left arm, both under arm and forearm, I also take Turmeric and MSM plus, Pure Apple Cider vinegar but of course with Water.

    I take Omegold, Proanthenols and Calmag. All has helped.
    In the meantime I await patiently when the promise comes true “No resident will say I am Sick” I shall be patient for this to take place. So no operations for me.

  • for the second pose it says side crow but you did Eka Pada Koundinyasa II ( Hurdler pose) then transitioned to Astavrakrasana Eight angle pose

  • This was not good advise for my finger that was mildly ‘trigger’. I did this and my finger is now so much worse! I massaged the base of my finger like that, now I wake up with a lot of pain in my finger and it’s swollen. At one point I had so much pain it was excruciating and couldn’t even touch anything with that middle finger. Please, what do I do now?

  • Yoga is not exercise…
    Its life style…. very much reversible and power conserving…. refreshing with minimum energy expediture to body and mind.
    Its aim is to attain harmony of mind with body and lead practitioner towards reception of anything as it is… i.e. real natural perception of sensation by five sense organs…..

    Power yoga is not yoga…. infact its physical exercise.

  • Thank God and thank you for your prayers I’m still very sick Im praying to God I would appreciate it if anyone could pray for me I’m still suffering please pray for me I’m praying for everyone everyday God bless you all ��

  • Hi mam… i hv been doin ur exercises for a month… dey hv been extremely helpful in toning my upper n lower body… bt i hv noticed a gain in muscles in biceps n triceps due to which my arms look heavy… cud u plz suggest smthng 2 control it…

  • Hi Guys, I need some help. I have 4 trigger fingers. In the last 1 1/2 years, I’ve had 6 cortisone shots. Should I have the operation or can I fix the fingers with these exercises? Thanks

  • These difficult poses should not be practiced in the beginning of yoga practice. You have to go step by step. After years of practice u ll be able to do it. Love from India����

  • Im 19 and I got it mildly from a welding sweatshop building grain hoppers and flat beds (mig welding) this greatly helped my recovery

  • Thanks guys!! Have had a trigger finger for 1 year. Sometimes it would lock so tight I didn’t think I could release it! You just solved my problem.��������������

  • Today I was working on my mini bike all day and then I started riding it and I go to my aunts house and then once I got off of it my bike my middle finger locked up and it didn’t hurt but it was feeling like it was being strained so I hand to manually move my finger back in place and then it was fine it happened 3 more times after that and then it just stopped and I’m only 14

  • I wish you were here near me. I’ve not had any luck with finding relief with any local chiropractors. Il give it a try. Can’t walk without pain in my foot. Burns left lateral 2inches from heel. Can’t remember the name of the bone.

  • I think Im having a trigger finger due to typing the keyboard fast everyday and playing the VP (virtual piano)
    I guess I could use these exercises that works.

  • I just figured out that I have it. About 3 weeks ago I got a bass guitar and was obsessively playing it. My poor pinky has been in a world of hurt. I backed off from playing so much and stopped using my pinky. I’m probably going to have to stop with the bass playing entirely for a few weeks and let this baby heal up. Thanks for the exercises, guys!

  • Oh my! Developed trigger finger about 3 months ago and of course steadily getting worse. Doing your exercises as I watched your video is already relieving discomfort. Never even knew the base of my finger was sore until y’all mentioned it! Thank you!!

  • Hi there, Video is impressive… I am a beginner and do Home Workouts, so should I follow this routine daily prior starting my workout??? Please reply…. Also can you share some other Yoga Video links which could be helpful to gain muscles?

  • Great video! Thanks for sharing, if you are looking for more yoga tutorials, plant based recipes and eco friendly products review, I invite you to my YouTube channel Paola Lozano Yoga ��‍♀️

  • Bjr. Je suis désolée en anglais. Je ne comprends pas à cause de ma surdité.
    Est ce que vous accueillez le stage de yoga devant la mer. Sinon j aimerai vous joindre 1 semaine
    De pratiquer en vacances. C’est possible? Voulez vous me donner de vos coordonnées.
    Merci namaste. ��

  • I have a couple of medicine balls basically a couple of ball bearings approx 1.5 inches diameter. 2 mins of playing with one in my hand relieves my trigger finger straight away.

  • I think Every asana can build muscle if you put enough tensión in the antagonist pack of muscles youre stretching, even stretching in a active Way isnt More than excéntric force

  • thank you for the great video. i am interested in the apple cider drink and you mentioned you have a video but i can’t find it, please post a link. thank you