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5 Strength & Conditioning Exercises For Runners | Simple S&C Exercises For Beginner Athletes

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Top international reviews 1. Deadlift 2. Lunge 3. Push-ups 4. Pull-ups 5. Ab-wheel. Strength training encompasses five essential exercises which address each of the body’s movements. These are the following: Deadlift; It is the most important among all the strengthening exercises. The reason is simple.

We do it all the time! Even in little ways, we do it like carrying our bags or picking up packages from our mailboxes. Its. Dips are another fantastic upper body strength training exercise.

One of the best exercises for building a strong chest and triceps is the Weighted Tricep Dips in which you hang a weighted plate from a power dip belt or put it on top of your legs.This adds another element to the exercise and will develop an incredibly strong chest and triceps. Legs & Shoulders: You would typically start out with 4 sets of squats, then 3 to 4 sets of leg press, then 3 to 4 sets of leg extensions, then 4 sets of lying leg curls, then onto 3 sets of stiff legged deadlifts, then 3 sets of standing calf raises, and then finally 3 sets of seated calf raises. FORUM THREAD.

Developed by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and now in its fourth edition, Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning is the essential text for strength and conditioning professionals and students. This comprehensive resource, created by 30 expert contributors in the field, explains the key theories, concepts, and scientific principles of strength training. WELCOME, LET THE FUN BEGIN!

Get e-Books “Essentials Of Strength Training And Conditioning 4th Edition” on Pdf, ePub, Tuebl, Mobi and Audiobook for FREE.There are more than 1 Million Books that have been enjoyed by people from all over the world. Always update books hourly, if not looking, search in the book search column. Enjoy 100% FREE. 5 Essential Strength Training Exercises for Proper Running Form. Page Contents.

Postural Scapular Retraction Practice. Plank. Hamstring Curls.

Squats. Lunges. Written by fitness expert Chris on November 5, 2019. Strength training is an important aspect to include in your regular workout routine.

The 5 x 5 training style has been around for years and was quite popular in the early 60’s through 70’s, being used by top body builders and strength athletes. Today, it is an often forgotten form of training but it still remains one of the most effective ways to add power and muscle mass to. Essentials of strength training and conditioningchapter 6 37 Terms. conroyr1. Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning Chapter 3 43 Terms. conroyr1. Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning Chapter 4 42 Terms. conroyr1.

Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning Ch. 7 87 Terms. Rachel_Taylor51; Subjects.

Strength Training Essentials. See Customer Reviews (8) $39.95 Add To Cart. View Your CECS. Featured course addresses the key factors involved in resistance training—from the physiological and psychological benefits of strength training to an overview of muscle structure and function. In addition, it provides a detailed look into the.

List of related literature:

Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, 2nd ed.

“NSCA's Guide to Tests and Assessments” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Todd A. Miller
from NSCA’s Guide to Tests and Assessments
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Todd A. Miller
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

This book is great for learning the basics of strength training.

“Mother Daughter Wisdom” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
from Mother Daughter Wisdom
by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Hay House, 2006

Essentials of strength training and conditioning, third ed.

“Evidence-based Therapeutic Massage E-Book: A Practical Guide for Therapists” by Elizabeth A. Holey, Eileen M. Cook
from Evidence-based Therapeutic Massage E-Book: A Practical Guide for Therapists
by Elizabeth A. Holey, Eileen M. Cook
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

Guidelines dealing with training for strength and power suggest 1–3 sets of 6–15 reps per set and 1–3 sets of 3–6 reps per set, respectively.

“The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan” by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
from The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan
by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
Springer New York, 2014

Strength-Training Principles Three basic training methods are commonly used to develop strength and endurance: isotonics, isokinetics, and isometrics.

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
from Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform
by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
Human Kinetics, 2004

Chapter 4, Strength, includes a detailed explanation of the fundamentals of strength training.

“Complete Conditioning for Basketball” by Bill Foran, Robin Pound, National Basketball Conditioning Coaches Association
from Complete Conditioning for Basketball
by Bill Foran, Robin Pound, National Basketball Conditioning Coaches Association
Human Kinetics, 2007

I can highly recommend this book to all people who are seriously interested in strength conditioning, to get new ideas and to improve their knowledge as well as to work successfully in practice.

“Science and Practice of Strength Training” by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, William J. Kraemer, Andrew C. Fry
from Science and Practice of Strength Training
by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, William J. Kraemer, Andrew C. Fry
Human Kinetics, 2020

Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, 3rd ed.

“Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health” by Harold Kohl III, Tinker Murray, Deborah Salvo
from Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health
by Harold Kohl III, Tinker Murray, Deborah Salvo
Human Kinetics, 2019

Specific recommendations for strength training are based on age, sex, body composition, and emotional/physical maturity (Zwolski et al., 2016).

“School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text” by Janice Selekman, Robin Adair Shannon, Catherine F Yonkaitis
from School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text
by Janice Selekman, Robin Adair Shannon, Catherine F Yonkaitis
F. A. Davis Company, 2019

Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, fourth ed.

“An Introduction to Human Movement and Biomechanics E-Book” by Andrew Kerr, Philip Rowe
from An Introduction to Human Movement and Biomechanics E-Book
by Andrew Kerr, Philip Rowe
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

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  • Thanks for the information thru your video,And I will apply it.Im 50 years old I started to run last year.By the grace of God I reach 20kms back and forth.

  • Did these exercises for the first time this evening, wow you can really feel it! If you take your time and really think about position you can really feel it work, thanks for the video and advice, awesome ��

  • Danke! Ich kannte alle Übungen aber für Beginner ist alles wunderbar erklärt und besonders auf die wichtigen Komponenten ausdrücklich hingewiesen (Hüfte…). Das ist leider nicht bei allen solchen Videos selbstverständlich. Bleib gesund!

  • It would be good to have at least a flat bench (or a good adjustable bench) as such would allow a great many exercises…
    As far as dumbbells go, especially if limited space is an issue, check out “Iron Master” adjustable dumbbells.
    As far as an Olympic bar goes, nothing beat a Buddy Capp’s Texas Power bar which will hold up to 1500 lbs, comes with a lifetime warranty and cost around only $300 dollars.
    If you can learn to control the weights when you lower them (which crossfit practitioners do not seem to be able to do) you will not need expensive bumper plates.
    Instead of a yoke set up, there are many good self spotting half racks and full cages available and, if you work out alone, the self spotting aspect can literally be a life saver. They will serve for squatting, benching, rowing, overhead pressing, etc,. They have a chinning bar attached.

    Another very good piece of equipment is a good jump rope…

  • fringe Sport Bars are just as good if not better quality, warranty, and customer service. And for those like mine self that are not sponsored by Rogue take a look at titan fitness.

  • Thanks for this video. I’m new to running and trying to find things to do on non running days to help prevent injury. These are really hard but hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be much better.

  • Hi there, great video! I wish I had invested time in these exercises when I was training for my first marathon last year. I had no upper or lower body strength and suffered as a result. I’ve got marathon number two in 7 weeks time and I’ve been incorporating these exercises twice a week into my training schedule.
    Do you think I should increase this to three or is that too much?

  • Good choice of exercises, I find it hard to get my runners to do S&C but I advise them strongly it’s more important than their so called recovery run for injury prevention and long jeverdy as an athlete.

  • And this video shows a great example, why a good MOUNTAIN BIKER is not a good WEIGHT TRAINER. “Oh during my CYCLING career I did touch a weight, so I am an expert for WEIGHT TRAINING”. Sure.
    People will buy so much bullshit from “former athletes”. Want me to explain? Split squats are a STRENGTH exercise on one leg. No need to add even more instability. Also he lets the skinny guy stand way to close to the bench.
    Step ups: Box is WAY too high. His back leg is doing way too much work and he descends way to quick and uncontrolled.
    Why walking lunges? Cyclists use their knees a lot during their sport, use knee friendlier variants like the reverse lunge.

    This is not a video to help, this is a promotion video to look “functional”. (Dont even get me started on the term “functional fitness”)

  • Josh great video thank you for the data. Having built a garage gym after watching you I wish I had gone with the a yoke instead of my monster lite rack. Definitely going to grab a sand bag or 2. Love the bit on the echo bike,I will have people over to train with me,they come back a few times but once they are on the devils big wheel I never see them again. Thanks again

  • exercises are great, but the rep range…. this could be on “how to get big legs”
    8-12 reps is for bodybuilders. (1-5 makes you stronger without getting BIG! and 15-20+ reps will ofc. not make you as strong, but atleast you dont get big bulcky legs….)

  • Started using these as additional training during my 10km to half marathon plan following GTN’s plan. You guys and girls at GTN are truly awesome! Flying the flag, helping others, helping noobs and pros stay injury free, great advice all round. Thank you all.

  • Surprised Kettlebells didn’t make the list. They’re low cost (relative) and take very little space. That’d probably be my #1 option.

  • Hey GTN, I’ve signed up for Ironman Canada, I’m a bit nervous for the bike because I don’t have the time to go out and do 5 hour bike rides. Is there is a way I can improve my endurance in the gym? Would doing shorter rides at a higher intensity be beneficial?

  • I have essentials of strength 2nd edition. Is that pretty much the same as the third? I got it for a penny i think on amazon. I bought it a few years ago along with several other great books for cheap.

  • Cheers Lads. Thought I’d do the Bulgarians and power step after the 20 mile commute to work. I’m walking like f**king John Wayne this morning and have a tough 50 miler tomorrow

  • This is awesome. I personally like to work out in a gym and was searching for a solid video on how to train in a gym and benefit my riding. Thank you for making this content!

  • If only the idiots at the gym I go to would realize that lifting to only get bigger is a joke. You go in the weightroom and everybody starts off with either arm curls or bench presses. Actually the girls/women tend to do things better except a huge percentage of the girls are trying to get a big ass. It would be funny to see them in a real weightlifting gym where mirrors are non-existent, they couldn’t function. Its much more impressive to see a human power a bicycle down the road or up a hill then to watch Mr. Biceps strut by, nothing athletic about overly large muscles. Oh and I almost forgot, especially the guys who always where long sweats because their arms are twice as big as their legs. I guess when you walk around on sticks it makes your arms look bigger. Have a nice day.

  • What? 4/5 exercises were for legs. It’s our upper bodies which are a wasteland. In the meantime, I’ll be flexing my massive pectorals. ����

  • What if my day doesnt allow splitting up strength and cycling training? Is it ok to do both concurrently with a 1-2hr break to eat and digest?

  • Cheat Sheet:

    2-3x per week

    0:45 | Split Squat: 10x each leg,? sets ++ increase reps/sets, higher back foot, weights

    2:10 | Arabesque: 4-8x each leg, 3 sets ++ weight

    3:50 | Hip Bridge: 12x, 3 sets ++ weight, single leg

    5:20 | Side Plank: 30s each side, 4 sets ++ no breaks, lift arm&leg

    7:00 | Calf Raise: 12x, 4 sets ++ slower lowering speed, single leg

    Running Strength: https://youtu.be/2lR-9qy3hfg

    Core Strength: https://youtu.be/zhLezCF8XGA

    Glutes: https://youtu.be/YJw7F4uVkPs

  • How many times per week would you recommend doing these exercises and also how many reps and sets would you recommend to begin with to build upon please???

  • #askGCNtraining I recently completed a 100 mile ride and my legs etc have pulled up really well BUT my wrists, hands and forearms are knackered. I’m finding it hard to even turn the keys in my car ignition. I’m not weedy; I curl 20kg and bench 60kg. Would this be caused by poor position on the bike? I spent around 150km on the hoods and 10km on the tops. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

  • “Deadlift the movement is quite simple”… yes, in theory. In practice, it’s one of the most complex forms of exercise. If you wanna do it correctly, obviously. Good video!

  • Do a military press what are you talkin about this female over here you’re a lying to her you’re lying you’re a liar you are a liar

  • The dumbbell rows work out triceps not biceps. That’s generally the case with any back workout as they are pulling exercises which also require a good grip.
    For arms you want lean muscle with strength so stick to low weight do plenty of reps until muscle fatigue then drop weight and squeeze out the final few reps. Rest 2-3 mins then repeat 2 times.

  • Best of all, you can always “make your own” sandbags, with any & all varying weights practically for free!… the other four are going to cost some big $$$ unless you get lucky @ a garage sale!

  • I JUST ordered this book amd it seems so intimidating with how wordy it is but I’m feeling more confident after your review amd skimming through it seeing that it’s just a little bit more detail into information I’ve already picked up from other books such as conditioning for tennis and my PTA global certification

  • Why no pushing exercise such as bench press, overhead press, military press, push ups, or dips?

    It appears that bulgarian split squats, step ups and lunges are redundant. All three of them are good unilateral exercises that combine balance with strength, and work the same muscles pretty similarly, and none of them is as good for building overall leg and body strength as is the good old fashioned high bar squat.

    I always thought that the dumbbell row and inverted row pretty much work the same muscles and that the inverted row is an exercise used to progress a pull up or chin up, i.e., the weakling’s chin up.

    I am far from an elite biker, but I feel great glute activation and stronger on the bike a day after performing heavy dead lifts.

    There are many great exercises, but if I had to choose five, they would be squats, dead lifts, bench press, overhead press, and pull ups.

  • Your coach may have nice hair but it is hard to see what this set of exercises would do for you that would not be better done with push ups pull ups and… cycling. The push ups and pull ups will develop the shoulders and core really fast improving your stability posture and general robustness and cycling will strengthen your legs.

  • Fitness is free or very cheap. Walk or jog to the park and do some street workout. Maybe some rings.
    If you want a complete minimalistic approach, a squat rack with a pull up bar a Bach some weights and a bar

  • Couldn’t figure out what the heck an Echo Bike is. But the pix make it clear a knockoff of the old Schwinn AirDyne. Picked up one at a garage sale they’re indestructible. And still kick ass.

  • Another reminder that riding a bike for exercise is for people who can’t/won’t lift, run, or do more challenging workouts that produce real results. Cycling should be in the recreational-only category.

  • That’s pretty much whole gym Josh. You should do a list when you take cost in consideration, it’s something that people are looking for.

  • I’ve literally watched this video dozens of times and am using it to justify these purchases to my wife. Thanks brother and keep it up. Semper Fi.

  • Maybe it would be a good idea to include a pushing exercise for the upper body to create some muscle balance as all upper body exercises are pulling.

  • Gotta have kettlebells. Best functional tool. My top 5 would include:
    -Rack and barbell with weights (Includes pull up bar)
    -Suspension cable (TRX or similar)
    -Prowler/Sled (Preferably Tank for off terrain option)
    -Row machine ( Folds up for space)

  • I get that these are gym exercises, yet it would have been really helpful to show an “at home” version for the ones that require gym equipment.

  • As an older guy my cycling has definitely benefitted from regular core, cardio and upper body strength gym routines. Nice video, keep it up guys and let’s see regular updates on your progress ������

  • The most vital resource when studying for your CSCS, although as said in the video can be very basic, but it is the basics and the information you need for the test. Glad to see Science of Sport reviewing it.

  • Someday I’ll have that essentials and nobody’s gonna stop me. Hahaha. Great video sir. As well as those with gut check! Daaang! That one with the assault bike cals and burpee pull ups/goblet squats, uuuuuuuuu so fun

  • The comment you’re all searching for:

    1 Barbell and Plates

    2 Yoke (Squat rack, bench press, sled, zercher ect)

    3 Sandbag

    4 Echo Bike / Assault Bike

    5 Dumbbells

  • Great video. Thank you. I recently have started running and ran my first half-marathon. I’m really out of shape sad to say. I’ve seen the plank on many videos. And it looked easy until I tried it watching your video. not easy! I definitely realized I have a weak core. And I need to do a lot more strength exercising. You wouldn’t think I’m out of shape because I don’t look like it. And I do physical labor. But I am. Thanks again.

  • Thanks for that Heather. Your firm was perfect giving me a clear guide to what I should be aiming for. I’m working on my hips and glutes to prevent injury as I’ve suffered several in the last year.
    Do you have any videos or tips to learn how not to favour one leg over the other because I think I use my stronger right leg much more than the left and that creates a strain and possible injury.

  • So I gets me the 100 pounder, do some chipper and gut check work. I think I’ll party like josh and got the 150 pounder. Well lemme tell you something your paying the man on a whole different level. Thanks for party Josh!

  • How do I decide the weight of the dumbbell?… after I am capable of doing the side plank:)… thanks a lot and greeting from a Dutch recreational cyclist

  • Bro what do you believe about the Crossfit Problem? https://youtu.be/Qjt827MacH4
    Is a huge lack of knowledge in the new crossfit trainers.

  • Man, that idea for the yoke as your chinup bar and squat rack is brilliant if you’re on a budget or a space constraint. Also love the comment about there being nowhere to hide with an assault/echo bike. I’ve never experienced anything that gets the kind of pain that thing can bring to you. It reveals how much you want to quit in a hurry. Great list, Josh.

  • Stopped after #1 when he suggested a $300 barbell. Sigh. This isn’t a garage gym, this is a weight lifting hobby with premium part suggestions.

  • I have started these workouts. It was really tough for me in the beginning as I am novice to such exercises but now I can do half of what you said in the video and getting better day by day with my running. Thanks to You.

  • It’ll be cool if you made a video explaining how you program your daily workout. What you consider when throwing exercises on the chalkboard? That’s it! You’re the man! Games without you on it isn’t the same!

  • Try some step ups without using your ankle on the bottom leg. ie. your heel should leave the floor after the ball of your foot. See how much you may need to compensate with the leg that you aren’t focussing on (the bottom leg) for the exercise at the beginning of the movement.

    Doing the step up with the described movement could help get better strength at the end of range of your hip and knee extensors.

  • i just brought an echo bike. Never tried an air bike before so I was a bit worried about spending that much money but it’s hands down the best piece of cardio equipment i’ve ever owned. Way better than a treadmill or rower. I love it

  • 1 legged squats are easier wgen you just bend the foot of the opposite leg towards the ass…a fuller range not dependent on hamstring flexibility..

  • Hi my name is Gerardo, i’m from Spain and sometimes I have some difficulties to undersrand your videos. Is there any possibility to subtitle your videos? I don’t mind if the subtitles are in english. I expect your answer, thank you so much. Paying the man ������������

  • Boobs Boobs Boobs.. if only the camera angles would shy away from looking down the girl’s cleavage and focus more on the posture as a whole.
    Seriously, is this really necessary to “sell the video”?
    If the information is good quality it should stand on it’s own.. 
    And I do think it is good quality information.

    Don’t really appreciate this kind of tactics though..

  • With the single leg squat, I would watch that your knee doesn’t go past your ankle too far. Thanks for the great ideas to add to my training!

  • CrossFit bologna. Watching him lift that sandbag made me cringe. Just waiting for someone to throw out their back thinking they can/should do that.

  • Thanks Josh! This video is money! I’ve been shopping for a sandbag and then was actually gonna ask you in an earlier video what size bag you had… but then just went ahead and got the 150. Saw this video and wanted to say thanks for confirming my decision! You got any favorite WODS with the bag or incorporating the bag?

  • Hi Josh, I’m thinking of joining the program, I’m 15 and I have a limited amount of equipment. Is the program still suitable for me?

  • Great video!!
    I’ve 4 of 5 (no yoke). Recently I’ve bought an echo bike and I think is better and tougher than the assault, what do you think??
    Greetings from Spain!! Pay the man!!

  • Hell yeah man! When I was building my home gym I did exactly this list and tbh with you, because I have close neighbors and a wife that sleeps in, I find myself using my DBs, rogue sandbag and yoke more than anything… I’m almost regretting getting the the plates and bar because it’s too loud for 6am workouts and I have more fun with the other toys you recommend!

    Love the new channel and good luck with the knee!

  • Josh, can you show us how you turn a “yoke” into a dip station? I am very interested in learning how to get the most out of the yoke when I decide to purchase one.

  • For the discussion you guys should talk about sickness before get on the bike during and after you get off. I did a 100k fundraiser ride about 3 weeks ago. The first week after that ride I got a minor cold. The second week after the ride I got the stomach flu (diorrehea and upset stomach. The 3rd week what I can only explain as horrible gas pains along with the diorrehea. I am wondering if I went so far into exhusten that my immune system had a miniature failure. I just think it is a good topic because it helps you listen to your body more.

  • Great doing these videos but you need to do your research better. Even though it is classified as beginner you need to keep it real.
    More reps doesn’t make it strength, you would better off going for a run. Load is how we increase strength don’t confuse strength work with just doing a movement. Low rep, heavy load
    Glutes are not powerhouse for running you calves (soleus) are and the faster you go youth hamstrings.

  • Hey Bridges thanks for ALL these videos your putting out there great man! I was pretty close to the ring and rope set up in Wisconsin the first year yelling pretty loud for ya! A bunch of us drove over from South Dakota. No box even close to me here so I’m a garage guy as well. Thanks again and thank you for your service Sir!

  • I have the need… For my own garage box, but i dont know where to start… Btw thank you so much for being a role model for regular people like me:)

  • This is when I really wish Emma was still on GCN. Nothing more fun than watching here school Ollie and Si, though they do tend to good sports about getting humiliated

  • Unfortunately, Maria has not applied the essentials of exercise success over time otherwise she would have much better muscle mass and definition. She was chosen for other attributes. A face full of make up and a low-cut top cannot make up for the obvious lack of training experience. Come on Ben, get some models who know what they’re doing!

  • Three best reasons to lift: 1) at the age of 40, you lose 1% of muscle mass a year. Need to stay ahead of that by adding muscle. 2) weight training adds mass to your bones as well, so it helps with regard to preventing injury 3) muscles burn calories. Fat doesn’t.

  • No. Give her a proper thorough workout. Let’s see all that makeup run and show women what it’s like when they do a real workout…or am I missing the point?

  • Amazing how lifters who normally just talk about weights and gains go back to puberty just because a gorgeous woman shows a little cleavage while lifting weights!

  • Great video #GCN team! My strength training helps a lot in my cycling and running. I will like to recommend you a book that is a great guide for me: Cycling Anatomy
    by Shannon Sovndal. If somebody else also loves running I will recommend this one: Running Anatomy by Joe Puleo and Patrick Milroy. Both books not only describe in nice detail the muscular anatomy, and how each muscle (or group) is used in each sport, but they also suggest workouts to improve their performance. Keep up with the good work guys! Cheers!

  • THIS, is how you get big, Ben knows what he’s talkin about. I like to do constant tension, control the negative, and make those bitches BURN! and drink your protein. You WILL make gains

  • Thanks Josh. I just got my backyard gym up and running a couple months ago right before COVID hit.

    I’ll go with a Versaclimber before an Echo bike, though.

  • So those deadlifts are more of a “Romanian Deadlift” where you don’t really bend your legs very much. This can be good for hamstrings and lower back, etc., but a traditional deadlift you bend at the knees more and don’t use your back as much, focusing for a more balance of legs and back during the lift. Once you get to really heavy deadlifts you can really limit the weight you can lift, or even increase the chances of injury, by lifting really heavy weight without bending at the knees and relying so much on your lower back like this one. For cyclists though, this version is definitely good since it’s lower weight and will also give your hamstrings a boost which you don’t really focus on in pedaling.

  • My steel mace is my go to for core now. Ill figuratively shovel sand into sand bags until my shoulders give out. Just dump the fucking tanks… I love that thing. Especially for rotational movements for the shoulder. I still do static lifting movements but, that massive mace makes me feel like an anime character screaming as I fucking attack these workouts. I had reached a plateau point in my static meat head game. So I had to turn the volume knob up. Kettlebells, mace, dumbbells, Straight bar with some plates, and sand bags. These are the tools I would go with… Love the list man!! Pain is not just weakness leaving the body. Pain is just pain but, pain is a great teacher. Get after it!

  • the reason i think its easier in the lengthened position isnt because its a smaller range of movement but because its stressing more of the elastic properties of the muscle. the shortened position gives you maximal overlap so it giving the most neurological stimulus, and the mid range has the most mechanical stress being that its got the highest potential mechanical leverage coupled with a high degree muscular activation.

  • 0:24 spiderman pushups

    0:44 pistol squats (and progressions)

    1:17 side plank

    1:26 side plank lateral raise

    1:52 deadlift

    2:08 planking rows

  • Step up is a good exercise but for a beginner that box is way too high. As you will see Ollie is pushing off the foot on the floor which is not the point of the exercise. Another ‘Pro’ trainer on YouTube not correcting bad from.

  • My poor man equipment LOL 150 pounds sandbag, jump rope from Walmart. 20 lbs weight vest from walmart to run and go hiking. 50 pounds dumbbell set. Homemade 22 inch box jump. Cinder blocks, tree pull ups.

  • The pistol squats would be far better if you paused at the bottom and didn’t bounce. If you can’t do that, they stay with bench pistol squats. Don’t show off and do dangerous bounce reps like this guy did.

  • I’ve watched a few of your vids and wow, NICE WORK.
    I just broke my collar bone. Please share some rehab recommendations.
    Many thanks.
    Steven A.

  • This is very helpful. I was actually thinking of choosing between the assault and echo bike. Will go with echo bike. Thank you Josh.

  • How many reps of each would you suggest during base phase Coach Chad? Pistol squats, side planks, Spider-Man pushups, renegade rows, and deadlifts all on the same day?

  • Come on a squat down to the heel? I’m riding for fun and health. And I will never earn a living from cycling. I will still want my knees in good condition

  • Great advice! I’m beginning to build my garage gym next wee (although sadly it’s in the UK so an echo bike costs well over $1100 USD!!)

    Would you say a sandbag would be a better heavy implement than a 150lbs dball?

  • Literally just put a plan together for this exact thing. Short power build plan is a lil much for my regular lifting plan so this is my sub til it’s over.

  • To be honest who wants to own a garage gym! Gross in my opinion I love the experience of going to the gym. Being alone in my garage would be weird.

  • So no bench and no weight plates to put on the bar. This is why people say crossfit doesn’t build gains.
    Cardio Machine

  • Have my CSCS, used the 3rd edition. I still think it’s too easy to get. You don’t need to have sports science related degree to sit the exam. It also has no live technical application portion, so you never know who can actually coach and who is just good at reciting what they memorised. Agree with the coaching science suggestion. UKSCA is a whole different animal with its’ own flaws, but at least it sets coaches apart. Even though it can be very subjective depending on what testers you get to present to.

  • So, we have this guy, who is built like a twig, giving us a review of something he obviously does NOT even practice. yeah, I’m real interested in what some desk jockey has to say about strength conditioning and training.. uh-huh:)