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5 Ways to Have an Active Holiday Season 1. SIGN YOUR FAMILY UP FOR A RACE. The easiest way to make sure you stay active during the holiday season is to sign 2. START A FRIENDLY COMPETITION. Competition never hurt anyone! If you have a hard time staying motivated, this can be a 3. CHANGE HOW. 5 Ways to Stay Active During the Holiday Season.

5 Ways to Stay Active During the Holiday Season. By Doug Balzarini; Just because there’s snow on the ground and eggnog in the punch bowl, doesn’t mean it’s time to give up on your exercise plan. Or, after every meal, encourage a 30-minute family walk around the neighborhood. This way you will squeeze in a light workout and bond with family members.

The walk may not burn 1,000 calories, but it sure beats going back for more pumpkin pie. 4. Head Out in the Snow. Snow is a favorite piece of “fitness equipment” during the holiday season. Just because there’s snow on the ground and eggnog in the punch bowl, doesn’t mean it’s time to give up on your exercise plan.It’s a challenge to eat healthy. Check out my list below of “5 Actually Fun Ways to Stay Active through the Holidays.” Have a great Holiday season friends!! ️. 5 Actually Fun Ways to Stay Active through the Holidays!

1. Snowball FIGHT! Or any activity in the snow. Sledding, Snow Angels, Shoveling (not the best, but a great workout ;)) It’s a fun way to release your inner child, and enjoy this beautiful Earth. 2. Turkey Trot! Or.

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can stay active this holiday season! Thanksgiving Football When you think of classic Thanksgiving traditions football is at the top of the list for most families. From pee wee to the NFL, there are plenty of opportunities that come with the holiday. 5 Ways to Have a More Peaceful Holiday Season. For years, the very thought of Christmas and the holiday season shivered me timbers.

It meant weight gain, credit card debt, and general unease that. ‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly! Schedule Now.

Blog. With Halloween and Thanksgiving already over, the holiday season is in full swing. Holiday parties, elaborate meals, and cold days can cause your fitness obligations slide. Don t give in to the tendency to hibernate this winter! There are many ways you can stay active during the cold months, even with all the temptation of holiday festivities.

1. Here are five ways to have a healthier holiday season or any special occasion. Let yourself indulge.

Denying yourself your favorites could lead to you to overindulge in the long run, so don’t be afraid to have a small piece of your aunt’s famous pie.

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You can incorporate the holidays into your regular studies or even make the holidays the central focus of study for an entire year.

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4: Keep up your exercise and fitness program during the holidays.

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Be willing to share holidays rather than alternating them.

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  • Good tips! I like how they were unique rather than typical tips people normally give out. As another tip for anyone who find wrapping gifts incredibly tedious or can’t seem to make them look right, I made a how to wrap a Christmas gift video! XD

  • Hannah you look absolutely stunning in this video �� and I love your christmas videos they put me in the Christmas spirit!!
    Love from Italyyy ❤️ ❤️

  • Great video but you need to work on your pronunciation of ‘trip’. The way you say it sounds like ‘treep’, so try to move your tongue further away from the hard palate and open your mouth a little bit more.

  • TIP #6: do not get the flu even if it makes the rest and stillness tip a whole lot easier

    Happy Holidays everyone LOVE THE CRAP OUTTA YOU

  • When my dad passed the summer after my freshman year of college, holidays were never the same. It’s been 6 years, but he was always the extrovert and the one who loved family stuff. My mom and I are introverts so we kind of stopped traditions. I started dating a single dad almost 4 years ago so now we have lil man to celebrate with ❤️ it’s helped big time and we’ve been coming up with our own traditions. Although, the season is still a sad one but I know it takes time. Thank you for this talk ❤️

  • Feeling grateful that I just got to lie in my bed and watch a Kalyn video from start to finish, all in one sitting, without being interrupted!

  • This video came at a perfect time. I always get so excited for Christmas in the beginning of December but the closer it gets to the actual day becomes quite stressful as an adult because you have a list of things to do. So thank you for this video to help redirect my perspective to make it more enjoyable!

  • Holiday video! I feel like this holiday has been a mad rush, and skyrocketed my anxiety. I’ve been noticing I’ve been trying to please everyone and not taking a moment for myself. Thank you for the reminder to take care of myself, even a few minutes! �� Merry Christmas Kayln!

  • I like that you say the quotes now, but can you still show them on the screen too? I don’t know, it just makes it more impactful for me for some reason. Anyway, thanks for the tips! Lord knows I need them! ❤️

  • you have no idea how much I needed this. I found myself getting anxious while I was at the hair salon or sitting in traffic today and I was like hold up you’re literally on holidays enjoying things that 70% of the population can’t have, why the fuck aren’t you thanking the universe for every second of it? I didn’t change as a person completely but at least that thought interrupted my anxiety with gratitude and it stopped me from being cranky to others. thank you for the tips,I try everything you say

  • I almost got taken out by an ironing board in a super market today that a woman was holding. She just swung round and almost knocked me clean over. �� it was like something out of an old comedy sketch and she looked at me like I was the issue �� but I just laughed it off and said I think you need a rear view mirror on that thing. �� and then she laughed. Mood lifted, crisis averted. ��

  • I know this is probably a long shot, but is there any chance of making your KOZE merch more affordable? I would love to show my support, but unfortunately I can’t afford to drop $70 on a hoodie. That seems like a lot. It’s just a suggestion I thought I’d throw out there, because I’d love to have some more KOZE stuff! ��

  • Such awesome tips your Grinch socks are adorable��. I’m spending the holidays with my Mum, Sister and Granny watching Xmasy movies. Happy Xmas Eve����❄️✨!

  • 1. Find Stillness ☮️ ✌��
    • Take 5 min,
    • Meditate,
    • Prayer(gratitude)
    • Christmas movies
    2. Be Mindful: ��❤️��
    Gifts you give,
    What you do
    • Journal
    •Traditions: ��⛄️
    Take your time to do your traditions fully and joyfully
    To do traditions more mindful, even when alone
    3. Giving:❤️����
    • How you give your gifts.
    • Kindness
    4. Make things happen:������
    • see who you want to see.
    • do what you want to do.
    • create the holiday energy you want to be around
    5. Gratitude: ��❤️
    • gratitude list
    • 5min stillness find things your grateful for
    • notice the moment and appreciate it
    6. Don’t get the flu �� ��

  • We don’t celebrate Christmas, but every time I watch vlogmas or your videos or even winter morning/night routines I get soooo excited to celebrate Christmas��☃️☃️

  • Hey KOZE, my name is Mishel Im a medical student, on a daily basis i deal with a lot of stress, and alot of ups and downs. Bc of it ive developed general anxiety disorder. Im constantly feeling so disorganized and behind in all parts of my life:medical physical spiritual and mental. Ive tried watching other youtubers but you are the only one thats really hit close to my heart and guided me to the light. Your words echo through me and push me to put my life together and feel like a boss. God Bless you and Merry Christmas!!

  • This is pretty simple, and true! I am writing my grateful note and I wrote: I am grateful for having Kalyn’s video this Morning to begin my day. Game changer for me.

  • What you said about being kind and having grace in the face of other’s negativity is so important and I wish to implement it in 2020, each and every day. Merry Christmas. ❤️

  • I get pretty stressed out during the holidays and I hate that I get this way. I get really anxious and stressed about all of the social events and just not having any time to decompress and be alone. (I’m an introvertenough said.) I also find it super difficult because we always have house guests and it’s hard for me to not follow my daily routine. I’m such a creature of habit and love having a steady routine, which is pretty difficult to keep up during Christmas time.

    P.S Merry Christmas! Hope it’s a good one ��

  • I took your advice from your last video to take myself out. I went and bought a new outfit and got myself a smoothie and went to a nearby lake to just be with nature. I loved it. ����

  • I really needed this video, I can’t thank you enough for how much your channel has helped transform my life!! Happy holidays!! ����

  • Coffee talk requests:
    How to save money without getting fomo
    balancing privacy and social media/oversharing
    how to glow up internally
    manifestation tips
    how to enjoy being alone
    being an independent woman
    how to deal with rejections

  • My biggest struggle during the holidays is how I split my time with my family and friends. I feel guilty when I’m not with my mom because I’m with my friends and vice versa! What’s worst is that I just want to have alone time during the holidays and I find it hard to communicate to the people around me! They would try to understand and let me do what I want, but they will express how sad it makes them and that makes me unable to fully rest. Any tips?

  • tysm for taking 30 min of ur time to make us enjoy the holidays it might not be a big deal but it is bc u doing this for millions of people ❤️��

  • I resonate with the kindness tip big time. Ive done both versions that you described, and definitely the kindness one is better all around (: Love you Kalyn! Happy holidays!!

  • Good night to you and anu and anu and the baby 6AM will be happy marriage anniversary and anu will come home soon after the holidays and anu and the family will come back soon and anu will go to sleep for kids to come

  • It’s a very good suggestions for naughty kids the video really teaches as a teacher what to do in summer its fantabulous I choose a volunteer work��������‍��

  • Wow! Just amazing! Your summer video was awesome! Yours so creative! I actually did a summer Diy video on my channel! It would mean the world if a great youtuber like you checked the video and my channel, and left some great comments for me to improve and become as great as you someday! I would also love if you subscribed and hit the bell to get notifications while your at my channel so we could become better friends maybe?? Byw AWESOMEE vid!!

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  • No che schifo questo video non deve essere su YouTube incita al obesità che schifo non o parole ���������� chi la pensa come me metta un likes a questo messaggio e dislaik al video smettetela basta ������������������������������ dai basta.

  • Wow Chef club now that you want to be all inappropriate I’ll just go watch Tasty or something that doesn’t gross me out. Unsubscribing.