5 Ways To Slot In Workouts Throughout The Busy Holidays


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The Five-Minute Holiday Season HIIT Workout

Video taken from the channel: Bowflex

Slow and steady sweat sessions are hard to fit in during this busy time. Instead, opt for high-intensity interval workouts two or three days a week. Carve out 20 to 30 minutes and alternate between cardio intervals and bodyweight exercises.

Try this workout for a 20-minute calorie crusher. The challenge includes the following five basic elements: An upper body push and pull movement (e.g., push ups), a lower body push and pull movement (e,g., squats, lunges), and a rotational movement. Starting with exercise one, do 30 seconds of work and recover for 30 seconds. Repeat for exercises two through five. Lucky for you, we’ve discovered 5 holiday workout tips that you can easily work into your busy holiday schedule: Opt for HIIT workouts: High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) workouts are short periods of intense cardio that burn fat during and after your workout.

Learn more and get a few of our fave HIIT workouts here. Maximize workouts by combining it with quality time; ask your spouse, sibling, best friend or anyone near and dear to your heart to join you at the gym or on a walk. There’s a lot to juggle during the busy holiday season, but with the right tools and mindset, it’s easier to prioritize fitness. 5 Ways to Stay Motivated During the Holidays 5 Ways to Stay Motivated During the Holidays Yes, you can still make time for exercise–even with a busy holiday schedule.

T he holiday season can be a really tough time to stay on top of your workout routine.It’s cold out, and there are fun places to go and friends to see. Plus, managing your already-busy schedule. The 5-step Plan to Make Sure You Work Out During the Holidays mistake of trying to fit the same old workouts into a busier, more unpredictable schedule.

Instead, you need an exercise plan that. The holiday eating and drinking season; food and festivities will be plentiful, so don’t jump in blindly. Here are the 5 top tips to keep that body fat percentage low. 5 Ways to Stay Fit During the Holidays Go for a run or get in a good workout at the gym before you head out.

Or plan a semi-private training session the morning after a. 2. Participate in a Holiday-Themed Run. Most cities and towns now offer Turkey Trots, Rudolph Runs or Santa 5Ks. Preparing for a run, walk or obstacle course race will help you stay motivated to work out.

Invite your friends and family members to participate, this way you all are help accountable to show up. Continued Be Flexible and Mix It Up. Here are some more expert tips for staying fit during the time-crunched, temptation-packed holiday season: Be flexible when your days get busy, Ray advises.

List of related literature:

4: Keep up your exercise and fitness program during the holidays.

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Three of these strategies—shorter work week, staggered daily schedule, and flextime—relate to work schedules.

“Human Resource Management in Sport and Recreation” by P. Chelladurai
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Examples of such strategies include developing personally meaningful goals, exercise action plans (e.g., plans indicating where, when, and what types of exercise will be performed), and coping plans for overcoming exercise barriers (e.g., a plan for exercising despite bad weather).

“Advances in Motivation in Sport and Exercise” by Glyn C. Roberts, Darren Treasure
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Weather Develop a set of regular activities that are always available, regardless of weather ConditlOhS (indoor cycling, aerobic dance, indoor swimming, calisthenics, stair-climbing, skipping

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When fitness centers lack accessible options, June walks the hotel halls and does flexibility and strength exercises in her room.

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With so many functions to attend and preparations to organise, I can have my 10­week plan stuck prominently on the front of the fridge and work my way steadily through the list and not feel out of control.

“Planning with Kids: A Guide to Organising the Chaos to Make More Time for Parenting” by Nicole Avery
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They have requested a structured weekly group exercise plan to follow to increase their fitness for a walking holiday in three months’ time.

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Similarly, to avoid lapses in the winter, fair-weather exercisers could develop a list of alternative exercise places and activities for days when they do not want to go outside, such as walking at a shopping mall or working out with an online video at home.

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1) No Moderate Exercise Sessions: Either toolittle, or too much, orway beyond what I plan todo, andwith noset schedule.

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Encourage patient to modify schedule to include several rest periods during the day; pace activity and exercise according to body’s tolerance; use energy-conservation techniques in daily activities.

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  • Awesome tips! I don’t really enjoy sweet drinks so always tell myself if I say no to those it means I can eat more yummy food haha

  • Hi guys this is all very good however you don’t seem to cover those of us that are on the senior side and still exercise, for myself I am fast closing 67 I train twice a week One day cardio and one day weights and try to get out on the bike when I can I’ve always had a good level of fitness having started playing rugby when I was 17 While serving with the British Army I continued this rugby well into my 40s. Having had shingles a couple of years ago has totally wiped out my immune system and I find having a very heavy session of squatting or dead lifting (120k squat & 100k deadlift) or a very long ride wipes me out I’m struggling with weight although I have lost a few inches around the waist recently through the squatting what advise if any could you give us chaps that are on the wrong side of 60 but still want to look good. Love the vlogs Brian Shaw

  • I do this before I do my cardio and my legs are like jelly after only 5 minutes. Hey is right these work out do work. I have to lose 14lb and I’m determined to do this.

  • This was a while back, but I wanted to let you know I did it! My daughter is almost a year old, and she woke up from a nap when I did this. So I had added mental exercise with it. lol!! Thanks for the workout! #betterthanabagofpotatochips

  • This is one of my favorite videos. One good reason that the Pandemic brought me is knowing this channel. I love Tom Holland. He’s the best. I love Ryan, Elsa, Katie and all the lovely ladies there ( I’m not good in remembering names). Just keep making videos and inspiring everyone. More power to you Bowflex ����

  • Hey guys, first up I wanted to tell you that I love your videos and your positivity around Crossfit and Sport in general! I‘m a personal trainier in Germany but with the EMS Training Technology! I know that it’s fairly new to the fitness market but especially if you’re looking for a training method for people who don’t have much time you should give it a go! I would love to train you myself but unfortunately I don’t think you will be visiting Germany anytime soon:// that being said if you do drop me a text and I will be more than happy to train with you two!

    Keep up the great videos they brought me to do Crossfit and I still love them!! Greetings from Germany ������

  • Hi Chloe! First of all thank you because you’re helping me a lot, I lost 5 kg in just three months and all because of your workouts! Now I’m working more on getting abs, how much I should workout my upper body for getting abs? I usually work my abs twice a week for 30/40 mins, it’s enough?

  • I tried to loose weight for about 3 months and then in february and march i failed and lost my motivation. But I want to start again to get a body like you! Thanks Rebecca for keeping me motivated.

  • Hey lean machines, I do a lot of sport all week and do a lot of cardio and am finding it hard to go to the gym to get muscly because I’m too tried could you help me out to find the best way to balance both and when to go to the gym.

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  • Excellent content from beginning to end. Sharing useful and effective information in all your detailed and well explained information about How To Survive Your Holiday Christmas Party.

  • this was hard (9 yrs into motherhood of 2 and lost any shape i was once in….trying to start all over), but doable & short enough to make fit into any schedule. thanks -please more!

  • thanks guys! I needed this video so damn much I haven’t been frequently working out since I started uni a couple months ago and I can see the weight that I am putting on its horrendous

  • I do this workout every other day in my living room with my 9 month old crawling around me and 2 year old running around, I work up a major sweat and my heart pounds at the end. I love this workout, I feel better after this in comparison to the 45 minutes I do on the cross trainer at the gym. Thank you bowflex I am so happy to have found your videos. God bless you x

  • I’m 15 and I’m quite skinny, how can I gain weight and look a bit more muscular considering my age because I’m stick to machines at the gym because free weights are constantly hogged by 6ft lads twice my age

  • Hey Holland & co, you guys are doing a stupendous job by helping millions believe in your workouts. I’m one of them and am feeling fantastic after following them for about a fortnight now.

    May I request you to create a video on how to overcome side stitches please? Looking forward to it, many thanks. Gopi from India.

  • This is me. Working 50+ hours a week and studying on my days off. I agree. Number one hands down is the diet. With lack of time your nutrition has to be on point. I found drawing up a meal plan for the week and meal prep really helps. For exercise I do crossfit 3 days a week which is great because it constantly changes and challenges you. Whenever I get a free half an hour I do a quick yoga session at home. It’s not easy to fit everything in but if you’re organised and focused you can make it work! ��

  • Hi fellas, I’ve recently started going to the gym regularly for the first time with the primary aim of building up a solid foundation of strength, to help with sports and general fitness. As a complete newcomer to training though, I am hesitant about starting to do the big compound lifts (squats and deadlifts especially) as I know that my form is bound to be pretty poor, and my current lack of mobility isn’t helping either. My main problem however is that I’m also working and living abroad for the foreseeable future, and the language barrier is currently preventing me from seeking pointers from fellow gym goers or advice from the PTs. I know these lifts are essential to any any training regime, and have watched several tutorials (including your own ones) to try and get myself started, but I’m still unsure about increasing the weight in the interest of preventing an injury. Would you recommend avoiding the bigger compound movements until my strength and mobility have improved a little, or jump straight into it using as little weight as possible and using drills to try and nail down the form as best I can? Apologies for the essay(!), love the vlogs guys, keep the good stuff coming!

  • wow this is really amazing video. i wish everyone should go through this to know how to plan for holiday Christmas party. thanks for sharing nice information.

  • Hey guys, thanks for the great videos! I’m a 21 year old woman who’s fairly new to training and trying to figure out what exercises to do. My primary goals are a bit of weight loss (I’m not overweight, but a few kgs less wouldn’t hurt) and to get lean and strong (although I’d also like to avoid hulk-sized quads). I go to a conventional gym where there isn’t much space for the kinds of circuits of burpees, walking lunges, etc. I also really enjoy running a few times a week and I’d like to do a half marathon next year. I’ve pieced together a regimen from bits and pieces on the internet, but it’s hard to know how heavy I should be going, how my form is doing, whether or not I’m training hard enough, and how to balance all of this with the running training. I currently use a Smith machine, but I’m not sure if it’s throwing off my form or giving me a false idea of the amount of work that I’m doing. How would you recommend training for those goals, is it possible to do the running training and the gym training all at once without having to be working out every single day, and is there a particular regimen that you think would work well for these? Thanks so much!

  • I got a SUPER busy schedule Self-employed, working on contracts, whilst trying to pursue music fulltime, skateboard hobbyist….

    I’m aiming to workout just 2 x per week for at least 1 hour. Any extra is a bonus!

    I really found value in this vid thanks guys!

  • I would love a video about how to help with recovery in between lifting sessions. I would like to train a bit more than I do but my body is so sore afterwards sometimes (and I’m not being a wimp I promise!). I weight lift twice a week and do an 8k run once a week). Thank you for being such awesome role models xx

  • 5×5 is a good idea… It’s easy to track your progress and fun to watch how the weight on the bar goes up week by week. When you’ve built some basic strength you can change the adaptation and increase reps to higher range and maybe throw some auxiliary excercises in like chin ups for example. Your body will quickly respond to the new type of stimulus.

  • I love what you do…�� you really see a lot of ignorant and egotistical people in the Fitness Industry.��but your videos are the Bomb����������clear, specific, concise, practical and effective.
    I feel so much stronger��

  • 3 crossfit classes a week would probably cover most of his needs and give the training a little more of a regimented system.
    I found it’s worked great for me. I also do gym sessions on my own when I have time but find I work harder in the class.

  • YASSSSS, FINALLY A VIDEO LIKE THISSSSSS, oh ya your workouts and nutrition advice really effective!!! Love you Chloe!! ����������❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 1.Realistic GoalsIf you can’t do workout 5 times a week, Do 3, Try doing HIIT 10-15 mintues
    2. Plan Ahead
    3. Choose your treats wisely Don’t eat more than one plate, not more than that
    4. Avoid sugary Drink
    5. Water! Drink up
    6. Outdoor activities Skiing, ice skating
    7. The Right mindset Get rid of all in or nothing mindset

  • Used to be a dancer then I had got pregnant and had my baby and this was literally so much funnnnnn, made me miss my dance �� Adding it to my routine and I subbed xoxo

  • Great video guys…. Could you please do some kind of tutorial on the different attachments that can be found in the gym, hat each one does and what muscle groups it targets….. Would be very grateful ����

  • awesome video lads… given my busy working life and family I only get 3 x 90 minute full body workouts a week. I follow a strict program that includes all the big compounds (plus some accessory work) with progressive overload. Small rests between sets and come out feeling great. its all about bang for your buck:P

  • Hi chloe, im only 10 years old turning 11 this Christmas. Until i foundnyour channel I tryed MULTIPLE workouts and none worked. I’ve been bullied for being fat and chubby.. even my bestfriends and closest friend made fun and said “hehehe your so chubby!” (I was 108 pounds) I know it was supposed to be a joke… but I didnt take it like that. I just wanted to thank you for all the helpful advice. Lots of love, kestra ♡

  • Thanks for uploading this a month ahead haha ♥ We should all feel goodwith our bodies and enjoy the holidays, family-friends company and good food ♥ Let’s not punish ourselves! Eat with moderation and you can get back on track after holidays, or smashing a small workout in the holidays♥ THANKS CHLOE LOVE YOUU We need more lookbooks♥

  • I wake up on weekdays around 7am but I don’t know if I can do exercises earlier… I need your opinion Chloe <3 You are the best!

  • Yes, your advice is very helpful in coming holiday season, give me the head up on proper way to cope with all these feasts coming with the holiday without damaging my health.

  • Thank you Chloe! You’re really inspirational! Found your channel a few days ago and did 3 of your workouts the last few days already, Love your channel!

  • Hi Chloeee�� I definitely love your videos�� I started eating healthy and doing workout for more than a year, and til now I’ve lost about 20 pounds!! I workout every day including your exercises �� Buuuut when Christmas comes, its so hard eating healthy and be controlled in eating all those sweet treats T_T Here in Italy (as in every country in the world) there are a lot of delicacies in this festive season xD Could you upload a quick and intense workout christmas edition (possibly with no jumping involved for my poor knee xD)? Or could you suggest me which workout among yours, could be perfect to burn the most in a very quick time? Thank you �� You’re fantastic ��

  • All I need to survive my holiday party: Dr Anthony Balduzzi on my arm…. haha! Just Kidding! (not really) Good tips on how to handle these foods….and yes! Hydration!

  • I can’t eat, snack tbe way I use too when I was in highscbool. My body changed its diet on its own. And I love working out now that I’ve been trying not to stay depressed.

  • I wanted to ask something please: how to make legs stronger? And does it depend on fat or muscle or both? I’m slow when running and i get tired quickly when doing leg workouts �� i’m not slim/skinny but i have a friend who’s more fat than me and i always lose against her if we race (to be honest my whole body is weak and i lose against everyone when it comes to physial stuff �� but i really want to increase/improve my running speed) and sorry for my bad english ��

  • GOLLY GEE WHIZ!!! PHEW TO THE WHEW! That first one was the longest minute in the world, and I’m laying in bed watching! I’m tired already! ��

  • Once again another great video with a realistic approach to living a healthy life and still having fun and not being that fitness bore

  • Great tips Chloe! Feeling motivated, thank you so much�� also, I wanted to ask, I have these 1.5 kg ankle weights and wondered if I wear them when I do cardio will it change my results at all? Xx

  • Hi beauty! I had been thinking about what to do on christmas, so i was so happy when i saw the title lol❤
    Thank you so much, the best advice for me was that i should not give up the workout and healthy eating habbits because i “cheat” a bit��
    Love ya❤❤

  • Wanted to start working my mom body but had zero motivation and didn’t know where to start. Came across this video and it made it so much easier and fun!❤ Will definetly add this to my daily routine

  • Hi chloe! Great vids coming from this beautiful person also i have a recommendation for a future video,can you make a exercise routine for the time of periods,because they say not to stress your abdomen or lower back because it will also effect the urethra,and it will cause unregular periods and it will stop the flow of the period sooo…I hope you can make an exercise routine for girls during their period Thank you! <3

  • chloe I have question n please answer it.my weight before doing some workout is 45kg.after 6 week now is 47kg.I’m 163cm. why chloe? is good for me or not

  • Im gona have to incorporate this inti my workouts. Hey moms id appreciate some mommy friends too�� new channel and doing my best. Some support would be so appreciated. In the meantime im gjust gona bing watch all these videos cause this channel has become my favorite.

  • Yes, would love to see a variety of full body mom workouts to keep it new always! This is great and easy to fit in the full time working mom’s schedule. Can do this anywhere I.e while my children are at their sports practices

  • When are you going to japan?!?! And which state?!? Cause I’ll be going to japan too!!! And I wanna take photos with you!!! ������������❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️������������ ( my idol����) oh ya one more question, how do you stay in shape and healthy while you’re traveling?

  • quick question, i want to lose weight around my ab area and tone my butt to look nice in a bikini on vacation june 17th, do you recommend me to any of your videos that will help me? love your videos (:

  • Hi chloe!! do u mind doing a video for easy healthy food recipes (maybe no cooking?) that satisfy cravings during holidays seasons? i just want to limit my sugar intake but i rly want to eat those chocolates!! also, do u have any tips for working out while outstation? especially when youre on a tour and time is limited!

  • Thank you so so much for the pep talk! I’ve been procrastinating a ton on everything like homework and exercise. All I do is sleep and eat! I plan to do a mini workout throughout the week to stretch and get my splits. I will also workout on Saturdays before work to get me going! Love your vids ����

  • Injured my rotary cuff after rotating my arms in the big circles that the group did at the beginning of this workout. Please think before you just do whatever is being done in a given workout… learned a lesson. I have two children, a three year old and a nine month old. I have been unable to work in the home and care for my children or myself without pain ranging from 1 to 6 in my shoulder, neck and upper arm. I know I need to baby it, and where the sling, I have done so two days unconsecutavcely but as moms, I’m sure you know that the sling has to come off every now and then. It has been three weeks, I heal a bit and then regress. It could take up to 8 weeks for an injury like this to heal and many people don’t heal and end up having surgery.

  • Just sending a little thank you your way for this workout! I was prego when you published this, but kept it tuck away til after I was through postpartum. I’ve been doing it for about 2 months now, and I feel amazing! My hubby loves how toned I feel. I love that it only takes 20 min for a full workout! I have my three 3-and-under littles with (running around) me, and it’s doable enough to sneak into our already full morning routine. One thing I noted was that after beginning other workout programs, the top of my thighs are often brutally sore (can’t go down stairs), but this was the first time that the back of my thighs felt like they got a workout (hello, operation booty section). My thighs definitely need some attention there, so am happy with that.:-P And you said to let you know, so YES, I’d love even more workouts from you guys!

  • I find this really helpful because I’m not a mom but I’m a gymnast and this helps me for days when I don’t have practice, I can still stay in shape.

  • Hi Bowflex, your exercise are hard but effective. It’s tough to do at first time but as days passes it’s easy. Bit hard can’t do it continuous but I will try to do. Thank you for such a good exercise. I have subscribed your channel. Every exercise is good.

  • Great tips, my Christmas parties start this weekend so I really needed this lol. Gonna make sure I wake up early to get my workout in before the party, and dance up a storm after I pig out. Have a great Christmas Doc.

  • Good one doctor “muscles become sponges for carbohydrates after a weights workout”. Plenty of water and proteins before the Christmas parties will be my mantra.

  • yes yes your video will inspire all for to do a blast party in up coming holiday in christmas. Your advice is great dear. Thanks for sharing with us this video.

  • This is my first Christmas after I started eating clean, and working out so this really helped me! I really do agree that the most important thing is having the right mindset + not over thinking every single bite of cake (or whatever), it’s Christmas! It’s okay to enjoy yourself more than you usually do! There’s also some sneaky, healthy Christmas recipes out there as well ;))
    But there’s also some extremely delicious healthy food. It’s not all about boring salads. When you’ve eaten healthy and clean for a bit, you suddenly start craving the healthy food, and you’ll slowly stop craving the bad food. It’s all about patience! You can do it, if you have the right mindset.

  • How should I gain muscle if I’m naturally skinny and can’t gain muscle even when eating 200 grams of protein and 300 grams of carbs, I also don’t have access to a gym or access to anything to do pull ups, thanks
    Edit: I’m 6 foot and 160 lbs (14 years old), I’m not a skeleton, my biceps are 12 inches, I just look very thin and I want to be more muscular to get girls because being skinny would turn girls off

  • this video is a life saver for me, because this Christmas season i wanna enjoy some great meal without gaining weight and also stay hydrated. Now i know what to grab at the buffet.

  • I’m glad I watched this because I’ve been worrying about overdoing it during the holidays. I’m definitely going to use everything I learned here during the holidays. Thank you for another well done video.

  • hi mam I have a humble request for u to solve my problem.plz solve it.
    the matter is after my C SECTION over means its been 5 years over now. I am getting somehow flat stomach only but the stomach and love Handel’s and saadlebags are sagging totally.i am.nit able to fix it tightly.its been sagging only and I am not satisfying with workout results.plz plz give me solution how to put those in tight

  • Can we please address the whole subject of hip dips. Is it possible to get rid of them? If so what exercices. Thanks guys. Love the video��

  • Omg yess this is much needed!! since holz already started for malaysia, im eating a lot these dayss!! im close to my goal but gosh im gonna end up as before againzz.. Btw how much calories should i take during eating time of intermittent fasting???

  • Another great one guys. Were all so busy these days. Loved the HIIT workout, you can do that anywhere. The wife and I was working out at home for about 4 months with little to no weights, so I had to get creative. Lots of burpees…lol. we finally lined up our finances and were able to join Crossfit Oldtown in Alexandria, VA this past august.

  • Excellent content from beginning to end. Sharing useful and effective information in all your detailed and well explained information about How To Survive Your Holiday Christmas Party.

  • In 2018. I started doing this workout. A lot of the other ones were way too intimidating. But you really helped me a lot. I used to have poor circulation in my legs from being at a desk job. And I watch your upper body workout now everyday. Cuz I’ve lost enough weight that I feel like I only do a minimal amount of cardio. You have literally helps moms out there Simone. Thank you.

  • That video came perfect because tomorrow I’ll leave to go to Nicé�� thank you as always Rebecca!! Could you maby do a short and hard abs workout to do while running or any other cardio:)

  • I’m 78 but run a low carbs diet and follow mostly the Bowflex videos. Moving them round,: sometimes sticking with the same groups of warm ups, exercises and stretches, I have to admit so I don’t have to think! Usually have one day off a week and daily session usually about 20 mins. Feel so much better for it. It’s good to just be working with normal people and I enjoy having timing done for me with hints/encouragement thrown in. Thank you.

  • didn’t expect FFP to discuss this subject, really inspiring and helpful discussion that grounds one during the holiday xmas party and prevents you from letting go to a regrettable point.

  • I have been struggling to find the right travel exercise mat. Any recommendations as to how to find one similar to the one you showed? thanks in advance!

  • Going on a vacation in May…Been following your videos for almost 5 months and have seen drastic improvement. Thank you so much for these tips that will keep me on track <3