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Top five physio myths busted by world’s largest physiotherapy clinical research group ‘The downside of following a myth is that you’re wasting your time and money,’ said Anne Moseley from PEDro. Exercise Myth #1: You must stretch before you exercise. We often hear that it is important to stretch before exercise. However, this is actually a myth.

In truth, some studies suggest that pre-exercise stretching can actually increase the changes of your injury, since stretch destabilizes your muscle fibers. 15 Responses to 5 Exercise Myths. 5. Surgery Is More Effective. Depending on your injury or health condition, surgery may not be the only option you have for pain relief. In some cases, physical therapy is proven more effective to treat these symptoms.

For example, back issues caused by degenerative disc disease and shoulder pain related to a rotator cuff tear. 5 Common COVID-19 Myths, Busted. COVID-19 information can be overwhelming.

And unfortunately, misinformation is common. Our expert debunks five common myths about the novel coronavirus. Martial arts training is surrounded by myths and misconceptions. Some of them keep people from training who might otherwise benefit. 5 Martial Arts Myths BUSTED!

Posted by Sarah Lobban on 9/11/2018 7:30:00 AM BOB (5) Stretching (5) bruce lee (5) jeet kune do (5) karate uniform (5) Nigel the Ninja (4) recovery (4) competition (3. Stretching Myths Busted A Lastics fan posted this article about stretching on our Facebook page and asked me what I thought. But before we can get into the meat of it, it’s important to call attention to the title.

5 of 10 Myth: Stretching helps your body recover faster. 6 of 10 Myth: You need to sweat for 45 minutes to get a health benefit. 7 of 10 Myth: More gym time is better. Stretching Myths Busted!

By Sara Butler. There are myths that surround just about everything. From big things such as Stonehenge to little things that seem as inconsequential as stretching.

Yet, the myths are out there and they persist. Stretching is essential to a healthy body, so it’s time to set the record straight by putting these. Some other body parts like breasts, calves, thighs, lower back, buttocks, elbow, upper arms and knee creases are also prone to stretch marks.

Myth 5: Skinny People do not fall prey for stretch marks. This is one of the most common myth regarding stretch marks. The main reason for the development of stretch marks is genetic and hormonal factors.

Myth #5: You need to stretch before you workout Myth #6: You can spot target fat loss Myth #7 8 Common Fitness Myths Busted (What The Science Says) Duration: 11:43.

List of related literature:

There are also many myths and misconceptions about stretching that could use some clearing up.

“Better Stretching: 9 Minutes a Day to Greater Flexibility, Less Pain, and Enhanced Performance, the JoeTherapy Way” by Joe Yoon
from Better Stretching: 9 Minutes a Day to Greater Flexibility, Less Pain, and Enhanced Performance, the JoeTherapy Way
by Joe Yoon
St. Martin’s Publishing Group, 2020

Myths and truths of stretching.

“The Routledge Handbook of Youth Physical Activity” by Timothy Brusseau, Stuart Fairclough, David Lubans
from The Routledge Handbook of Youth Physical Activity
by Timothy Brusseau, Stuart Fairclough, David Lubans
Taylor & Francis, 2020

To date, most stretching studies have looked at traditional stretching.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
from Weight Training For Dummies
by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
Wiley, 2011

Too bad that reviews of the scientific literature on stretching have deemed stretching all but useless for recovery.

“Good to Go: What the Athlete in All of Us Can Learn from the Strange Science of Recovery” by Christie Aschwanden
from Good to Go: What the Athlete in All of Us Can Learn from the Strange Science of Recovery
by Christie Aschwanden
W. W. Norton, 2019

No evidence indicates that children should or should not stretch in the same manner as adults or that the efficacy and safety of stretching are different for children.

“Pathology and Intervention in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book” by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, William S. Quillen
from Pathology and Intervention in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book
by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, William S. Quillen
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2008

The research has only looked at the traditional “static” form of stretching where you hold the stretch.

“Muscle Medicine: The Revolutionary Approach to Maintaining, Strengthening, and Repairing Your Muscles and Joints” by Rob DeStefano, Bryan Kelly, Joseph Hooper
from Muscle Medicine: The Revolutionary Approach to Maintaining, Strengthening, and Repairing Your Muscles and Joints
by Rob DeStefano, Bryan Kelly, Joseph Hooper
Atria Books, 2009

Therefore, the opinion that due to the action of pregnancy hormones that increase tissue relaxation, prenatal stretching exercises can be dangerous, leading to “excessive stretching of the muscles,” is unfounded.

“Exercise and Sporting Activity During Pregnancy: Evidence-Based Guidelines” by Rita Santos-Rocha
from Exercise and Sporting Activity During Pregnancy: Evidence-Based Guidelines
by Rita Santos-Rocha
Springer International Publishing, 2018

Most people are fed into believing that stretching can make them longer and leaner.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

WHEN I FIRST BEGAN STRETCHING, I didn’t have the slightest idea how many types of stretches there might be.

“The Genius of Flexibility: The Smart Way to Stretch and Strengthen Your Body” by Robert Donald Cooley
from The Genius of Flexibility: The Smart Way to Stretch and Strengthen Your Body
by Robert Donald Cooley
Atria Books, 2009

And further data(13) has shown that static stretching doesn’t even reduce your risk of injury, which is one of the primary reasons you may have been led to believe that you should do static stretching before exercise.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • The dodo blushing you have to go in with a a tool for certain island is what TIK took said eg watering can hybrid island, fishing rod rare fish island

  • wow you’re spreading misinformating about you falsyfing the misinformation, your “data miner”s have no experience, i have found islands not present in the list, also yeah dodo blushing may be false but there are some exaggare-HOW DO YOU SPELL IT in this video that just not connect to the truth anymore

  • You want to stretch right after a workout. It’s when your muscles are warmest and will let you stretch deeper, this improving your flexibility

  • Note: before stretch is necessary warm up, doesn’t need a half an hour routine, depending of what the person need to warm, it can be 5 or 10 minutes.

  • So crazy…I literally just went to YouTube to look up some kind of 10 min stretch video before I do one of Pamela’s videos bc I felt stiff and tired and BOOM…first video on my homepage! Thank you so much, Pamela!! ✨✨✨����������������������

  • “During the day they are upgrading.. Ooh, what’s that cart back there?”

    I love how he gets distracted for a hot second then goes back to his original script xD

  • Werbung davor und danach ist ja okay, aber währenddessen doof. Dann finde ich die 30 Sekunden zu wenig (habe gehört 2-3 min sollte man machen) und ich bin auch zu unflexibel, kann einige Übungen gar nicht machen. Durch Yoga habe ich alternative Stellungen gelernt, die vermisse ich hier. Schade, kein Video für mich:(

  • This video is so wrong. Seriously, do some better research. Btw organic foods can still be GMO. Cross breeding two plants is modifying its genetic code. When people practice selective breeding, THATS A GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM. There is a lot of testing by the FDA, and genetically engineered foods (you never made the distinction, btw) certainly can make a healthier plant; golden rice, for example. These kinds of videos are going to mislead the public. You are the problem dude.

  • do not provide greater “intrinsic yield” so in other words do not produce extra cobs per stalk of corn, but fail to say over-all yield (which is all farmers care about) tricky wording used in this, Its been proven many times GMOs do in fact have a 22% greater over all yield and its increasing each year

  • also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colligative_properties

    pure ethanol has decidedly different properties than some ethanol mixed in motherfucing gravy mates

  • Dear Pam, thanks for this stretching routine. I think it’s pretty helpful that you always mention the body part the stretch focuses on. What I like about your videos is that you don’t talk much and start directly. But I think it would be great, just talking about stretching sequences, if you would explain more. Everyone’s flexibility is different and people, who are not that flexible could tend to harm their bodies by ‘falling’ into the stretches (f. ex. the back stretch or ham strings). Maybe it would be great if you would always mention what to be aware of (like that it’s more important to always straighten your back than to reach your feet) and give alternatives.
    To everyone doing this: You’re doing great! Please don’t stress your body and focus more on how your boy feels than to rush trough this routine to chance the positions every 30 seconds.:)

  • Confuse your friends. instead of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich serve them cheese soup and bruschetta (toasted tomato sandwich).:)

  • 5 Myths, by ” Corbettreport” parroted here are in entirety false. This is a great example of propaganda that the Nazi’s would be proud of. Also great of you using, 15-16 year old girl who did a school report and was uninformed although quite arrogant make your point for you. Yeah how classic. 

  • Is there anyone here who is tall and struggles to find anywhere to do a workout where they can do full range of motion because they don’t fit? ��

  • The flower genetics I initially thought was going to be connected to dominant and recessive genes, and I have a page where it says once you get to blue roses, there’s a 1.6% chance of a blue rose, compared to the others (you’d have a higher chance of getting a green mum than a blue rose)
    I’m still trying to get blue roses on my island as of this comment ;u;

  • bury 30k bells because if you get 10k back you’ll have 3 10k bags which is gonna add up to 30k but you also have a small chance of getting 3 30k bell bags which is 90k bells

  • The only thing I definitively learned from this is that if I get 1,000 microwaves together, I can create my own Tyrannosaurus Rex!

  • I am 30 seconds in and you reveal your stupidity. Do you even know what “intrinsic yield” means? It is the yield you can get in the perfect world.   GM soybean and corn have higher actual yields. And that is what counts in the real world. So myth one not busted.

  • Idk about the Orville myth because I have tried it and it seems to work because I have gotten money rock island maybe 10 times and sister fruit so many times as well as bamboo island. As for burying bells it has a pattern and once you figure the pattern out you will know which days are guaranteed to give you max bells and don’t bury 10,000 but instead 30,000 because you will never lose money and you will definitely gain when you get triple 30,000 and this is also how you find out your pattern. And complaining about a villager does work when coupled with the campsite and someone wants to move to your island. I have tried this and it 100% works.

  • Other players: I’ve created a complex and partially mathematical scheme across my entire island to get this specific type of flower
    me, sprinting over my bridge to my red, white and yellow roses every damn day: pïňķ?????

  • If I were you guys, I’d bury 30K bells everytime as you don’t really lose anything. You just gain nothing. And in the off chance it gives you 90K because of it, good.

  • I could not do a single exercize she showed! And I am very active (+3 hours of physical activities a day) nor that old (in mid-thirties). I need to find something suitable for real beginners.

  • Good Video! but should of also mentioned the many farmers that committed suicide because of cross pollination and as well as the tyrant companies like Monsanto that patent seeds in order to control business and competition. Monsanto, one of the developers of Agent Orange that destroyed many innocent people in Vietnam and contaminated their lands for years to come of suffering. A little history will show you what type of people you dealing with!

  • 1:24
    When I had to make nooks cranny I got all wood and a sold other items bug and fish and then my nooks cranny was getting upgraded

  • Having been in public relations and advertising for over thirty years, I wonder if the people who create these campaigns believe their campaigns. Personally I don’t take projects that I feel aren’t a benefit, or helpful, or may be conspicuous. I just couldn’t do it, frankly, and that’s why I’m not wealthy.

  • There is a nother rumor if you talk to orville and then use joy until he uses joy to you will get a better chance to get a rare island (spoiler:its fake)

  • 2:28 2:32 stretching actually increases the gain of muscles but not directly, stretching remove a tissue called “fascia” and removing it gives more room muscles to grow, here i have found an article;

  • Pro tip, always bury 30k bells in the money tree. That way, if you only get 10k, you still get it back, while if it’s triple, you get the 90k bells.

  • 4:44 well I mean “no interaction with Orville increases your chances of getting a rare island”. That’s wrong what about giving him a nook miles ticket that ups the chances

  • Is there any method of helping the muscles relax after a workout? Would it be beneficial to do short static stretches (5 10 seconds) or subtle dynamic stretches, or should I just have a cool-down walk?

  • Either this is true luck, or the Tik Tok is real, but I clapped and Orville blushed, and I was on none other than Finned Fish Island.

  • so i bought the towel outfit and as a joke i gave it to my vilagar tank now thats the only thing it wears and i hate it i reported it and 5 mins later he put it back on

  • the carrot myth was a WW1 fraud of the UK air force so the Nazi intelligence won’t suspect the inventions of the radar (fabricated a reason why they can shot at night) it is the history books (funny to read about it in 10th grade but for sure not a myth)

  • According to a few books I’ve read, stretching after a workout is very good. It prevents flexibility loss from heavy muscular training and helps go back to the normal range of motion and it is tested and proved right. Stretching exercises then are supposed to be done to a normal range of motion instead of trying to exceed it since muscles are tired, and never should be done stretching exercises to a longer range of motion when one is very tired. Also the short term change in flexibility it’s true, it’s just SHORT TERM, not a long term change, and it’s really helpful as long as we don’t stretch for long periods of time (+45 secs). I’d wish to be able to explain better but I can’t speek english that well and my books are on spanish. Either way most of the video is great!

  • it is all good and perfect but why do you speak when i need a moment of silence and not speak when i need you speaking me through the intense workouts ( no hate intended i love u sm)

  • I like to use my brie cheese with pancetta, portobello mushrooms, shallot, garlic ; all these ingredients into a bechamel sauce over angel hair.��

  • Cooking in a microwave does impact nutrients. Years ago, I fell into a habit of microwaving everything I ate. After doing it a couple of years, I became increasingly sick. A doctor was asking me about my food consumption. When he found out I was nuking everything, he told me to get rid of the microwave and steam veggies, poach proteins and otherwise bake food. Within 3 6 months my health improved dramatically.

  • Myth: Randy Savage slept with Stephanie Mcmahon
    Tom Philips: This myth has not been busted in the video.
    Me: so, it’s not a myth it’s true!
    Vince: Damn it! Tom, you arreee firrrrrreeed!

  • I have to disagree with this short term mobility increase statement. I have been training breakdance since 8 years, and you can feel huge positive difference in doing moves, if you stretch for 15-20 minutes before workout( i’m talking about moves that strongly require flexibility like acrobatic flares for example). BTW nice video:)

  • The carrot myth actually gained credit due to a WWII propaganda spread by the British Ministry of Information to try and keep the Germans from finding out about the radar technology the British had been using to repel the nightly air raids.

  • Good and sensible arguments  about the truth of nasty persistent organic pollutants present in GMO’s plus well informed readers that state the lack of nutrition KEEP VANISHING FROM THIS THREAD FOLKS. 

    Also new poorly thought out and blatant lying of presumably unaffiliated posters keep popping up to defend gmo’s safety despite the clear and Obvious Truth of This Video.

    Who would even need to read these comments after seeing truth from the video? But how and why are clever comments that expose the trolls and shills in this thread, Being Removed from the Comments?? 

    Science today can be bought and many scientist sold their hearts and souls to Monsatan for LEGAL PROTECION FROM CERTAIN DEGRADATION And yes,

    its worth it for monsanto to spend their money to pay shills and trolls for stating their support for gmo’s in these threads and its happening on ALL SENSIBLE AND REAL SCIENTIFIC VIDEOS ABOUT FACTS THAT ARE INDESPUTABLE.

    I guess i will have to copy this post to repost it when its removed by the HACKER DEVISION OF THE PRO GMO BOARD OF SHILLS AND TROLLS.

    WARNING NOTICE!  If you are not willing to face psychic attack ( As i am now) after verbally disagreeing with the trolls and shills and making your good arguments stick to their karma, its better you do not persist in this TROLL FARM COMMENT SECTION cause they seem to like to play the game even dirtyer than you would expect.




  • I cannot believe these idiots are this level of dumb, and yet… there they are, on video, proving it. I think if I were any one of the blokes on this YT chan, I’d definitely want to be put on suicide watch.
    I’m dying of embarrassment just watching them make utter morons of themselves, over and over and over again, in front of the entire world… every single video.

  • Somewhen in the 90`s the Warrior returned but apeared much less muscular and was wearing a weird spanded suit with muscled painted on them (If memory serves right). I remember not believing that to be the real Ultimate Warrior. the guy simply didnt look the part. So that WAS the real deal after all?

  • Well, the bottle with the silver spoon would lose its bubbles faster than the one without, because the spoon is giving more surface area for the bubbles to form on, thus letting more bubbles out

  • The carrot myth was a WW2 propaganda thing started by the ministry of food and the Ministry of defence to get people to eat a readily available food and also to deflect the Germans away from a new airborne radar system that our pilots had.

  • Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys the carrot thing was just something the finnish military (it was the finnish one right? I can’t quite remember) said in order to explain why they could suddenly shoot so well in the dark… the real reason was their new equipment for their soldiers but they didn’t want that to leak so they made up the carrot thing. aaw I thought you would bust this myth since the history behind it is so funny.

  • GMO’s are a big part of Agenda 21. Apparently what’s going on is the 1% (the super rich and wealthy) are afraid the rest of us (the poor) are going to use up all the planets resources so they are trying to depopulate. They plan to keep just enough of us around to service their needs and wipe out the rest of us.
    I can understand trying to tone down the birth rate but poisoning the people already born is just plain murder.

  • Honestly I think Gmos can be good, but they definitly aren’t ready yet. I think it will be years away before we should rely on them, as the methods used to make them, their effects and utility aren’t very well figured. We should of stuck with organic methods instead of conventional methods, but it looks like it will take someting big to happen to change back.

  • Thanks for joining me for the live session this morning ♥︎ 
    There was a tiny lack in the end of the livestream, so I re-uploaded the file! 

    I’m super excited for this video as well, since I really need to step up my stretching skills:D I’m soo optimistic that I will stick to this better, if I will have a fix video that I can follow haha. My goals is 4x a week!!

    xx Pam

  • Stop thinking from your brain… start thinking from your heart. If you stop researching its technical achievement but research the misery it’s caused, then you’ll realise its lack of achievement.

  • i’m slightly disappointed. they never even tested out the cheese one, they said they ate them but never told us if they had weird dreams.

  • If tryptophan gave you nightmares, Thanksgiving in the USA would be the most dreaded holiday of the year. All that tryptophan laced turkey.

  • Also carrots are known to give better eyesights because during WW2 when the British developed radar they didn’t want the Germans to know how they knew their planes were coming so they said that they fed their soldiers lots of carrots.

  • Carrots contain no retinol. They contain beta carotene which is a precursor to retinol.
    Stick to cooking boys. And drinking. I want more drunk Sorted.

  • Please use real sources

    Here are 2000+ independent real studies that say GMOs are safe

  • I do this every single morning, no skip. My goal is to have my body more flexible since I didn’t exercise for years. It’s my 18th day and I notice that my butt looks more firmed and bumpy, and my thighs are slowly getting firmed also. Is that even possible??? I don’t do any butt and thigh workout really

  • I’m a medical technologist and we usually use refractometers on urine. So seeing you guys use it on food is really weird for me ��

  • Tarantula island was actually the second island I went to in the game by using a Nook Miles Ticket.
    I was scared cause Gala was kinda just hangin’ out there like they were nothin’.

  • If you want to buy non GMO food buy organic. Should food producers be forced to include all a list of all plant varieties or just GMO varieties?

  • I do believe that this is the 1000th comment. Fun fact about the carrot myth. It was a ploy by the RAF to prevent the Axis powers from finding out that they had airborne interception radar, which at the time was a huge deal. It perpetuated the idea that carrots improved vision.

  • Carrots never improved vision above its normal level. It was a double whammy during WW2. First the government wanted the people to eat more veg and second, the “Ministry of Information” put about the notion that pilots were shooting down German planes at night because they ate carrots (Not because of the new RADAR system).

    Vitamin A can reverse some vision issues in people who are deficient. If you have enough Vitamin A in your diet it will not improve your vision beyond what your healthy eye could achieve before.

    Vitamin A is an essential vitamin, which means your body can’t make it. Your body can make some fatty acids, some amino acids and various other bits and bobs. This is why you see supplements providing “essential fatty acids” and “essential amino acids”. Vitamins are the same. Because it’s essential, Vitamin A deficiency is serious.

    It’s also important to remember that Vitamin A is quite toxic if you have too much. This is part of the reason Beta-Carotene was removed from many supplements back in the 90’s.

  • ok take your info from the government who does not want gmos but still say they are safe and every magor food and health organisation in te world who says they are safe and effective
    and ps you are right gmos do not make better health they contain extra nutriants like goldan rice which contains bata carontin which the human body makes into vitamin a so if you are suffering from vitamin a defency they will help ps look up prager u are gmos bad?

  • Next time you go food shopping for canned foods, go to the international section and buy canned goods from European countries. Why? Because gmos are banned there and all european canned goods are gmo free. If North Americans only bought european food, the price would probably decrease beause of larger turn over and bulk buying, and the US agriculture companies would get the hint about what people want and do not want. Just a thought.

  • I go to WSU, and I refer to our plant biosciences as “The Monsanto Building.” I also don’t get why it is called the Centre for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources since we aren’t in Canada or the UK…

  • Carrots don’t improve eyesight, but they maintain eye health. The origin of the story goes back to WW2 where the MoD wanted the enemy to believe it was locally grown carrots making them mad accurate rather than the newly invented RADAR. Carrots are good for you though, so keep them in your diet.

    Back in the 90’s/80’s Vitamin A supplements were quite popular and various other supplements often included Vitamin A too. Later it was discovered that supplemental Vitamin A was a cancer risk and overnight all such supplements lost their Vitamin A. Carrots and other organic sources of Vitamin A are safe, although…

    You can eat enough carrots to temporarily affect the colour of your skin, making it more yellow or orange than normal. It will return to normal if you stop eating kilograms of carrots every day.

  • O.o The coment section seems to be thriving with paid and amateur trolls who are pro-gmo. Listen, paid professional trolls! Its your children and grandchildren who will pay the price of a damaged environment and human genome. Get up, walk out of the Monsanto building and quit your job. Go and support the anti-GMO movement. As for the amateurs, everyone who comments, myself included, like to think their ‘opinion” is the one and only truth. So FU and have a nice day.

  • Great video. Thank you.
    Only thing I want to mention is that the reason for non-labelling of GMO products may be a little more complex than explained here: Ten years or more ago, Loblaws, grocery chain banned labelling of GMO products for the reason that the practice could be misleading the public for profit; a product could be labelled as non-GMO if it had only one non-GMO ingredient and therefore no products were allowed to label as non-GMO because it would be impossible to tell if a product was truly free from GMO’s or not, hence why the Non-GMO Project exists now.

  • So you’re telling me that bamboo island is common yet I’ve used over 100 nook miles tickets and I’ve NEVER once seen bamboo island?

  • Carrots and seeing in the dark was a myth invented by the British government to keep the secret that pilots were using interceptor radar to find German planes.

  • Drunk Barry.. Haven’t had it in a while. Classic! The people at the back, is that a new concept? Probably not relevant cause I’m commenting 3 years later. James looked like a pimp with the 3 ladies in his arm. British Cheese Board.. James understands it. Oh and Hi Ben! wink

  • Sorry but stretching is what saved my life!! Stretching does improve muscle growth and it helps with everything. Don’t listen to this pessimist

  • I just thought that Vince did cause he give a new belt to Austin and give the old belt that was the wwf belt that he destroyed then give it to mankind a few months later.

  • Imo stretching should be done separately and not on weight training days. On days when the muscles are not sore in any way. Warm up with dynamic stretching and finish with static ones. When you’re older over 40s, everything you do, should be done more carefully listening to your body. Any sign of pain, and you stop immediately.

  • I was going to say that stretching does increase short term flexibility, but that wouldn’t apply to everyone because I have Ehlers-Danlos type 3 and my connective tissue and fascia would tear much faster, especially under heavy stretching.

  • all i want is that if there is a product that contain gmo, it should be on the label so if you like it then get it and if you don’t then don’t. Why this is so difficult to understand?

  • Stretch everyday before and after workouts and during free days, or can I choose wheter I do it before and after a workout or during free days?

  • Hi guys. If it is not a good idea to stretch just before or after working out should I then do a stretching routine on rest days? Or is it better to stretch a lot of time before or after working out? Thanks, great series BTW.

  • i gotta brush my teeth that way…great vid, your conditioning is superb but i’d say your jumping jacks are quite funny, tight in the front delts?


    you heat a mixture. THAT MATTERS. water cooks at 100° and ofc evaporates too (bc gas equilibrium örks)
    if you mix alcohol and pure water, the temperature thats needed to evaporate the mix goes higher.

    and you put it in a dish with gravy, that means it mixes with water, fat and proteins which it can bind to and also can be absorbed into, which means the temperature to evaporate it GOES UP HIGHER THAN 100°C
    after 2 hours, a dish with alcohol WILL STILL CONTAIN ALCOHOL: to get it fully out you’d need to cook itt FOR DAYS

    I love, you, but Boiling-point elevation is a thing

    and I am in pain now

  • Some people may have a genetic predisposition to being more flexible but there is likely no genetically determined limit to how far your muscle can be stretched over time. This is to say that genetics may determine how quickly you make progress, but not how far you can go.

    I say this because it is hard to imagine how such a limit would manifest physiologically… perhaps through shape of joints themselves at some extreme range.

  • To be fair, I think hogan was the first to body slam Andre at 500 lbs. The slams of Andre many years before that were when he weighed a hell of a lot less

  • auch ich bin hier nicht ganz einverstanden mit dem was du sagst. Es ist nicht zu pauschalisieren das dehnen vor dem Workout schlecht ist.
    So gibt es das Prinzip des “correktive stretchings”, was gerade für die auch im Video angesprochenden Haltungen bei bestimmten Übungen z.b beim Deadlift GERADE für inflexible Athleten extrem wichtig ist um auch vom ersten Satz an in der lage zu sein die Übung richtig und Gesund auszuführen.
    Hinzu kommt auch das dehnen nach dem Training was ich persöhnlich als extrem Hilfreich und angenehm empfinde. Wieso sollte ich es nicht ausnutzen eine Vorgewärmte muskulatur nicht auch direkt zu dehnen.

  • State run propaganda is trying to strike up this new narrative that “climate change” is killing pollinators, not GMOs and pesticides.

  • You can look up this shit you know. If you do some goddamn research you will find that this is half truths and undocumented claims meant to scare and control you. Consider the source of this video. Either you are too lazy to learn the science behind GMO’s or you are too fucking stupid and afraid too.

  • I went ham with the 99k bell bags when I started the game, and in my first two weeks planting money trees, I was a lucky ass bastard and got 3x 99k bell bags 12 of the 14 days and it launched me far enough that when I realized I was simply lucky af and none of it was real, I switched to the safer 10k bag method.

  • Thanks a lot for this video and for the new one:D, because there is no as much info about stretching as there is for strength exercises…

  • Why should I stretch seperately? If I have dedicated a full day free from other types of workout for strethcing I can’t stretch my full body at once?

  • Not really Luck in replacing. You can just exit the Game if the Camper wants to replace a Villager and just resett until they choose the “right” one:3

  • Yeah I really got to work on my flexibility. I honestly believe it has some sort of correlation to your strength and power which could be a reason why Bruce Lee was such a freakin BEAST! 

  • @SORTEDfood
    Might I suggest you read a book called “What Einstein Told His Cook” by Robert L. Wolke. All the food science questions you have are answered. Here are a couple instances where you’re close, but not quite there with the analysis.

    Microwaves do use radiation in the form of microwaves, but it’s not radioactive as we think of it because it’s not ionizing radiation. It’s similar to, but much more powerful, than the microwaves emitted by cell phones in fact. They make water molecules, which are polar, vibrate (almost 2 1/2 million times a second) which in turn increases the overall speed of the molecules via random collisions – faster molecular movement equals higher temperature.

    Also, the champagne with the spoon in it should actually have slightly less overall carbonation because it exposes more area for “nucleation sites” which is where bubbles form. Given the extra surface area, the spoon bottle will be very slightly less carbonated.

  • I was doing long hold passive stretching for long periods everyday for a long time and my progress was limited. I’ve recently been doing ballistic type stretching and I’ve made more progress in a shorter time.

  • I heard about the NEVER BOUNCE when stretching…but i did it anyway..since i did stretching ti heavy metal and i alwayd be HEAD BANGING and BOUNCING at the same time

  • If y’all still believe that Stephanie and macho man rumor still y’all are complete idiots out if all the logical reasons for Vince to not include him in the hall if fame at tbe time could literally be anything yet y’all come up with any stupid thing

  • Right before the first match with Hogan,the Original Warrior died. My grandmother heard “Good morning America ” report it however they used his real name. At first. Then aka Ultimate Warrior.

  • I met the “Other” Ultimate Warrior… his name was Jimmy. Looked almost Identical. Luminous Warrior i believe he also wrestled under.

  • No, Batista was originally intended to be in Evo he was potentially going to replaced after an injury but H waited it out cause he wanted Batista still

  • There was 2 Ultimate Warriors. Go back and watch before and after wrestlmania VI. When warrior and hulk were tag team partners and had there fallen out. The 1st warrior was eye to eye with hogan while they were both flat footed. The later matchups after VI the warrior had to tiptoe and was obviously smaller.

  • With some of these “um, well a hollistic doctorrr that worked for nasa for thirty years told mee that-” and then I asked myself why I’m here.

  • You can actually buy things that keep both bottles of coke and bottles of sparkling wine fizzy after opened. They work by forming a seal or screwing onto the bottle, and then it has a pump that you use to pressurise the bottle, keeping the CO2 dissolved in the liquid.

  • GMOs are a bloody scam! Just so a few filthy rich white privileged men could get even more filthy rich!

    You grow crops… yield the seeds from the harvest… Then regrow those seeds again next year… it’s as simple stupid a process as that. And then the GMO companies moved in on that saying they can do better than nature.

    How does buying seeds each year to start up your crops again make for a better, cheaper more sustainable system… When did our species become so stupid and arrogant to think that we can do better than something that’s only worked for hundreds of millions of years!

  • “we don’t know how this rumor got started” regarding the hardcore title. Oh, maybe because the hardcore title look like a smashed-up world championship?

  • Join me in reporting this fake news lie video to Youtube. Click the three dots above and select misleading. Be sure to downvote it too.

  • You guys realize it’s fake right. There’s a script. When Andre was slammed doesn’t matter because the script says otherwise. And you guys get that the “belt” is a “prop”. No ones actually a real “Champ”. So the belt might be recycled. Lol.

  • Hey I haven’t worked out in a while so I wanted to do a workout but my thighs got such bad cramps I couldn’t do it so I wanted to do this stretch but I got sooo many cramps while doing it �� does anyone has tips on how to prevent them?❤️ ( sorry for my English)

  • Damn always wondered who was behind GTV!!!! I also remember someone saying it was suppose to be HBK! But tom green! Now that would have been dope! and as for mark jindrak that sucks… probably cuz he was wcw,…. such a talented guy too.

  • there is no myth about gmo’s………….they are bad for us and look who put this video up anyway. another puppet of the industry

  • the spoon in the “flat champagne” at 8:28 actually probably sped up the rate it became flat, as co2 falls out of solution much faster when there are more nucleation sites (points at which the reaction can be started). I know that’s not what the myth was but I thought it interesting.

  • I must say that just picked a book “The science of flexibility” by M.J.Alter, and even though just began reading it, everything so far agrees with what Alex describes in the video…

  • But prodigene corn produces cheap pharmaceuticals that cause sterility in human males and the open air field test that allowed it to escape are awesome so relax the organic corn is now modified too. Thanks pollen. Good thing they paid a small fine and changed the company name. Thanks regulators.

  • Your videos are very informative and I have learned to do my stretches better and safely. Man are you flexible! Do you have Ehlers-Danlos?

  • That bald, beady-eyed turd in the end got his dirty ass handed to him by the 14-year-old girl. Rachel Parent, you’re truly awesome!

  • I read in a book that eating a lot of carrots would make your breast grow bigger. Ate more than I should, but nope, they didn´t grow. The things you believe when you´re a child…

  • [Insert naturalistic fallacy here]
    [Insert organic doesn’t use pesticides here]
    [Cite obviously biased source here]
    [Call me a shill]
    [Enjoy your poison]
    [Insert something about god here]
    [Misspell glyphosate]
    [Science has been wrong before]
    [Cite cherry picked/disproved study here]
    [Mention 50 year old obsolete Agent Orange or old tobacco research as a lame reason]

  • I doubt highly Kevin O’Leary eats GMO foods. At a net worth of 100s of millions of dollars he’s eating nothing but the best organic foods

  • Judging by the comments on here the shills must be on a minimum wage, although I suppose your gonna get some poor souls who fail to realise that we do not live in a fairy-tale, people die because of other peoples greed, the food industry is virtually unregulated, as money buys everything.

  • You can break a muscle but usually not by stretching but by overexertion. I know of someone who tore his bicep in two by lifting something way to heavy. Once torn in this manner it is not surgically fixable.

  • Avoid GMOs, they are not safe and will affect your organs, cause cancer and kill you. The affects show up in mice at 18 months which would be middle age for us. GMO’s are banned in 38 countries for a reason, they are not safe.

  • I didn’t know what hybrids were and I realized I had so many black tulips to the point where they were cluttering my entire island so I threw them away then I realized they were rare hybrids

  • The carrot night vision myth was popularized by the RAF as an explanation for why they were so good at shooting down Luftwaffe planes at night, in order to keep the existence of in-plane radar a secret.

  • lol strangely its so many farmers on here that say it’s safe. didn’t know farming was such a widespread career lol. Corporate flunkies lol

  • I’m calling BS on the yields from organic growing. If it were true, farmers everywhere would have jumped on the organic food bandwagon.

  • Ahh Yes…GMO’s are good for you….Fracking is good for you…Slave wages are good for you…Unfettered capitalism is good for you….Not being informed is good for you….Assimilate now…Resistance is futile…Merge with the entity for the good of all….It’s all good for you…Nothing can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong…….

  • I ignored this GMO shit till I moved to a farm community surrounded by them and got sprayed in ‘something’ that caused holes to be burned into my skin and made me go insane for a few months.

    I watched this clip just to see if I can trust your videos, because since that incident I have taken it upon my self to learn as much about farming as humanly possible, over the last 3 years or so… 

    You are spot on.

    Bang on.


    Fuck these monsters.

  • Wow. I didn’t get through 19 seconds before I got to the first lie. GMO’s absolutely produce more. Now if you take two fields, that were a previously a legume crop and than cover them with manure and than farm them exactly alike you may get a higher yield with organic. But, here’s the difference; the gmo field can be farmed no-till which will save on soil erosion and organic matter. The years after 1 will be the huge difference. Where the organic field was tilled it used up the organic matter, lost up to 5 tons in top soil and now is absolutely depleted of nutrients. The gmo field the organic matter was raised, lost probably less than 500 lbs of erosion not too mention the good insects created up to 7 tons of new top soil because they were not killed by any tilling equipment. And guess what we used a heck of lot less fuel to produce out crop vs the organic. Now a conventional seed of the sane hybrid vs gmo counterpart can yield near the same but I would rather glysophate vs the other very toxic chemicals

  • Headline: GMO Myth Busters Busted! Hey, people who fear GMO products so much…How long have GMO products been on the general market? One generation! Where are all the malnourished people? Where are the diseased intestinal tracts of the poor, unsuspecting public? Why have the older generation’s children not outlived them? Why hasn’t any of your fear-mongering paranoia been substantiated? Maybe the word “paranoia” is the key word here.

  • I recently saw that other video about training mistakes, and I have to say: #3 hit right at home. I was just like that before summer, before I decided to push my limits. I have now learned how to do a muscle up, but it’s the unclean kind. Any advice on how to clean it up?

    I am also learning the frog stand right now. Any idea on how long I should be able to hold it before moving on to advanced frog stand?

  • Good arguments from anti-GMOs:
    1) We should have the right to know what we are eating
    2) Companies should not have the monopoly on crop production
    3) Safety comes first, and we should all have the right to eat safe foods

    Bad arguments from anti-GMOs:
    1) All scientists are bought by BIGAGRO, (which is entirely false).
    2) GMOs pose risk of genes spreading to the local ecosystem, (which is false again).
    3) GMOs cause diseases in Humans after consumption compared to organic ones. (Actually, genes and proteins are ‘decomposed, degraded and denatured into smaller building blocks called nucliec acids and amino acids. You do not get ‘genes’ into your blood stream, you get genes broken down into amino acids. And there is nothing wrong with that because we have been doing that since ever.) The only dangers posed is by the excessive pesticide used even on GMO crops despite the promise on the contrary.

  • Finding out who that girls Father is may reveal a bigger picture. I suspect the makers of this video may already know. Also that clip they used of her may be out of context. The whole episode should be watched. I am ignorant about this issue and lack the knowledge to make any conclusions. I think something fishy is going on here. Also i think the claims about Monsanto lying about the size of their yield make little sense. I won’t say why, only that there is a gaping hole in the narrative.I have lost faith in yet another source of alternative media. I hope i am wrong and i am just a stupid moron that has failed at rational thought. It is very distressing when you suspect a trusted source may be lying.

  • It’s funny the amount of people commenting here that went out of their way to look for a video against gmos. If all these people like gmos so much why are they looking up anti gmo videos?

  • I don’t have Instagram so I have to leave a comment here about what I think might be a good addition to this soup and that would be butternut squash

  • 1. Gmo and conventional traits yield 20% more than organic
    2. Pesticide use is down, but glyphosate use has increased because of its effectiveness on a broad scale of weeds. Also jsut because something is resistant to roundup doesn’t mean you can’t kill it still.
    3. There are no adverse effects from gmos… it’s 2016 there should e no explanation for this
    4. Every living thing is made up of DNA and species share the same DNA, so it’s not a big deal moving 1 gene from something and putting it in something else
    5 The public is retarded and is scared over nothing, just like whoever made this video

  • Wow CR! People are now dumber because of you! This video makes me not want to trust any information on anything I have ever tried to research. Not one of your so called “busts” is valid. Idiots like you are the reason gmo’s are not labeled.

  • I never attempted stretches, I just do the workout in the other videos. When I tried, my knee cracked for some reason �� Guess I’ll stick to workout only ��

  • Please correct your reporting: “Genetic engineering takes genetic material….”. The genes of an organism should be defined as ‘genetic information’ not ‘genetic material’.And you later state `and it inserts them into another organism`. the genetic information is inserted into the genome of another organism not the entire organism for this reason, every cell of new organism has the new compromised genome.

    This is important because the newly added genetic information comprises a significant portion of the new organism. But stated your way it could be misunderstood as meaning that just a few microscopic genes are added to a whole organism and hence, only 1billionth of the new organism has the added genes.

  • I don’t need GMO science, and I don’t need Organic science. If anyone wants to eat science, then do it proudly. I’ve been gardening for 30 years, and know that healthy soil makes healthy and good tasting plants. I don’t need the chemicals, but if you are so fond of science….eat up. The Clinton’s are on record for eating Organic, but are some of the biggest receivers of Monsanto campaign funding, and Hillary doesn’t miss a chance to endorse Monsanto. I guess Monsanto’s money is good enough for the elite, but not their food. “Let them eat cake (GMO, processed, chemical food)” Eat up suckers. More and more countries are rejecting Monsanto’s techniques and promises. More and more international farmers are protesting. More and more Americans are eating responsibly….Monsanto and their partners will run out of time…..Putin in Russian has already made GMO ingredients in Russia illegal. I’m 64, same height and weight + 5# as I was in high school, and very healthy. Thank you Lord for my non-scientific, cruelty free, vegetarian diet of simple, clean, foods that could feed the global population very easily. Organic farming, which more and more farmers are turning to is just the first step. Eventually, more people will have to move from cities to Permaculture systems in the country to keep the future well fed and clean.

  • I am allergic to alcohol. I learned when the allergy hit (developed it after brain surgery which apparently is not uncommon because it changes the chemical balance in the brain) that the booze being cooked with does not always burn away. I am to be extra careful since my allergy is not a happy one. Causes flue like symptoms and breathing issues and that is only with kissing someone who drank wine. I cannot risk eating it. So I was warned do not eat anything made with it even if I was told it was burnt off because it does not always get burnt off. If you have an allergy to booze do not trust that booze will burn off with cooking, most of it will but not all of it does.

  • The US corn annual production has increased from 4 to 16 billion bu from 1950 to 2015. That was not through what is called natural farming or organic farming. Farmers adapt new technology because it pays more not because they are told to by big business. And big business bends to farmers needs. This video is a myth. In our area there is a custom feed lot “Cactus feeders” that feeds one million head of cattle per year. If GMO corn was resulting in bad results they would not be buying this bt and rr corn. In fact they pay more for local bt because they know my corn is of good quality and produces the best results. It is 100% GMO

  • if you seal your fizzies, the pressure will go up as the gas escapes. so sealing it in a small container, with the smallest amount of air space to pressurize, will maximize preserved fizz. Alternatively you can use as sodastream, or other compressed co2 nozzle, to re carbonate any liquid, from flat wine, to milk.

    The carrots make your eyesight better myth was invented intentionally by the allies in WW2 because spotters were replaced with radar, and they didn’t want the axis to know they hadn’t just all got a lot better at spotting all of a sudden.

  • The carrot myth actually came from British propaganda in WW2. The had a secret radar technology developed that helped them target nazi planes during night raids, it was so effective they had to leak that fake information to try and prevent nazis from discovering and counteracting it

  • Attention all anti GMO supporters, could you tell me why you are against GMOs, because this is a field of study I want to make my career out of and I’d like to know why you don’t like my passion.

  • A couple of organisations that publicly declared GMO’s as safe based on the thousand of studies done, you can check the many sources on the statements by these (non corporate and many times independent) organisations.

    1. American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), a large non-profit organisation. [ http://www.aaas.org/]

    2. http://www.pewinternet.org/files/2015/01/PI_ScienceandSociety_Report_012915.pdf

    3. American medical association.

    4. National academies of science

    5. World health organisation

    6. European commission

    7. The royal society (UK)

    8. International science academies: Joint statement.

    9. http://ec.europa.eu/research/biosociety/pdf/a_decade_of_eu-funded_gmo_research.pdf #

    #This publication is from more then 130 research projects, collected over a span of over 25 years, more then 500 independent research groups were part of this.

    A small amount of experimental nutrition studies on animals are usually cited against GMO’s, but these have been retracted after publication because the amount of subjects were too small and were never peer-reviewd, never reproduced or just had a bad design.


    Séralini, G.-E., E. Clair, R. Mesnage, S. Gress, N. Defarge, M. Malatesta, D. Hennequin, and J. S. de Vendômois. 2012. Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize. Food Chem. Toxicol. 50:4221–4231 RETRACTED.

    I. V. Ermakova 2005. Influence of genetically modified-SOYA on the birth-weight and survival of rat pups: Preliminary study. http://www.mindfully.org/GE/2005/Modified-Soya-Rats10oct05.htm

    Velmirov, A., C. Binter, and J. Zentek. 2008. Biological effects of transgenic maize NK603xMON810 fed in long term reproduction studies in mice. Bundesministerium fur Gesundheit, Familie und Jugend. http://www.biosicherheit.de/pdf/aktuell/zentek_studie_2008.pdf

    Another large research published in the journal of american animal science analyzed and evaluated the consumption of billions of meals by more the 100 million animals over over 29 years, from before GMO crops were used by livestock. No direct link with GMO’s and health issues were found.

    Van Eenennaam AL, Young AE. Prevalence and impacts of genetically engineered feedstuffs on livestock populations. J Anim Sci. 2014 Oct;92(10):4255-78. doi: 10.2527/jas.2014-8124. Erratum in: J Anim Sci. 2014 Nov;92(11):5293.

    The journal Critical Review of Biotechnology published a robust review in 2014. 1783 scientific papers, reviews, expert interviews and publications between 2002 and 2012 were analyzed. They concluded that no significant risk had been found.

    and read this!!!

    They had a note in the paper that showed if there was a relation between industry funded and personal gain among the researchers and independent research. Because you would expect the industry funded research to show more positive results right? Well they found no such relation.

    But hey, millions of scientist, peer reviewed papers, meta-analyses by hundreds of independent scientific sources are all paid by monsanto right!? Seems legit, monsanto has about 2-3 percent of the total worldwide GMO crops, but they are some kind of evil corporation from hell.

  • Oh god, how can they question this? Surely there will be only ONE real the uuuuuuuuuultimate WARRIOR! The best Legend of Wwe universe! ❤��

  • you can smell the shills a mile off, any video about GMOs, instantly attracts pro GMO’ers. Or were educated from schools or labs GMO help fund. Schools today promote memory capacity over critical thinking.

  • That is not how alcohol works. You did that test wrong. You should have had the same person do it, or two people of the same body weight do it.

  • #5 GMOs crops can grow in places organic crops cannot, feeding hundreds of thousands of people in the area.

    #4 evolving weeds require the herbicides and has nothing to do with the GM crop.

    #3 not a shred of evidence not already discredited by the science community has been shown that GMOs cause harm.

    #2 I agree

    #1 labeling foods should be mandatory.

    fact: GMOs have saved hundreds of thousands of lives

    fact: GMOs have claimed a total of 0 lives

    Here’s how the science community weeds out fraud, all scientific studies need to be peer reviewed, thus ensuring the validity of the research. Any fraudulent study will be deemed invalid and the scientist behind said study loses all credibility in the science community, thus ruining his/her reputation and essentially ending his/her career. So, even if Monsanto provides funding for the studies, the research has to pass through the science community before being deemed reliable.

  • All of this genetic modification was supposed to create more food to feed the hungry. How is that working out? Oh wait….

    But at least the increased efficiency has resulted in lower food prices. Oh wait…

    At least they tested it independtl…. oh wait.

    At least dissenters aren’t silenc-

  • Ignoring villagers does not higher or lower their affection. Hitting and pushing the villager lowers their affection, and makes them slightly more likely to leave

  • Only about two months in animal crossing new horizons and I found finned fish island twice. Though I have yet to find money-rock island or scorpion island.

  • I can’t believe you said so much lies, without any serious scientific research paper or any probe of it. Please stop these misinformation to the public that believe that you are honest.

  • Not all pesticides are created equal. You have to consider the toxicity of the pesticide as done in Kleter et al( DOI: 10.1002/ps.1448)
    “both the total quantities (−30% to −25%) and the environmental impact of herbicides
    applied to transgenic crops are decreased compared with those applied to conventional crops. This pertains to the general EI ha −1 (−59% to −39%), as well as
    to the components for farm worker (−68% to −40%), consumer (−59% to −35%) and ecology (−39% to −55%).”

  • You can not have “organic farming methods with little or no chemical fertilizer and pesticide use” because “organic farming” bans all chemical fertilizers and all chemical pesticides. What joke this video is.

  • Your claim about organic farming increasing yields and citing a UN publication is also BS. Because that UN publication is itself reporting results from another publication. The title of that publication is “Resource-Conserving Agriculture Increases Yields in Developing Countries” And Resource-Conserving Agriculture is not the same as organic agriculture.  And the author of that paper says “Agricultural sustainability does not, therefore, mean ruling out any technologies or practices on ideological grounds (e.g.genetically modified crops)” You should take note.

  • I know this is old but! We know exactly what goes into villagers moving out now. If you keep a villager with NO friendship (as in you have never interacted with them in any way beyond getting them on the island) every thought bubble is GUARANTIED to be them asking to move out. However, for (I believe) 6 days after any villager has moved out no other villagers can ask to move, after this it slowly increases in chance until 15 days have passed after which you have the maximum chance of getting the bubble. If you know that you have interacted with the villager hit them with your net or push them around until they start stomping around to slightly lower their friendship. As well as this you can give them trash, with an increased drop in friendship if it’s their birthday. If it’s close to their birthday they can not move out, if they were the most recent villager to be told to stay they will not move out, and if you have gotten they were your most recent villager gained, it seems that they will not move out (at least for some period of time) for more information please check this video https://youtu.be/x68HFI2SMGk which goes into detail explaining exactly how to get villagers to move out.

  • Saying all GMOs are bad is like saying all animals are dangerous. They use GMOs to make medicines that otherwise is not able to be produced in the quantity needed, among MANY other beneficial scenarios. There are inappropriate use of GMOs, I agree but to blanket the idea of them being evil and bad is not only ignorant but dangerous for humanity. This is a very useful technology when used to serve humanity and not the pockets of giant companies just trying to make the next billion $$. Focus here, this is not about the technology it is about how it is being used. Spread factual knowledge, not ignorant hate propaganda.

  • wow every “fact ” they used is bullshit. 5 minutes on google can prove everything this video says is a lie. fear mongering isn’t the way to debate.

  • Lovely setting you have there:)
    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to follow at least half of the positions because they were too advanced for me /I’m not flexible enough (yet) so I didn’t have that much fun..

  • Clearly we have to paid to be poisoned and we don’t even have the right to choose…why we can see on a label it’s Bio but they refused to label GMO, it’s just a normal simple question and it should not be a problem…if it’s something good and they can be proud of it they should have no problem showing it, there is nothing to hide is it…
    if they would stop the wars and people can just start making a living, there is enough food to be had…but since so many people are displaced and the lands are in constant ruin, nobody can’t start working the land and feeding themselves…so sad people playing god just because they think they can…for power and money…wake up people…just wake up…even you have to eat and breath the same air…
    Proof is in the pudding…if those people who are protecting, working with or owning mosanto are eating the same GMO food they would be more trustworthty but I bet you they buy organic grown untreated food

  • i’m not sure what is the motivation to spread this kind of misinformation and that’s why i am even more baffled. I would understand if someone paid you to do it, but doesn’t seem to be the case here.

  • Solid thanks for sharing this video proving how Big Ag, Monsanto etc lies and spreads propaganda to intentionally misinform the public.

  • One day I’m going to be a scientist or chemical engineer and I’m going to work for Monsanto…my colleagues and I will find a way to feed the world!

  • Let us all mistrust science, especially the science that says science is right.  Let us just benefit from it and ignore it. (sarcasm)
    I understand that money corrupts, and I understand that a fear based reaction is the most common among humans.  How is it that the more I learn the more know?  How are so few people unable to look at two opposite views and judge them?  The black and white dichotomy is our biggest failure as humans.

  • You can see that Andre and Hogan were roughly the same height in 1980, while in 1983, Andre was noticeably taller due to his medical condition that wouldn’t allow him to stop growing.

  • The more GMO corn grown in US the less harmful insecticides are used.

  • The carrot myth originated in ww2 when the brits got radar technology they spread this myth through propaganda to their population so that it would hopefully get back to the Germans and explain how they were suddenly able to spot more enemies at night

  • The irony about that is that I left my orange cosmos flowers alone for DAYS and somehow some way they bred a SINGLE yellow cosmos flower I was like how the heck did 2 orange cosmos get me a yellow but now it makes sense…. I mean I was trying for black cosmos but hey that’s a neat surprise….

  • Any Monsanto shill promoting GMO propaganda literally deserves to die of cancer from the GMO food they eat. Spreading lies is the most antisocial, destructive and disgusting thing you can do.

  • Your pressures cooker food wasn’t tried and tested it was just instant lot recipes that needed tweaks to be better made than the recipes given

  • The level of missinformation in this video is Too Damn High!
    Try to visit your closes biotech lab (university) and see it for yourself. The difference between facts and belifs (as this video) is that rather you belive it or not, scientific facts are there. All this information is missleading and wrong. please ask a scientist (with peer revewed data in hand) all this questions and you will get the right answers. you might not like the answers, but that is the reality

    Academic Science Professor