5 Strategies for Exercising at All Ages


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5 ways to motivate yourself to work out when you don’t feel like it!

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Some ideas: Listen to music or an audiobook while lifting weights. Make plans with gym friends after working out. Watch a favorite movie or TV show while on the treadmill. Try a new class. Continued 5 Key Fitness Tips.

1. You don’t have to exercise at set times. Start thinking of ways to fit it into your routine throughout the day. “Housework could qualify as exercise if you do it. Add interval training to your workout routine one or two days each week. Strength training. Maintaining muscle mass is very important as you age, since both men and women lose muscle mass as they age and replace it with fat.

Skeletal muscle burns more calories at rest compared to fat tissue. So, as an older trainee, you don’t need to try and break any world records or risk injury with maximal loads to stimulate the fast-twitch fibers. These fibers will be fully activated with loads at around 85% of your 1-rep max, which will be age-appropriate. Performing challenging sets of 6 reps mean every rep will recruit your fast-twitch fibers.

Seniors age 65 and older should get at least 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic exercise (such as brisk walking) every week. That averages out to about 30 minutes on most days of the week. You should also do strength training at least 2 days a week. Here are 5 tips for boosting your memory at any age.

Adjust Your Diet. Mental and physical health directly affect one another, and though a healthier diet may seem like it would be more beneficial to the latter, there are many foods proven to directly improve memory. Leafy greens and fruits such as spinach and broccoli, or berries and oranges.

5 Tips For Looking Your Best At Any Age. April 24, 2020 By Lucy. Here are some of the best tips for looking your best any time at any age. One of the biggest effects of aging is muscle degeneration.

Working out will ensure that you resist your body getting weak. Instead, you’ll stay strong and lean. 10 Moves for a Cardio Workout at Home—No Equipment Required Here are 10 tips to keep you standing tall at any age. Start Slideshow 1 of 11. Save Pin.

More. Facebook. Whenever the local gym by you allows you to sign up. You can go to the gym and learn a whole bunch of good stuff regarding staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle at any age. I alway say the younger the better.

Especially if you play sports. Yo. What’s awesome, says Kneeland, is that the body is super adaptable at any age, meaning that you never lose your ability to gain fitness, no matter how out of shape you get or old you are.


List of related literature:

18.Lifting weights increases muscle mass and stimulate the body’s own growth hormone production which can help keep skin looking toned, firm and more youthful-looking.

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These tips are no-nonsense, to-the-point techniques for all ages and all goals.

“The Champion's Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive” by Jim Afremow
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9) Do not sit down after exercising.

“The Wrestler's Body: Identity and Ideology in North India” by Joseph S. Alter
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The guide lists four types of exercises important in older adults.

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Basic education on proper exercise technique, fitness training, and realistic outcomes should be part of all youth strength training programs.

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Follow the core Body-for-LIFE for Women Training Method in part 5 as well as these special Milestone 3 tips.

“Body for Life for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation” by Pamela Peeke
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And here are two important tips no matter how many workouts a week you can manage.

“Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia” by Franco Columbu
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Here are some other exercise tips that I’ve learned over the years.

“The Irritable Male Syndrome: Managing the Four Key Causes of Depression and Aggression” by Jed Diamond
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6) Weightlifting that focuses on the lower body helps develop the muscles in the hips and thighs.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone” by Linda Page
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Exercises such as push-ups (Fig. 43-1), pull-ups, abdominal crunches, and mini squats that incorporate body weight may be ideal for this age group.

“The Athlete's Shoulder E-Book” by James R. Andrews, Kevin E. Wilk, Michael M. Reinold
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  • I did not quite understand. For example, in the first round, when doing dips, should I do 10 repetitions of the progression I need and move on to the next exercise, or should I make easier progress in the same round too?��

  • 3:42 was key for me, setting achievable goals and you get even more motivated when you achieve them and over time you can start increasing the difficulty

  • Where do you find these bars?! Lol the schools in my neighborhood don’t even have them.

    How many days a week should be we doing these exercises as a beginner to gain the most results?

    Thanks in advance!!:)

  • If you want to follow the best, expect for them to show you the best. If you want basic, then follow someone basic. People complaining about the difficulty need to pay more attention to what he says. Everything he says applies to any skill level: practice holding the position with the intent of perfect form, if it’s easy workout through the positions movement (push, pull, hold), if it’s difficult find a way to assist the movement while still engaging the associated muscles. You aren’t trying to destroy the muscle as much as you are trying to train your neuromusclar response, hence the emphasis on “perfect form).

  • You’re doing a great job ������ how long have you been training? I just subscribed to you by the way, and also, thank you for suggesting this amazing app, i just downloaded it

  • STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE FIRST. A solid core (abs and back) will help you tremendously with almost every lift and you will progress a lot faster. It will also help prevent major injuries or forming a pelvic tilt. I learned this the hard way

  • I swear I must be the exact opposite of most people on their periods. I’m for some reason more friendly and happy, and want to work out when im on my periods.

  • Due to a bone injury, i lost all my progress and havnt worked out in over 4 months….i tried to do some pushups and i am weaker then i ever was

  • this is a really helpful video as i’m a bit lost trying to work out at home but i don’t feel safe or have the money to invest in a gym (yettt)

  • Came here from your fasting video love the energy you give.One thing about the dates as someone who has eaten alot of them you should try ones which are big as they tend to be so much sweeter and tastier than the small one.A recommendation is Medjool Dates, any brand should be fine and they bang with some cream.

  • haha first two tips are soooo true!:D love your channel so much! After one year of just University (I made my thesis -) I got my motivation back and your videos helping so much!:))

  • maybe its because its quarantine, but i just don’t feel satisfied with my workouts. ive developed unhealthy habits, like starving myself and then binging, checking my weight 3 or more times a day, looking at my body and feeling parts of it thinking like “i feel like my arms have gotten fatter” or “my thighs look bigger”. even after i workout, i just think like “i couldve done more” because, i don’t get that euphoric feeling. does anyone have any tips or guidance?

  • he reminds me of Bob Morley, “Bellamy Blake” of The 100 ahah. Anyways, excelent video and very well explained! Thank you so much!!

  • Thank you very much for all this informations especially the last one:
    I’ve been working out plus eating healthy during summer vacation and i’ve lost weight i felt so confident about my self BUT when school begun i stoped my routine i eat a lot i’m stressed i always look at the mirror and see all that fat and feel more stressed every time i think i should start working out i should lose this amount of pounds in this short period i feel more stressed if i can do it or not.

  • 6:32 what you where saying reminded me of a clock. Time flys when you have fun but if you keep staring at the clock the more slower it gets and, like you get me?, What I’m saying is it’s like loosing weight, keep looking at that scale and the slower it is to reach your level ya know? But when you ditch the scale you become more motivated because you are not focused on the pounds but on how you look and feel. And then suddenly time goes faster and you’ve got the healthy body you’ve been looking for!

  • If anybody reads this, and you currently don’t work-out, I have something important to tell you:
    Working-out is good for the body, yes, and with enough time & fortitude, you’ll improve your physique & physical health. That’s great and everything…
    However, what it does for your MIND is VASTLY MORE BENEFICIAL (in a practical sense) and it doesn’t take nearly as long as seeing physical results.
    When my gym closed, because of Covid19, after about 7 or 8 weeks, I became SEVERELY depressed. I felt purposeless, lost, alone. It felt like I was missing a part of my SOUL.
    Then, 3-4 weeks ago, my gym re-opened, and within 2-3 days of working-out again, I found my happiness again. Extended and prolonged happiness.
    My soul became complete. My purpose in life remedied (a bit.) I feel like a TOTALLY different purpose.
    Now, maybe it’s just the endorphins/dopamine that your brain releases when you work-out. Maybe it’s because the human-body was designed to be improved, and if you don’t, you’ll always feel like something is missing. I don’t know WHY this happens, but it DOES for MOST PEOPLE.
    If you’re unhappy, and you don’t work-out, I am begging you to just TRY IT. You can even just use RESISTANCE BANDS, or YOGA, for 20-30 minutes (but intensely) a day, and the rewards you see will change your life.
    I can guarantee it.

  • i have watch your videos for ages, but now im on my 1st week straight training, without drinking and all that shit, im going to be a beast like you, for sure!

  • There is only one truth about body building and motivation. Each and every one of us must find it whether that be with the help of others or alone, we will know it when we find it cos it will be a revelation.

  • I loooove Chocolate too! And I am in the US and fighting hard to shed my 10lbs holiday/ winter chub. Thanks for the video’s! I am trying IIFYM and I am finding (like you) that my digestive tract is not happy:-( Doing the detox juice that you recommend over the next few days bc I love beets, yay! Keep making more video’s. I’d love to see your clean eating meal prep, at home exercise routine, IG exercise inspiration(s), skin care routine and more on your weekly workout menu (which you shared in this particular video) as well as your fitness goals in general.

  • Me: looks up a video on how to motivate urself to go to the gym
    Video: remember, sleep is just as important as working out and eating healthY
    Me: exactly. goes back to sleep

  • 5.9, 19.5st, been working out snd eating good the past 2 week, 3 times a week 1 hour sessions, lost 10lb ❤️ i use these motivation video’s you and others do to get me going, i love it. Keep it up mate. My over all goal is 12/13st but my first step is 18st. All i have is a york bench plastic covered wieghts lol and a skipping rope!!!! Lets go lockdown masssssive ����

  • I did the first two weeks of the beginner calendar and decided to take one extra rest day bc my hamstrings felt like they were gonna get injured if I didn’t give them a break (I was also doing the 30 day journey to splits calendar so that’s why, Iwas probably overdoing it as a beginner. Don’t be afraid to try the beginner calendar!! It’s great). BUT that one extra day turned into another day, and another, and another… and pretty soon I wasn’t working out at all, I went into a depressive state bc this month is the 1st anniversary of a family tragedy for me so I just stopped caring about my body. I stopped trying to eat healthy, and stopped worrying about hydrating, I haven’t exercised in a month. I’m so disappointed in myself that I didn’t finish and that I STILL have no motivation to start again even though I’m upset at myself for not trying anymore. But, I’m gonna go for a walk tomorrow morning and if I feel ok after that, I’m gonna start from the 1st day of week 2 on the beginner calendar to try to get back into it again. I don’t want to give up this time even though I really don’t even want to start again. I’m still gonna try and the motivation will come later

  • im 12 and im so fat. im 5’2 and my freaking weight is 57kg. smh

    i like dancing but will sauna suit and dancing work? will i lose some weight? sOMEONE MOTIVATE MEE

  • I’m watching this again, three years after because this always motived, in this quarantine this really gives me a boost on my motivation!!

  • you’ve come such a long way! i’m so impress. you really inspired me. i’m nearing 30 and worried ill never get shredded abs, but i really wanna give it a try! thx for sharing this video! really helps getting back into working out!

  • After work out I feel so tired I think I don’t use enough calories a day and it’s so hard balancing food and exerise on my budget and what’s available.

  • I love working out. This worst part is getting up and turning of the series your watching or getting up out of bed. But like once i start releasing those endorphins I just don’t want to stop. I always try to workout of my period too and I literally never get cramp.

  • tampons are horrible. they are bleached and contain chemicals. they also leave microscopic fibers in your vagina. DONT DO TAMPONS LADIES. also when your uterus is shedding, its not good to stress the body. Listen to your body. taking aspirin will screw up your liver. stop this western instagram shit. stop spending money on trendy shit.

  • Smiles: I thought she gave really good tips; I really don’t need motivation, because I agree with what she said( working out feels really good) sure, I would be sore, but I feel amazing after a two and a half hour work out: yes, I do that every day

  • Nooo… I’m definitively too tired, unmotived and depressed to workout today. I did yesterday though. So I will study japanese instead:D