5 Steps for your First Pushup


How to get your first push up Pushups for Beginners (Full Tutorial)

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From Zero to Your First Push Up! Follow These Progressions

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Can’t Do Push Ups? Just Do THIS!

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How To FInally Do Your First Pushup (Complete Guide)

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5 Steps to Perfect Pushups | Push Up Tutorial | Do Your First Push Up

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5 Steps To Achieve Your First Push-Up I Hauterfly

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5 Steps to Your First Pushup STEP 1: HIGH PLANK. The first step toward a full-blown pushup is learning to support yourself on your hands. The high STEP 2: HAND-ELEVATED PUSHUP. When you’re ready, try pushups with your hands elevated on a box, bench or wall. The STEP 3: ECCENTRIC-ONLY PUSHUP.

This video is mainly to help people who are struggling to get their first pushup in just 5 Steps Practice two steps each with 10 reps.. once you are able to comfortably do them with ease, move to. Here’s How To Do Your First Push-Up Correctly. Rachit Bir Updated: Feb 3, you can skip the steps which you feel are easy for you to perform and continue with the following ones. The pushup is undoubtedly the greatest bang-for-your-buck upper-body exercise. When performed correctly, it strengthens the chest, enhances shoulder stability, and tests core control—all while building you a killer set of pecs and tri’s.But just like fire can either warm you or burn you, pushups can either sculpt your bod or wreak havoc on your shoulders.

Great! If not, build up to that first, before starting the Push-up routine below. You can practice the plank every day. Step 2: Push-up Practice.

The simplest way to progress to a full Push-up is to consistently train your body with Incline Push-ups. The push-up is a classic staple of bodyweight training and a great total body exercise for developing strength. But when most new trainees think of push-ups, it just brings back bad memories of trying to perform them in gym class in high school.. The push-up, out of all the exercises I have beginner clients perform, is the one that creates the most dread. The fix.

It might feel easier (at first) to shift your weight back during a push-up. But not stacking your wrists directly under your shoulders compromises your form and takes the work out of your. I break down 6 pre-requisite exercises that build up to a real push-up.

Each exercise build on the next. Try this out if you want to achieve your first push-up. 5 step guide to improving your push ups. This is a push up tutorial that will take you from zero push ups to being able to rep out good quality perfect push ups in a matter of weeks. Follow these steps to progress your push-up and get stronger overall: Start with the Incline Push-Up. Most beginners mistakenly believe that kneeling pushups are the best way to start.

Unfortunately, this push-up variation doesn’t allow ideal shoulder movement. Moreover, it increases your risk of injury and puts stress on your pelvis, anterior.

List of related literature:

To perform this test, simply get into the pushup start position by making your hands as parallel as possible—positioning them underneath your shoulders —and pinning your feet together.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
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Step-by-step instructions for some of the most popular challenging push-up variations are detailed on the following pages.

“7 Weeks to 100 Push-Ups: Strengthen and Sculpt Your Arms, Abs, Chest, Back and Glutes by Training to Do 100 Consecutive Push-” by Steve Speirs
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While in push-up position, it seemed silly to do a single pushup, so I did a few more, then stood up.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
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When you get to the top of the pushup, keep your arms straight, engage your abdominal muscles, pull your knees toward your chest, hold, and then return

“Be Iron Fit: Time-Efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness” by Don Fink
from Be Iron Fit: Time-Efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness
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Start by holding the bottom Pushup position for 5 seconds before pushing off the ground with your hands.

“Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight” by BJ Gaddour
from Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight
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First Set: Lie on a stability ball, face down, with both arms hanging to the floor, dumbbells in each hand, and elbows straight.

“Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete E-Book” by James R. Andrews, Gary L. Harrelson, Kevin E. Wilk
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Start with Pushup (page 143), then make these adjustments.

“The Women's Health Big Book of Yoga: The Essential Guide to Complete Mind/Body Fitness” by Kathryn Budig
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To perform the exercise, maintain a push-up position with the body in a straight line, touch your chest with your right hand and say A, return the right hand to the starting position, and then repeat the movement with your left hand and say B. Try to complete the alphabet (or your first and last name).

“Essentials of Youth Fitness” by Avery D. Faigenbaum, Rhodri S. Lloyd, Jon L. Oliver, American College of Sports Medicine
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Go through steps six through ten of Vinyasa A (Standing Forward Bend, Halfway Lift, High Push-Up, Low PushUp, Upward Facing Dog) and end in Downward Facing Dog (2).

“Journey Into Power: How to Sculpt Your Ideal Body, Free Your True Self, and Transform Your Life with Yoga” by Baron Baptiste
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Repeat the push­up eight times, and then pulse for eight.

“Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover” by Mandy Ingber
from Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover
by Mandy Ingber
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  • It’s weird. I can 30 deep push ups (between chairs) and 54 regular push ups. And yet, I still don’t like to do them. I’ll do everything around them. I’ll do 30 minutes of intense kettlebell work, run three miles-but I’ll groan at push ups.

  • My age is 20years nd my height is 172cm I wanna increase it upto 10cm please someone suggest some good exercise and diet plans pleaseeeee!!!

  • Please could you explain a good routine for breathing when doing press ups, I am currently struggling to find a rhythm that is good.

  • Hey, bro! You’re doing exceptionally well! I’m really glad to see you continuing to make these videos.

    In one of your videos a little over a month ago you said that we should strive to get 1% better everyday. I took that to heart and ran with it and created my own pushup progression challenge. I started by doing as many pushups as I could do while not dropping to the ground, holding plank/hollow body if I needed to… which was 38 pushups. I focused on good form and decided that every day I would add 1 more pushup.

    Last night I got myself through 75 pushups (!) while maintaining a plank position, not letting off. It was probably the most challenging night yet as I was not feeling well but I told myself I would hold to this discipline and do them.

    Around 50 pushups there was a strong urge to lower down and stop but I reasoned with myself that I did 74 the night before and I can definitely get through 75. It was a mental struggle but I made it through, dizzy, but proud of myself and feeling accomplished.

    My plan is to add 1 more pushup each day until 100 pushups… and then master those 100, make them consecutive without pausing in plank position.

    Since I began the pushup challenge my arms, back, chest, abs, glutes and quads have all seen development and definition. I’ve gained between 6-8 pounds of muscle and my posture has improved a great deal. It feels really fantastic.

    I had been recovering from a herniated disc and was at the lightest I’ve ever weighed not too long ago… A daily discipline of pushups is genuinely improving the quality of my life in a surprising amount of ways. I just wanted to let you know this and say thank you for the inspiration and the motivation to begin a calisthenic routine. I’m going to continue to strive to become 1% better everyday, adding in other exercises. This challenge is, what I feel, just the beginning.

    Much love to you, bro! Keep up the content, you’re doing awesome!
    “I will persist until I succeed.”

    -A fellow Scott

    Edit: Hopefully my little story inspires one of you guys who reads it who is just starting out to begin your own challenge and master that 1st pushup. You just gotta get started and then continuing gets easier once it’s a habit. The most important thing is that you put in the effort. Here’s an awesome quote from Calvin Coolidge that rings really true for me and hopefully strikes a chord with you, too:

    “All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.” -Calvin Coolidge

    So put in the work! And the next day strive for 1% improvement as Gregory says… Keep that up and in a month… a few months… a year… you’ll be astounded at the personal growth you’ve undergone!

    If I can go from laying in my bed with a herniated disc, having lost almost every shred of weight on my person, totally skin and bones… to last night pushing myself through 75 pushups then there is no reason you, too, can’t be amazingly successful in calisthenics… and in your life!

    So, get started! You’ve got this.

  • Hey, man, I’m sorry, But I have to call you out on your form. Shoulders should be kept back and down to engage the chest more and keep the rotator cuff protected. Also, elbows should be kept in, close to your body, to minimize unnecessary stress on the elbows. Finally, I see your butt going up a bit. You have to squeeze those glutes to keep a straight line through your body and put more focus on the chest, rather than displacing body weight more through your legs. I understand that these complaints may not apply to push up variations, but, for the basic push up, I really think you could help people even more by putting emphasis on proper positioning of the entire body.

  • Awesome tutorial, I have been trying to do my first push up for 3 months. I wasn’t even able to get to proper knee pushup. Thank you for the really good tip about the negatives, that should help me progress faster.

  • I have never been able to do a proper push-up in my life (us do do a bunch of incorrect ones) and about two weeks ago I could not even do a single knee push-up. I started with elevated push-ups and after a few days I moved onto knee push-ups, then negatives, working out 3 times a week, today is actually a resting day and my muscles are a bit sore but I wanted to test it anyway and I actually managed to do my first ever push-up and my goal was to manage by the end of this week though I thought I might have been too optimistic I actually made it and it feels great!

    I found this video a little bit late but the tips are so good and consistent that I will check out the rest of your content.

  • Your videos are great. I’ve been fighting a pretty rough battle to get into shape. I got about 3 months left to meet my deadlines, its not looking good between some lingering injuries and other issues, but a hope and a prayer I’ll get there. Nice to see you got some online coaching, sadly I’m all tapped out with everything else going on right now, but you’re certainly an inspiration.

  • Okay so from today i am going to try this, I have never been able to do a single push up i eat very well and am skinny as a bag of pencils, so i will try 8 reps and four sets once in the morning and once at night. I will put another comment in one month to see how I’ve improved:)

  • Hey Greg, loving these videos a lot. I personally hate the gym and love getting ideas for exercises I can go do right in my own home! My question is, I see a lot of great ideas from your vids and getting excited to work out, but I can’t do all of them! Do you think you can conjure up a tiny week schedule that contains a sweet balance of the exercises you’ve presented in your videos? No need to be all specific, some guidelines’d be great! Would be a grand help!

  • i want to make my own workout routine but i don’t know how many exercise should i have for every group (volume). I consider time under tension and intensity but volume is my problem

  • This video is awesome. I’ve been doing elevated push ups consistently for about a 2 months now and have notice a huge change and definition in my arms, shoulders and chest. And keeping my core engaged the whole time is a killer as well. I used to hate that I couldn’t do a full push up. But since seeing results from doing a workout that suits my level of fitness is a great feeling.

  • Hey man! I think it’s awesome that you’re making videos for people of all types of skill levels:) Loved the tank, and the scenery was very aesthetically pleasing:)

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  • i started at July 12th 2020 and i was so bad forget about regular push-ups i wasn’t able to do knee push ups 8 times in 1. At first day i did about 4 knee push ups with each 4 set each (16 total ) it was a struggle to do that. August 20 i can do 10 knee push ups and 4 sets (little bit hard but i just barely manage it ) and i tested today(august 22 ) that i can do 5 push-ups maybe i can do more but i didn’t do it. so i did 3 sets of knee push-ups with 10 each(30 knee and 5 regular ) and my aim is to do 12 knee push-ups of 4 sets moving forward.
    try to move forward with small goal like in my case it was 4 times a set it might be more or less in your case.
    you can do it.
    Hope it might help you.

  • Thank you so much for this video!
    At first i cant do a single push up, i did this a month ago, now i can do 7 push ups i know its not a lot but im so happy for my improvement

  • I’m gonna try to do this and update you in a month. Reply to this in a month so I get a notification because I’ll probably forget.

  • British Army fitness requirements are 50 push-ups.. I wanna join by the end of this year but struggle to do 5 military style pushups. Hopefully this helps!

  • Well I still grinding doing negative push ups every day until I’m out of energy and next day at morning I’m trying to see how many normal pushes ups I can do
    5 days ago I was able to do 10 pushes ups now I can do 20 pushes ups! And I’m surprised thx for this video informations
    (Still I am a little fat �� but I don’t give up)

  • Started doing this, on the first day I did the negative pushups on my knees and it didn’t feel like I did much, but the next day I woke up with my arms being really sore lol, gonna keep doing this for a month and let’s see how it goes, thanks for the program!

  • Thanks �� it really worked ��. I done this for 10 days and on 11th I tried doing pushups I can do 2 proper pushups. Now I will gradually increase the pushups with time.

  • Rez you awesome human being ❤
    Been doing this for like a week every other day and BRUH.. I did TWO yesterday✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔
    I am so thankful for this video and the way you delivered the info❤
    Guys please try this and be consistent..you will be seeing results. If I did you definitely can too.

  • Guys just remember! If you gonna not eat healthy and do pushups for 30 days, you will not move on. You need to eat what’s healthy. Not chips not soda drinks. 80% food, 20% exercise. (:

  • Thanks i’ve been posting vids of me doing push ups every few days now. So far I’ve only really been doing knee push ups. I was able to do my first push up with bad form 2 days ago. But i think always doing it on my knees has led me to some bad habits. I’m going to start the hold and perhaps the elevated lowering from this video tomorrow. At the same time i plan to continue to do knee push ups until i can at least do 10 or 15 with ease.

  • I do my push-ups with a breathing technique. When I push down I exhale and when I push up I inhale idk if it works for you but I do mine like this

  • Thank you for this, doing great with the videos, very informative, can you make one on how you build those shoulders for beginners?

  • Back in my highschool days, I was a basketball player and can do 40 Push ups(daily), now that I’m 23 I’m way past my prime I can’t even hit 10 it’s so frustrating

  • This actually helped me. After like a week I could only do 5 perfect pushups so I started doing sets of 5 with a 30 minute rest in between. Now I can do like about 20 pushups for each set ���� but I’m still going dude.

  • I want you to make more videos. Anyways I can do max 20 pushups and it’s been 2 months or so. I did use your tips a little but my brother made me practice pushups untill I was able to do one and after I decided to get into weight training as well

  • thanks again big guy:) i’m overweight and i couldn’t even do 1 push up (even on my knees). I tried these for the past few weeks, and i did 5 normal push ups yesterday (with good form).

  • No I’m not here because I can’t do push-ups I’m just here cuz I woke up and thought of this question If you were hypnotized to do pushups how many do you think a person can make you do?

  • I only found this kind of things for people wanting to lose weight, are push ups equally as good for a person wanting to gain weight? (Even tho I only weigh 39kg (yeah) it’s so hard to perform a single push up I always end up laying on the floor)

  • my story on how i started doing push ups:):: so i was always overweight when i was 13 turned 14 a few months ago but what i did was i started off doing knee push ups you might be scared or nervous to do these but dont be, i did this because i wanted to do a push i didnt do this because i wanted to lose weight (i mean lets be honest no one is gonna get skinny doing push ups) anyways i never really ate healthy or even cared about my diet but all i wanted to do was, push towards doing 1 push up, thats all i really wanted to conquer or set my mind on doing, i never really was the guy to play sports or do any fun activity’s because i didnt have much friends and i didnt even hang out with any of them so this gave me a lot of time to think about why i wanna do it, when im gonna do, it how am i gonna do it, and i said to myself “If i fail it, i fail it, if i dont do it, I DONT DO IT, but most importantly, if im not gonna try whats the point of trying?” so i tried, i tried everyday without a break, or sometimes i didnt:/ some days i just slacked off eating junk food and watching anime, i mean thats pretty where my peace was at, but i knew that i wanted to do A push up and so when i started off doing my push ups i always asked my self ” HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT” and thats what motivated me to get my ass off the computer stop eating shit and start doing these darn knee push ups and that one sentence motivated me to do knee push ups for about 2 months and than i just randomly stopped and i just didnt care about it anymore, until my brother saw me and just said “i bet you 100 dollars you cant do a push up by the end of the week you fat idiot” and that effected me a little thats when my motivation came back not because i wanted the 100 dollars its because when he said i was fat thats when i knew i needed a change and.. of course i didnt do the push up by the end of the week ( i actually lost that bet ) so that sentence that my brother said pretty much motivated me to do a push up so again i started off with knee push ups for about 4 months and they actually started to get easy and so about maybe 5 months or so later when my brother said i was fat i had actually done a proper push up and that one push motivated me to do another push up than another than another and so on and i finally come to the point where i set a goal to do 25 30 push ups in a row and here i am now tryna do 25 30 push ups in a row:) i hope you enjoyed my story

  • I just started out following this
    I will keep you updated
    Update 1: Day 3 I didn’t improve a lot but negative pushups in knees feel much easier
    Update 2: Day 8 Can do 9 knee pushups in a row. Trying to learn negative pushups from toes
    Update 3: Day 15 started negative pushups from toes
    Update 4: Day 25 I did my first pushup today. I am so glad ��
    I owe you very much for this video. Thanks from my bottom of the heart.

  • I just started working out with my friend who goes to the gym.

    We worked together at dominos for almost three years and last week we were talking on the phone on our way home and he was like man I remember when I first saw you all I thought was oh he’s fat.����

    Then he goes on to say that now it’s like I’m a different person because of how much bigger I got and he said I’m short and fat and that I wasn’t to far off from looking like this guy we worked with named greg.

    Lol Greg is a short dude and he’s like really big for his height.

    I told him if he wanted to go to the gym with me after he said that and he was like check and see if they’re open right now.

    We went the next morning and he told me he wasn’t gonna hold back on me and he had me doing girl push ups and pull ups for a whole hour I was so sore the next 3 days lol

    We went again this morning and we actually got a lot more done but spent 2 hours doing different push ups (girl ones for me) and pull up exercises.

    He has me drinking a gallon of water everyday and calls me every few hours and sees what I’m doing making sure I’m not eating any pizza lol. But he was telling me today how he can’t even imagine me being skinny with muscles because he’s always known me as the fat short Mexican and said he’ll be so happy once I get to that part.

    Lol sorry about the long story.

  • Helpful video. Also, I will make sure to check if there is any green tennis court facility whenever I will need to film a green screen video.:D