5 Standing Ab Moves You Have Not Attempted


10 Best Standing Ab Exercises Standing Abs Exercises

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5-Minute Flat Belly Ab Workout | Class FitSugar

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10 Minute Standing ABS WORKOUT // No Equipment

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HASfit 5 Minute Standing Abs Workout Standing Ab Exercises Abdominal Exercise Standing Up

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Standing Abs Workout 10 MINUTE FAT BURN

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10 Min Standing Abs Workout to get Ripped ABS

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5-Minute Standing Flat-Belly Workout | Class FitSugar

Video taken from the channel: POPSUGAR Fitness

5 Standing Ab Moves You Haven’t Tried. by Jessica Smith. June 23, 2015. 3 Comments.

Share it: Working your abs on the floor is so old school! Forget countless reps of crunches that can bother your back—get up off the floor to work your core more effectively (and burn more calories in the process). This standing abs series keeps your heart. 5 Amazing Ab Exercises You’ve Never Tried. you won’t get an awesome set of abs by doing basic crunches. (And basic sit-ups won’t get you there, either.) 5 Exercise Moves You.

5 Ab Moves You Haven’t Tried Yet. Emily Paskins. READ TIME: 2 min. Share.

Move: Stir the Pot. Equipment: Suspension cables (shown: Rip60) How to: Lengthen the cables to hit just below your knee. Sit, facing towards them. Place your right foot in the left strap and left foot in the right strap (feet should be crossed), then twist around. 5 Dumbbell Moves You Haven’t Tried Before Begin by holding a dumbbell in each hand at chest height while standing with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart and toes turned out.

Keeping your spine long and chest upright, lower straight down until your thighs are as parallel to the ground as possible. Pulse upward two inches, then. Inhale and pump your arms, palms facing down, 3 to 4 inches off the floor, 5 times. Exhale and pump your arms 5 more times. This is 1 breath cycle, or 1 rep.

Repeat until you have completed 10 breath cycles. Photo: Courtesy of Michele Olson. Strengthening your lower abs can help make everyday activities easier, as well as improve posture and prevent low-back pain.

Here are the best lower-ab exercises. With that in mind, we tapped Rachel Nicks, a barre fitness instructor, to come up with the best standing abs moves that target your entire core. As you do.

However, training your abs from a standing position gives you more space and range of motion to feel the entire trunk working together. Reduces Neck and Back Tension. Standing ab work may be better-suited for anyone who has neck or upper back tension—as you won’t be pulling your head up against gravity.

The moves below were designed by CosmoBody trainer Katia Pryce, a KP Dance Body group fitness instructor, to make you feel sexy and add definition to your abs. 5 Simple Sex Positions You Actually Haven’t Tried Yet 5 Simple Sex Positions You Actually Haven’t Tried Yet These sexy spins on moves you already love will take your hookup to the next level.

List of related literature:

Partner B presses A’s upper body forward and down, holding the position for four to six seconds.

“Total Training for Young Champions” by Tudor O. Bompa
from Total Training for Young Champions
by Tudor O. Bompa
Human Kinetics, 2000

Push off the floor with your left leg, then bring your left leg up to meet your right leg, touching it in fifth position in the air, with your right foot in front (Figure 13-5b).

“Ballet For Dummies” by Scott Speck, Evelyn Cisneros
from Ballet For Dummies
by Scott Speck, Evelyn Cisneros
Wiley, 2019

Unfortunately, these moves were mostly done standing up, but I used them all the same.

“Rock Chick Renegade” by Kristen Ashley
from Rock Chick Renegade
by Kristen Ashley
Kristen Ashley, 2011

Make it a point to incorporate moves in the frontal and horizontal planes, such as grapevines, side-to-side step touches, standing hip abduction, lateral raises, seated spinal twists, diagonal reaches, and more.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
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2 Swiftly initiate a strong hip rotation that turns your back hip all the way toward the front to its end range of motion.

“The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” by Erwan Le Corre
from The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom
by Erwan Le Corre
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This is an excellent overall ab move that focuses on the obliques.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Sculpting Her Body Perfect
by Brad Schoenfeld
Human Kinetics, 2008

1 With a controlled motion, simultaneously raise the right arm and left leg off the floor.

“The Essential Guide to Fitness” by Rosemary Marchese, Julie Taylor, Kirsten Fagan
from The Essential Guide to Fitness
by Rosemary Marchese, Julie Taylor, Kirsten Fagan
Cengage Learning Australia, 2019

Side-lying position with abdominal guarding (legs flexed) 7.

“Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN® Examination E-Book” by Linda Anne Silvestri
from Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN® Examination E-Book
by Linda Anne Silvestri
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During the roll-up in step 3, use the abdominals to pull the abdominal wall in.

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
from Pilates Anatomy
by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
Human Kinetics, 2019

Hold your opposite leg up and straight, parallel to the floor, with your body forming the letter T. Stay in this position 30 to 45 seconds; then switch legs.

“52-week Basketball Training” by Chip Sigmon
from 52-week Basketball Training
by Chip Sigmon
Human Kinetics, 2003

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  • I have been doing this exercise everyday for a week, alongwith planks (up to 35 sec)eating healthy (no snacks)..and lost 1″ on my waist line. My jeans weren’t tight on me today. Love Hasfit workouts!!

  • I have the same name as the brunette so when the blonde said Anna I freaked out for a second like “Why does she know my name” and then I realized.

  • I like that, it’s more cardio. I feel it’s better for general health and fitness if you don’t want to do many videos it’s better to do this type of exercise I think instead of just working the abs on the floor

  • I’m overweight, do absolutely no excersise and this is my first day. I managed to do 8 minutes with two 20s breaks and tbh I’m proud I managed to do that much considering I hardly move at all. I want to get my weight down before I go back to university and I’m really hoping I can stick to this! ��

  • For those of you scrolling through the comments wondering if this really works… it does, after the first time I already saw my waist get smaller. It’s amazing and really does work����

  • i feel weak on the second half what should i do? or am i doing something wrong. may hands and legs are weak. and im always out of breathe thas is why i have to pause. what should i do. i just wanted to be able to acomplish this please help me.

  • brother. great workout. you are surely best trainer on you tube. your workout are safest and yet challenging. may god bless you forever

  • I like this for a quick ab workout I usually do it after a walk when I’m warmed up already. You can also modify and do it with no weights at all if you like when you are just starting or are getting back into exercising until you feel comfortable to add weight/resistance in. This was one of my regulars on my workout playlist to help me fit into my slightly too-tight wedding dress last fall.

  • Every time I do this workout my fitness watch tells me I burned over 100 calories! I’ve tried so many 10 min fat burn workouts this one’s one of the best!

  • I’ve been trying a LOT of workouts, but it wasn’t until something clicked when I read Kimmy’s blog that I finally started seeing progress
    (Google Search ” Push Pedal Crank ” to go to her blog btw). Between her and this, I’m ready to LOSE weight!!!

  • Really good one Chloe. First one I’ve been able to do (with low impact version of course) straight off, and feel like I’m doing something rather than attempting to do something that is a bit beyone me. Wish it was longer or there were more standing videos like this. I have bad wrists and the plank and table stuff is great but I have to keep adapting it to take some of the pressure off, so this is nice.

  • That was fantastic. I think my new favorite. Im 43 and out of shape with a stupid replaced knee. I just sub quick steps for jumps. def recommend.

  • 1st day is hard icant ��
    Can’t even laugh cause my stomach hurts
    2nd day done
    Today i am having 31 inch on stomach
    3rd day done ��
    I will be doing for 15 days
    4th day done ��
    Ok she is doing for correct time but I skip 10 in some excercise cause I can’t ��
    I will be updating
    5th and 6th
    day iam taking rest
    5th day done

  • Wow! this is the only 30-minute work out that I’ve tried and finished without really feeling exhausted at the end. I feel energized. The trainers doesn’t focus on being there on the screen looking pretty but they are the real thing. I really don’t like exercising it bores me but this really made me feel like I can work out too. Thanks a lot for this video guys. This is highly recommended for beginners (again).

  • I enjoy creating and enjoying yummy food.
    I’m motivated to continue High intensity exercises like this 5 minute power workouts to be in shape and healthy.

  • Thank you Anna!! This workout did feel rather arms focused but if I feel it in my obliques tomorrow then I’ll change my mind! Haha.

  • been sitting on my ass for months from corona barely moving, did this without taking a break and was actually able to do it although my lungs dont agree ugh agh i cant breathe this was perfect for making me feel the burn in all different areas so i didnt give up when i have to excercise something twice, thank youuuuu!!!

  • i’m going to do this everyday including the pamela reif 20 minute workout, i have my measurements so LMK if you want to know if anything changed:)!!!!

  • So I’m gonna try if this works. This is my first day.

    Day 1: I tried it twice since I’m used to 30 mins exercise. I sweat a lot. I have 32 waist line
    Day 2: twice again. My waist line id 31.4. lol i think it’s working
    Day 3: phew. Never been breathless like this. 31.4 still. I eat so much today i think thats the reason why
    Day 4: I only do the stretching part (doesn’t involve jumping) since it’s too late. My waist line is now 31.
    Day 5: twice again exluding the jumping part. My waist line is now 30.4

  • Just did this amazing workout and I’m feeling it (around my core). Thank goodness for this standing workout because my hotel’s fitness center has hard floors and no yoga mats. Thanks coach!

  • This 10min workoutleft me dying and I have been working out for an hour everyday. And this still killed me. Hoping to see results
    Gonna do for 15 daya

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  • I’m starting to feel lucky that my gym closed cause I discovered Hasfit trainings and I don’t think I’m going back to the gym after all that pandemic!

  • Thanks coach for posting this great video workout! Especially since I strained my neck last weekend while snowboarding and I don’t yet have the neck strength to do your floor workouts.

  • OMG, I had been running track since I was 10 and ran all through college. I stopped years ago and haven’t really worked out since and thought I need to get back into working out at least. I came across this video and man am I beat!! Lol �� This workout was the bomb! I loved it! ❤️ Definitely making this part of my morning routine from now on. Thanks, YOU ROCK!!

  • Chloe, I love your workout program and my results from the slim thigh challenge But this is by far my most hated workout lmao i trust your expertise so I’ll keep doing it but if you ever decide to delete a video please god let it be this one ��

  • Day 1: doneeee without breaksss (i feel dying) -this was yesterday…Day 2: I didn’t do it HAHHAUA but my legs and sides are sore Day 3: Done! It was a lil bit easy for me but my sides are really sore

  • I just started this work out today. I want to do it at least 5 days a week for a month and see what happens. Anyone else on here tried it? For how long and how are the results? ��

  • awesome awesome. Did first thing this morning. Great when limited on time…still a good sweat, then on my way with the day! GOD BLESS!

  • Starting doing this today + another arms exercise:
    Day 1: checked ✅, sweat a lot
    Day 2: tryin HIIT, just half of it
    Day 3: this exercise+arms exercise
    Day 4: rest
    Day 5: this exercise
    Day 6: this exercise
    Day 7: this exercise+arms exercise
    Day 8: rest
    Day 9: arm exercise+this exercise

  • I love this,maybe i am a man and all but i need a workout that helps with all my body parts in one,i feel great,doing this everyday besides sunday,my workout routine

    Monday strnegth.tuesday cardio,wedsday abs,other days i mix up it a littlle

  • I was kinda working out at the beginning of summer vacation, but stopped after a week…. just found this 1,5 week before school begins���� im so stupid

  • I LOVE KATIE/Love sweat fitness. I am doing workouts to get in shape for… school, visiting family and for tomorrow cuz it’s my mums b-day and we going out for dinner

  • 3 months postpartum. first time doing this. it was hard but I feel good afterwords.got a sweat going:) I’ll try doing this work out for 3 days a week for maby 2 or 3 weeks. and then going to try something different. hopefully this helps lose my mommy tummy.

  • The first time I did this, I did something my sboulder did not like. It felt like something was caught on something else. And now that I’ve tried it again, the pain un my shoulder blade is back. But that’s probably from my own shoulder issue. But I’ve also being soing the 10min arm toning and I’ve seen a bit of improvement that I don’t get sore anymore. But my shoulder messes everything up. Any suggestions on how to workout with an injury?

  • Perfecto para continuar mi rutina de ejercicios cuando estoy con mi periodo. LO AMÉ ���� probably the only one spanish comment lol

  • Great abs work out!! As someone who has neck and low back injuries most ab exercises on ground hurt a lot. Thank you for posting this!

  • I am now getting to the point that these workouts aren’t as tiring as when I first started! On the weekends I do 5 minute beginner abs, 5 minute standing abs, 7 minute flat abs and a 15 minute dumbbell beginner workout, 2x per day or 3 times if I don’t have homework. It is a lot but it is keeping my stress down!

  • Hello! Mrs. Chloe!! I would like to say thank you for giving so many people,especially women to finally loose weight and get in shape with your easy workouts. I’ve been pretty good at staying in shape, but since I’m recovering from a massive brain stroke. I can’t workout like I use to so with that being said I put on some extra weight and gain belly weight as well. I searched through many workouts looking for one I can just do standing and with modifications since I’m limited to what I can do. So I decided to try your workout. I’m doing this one for 2 weeks just to see if I can start slimming this belly down. I took b4 pic.,measurements, and weight. So with that being said. I’ve already completed day 1 so far! Wish me luck!!��……I will try to remember to come back and post my final weight and measurements….������������ thumbs up please!!!

  • Are the audio and video matching in this video because in my phone the audio is fast and video is a little late, is anyone else facing this? Also how can I fix it?

  • Yes, I do feel it. See, I wrestled for 3 years. I thought at first that the feeling would come sooner. But that’s not entirely true. When I started out, I was doing it with zero effort. And if you commit to a healthy life, then you need to put 100%. if you’re doing it right, then you feel it. But if not, then nothing really happens. Yes you loose calories, but not the way you want. I was a beginner when I stared wrestling. I quite that sport for several reasons. Now, I do Basketball, Soccer, and Softball. As you can tell, I have to get used to it. Lol even if I like it or not. But most of the time, it’s really fun.:-)

  • Did the whole thing, didn’t feel like my abs were engaged at all.

    Other muscles got a workout:)
    Just didn’t feel my abs at all. Even when flexed and stretched.

    Just my experience. Great video still.

  • Thank you so much! It’s funny how everytime I stop or think to stop you go “Come on..don’t stop” and I keep going. Thank you for the motivation. I’m feeling the burn and it feels great. Have a blessed day bro!

  • Again great because it is all standing but gets a bit fast, is there an easy ab workout that is all standing and not so fast? I really need this!

  • I found these while searching for exercises to do with a cast on my lower arm and hand. Perfect and I’m going to stick with once the cast comes off!

  • fuck!!!! my jugs are to damn bid for this the first workout my boobs  be popping around all over the place I need an alternative lol

  • Like… I’m starting this today and I’m deffff confused, I have to do the four videos daily? Or one per day and repeat for 25 days? Lol


    Standing Bicycle 0:17
    Opposite Side 0:48
    Oblique Crunch 1:18
    Opposite Side 1:54
    High Knees 2:24
    Passé Rotation 2:53
    Opposite Side 3:24
    Wood Choppers 3:55
    Opposite Side 4:22
    Plié Jacks 4:54

  • Eow just tried this few secinds ago and i can really feel the burn o my belly without lay8ng on thr ground. Ill come back tomorrow. I didnt skip 2 ads for u

  • I have an Ankylosing Spondilitis ( a chronic inflammatory disease affects the spine and the lower back joints ) since 09/2016 and I am doing these standing workouts for more than 7 months 5 times weekly. The floor abdominal exercises are risky to my spine. I’m a dermatologist and know some healthy tips about exercises. I can’t forget to mention that I am also doing your lower back rehabilitation exercises daily, day by day without laziness.These exercises are a recommendation from my rheumatologist and physical therapist. Coach Kozak, you are full of bounty to me and I am very grateful for you. Thank you, Sir. I wish you a happy life.

  • I’m 75kg right now, and starting to workout. Hopefully, this video will help me because I really hate floor exercise. I’ll be posting here some updates! Cheer me up guys❤️

  • This workout was awesome I’m a beginner in workouts and it is simple the music was great me being Puerto Rican and and I appreciate also how cool the vibe was thank you so much I will be repeating this routine often during my week.

  • I love the way she shows the work outs. she doesn’t act like a model trying to be all correct and straight. You can see how she gets tired and makes mistakes. Great work outs!!!����

  • This is a life saver. I can’t stand lying down doing crunch or whatever version of it. They all hurts my neck and i hate the pressure from the floor, despite using a mat. Maybe i’m just heavy

  • Just finished this work out Day one, into god knows what week lockdown we are currently in here in Victoria, Australia. Thank you Chloe fo your low impact adjustments. I’m sure I’ll be doing the more active level in no-time.

  • I tried the full body workout (everyday) for 21 days while doing the standing ab workout 3 times a week and the standing arm workout 3 times a week. No difference in measurement. No difference in weight. I can’t always tell about the shape cuz i get bloated a lot. But I’m hoping that it makes me stronger. I love them though and I wanna do them for another 3 weeks after i take a week off so let’s hope it makes a difference. I’m not giving up yet!

  • Does anyone know a really good leg workout that works? I need tips for losing fat on my legs and I need to know if running is more affective than these workout

  • Hey you guys so i just finished day one and i felt the burning in my stomach so rn I’m off to go blend a banana and oatmeal shake with nutra-fiber cereal

  • I am going to do this workout for 6 months then i’m going to say the results, so, please remaind me.
    P.S. Success for everyone trying to improve themselves.��

  • okay so I was trying 7 minutes workouts and I was doing fine and was seeing results then I got my period so I ate loads and gained all the weight back to I’m trying this I will update you guys if your want one I will try start tomorrow if I have motivation. Day one: wasn’t as hard as I expected struggled on the last one. Day two: much more harder than yesterday still struggled with the last move

  • Anna dear kindly tell me 5 minutes of this ab workout plus twenty minutes of cardio four times a week are ok for weight loss

  • This is the third video I have watched on her channel. I have a hip injury and it is so hard to lay down and do crunches etc. I will be giving this a try. I also like how she isn’t perfect in her workouts but she keeps going. If you see this post can you please do a video of nothing but stretches, especially for the ligaments in the groin area???

  • Thanks Chloe!! I havent done a full challenge (yet) but I’ve been doing this standing abs for 3 months and I’m very happy with my results. I’m not posting pictures but I’m down 30 lbs and I’m not giving up! (I am also following a healthy eating plan and doing cardio every day) Thank you Chloe and keep those standing workouts coming!!

  • I’m here after trying your intense flat stomach workout for 7 days. It worked!! Ready to see the difference w/ this standing abs workout. No pain, no gain. Thanks.

  • I really likes the arm one where you go very fast. The one I have a hard time doing is the one that seems like your cutting wood. I have a hard time knowing if I’m doing it right.

  • Thanks for this!!

    I did leg day and I can’t do anything on the floor lol!

    This guy kept talking and I’m here silent and out of breath lol

  • anyone like me who thought that this is very simple and easy before doing..??and after done sweating like a fish??����but hope to follow this continously

  • I have plans to workout, so I do some research and I see this vid. I think it will be great to follow those exercises but I worrying because I am only 14 y/old. As a beginner, can I do this type of exercise?

  • 1st doing this! Heart is definitely raising and I’m almost sweating.
    Wonder how long to see results?

    Which is my fav work out? I preffer the turning work out with twisting arms; just because my leg hurts when I jump due to my sciatic issues.

  • Gwahhhh when I’m not exercising standing like when I’m doing kinda like a plank gosshhh I give up I just put some pillows under me belleh so I’m not that so struggled so yah it’s kinda lazy workout so I just want like a standing exercise weheheheheh

  • I did workout yesterday and today, my inner thighs are sore, muscles I never knew I had along my butt are sore as well. I would highly suggest in stretching after completing this.

  • I’m on day 16 and honestly speaking I do see changes in my body and my mom also said that i look fit so that’s a huge compliment for me and that keeps me motivated I’ll continue doing the program and looking forward to start a new one soon. Guys you got this and please stay motivated.

  • Wow, doing this didn’t feel super challenging, I started to wonder if I was even doing it right… It’s the next morning now and I am incredibly sore, hahaha.

  • I’ve been doing this for 11 days now, and my hips always hurt whenever I finish. Is that a sign of a good workout? If so, will my belly fat still be burned, or will my hips get smaller? ;-;

  • I like the video but being a chubby guy and doing these cheerleader moves is not flattering. I modified the moves so chubby men can do these moves.
    Still like ur workout but made it work for me. Lol

  • About the last exercise…I cant relly lift my knees that way without feeling pop in my hip(leg) joins..any idea how to remove that pop? i feel like i shouldnt do it since it pops like this

  • I’m not overwheight but i’m fat. I am about to try this and give results i will do it two times first (same day) and then tell
    Results: good but remeber to to do it a couple times i niticed a small difference

  • I want to do this workout! �� I can’t do crunches so standing ab workout is perfect for me. I’m 5ft1 and 53kg. I want to lose weight in my stomach area and tone arms and legs. Reach my goal of 46kg. I already do HIIT treadmill and full body fat burn exercises and skip 1000x with jump rope daily. Let’s see how this goes.. will update y’all throughout! <3

  • Just started today. I am very much afraid to start her 15 day abs workout challenge. Luckily found this one so started. More than abs I felt it is like thighs exercise. Oh my god.. I realized how heavy my thighs are ��

  • You are so daam amazing’ ❤️ cruches are really hard for me I hope this helps me loosing belly fat and it never fails me to sweat. I love you work ����

  • I actually had plans to straighten my abs but all the workouts are not my type and it leaves me in severe back and shoulder pain. and thats when i found this video and whoever is reading this now ppl THIS IS AMAZING the workout in this is actually very easy in my opinion. and i can actually feel the burn and its not so painful. i am definitely gonna recommend it to my friends. THANKS A LOT FOR THIS VIDEO HEATHER ROBERTSON ❤

  • Bravo, bravo e bravo!
    Finalmente un esercizio nuovo, efficace e realizzabile anche per un principiante.
    Thank you for showing your way to healthcare.

  • I love this workout! I’ve been doing it twice a week for a few months combined with my other workouts and I feel a lot stronger! I have back problems so it’s super important for me to keep my core strong! Thank you! ❤️

  • Just a little tip from a viewer actually wanting to workout; don’t edit your video so that you, the instructor, is in fast forward.

  • Thank you for these videos, I’ve been doing this one, the beginner weight training, and some Vigue yoga daily for about 5 months and along with a good intermittent fasting lifestyle change have lost over 20 pounds.

  • No yoga mat? No problem! Thanks, coach, for this standing session! I did sets of pushups before and after to make it a solid 6 minute workout!

  • I wanna ask something in each program there are at least 2 vids and u guys doing them right after the first video or wait a few hours to do the second vid?

  • Interested in Pre-workout drink that will help you boost your energy.
    Enhances muscle growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass

    Increases fat burning for a leaner body composition

    Enhances strength endurance and decrease fatigue

    Delays fatigue and tiredness

    Decreases muscle soreness

    Improves cognition.

  • thank you so much for all your efforts with us, you helped me to change the shape of my body and i feel so much better physically and mentally and that’s all because of you so thank you again

  • Hi all.. I’m a 69 year old woman and I have been doing the 15 minute workout for seniors for the last 3 weeks and just found this one to tag on the end…. well that certainly was good,really felt like I was doing good! Not quite as fast as coach but I’ll get there��

  • I like the playlist, I do this standing workout exercises when I wanna relax, dance and let my happy hormones take over especially after a HIT training and intense abs workout.

  • Found this workout, will do it for 15 days continuously. Im sure it will work.
    31.6 upper ab, 33 waist, 36.6 lower belly.
    Day 1: stopped after 4:30 minutes, tired, had trouble breathing.
    Day 2: could go until 6:05 and then vomitted. Didnt give up, gained strength and finished the workout. OMG im dying right now!
    Day 3: Took a break at 6:15, then continued to finish the workout. Why do i feel so difficult to breath, i wonder if im doing something wrong?

  • So I just started today and I can only get half way through the video. I’m 186 pounds my weight goal is 145 I’m 16 years old, my height is 5’0! Wish me luck!

  • This was ace Heather! Been doing it 3 times a week for 2 months during lockdown and it really works… I would love another like this! Thank you ���� xx

  • Am I the only one who, at 9:38 keeps listening the song saying “abs” all the time??��
    No? Only me? Ok. I thing I’m going crazy ��������

  • My back/shoulder feels “off” and hurt too much to do your floor workouts so I pivoted and did this awesome standing workout (thanks)! My knee also hurts, so I jumped on the bike for a solid cardio workout. It’s all about being flexible and knowing your body so you can safely work out even when you are hurting.

  • I’m beginning Today..whoosh.
    I’m going to update in a week..
    It’s ain’t easy but I’ll push through ��..

    Whatever be the results,I’m gonna make it know to you guys.We are in this together.��

  • Been doing it for a little over a week almost every day, three times a day. Sometimes I switch it up with her other 5 minute routines. I lost 5 lbs and tones my belly back up. My booty shorts finally fit again and just in time for the spring and summer. I want to stick with this and get my flat belly back!

  • It’s great to know you video is still here because of this ongoing coronavirus pandemic in 2020 that is keeping me home. I’m using this video exercise at home. Thanks for keeping this video.

  • Remember don’t do this just to got abs pr get skinny do it because it’s good for you and keeps you healthy I’m doing this every day because it helps me cope with my anxiety

  • Thank you Holly, it really works on me, accompanied with diet.My officemate also did it as they saw it work on me. I started doing this exercise and tone your arm last April 28 this year to this writing. From 56 to 51kg now, waist 30″ 28″ now, and arm 12″ to 10″ now. Through your workout I love to do it almost everyday. Very big thanks and God Bless. ❤

  • Does anybody know if it’s normal for this to be an ab workout yet I feel it more in the tops of my thighs and hips than I do in my abs at all or am I doing it wrong and am just really out of shape?

  • I’m doing only standing abs for two weeks to see if they do anything… interesting to see if it works as well as the original abs challenge??

  • I’m starting this today…
    Waist 28 inches
    Belly fat 31 inches
    Day1: my whole body is heated and sweaty.. I always gave up at last but I keep pushing ✔

  • An oldie, but goody! Love the fast pace and thoroughness of ab exercises you can do in such a short amount of time. I started adding this in after I do my regular 20 to 30 min HIIT/kettlebell routines to get an extra boost and definition for my trouble area.

  • Love this! Now I have no excuse like ‘I’m too busy working’, workouts normally feel like forever to me but this one went really fast and only 5 mins!! Hopefully I see results soon����‍♀️ PLEASE DO MORE WEE 5 MIN VIDEOS x

  • I just want all of you to know you are beautiful just the way you are. No matter what reason you are here, I hope that you are achieving your goals and loving who you are. All body types are gorgeous and so are you✨

  • I’ll be doing this everyday for a week since its quarantine
    Day 1 7/2/20: I’m sweating and it’s 4 am, I kept taking breaks ;-; I’ll update tomorrow

  • Just got your video as a recommendation and love the variety of standing ab exercises!�������������� I incorporate these into my workouts to switch things up even though I always workout, it’s good to do a variety of exercises to keep my body from getting used to a certain workout. That’s how your body changes by not doing the same workout everyday. Some people don’t realize this and everything starts with healthy eating along with working out. Thanks again for these exercises!