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Unfortunately, even if you adapt new habits, there tends to be a plethora of sneaky things that can sabotage your fitness efforts, and if you’re not aware of. According to Jim White, R.D., ACSM, and owner of Jim White Fitness Nutrition Studios, you shouldn’t eat less than 1,200 calories a day. “When you’re not eating enough calories, your metabolism can slow down, you don’t have enough energy for workouts, and you’re more likely to binge eat,” he told us.To keep yourself satisfied throughout the day without overdoing i. Whether it is someone who has a similar interest in your work out goals, or someone that you choose to work out with, having a person to keep you on track is one of the most beneficial things for your goals.

Share your goals with those who will encourage you to stay on track and push you to keep going. 5. Mix it up and Stay Inspired. Do what. Here are some of the things that could be deterring your from reaching your fitness goals + what you can do about it: 1) You don’t have a plan. I believe that consistency is the key when you want to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but there’s something powerful about having a solid plan in place.

9. Track your fitness progress. You might think that you’re not a numbers person or aren’t competitive to hit number goals, but when it comes to fitness, trust me — you might be. Having a measurable goal, and actually measuring that goal, is. When it comes to fitness and health, there are a few things we all believe that actually sabotage your fitness goals.

Whether you go to the gym or have a simple home workout, here are a few things. You may think you train hard when you hit the gym solo, but are you truly working to your full potential? Or maybe you do push yourself hard—too hard, which can lead to weight gain and a weakened immune system due to overtraining, McCall says. “A couple of different research studies have looked at individuals working with a trainer versus exercising on their own and found that. Here are five ways a sneaky manager will try to sabotage your work and keep you from succeeding. Give you a badly-defined project with no clear goal, and give you no resources to complete the project.

One of the easiest ways to improve your life is to become aware of the moments when you self-sabotage. In this post, I’ll pinpoint five common signs of self-sabotage so you can see if any of them are sneaking their way into your daily life. P.S. If you haven’t yet read this post about what self-sabotage is, I’d recommend reading it first.

Read more: 13 Sneaky Weight-Loss Hacks You Probably Haven’t Heard Before Set a SMART Goal Setting yourself up for weight-loss success begins with setting.

List of related literature:

The list was replete with the usual suspects: quit smoking, lose weight, get my financial house in order, and so on.

“Balanced Scorecard: Step-by-Step for Government and Nonprofit Agencies” by Paul R. Niven
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For example, “Starting next Monday, I will work out at the gym four times each week with a trainer and drink a healthy smoothie instead of lunch, and I will continue until I weigh less than 180 pounds.”

“Creating on Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras” by Anodea Judith, Lion Goodman
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That is, these articles would teach you “inconvenient truths” like you can’t get muscle definition as fast as you’d like, you can’t target just belly fat for elimination, and you’ll need more than 1250-word tips to build the body of your dreams.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
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Doubter: Doubters may start a new diet or buy a piece of exercise equipment from an infomercial, but there’s little conviction behind their actions.

“The Four-Pack Revolution: How You Can Aim Lower, Cheat on Your Diet, and Still Lose Weight and Keep It Off” by Chael Sonnen, Ryan Parsons
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Here are some common fitness myths—and the facts about them.42

“An Invitation to Health” by Dianne Hales
from An Invitation to Health
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For example, you can build your “I won’t” power by refraining from slouching when you sit, committing to not eating a junk food indulgence every day, or not swearing.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
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Fitness myths perpetuated by fitness frauds have one purpose and one purpose only: to entice members of the fitness community to spend large chunks of their disposable income purchasing bogus products.

“Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat: The Secret Science Behind Physical Transformation” by Ori Hofmekler, Marty Gallagher
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I monitored these targets every time I went to the gym and revised them as my fitness level increased.

“What Really Works in Special and Inclusive Education: Using evidence-based teaching strategies” by David Mitchell
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I won’t get into specifics here since I share my thoughts on eating healthy in Key #7, but let me state the obvious: munching on a bagel smeared with cream cheese while downing your coffee as you step out of the house will not give you the proper fuel you need for your day.

“Get Your Mind Right: 10 Keys to Unlock Your Potential and Ignite Your Success” by Todd Durkin, Mike Yorkey
from Get Your Mind Right: 10 Keys to Unlock Your Potential and Ignite Your Success
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You can be so conservative in training and so concerned with risk avoidance that you achieve little or no increase in fitness for weeks at a time.

“The Cyclist's Training Bible: The World's Most Comprehensive Training Guide” by Joe Friel
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  • So me and my ex broke up like a week ago. She said she lost feelings but yet she’s unsure of herself bcos her friend found out from her and told me that she still love and miss me. She’s giving me the hot and cold replies and right now I’m doing the no contact method for 2 days already. She said she lost feelings out of the blue and I think the main reason is because she has a major examination ahead of her and she wants to focus on the exams.

  • Two of my ex’s friends and their boyfriends broke up. Now, I would like to re-attract my ex and at the same time, also attract those friends of hers. That way, I know later on who I’m actually interested in. One day, I’m thinking about my ex and the next day, it’s someone else. My mind switches back and forth every time. Now, there’s some hope.

  • Do you have muscle fatigue from your hypo and has medication helped/how do you manage that with working out?
    Also, THANK YOU for talking about getting enough food! Not enough YouTuber’s talk about this and it’s SO true.

  • I recently went to a holistic nutritionist and was told that because of my age over 45 I need to stop eating fruit as it causes insulin spike and cortisol. So sad as I gave up sugar since January and now I have to give up all fruit as it’s only way to have no belly pooch fat. No fruit no grains or bread ect

  • Hey Brad my ex and I have been dating for about a year, right now we are not on speaking terms and she has me blocked on everything! I’m afraid it might be to late us is there any chance foe us?

  • I’m just a minute from watching and saw in the comments that one reason was not eating enough calories like damn! That was so me! I did OMAD and low carb and low cal but starting from size medium to freakin LARGE!! I got frustrated that I was not eating so much but I even got bigger!! So yeah I gave up�� maybe I’ll try a better plan in time.

  • Hey sir,
    I was offline for 3-4 days my ex called me at 3rd day. He is asking why am I offline, am I alive or not bcz you know nah this is Corona season!!�� That’s it and he just end the call so what does that mean??? Is my ” no contact ” game is working or not will he come back?????

  • Thanks for the sugar segment. I always rely on Truvia for a sweetener and never realized I should switch it out! Thanks love your channel and appreciate your enthusiasm and motivation!!!

  • I really want my ex back Brad ��
    I blew her up too much and now the wind has blown her away ��
    I should of kept that bedroom window shut!!!!!

  • My man of EIGHT years needed a break/ some space and after reconnecting with him from a few days of No contact, I said I was going out later (It was a Friday night). He didn’t ask with who or where. Later on, when I saw him, he mentioned it to me and thought I was going out with someone. I DID not even realize I had said something like that and was actually meeting a girlfriend to help her pick out nail polish for her upcoming wedding ��. He really thought that I would be like “NEXT.” Damn. Ladies, relax, a man’s mind is a WARZONE, and EVEN WORSE with this on going COVID-19 apparently and they make up scenarios as much as we do but there mind is worse as Eve was made for Adam, not the other way around.

  • I can’t buy your ex factor guide. I have been trying many times but I can’t. It constantly says that the product is inactive and out of product. Please help me

  • Was doing Keto and IF…. didn’t work as well as I thought. Starting having insomnia, couldn’t think clearly was tired.. Had to stop just started introducing healthy small amounts of carbs and I’m starting to feel better. Doing IF but just 16/8 trying to relax my body was in constant stress. Taking supplements now for bed time..Insomnia is getting a little better but still have a way yo go.

  • Oh Lort you eliminated everything that I LOVE!! Bread, pasta, and rice after that what in the world is there to eat? I’m trying but the stores need to stop selling those 3 items ijs ������

  • Hey brad just a question, I’m very confused right now me and my ex broke up and we live in a very small town and have all the same friends I’m trying the no contact rule but and when we first broke up he told me he just needed time for himself and he would love to get back with me he just doesn’t love me and needs to work on himself but he seems like he doesn’t care anymore and I just want to know if you think it’s possible for all of the tips you’ve said above will work for me?

  • Guys please help me.

    My story: We’ve been together for almost 2 years. Recently, i’ve been a really terrible boyfriend, I was acting really bad and 2 days ago I got drunk and gone crazy and started insulting her and her friend. In the morning I packed my things and went to my home, (I guess I shouldn’t have done it) a little later I texted her and tried to say sorry, explain myself and promise that I will never do it again (I was emotionally unstable, long messages and shit like that) but she just said that she didn’t wanna talk to me cause I did a really terrible thing. I told her that we needed to meet but she said she was busy so I came to her place and waited for her till she came back from work, I gave her flowers and other gifts and she let me in, we talked, we kissed a few times, I asked her if she loved me and she said yes but also that she was not ready to continue our relationship and she said that I’m on probation and that we’re back to the stage 1 of relationship (like just texting and walking). She didn’t let me stay at her place for a night and told me that if I loved her I would leave and so I went home and started texting her but she was acting cold again. I don’t what to do, I’m going crazy, I was dating a girl 2 years ago but she cheated on me and I got really depressed and this girl i’m dating now saved me and we’ve been in love ever since

  • You skipped Tip #7…. I probably would not have noticed if i had not been writing them down… But yeah, you go strait from Tip #6 Refuse your ex and learn to say no, to Tip #8 Be possitive and Happy.

  • Dr. Nina! You are so beautiful! Inside and out! Been following you for over 2 years and you are getting better with each post at your content and also you look amazing. God bless you ����

  • Hi Brad PLEASE! send me some feed back I have nowhere left to turn, I am tired full of anxiety and feel completely drained. My wife has been going through a crisis for more than two years 2017 spring, it all started when I fell ill and couldnt hardly walk,she left me laying on the floor in pain to deal with everything, we have two sons, they are 17 and 11 now. first she started going out a lot then getting tattoos, her whole personalty had changed. As you can imagine the atmosphere was horrible and I was full of anxiety and unknowing what was going on. I thought it was best to give her space and decided the best thing to do was give her some space so I went to look for a flat on my own (I never moved out) when I came home one evening and told her I had been to see a flat it seem to have made her feelings towards me worst, I tried to explain I didnt want to move out and I was doing it for her to have space, she has never forgiven me for attempting to move out. We spent Christmas hardly talking that is when she was home! My wife’s family spent most of Christmas with us which was difficult for me as I felt very unconformable and full of anxiety and they are Spanish & dont any English and my Spanish is so so.
    After Christmas I also made a devastating discovery by accident, I flipped my laptop on popped into messenger and couldn’t understand why everything was in Spanish and I didnt know the people on my account, i opened the first one and was near sick to see it was some guy talking with my wife, it broke my heart in two and I couldnt breath, I was sick to my stomch. I was devastated to see my wife had been cheating on line and it wasnt just one guy there was others. I never confronted her in the right way about this I waited for her to confess, which she did after a few weeks, when I hinted I knew something. in her mind she doesnt feel she done anything wrong as she never went out with anyone. From the time her crisis started I had started communicating with her sister to help improve our marriage, i was very complimentary to her sister for being there for me and helping and keeping it between us. but one evening my wife came home and told me she knew I was writing to her sister and her sister had been showing her everything, I felt so betrayed, I thought her sister was trying to help me get things back on track with my wife, I didnt know what to do I panicked and left the house in a bad state thinking all was lost.
    Since all of this I have tried to rebuild what is left we have very slowly got a little closer but it has not been the same!

    Moving forward to this year and my wife has had a boob job we bought a new car (which she says is hers) and she is using botox and this summer has asked for a separation, as I see it out of the blue. I thought things were improving but she has got more and more selfcentered. When she asked I was in agreement to move out for a while but I went home to Britain for 8 days & thought why should I,its my home & I want to fight to save my marriage and if she needs the space she should move out. She wont dress in front of me, sleep in the same bed as me or have much contact with me I am still madly in love with her and wont to still grow old with her, I just turned 48 and she is 46. we have been together for 23 years.
    I feel a lot of this midlife crisis is down to her being peri-menopuasal and her hormone are everywhere.
    I am being supportive and loving but she is still being mean, cold and wants nothing to do with me at this time, I am sticking things out because I believe she will realise what we have together and what she has in me. Tho I am worried of the effect this will have on our sons as the oldest one has broken down crying, asking where has his mother has gone “!! (over the past 2 years)
    Can you please advise me on what action I can take, sorry it was so long but My wife has spent most of our savings now and I dont have much money left. I want to rebuild my marriage or at least gate a chance to rebuild it.
    kind regards x

  • Thank you dr. Becky G… Summers are the hardest time not to eat fruits in my family… That’s why we decided to eat fruits this summer in moderation… Mostly we eat berries, because I have my own berry bushes and cherrie trees… Also we already had an early peaches… It’s impossible not to eat that peachy beauty( and we live in western NY)… And to our surprise, we all have lost some weight… I think that feeling of satisfaction helped our bodies to relax and enjoy our life… Now that berries are almost gone, we are slowly getting into more strict routines of Keto eating, and to my surprise I really don’t mind at all… I heard on Pride and Prejudice the young woman said “ I’m contented”, she didn’t say content, she said contented.. And that’s what I am this summer… Really contended, thank you Jesus….. God Bless…..

  • Lord knows I needed some tips. I’ve been stagnant since April. I can do low carb but I don’t think I’m interested in keto. More choices makes us eat more..hmm! I know I need to up my weight training.

  • When family cooks together it helps. Helps to have someone else willing to help, even with just the dishes. I had that before, do not now. Now I am lucky if just a napkin gets put away.

  • What if he blocked me on social media. Like line and Instagram. But we still can talk on WhatsApp eventho He didnt save my number.

  • I have followed the no contact rule for 30 days. I texted here on fb message yesterday and asked her to get sushi. It’s a week away we setup a time for after work at a sushi place she said yes and ti bring my sister and her fiance. My question is should I talk to her everyday on facebook until we meet or every other day? Or just not at all till we meet a week from yesturday? Also should I ask her to hangout again the day after the date? She has that day free to after work.

  • You’re so right about not broadcasting how upset we are, and on social media. I did that. Ohhh boy was that a hard lesson.
    I got most people telling me to get over it, and stop whining and move on. It was awful. I was reaching out in the hope of some support. Very bad idea…. Oh to go back in time knowing what I know now:(

  • Loved this video…I was cracking up when you were talking about not eating enough and you said “I was eating fried garbage”. It just hit my funny bone and I can’t stop laughing!!! Love you ��

  • I was so worried about my son brod. My husband dont want to talk to us its been 3weeks since the breakup happen i texted him but he replied stop texting me i dont want to talk to you.
    What should i do brad i need him my son also needs him. I want him back

  • We dated for 7mo 2 of the last were at distance which we could only write (military training). She wrote me saying she loves me but needs to focus on her job and doesn’t like the distance asking to be friends. Before recieving the letter i sent love texts because she was about to graduate. After i received the letter I told her i got her letter and to disregard my messages before and she’s right and I need to focus too we should be friends I wish you well. Was this right to say this? Going on 1 week no contact

  • Yasss! It’s all about consuming water people’s. Recently I had a physical. We all know giving a urine sample is apart of that. When I can back to drop it off, my urine was clear. MAKE THAT URINE TRANSLUCENT PEOPLE’S!!!

  • Dr Becky I found your channel by accident about three weeks ago. I was doing IF to a degree but didn’t know about it at all. I have lost so much weight so IF will be my lifestyle going forward at the age of 63! I feel fantastic and am able to enjoy IF without feeling negative or missing out. Thank you for your wisdom and being here for me! By practicing IF your way I got my taste back which for 5 years went on a hiatus. Kind regards Marci

  • My bf kinda disappear recently, we not spoken almost 1 week, cause we had discuss about merried. And i know it’s like my mistake that how to treat him. And i wish he is come back at me

  • 5months ago I always watching in you tube on how your ex back�� I want her back on that time.,,
    Then I meet Jesus❤️now I feel inlove again�� and now I don’t want my ex back anymore be strong guys God bless you all!

  • My ex after not contacting them for about a week, started liking my photos on facebook and even posted a song in his wall about our relationship with a:/ face. Does this mean no contact is working because hes thinking about the relationship? Why is he being so confusing?

  • My ex left me, lied, and was just immature and selfish then tried to ruin my reputation in the small town I’m from and it hurt but I didn’t freak out I just continued to work my ass off and chilled. I didn’t get my ex back….. instead I had probably one of the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen hmu and she is actually pursuing me fucking awesome still in shock.

  • He asked me 4 times to meet up face to face for a chat I declined each time.

    ��it was because I was afraid of what he was going to say.

    I’ve not seen him for 2 wks, he messaged me, yesterday he messaged me a few times.

    Eventually I sent a voice message I was genuinely laughing which made him laugh too.

    We chatted a bit by text I got a reply to a question then I turned my phone off.

    He hasn’t asked me out don’t know if he dare now lol

  • Excellent, very accurate. I am taking it one day at a time. Good choices mean that day was a success. It took me many failures to learn consistency and one day at a time is the formula for success.

  • Wow number 6 is SO WRONG.

    No such thing as starvation mode and holding on to body fat. Stop perpetuating this myth.

    When people deprive themselves they tend to binge and overeat and therefore end up eating MORE. It’s not about your body storing fat. People need to me at a moderate caloric deficit and that’s key. Really you should look into the scientific data behind this.

    Volume wise you might eat more but no way you’re eating more now caloric wise. really misguided info.

    If you’re not loosing weight is because you’re not a a caloric deficit. Eating too man calories. Simple as that.

  • all the techniques that provided here, i feel maybe more suitable for western people, for chinese or other asian population might not work that well.

  • My ex has started talking to another girl and he says he is really happy without me and says that I disturb him by calling him or talking to him. I really miss him and want him back please help me

  • Thank you for this!
    I know that I’ve had to learn to be a lot more patient with my 52 year old body than i have in past. Dropping 2 pounds a week was easy a few years ago, but now its it’s more like 2 pounds a month. Though with doing Keto, i feel so much better than i have in so long, and thats all the incentive i need to keep going!

  • coach Brad Browning am in deep problam i am from india my ex gf broken up with me last 12 june and after later i was too needy, panic and desprate to get her right now… i cashed her begged her to fix relastionship around two weeks i found she blocked me on facebook and when i started no contact rule I saw that she unblocked me on fb…now am working on my self giving time in gym and on study and on self care…. she broke up because she thinks i dont trust and its true somewhere even i do mistakes likes i share our relastionship story with her friend which she dont like…. but i love her… i just want to know…. how i can i get my ex gf back if she have more ego and full with attitude…. and my ex going out of stastion for study too…. solve my problem pls

  • Hey! Your videos are amazing. I really need an advice on this. I met this amazing guy on tinder. We arranged and met at his place. At that time I had some issues with my parents and I also was looking for a job and I didn’t have my own place. Told him all about it. He also told me a lot about him. Nothing intimate happens maybe just light kisses. He had told me he wanted something serious. I told him we get to know each other first. In like a week I got too attached. Went for a job far. He told me it wasn’t safe and that he wanted me close to him. I quit the job in like 3/4 days in it. Came back and started living with him. We got very intimate that night. And twice after that. And then things got really weird. Tried to talk to him about it, he said I didn’t know him well that I should take time and know him. I kept insisting we could be a thing and I know enough. We didn’t agree. Things got more weird. We stopped having sex. The one time he tried to have sex I reminded him we ain’t anything serious so we shouldn’t have sex. He apologized. And now everything is super weird. He told me just today after pushing him to talk about the whole situation that we can’t be a thing. That he is difficult for me and it’s not gonna work. Now he is sleeping and am here on the living room. Please help me. I really love him and I want him. We’ve known each other 3weeks now

  • I literally laughed out loud when you mentioned looking into refrigerator “questioning your existence”, LOL!! I’ve done it:) Thank you for this video. After posting this comment, I’m going to drink some doggone water!!! ❤️

  • I love you Dr. Becky!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Thank goodness I’m doing really good without unreasonable expect ions! These three tips are so important! I’ve done each one but thanks to a very wise coach? I’m on track! Losing and staying sane in the process! Keeping it simple! ��❤️��‼thank you for all you do for us! We need you!!!��

  • I noticed if I’m watching tv I get to lazy to move so if I don’t have snacks around I won’t eat them. Recently I’ve only kept fruit around now I’ll have to go to the store for junk. And I’m to lazy for that

  • That is to much work. Just forget about them and see how much they are going to be in your messages. Let them go, move on with your life and forget about them. Men love things they can’t have for some reason

  • hey brad
    i m 17 my ex broke up with me 2 months ago we were 8 mnths together n i havent applied no contact n we tlk few a times as we r in sm school what should i do? he doesnt tlk to me much n he says he is very happy aftr breakup n he says he had moved on and dont have feelings fr me.what should i do to get him back? pls tell me!!

  • I’m an odd ball I suppose but as a salad topper I usually use a couple spoonsful of the liquid in which jalapenos are packed. Loads of flavor and a little spice. Or I use a pinch of salt.

  • Great advice, thanks. I am going to share this with my sister who is trying to cut calories to loose weight but not have it affect her diabetes.

  • Hey! I also have hypothyroidism but found out some years ago that it was actually Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. You mentioned your thyroid numbers all of a sudden being way off and it made me wonder if you’ve been tested for Hashimoto’s? That jump in numbers can be a sign that its autoimmune…you may want to have your thyroid antibodies checked! Just a thought! ��Thank you for your wonderful videos!!��

  • Sir next Month is my x birthday… Can I wish or just ignore him because he broke up with me last month n I Rly wan him �� ��������

  • Hello,
    I just subscribed today. Watched about three hours of your videos. Fantastic. I’m currently trying maintain my weight and energy. I’m 67 and hike and backpack a lot. Always looking for a way to maximize my energy and stamina while carrying the least amount of weight from food that I can.
    Any recommendations or links to other videos that you have posted?
    Thank you.

  • Hi.
    I just started following you. You are so informative. You say what you mean to teach and you don’t deviate. You don’t keep on going and going about other things
    Thanks so much.
    I really needed this. Ive been struggling. Had so much going on in my life.
    What about exercise? What do u and your husband do?

  • I just love your videos. You have such an appealing demeanor. You’re never condescending, never belittling and you just share great information! Thanks for the videos!!!

  • Thanks Katie for sharing this video, unfortunately I’m 48 and just went through menopause early I eat healthy and exercise daily and couldn’t loose but one or two pounds then regain them back it’s so annoying! I really need to loose 25 lbs would be ideal, I don’t drink anything but a lot water, sometimes very rare I drink tea and NO Alcohol ever for me. Xx

  • Me and my ex talked 3 days ago after noncontact rule and she called me. Shes the one that originated tje break up and we both know we wanna be back together but need time to grow. Im staying with a mutual friend at his place. He talks to her and tells her how amazing I am doing. Lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks, work out eat well, zero parties and that I still love and miss her. He invited her to come to breakfast with him, his 4 year old son and I to go to the reataurant where he gets served by the girl he is crushing with. Its a perfect opportunity for me to start building a good friendship but also leave her wanting more. Suggestions on what to do, say and how to act?

  • Vitamin D promotes all hormonal balancing. Check out the VitaminDCouncil ‘s webpage…all studies and facts there. I had the thyroid “problems, diseases, imbalances” shoved down my throat since I was little and I refused to believe it was incurable or something to manage. I watched many women struggle with their weight (and infertility) blaming their thyroid and never getting anywhere and doing what the doctor prescribed, which caused more and more problems only managed with more medications. The #1 thing common to all those with this problem is NOT fasting. Those who get results have fasted in some form (intermittent, water, dry). It really tears at my heart to watch so many, many women struggle when the answer is right there. If there was money in it, the doctors would prescribe it. Look into it, not the fad, but the way of fasting to improve health not to just lose weight/get skinny (though it is a wonderful benefit). Dr. Mindy is quite concise with facts and information on how to fast no matter how long. There are sooooo many health benefits do it for the better you! Check her out or at least look into fasting here on youtube! Your future self will thank you!!

  • So i have been no contact for 1 week and i got all my stuff from my ex when we broke up now tomorrow she coming to drop off more “stuff”. What should i do i have came to terms with the break up but i feel i can somehow use this chance to fix things?? Because the day we broke up she had her dad bring the stuff out now she wants to just dropp the stuff off to me??

  • I’m 78 and have lost 25 lbs in two months on a low carb, intermittent fasting diet. I love your videos and have been following suggestions on 2 Fit Docs. Am puzzled at the comment that you never combine carbs and fats and then suggest whole fat salad dressing on veggies salads. Isn’t that a carb-fat combination? Same thing with butter or cheese on veggies.

  • Hi coach, I am on my eighteenth day of no contact, when we were together we have a lot of arguments and I hurt her a few times (during the moments of anger I said words like: you reacted like a psychopath, you are difficult, I regret the day I met you, and also I called him a liar once after the break up); after a decision to separate from her, I ran after her just after for over a month (I did not beg her a lot, I used to look for news from her by a message all the days) I decided to take a distance and I am on my eighteenth day of non contact, we are in relation to distance and in 15 days I will make a trip where she lives and I would like to have advice from you; how to do? I invite him for an appointment face to face so that we speak? please help me, give me some ideas

  • Oh my yes I have started logging my food intake.. starting the meal plan for hypo today and I hoping to see some more results… food is my weakness for real.. love alls the foods and wine.. thanks for sharing your wisdom ❤

  • I also have Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism and I was wondering what new medication are you on and what dosage please. I love all of your videos as I know you can relate to hypothyroidism and the difficulties in losing weight and feeling like a normal person

  • i broke up with my ex 6 days ago on 22nd june she came to meet me at mcdonalds and told me that she doesnt have feeling for me anymore and told that we should break up i have been having sucidal thought that day cause i really fukin loved her if u ppl can help me dm me on insta @anurak.s710 ��

  • I’m 14 and have struggled with body image since I was 9. I eat healthy, workout everyday, drink A TON of water, and I haven’t seen one chance I don’t even care how much I weigh I wanna feel good abt how my body looks and it impossible. I have break downs in the middle of workouts. I feel like I’ll never be happy

  • Was literally kicking my scales the other day because I weigh 1kg more after 4 weeks of exercise and eating well. Totally needed to hear this ❤️

  • thank you for this…you are a true inspiration in my life right now. Ive been a borderline diabetic for 2 years and counting and i try to come up with a plan (millions of times) of what and what not to eat/ work out routines, and i never follow through with it. Is there any other ways that you think i can do that I can fully commit and do??

  • What if I am afraid to act like I´m living my best life because he may think that the break up was right and that I´m better off without him?

  • Whenever I need the toilet my tummy looks like a balloon
    What is the cause of this and how do I fix it
    Thank you keep up the great work��

  • You mentioned stevia and munkfruit sweetener but have you ever tried xilitol the sweetener from birch trees? Stevia Tastes chemically to me and xilitol is the closest” healthy” sweetener to sugar I’ve found

  • how long did it take you to see results? I lost hope around a month ago when I worked out but I didn’t see a change but I am going to try again��

  • #1 preselection
    #2 cause Fomo in his mind (social media)
    #3 use jealousy as advantage ( text message)
    #4 self improvement (hit a gym)
    #5 reverse psychology (show them you moved on, break up is good)
    #6 learn how to say no to him.
    #7 Did he miss number 7?
    #8 Always appear positive and happy
    #9 free quiz on site

  • Hey Brad, my Girlfriend just kind of broke up with me in the last 24, and she likes another guy, but still likes me a little bit. I texted her will you ever come back to me. She answered I don’t know several times. Does that mean there is a chance we could get back together?!

  • Great video but I have the meal plan and it literally ranges from 1200-1400 calories a day which is not “so much food” for an adult. It could be a good amount for someone who is cutting calories to lose weight, but in the video she is making it sound like the meal plan guides people to eat so much more than they otherwise would, which is just not the case. There are no shortcuts I guess

  • hey so im back and its with the same woman, im sorry I love her, my question, is I deploy no contact on everything lol, I even wrote it into one of my songs. “no contact is the new thing, baby heres your ring!” help me with this, so we go no contact and she always breaks it with this, hey I want to have sex. so she get me all worked up and even her conversations are like ones of old, of course I don’t fall for it anymore but whats the deal. then she gets real cold and then back to no contact, it seems like we get closer each time, but I need to take. and should I have sex if we really do meet. control of this and make it really happen. how can I text her or what to text her to meet. should I meet her.

  • Hey Katie! I was just wondering how many calories you would suggest I take in to lose weight but still build muscle? I’ve currently been eating 1,000 to 1,300, is this a healthy amount?

  • Can you do a video on why one would stop growing muscle? No matter what I do for exercise or how well I diet…my body never grows muscle. A few years ago I didn’t have this problem and I just turned 30 so I thought it was because of age but what do I need to do to change this? Is it hormonal? Stress? Disease? I am 5’3, slimmersize 6…could I just have too much fat for the muscle to not feel so soft?

  • Each day is a new start, fresh beginning and a time to pursue new endeavors with new goals. Move forward with confidence and courage.

  • Amazing videos! Love these tips Defiently gonna make some changes. But quick question in all yohr throwback pics why do you throw up ��

  • Katie, you are awesome!! Your videos and content are always inspirational and afull of wisdom! I have learned so much from your videos. I purchased your Hbmp and it totally changed my nutrition journey. Thank You for these videos! I get so excited when I see a new one! Can’t wait for part 2!!

  • my ex wanted to comeback after dumping me and moving on with someone,,i just laughed and pity her now,,not easy considering she`s very hot and has plenty of men that probably hit on her daily but she made her choice and the grass wasn’t greenier on the other side….shes mad because I wont cave in and plus I have a better gf now and its driving her crazy…

  • Thanks for the info. I’m looking into that book. Getting rid of ants for me was when I realized a craving was a ‘thought’  not a need.   ��  A thought is mental NOT physical.  No one ‘needs’ what the mind continually tosses at us.  To no longer feel trapped into believing “I have to have” teach the mind what to think and what not to think.  WE’RE the one in charge, not the mind.  The mind is the servant, we’re the owner.  A thought can’t control unless WE allow it.��  Getting rid of wrong influences (that we’ve become ‘addicted ‘ to)  is known as “Renewing the mind” by getting rid of false thoughts…the mind IS the Battlefield so start paying attention to what it thinks and weed out the stinkers..  SO, if we want to release fat we do keto.  If we want to stop going off track, giving in, starting/stopping, then we CHANGE our thinking by not allowing our mind to continually think and speak thoughts (that cause us to DO wrong things) that work against us.  BEGIN to make changes in what you allow to go into your mouth and mind and change what you allow to come out.  What we do affects every level that we are as humans, Physical, Mental, Spiritual.  WE’VE been put in charge of overseeing this trinity by keeping ‘them’ healthy and balanced.  Stop ignoring one or two parts of who and what we are that’s why we end up imbalanced.  So we have to replace those fat pockets by rebuilding shrunken muscles   Anyone needing a light on the path he’s chosen must keep aware and continually strengthen the guidance coming from his spiritual self.   It’s forums like this that allow the world to share their wisdom in overcoming daily lessons.  I’ve learned the reviews on YT are mostly made up of followers seeking an idol instead of Leader’s coming forward with intelligent plans to share.  Entertainer’s love the stage bcs they’re addicted to being worshipped.  Stop idol-worshipping.  Recognize your own strengths, gifts and talents.  Hone them, guard them and share them.��

  • If im craving sweets ill have like a healthy treat like something made with coconut sugar or honey, like banana bread but not all the time

  • Thank you for calling out the fake sugars! As someone allergic to them, I always had issues with weight loss plans. Now I know just to cut back or use natural sugars!

  • I so agree, to not get frustrated. After my initial 87 pound loss and staggering at 200 pounds for a year, I just recently learned to count TOTAL Carbs and not NET carbs. For those people really insulin resistant, it can take days to get into ketosis and then again to maintain it long enough to get fat adapted. No cheat days for me. I am back in the groove and looking for fat adaptation and not just ketosis. Ketosis on a day to day basis does not assure you are fat adapted unless you are consistent. One year and a great lesson learned. Thanks for your timely content.{ especially like the short 7-12 min format. PERFECT!}  From MN with LuvG

  • Legit my ex and I went from codependent to now her rebound is codependent they’re always txting each other (they see each other pretty often theyre both still in HS)

  • It’s been 2months he broke wth me without reason. Though he has blocked me in everything I have followed Ur no contact rule. But till now no signs from him.plz do suggest me:(

  • Please do a part 2! I really love the last reason about not eating enough! Sad but true in my weight loss journey. My personal trainer is always getting on me about not eating. But I’ve learn as I been going through this is that I really don’t have an appetite for food much. So I’m really trying my best to make changes.

  • Thanks for another great video Katie! Helpful insights for sure��
    Also, HUGE CONGRATS on your upcoming anniversary of starting your health journey ���� You’re amazing and beautiful, inside and out! @saucyburd_lsf

  • Hi Katie, I just had a question for you about weight loss. I have quite a significant amount to loose over 100 pounds. I gained a lot of weight during my 5 pregnancy’s. I have worked out for 2 months almost every day cardio and strength training and also started eating healthy. But my scale has not moved and I have noticed no change in my body. Do you have any suggestions as to why it seems like I’m not loosing any weight and what I can do. Thanks JL.

  • 35 lbs gone! Thanks to you. Great videos! BUT! I have been stalled at 184 for the last 3-4 weeks. I’m 47 YO male eating 1300—1500 calories per day religiously. Mostly a low carb diet and somewhat a Keto. I started following your intermiten dating guidelines about twice a week 12-15 hours for the last 3 weeks and I am still stalled. Hoping you can give me some direction.

  • I have been working out for 3 months cardio and booty/ab workouts and GAINED weight. I was eating healthy too. Could it just be muscle gain? I haven’t worked out for 2 to 3 weeks now and am starting to give up and go back to unhealthy eating too:(

  • Love your inspiration Dr. Nina! ��
    I’m constantly drinking water at work and home. Being diabetic I’m always thirsty and tend to be dehydrated. My urine is still orangey though. Time to get this diabetes “gone” and weight off.

  • I was doing so good not drinking any sodas and something went terribly wrong lol. Thanks for reminding me to cut that shenanigans out!

  • Me n my boyfriend broke up 2 days back as he cheated on me,he likes another girls n told dem m his ex whn i contacted wid dat girl she told me everything i asked my boyfriend bt he blocked me frm everywhere n block d grl too n he told one of my frnd dat he doesnt want me back in his life,but i want him badly so what should i do now plz suggest me��

  • Can you give an example of one day of eating on your meal plan, I have a lot of stomach issues and I would hate to purchase this and not be able to eat what’s on the plan. And I’m 45 and I am currently in peri menopause which has been very discouraging because it seems like no matter what I do nothing works. Hopefully you can shed some light for me and help!!

  • What do you think about Intermittent Fasting? Not a large eating window and reduction in amount of calories. I’m not fueling my body throughout the day because I want my body to use my fat reserves. It seems the opposite of what up are saying.

  • This is random, but I love your speaking voice. Reminds me of Erica Campbell. You even look a bit like Erica Campbell (facial features) as well. From Mary Mary. Have always loved your channel! Thank you for continuing to share <3

  • Guys… What Brad’s saying is YOU have to make the changes. “Trick” is a bit of a tainted word. But the bottom line is you aren’t tricking your ex as much as training yourself to be a better person and develope to become that “prince charming” or “knight in shining armour”. If you want your ex back you need to train/trick YOURSELF not your ex. Once that’s done, the only “tricky” part is finding something as a conversation starter after no contact to reignite that spark you used to share

  • Love this! Could you do a video on how you developed a healthy relationship with wine/cocktails and not drinking calories? I know you still enjoy a wine or two sometime but how did you go from working in a wine bar to where you are now with it? Healthy alternatives? Mindset changes?

  • Can you please show us how to make your peanut butter cups? If you already have a vid over it, please direct me to the link! I just discovered your channel so I’m making time to go through your vids ��

  • Brad I used one of your recommended ideas

    (I think The break up needed to happen.thanks for being there for me. All the best. ). And I received this text She replied. I wish you and your new partner all the best what do I do

  • Crazy thoughts. I always felt variety of different foods would keep my on my toes w weight loss.
    I have something new to try for next week

  • Great video! I’m going strong with incorporating weights while I’m walking, which is definitely a good idea and challenge for me. Thanks for sharing and tips��

  • What if my situation is she dump me bcos she said she fell in love with someone else.. and she suddenly said she dont love me anymore.. and now she’s with that girl already

  • Love this! Which body composition scale do you recommend/use? I remember seeing it on your story a couple days ago but i didn’t take a note of it

  • leave it to katie to give me all the good tips!!! I have been seeing results in photos and measurements but that scale is not moving as fast I think it should! One reason could be the muscle building aspect as well as the sugar substitutes! I have been CRAVING something chocolate and it’s because I will have a diet soda here and there or but some sugar free stevia in my tea!! I will try to stop doing this and get back to fruits as my sugar source ���� thanks Katie!!

  • What if she texts back do I ignore her completely after I send the “you know what, I think it’s good that we broke up… I think we really needed this time apart.”??

  • Hi, my circumstances are quite unique, I have been with my wife for 14 years and have 4 kids together, but had relationship issues over the last years, I was an alcoholic or I drank to blank things out at the beginning of our relationship, whenever things got really hard like a break up or abortion once I’d relapse, not permenant but just a day or 2 blow out, I really love my wife but last weekend she told me she had bee speaking to a man and she just clicked with him, she was hugging me and sleeping in my bed 2 weeks before, I’m really confused she introduced our kids to him within a week of talking to him, I’m so confused she looked so happy to destroy me emotionally, here’s my next problem she’s a sociology and psychology student, I just don’t know what to do as she wants my kids and this new guy to play happy families after a week? Is there somthing wrong with me or am I not alone in thinking this isn’t right, I am of sound body and almost mind but genuinely devistated, thanks if you reply in advance, regards mark.

  • Love these tips Dr. Nina. ����
    Just started Keto though I’ve been (accidentally) intermittent fasting for a couple years. Praying this is the ticket to (finally and for good) losing 25 lbs this summer and keeping it off! Love me my jars of water!
    Keep inspiring us all!����xo

  • Thank you for sharing�� I love your videos. I have been a subscriber for awhile and you always help inspire and motivate me on my own weight loss journey. I look forward to more videos.

  • Yep doing intermittent fasting combined with the keto that I started last year just last week alone I lost 8 pounds that’s coming from a girl who was 249 at start. Loving the feeling of control and not being controlled by my cravings

  • I concur with eating a big meal as you break your fast. For me I try to make my first meal as healthy as possible and I try to focus on foods I am having trouble eating. As the day goes by I notice I tend to lose focus on my food choices. I might intend to eat a salad at dinner, but be tempted by fries. If I eat salad during my first meal I won’t skip it. I rotate foods depending on the area I am trying to improve. In the past I have done salads for breakfast. I have also done protein shakes, smoothies, veggie burgers and bean burritos. I am currently trying to eat beans twice a day so I have them with my first and second meals of the day. I notice I have been much more full and less prone to snacking since I have begun eating the beans. Thank you for these healthy reminders.

  • My weaknesses and the things that I think sabotage me is my Diet Coke addiction and I eat healthy during the week and then the weekend hits and I lose my mind and I end up eating crap. How do I first, stop with the Diet Coke (I drink 3 or more a day) and how do I stop sabotaging the weekend, but feel like I am not depriving myself?

  • What if my long distance ex saw the post I sent to him. Will he think about wishing he’d wanna join me someday even though he’s from a different country just like me?

  • Hi! @lsf_seattlelite here, The first one! OMG Expecting to Fail! is spot on! So sad too, I almost teared up bc I don’t stick with ANYTHING. I also give up bc I don’t know what its like to live my best self…yet. I was just thinking today. That Quitting is a habit. I have a habit of quitting after 2, 3 4 days….But I am 1 week into the SSU and plan to go strong the WHOLE TIME!

  • Hey kiki I can tell you why my husband does this lol. My husband loves me dearly but he feels like I need to love me and stop obsessing with my weight and body.Hubby loves my size big or small but what he fails to understand is I had my first son at 18.So before I had kids I was always 190-195 range and I’m fine with. But he assumes that I’m trying to be a crack head lol.I tell him all the time I’m not getting to skinny for me too skinny would be 160 range which would make me asize 10 I carry my weight in butt hips and thighs so I carry my weight well for a 190 person I would be a size 12/14.So he’s insecure and I learn that I have to just do me until I reach my goal and now since I lost 17 lbs he now see what I’m talking about.I did lose some of my ass lol but that where the cat was at.Of I keep my ass I have to wear big draws nope no way I was sexy underwear you feel me lol.